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  1. Starr Todd

    I think I should be picked because I am confident I easily follow instructions. I am good under pressure and I will make you show blossom because I have the ability to capture the viewers attention. So when you get more viewers you also get more money. Thanks for this opportunity even if you bypass my comment and best of luck

  2. chandler sorrells

    i have lived here in the city since 2009 and have experienced almost everything it has to offer. Nashville has broadened my horizons in a well rounded manner. I graduated from Belmont University in 2014 with a BBA concentrated in Music Business. This type of extra work would be fun and enjoyable

  3. Jordyn Allan

    Hi. My name is Jordyn Allan. I’m 18 years old, from Ontario Canada. I have had a passion for acting and singing from a young age and have been in many school productions, musicals, and music videos. It would be my dream to be in Nashville, one of my favourite shows.

    When I was younger my parents realized I didn’t have your typical Canadian singing voice, so they put me in voice lessons to try and see what came out. I started with opera, and finally made my way to country where I found my passion. Singing country music is something I love and do any possible moment I can. Please consider me for this amazing show.

    I am 5’4, 130 pounds, long brown hair.

    Thank you, Jordyn

  4. Stephanie Vitale

    I have dreamed of the stage since I was a little girl. I have performed many times however I have never had my moment my chance. I am driven, dedicated and tell stories in my poems. I write lyrics and have many new lyrics to share. I am willing to go anywhere to follow my destiny. I’m doing it to make a difference. I was always told I was never good enough, I was literally torn down and abused and that never stopped me from getting back up and writing to heal the hurt inside. I do everything to be a role model for my 15 year old brother with Autism. He is my light and he owns 13 guitars one of which was signed and given to him by Demi Lovato because of a article I wrote in Autism Speaks about Microsoft and meeting Demi. He is so talented and caring and sweet and I live for him. If it was not for him I would not be where I am today and I know I can bring that passion and strength to the show. I have talent, and my mom calls me a drama queen and I have taught drama beforw so I have some acting there but mainly I sing and write lyrics. Now I just need someone to produce my lyrics and I know I will make the world proud and help others in need. I struggled and I know it’s a difficult world but I hope my music and my spirit can help others reach out for help and become the person they were made to be and they dream of being. Thank you and I really hope you consider me. Much love and compassion for the show.
    Stephanie Vitale

  5. Wes Brown

    I have a love for two things my family and my music. I am a father of five and have a wonderful woman to share my journey through this life with! I play sing and write country music and would love the opportunity to show you how my love of family and music combine for great music!!

    Wade Bowen Who I am cover by Wes Brown:

  6. Cathy Andrews

    Hi….NOT a songwriter or singer!
    Retired from the medical profession. Age 61 and would be available anytime
    I had the opportunity to visit the studio last year and was amazed at how much went into filming the show. Love seeing all the sets.
    It would be great if you would consider me for an audition.
    Cathy Andrews

  7. Ethan Escue

    My name is Ethan Escue. I am 16 years old and love to sing and play country music. I have prepared a few demos of my own songs and would love the chance to perform.

  8. Michelle Edwards

    I would love to be an extra on Nashville! I know that it would be a great opportunity to help myself grow as a person.

  9. Tammy Phillips

    I would be perfect as Deacon’s new love intrest

  10. Ryan Wyatt

    My name is Ryan Wyatt. I have been interested in acting and singing my whole life. I once sang on the Nashville Spotlight and I sing in church quite a bit. I also was the leading role in my highschool drama, “The Christmas Carol.” I use to live in Murfreesboro. I moved to South Carolina when I was 14 years old. I am now almost 20 years old. I am a very hard worker and have dreamed of making my mark on the industry of music and acting. I have watched Nashville ever since it debuted. Please consider me because I won’t let you down. Thanks.

  11. Brent Roemer

    I am a recording engineer in the music industry. Some say I am a music historian I have studied a lot about the history of country music and artist of country music. I have worked with Shooter Jennings the son of Waylon Jennings I record with his band in LA in 2011 working on my album. I was born and raised in Wisconsin I travel to Nashville 2-3 times a year I love Nashville and all the music it has to offer. I enjoy watching the show and would like to work on the show anyway I can as an extra in a studio seen or a small role as an actor.

  12. Terika Roberson

    I love country! I’m from Tn. And watching my mother sing
    Tanya Tucker among other great stars of country music, has aloud me to appreciate all types of music. I’m a 19 yr. old College student.
    Who has taken acting classes. This would
    be a excellent opportunity.

  13. Crystal Nawolski

    My fiancé and I love the show and would really love to get our foot in the door we were hoping that this could be a start to a great new career we live in Canada but are going back to nashville for our honeymoon in August 2015

  14. Jaylon Bullock

    I’m Good for This I’ll play any role you give , 19 years old Nashville native , black male 6,4 300lbs
    Give me that shot baby!

  15. cassy

    my daughter is 13 almost 14 loves the show. shes been trying to get in to acting, but the more we try the more money people want and we get know where. we would love for a chance to audition for a role on the shoe . we live just out side of Nashville. thanks.

  16. Van Wile


    I’m an actress and singer-songwriter.

    I record country-rock pop music under the name Van Wild.

    I’m presently at #87 on the US MediaBase Top 40 radio charts.

    I’ve acted on stages across Europe and the U.S. and have been featured
    extensively on European T.V.

    I understand the show and feel I could contribute to the artistic line-up; I’ve played a southern singer-songwriter in a play I’ve written that has won numerous prestigious awards, and I’m a a very strong performer.

  17. Betty McCormick

    I love the show Nashville I think I could be a extra or someone mama I’m 66 but they tell me I don’t look that old I’v always took care of myself I’m not beautiful or ugly just me,I get told everyday I have a nice smile.I love peoples and get alone wilt anyone,I weigh about 160 am 5’6″ I have a southern drag my family tell me I have my own way of talking.

  18. Brenda Vincent

    I am a local and been around the biz

  19. Shane Phillips

    I can remember before the show ever actually aired that, if I wanted to get my foot in the door I’d love for it to be on this show. I’ve been to Nashville numerous times and I’m in love with the city and the way of life and the show depicts it very well. Interesting though on one of my last trips I was approached by a talent scout while standing at a cross walk it was the day Hayden announced her pregnancy. Due to the fact I was leaving to go home at that moment and my family was with me I would have been at “Printer’s Alley” in that scene I was offered to come the next week and try again but couldn’t due to work. Acting is all I’ve ever wanted to do I feel so complete when I do it, I live this show both weekly and everyday being a country boy who loves and understands country music isn’t just a song it’s someone’s story.I know with everything in me if given the chance I could do amazing things with a character on this show the writing is amazing as are the actors/actress . The story lines are so gripping and keep you guessing and on your toes leaving you wanting more. I know every story line characters and I want to be part of this so bad, I want to be part of something great. Thank You for your time. My foot’s at the door and I really want to kick it open

  20. Rebecca Alexander

    I am a big fan of Nashville and of country music. I eat, sleep, and breath country music. I don’t what I would do without it. I would love to be apart of this show! I have a lot of acting and singing experience.

  21. Christie Wilkerson

    I’ve been told that I look a lot like Layla. If you’re interested in casting a talented singer with the right looks, you could introduce and interesting sister plot. ;) Get at me.

  22. Aretta

    I am a Female Drummer,Singer,Chef and a caregiver and I Love Nashville !
    I’m so proud to be apart of this great City, being apart of this great community and this being music capital city it’s nothing like it. I LOVE working with a lot of artist here, truly is no place like Nashville !

  23. brooklynn curley

    I sleep, eat, breathe this show. This show is such an honor to country music and country fans! The story is amazing and I love the music in it. I have even drove to Nashville to see the blue bird and go to the grand ol opry to see where most of this is filmed. It was an honor just to stand in the same room but to be able to be apart of this no matter how small or big would be an even greater honor.

  24. Staci Barbati

    My friend would be great she is a singer and has a label.Contact me if interested in hearing her.

  25. Staci Barbati

    I think my friend Kim should get a chance she’s a singer and she is with a label. She is amazing contact me if you want to hear her music.

  26. Abby Hankins

    It feels like home, country music and the life of a performer. I’ve learned so much about the business that is country music, and of course the music is top notch. I think it’s the best show on TV.

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