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  1. Ryan Polakow

    My name Is Ryan Polakow and my team mate is Gavin Newfield. We are extremely athletic people, love the outdoors and smart! We are 17yrs old and would like to show everyone that we have what it takes to become the ultimate tributes! We are very close friends and do everything together. Our relationship will prove to be the key factor in why we would win Capture. WE ARE FROM SOUTH AFRICA and are obsessed with capture and didn’t miss a single episode of the first season! It would really mean a lot to us if we were chosen as tributes to show everyone we will be the ultimate survivors. We are fit enough for the challenge and have been on many sporting trips together for football. Our young age will contribute to how fast we are and we have ran up mountains here in South Africa for fitness. Some people may underestimate us as we are young but this we can use to our advantage as they have no clue how smart we really are. It would mean the world for us to enter Capture and the money could really change our lives. WE would also really relate to the type of viewers watching the show and would really love to represent the African continent. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose us to become a part of the new season of Capture, We hope to hear from you

  2. Shandi Peterson

    I think I should be considered because I love a challenge. I do marathon runs, did the mudderella, signing up for warrior dash but besides that I love taking excersize ans strength to a new level. Anything you put in front of me I’ll try. I was obsessed with the show and as soon as I seen it everyone including myself knew I needed to be in the next season. I have been talking boxing as well. I have a partner Christina who has the same live for stuff like this ad I do. Looking forward to hearing back!

  3. Kevin McCormick

    I watched the first season and just knew I could dominate this game. Weather its staying quiet or running someone down I know me and my partner will go uncontested. I’ve been a Navy Corpsman for five years and trained to be with the Marines. Let us show these civilians what the military can do.

  4. chakia

    I have watched the entire last season online and believe my boyfriend and I would be the perfect team for this game. He is fast, tall, hard worker and athletic.. I am smart, quite, strong, and quick. We balance each other out. and LOVE challenges like this. Please contact us, we both need the money for our futures.This money could help us with college and our families. My phone number is <hidden from public> we both leave in Orlando, FL. Hope to hear from you soon.

    sincerely Chakia

  5. Nathan Shevory

    y whole life I was trained by my father(he served 30yrs army/navy), to know my surroundings, to observe,to survive. I trained with navy seals as a teenager, I have countless exciting events that I survived, my friends have witnessed me do unheard of stunts! I have a survived car accident, at over 140mph and walk away, during skydiving all my harness straps released except one and was still able to land, I was thrown out during white water rafting held my breath for over 2 min while going down stream I was trapped under raft, ive chased down bears that attack my family campground, I’m a avid hunter and teach my children gun safety, trapping, tracking. I’m agile and have keen senses. I was un tamed in my 20s, being married and having children I have taken on responsibility, and have put aside my need for thrill, but it’s always tugging at me, I need to have this to prove myself, I’m verbal, even boisterous some may say. I often say to my wife while we watch survival shows, there not bringing enough to the table, they lack what grips you when you are at a climax but can’t deliver, but where they fail I will rise. I’m tired of seeing boring men siting around a campfire, bragging but sucking in reality. Give me the opportunity to do more than just survive on your show, and I’ll give you excitement, and something to remember!

  6. brandyn napier

    I am tall strong athletic and smart very competitive and my partner would be my sister who is also athletic and tall and together were a force to be reckoned with

  7. carolina

    MY name is Carolina and I would love to be part of capture season 2! My husband, Clarke, would be my partner for the game. We watched the first season and we were both sucked in right away. We kept analyzing the teams moves and what they should have done in each play. I think we are a good fit for the show because we are both athletic, and love the outdoors. My husband grew up in a farm and was a boy scout. He would bring to our team all of his knowledge on plants and outdoors survival. He was also in the track team and played basketball in his high school team. I used to also run track and play basketball in my high school teams, and even though I do not know much about outdoors survival, I am very smart and turn any situation to our advantage. I usually pride myself in analyzing others’ personalities and I can get in other people’s head, and at the same time people love me because I make them feel comfortable. We are both very goofy and funny and social. Oh, and I’m 27 and he is 29, and we have three kids, from 5 to 1 year old. This would be a dream for us, like a second honeymoon.
    Let me know what you decide and thanks!

  8. Lisa Williams

    I just spent an entire day/night till 2 am watching the entire season of this show.. I am hooked.. My husband and I would love to be on this show. We are avid hikers and I am co-president and co-captain of The Elm City Derby Damez a roller derby team in NH.. We love adventure and tough challenges and are super competitive. We both have grown up living in the country and think being on this show would be the best challenge ever and so much fun..Hit us up!

  9. Colt Mack

    My name is Colt Mack. My friend Josh Joson and I would like to be a team on the show. We are both 24 years old. We were collegiate cross-country and track & field teammates and house mates all through college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I have just finished graduate school and am still training. My father, who was a blue collar factory worker, lost his job, and I’m looking for employment with a lot of student debt. This would help my family tremendously and have the work ethic and perseverance from my collegiate athletic experience and academic career to be a great contender on the show. My phone number is <hidden from public> and my email is <hidden from public>. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  10. Stephanie Szuch

    My name is Stephanie Szuch, my partner would be my boyfriend of 7 years, Colton Ringheimer. We are high school sweet hearts from Sweet Home, OR (a tiny little redneck town) and 22 years old. Colton is currently a P.E. teacher at two of the elementary schools in town and he also works at the local Boys & Girls Club- he is a very active/athletic guy. I am currently working at a pizza place while I finish my last two classes before receiving my teaching degree from OSU (but who wants to look for a job after graduating? I wanna play Capture!). We would like to be considered for the upcoming season. Together we would create the ultimate team! Colton is very “street smart” while I am more “book smart” this could be an advantage or disadvantage because we both tend to think “we are right” and are very stubborn. We are both very small in size so I can see other teams underestimating us (their mistake!). Colton is a very outdoorsy guy who has taught me ( an original city girl) many skills from fishing, hunting, tree/plant identification, etc… We have no problem sleeping outdoors and we are both fast runners. When we watched the first season of Capture we were already coming up with strategic ideas (we will discuss those once we are actually on the show). Both Colton and myself are very determined people who don’t give up! Coming from rough backgrounds this adventure could change our families lives! Thank you for your consideration!!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!!!

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