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One of the most anticipated projects of the television season is set to go before cameras and a number of roles for up and coming talented actors will soon be available. Casting calls and auditions for ABC’s new musical dram Nashville will be held shortly and now you can be a part of what could be the hot show that everyone will be talking about.

Nashville is the brainchild of Academy Award winning writer director Callie Khouri (Thelma And Louise, The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood) and will focus on the drama filled behind the scenes happenings in the Nashville country music scene. Country superstar Rayna James is having a career down slide and her record label is forcing her to embark on a dual tour with rising star Juliette Barnes, the woman set to take her place as the queen of country music kingdom. This hour long drama promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seat each week an intriguing mixture of scheming, plotting, triumph, amazing music and one of the finest principal casts on TV including Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, I Love You, Beth Cooper), Eric Close (Without a Trace, Now and Again), Powers Boothe (Hatfields & McCoys, Deadwood) and Jonathan Jackson (General Hospital, Insomnia). There are still several roles to be cast throughout the season and several chances for you to work with some of the biggest talents in entertainment today. Auditions and casting calls are happening soon and submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in landing a role on this fantastic new project you can send you can send your information here Leave a comment for us below and tell us what you think of this exciting new series and stay tuned for all of the casting updates for ABC’s Nashville.

Country music has never been more popular and now ABC is looking to shine a light on this fascinating world. Submit yourself today and you could become a part of the ABC drama Nashville.

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  1. Angie Cox

    My name is Angie Cox and I have a friend whose son is an excellent drummer!
    He is 20 years old and has been playing the drums since he was twelve years old.
    He was accepted at Berkely College in Boston.
    I know this is an informal response but is there a need for a drummer audition before I
    mention this casting response to him?
    Thank you so much for your response!

  2. laci

    hi there! I’m in love with this show! I’m so glad yall kept it going I was really sad when I thought it was getting canceled. I love the newer characters also. I was kind of skeptic how the show could go on without Reyna but its great!! I’m so excited about the direction the show is going.

  3. Veronica

    Hi, I would like more information on where and when these casting calls are going to happen. Thank you.
    I am a professional musician and si ging is my passion. I have an outgoing personality and have published a book. I have also done some modelling. Thanks again.

  4. Hannah Thomas

    Hey y’all my name is Hannah. I’m a local singer just south of Nashville in Fayetteville, TN. I’ve been singing country/gospel music my entire life. I’ve done a number of local shows and karaoke in Nashville. Singing is my passion. I have a very outgoing personality. I would love to be a part of the Nashville group. I love the show and love country music.

  5. Lewis Moore

    Hey I am Lewis. I am a local vocal coach and have taught music for over 40 years. I have a BS in Music Education from Auburn University. If you have any scenes where one of the stars is being coached by a vocal instructor, let me know. I would be interested in the part.

  6. Mary Ann Chatman

    I am singer songwriter who would love to be extra on show I actually wanted do it show you my songwriting talent to make extra money but after this week what I been through maybe I didn’t have my priorities right I mean Thursday night of this week my niece had go emergency room with acute live failure we are just hoping she wakes up and pulls though it then my boyfriends brother on same day hangs kills his O know this awful stuff telling you don’t blame you if you don’t want hire me after hearing this but I told god these songs I have wrote if one them hits big or get song recording contract that id buy house or doublewide to take care my niece and make sure she sets her medication for depression and just keep my eyes on her all times till she get regulated too normal if she wakes up soon pray she does id like to work whole season as extra and songwriter for you just make 3000-5000 to be able to buy some kind place take care her I feel so guilty got busy looking for job that I didn’t give her attention she needed mentally emotionally that I just cant forgive myself and I hope God gives me one more chance to make it right is real reason Im trying to doubt if you even see this but if you do you can call me Thanks so much Mary Ann Chatman if anyone wants to pray for her anyone wanting come hospital pray is welcome to do it her name is Kristen Whitmire. Thanks Mary Ann Chatman



  8. Mary AnnChatman

    I know Id match being extra on this show because I am writing songs that I know your musicians could help me set music to it upbeat country rock sound that is actually talking about trying make life change to help homeless and people without jobs its just real song that everyone feels like that is facing struggling times and people at one time or another can relate to it. I am going e writing every song down till I get come to Nashville some day Lord will say ok girl Im ready for you go and then Be my time to come. I can also do any type extra where you need security ecasue I do security in real life recently in past if you ever need that this summer

  9. Telina Rudd

    I am a singer\songwriter out of Ardmore Oklahoma . I would love to bring out something new to the show. I love music and acting. Hope for a chance.

  10. Brandon M Newsom

    I’ve been involved in acting in some shape since my first year in high school. I won first place in the-walter-trumbauer-secondary-theatre-festival. I worked for a year and half with Burn Bray theater out of Maryland doing an ongoing musical “1776” for over a year and half. I taught college courses in Psychology and o rained my LPC (licensed professional counselor) I also am a muscian who plays guitar but mostly sings. Would be thrilled for any chance to prove my dedication and love for the art. I’ve been ready for years! It’s time for a change.

  11. Matt D. Nelson

    I’m interested in all available auditions, can’t wait to hear back. Look forward to having all of this information in one place.

  12. Kerry


    My husband and I love watching your show! We have a really hard time finding a show that we both like to watch together, but Nashville is one of the few that we watch together:) Your characters are wonderful actors, and it’s interesting to see the “behind the scenes” lives of what may go on. Thanks for a great show we can watch together!
    Kerry L.

  13. Justin Staggs

    Hello there anyway thought guys should know really lIke this tv show really amazing actors on there ans it can really keep edge of your seat watching them but unfortunately only a five or six episodes from this season show on ABC but differently going catch up on the seasons on netflix. And u need background extras for the show I have experience in this line of work because I was a back ground extra in the movie 42 The Jackie Robinson Story Movie back in April 2013 when on theaters that was filmed in Chattanooga,TN. And if u need people for speaking roles really like be part that to because all my friends and family told me always should a actor in movies and TV shows because u so good at!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Vicki Rikard

    Would love to be an extra in movie or music video! Thank you, Vicki Rikard

  15. Debra Ann Romano

    No better show on television! However I am in agony every week watching while longing to return “home” to TN from the cold Catskill Mountains of NYS! I dream of being chosen as an Extra, or my husband (he is a Lead/Rhythm Guitarist Recording Artist!) being featured.

  16. Whitney Tucker

    Hi, I absolutely adore this show! I have been a fan since day one, and have been wishing and praying I could get the opportunity to be on the show. Please, please feel free to contact me with any information in regards to auditions that are coming up. I have wanted to be in the entertainment industry since I can remember, and have been chasing this dream for quite some time. I have done many competitions, such as AMTC, IMTA, and won the Mall Model Search. I am a very talented singer as well, and I feel that I might have just wrote a hit song for you guys to use in the show. You can contact me at 4697334983 or email at
    Thank you for your consideration. I hope I hear from you! And I will keep trying 🙂

  17. Johnny Hammond

    Hi, my name is Johnny Hammond.
    I think your show is wonderful definite winner and I would love to be a part of your show
    I am singer and actor also your songwriter and martial artists. My foster dad has been in show business all of his life. His name is Ray Walker of the Jordanaires who backed up Elvis Pressley in his early years and was also in some cameo appearances in some of his movies along with one my friends DJ Fontana. Again I would love to be a part of the show even if it is a small part or an extra. God bless you all and much success !!! Johnny

  18. Heather major

    I’m 5 ft brown hair, blues eyes ,I do sing . Would love to get into the acting business I think I have a talent and would love to get it out there.

  19. Ivory

    Hi my name is Ivory, I am 14 years old (freshman in high school), I am from New Jersey. I have brown eyes and dirty blonde hair with black tips. I am 5’4, I weigh 125 pounds. I am Hispanic/White and I wear black rimmed glasses (willing to wear contacts). I am very good at memorizing, I practice different accents, and I love working and getting to know new people. I have always enjoyed the idea of acting even though I have no experience. I usually memorize lines from Tv shows and act out different scenes. I would love to be considered, like everyone else here. Thank you for your time!

  20. Jeanne Young

    Huge fan of Nashville here! Great actors, great music:) I just attended the concert with Charles Esten and Clare Bowen at the Alabama theater in Myrtle Beach last night… it was awesome! I had the pleasure to meeting them both. I am a trained actress and singer and it would be a dream to be on this show. Will you consider me? 😉

  21. Shaun Green

    Hey, your show need a new following and i’m sure i can help generate that change. I’m just an ordinary guy with big dreams..

  22. Krystle Lamons

    I am a young woman who would be honored to be apart of this show. l have been trained as a classical singer from the time l was seven years old, and have performed with the band 98 degrees, the Cincinnati Pops orchestra, and composer Eric Kunzel. l would love to expand my voice and broden my expirience with this show. Thank you for your consideration and l hope to hear from you soon.

    Age: 25
    Height: 5’3
    Eye Color: brown
    Hair Color: brown
    Race: lakota souix native american, irish

  23. Morgan Wagle

    I have seen every episode of every season and I truly love this show. It would be fantastic if I could start pursuing my acting career here. Whether it be an extra or a new character, I would be open to auditioning for either.

  24. donnie Allison


    I’m DONNIE I would like To be on the show”,
    I have an agent sign with Dan talent I’m local….

  25. donnie Allison

    The industry since I was 18 and now I’m 42 from ky I
    I enjoyed being on the show.

  26. donnie Allison



  27. Heather Todd

    Hi, my name is Heather. I am 21 years old. I love the show Nashville. I am 5’4 with brown hair and hazel eyes. I have been formally trained in modeling and acting. I have some experience in modeling, and would love to have the chance to act. I am great at memorization and have a positive attitude. I have a very flexible work schedule,and I live here in Nashville, TN. I would love to be an extra or have an actual role in the show!

  28. Jessica Jabr

    I live in
    Nashville Tn, and I have called onlocationcasting they said you are shooting in july, i
    Would love to be part of the show, thanks

  29. Cathy Burnett

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watched “Nashville” and would feel it an honor to be a Background Extra on this show. I am currently an Extra for the upcoming film “Brave New Jersey” and I have to admit: I AM HOOKED! I love the action and the excitement and would love the opportunity to be an Extra on “Nashville”.

  30. Heather major

    Love the show, looking for a change I know how to sing would love to be given a chance to act. Bottom line it’s a dream job being able to do two things you love to do sing and act. I would love to be given a chance. Everyone needs to start somewhere.

  31. Erin Sullivan

    Hi there! I love the show and have been featured in a national commercial. Would love this opportunity! Thanks!

  32. Jessica

    I absolutely love music, I sing as well as play piano! I would be more than happy to be on the show! Hope to hear from you guys!

  33. Sarah Lloyde

    Hi there,

    So totally in love with this show and would kill to be a part of it!

    I’m a singer/songwriter from Australia, quite well known from The Voice australia 2012, I’ve recently released my debut single ‘LUV FOOL’, ( ) love country music and have been looking for an incredible opportunity to get out there, such as this one, my whole life! Music is my world!

    I’ve studied extensively in all performing arts and feel more than well equipped for a job like this!
    Please please please give me a chance

    Thanks so much,
    Sarah Lloyde x.

  34. Sally Maxwell

    Look me up on FB. Opened for REO in 74′, backup Indiana State Fair 83′, Marlboro Country Roundup Finalist. Opened Gibson Guitar downtown Nashville, Barbara Cloyd owner. Showcased at the Bluebird Cafe….60 years young now, and ready for some freakin’ payback…;) no seriously…did I mention the Wildhorse Cafe….16th. Studio…multiple open mic nightmares….while living 5 hrs away….also I have a weak as….website because my son made it for me…oh, oh….look him up Misled Utopia…save yourself some time and go to YouTube. …he’s great….but back to me….I did theatre, actually went back to school and just graduated college….WHAT???? I am smart, funny, brilliant, oh yeh, I write,sing, perfect harmony, funny,play piano,guitar,tamborine…;). I won’t lie, the camera is going to put 30 pounds on me…so when you go to the Songbird website…don’t be misled….oh, oh, did I mention?…..;), just some basics…..and I wrote a song titled the Bluebird Cafe….that’s when Amy gave me a showcase….love your show folks!!!

  35. Jordan Pitts

    Hello I’m Jordan although I am not as experienced as all these other people I love to sing, my family and everyone one else I sing for tell me “the gift that God gave me needs to be used” so I just want to give this a shot. I do Musicals at my high school I usually get a good role and I love to act. if you need me for this opportunity I would be happy to take it. I’m also a fiery red head with a great personality Thank you so much God bless.

  36. Danielle Knutson

    I am a HUGE fan of the show and country music …I never miss an episode! I love to sing…I’ve been singing since I could talk, just ask my mother! :)…music is my outlet….my way of expressing myself and letting my emotions out and simply my idea of fun! It has been my dream since childhood to be out on stage singing my heart out! Being able to make my dream a reality while acting would absolutely incredible…there are no words…I’d be over the moon! ♡ I would love a chance to audtion for Nashville snd be apart of such an amazing cast!

  37. Luzcero Hernandez

    Am So In Love With This Show Nashville This Show Really Inspires Me 2 Keep On Writing More Of My Own Lyrics…I Love Country Music…Country Music Always Has This Deep Heart & Soul Of Telling Stories & What Goes On In Other Peoples Life That Can Compare… & I Would Luv 2 B Apart Of This Amazing Cast Of Nashville I Would Love 2 Sing Write Lyrics & Sing Other People Songs…Music Is My Passion I Can Play The Piano Just A Little Bit…But Singing I Love 2 Sing & I Also Act In High School All 4yrs But That Was Long Ago…But Acting Is Also On My Top List & Would To Pursue That In The Future

  38. Rachel Sanzi


    I am Rachel and I am a singer and lyricist! I have been writing for a long time and have a variety of songs from indie-pop to country pop and r&b. I can write anything you’re looking for and I have samples of my music ready to go as well! 🙂 I was an extra on March 4th, 2015 and would love to be a part of your team and story line or behind the scenes working on some great music and songs. I am also an Irish Dancer of 8 years, pre championships and play the fiddle as well. Please contact me! I have some fresh, cool and new styles of music for you and talent! Thanks.

    -21 Years Old-
    -5’2-118lbs-Brown Long Curly Hair-Brown Eyes-
    -Singer-Coached for 5 years by Barbara Hainley, Cumberland, RI.
    -Fiddle-By ear for 7 years.
    -Irish Dancer-8 years.
    -Actress-6 years of acting experience through musical theatre and drama.
    -Studied Business at CCRI.

  39. Eleanor

    Love the show. Trying to convince everyone I know in England to watch it, if they don’t already! The songs are great , so I listen to the CDs whenever possible and play along on violin/bass and piano and sing along too. Would love to be actually there rather than just playing in my living room!

  40. Leah Grace Reed

    I am 15 years old. I play guitar, and sing. I have recorded with a handful of groups, and have been watching the show since the very first episode. I live in Bedford County of TN and I am in Nashville plenty. I am really trying to pursue my musical career and think that a chance to sing with the stars of Nashville and get some advice would really help me and kick me in the right direction. I would give anything to be given this opportunity.. Especially to meet Lennon and Maisy Stella… They are getting to live the dream I have always desired and they are inspiration! Thank you for your consideration! I would be more than willing to send videos or show up where I need to show up, anytime. Thank you! God Bless(:

  41. Gage Seitz

    I’m a young, tall, handsome boy from Missouri! I’m an actor, country musician, and dancer, and I have been all my life! My parents and I love Nashville, and I’d love to be a part of it!

  42. Veronica Davis

    I live in West TN and have loved being a paid extra but I’d love to be challenged a little more-push the envelope. I have been singing since I was in elementary school and have sung in various choirs as well as acted in numerous plays in a variety of roles. I write some and still sing having just joined a gospel choir. Also , I notice there are many calls for record execs and I went to NYU to get an M.A. in Performing Arts Admin-Music Entertainment Professions Concentration. If I could just make people realize that a large person can be a talented and vital part of the music business…I interned at Polygram Label Group for three semesters, by the way. I even have an idea for a storyline if I only knew who I could tell about it. I love acting and singing and the occasional dancing. Just give me a chance to share what God gave me to share.

  43. Desiree Wardell

    Hey yall!!
    I’m just a little country girl from Texas and I faithfully watch this every week. I’ve been singing since I was 4 and would lI’ve to be considered for this show. I’d fit right in with no acting involved. You can check me out on YouTube and reverbnation.
    Thanks for reading!!!!

  44. Denise Miller

    I enjoyed my day on the set!! Everyone is so nice! Hope to get the chance again soon an amazing experience. I wanna be the one to save Deacon :-). Connie Britton ( Rayna ) is so sweet, I became a bigger fan that day!!! Hope it goes on forever!! Each and every week keeps you on your toes. Rayna reminds me of myself… Don’t mess with mama bear… Loved it when she went and took him down pretecting her daughter!!! I’m hooked on the show 🙂

  45. chrislynn

    I’ve been in the music business my entire life. I sing, play guitar.
    I’ve called Nashville home since 1995. Originally from Texas.
    Ya’ll need me!!!

  46. Waylon Nihipali

    All they way from Hilo, Hawaii! I was born and raised in Hawaii, also raised on Country music. I’ve been singing Country music since I was 12. Been on the National High School Rodeo team twice for bull riding. Been in the rodeo for quite sometime and now, my main focus in life is to be a great husband, daddy, and a country artist. The reason why I think I should get a chance is because it’s something very special to me and something I think the audience will love, to hear someone from Hawaii sing some country music at a level most people wouldn’t imagine Hawaii could produce. I love all country and my favorites go as far back as George Jones, Waylon, Willie, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs to Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Blake and let’s not forget the Legends George Strait, Alan, Garth. I could go on and on! Dad sings Country music and I followed! I’d like to ask for a chance. I hear it all the time; you should go to American Idol, the voice, etc. , but is like to hear it from the judges and the rest of the world! You guys are the real judges; besides God being the Ultimate Judge! Aloha, Waylon Nihipali

  47. Lou Heyden

    I’m going to put all the things on the table to begin, I’m from France so I know it would be more difficult for me to play in Nashville. But there’s one other thing I know, it’s that if I have the opportunity to play in this show I’ll be capable to let all behind my back. Country music isn’t popular in France so that’s why I’m gonna live in Nashville someday and if it could be sooner than I thought I’d be sooooo happy! Everyone tells me I’m a really good singer and that I should make it my job, it’s my dream…
    So I’m 17 (turning 18 this year), I’m not really tall (5″2) but I’m well proportionate (I think ahah). I’m a really smiling and warm person. I think I’m a little bit like Scarlett, we have almost the same character but of course I got my own personnality if not I won’t interesting for a role in Nashville ahah. I can be interesting for a singer role
    I think that’s all I can say, and I’m really sorry for my bad english but it’s not my birth langage so I do like I can…
    I would be so honored to be a part of the Nashville show…

  48. Jasmine

    Im not going to give a long speech on why i should be considered to be on the Nashville show. I will just say that in life you got to take chances and make great choices and you have to pursue your dreams and goal. Would i be extremely excited yes i would, it would be an awesome and unfrogettable and changing experience for me in life besides the birth of my two children. It would be a great change for my self and my children becuase im a single mother of two. I could give you a whole book on my story but im not going to give any story for sympathy.The only thing i can do is give it my best continue to have drive and ambition and motivation for my children and myself. Life can push you down a million times but you have to be the one to pick your self back up again and again and continue the wonderful journey. This would be an oppurtunity of a lifetime for my self and any other person who could try out and land the role or even just trying out. Nashville

  49. Linda Bloomfield

    I would love the chance to be on your show. I am an older person who has taught school for many years. I am a decent looking woman who would like to start a new career. As a fellow ginger, I would compliment your current actors. Thanks for reading this. Your show is great and I love the way you incorporate current issues! Keep up the good wo!rk

  50. Starr Todd

    I think I should be picked because I am confident I easily follow instructions. I am good under pressure and I will make you show blossom because I have the ability to capture the viewers attention. So when you get more viewers you also get more money. Thanks for this opportunity even if you bypass my comment and best of luck

  51. chandler sorrells

    i have lived here in the city since 2009 and have experienced almost everything it has to offer. Nashville has broadened my horizons in a well rounded manner. I graduated from Belmont University in 2014 with a BBA concentrated in Music Business. This type of extra work would be fun and enjoyable

  52. Jordyn Allan

    Hi. My name is Jordyn Allan. I’m 18 years old, from Ontario Canada. I have had a passion for acting and singing from a young age and have been in many school productions, musicals, and music videos. It would be my dream to be in Nashville, one of my favourite shows.

    When I was younger my parents realized I didn’t have your typical Canadian singing voice, so they put me in voice lessons to try and see what came out. I started with opera, and finally made my way to country where I found my passion. Singing country music is something I love and do any possible moment I can. Please consider me for this amazing show.

    I am 5’4, 130 pounds, long brown hair.

    Thank you, Jordyn

  53. Stephanie Vitale

    I have dreamed of the stage since I was a little girl. I have performed many times however I have never had my moment my chance. I am driven, dedicated and tell stories in my poems. I write lyrics and have many new lyrics to share. I am willing to go anywhere to follow my destiny. I’m doing it to make a difference. I was always told I was never good enough, I was literally torn down and abused and that never stopped me from getting back up and writing to heal the hurt inside. I do everything to be a role model for my 15 year old brother with Autism. He is my light and he owns 13 guitars one of which was signed and given to him by Demi Lovato because of a article I wrote in Autism Speaks about Microsoft and meeting Demi. He is so talented and caring and sweet and I live for him. If it was not for him I would not be where I am today and I know I can bring that passion and strength to the show. I have talent, and my mom calls me a drama queen and I have taught drama beforw so I have some acting there but mainly I sing and write lyrics. Now I just need someone to produce my lyrics and I know I will make the world proud and help others in need. I struggled and I know it’s a difficult world but I hope my music and my spirit can help others reach out for help and become the person they were made to be and they dream of being. Thank you and I really hope you consider me. Much love and compassion for the show.
    Stephanie Vitale

  54. Wes Brown

    I have a love for two things my family and my music. I am a father of five and have a wonderful woman to share my journey through this life with! I play sing and write country music and would love the opportunity to show you how my love of family and music combine for great music!!

    Wade Bowen Who I am cover by Wes Brown:

  55. Cathy Andrews

    Hi….NOT a songwriter or singer!
    Retired from the medical profession. Age 61 and would be available anytime
    I had the opportunity to visit the studio last year and was amazed at how much went into filming the show. Love seeing all the sets.
    It would be great if you would consider me for an audition.
    Cathy Andrews

  56. Ethan Escue

    My name is Ethan Escue. I am 16 years old and love to sing and play country music. I have prepared a few demos of my own songs and would love the chance to perform.

  57. Michelle Edwards

    I would love to be an extra on Nashville! I know that it would be a great opportunity to help myself grow as a person.

  58. Tammy Phillips

    I would be perfect as Deacon’s new love intrest

  59. Ryan Wyatt

    My name is Ryan Wyatt. I have been interested in acting and singing my whole life. I once sang on the Nashville Spotlight and I sing in church quite a bit. I also was the leading role in my highschool drama, “The Christmas Carol.” I use to live in Murfreesboro. I moved to South Carolina when I was 14 years old. I am now almost 20 years old. I am a very hard worker and have dreamed of making my mark on the industry of music and acting. I have watched Nashville ever since it debuted. Please consider me because I won’t let you down. Thanks.

  60. Brent Roemer

    I am a recording engineer in the music industry. Some say I am a music historian I have studied a lot about the history of country music and artist of country music. I have worked with Shooter Jennings the son of Waylon Jennings I record with his band in LA in 2011 working on my album. I was born and raised in Wisconsin I travel to Nashville 2-3 times a year I love Nashville and all the music it has to offer. I enjoy watching the show and would like to work on the show anyway I can as an extra in a studio seen or a small role as an actor.

  61. Terika Roberson

    I love country! I’m from Tn. And watching my mother sing
    Tanya Tucker among other great stars of country music, has aloud me to appreciate all types of music. I’m a 19 yr. old College student.
    Who has taken acting classes. This would
    be a excellent opportunity.

  62. Crystal Nawolski

    My fiancé and I love the show and would really love to get our foot in the door we were hoping that this could be a start to a great new career we live in Canada but are going back to nashville for our honeymoon in August 2015

  63. Jaylon Bullock

    I’m Good for This I’ll play any role you give , 19 years old Nashville native , black male 6,4 300lbs
    Give me that shot baby!

  64. cassy

    my daughter is 13 almost 14 loves the show. shes been trying to get in to acting, but the more we try the more money people want and we get know where. we would love for a chance to audition for a role on the shoe . we live just out side of Nashville. thanks.

  65. Van Wile


    I’m an actress and singer-songwriter.

    I record country-rock pop music under the name Van Wild.

    I’m presently at #87 on the US MediaBase Top 40 radio charts.

    I’ve acted on stages across Europe and the U.S. and have been featured
    extensively on European T.V.

    I understand the show and feel I could contribute to the artistic line-up; I’ve played a southern singer-songwriter in a play I’ve written that has won numerous prestigious awards, and I’m a a very strong performer.

  66. Betty McCormick

    I love the show Nashville I think I could be a extra or someone mama I’m 66 but they tell me I don’t look that old I’v always took care of myself I’m not beautiful or ugly just me,I get told everyday I have a nice smile.I love peoples and get alone wilt anyone,I weigh about 160 am 5’6″ I have a southern drag my family tell me I have my own way of talking.

  67. Brenda Vincent

    I am a local and been around the biz

  68. Shane Phillips

    I can remember before the show ever actually aired that, if I wanted to get my foot in the door I’d love for it to be on this show. I’ve been to Nashville numerous times and I’m in love with the city and the way of life and the show depicts it very well. Interesting though on one of my last trips I was approached by a talent scout while standing at a cross walk it was the day Hayden announced her pregnancy. Due to the fact I was leaving to go home at that moment and my family was with me I would have been at “Printer’s Alley” in that scene I was offered to come the next week and try again but couldn’t due to work. Acting is all I’ve ever wanted to do I feel so complete when I do it, I live this show both weekly and everyday being a country boy who loves and understands country music isn’t just a song it’s someone’s story.I know with everything in me if given the chance I could do amazing things with a character on this show the writing is amazing as are the actors/actress . The story lines are so gripping and keep you guessing and on your toes leaving you wanting more. I know every story line characters and I want to be part of this so bad, I want to be part of something great. Thank You for your time. My foot’s at the door and I really want to kick it open

  69. Rebecca Alexander

    I am a big fan of Nashville and of country music. I eat, sleep, and breath country music. I don’t what I would do without it. I would love to be apart of this show! I have a lot of acting and singing experience.

  70. Christie Wilkerson

    I’ve been told that I look a lot like Layla. If you’re interested in casting a talented singer with the right looks, you could introduce and interesting sister plot. 😉 Get at me.

  71. Aretta

    I am a Female Drummer,Singer,Chef and a caregiver and I Love Nashville !
    I’m so proud to be apart of this great City, being apart of this great community and this being music capital city it’s nothing like it. I LOVE working with a lot of artist here, truly is no place like Nashville !

  72. brooklynn curley

    I sleep, eat, breathe this show. This show is such an honor to country music and country fans! The story is amazing and I love the music in it. I have even drove to Nashville to see the blue bird and go to the grand ol opry to see where most of this is filmed. It was an honor just to stand in the same room but to be able to be apart of this no matter how small or big would be an even greater honor.

  73. Staci Barbati

    My friend would be great she is a singer and has a label.Contact me if interested in hearing her.

  74. Staci Barbati

    I think my friend Kim should get a chance she’s a singer and she is with a label. She is amazing contact me if you want to hear her music.