The Million Second Quiz - NBC

The Million Second Quiz – NBC

Get ready for a game show like none you’ve ever seen before as NBC brings The Million Second Quiz to everyone, everywhere for 12 days and nights with a grand prize of up to 10 MILLION DOLLARS. Casting calls and participation information for this incredible new television and social network experience will be coming soon as contestants will be sought to compete in the most interactive and lucrative game show of all time.

The Million Second Quiz will pit contestants in one on one showdowns that go on 24/7 for twelve days with questions running all of time and rounds and winners constantly ending and changing. Viewers at home will get chances to play along and even win a spot on the prime time broadcast on the series website and app. The final contestants will live and compete inside a hourglass shaped studio in New York City. This production will be part game show, part reality TV series, part social media event and all unbelievable fun. This will be the game show of all game shows, the series that people all around the world will be following and trying to compete on. Imagine watching the show at home and a camera crew surprising you at your doorstep telling you that you have made it to New York! NBC and The Million Dollar Quiz are ready to make it happen for some very lucky and talented contestants. Casting for this remarkably innovative new game show event will be starting up soon and now interested contestants can get a head start on the exciting process. Aspiriing participants can head here and here for application information and audition news. We will be sure to keep you up to date on all casting call updates so keep checking back for all of the fantastic news and leave a comment below and tell us why you want to be a part of NBC’s all new game show experience and try your hand at winning up to 10 million dollars on The Million Dollar Quiz.

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  1. Cymwana Levy

    Hello everyone I’m cymwana, I feel I am a great candidate for the show because first of all throughout all the 22years of my life I’ve learned alot, second this is my favorite show, I watch it every day, and last but not least I have this game show app on my phone, which means I play it alot, just about every day. I know the type’s of questions that are asked on the show, and I know for sure I can bring this show even more fame than it already has because I know alot of people(famous people at that).

  2. Makeda Daniels

    To be honest I need the money I have a 3 month old baby no job please

  3. diane miller

    Hello all. I would like to think that at age 63 I have learned a thing or two! Let me show you!

  4. Laura S.

    Greetings! I would very much enjoy being on your show -not only would it give me a chance to put my knowledge to the test, but also have a blast doing it.

  5. Morris DuBose III

    As an ex-homeschooler, ex-private schooler, and public school grad, with a love of reading and a knack for telling stories, I’m a character with a bag full of trivial information.

  6. Kimm Hunt

    I think I could be a fantastic contestant on the Million Second Quiz. I’m a 43yo homeschooling mom. I’m bright, enthusiastic and in need of a vacation. Plus I can fall asleep just about anywhere.

    I’d like to demonstrate to my daughters that the lifelong nurturing of a burning intellect and insatiable curiosity can develop not only your mind, character, and personal trivia repository, but also your financial portfolio, given the right opportunity and application. Additionally, my husband would like for me to start pulling my own weight around here, as I’ve spent the last 13 years raising our children full-time.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Kimm Hunt

  7. Jeff Houston

    Hi, my wife has been telling me for 15 years that I should try to get on a game show. For some reason I retain useless knowledge, so I thought I wold try. I am a normal guy, I guess that depends on your definition of normal. Please give me another chance to prove my wife right. Thank you

  8. Shahvaiz Mirza

    Age- 16 ( Almost 17 )

    Hair Color- Dark brown

    Eye Color- brown

    Skin color- Tan ( Light Brown )

    Ethnicity- Middle Eastern

    Height- 5 foot 7 inches

    Weight- 133 Pounds

    Hello my name is Shahvaiz Mirza and I would greatly appreciate to be considered in this tv series. The reason why I should be in it is because I am an extremely hyper boy that has unlimited amounts of energy in my system. Ive been in 2 independent reality tv shows as a kids and ive also been in 6 independent movies.

    Acting actually runs in my family, in fact my brother Rohain Mirza will be appearing in The Fast and The Furious 7 May 24th, 2014. Acting and working out are just a couple of my talents, in fact i am a two time P90X graduate ( Workout Program ). It would be a great honor if you chose me. I hope you reply back and thank you!

    Call me at (832)-781-6744

  9. April Johnnson

    Howdy allllll! I would love to take part in this game show because I love love love the spotlight! (and am awfully smart too! :D) and I`d love the extra money in sending my kiddos to college! (all eight of them! — and I need a vacation!) – (I hear the Carribean is nice this time of year!)

  10. geno

    my name is geno and i or my family would like the chance to be on this show because i have diabetes and asthma and seizures and cystic fibrosis and we always need the money to afford my medicine and afford our own place and so if you would consider me or my family i would surely appreciate it.

  11. CJ

    A big “HEY” to the people of million second quiz game show. My name is CJ and I’m 19 years old. In my community I feel there really isn’t much for kids to do except go to a park or head over to the casino which isn’t bad but I feel there should be more places for kids to hang out. Recently most of the new places being built around our town have been food places. If I received the opportunity to be on this show I’d want the money to not only benefit my family moving into the house of our dreams but to provide people with a place to really hang out, keeping kids out of trouble and truly having fun and enjoying being the kids that they are. I truly think my sister would be a good candidate for this show because she truly is very smart because she is like a sponge of knowledge always looking for answers and trying to learn about anything she can possibly learn about which I find is a very awesome quality in life, it’s a blessing. I jus t wanted to extend a blessing to all the hopeful people who want to be contestants on the show as well as well wishes. This would be a fantastic opportunity and we’d love to be one of the hopeful chosen.

  12. Dean Lykos

    I would like the opportunity to be on this game show.I think it would be extremely entertaining.
    I would really like the opportunity to challenge myself. I would love to do more than just work.

  13. John Viscum

    I am a funny guy. My college degree is English Lit–owned a sports bar for 15 years. And 1 TV was always for my favorite game shows. I deal poker @ a Casino.Trivia is my game !!
    Never been married—but live with the most beautiful girl in the world. Her name is Phote ^ she is a 6 year old German Shepherd, ( that sounds strange )

    I don’t want to brag–but I do know your ratings will soar with me in ” THE CHAIR ” I’m electrifying!! See–funny !!

    Thanks, Johnny V

  14. Richard Hubbard

    I’ve had the privilege to teach middle school for twenty-eight years. I would greatly appreciate the chance to show my students that learning can be fun – just for the sake of personal satisfaction.
    Also, I’d like to purchase our girls’ basketball teams new uniforms and to be selfish, be able to kick-start a college fund for my adopted daughter!

  15. Michelle Turpeau

    I grew up watching game shows with my mother and love trivia. Now in my 40’s, a wife and the mother of three, I would be “America’s Contestant” and inspire women that have been systemically ignored by the media.

  16. Fernando Gonzalez

    I am an absolute competitor and I love to make everything fun! I have a fun personality and I’m most known for the amount of random knowledge that I have about things that no one else would expect to know. I love to just have a good time and really test my skills. I would love an opportunity to get on this game show because I believe I would be a great contestant and give the show a run for its money by making it an enjoyable episode. I’m a hard worker who got engaged just last week and would love to have the fairy tale wedding for my wife. We’ve had a rough year with a murder in the family and my fiance having to change job fields. Getting an opportunity like this, is once in a lifetime and would mean the world to my soon to be family and I.

  17. John D. Stonebraker

    I am 51 years old laid off from work after 35 years as of April 2013 looking to make some extra cash to put my son through school. i watch a lot of game shows and history channels all the time was on national t.v. once live from New York my wife doubts that i can do it again but i told her with a great American name like Stonebraker it is only a matter of time before i get the chance. i have worked many off shifts so i can stay awake any place any time so please consider me for the contest or my wife won’t quit hounding me to be a super hero again phone booths are hard to find today thank you John Stonebraker.

  18. Tia Rodriguez

    please consider me for this show! me and my family need a new place to live because my mom Is backed up on all the bills. please please please consider me!!

  19. terry higgenbottom

    my name is terry im a radio personal in camden alabama im very smart an i also have my brilliant ideas like no other so check me out on (youtube tbone camden tv live) i would love to be apart of anything positive to help me better myself in this world so i can give back and help others………………if not this show, maybe something else to fit what i have going on, thanks in advance.

  20. Roger Pruneau Jr.

    Pick Me, oow, oow, Pick Me!

  21. Jennifer Tetreault

    Why shouldn’t I be on the show? I’m energetic, charismatic, and I spend all my time educating the youth of tomorrow. Teaching middle school has only enhanced my personality. I constantly play MSQ app and qualified for line jumper. In fact, I always knew I knew a bunch of random knowledge, but this show just showed me how MUCH I really know. Please put me on the show!!!

  22. Jilly T.

    I love the show – I play along with the game and it’s awesomely fun! I’m a 54-yr-old retired postal clerk – I need something to keep my mind active after looking at addresses all day long for 18 years! (Nevermind the measly pension…)
    I hope you’ll consider me; I would love to try my game talents on the air and actually be able to be a part of your fun show. Thanks, Jilly

  23. Saundra Sharpe

    I have never been on any television gameshow and I think at age 66 it’s about time I am, don’t you?

  24. Kristien Lask

    I would like to be considered for the show to add some spontanity to my life. I am a single mom of two girls. I work full time to provide a good life for them. I dont have a whole lot of time for myself and would love to be on this game show to have FUN and possibly win some cash to have some fun with my family. This looks like a great show and cannot wait to watch the premier! Pick me!!!!

  25. Patrick McGarrah

    56 year old computer tech, family man, foster dad … I can’t be beat!

  26. William Allen

    energetic, fun loving and die hard steeler fan

  27. William Allen

    I would love the chance to be on this game show. I’m a 58 year old navy veteran and have a wealth of knowledge running around in my brain.


    ….Nobody / nothing antimidate to antimidate me a
    …. genuine, kind Scorpio
    ..i am not looking for any life changing experiences cuz I
    .am humbledwith my life currently.
    …..interest in the whole concept of this game
    …… ..let things that I haven’t any control over effect my mood can trigger problem-soving
    ….obviously, It would be awesome to take a ride on your train, rollercoaster, spaceship?
    …. in the end regardless of what happens….its all for fun anyway!
    ……Chance to win and get my own startup funding to attain a advancment in my charityfund either help in funding for my faith base non profit or endevours in philanthropy acts of kindness
    ave very rare to have interest in games/game shows but the million second quiz must be the one
    i know im a good person and i simply want tk nonsence positive butoften misunderstood

  29. Darryl

    I love this show and I like the fact that people are being tested on their knowledge of entertainment. I live in Augusta Georgia and there’s not much excitement here. Being in the show whether I win or lose would help spark some in my boring country life. My fingers are crossed, please pick me!!

  30. joe platzke

    I would like to set in the chair that tries to drain the brain…

  31. Jean DeVries

    I’m about to be unemployed, so I have plenty of time to sit in a chair in Manhattan.
    I’m the person people fight to have on their team during Trivial Pursuit marathons.
    I’m not too embarrassed to admit that I play Trivial Pursuit.
    I have a head full of useless knowledge, but can’t remember what I ate for breakfast.

  32. J. Wagner

    I have always wanted to get on a game show. By the time I find out about these shows it seems that the positions have been filled. I am located in a relatively small community in Nebraska near Omaha. In spite of the fact that this State is best known for the home of the College Word Series and the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team, this area is still considered as “Out there away from everything”. I am competitive and insightful and would welcome the opportunity to participate. I learned how to stay focused by spending 20 years in U.S. Air Force. Surprise me by picking me.

  33. Robyn Teszler

    Hello! I would love to play this game, why? I’m very good at TRIVIA. Cannot wait to see the premiere show…if I can play along with Jepardy I can try this as well. Thank You, Robyn

  34. Courtney Alessi

    Hi! I’m Courtney and all I’ve ever wanted to do is compete on a game show! I’m competitive and energetic and smart… Well I think do any way :).

    I’m a 32 year old mom of one and wife of one ( lol). I work in a boring 9-5 job and we live paycheck to paycheck so extra money would be great. But besides the money the excitement of something to break my every day blahness would be what my life could use!

    Call me 😉

  35. Megan Lindsey

    I would to be on the show to see how much high school and college has really taught me also to meet Ryan of course. This would definitely a fun experience to get the chance. I like challenges for sure.

  36. Keith Burton

    I would love to be on this show. I’m 56 yrs old and an Army veteran. Besides I’d win the money anyway.

  37. Phillyman

    What can I say. I’m you’re average funny guy who likes to play games and gamble. Maybe if I could win, I’d stop gambling…nah, probably not. If you put me on your show and I lose big, well then, I’ll have someone laughing with me! Come on, where do I sign up???

  38. Debra jones

    My brain is filled with so much worthless bulls^*++, I know I can give this new game a real run for the money!

  39. Brian Tinsley

    I would like very much to be a contestant on the million second quiz.

  40. steve hedger

    Hi, I would like to nominate my husband to be on this show. We are high school sweethearts and had our first child while still in high school it has not always been easy and we have definitely had our share of ups and downs. My husband works so hard to provide us a good life and he always makes things work out, I am so proud of him and all we have accomplished together that’s why I am asking you to concider him for this amazing opportunity he is so good at quizs and this would be a great experience to add to our life. Thank you

  41. Fran everhart

    I would love to do a game show,anything for fun,and have a good time


    I am a senior librarian at the Linden Public Library and would love to be on your show to prove that librarians know about other things besides books. Let us show that not every librarian wears glasses, a bun and has gray hair. Shhhhhhhh!

  43. Jason Root

    I am a 31 year old father of two and am a chemical worker in Houston Texas. I would appreciatea chance to play and win and would nice to have a chance to stay at home a little more since I work 12 hour days thanks

  44. Leslie Storrs

    I would LOVE the opportunity to be on MSQ! I’m a former elementary school teacher, now Realtor, and I love trivia!!

  45. Nicky Elizabeth

    Because I’m an educated New England hot blonde that can name the 7 diatomic elements, recite the entire group of English “state of being” verbs and politely out smart you in any heated debate with a twinkle in my eye, all whilst sipping on my martini.. 😉

  46. Nadine Dyer

    I would love to be on the show to win some money to start my own non-for profit I plan to name Aunt Morr Cares named after my late grandmother who always feed and clothes the poor and homes less. I was told time and time again that I resemble the First Lady Mrs Obama I would be interesting to see if I have a her brains to win.

  47. Sharyn D

    The Million Second Quiz with Ryan Seacrest ! Wow what a great opportunity for NBC to bring quality entertainment and give the community an opportunity to have fun, learn a lot, and win the grand prize. I would be enthralled to participate in an audition and be part of the show.

    I welcome the opportunity and I thank you for your time and consideration. The opportunity be part of this show would be the highlight of my life and I would be honored to partake in this quiz show. I would really like to assist wherever possible if that is an option as well.

    Thank you !!!- SD

  48. Barbara Kirby

    I should b on your show cause I am a single parent of three boy and I despertly need financial help to send my boys to collage or just to take them on a trip they have never been catch up on sum bills help my mom and my dad give some to charity’s help others that r like me in need of more money

  49. Shamique

    I’m a 26 year old female who is recovering from a broken jaw. I was sucker punched by a guy last week and had to have Oral and Maxillary Surgery. I now have a permanent titanium plate in my jaw, as well as my mouth being wired shut for 6weeks. It’s the most painful and hardest thing I ever been through and honestly I haven’t felt like the same happy go lucky person that I use to be. Can only consume liquids, can no longer smile and I can hardly speak clearly. My life has been hugely impacted by what some violent man decided to do to me. I do not want to feel victimized and I believe an opportunity to take a quiz which isn’t based on me speaking or even looking my best, would be quite essential in rebuilding my shattered confidence . I am quite shy so the last thing I would ever want is to be televised especially in this current condition. Which is why I think it is even more important to take this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. Honestly I put my mother through so much stress that I just want to do as best as I can , so I can give it all to her. I have the best mother in the world and I just to take good care of her for eternity and beyond. Peace and Love. Good Luck to everyone and Have A Blessed Day.

  50. Vasilikii

    I would LOVE to play on this game show.., It’s always been my dream to be on one. I would be so honored to be chosen. I feel that I would be a great contestant because I have a great personality and outlook on life even though I have had some current setbacks, I know and believe that I will overcome them and will come out on top. When I win big, I will donate to a charity for abused animals as they need our help too. And of course I would help children across the country and world and Adopt a child to help them too. *I would spread the LOVE! Thank you for picking me:)

  51. Scott Reid

    I’m a 40 year old public defender from philly, now living in baltimore with my wife and daughter. I have the classic liberal arts education and a mind full of facts, songs, images from a lifetime spent embracing education and cultural indulgences. I also have a background in theater and some experience in televised trivia contests. I live everyday on edge and in competition with police, judges and lawyers. What’s a few million more opponents? Bring it on!

  52. RLacy

    I would greatly appreciate a chance to be on the million second quiz!!!!
    I am a Mom of five children ages ranging from 8 to 18 so
    imagine the questions I answer or have to find the answers to
    on a daily basis plus it’s one of my missions to get on a game show.
    If you don’t choose me for this show, can you please help get me to Let’s make a deal

  53. Christa Caden

    Hey I would love to be a contestant.
    I looove quiz shows and am broke as a joke
    I’m addicted to scratch offs and gamble daily and
    Would loooove to take my chance with you fine folk !
    Pick meeeeeeee 🙂

  54. michellemarin

    I love to be on the show cause I am good on quizs

  55. lou dinos

    i’m a pretty funny guy and stuff like that

  56. Ethan Burke

    I would love a chance to be a contestant on this show. I am a 28 year old middle school special education teacher that knows a lot of random information and would love to prove it on your show. I love to laugh, joke, and entertain. All of my friends and co-workers always say “there’s never a dull moment when Ethan is around.”

  57. Cindy Jalbert

    Hi! It’s me, the next contestant on your game show!!! I am a 51 year old empty nester from way up in Northern Maine and I am ready to do something different in my life. I think your game show fits the bill. I am a trivia buff and avid fan of Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit and any other game showcasing trivial information. Call me soon please!!!! Before I get snowed in for the winter!!!!!!

  58. james vasquez

    hey there im from san antonio im 23 and I like to watch game shows (Lingo, Whammy, etc) I like to participate because I like to have fun and be happy in life and try something new if I had won the money I would use it to help my dad and sister out of debt and help pay the bills for my grandparents house and save up for the future hope u can pick me thanks

  59. Melinda Bowman

    I would love the opportunity to be considered a contestant on The Million Second Quiz. I am intelligent in a wide variety of subjects. I am a 44 year old woman who stays home & takes care of my family. I would love the chance to help my family out financially. Plus I volunteer for a local animal rescue & could do a lot with my winnings to help this organization out. Thanks for the opportunity.

  60. Steve

    Put me on the show
    I’ll win
    I know a little bit of freaking everything….I’m one of those guys who knows immense amounts of useless trivia that has no use whatsoever- until now
    I’m humble too

    Let’s go!

  61. mike archipolo

    I love game shows .I am a stay at home husband i take care of my wife whom is sick , We always talked about me trying out for a game show. i was a cab driver in i live in PA. If i was lucky to be pick any money would go to pay doc bills for the both of us. well good luck we will be watching

  62. Johnathan

    I am 28, just moved to phoenix, have student loans and several bills that need to be paid off. I would love to be a contestant, and have the opportunity to compete.

  63. Fm

    its on my birthday:) im different from other people .

  64. sumi garcia

    Hello, my name is sumiramis but often called sumi. I’ll love to be in this show simply because I love the challenge and the fact I’m dying to help my sick mom which I can use the money to give her the peaceful life she deserves for her remaining years that she has. I would love to be able to help my family is very important to Ne and I believe this would be the greatest opportunity for me to do so.!!
    Thank you.!!!

  65. Demetrius Allen

    I’m 42 old man with a family of six and I love my family very much and would like a chance to be on your show and Im pretty funny with a great sense of humor . Not shy and will get you a run for the $ and I forgot pretty smart

  66. Jennifer Haag

    Hello there ! I would love to be a contestant on this show ! My family member just called mr and said that I must apply….I am known to be the one who has all this useless info in my noggin but now am starting to think maybe there is a reason why I was the kid who read yhe ingredients on a shampoo bottle or a tampax box while on the toity…T.M.I….sorry! I have nevet aauditioned for any t.v. show till just now. Do you believe in signs ? I have all this info I have stored…everyone calls me to ask me weird questions on trivia,nostalgia,history…whatever…I learned how to sleep standing up in the Military, I have intense determination and focus (or so I am told…I have always been a severe insomniac so no problem staying up (which has been a pain in the butt my whole life but maybe it was to train for this crazy show)…I lived in Manhattan till I was 18 months old so some of my heart is from there and to top it off…my partner of 28 years Birthday is Sept.07…coincidence…who knows but to my family,they are gonna make me do the dishes for the next 50 years if I don’t play this game and kick ass…they seem to think I can win and for them I would do anything…including locking myself in dome three story hourglass above Manhattan and exposing to the World how delirious one may get aftet 3 days of no sleep….but to many of us insomniacs…things get clearer,streamlined…it is pary of our quirky personalities….so as good of a reason as any…I want to do this for my family and pay off our debts…take them to Greece..start a new family business..a home for my Mom in Law and make sure lots of non profit no kill animal agencies get a years worth of food…Thanks for listening…See ya in New York baby !! Game on !

  67. Orlonda Rosenquist

    I have never been on a game show. But I sure would love the chance to win some money. i will take a test to see how smart I Am, or not. Iwill be waiting. I want out of Mn and this may be my chance.

  68. Jacqueline Poisson

    Im Jacqui im 23 im from a small town i have a 7 month old baby and im a full time student im smart and have the ability to stay awake for days pick me pick me pick me 🙂

  69. jonothon randolph

    everyone i know has said that i know more useless information than anyone they know, i think i know very useful information I am very competitive and the idea of being quizzed in a deprivation type scenario sounds like a lot of fun.I am about to be a new father and winning some money so i can spend more time with my new son doesn’t sound too bad either! I think being from Alaska and moving to New York has given me life experience that would make me an interesting character on a show like this.

  70. Rob Proske

    I am the Cliff Claven of modern society. I have qualified for Mensa through testing, but did not join due to the fact that I will not pay money to be a member of society who thinks they stand out above the rest. I have my qualification papers ready if needed. I’m also a very large person (6’2″, 250 lbs.) who will draw in viewers. If you are looking for someone meek, I’m not your contestant. If you are are looking for someone who knows a lot of stupid and menial facts and who can stand out, email me.

  71. Mark Jenkins

    Ooooooh, ladies and gentleman boys and girls children of all ages, I proudly present to you. Mark Jenkins. Aaa aaa yeah . We love you mark ! How can you pass up ratings ?

  72. David Tanguay

    Well I’m extremely handsome perfect for TV. 45 yrs old and have lots of general knowledge in my head. I’m in the mile high club with my better, half, and im an out of work sanitation worker for the city of Portland. and I will go far on this show if selected. Please give me an audition. Thank you

  73. Eric Wallace

    I’ve been watching game shows my entire life, which has filled my head with a crazy amount of facts, knowledge, crap and other stuff that could potentially help me with this game! It would be a dream come true to be on the show…

  74. Colleen Drain

    I would love the chance to be on this game show. I am a 32 year old single mom and I have Multiple Sclerosis. Please consider me.