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  1. Ricardo Hernandez

    My friend Adrian and I are both very athletic hes 16 in 15 we’d want to be in this show.

  2. Gerald

    I am 5 foot 5 inches and 160 pounds. I have a long history of surviving. I grew up on Flintridge in Southeastern Ohio. As a child living with my grandparents we didn’t have plumbing in the house. I took my baths in as wash tub with watetbeing heated on the stove. I survived 6 years as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and completed water survival school at Biscayne Bay, Fla and survival school with the US Airforce in Spoakan, Wa. I have been a firefighter and EMT. I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman. I am confident of my abilities and would love 5he chance to prove myself. PS: I am 62 years old, but don’t let that scare you. If you can dish it out, I can take it. Contact me if your interested I will send you some pictures. Phone <hidden from public> and leave a message……

  3. josephine

    would love to be on this show!
    23yo female in australia but my parents live in the us.
    I’m positive and enthusiastic but don’t know much about the outdoors. I can run though and am a quick learner.

    How do I apply for this?

  4. Adam peck

    My name is adam peck. I am 32 years old I’ve been married for 13 years and have two kids. I was in the army national guard for 6 years as a bridge builder. I love back packing, outdoor survival, hunting and fishing. I have worked for camps taking kids on outdoor adventures for many years. Right now I work construction by day and do programming for the st charles county parks dept. in my free time. I love adventure and I am looking to prove that I have what it takes to be a strong competitor in the outdoors. I am interested in applying for capture. It sounds right up my ally. My best friend Jeff and I have backpacked and traveled the U.S. Together and would make an incredible team on your show. We are crazy and play off each other to do more and laugh harder. Please send me the info I need to apply for this show so that together we can destroy the competition.
    Adam peck

  5. Michelle L

    My name is Michelle, I am 16 years old, brunnette, athletically built, and 5’6, and I would volunteer for the hunger games in a second. I am out going, extremely energetic, and extremely well conditioned from being a full time rower. Real life bores me, it’s too easy. I would kill for the chance to be placed in a life or death situation, I would embrace the struggles, it would be the best experience of my life. I have read the Hunger Games 4 times over and seen the three movies released so far at the midnight premiers, I am not only an ultimate fan, I live vicariously through the characters, trying to get a thrill. This show sounds like the thrill I have been waiting for, it would be the most amazing thing for me to considered. I have done too many 5ks, rowed too many races, worked out 3 times a day, and ran every morning waiting for something like this; When I can’t fall asleep at night I close my eyes and practice my survival skills. It would mean the world to me to be able to put it to the test, and to show the world my humor, perseverance, and that hard work pays off. Also, the $25,000 would be amazing for my struggling family who drives around in a 1999 toyota with loose tires and no air conditioning. My passion for the game is only amplified by our need for money.

  6. Jaime

    My name is Jaime and my husbands name is Chris. I am a stay at home mom of 2 and my husband installs appliances. We are a great team and we work AMAZINGLY well together. My husband is very aware of his surroundings and can make due with whatever he can find. I am very logical and have great strategic skills. Together we make an unstoppable team.

  7. Mikayla

    Female, 18, beautiful, clever and sneaky. My personality is huge, unique, and daring. I’m very adventurous, willing, and bold. I think somebody such as myself should be in the cast because, I’d stand out, be noticed, and I love putting on a good show. I make the ideal fit. I’m cunning, smart, and manipulative, yet sweet and gentle. My occupation is part time student, part time party girl. The ambition is to conquer, my drive is to succeed and, my mission is to win no matter what.

  8. Audrey

    My name is Audrey, and I’m 18 years old. I’m a ballerina, tap dancer, and jazz dancer. I am in good health and excel in climbing trees and archery. I’m an animal person, and have spent a lot of time in the woods, exploring and learning what I can about the land. I’m the oldest of my mother’s five children, and my father’s only child. I am extremely competitive by nature and will do what I can to win whatever situation I’m in. I tend to take charge and plan best possible schemes to achieve any end goal I set, and stay by my moral compass.

  9. mark hannibal

    Male, 54 years old, excellent shape physically, chef by trade for 30 years, now I teach high school culinary arts preparing kids to become adults who work. I have been a football and lacrosse coach both youth and high school. I am Adventurous, athletic, fun loving, driven, and afraid of aging out.

  10. Jacob Burns

    My name is Jacob. I am 18 and I have been taught my entire life to survive any situation I am presented with and I do not accept defeat. For these reasons I believe I would be an excellent choice for this show. Also I am know to those close to me to be a sort of an enigma and those types are the ones that make shows like this interesting to the public. If you want any additional information email me at <hidden from public>.

  11. Nicholas Ferwerda

    Hello I feel that me and my best friend Daniel Fewer would be prefect for this show!
    We are both 17 years old and we spend out time in my backyard of 20 acres of forest doing our own survival stuff
    we spend out time outside having bonfires and hiking
    We both very much are considered nerds as we both are obsessed with comic books and movies as well we play a lot of video games together
    We both aspire to be actors so this would be a great kickstart for us i couldnt open the link in the description of this casting call but if you would like to learn more about us please email me at <hidden from public> and i would be happy to send headshots of both of us your way and talk more details with you
    Thank you!

  12. Mictavious Thompson

    Im very talented and would like to be on the show.

  13. Jenna

    My name is Jenna and would love to be on Capture! I am a very outgoing and adventurous person! I am also brutally honest and often forget my filter. I have been an EMT for 20 years, and seeing that things I have seen will pretty much make your filter disintegrate!

    My experience as an EMT makes me perfect for this show/challenge, because I have also been to just about every natural or man made disaster since Hurricane Andrew doing search and rescue missions and giving medical care. The only two I have not gone to, is Japan after their earthquake, and Nepal for their earthquakes recently. When you go to a disaster area to provide any type of relief, whether it be search and rescue or providing medical aid, you are thrust into the middle of the disaster zone.

    You are among the rubble, the horror, the bodies. You have to think quick on your feet, and every decision you make has the potential to cost the life of the person you are trying to save, the life of yourself and your team, so you better know what you are doing! You have to work well under pressure, with little sleep, and often times no food and water because you just don’t have time. In disaster zones, you often work 14-18 hour days, sometimes 24! There is no Hilton, there are no Michelin star chefs. There is you and your team, your equipment, a tent if your lucky, and whatever food you can find.

    After the earthquake in Haiti, I spent 3 months trekking around the island providing medical care to entire villages that had no way of getting to a physician. I had a backpack, stuffed with medical supplies, a couple changes of clothes, and a sleeping bag….that was it. We did this for 3 months straight, sometimes going days without food. The longest period of time I have gone without eating, because there was nothing safe or we couldn’t find any food, was 9 days. So I am conditioned for this type of experience.

    I am in good physical and mental condition. I have a strong personality and good leadership skills, but I am also humble and can let someone else take the need when needed…as long as they are leading though….I have no problems telling them they are doing it wrong! LOL

    Besides, you can never go wrong having a medic on a team, in the wilderness, fending for themselves!

  14. Tom C.

    Male. 26.

    If you pick me, I will win.

  15. Kaitlin

    HELLO! My name is Kaitlin
    I am 20 years old
    Hair color:Brown
    eye color:blue
    Current mood: bored

    born and raised in Nebraska( and no our school did not take place in cornfield… Usually)
    I recently moved to Virginia for a Nanny job.. not glamorous but at least I made it out of the cornfields.
    I do not “hit the gym” but I do marathon…Netflix watching
    I’m very well problem solver (you can even check my candy crush stats for proof).
    Growing up with 4 older brothers have tought me two things 1. Never eat the last piece of cake because then your day/week/year/life will not be a piece of cake.
    2. If you fall get up as fast as you can before a foot “accidently” lands on your person.

  16. Keana Laing

    college Student
    Love to have fun
    I am not athletic at all
    I really want to win however, I need that grand prize money, tuition is crazy
    Always wanted to be on television, so I would love the exposure
    It would be nice to see someplace else in the world even though it wouldn’t be under the most relaxed situation.

  17. Charlie Stoll

    I am very much a “house person” and have never really slept outside, but I think that would make some good television. I am like the outdoors, but surviving in it seems a little extreme for me. I’m a picky eater, so I’d have to give that up for sure. Luckily, I have a friend that would be my partner and is very much capable of living out in the woods (I say this in a nice way). We would be an odd, but very “Hunger game” like team that has our special abilities and somehow figure out how to capture the other teams. May the odds be ever in our favor!

  18. Maelle

    My name is Maelle,
    I’m a 14 teenage girl
    I’m french, i speak french, english and spanish currently,
    I have dark blond a bit wavy hair,
    I have really dark eyes
    My skin tone is pretty dark
    I’m really thin/skinny and have muscle
    I’m about 1m and 55cm
    I only weight 41 kilos
    I have a really good experiance in acting, singing, gymnastiques and dancing
    I would really love to be on this show, I’m a huge fan of supernatural/fictional series, so much. I really hope i get chosen
    Thank you

  19. Michael Jenney

    I would love to be considered for the show. I recently had an experience last summer in LAX/NYC that had me stranded and trying to survive the day. I’m smart, combative, opinionated, competitive and the ultimate survivalist.

  20. Elias Fuentes

    Elias Angel Fuentes
    Im 22
    hometown: Rockport, Texas
    medium skin tone
    Black Hair / semi curly
    Can Grow Facial hair. Shave Anyway You Would Like
    Dark Brown Eyes
    Good Straight Teeth
    in shape ( but could work out more)
    Please Contact Me By Email or By Phone<hidden from public> 

  21. Austin

    blonde hair
    blue eyes
    Leader when needed but can be a follower
    16 years old
    North Carolina
    good shape due to my location lived in -10 and in 100 degree weather
    had to work in both
    not allergic to anything yet that I know of
    country boy resourceful
    160 lbs
    under 6;10 mile
    endurance moderate to myself
    knows how to make a shelter, string, weapons, traps can hunt and good at other survival techniques. I’ve mostly made projectile weapons. shot my bows for competitions
    I am a strong willed person that works hard won’t give up and has had to chop wood, and another chores physically demanding in all kinds of weather if I knew some more information on what the setting is and date I could be more adaptable to my environment.
    I am mostly a guy that can talk or be cooperative with all kinds of people. Not as racist as other country or redneck stereo-types are if any more information is needed email me please.
    Thank you for reading my message.

  22. Tony Hartelius

    Hello, I am a 44 year old former Bering Sea fisherman & current hunting guide/ longshoreman. I have guided the past 18 years in Washington, Idaho, & Wyoming as well as worked as a cameraman for hunting shows in Texas, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, South Africa, and most recently Kyrgyzstan. I enjoy All elements of the outdooors, hunting, fishing, foraging, fire craft, building shelters, and navigating terrain. Hope to hear from you soon. Thx. Tony Hartelius

  23. Breanna

    My brother and I def need this!!! We are both very athletic and HATE losing. Only difficult part of this would be keeping him from being a lil too cocky!!! HAHA

  24. Christina C.

    Hi, my name is Christina and I’m 30yrs young. This show is right up my alleyway. I am a very competitive individual with gusts and balls the size of the Eiffel Tower. I love the outdoors but hate the bugs and being dirty lol. That was such an oxymoron. I have an adventurous side that tends to borderline on scaredy-cat and down right crazy! I’m always down for trying ALMOST anything at least once. I’m the the perfect mix of team player and down right conniving. The other teams better watch their backs, I’m an experiment at hiding my true intentions. The only option in my book is to win and that’s my goal. Trust me you won’t regert choosing me.

  25. Jesse Johnson

    Good afternoon
    I’m a 28 year old male that’s average height and weight. I am a former Marine who did a tour in Afghanistan and while there I stepped on an IED that partially detonated with only a concussion luckily. I have a wife and a kid that I have trouble supporting dealing with the effects of adjusting to civilian life. I have a wife and a 2 yr old daughter that I would be willing to do endure any amount of stress, pain or adversary to possibly give them a chance at a better life. This show could be my Answer.

  26. Michael Roach Olson

    Hello I’m a 39 year old chef/cab driver also I’m a survival instructor. I would love a chance to show them what b I’m made of and how I can stack up against young and old. This old dog is tough as nails and tougher.

  27. Patrick Hafner

    Hi my names Patrick Hafner I’m a model/movie extra I’m 18 6’3 170 brown eyes black hair and came upon this casting call I feel I would be a great candidate for this because of all the training I’ve had and am still having this would be FUN AND GREAT EXPOSURE
    I attended IMTAs NY July 2014 and IMTAs LA January 2015 and placed got call backs from the NY film academy, The NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts called me back for acting and Mavericks Artistry agency LA as well as Q management LA called me back for modeling I’ve worked with Barbizon SouthWest for 3 Years and recently started working with Portfolio Photo Team as well as Preview Models I’ve auditioned for Marvin Cortes (Americas Next Top Model Runner Up) as well as for bad BOYZ club I walked in Designer: Chen Rong Rong BrandName: X132 Runway show in LA and Producer Curtis Davis casted me as a back up singer/dancer for his award ceremony show at IMTAs LA and I’ve walked for Luara Gentry Many times and have had a couple photo shoots done and I have projects coming up I can also do some monotone singing and hip-hop dancing.

    Thanks for your consideration

  28. ethan beasley

    I’m poor 15 year old kid never been on TV but love to hunt fish I real love to to be there I don’t care if I’m a tree
    I’m a high school student
    I’m white
    I’m 15
    I’m 6’3
    I’m 230 in weight

  29. Stephen Campbell

    Whats Up ! This SCRATCHEZ Local Hip Hop Rapper In Miami Fl.

    Im African American







    And Motivated


  30. Raheem banks

    Hey my name is raheem banks and I am 18 years old with a mind set to win win win!!!!!
    To be honest I am not the smartest in the world but love being outside and doing thing with my hands and love watching survival shows and movies like Survivor,Walking Dead,The Colony and much more. I really do think I have what it takes to win give me a shot and you won’t be disappointed.Very competitive and used to play football and other sports for hobbies. I stand 6 foot 2 and I weigh 177pounds full of mussel from a city called Spartanburg in South Carolina and will give a good show and loves to make people laugh but will be serious if necessary to win the best leader anyone can have .

    <hidden from public> pick a winner. :-)

  31. Michael normand

    Wife and I loved your show the first season and would love to try our skills. I am a 42 year old Cajun man and she is from oregon. Yea I know kill it and eat it married tree hugger!! I am I high school basketball coach and she is in the medical field.

  32. adrian warzecha

    hey im adrian im 24 i grew up in Poland! always loved the nature. lived 10 years in Chicago currently visitting California. i always watched this kind of shows n always taught i would be great at it! i love the challenge n to compete wtih others. i would be amazing to find a beautiful girl at the same time too ! i often go hike in the woods with my puppy n try my self for a day or two. it isnt easy if u have nothing with u i agree. bt i would love to try doin it for a month n for ppl to watch me do it ! im a very positive person, funny n hard core when it comes to survival ! hope to hear back from u guys ! thanks

  33. Kenneth Southard

    Not only have I been training for American Ninja Warrior, which makes me very competitive, I know I am perfect for this oppurtunity. I can run for a very long time without tiring despite any conditions, I am an expetional problem solver by looking at the situation and figuring it out within seconds and I always push my self to the edge and then even further. I am perfect for this role despite my physical apperance. He will to win comes from within and the will for me is a large fire burning inside of me

  34. Dave Evans

    hi there, i would like the opportunity to compete in your show and i have the survival skills necessary to live off the land. born and raised in the country, i know the woods better than city life and actually prefer it over living in the cities. i have primitive hunting skills, tracking, as well as firemaking fishing and general knowledge of plants and animals. im a jack of all trades and pride myself on my problem solving skills. i am good at following directions and can lead when the situation requires it.

    age: 23
    height: 5′ 11″
    weight: 145
    body type: athletic

  35. Seth hantz

    Hello! My name is Seth Hantz, The exciting thing about my connection to this show is I have my own experiences in a show of this kind. My uncle (Russell Hantz) and my cousin (Brandon Hantz) were on survivor for a combined 5 times. Both leaving infamous. Now I’m not quite sure that I’ll live up to their bad reputation, but I know I could set out to win and be well liked. I’d love an opportunity to participate!

    Age 21
    Height 5’8
    Weight 200

  36. neil brownlee

    47 year old male , hunted all my life like to be a leader have good survival skills think i have what it woud take to help a team win. i dont give up or give in easily, im usually last man standing

  37. Hayley Russell

    I’m a strong woman and I’m 19 years old and I believe that everyone should know how to survive in the woods. I have natural instincts and I am good at working in teams. I am in love with the woods and I am ready for this challenge. No I get the ability to test my knollege and hopefully win the prize.

  38. jereny okane

    I am 19 mma trained 2 years moderate survival skillsi have watched many shows and was also in cub scouts i have training in swords Shields throwing knives bows and would life to see where i stack up have a heart of fire that’s never said no i apprise many people for my size 150 I’m smarty and always size up my situations use my head too the best of my tactical ability

  39. Kaleb Blair

    Hi I am kaleb, 18 with an athletic build, from Germany. Iv have always been on my own most of my life so i know how to fend for myself. Growing up in Montana I was taught survival tactics and hunting from a close Neighbor of mine and for 15 years I Went through survival training. iv dominated almost every sport from Lacrosse to All Star professional Cheer-leading. I’m always come off as an under dog who has come though and surpassed even the best and now I want to dominate a true test to my mental and physical limits in, in the ultimate game of survival. and i know I can come out on top with not only my agility and endurance but with my knowledge of many different skills.

  40. Roxanna Ulloa

    I have recently seen your add on castingcallhub and am very interested in applying for an audition. I have had a passion for acting for a very long time and I would definitely cherish the experience of working
    alongside experienced actors and movie makers/directors. I am very flexible as far as time, out-going, a people person, open-minded, and a fast learner. If given the chance to audition, i will put my everything into the part and adapt whatever roles are thrown at me. For an actor in the making, if given the audition, will help me broaden my horizons in the film making world. i have left my basic information below. Please contact me for more information/ head shots.

    age: 15
    height: 5’7
    weight: 140s
    eyes: Hazel/ changes in weather (grey tint in the winter, blue tint in the spring, etc.)
    hair: golden dirty blonde
    skin: tanned complexion
    body type: hourglass /

  41. Mark Kakareka

    I’m a 6.5 , 260 pound monster ready to hunt.

  42. Brandy Ames

    Finally!! A show I have been waiting for thats perfect for me! My friends say I look like Jennifer Lawrence. My name is Brandy lee Ames and I am 35 years old born in Alaska, most importantly I am a great candidate for this extreme survival show. I strive for adrenaline opportunities and embrace any new experience. I am super athletic. Martial Arts is my favorite sport to practice. Let me be in this show, and I will prove my worthiness.

  43. Kris McLean

    Hi there I’m Kris, full of life and life experience. I’ve been a sheriff’s officer and Squad leader and tactical commander for a SWAT team, A repo man, personal trainer, bar bouncer and currently a Union Iron Worker and weekend bartender!! I’m in a football league and hit the gym regularly.5’10 and 225lbs I’m an avid outdoorsman camp,fish and hunt. I’m a weapons specialist able to shoot anything from a slingshot to a high powered sniper rifle, I am particularly good with a bow.and love New challenges and am very competitive. I rarely lose and accomplish everything I set out to do . Thank you for your time and this opportunity!!

  44. Cliff Willis III

    I’m 27, plant worker in louisiana. I have what it takes to survive capture as well as the other 23 participants(tributes). I’m a 6’3″ heartbreaking badass ready for my next challenge and to drive your ratings threw the roof.
    Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

  45. Kasey

    Hi! My name is Kasey, I am 25 and in Real Estate. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my short life and feel that I have the mental and physical capability to excel in this game. I feel that i would most certainly have the strategic nature to not only survive, but dominate with the help of a teammate. Regardless, this is an amazing idea for a show and can’t wait!

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