The Million Second Quiz - NBC

The Million Second Quiz – NBC

Get ready for a game show like none you’ve ever seen before as NBC brings The Million Second Quiz to everyone, everywhere for 12 days and nights with a grand prize of up to 10 MILLION DOLLARS. Casting calls and participation information for this incredible new television and social network experience will be coming soon as contestants will be sought to compete in the most interactive and lucrative game show of all time.

The Million Second Quiz will pit contestants in one on one showdowns that go on 24/7 for twelve days with questions running all of time and rounds and winners constantly ending and changing. Viewers at home will get chances to play along and even win a spot on the prime time broadcast on the series website and app. The final contestants will live and compete inside a hourglass shaped studio in New York City. This production will be part game show, part reality TV series, part social media event and all unbelievable fun. This will be the game show of all game shows, the series that people all around the world will be following and trying to compete on. Imagine watching the show at home and a camera crew surprising you at your doorstep telling you that you have made it to New York! NBC and The Million Dollar Quiz are ready to make it happen for some very lucky and talented contestants. Casting for this remarkably innovative new game show event will be starting up soon and now interested contestants can get a head start on the exciting process. Aspiriing participants can head here and here for application information and audition news. We will be sure to keep you up to date on all casting call updates so keep checking back for all of the fantastic news and leave a comment below and tell us why you want to be a part of NBC’s all new game show experience and try your hand at winning up to 10 million dollars on The Million Dollar Quiz.

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  1. Mary Harris



    Well, if this doesn’t sound like the next biggest hit game show, then I don’t know what does. How exciting!!! The whole idea of the MillionSecondQuiz host coming to your house to the hour-shaped studio in NYC sounds like a blast and I would love to be part of it!!!!!

  3. Sean

    I am 45 and a Desert Storm Vet who has full custody to his 9 year old boy and a great fiancé who would let me do what I have to do to win this show. I have been through a lot and would love the opportunity to prove a small town guy from a town of 900 people in Iowa can make it happen.

  4. April

    I’m April! A pink haired 35 year old mother of two. I’m smart silly and competitive. I get along with mostly everyone under the right circumstances, and would love to try my hand at winning the ten million dollars! There are a lot of people who could use help, and it would make me feel amazing to be the one to help them. Purely selfish. Lol

  5. Renee

    Well, if this doesn’t sound like the next biggest hit game show, then I don’t know what does. How exciting!!! The whole idea of the MillionSecondQuiz host coming to your house to the hour-shaped studio in NYC sounds like a blast and I would love to be part of it!!!!!

  6. Ariana Teresa

    I think I would be a great part of such an innovative game show! What a great idea! I have an extremely outgoing, fun, and adventurous spirit and I believe that coupled with these smarts of mine, I would make a great addition to the show!! If you give me a shot, I know that you won’t regret it! I am a huge fan of the effects of social media on the world around me and am a little social butterfly!!! Game shows, social networking, and Reality TV in one…I mean come on this is the real deal! lol I know viewers and I could relate because I am a down to earth, regular kind of chick with a fun and free personality and a head on my shoulders. I’ve got a little wild side and am very competitive by nature too. Best of all, I am always sporting a warm and welcoming smile that’s sure to win them over!

  7. Jason

    Hello, my name is Jason and I grew up watching game shows. I would love to participate in this or any game show. I have been told i should have done this years ago so i figure there is no better time than the present.

  8. Stacia Johnson

    My names Stacia im 21 and I’m always running all
    Over the place anyway so I don’t see why I shouldn’t try this 🙂

  9. Barbara Green

    I love game shows. I would to be part of a game show and try to win some big bucks

  10. Charles Lavin

    Hi I’m Charlie and I’d love to be on a tv show. That’s been my dream since I was little. I like challenges and game shows like jepardy and wheel o fortune. When u pick pick me thanks

  11. Aaron X Morris

    I would be very appreciative to be selected for The Million Second Quiz because it would give me the opportunity to further my education and start a family. I am quite intelligent and may not be the smartest. If selected I would give it my all and if I lost would take it like a champ, wishing future contestants the best of luck.

  12. LaTanya Nelson

    I should be on The Million Second Quiz…….because I eat, sleep, live, breathe game show trivia. I play trivia aps on my iPad, phone, computer all day and night. I challenge all my family and friends daily and I am SUPER competitive at everything!… I watched almost every minute of this show when it was on the first season and it was awesome. Pick Me!!!!!!!

  13. Erik Bolt

    I am a druid – a scholar, historian, naturalist, and cleric of a once proud but long diminished indigenous religion, my imagination awash with stories and possibilities and my mind full of the lessons of bygone days.

  14. Adamo fiandaca

    I have lost my mother and my aunt to cancer this year…my family and I are close to losing our house that we have all grown up in! I am pretty smart and have a wealth of useless knowledge in my head. I believe that I would make a great contestant on your show. Cancer has basically destroyed my family! I would love to just have the chance. To try to save my grandparents house.

  15. Rose

    I have charm and would make an excellent TV game show contestant. Plus, I would love to have some start-up capital to fund my new business. Win, win?

  16. Brittni Jenkins

    Super competitive and ready for anything!

  17. Timothy Asbill

    I could help use some extra money to help pay for college. I would like, and hope to hear back from your staff for an opportunity to be a contestant. Thank you for the consideration, and I look forward to a reply!

  18. Gary Lee Connor

    Mix and Match whatever catagories you have and give me the hardest questions you can muster…I will not disappoint.

  19. Walt Smith

    Basically being an oilfield worker and from Wyoming everyone thinks must still live in the stone age so would love the chance to prove there are smart people everywhere and in all walks of life

  20. Laurel Manchester

    Because, I am what you need.
    Trust me.

  21. Heidi Marshall

    I’m a 37 year old mother of two who recently finished my MBA. I’ll be honest loans are coming due soon and 10 million would more than help. When I’m not working as a systems trainer I devote my time to my family. I’m a quiz show junkie and would say I have more useless information in my head than most people. I have an wonderful husband who works in law enforcement and he is always telling me to try out for a game show. I’m energetic an fiercely competitive and I know that I would make an excellent contestant. Thank you for any consideration!

  22. Michael

    no need to be formal. i made the cut for the last show. i had to stay and work but that will never happen again. I’m well versed in all fields, i am a journeyman pressman which means i print hundreds of thousands newspapers every night and also read it from the front to back. The New York Times being ONE of the editions so from that alone I’m completely up with current events. Street smart is a must which i have which a is word for common sense. I rather walk my talk. I am 6′ tall dark handsome and white. Shouldn’t matter race but didn’t know the demo you are trying to set up. No point to explain myself to nobody. Human interaction is what I’m looking for.Make your decisions wisely, i know you will.

  23. Alex Da Silva

    I’m a 21 year old living in Vancouver, BC and I’ve been watching quiz shows since I was a kid and I love trivia.

  24. Jabaar Bellot

    Iam very smart, talented, strong, motivated and ambitious young man. Iam almost 22 and I always play to win!

  25. Gena

    I would love the opportunity to be a contestant on the game show I am 37 years old so I grew up in the game show era where we would all gather around the tv and make watching game shows a family time experience. Kids growing up now are all into reality shows and my kids are no different I think that by me being on this show it could be the best of both worlds for me to show my kids that game shows can be entertaining too!

  26. Anna

    I have gone through tough times but I just use those times of struggle to my advantage. This helps me to push past the doubt discrimination and disappointment!!! I will make this show a very interesting one to watch indeed!!!

  27. Alicia Moore

    My life has had its ups and downs but have always pushed through somehow. I would like an opportunity to use my education, pop culture knowledge, sense of humor and my sunny disposition to show women everywhere that you can be a successful career woman, mother and fun girl at the same time! I would love to be part of this platform!

  28. Cote Wade

    I should be on this show because I’m an aspiring Orthopedics Surgeon, and I could really use the money to help my gf. myself and my parents. I would love to be on tv and I would have a ball meeting new people and I love to compete!

  29. michelle Keller

    I am a nursing student returning to school. I was made for game shows. Million second quiz I’m ready to take everyone out for ten mil!

  30. Andrew Bol

    I am up for anything that involves a good challenge of the mind.

  31. Oj Cotton

    I’m really excited about the way this show sounds. It’s perfect for someone like me, I kill it in trivia and I’m EXTREMELY competitive. I’m also the type of person that does and will push himself to the limits of physical and mental acts (I’ve been known to stay up for 24+ hours doing brain exercises and learning then going to work right after). I’m also sharp minded and have an energetic yet dry and sarcastic sense of humor 70% of the time, the other 30% I’m a bit goofy and aloof. I will smash this given the opportunity. I’m straight out of left field and put a TON of heart and sweat and work into anything I do.

  32. Doreen Wright

    Why not me? I could go on and on but…. Really, why not me?

  33. Mary Jane

    Pick me! Pick me!

    I’ve always wanted to be a game show. Something to check of my list what what I need to accomplish before the year ends 🙂

  34. Aaron FitzPatrick

    I’m tired of constantly being told “You should be on a gameshow.” Please let me on this game show so that I can put to use some of this seemingly “useless knowledge” to good use and maybe shut some of my acquaintances up.

    Thank you!
    Have a nice day 🙂

  35. Joe

    I want to be on this show because I love game shows and am ready for the challenge of a lifetime. I am easy going, energetic, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be put to the test.

  36. Kristopher

    I am fun, energetic, and am one of those people that would want to share my winnings with others. Who doesn’t love a philanthropist? I teach elementary school, so I could have a great backing from home.

  37. Michael

    The chances of me being alive today were astronomical. If I could be successful on a game show, it would give a lot of people out there hope

  38. Elaine Cousins

    My mom spends all of her free time playing crossword puzzles …I think it would a great opportunity for her to get out of the house, away from the daily puzzle play in newspapers and PUT HER SKILLS ON THE BIG TIME SHOWS… SHE DESERVES TO LIVE IT UP AFTER RAISING 8 children — Don’t YA THINK.!!!
    Plus, it would be nice to see her happy since the love of her life, my father passed a couple years ago.

  39. Tonette

    I’m just putting this up because I really want be on a game show before I die. It is on my bucket list! Will 1 Million Second Quiz be the show that will allow me to cross off that “want to do”?

  40. K.B. Lindsey

    Hi! I loved watching Million Second Quiz last year and I even downloaded the app on my phone. Here’s a few things about me. I’m 35 currently residing in Colorado Springs,CO. I’m getting married in October 2014 to my dream girl and I am an avid softball player. I live a content and simple life but I’ve had dreams ever since I was a kid to one day appear on a game show and win vast sums of money. I’m a trivia addict. I can’t get enough of answering trivia questions to a point where some would say is an obsession of mine.

    Most likely what I would do with 2 million dollars would be paying off the college debt that my fiancee and I have. Buy a nice starter home and save the rest to get our future children through college. I really hope you pick me and if you do I will not disappoint. Peace and blessings to you all.

  41. john dix

    let a real player play was online last year playin me and my lady enjoyed it very much and the show we will sure play this year but we want to compete too in my hometown state

  42. America Haileselassie

    I’m 35 years old, student at Black Hawk College. I am deaf, and want to try out the quiz. I am studing to be a computer specialist and I want to get the expereince of being in the game show. If you pick me, I will be so happy regardless if I win or not.

  43. Betty

    I’m a serial game show contestant, having appeared on Jeopardy, Millionaire, and History IQ.
    I’d like another opportunity to add Million Second Quiz to my game show gallery.
    Pick me, pick me. I won’t disappoint!!


    be awesome to be on this show. male 24, channing tatum look alike. thx

  45. Steve Williams

    Simple…4 kids ages 14-18. All going to college in the next 4 years, in fact all will be in college at the same time in 2017! I am pretty good at trivia and have enjoyed playing the MSQ app online. Would love to be considered!

  46. Chris

    I could use the money. I’m not going to lie. I’m a divorced father who at this moment is struggling with the way the economy is going in my area. Jobs are scarce and companies are moving out if state. My children are my life and I’m not willing to relocate The possibilities of winning some money would help and allow me to start a business and be able to support my kids. As well as hire a few people that are in the same boat

  47. Scott

    Ive always wanted to be on a game show and i defeat everyone in home trivia games. This sounds like the mother of all trivia contests and i want in!!

  48. Ashley

    Hi I’m Ashley. i think this would be a great experience for me . i love quiz game shows I’m not saying that I’m smart but i know enough .

  49. israel acosta

    How can I start? Well to start off with, my name is Israel Acosta. The reason for me leaving this comment is because I feel as though this would be the best chance I have on changing my life around. I’m very educated, love quizzes and trivia. I would love to be a contestant to try to win to achieve what I always dreamed of.. I may or may not win, but at least I can say is that I won’t never give up because at the end of the day, there is people with a situation that is worse than.mines.

    Thank you again


  50. Michael Bronke

    Hello I received an email from getting a high score on the app during the first season but due to my sisters poor health I was unable to show up to NYC. I live in buffalo and I print the newspaper hundreds of thousands of copies everyday I see so I am literally up to date with every single different kind of thing happening in our world. I also print the new York times so im constantly upto date with eeverything that is happening in the world and on top of that my memory is incredible and im a cut throat competitor with good looks a great personality and am willing to go the distance.

  51. Tiffany Farmer

    I love game shows I can answer questions fast a team player and I love to compete I love to have fun and thinking at the same time this will be a perfect opportunity for me and also for my one and a half year old son could see me on television and hopefully consider me his hero.

  52. Michael Smith

    I love questions, quizzes, and trivia. I have been told over the past 10 years that I should give a show a try. I would love to fulfill my dream of being a contestant.

  53. pam

    I could really use some extra cash and I’d like to experience being on television.