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  1. Raheem banks

    Hey my name is raheem banks and I am 18 years old with a mind set to win win win!!!!!
    To be honest I am not the smartest in the world but love being outside and doing thing with my hands and love watching survival shows and movies like Survivor,Walking Dead,The Colony and much more. I really do think I have what it takes to win give me a shot and you won’t be disappointed.Very competitive and used to play football and other sports for hobbies. I stand 6 foot 2 and I weigh 177pounds full of mussel from a city called Spartanburg in South Carolina and will give a good show and loves to make people laugh but will be serious if necessary to win the best leader anyone can have .

    <hidden from public> pick a winner. :-)

  2. Michael normand

    Wife and I loved your show the first season and would love to try our skills. I am a 42 year old Cajun man and she is from oregon. Yea I know kill it and eat it married tree hugger!! I am I high school basketball coach and she is in the medical field.

  3. adrian warzecha

    hey im adrian im 24 i grew up in Poland! always loved the nature. lived 10 years in Chicago currently visitting California. i always watched this kind of shows n always taught i would be great at it! i love the challenge n to compete wtih others. i would be amazing to find a beautiful girl at the same time too ! i often go hike in the woods with my puppy n try my self for a day or two. it isnt easy if u have nothing with u i agree. bt i would love to try doin it for a month n for ppl to watch me do it ! im a very positive person, funny n hard core when it comes to survival ! hope to hear back from u guys ! thanks

  4. Kenneth Southard

    Not only have I been training for American Ninja Warrior, which makes me very competitive, I know I am perfect for this oppurtunity. I can run for a very long time without tiring despite any conditions, I am an expetional problem solver by looking at the situation and figuring it out within seconds and I always push my self to the edge and then even further. I am perfect for this role despite my physical apperance. He will to win comes from within and the will for me is a large fire burning inside of me

  5. Dave Evans

    hi there, i would like the opportunity to compete in your show and i have the survival skills necessary to live off the land. born and raised in the country, i know the woods better than city life and actually prefer it over living in the cities. i have primitive hunting skills, tracking, as well as firemaking fishing and general knowledge of plants and animals. im a jack of all trades and pride myself on my problem solving skills. i am good at following directions and can lead when the situation requires it.

    age: 23
    height: 5′ 11″
    weight: 145
    body type: athletic

  6. Seth hantz

    Hello! My name is Seth Hantz, The exciting thing about my connection to this show is I have my own experiences in a show of this kind. My uncle (Russell Hantz) and my cousin (Brandon Hantz) were on survivor for a combined 5 times. Both leaving infamous. Now I’m not quite sure that I’ll live up to their bad reputation, but I know I could set out to win and be well liked. I’d love an opportunity to participate!

    Age 21
    Height 5’8
    Weight 200

  7. neil brownlee

    47 year old male , hunted all my life like to be a leader have good survival skills think i have what it woud take to help a team win. i dont give up or give in easily, im usually last man standing

  8. Hayley Russell

    I’m a strong woman and I’m 19 years old and I believe that everyone should know how to survive in the woods. I have natural instincts and I am good at working in teams. I am in love with the woods and I am ready for this challenge. No I get the ability to test my knollege and hopefully win the prize.

  9. jereny okane

    I am 19 mma trained 2 years moderate survival skillsi have watched many shows and was also in cub scouts i have training in swords Shields throwing knives bows and would life to see where i stack up have a heart of fire that’s never said no i apprise many people for my size 150 I’m smarty and always size up my situations use my head too the best of my tactical ability

  10. Kaleb Blair

    Hi I am kaleb, 18 with an athletic build, from Germany. Iv have always been on my own most of my life so i know how to fend for myself. Growing up in Montana I was taught survival tactics and hunting from a close Neighbor of mine and for 15 years I Went through survival training. iv dominated almost every sport from Lacrosse to All Star professional Cheer-leading. I’m always come off as an under dog who has come though and surpassed even the best and now I want to dominate a true test to my mental and physical limits in, in the ultimate game of survival. and i know I can come out on top with not only my agility and endurance but with my knowledge of many different skills.

  11. Roxanna Ulloa

    I have recently seen your add on castingcallhub and am very interested in applying for an audition. I have had a passion for acting for a very long time and I would definitely cherish the experience of working
    alongside experienced actors and movie makers/directors. I am very flexible as far as time, out-going, a people person, open-minded, and a fast learner. If given the chance to audition, i will put my everything into the part and adapt whatever roles are thrown at me. For an actor in the making, if given the audition, will help me broaden my horizons in the film making world. i have left my basic information below. Please contact me for more information/ head shots.

    age: 15
    height: 5’7
    weight: 140s
    eyes: Hazel/ changes in weather (grey tint in the winter, blue tint in the spring, etc.)
    hair: golden dirty blonde
    skin: tanned complexion
    body type: hourglass /

  12. Mark Kakareka

    I’m a 6.5 , 260 pound monster ready to hunt.

  13. Brandy Ames

    Finally!! A show I have been waiting for thats perfect for me! My friends say I look like Jennifer Lawrence. My name is Brandy lee Ames and I am 35 years old born in Alaska, most importantly I am a great candidate for this extreme survival show. I strive for adrenaline opportunities and embrace any new experience. I am super athletic. Martial Arts is my favorite sport to practice. Let me be in this show, and I will prove my worthiness.

  14. Kris McLean

    Hi there I’m Kris, full of life and life experience. I’ve been a sheriff’s officer and Squad leader and tactical commander for a SWAT team, A repo man, personal trainer, bar bouncer and currently a Union Iron Worker and weekend bartender!! I’m in a football league and hit the gym regularly.5’10 and 225lbs I’m an avid outdoorsman camp,fish and hunt. I’m a weapons specialist able to shoot anything from a slingshot to a high powered sniper rifle, I am particularly good with a bow.and love New challenges and am very competitive. I rarely lose and accomplish everything I set out to do . Thank you for your time and this opportunity!!

  15. Cliff Willis III

    I’m 27, plant worker in louisiana. I have what it takes to survive capture as well as the other 23 participants(tributes). I’m a 6’3″ heartbreaking badass ready for my next challenge and to drive your ratings threw the roof.
    Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

  16. Kasey

    Hi! My name is Kasey, I am 25 and in Real Estate. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my short life and feel that I have the mental and physical capability to excel in this game. I feel that i would most certainly have the strategic nature to not only survive, but dominate with the help of a teammate. Regardless, this is an amazing idea for a show and can’t wait!

  17. Jonathan

    Hi my name is Jonathan , I’m 21 I work as a hair stylist ,love outdoor fishing camping walking skiing mounting biking . I would love this once in a life time opportunity thank x

  18. nick hodgson

    Hi !
    Im Nick I am married with 3 children . I love extreme sports,i love the outdoors and camping and consider myself a life survivor !!. This would be a great experience, every time I see survival TV programs, I sit there and say “I can do that ” so here I am . I have played sport all my life consider myself fit , determined and a winner ! I can work on my one but just as well with others when I saw your show advertised casting calls I had no hesitation. I look forward to hearing from you .
    I await your reply (excitedly)

  19. Chaz Figueroa

    Hi, My name is Chaz. I would love the opportunity to showcase my skills and persona. I train daily and my resourcefulness is impeccable; also my martial arts background is a big plus. This would be a great once in a lifetime opportunity for me. If I don’t get chosen its okay. I’ll watch the show anyway lol.

  20. Jeffrey Logue

    I am an avid outdoors man I have hiked 1000 miles of the Appalachian trail this last spring and have been living in the woods in a tent this winter cutting fire wood. I love to travel and can do just about anything. I feel I make friends easy and people like me. I love a challenge, and I have read all the Hunger Games books and enjoined the story. I know how to build fire and make primitive hunting and fishing tools, I am also born leader, But know how to follow also if need be. I think I could give you a good show.
    thank you for the opportunity to apply. Jeff Logue.

  21. Daniel Lainez

    Hey there! My name is Daniel and I have never acted before, but this is a really cool opportunity and I’ve always wanted to act! I film YouTube videos and that’s the only experience that I have but I believe it’s something I can work with! I run cross country, and I play other sports so I’m fit. I also love the hunger games series, I work really well with groups too! I’m really looking forward to getting called; it’ll be the chance of lifetime. (cliché yes, but is there any other way to put it? -Dan

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