The Hunt - The CW

The Hunt – The CW

The young adult novel sensation has been rocking multiplexes around the world for years now and none have had more impact than the amazing The Hunger Games stories – now The CW is ready to bring that tale to life on televisions everywhere with the new reality series Capture. Submissions for contestants for this epic reality game show are being accepted now from people from all ages and from every corner of the country. This is your chance to live out your Hunger Games dreams for real and for real prizes in front of millions and millions of viewers.

Capture will be part The Hunger Games, part Survivor and all amazing. The producers and casting directors of this incredible new series will pick 12 teams of two and pit them against each other in the ultimate test of will and survival. The teams will be dropped in a vast wilderness for one month with nothing – they will be on their own to find food, water and even shelter. All that they will have to rely on is their own physical and mental capabilities as they must find a way to survive while they reach their goal of capturing the other teams. The last team standing will be crowned Capture champions and walk away with $250,000! This is the reality show that will break the mold and turn whoever is cast into an instant celebrity.  Casting calls are being organized now to find men and women of all ages to be selected as participants (tributes) in this epic game of will. Auditions will be coming soon but you can get a jump on the casting process and more information on the game by sending emails here More information will be coming soon so stay tuned right here for more updates and leave a comment below and tell us why you think that you have what it takes to survive Capture.

This is your chance to be a real life Katniss or Peeta in the experience of a lifetime! Apply today and you could be cast in The CW’s epic reality series Capture.

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  1. Crystal Dalton

    Hi my name is crystal and I am 15 years old I love acting and I love the tomorrow people is my number one favour show I live in a small town called Aylesbury I have dark blonde hair and blue, green, brown eyes. I have done all my school play and picked performing arts for GCSE.

  2. Marty

    Make 25
    I’m an Aussie. What you call surviving we call a holiday. Prove me wrong.

  3. Rodger Danes

    50 years old
    Former Army Combat Medic, Army Drill Sergeant
    Problem solver, quick thinker, reliable, survivalist
    Currently live on a 40′ sailboat in Charleston SC

  4. Andrew medina

    168lbs -Athletic
    5’11” Height
    27 years
    Looking for a change, team player, energetic ,runner ,cyclist, survivor.

    Born and raised in Austin, TX
    An outgoing friendly person who’s in need of something out of the ordinary.
    Ready for anything to come my way.

  5. Ronnie Howard

    I am very interested and motivated to test myself please respond

  6. Brenton Jay Rider

    7 years active duty corpsman🇺🇸
    Retired x ray tech 💀
    Age 66. You need to have a token old man with personality
    Would love to play the game. Thanks for your consideration

  7. Brenton Rider

    My name is Rider. I’m a Vietnam era navy corpsman,8 years active duty. I’m 66 and retired radiographer from kaiser permanents. I’m from district 12. A small coal mining community in southern Ohio. Yes I’m old but the hunger games is all ages. I would love to join he team.

  8. jesse lavoie

    Jesse lavoie, age 34, molokai, hawaii , born and raised off-grid two miles from any pavement, accessible only by foot path or dirtbike/quad in dry weather. Spent over half my life here. Closest neighbors are 1/2 mile and 1 mile away. Skilled at shore fishing, rifle hunting, gardening and carpentry/ building.

  9. Amol dekhane

    Hi,i ‘m amol 33 years old small town boy in india. i am in government job in maharashtra I’m good survivors and team worker.please give me a one chance.

  10. Brenton Rider

    Brenton Rider
    5-8 tall. 175 lbs
    DOB 8/15/52. (65)
    X navy corpsman
    Good shape for my age
    Don’t underestimate the old guy
    Born and raised in district 12

  11. Kristopher Barnes

    Kris Barnes. 25 years old and a Marine Corps Infantry Veteran. I’ve competed and won several survival tournaments and have achieved the Gold Medal through Royal Rangers. I have a background in tracking, counter operations, Bushcraft, cqb, weapon smithing, first aid, and more.

  12. margaret kerr

    115lbs -Athletic
    5’4″ Height
    25 years
    quick thinker, team player, energetic, survivor,
    entertainer,glamour model,prior pro Ice Hockey goalie

  13. Jonathon Shearer

    Well, since Army wants to join, might as well have a go myself. I am 20 years of age, and currently enlisted in the Air Force, soon to commission. Born in Missouri, raised by Texans, and living in Alaska. There is nothing that can’t be overcome by “Shearer” willpower.

  14. Brent Pool

    This is just the thing I have been trained to do. I spent 20 years in the Army. My job as a Scout in the Army is to find the enemy for my unit. Spending a lot of time in the woods with your team looking for the enemy ensures team work and self-reliance. With my background in military tactics and survival training this is just the environment for me to thrive in.

  15. Adam Tanner Richardson

    Hi am Adam am interested in being on this show am fit and athletic and acrobatic I never say I can’t do something am like the bush Man I do alsorts wid my 6 year old son am very outgoing and take no Shit

  16. moore

    “catch me if can”…enough said!!!

  17. Isabella Glater

    hi my name is Isabella and I am 16 years old and come from London, England. I am a very athletic person and have won numerous international competitions in martial arts. I am a black belt in kick boxing. I love being outdoors and love meeting new people. I am defiantly up for the challenge and I believe I have what it takes to be a part of this amazing experience. I have always wanted to put my abilities to the test. I have participated in NCS and Duke of Edinburgh so I have some experience with camping and similar things. i would love to be able to do this.

  18. Steve Royer

    Hi I’m Steve 34 From a small town in pa. I was in the military young Did the whole Iraq thing. I was a gunner on son voys . All ways was a leader not a follower. All ways thinking outside the box. More of a loner but would love the opportunity to be involved in something like this.

  19. Brian

    Hi my names Brian. Im 19 years old and youngest the youngest of four boys. So I have 3 older brothers. I’ve always been kind of the odd one out of the family. Not so smart. Getting into trouble and what not. My older brothers are all more school smart. They all went to big ten universities. Then there’s me. I’ve always been the one to just want to live life. I don’t wanna be stuck in a classroom. I don’t wanna be working behind a desk. I wanna be out in the world. At 18 instead of going to college and following all my brothers. I decided to go off on my own and try to make something of myself. I now am 19 and live on my own. I have a full time job as a dog handler at a dog daycare. Ever since I was little I’ve always loved animals and nature and just everything about the outdoors. So I love my job. I’ve seen every single episode of every survival show out there. It’s all just so fascinating to me. I’ve always wanted to do some sort of survival challenge. I don’t care about prize money or anything and winning the show. But I think I’d be a great contestant because I’ve always just wanted to do something like this and really see what I can do