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  1. Nate Hertzog

    My best friend Jed and I (Nate) would be perfect for this show. We are both 19 and have grown up together. Both very physically fit and can endure any type of environment thrown at us. We hunt together all the time in some crazy conditions and hike/camp in the offseason very often. We are both very skilled with survival techniques and can win a show like this with the random survival knowledge we have. Both pretty funny so we’d do well being on tv. Were both very athletic as well. I play a sport in college right now and he is working right now instead of college. From Lancaster Pa.

  2. James Crone

    My name is James and I would love to take part in the next season of the capture with my younger brother Jordan. We both grew up in Maine and learned a lot about the outdoors. The woods was our backyard. We have grown apart in the last few years as I moved to southern Maine and he moved further North. Not only would this be a great bonding experience but we would have the chance to prove to everyone what we can do.
    I am also a father to three and married and my younger brother is a single college student getting ready to go out into the real world. Winning would not only help me but help him start his journey.

  3. dean rutland

    Hi my name is Dean im 26 years old from Melbourne Australia and my partner is my older brother Paul were both labourers in the workforce and both physically fit not going to lie I know there will be a lot of people out there that would be better but were Auzzie battlers

  4. Brett Evans

    Hello my name is Brett and I would be excited to take on this experience with my 19 y.o. nephew. We have always had a tight bond and I I always tried to be a steady role model in his life. There have been some personal challenges that I have helped him deal with and we are still working on some of them. Financial, familial and physical challenges are all things we gone through together. Participating in this would be a great bonding experience for us and a growth opportunity for him. Presently he is taking a year off from college to get some financial stability and direction. Win or lose this competition will have something for him I am sure. I need this to prove that I still got it. I have always loved the Sierras and head to head contests. I probably think I have a better shot at winning this than I really do, but that attitude has gotten me through a lot of physical challenges. Why compete for second place? Being 45 and still winning in sports against guys half my age keeps me challenging myself.

    With us you will get a smart aleck, photogenic city kid and his cerebral double Ivy League uncle. I think I look good too. We, however, don’t look like we belong together. I am African American, and he got most of his features from his Asian mother. We do share an unbreakable bond, competitive fire and a sense of humor that would carry us to the end of this competition. We’re both in shape sure, wouldn’t last at 6000 ft if we weren’t. I have always been willing to put in the blood sweat and tears to make sure Zeke gets what he needs. In Capture I could display that in the most raw way possible.

  5. anthony christopher sherfield jr.

    Hi I am a 16 year old male. I love to lift weights, wrestle, and I do alot of cross fit. I have trained for almost my whole life. I weigh 160 to 170 pounds. I am 6-8 percent body fat. I know how to survive out n he wilderness. I go camping all the time. I can build a fire and hunt and catch meals. I can last a long time without eating. I have had to do it for wrestling. I have lasted a 2 days just sipping on water and eating 2 bananas before just to make a certain weight. I am physically and mentally ready to punch back at whatever mother nature has to throw at us. I just know that you need me and my father anthony on this show. He is 36 and 6’3″. He can push himself to the limits and he is my trainer.

  6. crystal applewhite

    Hi I’m crystal 22 years old from new jersey. I would love to be on the show, and I know I have what it takes to survive. I stand alone everyday n my life and I have what it takes to defend my self. I’m quick and very intellegent. I work well with others and I know that me and my teammate will always come to an agreement. I will not only think about myself I will look out for my teammate I will make sure my teammate n I always have food n a shelters.. I’m very alert which will make it hard for the other team to creap up on me.

  7. Kenny Becks

    My name is Kenny Becks I am 21 years old male and my partner Zack Patrick who is also 21 we are currently college students from the Cleveland Area I am about 5’1 and I’m playing College Football and my partner is playing basketball we would be great for this show because we are really good friends and very strong competitors we also have great personalities and Athletic since we have been young we have had people doubting us and we have always found a way to succeed this would be the ultimate test to test our friendship and our abilities. I Think this is an excellent chance to show people that the littles guys still can do BIG THINGS all we need is a chance

  8. Hunter Weber

    I’m Hunter Weber and my partner is Ian Svantesson. We are both 20 years old and are college roommates. We both play division 1 soccer so are obviously very athletically gifted. I feel that we would be in the upper tier of teams in terms of endurance and survivor skills solely based off the fact that we have been through physical strife many times while playing soccer and know how to fight through the physical and mental pain in order to capture or avoid being caught. This really would be no issue for us. We are also very intelligent. Ian is a Biomedical Engineer major and I am a Biology major on my way to med school. This once again provides us with a great advantage because we are going to be able to make quick, smart decisions that will benefit us both short term and long term.
    We have been roommates for the past 2 years and spend every day together so we know each other like the back of our palm. Being teammates also gives us an advantage because we work as a team every day. We are going to be focused on what we do and the decisions that we make. Other teams won’t worry us because we will just be that much better and that much ahead both physically and mentally.
    If you want a team that will both compete and provide great personalities then we are the way to go. Thanks for your consideration!

  9. Matthew Roman

    My cousin and I are MMA FIghter that want to put our strength, wisedom, and endurance to the test. we consistant fight for what we want and would love to have this opportunity to prove ourselves. if we would win this competion we would hand the money over to research for cancer. my aunt was diagnosed a couple years ago and i would love to give her the push to keep going. everytime we fight, whatever we earn goes to her and this competion is what she needs to get through life. please let us show you we are the best and please us save my aunt. thank you

  10. Tim

    My name is Tim (22) and my partner would be my brother Jeremy (21). We both live right outside of Philadelphia. I am a recent graduate from college now working in the accounting field. My brother is a 4.0 student at drexel university studying computer enginering. We may seem nerdy, but we feel we would do very well at this compeititon using strategy. We really enjoyed watching last season and would love for a chance to play and win at this game.

  11. Bryan Johnson

    Hi my name is Bryan Johnson and I love this show! The reason I am sending this is for my good friend Gabe and myself. He is an Iraq war veteran and a best friend, being in this competition would be a awesome way for us to reconnect since he has returned home. He came close to not coming home so im looking for something fun for him to enjoy, a way for us to extended our bond. I know you get a lot of responses for this but we are willing to come all the way from Minnesota! Your show needs some good old northern men to show everyone what’s up. Really hoping for the chance of a lifetime, thank you for taking the time to read this and god bless! My number is <hidden from public> call anytime anf leave a message. Can’t wait to see season two, better yet can’t wait to be part of season two!!!! Keep this great show running!

  12. Larry Zearing

    My name is Larry and I’m 19 years old. I think my buddy Jeremy and I would be perfect for this show. We both are hunters and like camping. We both went through some rough times together. My family could really use the prize. Ever since I could remember my mom and dad always worked. They didn’t really make a whole. Just enough to keep bills paid and food on the table. But now my dad has a condition where he cant work like he used to since he is getting older. This puts strain on my mother which has a bad back. We live paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet. So i think i would be perfect for this show and i would have strong to win the show. Please consider me to be a contestant. Thanks

  13. Heather Allmon

    My name is Heather and I am a 29 year old 5′ft fire cracker. My best friend/boyfriend Clint a 30 yr old strategic thinker and I think we could show some kids what us old folks are all about when it comes to this game. We both enjoyed watching the game week to week and loved the concept. Hiking, kayaking, and anything outdoors is right up our alley. So if you need a hot older couple to show how our generation would win this email me back!! Thanks

  14. Tiffany Jarvis

    My fiancé and I loved this show. He rooted for the teal team, I wanted the red team to win. We would love to be on this show even though with our age difference most people nay say us. I am 14 years older than him. I thinkmwe would be great for the show.

  15. Josh Baker

    Hi, my name is Josh Baker and I’m 18 years old. My partner is Kaleb Young and he is 19 years old. We are roommates at college, but if you called us brothers, it would be hard to argue otherwise. We would be great on this show because we could bring the element of youth into the mix. We are young, but the strongest of competitors the viewers will see. We are both extremely driven and won’t give up under any circumstance. Last season I watched some college guys compete on the show, but they weren’t freshmen in college like Kaleb and I. We are both very athletic and came to college on athletic scholarships, but unfortunately we both got injured during practice, and lost our scholarships. I can honestly say it didn’t slow us down much though. We are obviously extremely competitive, and our injuries have had little to no effect on us. we have done many different athletic competitions through our college even through our injuries. We are also both very social and like to spend time outdoors. If you pick us, we will be a force to reckon with I promise you that. Our motivation for winning the money is to help pay through college since we lost our scholarships and also to give back to our families as they have supported us throughout our whole lives. Neither of us have ever been in a financially stable family, and we would like to show our family what matters most to us. Thanks for your consideration, and we hope we will hear from you in the future.

  16. Corim

    Show suggestion–not applying for position–I think it might be better if it were individuals instead of teams.  I don’t really like the voting element.  I think that it might be more interesting if there were a longer hunt time (8 hours) a single day to hunt, and no limit to number of catches.  Each person will be hunt team twice in season.  They score points for every person caught while they are hunting and lose points for every time they are caught during the season.  The person at the end with the most points wins.  Too many reality shows eliminate people on each episode.  The reason each person would have two times to hunt in season is that those who hunt the first day have a much different experience that those who would hunt at the end.  This would balance out the arena familiarity or unfamiliarity advantages.  People could work together or avoid each other when they are both prey. (Even if you stuck with teams, a game organization like I have described could still be used.)

  17. Jesse Capurso

    My name is Jesse Capurso I’m 17 and from Long Island New York. My brother is 22 and me and him live together with my mom. My father was a big fan of the show but recently passed away. We want to be on this show for my dad and to make him proud with winning it all. We are both athletes and very strong competitors. Thank you for your time

  18. Andrew


    -Age: 19
    -Height: 5′ 10.5″
    -Weight: 155 lbs
    -Hair: Dark Brown
    -Eyes: Dark Brown
    -Ethnicity: Hispanic
    -Occupation: Undergraduate Chemical Engineer at the California Institute of Technology (Ranked #1 by US News and World Report)
    -Skills (non-academic): Bouldering, Repelling, Fire, Metalworking skills, machinery jerry-rigging


    -Age: 20
    -Height: 6′
    -Weight: 130 lbs
    -Hair: Blond
    -Eyes: Blue
    -Race: Caucasian (White)
    -Occupation: Undergraduate Chemist (Organic) at the California Institute of Technology
    -Skills (non-academic): Mental Orienteering, Wilderness exploration and survival, rope/wood working skills

    We both have been friends at Caltech for our entire undergraduate experience thus far. We often explore, both urban and wilderness, and have taken many personal challenges on. For 5 weeks we went poly-phasic, sleeping only 3-4 hours a day while maintaining classes and grades at a full workload.

    It’s probably too late to submit this, but might as well try.

  19. Kenny Becks

    My name is Kenny Becks I am 21 years old male and my partner Zack Patrick who is also 21 we are currently college students from the Cleveland Area I am about 5’1 and I’m playing College Football and my partner is playing basketball we would be great for this show because we are really good friends and very strong competitors we also have great personalities and Athletic since we have been young we have had people doubting us and we have always found a way to succeed this would be the ultimate test to test our friendship and our abilities. I Think this is an excellent chance to show people that the littles guys still can do BIG THINGS all we need is a chance

  20. Ivan

    My name is Ivan. I’m 24 years old. I’m a landscaper living in Reno, NV. I love the outdoors. I have roughed it in the Alaskan wilderness for weeks at a time.. Spent two years living at a wilderness program as a young adult.. Avid fishermen and huntsmen. Spent most of my young life outdoors. I will own this competition. Give me a chance PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Corey

    My name is Corey Staples 22 male cash greet at a sports bar form the Philadelphia area. My partner is Alex Zimmerman 22 male bar tender at same place . We both grew up together and are very good friends. We used or hard times and faith to bring us more together. We now play semi pro dodgeball on a team we founded called evil stands for every victory is Likely. We plan on winner this show hands down. On season one you saw two college kids from our town win as the green team Anton and his partner d. I believe we can be better then they were and keep the title in the Philly area. We were the theater kids on high school and we want to prove that just because we don’t have rock hard bodies that we have heart and will make the fans fall In love with us. If you want good tv put us two goofy dodgeball players from Philly on the upcoming season of the show thanks a bunch.

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