The Hunt - The CW

The Hunt – The CW

The young adult novel sensation has been rocking multiplexes around the world for years now and none have had more impact than the amazing The Hunger Games stories – now The CW is ready to bring that tale to life on televisions everywhere with the new reality series Capture. Submissions for contestants for this epic reality game show are being accepted now from people from all ages and from every corner of the country. This is your chance to live out your Hunger Games dreams for real and for real prizes in front of millions and millions of viewers.

Capture will be part The Hunger Games, part Survivor and all amazing. The producers and casting directors of this incredible new series will pick 12 teams of two and pit them against each other in the ultimate test of will and survival. The teams will be dropped in a vast wilderness for one month with nothing – they will be on their own to find food, water and even shelter. All that they will have to rely on is their own physical and mental capabilities as they must find a way to survive while they reach their goal of capturing the other teams. The last team standing will be crowned Capture champions and walk away with $250,000! This is the reality show that will break the mold and turn whoever is cast into an instant celebrity.  Casting calls are being organized now to find men and women of all ages to be selected as participants (tributes) in this epic game of will. Auditions will be coming soon but you can get a jump on the casting process and more information on the game by sending emails here More information will be coming soon so stay tuned right here for more updates and leave a comment below and tell us why you think that you have what it takes to survive Capture.

This is your chance to be a real life Katniss or Peeta in the experience of a lifetime! Apply today and you could be cast in The CW’s epic reality series Capture.

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  1. Matthew Silva

    Hi there, my name is Matthew Silva from Toronto, Canada. I’m 31 years of age. avid outdoorsman who can pretty much do it all. My strong mental ability will have me determined to finish any challenge. I’m 5’10 average/athletic build. I’m a great leader, listener and motivator. Along with these qualities I can fish, hunt and think outside the box which would be very useful. Choose me and I promise you won’t be disappointed. a natural actor the t.v. world will love, with some comical moments. Thanks and go Mattie go Mattie go.

  2. Matthew Silva

    Hi there, my name is Matthew Silva from Toronto, Canada. I’m 31 years of ahead avid outdoorsman who can pretty much do it all. My strong mental ability will have me determined to finish any challenge. I’m 5’10 average/athletic build. I’m a great leader, listener and motivator. Along with these qualities I can fish, hunt and think outside the box which would be very useful. Choose me and I promise you won’t be disappointed. a natural actor the t.v. world will love, with some comical moments. Thanks and go Mattie go Mattie go.

  3. pranay sarkar

    Hi i am unmatched 23years .no working bechlar. language bengoli and hindi west Bengal india…

  4. pranay sarkar

    Hi i am unmatched 23years .no working bechlar…

  5. Christopher Speir

    chris s
    im 43. 5’11 retired air force medic. have the skills and desire to be on your show

  6. Brian

    Hey my name is Brian I live in Puerto Rico im 17 yrs old, 6.3 inches tall, I like to run and jump obstacles, swim, Im a sculptor and I would like to be a Tribute on this series.

  7. Jason Hampton

    Outdoors family man Hunter are just a little bit about me and I love watching the outdoor survival shows. Me and my oldest niece watched the hunger games series together.

  8. Lauren Hines

    My name is Lauren Hines. I am 18 and from Orange County, California. I loved the Hunger Games books and movies. I belive I would be great for this competition because I was in Girl Scouts so I know how to make knives to get food by sharpening wood and I know how to build a fire. I also know first aid and I know how to use a bow and arrow. Also my teammate is very strong and athletic. He is also not afraid of anything. I think we would be great for this competition because of everything above and because we are very brave and competitive people.

  9. Katherine Beahan

    My name is Katherine, and I believe this would be a great opportunity to test myself and to accomplish something to can give me more confidence. I am not a practicing survivalist, but have what you would consider basic survival skills. I can start a fire, filter water, and hunt. I also know how to make a shelter, although, I resist the idea of labeling my skills. Mostly, I am trained but not experienced in using the training.

  10. Bryce Eli Nichols

    My name is Bryce Nichols and I actually don’t like the outdoors much. This would be very out of my element and i’m curious to see if how I’d respond to such an out of the norm event. I’m tall, fit, and can be described as Coy. Email sent.

  11. Lauren Benjamin

    Lauren Benjamin – 18 – 5’4 – Female
    I am so down for this! I’ve been obsessed with the Hunger Games ever since it came out! Just recently I was thinking about how much I’d like to test my skills in the wilderness, and see how well I could survive.

  12. Ryan Ruiz

    My name is Ryan Ruiz. I am an Army Vet and current student. I am 27 years old, 28 in Jan. I am very competitive and would love to this show. It sounds fun. I have little survival experience, but willing to give it a shot.

  13. Jeremy Wells

    My name is Jeremy I am 35 was in army as a mechanic would be grate challenge to be on the show

  14. Zuhair Ali

    Hi I am Zuhair Ali.
    I am a student at Oakland University in Michigan studying mechanical engineering,
    I am a non-practicing Muslim and will be turning 23 on April 23rd. I am currently a junior at school and have learned much, I am driven by increasing debt and don’t know if I will be able to finish without a degree. I have moved around all my life and have been exposed to many different cultures such as; Bengali, Pakistani and Malay. As such I have learned to adapt and think up unique solutions. All I ask is for a chance and I will give my heart out to win.

  15. gustavo ovalle

    im 18 and im down to participate in this.

  16. SEAN

    Qualifying Experienced – watched a couple shows of Man vs Wild.

  17. SEAN


  18. Stephen Parks

    I am a military veteran (U.S. Coast Guard) with experience in search and rescue, law enforcement, and many other areas.

    I completed winter survival school in Alaska in 2011. I enjoy backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, and exploring new areas.

    I have a great sense of humor and enjoy enjoy finding humor in every situation.

    I am a quick thinker, natural problem solver, and resourceful person. I thrive on tackling new challenges and opportunities. Thank you for the opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Stephen Parks

  19. Don Wells

    I have worked in numerous countries and environments around the world in very austere conditions and I have always had a positive can do attitude, and have worked alone and as a team member, learned survival techniques in each place I have been in I have worked as an Instructor, Observer, Verifier, Security, International peace keeper with the AU, I have hunted and trapped through out all of North America and recently returned from working in Columbia, SA. as a production supervisor in an Emerald mine. I have worked in many places around the world and been in more, I have shot competitive Archery & Rifle and taught SRT law enforcement weapons & sniper marksmanship instructor, camouflage and concealment for approximately 9 years. I have had many people tell me that I couldn’t do some of the things I have done in my life and they still say that I can not do some of them just because I am older so if I am chosen and with absolute positive attitude I am going to show them that I can and will do what ever it takes to survive and win. I am 67 years old, in very good shape and health, I do not and have never needed to take any medication so my health is not an issue. Please send me whatever is possible so that i can begin preparing myself physically and mentally for the task ahead. Thanks, Don

  20. Holly baraniak

    Email sent…please..please!choose my husband and I…you won’t be disappointed! Please

  21. Brandi Storey

    Hey I am Brandi!
    I am 28 an avid hiker, camper, yoga instructor and white water kayaker. I have done long over night hikes with a toddler and infant in tow while packing out my gear. I love packing my gear for a new adventure. Growing up in rural south GA I am familiar with plant and animal life in deciduous and swap areas and how to harvest meat and other nutrients. I have also extended my outdoor survival experience in the deserts of Texas and New Mexico and some experience in the beautiful Rockies. I have found that if you are willing a habitat will always provide! I am athletic and love to explore and why not have fun while doing it! I have all my own gear and a whimsical personality. I can’t wait ? for my next adventure!!

  22. Misael Ayala

    OOHH SNAP! Hold my beer i got this!.. This is definitely something I would be interested in doing. I don’t have much outdoor background, but i am definitely an outdoors guy. I’m pretty adaptable and this sounds like something i can and would love to do.. I’m all in!!!

    Keep me posted.. PLEASE!!! #CastingCallHub

  23. john

    Not much exciting about watching trained expert survivalist survive. .sign up average Joe’s. I can hang with them

  24. john

    Im john..41yrs old. . live in pekin Illinois. .20yr mechanic..dont need to be a survivalist to survive.

  25. D'Aaron Johnson & Brandon hunt

    This show is Awesome me and my God brother have been watching it for a very good time and we feel … no we KNOW that we’ll crush any team out there me and my Bro are very fit two very athletic people who play football and basketball and any other sports were asked to play lol we are both 19 years old and we are currently in college soon to be 20 I seen in the other comments that there are other brothers that want to be on this show but trust me they won’t last very long when it comes to the both of us we are rough tuff and ready to take on anyone and any obstacles that u give us ??

  26. Tina

    Hello, my name is Tina I am 34yrs old, and I’ve been searching high and low for something challenging as this!! I would be honored to be apart of this show! I’m not a expert survivalist but I do have the necessary knowledge needed to embark on such a journey! I’ve absorbed a great amount of survivalist knowledge by reading, watching videos on it and actually putting what I’ve learned to the test in many ways..
    This experience would be exactly what I need to put all that I do know into action! I am very strong mentally and physically, I am determined in every right!! I don’t give up nor do I give in.. I am a leader in everyway!! There’s so many things that I need to prove to myself!, I not only want to do this I need to do this!! I have what it takes to not only master this extreme challenge but I aim to defeat it as well, if given the golden life changing chance of a lifetime!!!!!! I would be honored to be apart of your show! In advance I thank you for your time.

  27. Arthur Martyn

    I am a former United States Marine. I am a former park ranger. I have over 30 years of wilderness survival experience in almost every environment you can imagine. Not to mention the fact that I’m highly entertaining because I’m funny as hell. Keeping an upbeat attitude in a survival situation is essential. I hope to hear from you.

  28. Wyatt

    This show was made for my brother and I. We have always wanted to be on a contest that puts your skills to the test against other people in a “survival of the fittest” type setting. We have always been able to scale mountains quicker than other people, swim farther, and basically do crazier things when it comes to outdoor activities. I think we would be able to put on a good show and make it to the end.

  29. Noah

    Hi my name is Noah, 15 years old from Tennessee. I’m not necessarily the most outdoorsy or fit person, you could say I’m closer to average, but I’m fairly tough and am very certain have the knowledge and wit to outlast everyone and win. You see, though physical strength is important, my knowledge can surpass that.

  30. Lakendra

    Hi my name is lakendra ! I wont say that im Necessarily the out doors type or even physically able to ,but never say never right? I would enough experiencing the hunger games … well without the killing of course.

  31. charles

    Pretty much sums it up. I’ll outwork anyone in my path.
    4 years Marines
    Pro MMA
    Pro Boxing

  32. ronnie medlin

    My name is ronnie medlin and I can survive through anything that comes my way please respond I would love to be on the show

  33. Amber

    Oh wow, when is this going to happen? I got turned on to THG when a friend told me that Katniss is practically my spirit animal. Avid outdoorswoman, hunter, archer, I’d love to do something like this!

  34. Edwin Martinez

    I’m Edwin Martinez 15 growing in North Carolina Valdese was easy but for my mother she had a hard life growing up and she’s having trouble earning money and if I win $25000 it would help use a lot.I love running Im fast in short distances but have troblue in long distance I run almost everyday I’m pretty go at following prey without it knowing so if I’m one of the few picked i all do my best and I’ll put a good show for those watching and I’ll do anything to earn that $25000 I’ll push myself to be the best I can be thank you if you’re reading this and please allowed me to be a tribute to push my family forward and into a better life thank you

  35. Ryley Longdon

    My name is Ryley Longdon i am a 15 year old male who lives in Australia.

    I believe I am a good choice for a contestant because I am suitable at ever changing situations. Although I currently have no acting experience I hope you are willing to let me have a try at this amazing movie franchise adapted TV series.

  36. Ryley Longdon

    My name is Ryley Longdon, I am a Male, I am 15.

    I live in Australia and I believe I can survive the worst. I believe that I am a good choice because I am strong and willing to to anything, I currently have no acting experience but I am willing to try something new.

    My last response was mistyped. -Sorry

  37. Ryley Longdon

    Mt name is

    I live in Australia and I believe I can survive even the worst.

  38. Ian Gray

    Hello there! My name is Ian Gray, & I saw a post for the Capture show on a Casting site. I haven’t watched the show before, aside from clips on the Internet, but I am very interested in auditioning!

    I’m 19 years old, 6ft3in, & 127lbs. I read & write a lot & idolize reality tv. Something that I’m very proud of is my self discipline & willpower, & though I wasn’t involved in sports teams at school, I always excelled in PE class.

    I think that I would make an interesting villain character on the show because of my bratty but two-faced attitude.

    I hope to hear back with information about casting!

    -Ian Gray

  39. Cheyanne Davis

    dont mind me just checkin’ out the competition..oh and i am also female that would be great to tell too huh…

  40. Cheyanne Davis

    oh.. i forgot o say where i live… I live in Florida!

  41. Cheyanne Davis

    This would be totally Epic I’d destroy any and everybody. I’ve always wanted to do something like this and apparently the gods heard because they wanna see how i can rock this show. Though enough about my epicness.. I’d love to join this show and hopefully win and become instant famous. I mean who wouldn’t. Though as far as wilderness skills.. all i know is i can climb a tree some what. and i can build almost anything that comes to mind and most likely navigate my way through the wilderness and most definitely entertain our loving viewers at home… Tell my Mom i said Hey!
    I am a great team player though i hate being told what to do.. but i do listen to opinions and suggestions and i am very attached to wilderness. But All I REALLY wanna do is go out and have fun!
    By The way im a 13 year old female at the hight about 5’10 or 5’11. im hyperactive, entertaining, and bored 99% of the time. THanks!

  42. Isaiah Jones

    Live at Fort Hood TX, name is Isaiah Jones, I’m 20, and in the army. HMU

  43. Isaiah Jones

    In the military and would love to do this show! This is what I am all about!

  44. John Lewy

    I have had a tendency, in my life, to simply walk off into the forest, mountains, jungle, desert, plains, and islands for months at a time just to get away from it all and reset. I am, what you might call, a “primitive” survivalist in that I prefer to take as little as possible with me, sometimes nothing at all depending on the location. This offer to appear on “Capture” seems to me a great way to unwind and have some fun.

  45. Marlo barnum

    I’m Marlo from San Francisco and This would be a great experience for me l love outdoors and i would love to learn and experience new things and I have a basic survival knowledge.

  46. Marlo barnum

    I want to learn and experience new things and get out of the city

  47. Megan Arnold

    Hello, my name is Megan I am 13 years old, I was born on September 3rd 2002 in Canada, Montreal (current hometown). I stoic, witty, social, dedicated, I love adventure and seem to work better in pairs. I have above average physical capabilities (circus, martial arts). Although I have very little skills on hunting, I am willing to try. I love camping and bugs don’t bother me too much. I feel like i’m going to like this show, wether or not I am casted and I think it will be a success. I think it is a brilliant idea and I would very much like to be part of it. I am 5”2 and weight 57kg, I have brown eyes with specs of green, I have dark blonde hair with red highlights.
    If you’re interested please, e-mail me

  48. Preston Sennett

    I live in Oklahoma that’s all you need to know I can survive anything

  49. Robert Theim

    Micah, you sound like the ideal partner for an event like this; Competent and confident but not arrogant. A trained leader but willing to learn and accept alternative opinions. I was trained as a sniper and am familiar with cover and concealment, and wilderness survival. Have done numerous wilderness excursions.

    I’m a 55 year old male with no medical issues, in reasonable shape, living in central Wisconsin. Have been shooting outdoor videos for approximately 15 years.

    Robert Theim,
    (I attempted to post this earlier but don’t think it went through)

  50. Robert Theim

    Micah, you sound like the ideal partner for a mission like this; mentally compitant, well trained, both a leader and a subordinate – as the situation and circumstances require. Confident but not arrogant.
    I am trained as a sniper, understand cover and concealment, stealth movement, wilderness survival. Appreciate a learning as well as a teaching environment when it comes to fieldcraft.
    This could be an interesting challenge.

    Robert Theim
    Age 55
    Live in central Wisconsin

  51. Micah Musselman

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Micah Musselman, I’m 27, a single father of two, and a Marine Special Operations veteran of 7 years trained in survival and evasion. Through both my extensive military experiences and personal wilderness expeditions I am confident in my abilities of; land navigation and tracking, low profile survival and evasion techniques, and food and water procurement. I understand the importance of good communication and working hand in hand with my teammate to successfully complete our mission together. I would hope to learn different techniques from my partner throughout the competition and sharpen my own skills along the way. Having been deprived of food, sleep, and water in the past I understand the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude and having someone to share in the trials we will face as future Capture Champions. As a single father and naturally gentle person I don’t feel like I am taken seriously as a veteran with special skills. I want to test my skills and prove my worth to my family, friends, and again to my country, as well as show my children that with grit and determination you can rise above your problems to accomplish great things. When my partner and I become the first Capture Champions I would use my portion of the reward, and national recognition, to start a non-profit back-country style camp for veterans and active duty service members as a safe haven for them to decompress and re-focus on what’s ahead of them. Please consider me as a candidate for Capture, I won’t let you, the viewers, or my partner down!

    Please send any and all information available at this time for me to review and prepare for this life changing event and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    Micah Musselman
    Future Capture Champion

  52. Jakob Owens

    I will survive and outlast everyone!

  53. Kyle Bosdell

    Hello all! My name is Kyle Bosdell and I am interested in participating in the casting call for your new survival show. Below I will talk very briefly about myself but I would love to have the chance to really express who I am. I have many photos and have put a brief video together last winter (2014). It shows a brief stay in the mountains of NC to give an example of my most basic survival skills and camera work. It is totally unedited and put together only in sequential order. Thank you again for the opportunity. Cheers!


    I am a 34 year old veteran (15 years) firefighter in Atlanta. I am the 7th son of 10. My parents had 9 boys and 1 girl. All of us were basically raised in the woods, being shown how to survive by our father and each other.

    When we cut school it wasn’t to play video games with friends. It was to go in the woods near our large farm in Maine and see how little we could survive with.

    We grew up between Maine, Ohio, and Georgia. Hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, rafting, and practicing bushcraft for fun. I got to know the Appalachians North to South very well in the process.

    We grew as brothers and moved apart. All taking very different and interesting jobs all over the country. From a veteran Alaska fisherman(Shannon), to a veteran of Iraq and 1st special forces in Fort Lewis Washington, to rustic furniture builders in both Maine (Seth) and Tennessee (Travis), to a Firefighter/Paramedic in Atlanta (myself).

    We all share the common bond of survival in the wild no matter where we go. I’ve taken countless trips into many parts of the American bush, both alone and as a group, to try my skills and enjoy the beauty of our great wild country.


  54. Raymon Garcia

    My name is Raymon Garcia 16 years old 5’7 150lbs from South Florida and I’m a baseball player and love to be outdoors. I’m very active and love anything that has to do with outdoor survival or anything competitive.

  55. Raymon Garcia

    My name is Raymon Garcia from South Florida and I’m a baseball player and love to be outdoors. I’m very active and love anything that has to do with outdoor survival or anything competitive.

  56. Estefanía Márquez

    Name: Estefanía Márquez
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’2
    I would like to be part of this because I like challenges. It would be fun.

  57. Beth hyneman

    I am truly a survivor at heart, I have been through things that other people would have gave up, so please think of as a contestant on Capture

  58. Shaun m berndt

    Im 27 years old from rochester ny, and one thing we up state new yorkers know about is surviving, brutal winters and humid summers. I love a challenge and love winning even more! Ive been wanting for an opportunity like this my whole life!

  59. Sam Osborne

    This would be an awesome test of will, strength, and of the mind. Major bonus for a life changing amount of money. I love a challenge and love winning! I’m 31 years old. I’ve served 4 years in the Air Force, and been a helicopter mechanic to date. I’ve lived majority of my life in ( l.a.) lower Alabama, were champions are born! I’m 5’9″ 160 lbs. I love hunting, fishing, and camping! I’m very athletic and tuff as nails. I can skin a buck, run trot line, make my own whiskey. I have a wife and 2 boys that I live my life for. I thank my creator everyday for the life he has provided me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Josh schwartz

    I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I won’t know till I try

  61. Kevin E

    My names Kevin. My partner and I are two trained 11B Infantry Soldiers. I was initially a 68W Combat Medic and he is currently transitioning to Air Force TACP. We are two highly motivated and confident individuals. I have participated in a multitude of sports and been highly successful in all but wrestling is where I learned how to drive myself past exhaustion and execute the task at hand. My partner passed Pre-Ranger and made it deep into Ranger school before he was sent home with no chance to try again. We are both injury resistant and can represent the show without any interruptions. Picking us would be a blessing for us to showcase our athletic and mental abilities.

  62. Joseph Munoz

    Names Joseph Munoz
    Age: 18
    Weight: 128
    This is a very interesting idea i woulf love to be apart of this like who wouldn’t. Okay s i have some knowledge on how to do and make stuff in the wilderness but that will not stop me.

  63. josh

    36, did 10 years in the Army (19D) with two deployments (one Afg, one Iraq) now I’m a framer in NC. Worked construction (steel and wood) and owned a restaurant (didn’t last long) I’m married with one kid. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this since after my first deployment in 2006 and am just now getting around to it.

  64. Jesse Scholz

    Live on the San Francisco Peaks.. Raised by mountain lion.

  65. Iris

    I am a 14 year old, I love taking on challenges. No one could get in my way , I am capable of standing right back up if I fail. I like to be positive no matter what. I feel like this would be a good opportunity for me. I live in Fremont, CA , about 115 pounds, and 5’3. Thank you for taking your time to read this .

  66. Becca Paul

    Seeing as I am a meager 5’2″ I have the advantage of size. I will be able to hide better than most, and have the know how for doing so. At 21, I also have gained enough knowledge for being able to survive in a wilderness situation. I would like to have the chance to put myself to the test, and possibly have some fun in the process.

  67. Damian Wright

    I am a 15 year old male
    I am a Captain on a football team, very active, I am a natural leader and have extensive survival and outdoors knowledge and feel Like I would be a perfect fit for this show. I was raised by my single mother and her friend from before I was born. This would be a great opportunity and I would love to have the experience. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada
    5’8″ 155 lbs

  68. Maggs

    My little bro and I are very interested in applying for this! I’m 27 and he is 26. We both love camping and being outdoors. We’ve done sports, everything from swimming to karate to baseball, and we’re both extremely competitive. Can’t wait for this!

  69. nick hodgson

    hi im 38 love the out doors i have good survival skills and i know i can win this show

  70. Carl lewallen

    Im all in 48 years old work out run every week hunt fish hike camp out in the wilderness phisicaly fit and ready waiting for your call

  71. Dylan Riddle

    I am 17 years old love the outdoors.
    I’m am about 5,9 165 stalk build love lifting weights
    Sports anything competitive or active I would really
    Enjoy being on this upcoming gameshow I also think it would be great if it was a family gameshow if I could use my brother as a partner that would be super fun and challenging thanks hope to play in the near future

  72. Aise blaise

    i am 17 years old i am a black Haitian.
    i lived in the U.S.A since i was 9 years old.
    i been in Forster Care since i was 10 to 16 years old.
    i am a Survivor no mom no dad i fought my way to life .
    i know what it means to survivor ,
    and i know what it means to be on your own.
    so i would be very bless if you give me this opprtunity.

  73. Miguel

    Hello everyone. Exactly how can i apply for the casting?

  74. Steven k somers

    Me and my dear high school friend Ian would love to compete. We have no fear love being outdoors. We have done mixed martial arts for 4 years he worked as a roughneck in the oilfield and I worked wildland fire fighting. I know with the two of us we would be amazing competitors and push eachother beyond what we could ever think like we have before. Plus we are hilarious to watch with our don’t care attitudes.

  75. Ryleigh Whiteside

    I am 16 years old & I am 5’5.
    I’m black/white/Indian and Mexican.
    I’m homeschooled so I can work with any schedule.
    I live in Longview, Texas.
    I’m a small build. 90-100lbs
    My shoe size is 7-8 (depending on type of shoe)
    I would love to have this opportunity.