Baby Photo Contest

Baby Photo Contest

Baby Photo Contest Casting Calls

Do you have the cutest little baby in the whole wide world? Does he or she just have that “it” star quality? Are you ready to share him or her with the world? Your bundle of joy could be the next face of all new baby ads and commercials! Submissions for auditions for this fabulous baby contest are being accepted now.

Your baby could be the face of the some of the most popular and trusted baby products and brands around the globe. These contests are ready to make a national superstar out of some very lucky children, why not yours?

Companies are looking for special little people who personify a healthy and happy look to promote their most popular products. The companies are accepting photos from children across the country with online voting by baby modeling enthusiasts determining the winners. There will be several winners chosen who will each receive a cash prize that can be used for your child’s future education.

This could truly be the opportunity of your child’s young lifetime and a perfect chance to secure a sizable portion of his or her college tuition costs. If you have a beautiful young one at home you must enter this exciting contest not only for the potential education windfall for an experience that you and your offspring will never forget.

If you are interested in submitting your child for the casting calls for this amazing photo contest you can stay tuned right here for every casting call detail. We will keep you updated on this contest every step of the way so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why your child should be chosen for The Baby Photo Contest.

Your child is your most precious gift and now is your opportunity to help secure his or her bright future. Apply today for The Baby Photo Contest for a chance to win cash.

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  1. suresh

    hi I have 4 months baby boy with very attractive look and blue eyes with smily face .
    very nice responce given with expression kindly contact me Suresh

  2. Quevanna Dalton

    Hello I have a soon to be 8month old baby boy and everyone tells me he should be a Gerber baby because of the way he looks he healthy, full of joy and excitement and I just think he is the most adorable baby in the whole wide world

  3. Pratima singh

    Hello, my baby girl named Manya is 7 months old…she is too cute, beautiful & photogenic also…I want to help for education of poor children through talent of my baby…it’ll be my pleasure if my baby get chance to do the same at this age…Age doesn’t matter to help others.

  4. Pratima singh

    Hello, my baby girl is 7 months old…she is too cute, beautiful & photogenic also…I want to help for education of poor children through talent of my baby…it’ll be my pleasure if my baby get chance to do the same at this age…Age doesn’t matter to help others.

  5. Kendall

    Hi, I have the most beautiful African American/Caucasian, spunky 22 month old boy he has gorgeous curly dirty blonde and big green/blue eyes with the cutest smile there is not a day that goes by that a stranger dose not tell me how cute he is and he has always attracted a crowd since the day he was born I have 3 kids and not that their not all gorgeous he’s has just always caught every ones attention and I have been told on numerous occasions I need to put him in some type of modeling so here I am.

  6. Bhavika

    I have a daughter of 11 months who is having pretty gray eyes n I feel she is suitable for advertisement of any baby product. She is like model Indian baby

  7. Danery Morales

    My baby is smiling!! a mix of Colombian and Nigerian, is 8 months

  8. Danery Morales

    My baby is smiling and happy !! a mix of Colombian and Nigerian, is 8 months

  9. Danery Morales

    My baby is smiling and happy

  10. Suman Rawat

    My baby is 6 months old but people can’t keep their eyes off her as she is so attractive. Her smiles is so lovable that people often click her smiling photos just to keep them as a memory.
    She has the most beautiful eyes anyone can hv.

  11. Razan Eid

    My baby is 8 month old and he is so social and loves the camera. He always has a smile drawn on his face and he is so easy going..

  12. Nupur Singhal

    i hv a beautiful baby girl of 4 months… she has sparkling eyes.. her name is Nnayr which means beautiful… nd she is exactly similar to her name…

  13. Yana Romoser

    Hi my daughter is 10 months old and loves the camera she is super adorable she would love to show you just what she can do. 🙂

  14. Devangi bhatt

    I have 8 month cute baby boy…his name Yatharth…smiling face & eyes ..

  15. neha dharod

    my baby moksha vrey cute girl.she is 1 year old.

  16. Terri

    With his big blue eyes and fluffy brown hair my baby boy has it in him to draw anyone’s attention 🙊

  17. Richa srivastava

    I have a 2 year old baby boy… He is shooooooooo cute… And he is the winner of bal gopal competition sponsored by etv rajasthan..

  18. Shashank

    My baby is 6month old n she is too cute want her to come on baby products add

  19. aparna

    I have 7 month old baby boy.he is too cute and always smile when ever people is known or unknown for him.plz say he can participate any child contest.reply

  20. Swetha

    My baby boy is 6 months old. Cutie ,very active and always smiling

  21. Aniessa Carter

    I would love to admit my 7 month old daughter into this contest. Her name is Alina

  22. Fate

    Hi I have a two month old daughter . She is a bright girl who loves to launch at all times. She is the most beautiful baby attracting eveyones eyes. She can be a best candidate for any brand because wen you look at her you find so much love in her eyes.

  23. Lorna Walston

    Hi, have the most cutest chunky 7 month baby in the whole world. Her name is Journey , she has the most Beautifulest eyes and smile anyone has ever seen. For a baby she has such a huge Personality, friends, family and strangers tell me how beautiful my daughter is and say I should work on making my baby a superstar.

  24. Manjeet Ranjan

    I have 16 month cute baby, her name is Jainika. Her smile, move and inosent, everybody admire, when anybody see her.

  25. Maricris

    Hi. I have a seven months old chubby smiling face baby

  26. Carissa Mui

    Rowan Elyse Mui, a name as unique as she is. She always has a smile on her face that lights up the room! People always approach her asking if they can have her, she’s meant to be a superstar!

  27. Danielle

    I have a beautiful little girl named Brindle Reign. She is 16 months old. She has those big blue eyes and huge smile that will light up a room. She is as unique as her name. Ms Brindle Reign is a cowgirl. She gets up every morning we go take care of the animals.