How cute is your little one ? Are friends and family always telling you how beautiful your baby is? Do people on the street or in your local store stop you to say you have an adorable child?  If so, why not submit your precious angel to be considered for a baby photo contest?

Every year there are tons to choose from! A new lineup of talented children to model for new clothing lines, magazines, TV commercials, shows and movies. As the new year begins we draw ever closer to the tryouts. If your child truly has a one of a kind look they could be the next face and to be seen by millions and millions of people as they are primped, pampered and photographed join a photo contest today! Every little one is full of heart and beauty so why not share yours with the world? This is a fantastic opportunity to show everyone every little thing that your offspring has to offer all while putting a little cash away for the college fund. Information on all casting calls and auditions for this years batch of beauties will be coming soon so leave a comment below if you believe your little one has what it takes to be the next big star.

Winners of modeling contest can be featured in the windows of stores, on your tv or in magazines worldwide and you can be compensated with cold hard CASH! So get your videos and photos ready because your child’s time is now. You never know, you may be the parent of the next big baby star!


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7 Casting Responses

  1. Yatharthi

    Hy my cousin is very cute she is really pretty.
    She has very beautiful eyes i m sure u will like her a lot

  2. Samaira

    I am samaira …
    My baby name is shahzar
    He is very cute ….he is very talented
    Visit him once …he is just 5months old

  3. Piyali das

    Hi my prince charming is 3 months old.he has a cute smile and beautiful face.hope you like him.

  4. Jaspreet

    Hi, my baby Saanjh Mann is 6 months old, she is a happy baby, beautiful eyes and skin. Her cuteness stole everyone’s heart. Thank you 😊

  5. Mayank Tyagi

    My daughter name is VANIYA TYAGI and she is 3 and half years old.
    And my daughter has very charming, beautiful and expressive. And she has perfect face and hight for cinemas.Whole day she has doing some naughty activities.its my promise you cant deny after looking her cute, gracy, charm and buttoned eyes with a huuuggeeeee smile.
    And when she has going to outside then everyone give a attention and compliment every time.And mostly unknown person play with my daughter.

  6. tanavi

    Hi…my daughter is 10months and shes exactly what the initial lines in the matter read……..shes perfect to be casted in babies ads……..

  7. Aissa Ragasajo

    Hi my baby just turned 5 months and she is a jolly kid that always has the smiling face and easily laugh when you you try to make funny faces or even by smiling at her she will definitely smile back at you..

  8. Shivani Aggarwal

    Hi, My girl is 12 months and is quite reactive and responsive in her reactions. North Indian pretty toddler.

  9. Muhsinafsal

    Hello my cute prince 7 and half months old. He has expressive eyes and face. So cute . like to showcase him in media to explore him cuteness.

  10. Manasa Am

    Hello, my princess is 9 months and she has expressive eyes. Like to showcase her in media to explore her cuteness

  11. Priya

    My baby is 1year old named AJISH ..He has very cute face and smile..He is very naughty boy and if you see him you will not say no to him ..If you want i will send him pics too..

  12. Neha

    My is janish…….he is soo cute Nd so noughty..and a perfect smile TV face…he is 8 months old…..

  13. DaShanna Hill

    My son name is Jai grey Hill he is a georgous 3 month old baby boy with a very cute smile and cute face and dimples

  14. michelle

    my princess is 5 moths, she has a beautiful smiles, and has a good face for the cinema

  15. Suman

    No words to say you will be mesmerised by seeing her cuteness. Well my neice she is just 7 months old and its my promise you cant deny after looking her cute, gracy, charm and gleamed buttoned eyes with a huuuggeeeee smile. She’ll make you fall in love

  16. Ritesh kumar pathak

    The good one

  17. Priyanka

    Hi This is Priyanka Ashok, My little Angel “Mahathi” is 13 months old right now.. She is good face for Cinema Industry. Hope you like her cuteness. We would like to take this further.

  18. Monique

    My prince charming is 9month old, and he has a cute and beautiful smiles

  19. Prince ronel Togonon

    Hello my son name is prince ronel he is 7month old..he has a cute face and amazing smile..he is also healthy..

  20. Dnyanesh Ghodke

    My son’s name is Aarav. He is 7 month old. He has a very cute face and amazing smile. He is so healthy & handsome.

  21. neha anasri

    Hi my baby boy name is arsh
    my baby eyes is grey and blue so cute and white colour 7th m old

  22. Mitesh Parekh

    My son’s name is Tanish. He is 7 month old. He has a very cute face and amazing smile.

  23. saloni mehra

    hello! My 19 months old with a cutest and pyogenic face wants to be the part of your casting. please tell me what I can do for the further process.

  24. saloni mehra

    My daughter Aanya is a 19 month old with a cutest and photogenic face would like to be part of your agency. tell me how can we apply for that ?

  25. Priyanka

    Hi, my baby boy is 2months old…He is very pretty n very active ….His activities is lyk 4months old baby..

  26. Kahkashan Warsi

    Hi, my baby girl is 3 months old she has cute smile and talkative eyes .

    Kahkashan Warsi

  27. Sunil

    Hiiii….my baby Rihaan is 3 month old having dark blue eyes and cute smile …..Sunil Mehta
    Shimla Himachal

  28. Pragya jain

    Hi my baby girl name is sanvi…she looks beautiful.

  29. Avneet

    Baby name avneet

  30. Rosenda Bañaga

    Hi my baby is 4months old. He is so easy to make smile and very cute

  31. Belinda kalou

    My princess is two years old very beautiful with a cute smile,i would like her to be part of your agency

  32. Humna

    My baby is 1 years old .
    She’s named Maisha
    And She has a very Beautiful and Cute SMILE😌
    Her eyes are Shiny and talking

  33. Oorvi Khatri

    My daughter is 2 months old. She is awesomely awesome!.

  34. Shilpa

    My baby boy is 5years old.
    Name sinjay dey. She have cute smile

  35. Aayu sharma

    He have cute smile with talking eyes. She is very sharp & talketive

  36. Sherrone

    Hello! My baby boy is 17 months old. He is an American-born Singaporean who has a sweet smile with natural brown hair.

  37. heidi dsouza

    hi, my darling baby boy is half filipino half indian, very cute smile and giggles all the time, healthy but not too chubby,

  38. Bhavnesh Dhoundiyal

    My baby girl is 4year old. Name is Aradhya. she have cute smile with talking eyes. She is very sharp & talketive

    Bhavnesh Dhoundiyal

  39. Zorawar

    My baby is 3 year old
    He has photogenic face with brownish eyes , cute smile!!

  40. Emily

    Hello, I’m Emily. I have a very cute nephew, chubby, fair in complexion with a very captivating smile. He’s 5 months old and I would like him to be considered by your agency.

  41. Arshad Shaikh

    My son is 8 months old and he is very cute and is very active

  42. Anna

    Hi my baby is now 7months old very charming and adorable. Hope u can give him a chance to be part of this event.

  43. indira

    My beby 11 month old his name angad is so cute

  44. anup sharma

    Hiii my beby boy is 11 month old..he is so cute nd naughty …

  45. Ravi gupta

    Hi…my baby boy is 8 months named mihir.He is adorable with cute eyes n chubby cheeks.He is so cute with silky hair.

  46. Quratul Ain

    Hi my lill princess is 14 month old..she hs dazzling blue eyes n extrmly beautful Masha Allah.

  47. Kokila

    Hi, my baby is 4 month old with cute smile and active

  48. Kinjal

    Hello, my baby boy is 11 months old.. His name is diansh. He is very cute and smart boy

  49. Ranjitha

    Age:just completed his 7months
    Dob:26th jan 2018
    Abt him: he is just super cute …family ,friends,relatives n outside ppl loves him every1 adores him wer eva I go ppl tell he is very cute plays wit him kisses him ,I can say a perfect doll😘

  50. Joann

    My baby 8 months

  51. nomah

    Hellow my baby is 8mounth and she so pretty her name is Emmie

  52. Leonard A Tutor

    Please consider my 4 month old baby boy.

  53. Aisha Lou Guinocor

    My baby is 1 year and 4 months old shes’s cute and adorable.

  54. Judy Ann

    My baby is 5 months old yesterday .. Her name is Zamantha judrin