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  1. brooklynn curley

    I sleep, eat, breathe this show. This show is such an honor to country music and country fans! The story is amazing and I love the music in it. I have even drove to Nashville to see the blue bird and go to the grand ol opry to see where most of this is filmed. It was an honor just to stand in the same room but to be able to be apart of this no matter how small or big would be an even greater honor.

  2. Staci Barbati

    My friend would be great she is a singer and has a label.Contact me if interested in hearing her.

  3. Staci Barbati

    I think my friend Kim should get a chance she’s a singer and she is with a label. She is amazing contact me if you want to hear her music.

  4. Abby Hankins

    It feels like home, country music and the life of a performer. I’ve learned so much about the business that is country music, and of course the music is top notch. I think it’s the best show on TV.

  5. Frederick McGee

    I think its a great show. its good for Nashville, for an up and coming City thats really have been booming ( Growing ) for the last 10 years. I have lived here all of my life and I think this is the perfect time for Nashville to shine and show their talent. thanks!

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