Baby Photo Contest

Baby Photo Contest

Baby Photo Contest Casting Calls

Do you have the cutest little baby in the whole wide world? Does he or she just have that “it” star quality? Are you ready to share him or her with the world? Your bundle of joy could be the next face of all new baby ads and commercials! Submissions for auditions for this fabulous baby contest are being accepted now.

Your baby could be the face of the some of the most popular and trusted baby products and brands around the globe. These contests are ready to make a national superstar out of some very lucky children, why not yours?

Companies are looking for special little people who personify a healthy and happy look to promote their most popular products. The companies are accepting photos from children across the country with online voting by baby modeling enthusiasts determining the winners. There will be several winners chosen who will each receive a cash prize that can be used for your child’s future education.

This could truly be the opportunity of your child’s young lifetime and a perfect chance to secure a sizable portion of his or her college tuition costs. If you have a beautiful young one at home you must enter this exciting contest not only for the potential education windfall for an experience that you and your offspring will never forget.

If you are interested in submitting your child for the casting calls for this amazing photo contest you can stay tuned right here for every casting call detail. We will keep you updated on this contest every step of the way so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why your child should be chosen for The Baby Photo Contest.

Your child is your most precious gift and now is your opportunity to help secure his or her bright future. Apply today for The Baby Photo Contest for a chance to win cash.

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  1. Deepika

    My is baby is so sweet, charming, cute, bubbly and the most notorious ever. He is so active and sledom cries, ready to go to everyone. Everyone around comes to my home to see him. They compare him to a advertisment baby. And thats enough sufficient for me to give my baby his future.

  2. Ulhas

    Because others have suggested me to take my son to Baby competition. Every parent think that his Baby is world’s cutest Baby….

  3. Hemlata Singh

    My 6 months old baby boy is very cute , adorable, and eye catching. He is photo genic too and have a very cute smile…So i feel he can be the new upcoming face.

  4. Badal sinha

    My son 15 months is so adorable his blue eyes is enough to steal your heart.

  5. Saleena

    My little tod is baby boy with sunshine smile and naughty eyes….he is world to us and brings smiles in everyone’s life

  6. Rajiv Tripathi

    My doughter is so beautiful and her face is so photo genic. She is very cute and active child she looks like angel to us I land I believe she could be genuine choice for selection.

  7. wardah

    My daughter should be chosen for this contest because she is very beautiful gorgeous and phitogenic

  8. Avinash mishra

    Yes I want to share my son pic.he is so cute

  9. Alma

    Hi mam sir how are you.i have a baby boy is adorable and cutest baby is smiling and cute baby if you are interesting just messages mo own have a wonderful day mam sir xoxo(-;

  10. Neha lodha

    My 1yr old son tanish lodha cud b the upcoming face if he gets the opportunity. to make him a star i found your wall suitable.

  11. Ann

    I got cute adorable baby am sure u can’t resist here charm and infectious smiles and laugh ,she’s 2 years old now can sing Alphabet from A-Z and can names A/Z first letter stand for.
    Can count from 1/10, can sings few songs like twinkle star, rain rain go away, ABC song, can follow words easily .
    She’s bubbly and hyper …
    I hope u can give me chance to meet my little angel to u guys 🙂

    Best regards,
    Mary Ann

  12. Armaan

    My son he is very smart and cute he is very active so plz choose her

  13. Armaan

    Plz reply I want to send my son in ads

  14. Avinash Kumar

    I have a very cute baby boy that people call him Charming Anay and he is 6 months.I would like to see him in advert because he is very Cute , active & Sweetie Face.

  15. smruthi

    I have a cute chubby 6months baby boy. His name is Rayan Rohan.. looking for opportunities

  16. kapil kumar jain

    Let me know where to send the picture of my little cute kid.. As he bringing happiness to us by his smile, we want that to share with the world.

  17. Bijal

    How can I apply?

  18. Dipti

    My baby is 7 months old. He is very cute, active, observant. He can express well.

  19. Dimple

    Needs more information on photo shoot.

  20. Chane Klue

    I have a 4 months old little daughter. She is an angel send from above cause docters told me that because of the canser that i had that i could never have children. As i went for my second cancer operation the docter told me after the scans that i am two and a half months pregnant. I couldnt believe it. Today she is 4 months old and the sweetest adorable little girl that steals hearts with who ever she comes in contact with. I want her to win because she deserves only the best and i want to be able to give her every oportunity that i could only dream about when i was a child. Her name is Marizanne.

  21. Rachael

    I am interested

  22. joseph njebeni

    hi am humble to get in touch with you always…iam a kenyan citizen. lucky to have a star baby girl…would like to get her into competitions

  23. rahab wanjiru

    I have a 5months bouncing baby boy who make us proud because whenever we go he makes everyone to look @ him and say “please live that cute baby with”

  24. NEHA


  25. Ankita Sharma

    My baby is too cute … With big big hazel eyes and when does the coo sound he looks adorable

  26. Sandiana khongwar

    How to apply

  27. Preeti

    She is six months old now and does lots of activities…
    Whatever situation she is facing still She gives a million dollar smile it works across her face and into her eyes.
    Thanks and regards
    Preeti bawa

  28. Kavita Mishra

    My baby is my world no doubt all babies are the sweetest n adorable to resist but my baby is the one who has given me a chance to reborn n live happily I only want everybody to see my little prince charming , love and give their blessings…with love from Vedansh Mom

  29. frances

    you haven’t seen the cutest baby on earth until you set eyes on my son, he just turned 11months, he is very healthy, perfect complexion, big and tall. he is also very active. He has full hair, you could mistaken him for a girl lol

  30. Madhuri Jonnavithula


  31. Nitasha ramparsad

    My son should be chosen because he is a delightful, happy, sociable baby who brings light to those who meet him. He is extremely photogenic and is a joy to be around. His gorgeous look and demeanour mean that he is the ideal candidate

  32. hloniphile masuku

    My name is Mrs Hloniphile masuku.I have a daughter who is 6 months old i had 2 miscarriages wanting a baby girl.When she was born i felt sick and she felt sick until both of us were taken to ICU WARDS.i AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE HERE BECAUSE WE NEARLY LOST EACH OTHER. I can be glad if she can be chosen.Her name is ayabonga sisanda masuku.

  33. Mansi aggarwal

    How can i apply for the same??

  34. Sonia.S.R

    My Son has a real good Height, Personality,Looks, Bright eyes, Fair and Too Active. He is 2months old infant.. Hence, Looking for opportunities.

  35. nala

    i have a baby she’s so sweet and cute lots of my neighbors and people that i dont even know them say’s that my baby is so beautiful and so cute

  36. Ronilo

    My has the cutest smile on earth..

  37. Eucharia

    I have a very cute baby boy that people call him Prince Charming and he is 5 months.I would like to see him in advert because he is very lively and active.

  38. Lokesh Goyal

    my baby is 3 month but she is not cute. she is over cute with healthy body . so give a chance to show her

  39. Anne.

    My son is half Irish half Cypriot. Blue eyes blonde hair 8 months old. Very very cute

  40. Diana

    I want my daughter Violet to be the new face of pampers. Please tell me how to send her amazing photos to you?

  41. Angel

    I want to show my cute baby to the world