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  1. Ann Marie

    Hi my name is Ann Marie. My fiancées name is Richard we have been together 10 years and have known each other for 13 years. We are from Tennessee and love to hurt fish, really anything to do with outdoors. I think we would be a great fit for this show. We have 4 kids who loves outdoors as well. This is something we have been talking about for awhile, wishing we could get the chance to do something like this. We just recently got forced to move because our landlord sold the land and house we were living in and now staying with my fiancées sister and her family of 9. Please give us a chance

  2. Julio G

    I gladly accept any role – 41 year old male Latino Angeleno CW fan

  3. Megan Cruz

    Hello my name is Megan Cruz I am 25, married and a mother of one. I currently work in a steel making plant as an inspector.
    I think I would be great for this show. I am a hard working, smart and innovative person. I grew up in a small town and love to fish, hike and hunt ! Please consider me for a position! Thank you.


  4. Eduado Villa

    Hey i submitted an answer for the messengers and im 15 from Peru an i would really like to act here i literally love the Hunger Games and i wasnt expecting a series i have little experience but i guess it could be difficult even though english isn´t my nativ language is my second one so ill wait for the answer

  5. Carol Royal

    My daughter and I loved watching the first season of capture. WE would both love being on this show. I live in Ronaoke VA and enjoy the trails along the appalachian mt. Pick us and you will see a great team trying to work together and stay out of trouble. I have completed several marathons including Boston in 2014 and my daughter runs half marathons. We can handle the pressure and want to be a strong female team. pick us.

  6. Yuliia

    i`m Yuliia and i`m from Ukraine. I`m 19 years old. I`m weak) and i hate hunting, fishing and camping. so, i think it would be interesting to see how it will be for me) english isn`t my native language, so it will be exciting and …. hard))

  7. Juwan Allen

    Hello, my name is Juwan allen and i’m 19 years old. I know for a fact that i would be a great candidate for this series. im a god fearing man and have will power to stand up to any challenge. I enjoy hunting, fishing and camping. i work Security in one of the worlds best amusement park companies, Cedar Fair Companies In Ohio. When it comes to thinking on your feet and making hard decisions, i’m your man. And this is why i believe you should choose me for Capture.
    Thank you
    Juwan Allen

    African American

  8. gary olha

    Finally, A good reality show! Im a 28 yr old real estate agent from boise idaho, I have loved the hunger games since the first time i read them in middle school. I thin k most people who are posting dont know what your getting into. i see a lot of strong guys and a few survivalists but other then that i think most will be eaten alive over that month. not me, m calm under pressure, smart enough to make the right choices, resilient enough to take whatever is thrown my way and adaptable. once that cannon goes off it will non stop until the win. i dont have much survival experience other then boy scouts and bear grills, however i would make a good show and keep people entertained. PICK ME and lets get crazy!

  9. James Rowe

    My name is James Rowe and I am a powerlifter from Pembroke, Georgia. I believe that I am the perfect fit because I will be the strongest competitor to compete in Capture no matter who enters this contest. I have competed in a plethora of powerlifting meets where I have set over twenty powerlifting records for the 18-19 age group and even set a National Record. I am currently attending Georgia Southern University and am an Athletic Training major and I also am a personal trainer at my local gym. I believe being cast on this show, I would be a shoe-in to win, because of my physical and mental strength. I could overpower any person that I went up against and have the mental strength to outsmart them.
    Name: James Rowe
    University: Georgia Southern
    Experience: Powerlifting for over three years with multiple records set. Football athlete since grammar school.
    Ht: 5’8
    Wt: 245

  10. Sarah Zola

    Hello My name is Sarah Zola, I am currently attending school to get my bachelors in Science and I graduated from high school with honors. I am a very hard worker because I actually do not believe in luck, but that to get what you want you have to be confident and never give up. I am originally from Africa, DRC, and I came to America with my family due to a civil war which has still not ended there, and I grew up in Pennsylvania. As a little girl I always loved to entertain people by dancing and singing because I like to make people smile and it comes naturally to me. I grew up as an only girl so I developed a love for reading, and a lot of the times I liked to act out books by reading it out loud because It made me feel like I was there and I could be any character that I wanted. Because of this also I also developed a love for writing, because i found that I could create any world I wanted and any character. Each character had their own background and were different. Once I reached high school I found the opportunity to act in plays. Being up on stage gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself. It gave me the strength to challenge myself and prove to myself that I could do anything without limiting myself. I consider myself inexperienced, this is not because I put myself down but because I feel that in life we keep learning because if we learned everything there would be no point in living or enjoying life. As 1 Corinthians 9:13 says, ” For we know in part…”

    Annandale, VA
    HEIGHT: 5’6″
    Weight: 150 Ib
    ETHNICITY: African American
    EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
    HAIR COLOR: Black

  11. Araz Kaiwai

    we are Sione and Araz, we are both males in our early twenties and we are interested in participating in the reality tv show competition ‘Capture’. We think you should consider selecting us to be apart of this show because we will bring cultural diversity to the show being that we are both of polynesian and pacific island descent and that we also meet the physical requirements needed and that we are both confident and entertaining in front of cameras. Most of all we would just love to be apart of this amazing adventure and experience what it truly feels like to survive in the wilderness. We hope you will consider selecting us to be apart of this adventure, so please contact me, thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

    Sione and Araz.

  12. Keith. Confusione

    Hello, my name is Keith Confusione im 25 years old 5’3 an im writing to you for a spot in your new game show…the reason why i should be apart of it because i would know what to do an know my surroundings for i have live in the woods for 8 months i would keep my team mates safe i wouldnt let my team get caputre i know how to make fire hunt for food an etc an capture other opponent. If you given me a chance to show you would come on top….i would appreciate if you let me know if im accepted i also including another message to show my family and freinds show my skills an what i have been doing with my self…my skills an knowledge of the woods would benefit me an my teammate…

  13. Cheyenne Smith

    It is my dream to star in a thriller and be known throughout the world. I have loved acting ever since my junior high drama class! I am a hard worker and I strive for success. Acting is a passion of mine and to act in something would be a dream come true!
    Height: 5’4
    Hair: blonde(brown at the moment)
    Eyes: hazel/brown
    Race: Caucasian

  14. Ethan

    Im going to keep this short and sweet because youre probably sick of the usual Im good at this and good that routine..

    Im Maori.. you need culture diversity in this show.. Maori are among the toughest natural survivors and we have a very unique way of doing so..

    Were natural born athletes, navigators, war masters, survivalists and we’re entertaining.

    My team mate and I would bring a different tone to this show and ultimately thats what you want.. To entertain the public..

    Bring us in and well show you the strengths of our culture and just how adaptable we are..

  15. Greg

    First the obvious/ typical stuff…..

    My name is Greg. My best friend Sam and I used to play every sport imaginable when we were younger. Games of tag, capture the flag, just plain running, hide and go seek, you name it. We aren’t afraid of anything, and both quick on our feet and fast athletes who never stop running or moving.

    But I am sure you get hundreds of applications like that. What you want to know is our background and qualifications. Well Sam is a trained law enforcer. He has training in everything related to that. That includes conditioning, training under pressure, tracking/trailing, strategy training, and everything in between.

    As for Me…
    First I am a dad of two sons and a daughter, so I am no stranger to “chasing, and hide and go seek”. I am in retail, however I have passion to improve life for my kids. I want to set an example for them of what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it, as well as showing them that no matter what you don’t give up. I also am a supervisor of a department in a store of over 100 associates. So I have leadership and management training. Constantly staying one step ahead of the competition.

    Both of us have similar personalities where we can make a good situation not only humorous, but also entertaining, whereas we also have the ability to make bad situations hilarious. We have no problem when it comes to effort as we are both about the most competitive people in the world, and won’t stop until we win! This show was made for us!

  16. Carter Shaffer

    Helllo, my name is Carter Shaffer and I have been a huge fan of the show since it came out. My friend Josh and I have always played games like tag and capture the flag since we were young and we are extremely good at it. We are both fast, he is a cross country runner and i am a sprinter. We have always talked about how fun it would be to do tag and capture the flag competitively so when Capture came out we were naturally hooked. We watched the whole season choosing where we’d run to and talked about how we could have actually won it. We would both LOVE to be on the show and compete for the top spot. We have been preparing for something like this all our lives and have even won huge capture the flag style games. Our teamwork together is phenomenal and we are very fast and sneaky. We have been best friends all our lives so we work together seamlessly. My best friend and I would be a force to be reckoned with no doubt. Here are some quick facts:

    Carter Shaffer (me)
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’4
    Weight: 180
    Sports: Basketball and Soccer
    Experience: Winning games of 1 man capture the flag with over 100 people playing, very sneaky, teamwork
    Look: Tall, skinny, muscular, blond hair, attractive, atheletic
    Favorite Team From Last Year: Green all the way!

    Joshua Woolverton
    Age: 18 (in December)
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 160
    Sports: Cross Country and Track
    Experience: capture the flag, fantastic stamina, sneaky, teamwork
    Look: Average height, super skinny, blond hair, personable, atheletic with much stamina
    Favorite Team From Last Year: Green also! Rooted for them from the start.

    Thank you guys so much for this opportunity we really appreciate it and would love to be a part of the show. Please seriously consider us and email back if you have any questions; we would love to answer them.

  17. Lyss Taylor

    My Friend Kaden and I would be great for this because we used to have these mounds of dirt behind our neighborhood that we would go back to and create bow and arrow and fishing poles out of sticks. We are both experienced in fishing. He is experienced in hunting. I’m 5’4 he’s 5’1. I’m a girl. I’m experienced in different sports I can also swim and shoot bows and guns. He’s experienced in different sports too. He can swim and is fearless. We can build shelter out of anything also fire. We always play survival games around the neighborhood. We’re unstoppable as a team.Please consider us! it would make my dream come true.

  18. Cisco Factor

    I am a former college baseball player and lifetime hunter. I have been in the woods my entire life and know how to survive and compete with the best of them. My competiveness is derived from playing baseball for 18 years and wrestling for 10. I am 6’5 230 lbs and can absolutely win. I have a killer personality and the looks to go with it. My heritage is very important to me. I am a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and was profiled by the tribal paper in college for being an inspiration to my tribe by going to school and playing baseball. am a fun loving guy who can put on a show and win as well. And my name. CISCO FACTOR. That has TV written all over it.

  19. Christian G

    I am a former gymnast, cheerleader, and professiona dancer. I lkve participating in sports. Originally from Louisiana, I have moved around quite a bit including 6 states and 8 countries. I have been teaching at the collegiate level for the past 10 years. I current live in Phoenix, AZ and love the outdoors. I am 5’5 and weigh 140. I am training for a marathon this January. I have a master degree and working toward my doctorate. I am a dean of a college. Looking forward to this awesome adventure.

  20. Allen Marshall

    I’m a 6’2 all American country boy from south Carolina! Nothing beats that no matter who my partner is!

  21. john keifman

    I’M A GEEK– I met a beautiful personal gym trainer five years ago, and we fell hopelessly in love. She peeled me off the couch and away from the TV and my comic books for moments a day to show me that there may be more out there.

    I wasn’t too sure at first, but then she explained that it’s like a video game. Just like my muscle clad heroes of my RPG’S I could run through the woods and sneak around too. So we set off on hiking excursions and kayaking etc. I didn’t mind it. I began to build my body up and to get better in shape.

    I still love my video games, and my comic books, and larping–but now I’m more adapt to having my own adventure outside as well. Now I look to video games as a schematic for real life adventures.

    I’m 31 and my girlfiend is 27. She’s beautiful and in shape. She continues to push me. I try my hardest to top her in everything now. We’re competitive–and that’s how we like it.


    John K.

  22. Matt Bishop

    For starters, me and my beautiful girlfriend love hunger games and often talk about how we would do if we were tributes! I’m 27 and he’s 25 and we are adventurous world travelers. We’ve both spent summers in Africa and South America. We are huge extroverts that know how to make a room listen and laugh. If you pick us we will give the world a team to root for to win these games!

  23. Karli

    Hello! My Name is Karli Norviel, I am 18 and from the lovely state of Idaho! I’m not overly experienced with surviving in the outdoors other than the basics of camping and a few hiking trips, but I feel like I could really kick but on this show. It’s essentially I large scale game of Man-Hunt and I know that I’m both a great hider and a wonderful finder! I would really love to have the opportunity to be on this show.

  24. Mike Jones

    Hi my name is Michael Jones and I am from Philadelphia, I am 27 years old and I have a cousin who is 38 and is an ex NBA player and we would like to go on the hunt season 2 because we have a grandmother who has been fighting cancer for the past year and we believe that we can win and if we do win we would be able to get her the proper treatment needed to continue this fight against cancer. We are both athletics, very social, competitive, strong willed & I believe we will be the team to lookout for and we when be a very entertaining team and a fan favorite on the hunt. Please select us you won’t regret it!

  25. James Knutson

    This is my domain, I’ve spent most of my free time in the wood and surviving off the land and taking only what Mother Nature will give. This is something I would love to do. Unfortunately I don’t have a partner so I would have to go alone or team up with someone else.

  26. Selena Riggins

    I know how to kick b, no matter the circumstance.

    Las Vegas , NV
    Black, White

  27. samantha lezameta

    My name is Samantha Lezameta, I’m 15 years old. I’m 5′ 5″ and have an slim athletic build. I love nature and being outdoors, and I’m sure that if I gave it my all I would be really good at surviving.
    Thanks for your time.

  28. samantha lezameta

    My name is Samantha, I’m 15 years old. I’m 5′ 5″ and have a slim athletic build. I love nature, but I mostly want to do this because I’m tired of the boring old life. I want to sign up for something that I can actually excel at if I try hard enough and I want to do something more than what I would usually do.
    Thanks for your time.

  29. Bo Arias

    Bo Arias and Kat Ashley.
    Bo 23 years old
    Kat 27 years old

    About to get married this October 2014.

    A little about us. We are winners and we will do anything to get in first. Contact us if you need a good couple and couple that doesn’t like to lose.
    Good Luck

  30. carson wells

    hi my name is carson i em good with a bow and throwing knivs 10 years old heght 5-2 1/2 by thanks by

  31. Jhirmack Wilson

    MyI think I should be considered for a role because once you meet me you won’t forget me!!! The country is my second home so I’m use to all kind of bugs an wilderness.. I have a competitive spirit. Acting is a passion that I’m already in the midst of pursuing. I’ve done acting in high school along with acting for the community outside of school. I’m 22, hardworking, eager, an waiting for an opportunity to present itself to be apart of something mind blowing.
    Athletic body
    Handsome… I just want to work for a living doing what I love to do!!

  32. Kalen Dean

    I should be on this show because I know how to please an audience and how to survive in the wilderness. if u pick me you wont regret it. trust me im perfect for this show

  33. Kassie Jones

    Kassie Jones. Lance Pearson
    25 yrs 27 yrs
    White. African American
    5’6. 6′ 0

    Clinton, OK

  34. Kassie Jones

    My name is Kassie and my partners name is lance which is my fiancé. We have been together 10 years and we have 2 beautiful children together. We are both athletic and very competitive. We are not doing so good financially so this would help us a lot. If you pick us we are in it to win it we will fight till the end and be the last couple standing!!!

  35. Christopher Sheppard II

    Hello, I’m Christopher Sheppard and I am very interested in and about acting and eager to get into this industry, I am currently looking for small roles as an extra/featured extra to gain some valuable experience to move forward, my ideal goal is to play lead/supporting roles in full length feature films but currently looking for a variety of roles to get the experience I need and develop my skills further. I am a very enthusiastic character with bundles of energy and excitement and I am very eager to learn, I’m physically fit and very athletic as I do a lot of outdoor training, I have a huge imagination and can bring even the smallest thing to life in great detail. I’m a fast learner and pay attention to the finer detail and follow direction well with a very high standard professional attitude. I would love to be given a chance to get some experience and really show what I can do.

    Here are some of my personal details:
    Age: 22 (07/10/1992)
    Ethnic Race: African American
    Height: 5’9
    Build: Slim/ Athletic
    Hair: black
    Eye color: brown

    I would love to hear back from you and have the chance to audition and really show you what I have to offer.

    Thanks for your time


  36. Ryan Polakow

    My name Is Ryan Polakow and my team mate is Gavin Newfield. We are extremely athletic people, love the outdoors and smart! We are 17yrs old and would like to show everyone that we have what it takes to become the ultimate tributes! We are very close friends and do everything together. Our relationship will prove to be the key factor in why we would win Capture. WE ARE FROM SOUTH AFRICA and are obsessed with capture and didn’t miss a single episode of the first season! It would really mean a lot to us if we were chosen as tributes to show everyone we will be the ultimate survivors. We are fit enough for the challenge and have been on many sporting trips together for football. Our young age will contribute to how fast we are and we have ran up mountains here in South Africa for fitness. Some people may underestimate us as we are young but this we can use to our advantage as they have no clue how smart we really are. It would mean the world for us to enter Capture and the money could really change our lives. WE would also really relate to the type of viewers watching the show and would really love to represent the African continent. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose us to become a part of the new season of Capture, We hope to hear from you

  37. Shandi Peterson

    I think I should be considered because I love a challenge. I do marathon runs, did the mudderella, signing up for warrior dash but besides that I love taking excersize ans strength to a new level. Anything you put in front of me I’ll try. I was obsessed with the show and as soon as I seen it everyone including myself knew I needed to be in the next season. I have been talking boxing as well. I have a partner Christina who has the same live for stuff like this ad I do. Looking forward to hearing back!

  38. Kevin McCormick

    I watched the first season and just knew I could dominate this game. Weather its staying quiet or running someone down I know me and my partner will go uncontested. I’ve been a Navy Corpsman for five years and trained to be with the Marines. Let us show these civilians what the military can do.

  39. chakia

    I have watched the entire last season online and believe my boyfriend and I would be the perfect team for this game. He is fast, tall, hard worker and athletic.. I am smart, quite, strong, and quick. We balance each other out. and LOVE challenges like this. Please contact us, we both need the money for our futures.This money could help us with college and our families. My phone number is <hidden from public> we both leave in Orlando, FL. Hope to hear from you soon.

    sincerely Chakia

  40. Nathan Shevory

    y whole life I was trained by my father(he served 30yrs army/navy), to know my surroundings, to observe,to survive. I trained with navy seals as a teenager, I have countless exciting events that I survived, my friends have witnessed me do unheard of stunts! I have a survived car accident, at over 140mph and walk away, during skydiving all my harness straps released except one and was still able to land, I was thrown out during white water rafting held my breath for over 2 min while going down stream I was trapped under raft, ive chased down bears that attack my family campground, I’m a avid hunter and teach my children gun safety, trapping, tracking. I’m agile and have keen senses. I was un tamed in my 20s, being married and having children I have taken on responsibility, and have put aside my need for thrill, but it’s always tugging at me, I need to have this to prove myself, I’m verbal, even boisterous some may say. I often say to my wife while we watch survival shows, there not bringing enough to the table, they lack what grips you when you are at a climax but can’t deliver, but where they fail I will rise. I’m tired of seeing boring men siting around a campfire, bragging but sucking in reality. Give me the opportunity to do more than just survive on your show, and I’ll give you excitement, and something to remember!

  41. brandyn napier

    I am tall strong athletic and smart very competitive and my partner would be my sister who is also athletic and tall and together were a force to be reckoned with

  42. carolina

    MY name is Carolina and I would love to be part of capture season 2! My husband, Clarke, would be my partner for the game. We watched the first season and we were both sucked in right away. We kept analyzing the teams moves and what they should have done in each play. I think we are a good fit for the show because we are both athletic, and love the outdoors. My husband grew up in a farm and was a boy scout. He would bring to our team all of his knowledge on plants and outdoors survival. He was also in the track team and played basketball in his high school team. I used to also run track and play basketball in my high school teams, and even though I do not know much about outdoors survival, I am very smart and turn any situation to our advantage. I usually pride myself in analyzing others’ personalities and I can get in other people’s head, and at the same time people love me because I make them feel comfortable. We are both very goofy and funny and social. Oh, and I’m 27 and he is 29, and we have three kids, from 5 to 1 year old. This would be a dream for us, like a second honeymoon.
    Let me know what you decide and thanks!

  43. Lisa Williams

    I just spent an entire day/night till 2 am watching the entire season of this show.. I am hooked.. My husband and I would love to be on this show. We are avid hikers and I am co-president and co-captain of The Elm City Derby Damez a roller derby team in NH.. We love adventure and tough challenges and are super competitive. We both have grown up living in the country and think being on this show would be the best challenge ever and so much fun..Hit us up!

  44. Colt Mack

    My name is Colt Mack. My friend Josh Joson and I would like to be a team on the show. We are both 24 years old. We were collegiate cross-country and track & field teammates and house mates all through college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I have just finished graduate school and am still training. My father, who was a blue collar factory worker, lost his job, and I’m looking for employment with a lot of student debt. This would help my family tremendously and have the work ethic and perseverance from my collegiate athletic experience and academic career to be a great contender on the show. My phone number is <hidden from public> and my email is <hidden from public>. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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