How cute is your little one ? Are friends and family always telling you how beautiful your baby is? Do people on the street or in your local store stop you to say you have an adorable child?  If so, why not submit your precious angel to be considered for a baby photo contest?

Every year there are tons to choose from! A new lineup of talented children to model for new clothing lines, magazines, TV commercials, shows and movies. As the new year begins we draw ever closer to the tryouts. If your child truly has a one of a kind look they could be the next face and to be seen by millions and millions of people as they are primped, pampered and photographed join a photo contest today! Every little one is full of heart and beauty so why not share yours with the world? This is a fantastic opportunity to show everyone every little thing that your offspring has to offer all while putting a little cash away for the college fund. Information on all casting calls and auditions for this years batch of beauties will be coming soon so leave a comment below if you believe your little one has what it takes to be the next big star.

Winners of modeling contest can be featured in the windows of stores, on your tv or in magazines worldwide and you can be compensated with cold hard CASH! So get your videos and photos ready because your child’s time is now. You never know, you may be the parent of the next big baby star!


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7 Casting Responses

  1. Lauren Carter

    Hello I have a beautiful 19 month old daughter named Xalia and think she would be a great fit for a photo on a magazine or to appear in a commercial!

  2. suga dha

    hi my baby is 6 month old with a happy face and intense eyes. he is fair and blonde hair. he is a plump kind

  3. Monika

    I love my ange.because she is very much.

  4. Deepak Bagora

    Hey, my baby boy is 6 months old… looking for advertisement opportunity and BIG YES as you mentioned many people used to stop on street, malls, stores and say you have adorable child.
    Waiting for your response in my mail box

  5. Taisin

    Ayan my son is one year 5 months he is smart . He plays football and do yoga steps. He has innocent smile

  6. Alfie

    My baaby boy is 8 months and he is chubby chubby


    Hi my baby is 8 months & cute smile talkative eyes, her name is Aadvik mishra

  8. Daria Eguillos Balsamo

    Daria balsamo
    Hi my baby is 1yr and 7months old his so cute and handsome too. I would like my son to be part of your agency.

  9. Aayan

    My baby is 14 months old, his name is Aayan. He is very active n graceful . He can walk n dance also having mature and cute smile on his face.

  10. Aayan

    My baby is 14 months old , his name is Aayan , he can walk n have an attitude, he is very gracefull n having matured face n cute smile on his face..very active, He can do what we will tell him to do
    Like he can talk on phone.. he can dance..

  11. Pooja

    My baby is 8th month with cuteness name nonu

  12. Richelle Grace

    Hi i would like my daughter to be part of your agency. She is 10months old and she is very talented and adorable. 😊


    Hi my baby is 8month her name is advik baby boylooking cuit and beautiful smile 🙆please call me


    Hi, my baby is a cutest Doll i hv ever seen in this world. Her name is Chahat. She is a Most charming baby and brings smile on everyone’s face who looks at her at just one sight. Pls revert if any opportunities available for her in ads and auditions

  15. shawnvir

    Hlo….. My baby is 9 months old
    He’s with naughty and loud smile
    He’s copyi’d everything and everytime Doing new things…. Try to be new faces in front of camera…!

  16. Afreen Naz

    My baby is 9 month old
    Skin complexion : Very fair
    Eyes : Dark brown
    Hair colour : Blonde
    Weight : 8 kg
    Height : 2 feet
    He have a beautiful smile and very dramatic in nature..

  17. simmi

    Hi my daughter is 1 n half year old. She have beautiful hair n attitude n also very sharp mind or good activities. So i think she deserves to participate ur show magazine nd etc. pls call

  18. Ashka

    My baby girl is 9 months old…. she is real beauty with very beautiful eyes😊

  19. Shailesh

    My baby is 7 months old. Very active & smiling face. Want my kid to b part of ur magazines or advertisement agency. His name is Ibhan.

  20. lokesh

    hi my baby boy is 8 months his name is kushal he have great smile and great look

  21. Neha

    Hie this is Neha..
    My nephew is of 3 months, his name is Dron..
    He is very talkative, always smiles, looks adorable and have eye-catching smile…

  22. Estephany Tan

    Hi my cute baby boy named Justice Maverick is now 7 mos old. He’s our sunshine baby because of his killer smile.

  23. Sourav Madhur Dey

    My baby is 1 year 2 months old. His name is Samriddho. He’s having a pretty face and charming smile.

  24. Charu agarwal

    My daughter is 8 month.
    Her name is Dhriti agarwal. She have beautiful smile. Talking eyes.
    Her activities so cute. And she is very naughty girl.

  25. Richa Ojha

    Hi….my baby boy is 8 months old…..he has cutest smile…he is perfect for commercial.

  26. Shieldeen Ann Huelar

    Hi my baby is 6 mos old and is a stunner. She has a lovely smile that would melt anyone. Her name is Lolly.

  27. Felomina

    Hi my daughter is very cute and durable her name is Elisse she’s 4 months old now

  28. nahida

    Hey baby is 5 years old she have beautiful eyes

  29. May Janet Plaza

    My 4mothns old baby name Zhynñn Zyn is so cute and adorable.Her lively eyes makes you smile.

  30. zubera

    My baby so cute and so pretty she 3 year

  31. Vicky Chia

    Hi.. my son is 10 months old..

  32. Jodee Reyes

    My 10 month old jolly baby boy loves to smile and play around. I’d love to sign him up.

  33. kishan karetha

    hello, my name is kishan karetha and i’m from junagadh(Gujarat). my nephaw’s name is naksh and he is very playful and cuite. i request to you to give me your email id so i send you his same photos. thank you

  34. arjun

    hii my baby name is arjun he is very cute and very sweet smile activity so good..

  35. Maya Lalwani

    My kid is 1 year and 8 month boy. we would like to try any opportunity that fits my child.

  36. Porgee Ramona La'O

    My daughter is so adorable. People always notice her cuteness. Her name is Amethyst Mikelle and she will turn 4mos on July 4

  37. Mi Ae Oh

    My baby name is Yeong Choi from Korea. She has a very cute smile.❤❤❤

  38. Oh Mi Ae

    Hello. I want my baby to join the picture modeling. How do I join her? Hope you have given a time to reply. Thank you~~

  39. Daneva Jane Pua

    My Baby’s name is Quinncy Belle, just 4 months old and she’s very adorable

  40. Melody

    Her beautiful smile makes all my worries disappear

  41. Shilpa

    My daughter name is hriti. She is 6 month old.

  42. Shravan

    Hi dis is Shravan my baby boy is so cute and he’s name is Anthony

  43. laila elgharbawy

    Hi! My baby is 3months she is beautiful and cute smile and have to dimples.

  44. Anju jaiswar

    My son is 7 months old, his name is Ayush, looking so cute , having smilling & charming face and very active.

  45. Amankiran

    My sweet daughter name is harleen kaur she is 9month old .she is looking very beautiful.she cute smile &cute big eyes.

  46. Kalyani Patil

    My baby boy Viren is 4 months old and his face is very photogenic with cutest smile.I woult like to particepate.

  47. Sheeba

    Hi my baby is 15 months old.she z very charming and has a very cute smile.Her name is Esha.

  48. Sonali

    Hello my baby is 3 month old her name is khushali..looking beautiful. And she is very cute

  49. Anjana

    My baby boy is 1 year 9 months old. He is very cute, having dimples on Facebook, having Photo face, too good smile, very active and grasping power is high. Any chance? Anywhere? I want him to go ahead in TV ads, advertising photos etc

  50. Anjana

    Hi, my baby boy is 1 year 9 months old.
    Heeley is very cute.
    Any chance for Indian?

  51. Kenneth pinn

    Leila una saltiban pinn is 27 months old and is truly a sweetheart, a blessing from God.

  52. tousif

    Hi my baby is 10 months youth with a cute smile her name is adah

  53. Shobha

    My baby is 4 months old. he have beautiful smile ,talking Eyes you can call him camera king

  54. Susant

    My daughter is 6 months her name is Shurti. Looking cute with sparking smile😀😘😘

  55. Boitumelo Metsing

    I would like my daughter to be part of your agency…. She’s very cute and 5months old now

  56. Mauelle Valenzuela

    Hi! I have a 2month old baby, she’s so adorable and she has the cutest smile with two deep dimples

  57. Aaradhya

    my 8 months baby girl very sharp and activ
    her activities so cute and pretty smile

  58. Nidhi

    My daughter is 20 months her name is Avika. She Has sparking smile with charming 😊 smile.

  59. Arsh dwivedi

    Hi my baby name s Arsh dwivedi.hi s soon cute nd active. Baby s almost 2 yr old.and have a cute smile.

  60. Bhawana Chawla

    Anveer is a 5month old cute, active and healthy baby. He’s a perfect fit for any baby commercial.

  61. Riddhi

    My baby girl

  62. Roddhi

    Baby girl 6 months

  63. Meha

    My daughter is 6 month old

  64. hridyanshi thakur

    my daughter (hridyanshi )is so cute and active

  65. Nibedita

    I have a baby girl.She is very adorable,cute and smart also…she is 10 month older now..she deserves to be participate in your show..

  66. Praveen

    My baby girl is 6 months old and her name is Sargun and I am certain that she is the most beautiful and cutest baby girl having very light brown eyes.

  67. Ma Christine acol

    My baby is adorable his name is yvo malachi 🙂

  68. Komal pankaj sharma

    My princess name is trishika sharma…she is very cute and beautiful..and she is 10 months.

  69. Komal pankaj sharma

    My princess name is trishika sharma…she is very cute and beautiful..

  70. Susmita

    My baby girl is very cute, sweet, active and attractive.
    She very beautiful also.

    • Susmita

      She is 8 month.

  71. Nilesh mokal

    My baby name is Prince and krish 1year old
    She look beutifull

  72. Jyoti mishra

    My son is 20 month old her name is arav he is very active ,cute and very smart.he has thick curly brown hair, black eye, pink lip colour is like milk.

  73. aashima

    I have twin daughters. They are so cute. I think they must try for some tv ads. They are 4 months old and have cute smile

  74. Radhika

    My baby girl is 4 year Her name is Aaina she is very active and smart

  75. Sanajay

    My baby is almost 2 year His name is Neelanjay and he is very atractive and taleted he understand all the things and also naughty too…
    But he is smart and intellegent his catching power is too high and also having very sharp memory…