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One of the most anticipated projects of the television season is set to go before cameras and a number of roles for up and coming talented actors will soon be available. Casting calls and auditions for ABC’s new musical dram Nashville will be held shortly and now you can be a part of what could be the hot show that everyone will be talking about.

Nashville is the brainchild of Academy Award winning writer director Callie Khouri (Thelma And Louise, The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood) and will focus on the drama filled behind the scenes happenings in the Nashville country music scene. Country superstar Rayna James is having a career down slide and her record label is forcing her to embark on a dual tour with rising star Juliette Barnes, the woman set to take her place as the queen of country music kingdom. This hour long drama promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seat each week an intriguing mixture of scheming, plotting, triumph, amazing music and one of the finest principal casts on TV including Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, I Love You, Beth Cooper), Eric Close (Without a Trace, Now and Again), Powers Boothe (Hatfields & McCoys, Deadwood) and Jonathan Jackson (General Hospital, Insomnia). There are still several roles to be cast throughout the season and several chances for you to work with some of the biggest talents in entertainment today. Auditions and casting calls are happening soon and submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in landing a role on this fantastic new project you can send you can send your information here Leave a comment for us below and tell us what you think of this exciting new series and stay tuned for all of the casting updates for ABC’s Nashville.

Country music has never been more popular and now ABC is looking to shine a light on this fascinating world. Submit yourself today and you could become a part of the ABC drama Nashville.

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  1. Abby Hankins

    It feels like home, country music and the life of a performer. I’ve learned so much about the business that is country music, and of course the music is top notch. I think it’s the best show on TV.

  2. Frederick McGee

    I think its a great show. its good for Nashville, for an up and coming City thats really have been booming ( Growing ) for the last 10 years. I have lived here all of my life and I think this is the perfect time for Nashville to shine and show their talent. thanks!

  3. Lisa Grafton

    I particapted recently as an extra for the show; loved the cast and crew, and would like to expand my experience in reference to a speaking role!

  4. Stephanie Holmes

    Just want to be a part of something so amazing! Can you blame a girl?

  5. Gerry Domagala

    I am a great country songwriter and singer. I so my own songs. I would like to audition my music for the show. They are always looking for new songs. I am 60. They need older people too. Give me a chance.

  6. Melanie Wilhite

    Hey yall.Love the show.I watch it every week.Also really love the cast They seem down to earth people.I am from Austinville Virginia, yep im from the country as country as you can get I guess you could say.I like to go out dancing in night clubs Johnny an Junes great clubfamous country music singers play thare like on yalls the outfits the ladies wear.l love to wear the bling an boots.I love pretty things to wear.I am a size 3or5 depending on what it is.I am 125 pounds.5.7 tall blue eyes.blond hair.And I have a great since of humor.I love people.I have been married to the same man for 30 years.yea I know.had a chance to be in Urban Cowboy I got to watch them film it but.was to young to do it.wish I had been in it now.hung out at Gilleys a lot wear it was filmed.was raised in Pasadena Texas.Have got to meet an mengle with a lot of famous people.was raised on country music.still love it.I like to sing the old songs like coal miners daughter.I also do keoke nightsEven if you dont wont me.I love you all take yea all.Buy the way im 50 and people say im still sexy…..I look younger than I am.Its just a number any way.Im a Leo July 26, Fun to be around.easy on the eyes.Thank you fore a great show.bye bye yall……….

  7. Eddie Edge

    Hi, just wanted to say i belong on this show! i have grown up with this music and its a huge part of my life. i am very qualified to be apart of this amazing cast. I am a graduate with a BFA in performance, and have also studied acting abroad in London and in Spain. I currently live in Houston Texas as a working actor and would love the chance to show what i’ve got! I have a full resume and would love for someone to take a chance on me.

  8. Alesha Kristicevich

    Name: Alesha
    Age: 20
    Eyes: hazel
    Hair: brown/Long

    Big fan of the show! Singer, dancer, and actress. Made it to state competitions in chorus as well as dancing. Also participated in speech, theater, chorus, as well as our high schools glee club!

  9. cassandra

    Hey, my name is Cassandra. I’m from Columbus IN. First I have to say I am a huge fan of the show. I watch it every week. I have no experience in singing or acting. I like to sing and even acting interests me to. I think I would be to shy to sing in front of a big crowd tho. I have to be honest with that one. My choice of things to do is dance or model. I would love this experience to see if this is something I would really love. I don’t have to be one of the main people who gets noticed a lot. Just being a face in the crowd would be an amazing experience for me. Living in Columbus is not easy coming across opportunities, even more when I have a daughter. Just doing something like this could be a some what push in the door. I’m looking forward to hearing something back from y’all. I’m 25 yrs old. I’m about 5’6 at 115 lbs.

  10. Muktar

    I don’t know what you can do with out being happy.

  11. Ashanti J'Aria

    I should be on Nashville because I can act and sing ANY type of music

  12. Sierra powers

    Hello! My name is Sierra and I am obsessed with this show!!! I have no experience acting but I have always thought about acting but it really hit me when Nashville premiered that I wanted to act and I want to act on this tv series. I am 18 years old and I’m from a small town in Minnesota, I’m a complete country girl through and through. I have always wanted to go to Nashville it’s always been a dream of mine, that dream started around the age of six and the reason behind it is my whole family loves music, we revolve around music. And tennessee is the heartland of country music and when the tv show aired I just knew I had to at least try to be a part of this amazing series! If I could just get a chance at it I would be the happiest person on the earth!!

  13. Jasmine

    Hi, my name is Jasmine Sexton I’m 14 but I can pass through the ages of 13-17. I love country music and I love acting. I have strawberry-blonde hair and I am southern. Everyone says that I have a southern voice. I’m from a small town in Illinois. My dream is to become a country singer but I just don’t have the guts to sing in front of people. I’m getting a guitar, I play my sisters guitar every time I get a chance. I might be getting guitar lessons. I can kinda play the drums. I want to be on the show because it would help me with what I want to do in life. I have always wanted to work with music some how. Plus I want to become something in life and I think a career in acting or in music would be great.

  14. Mary Ann Chatman

    Dear Nashville .Im actually 47 but I actually look very young and can play parts of a girl 28-30.I am singer songwriter here in NC who won Songwriter Of The Year Award with Forsyth Entertainer Award. I have talent to get on stage with Mirada Lambert and be country singer and duet with those country stars and look very young like them .I hear 50 times a week that I smile like Kristen Chenoweth. If I got some blue contacts you would swear we were twins or sisters. Cliff Ayers of Emerald Records is playing the song I wrote on Wild Horse radio Station In Nashville. I feel if I got to be extra on your show I could write songs for you. I have one Im writing now called ‘Ive wore out my cowgirls girl boots walking floors over you. that I feel will get in charts in Nashville .I just need band to back me up get it going. My songs are at Mary ann Chatman at Reverbnation and Im also at I am country singer songwriter which will be extra benefit to your show.I also could do security for you because im security guard with Sunstate Security of GreensboroNC. I am blonde streaked hair only 120 pounds have country star look and stage presence!!.if you type in Mary ann CHatman on facebook you will see me on my profile with Sunstate Security shirt on was having beautiful hair day. Your first reaction is going be /Oh My god shes Kristen Chenoweths lookalike is what you will think!!!.I can be extra or just do security for you or sing background or write songs. I have so much I can do for you . My page is have young face body like my daughter.!!!Thanks Love all of you!! Mary Ann Chatman

  15. William Garcia

    I’m a video director and DOP…I just finished working with Mark Hudson and came across a talent you should look at… her name is Sarah Buxton…

    I think she could easily have an operrtunity to do amazing work with ABC…if interested William Garcia

  16. Felix de la Rosa IV


    MY name is Felix de la Rosa IV and i am an aspiring Actor/Singer here in San Antonio, Texas.
    I have numerous amounts of experiences in television/stage/and film and would love for the chance to have the opportunity to work along side some of the best names in the business. I have a BFA in Performance and Production and know that i would bring one hundred percent to anything that is given to me. Can’t wait for the new season, been an avid watcher since day one of NASHVILLE and never missed a beat.

  17. Calaeb Roland

    My name is Calaeb Roland from Ada, Okla…. yes… this is Blake Shelton’s home town… Well! and Mine!! haha!! Nah, I just saw that you guys were looking for some talent/people/awesomness for the show and I’m totally down to meet with you guys. If you wanna hear me sing just ask, I play a little guitar but mainly just sing. Anyways… hope to hear back from yall!! Enjoy

  18. Colin Sparks

    All of my life I have been an athlete. I have exceeded at a very high level of sports my whole life, so when I finally told people that I wanted to pursue my true passions: singing, and songwriting I did not receive the support I was hoping for. Everyone around me pretty much thought I should just stick with what I was good at. I feel like I should have the chance to audition for this show because I feel like a character like me on Nashville would be able to relate to many people who are in my situation.

  19. Kristin Parker

    I’ve honestly just been too nervous to try anything bigger than a national anthem, wedding, or high school graduation performance. Music is my passion, and singing frees me. As a new resident of the Nashville area, I’m finally ready to take that leap towards chasing my dream as an actress/singer/performer. I grew up watching Hayden Panettiere in Remember the Titans, thinking I would never succeed if I didn’t start now! And here I am years later hoping to apply my talents to something bigger than myself.

    I’m a 22 year old recent graduate of the University of Tennessee- 5’2″ tiny blonde girl with blue eyes (typical)

    I would love love love to join your fantastic team and set!
    Help me help you 🙂

  20. Sherry W.

    I’m a “country girl” living in the city!
    This is actually indicative of the song I wrote….”I’m Just a Country Girl Lliving in the City.”
    I am a black young woman….love Nashville….from Baltimore, Maryland. I am embody entertainment and music. That’s me! To hear a sample of my song: Itunes….Sherry W.

  21. Scott Pennell

    No bells or whistles here. Just a guy who wants to make a difference in this world using my God given talent to sing.

  22. Erica Osborne

    I would love to be apart of The show Nashville because I’m very fun, sassy, spunky, and I’m a true Nashvilian I was born and raised her. I pray you guys pick me as an extra to play a small part or maybe a bigger part my fingers are crossed

  23. Reilly Downes

    I think I should be considered, not because I’m part of the Nashville community or understand the hardships struggling singer/songwriters go through in Nashville…YET.
    I’m Reilly, a 25 year old Texan Actress/Singer/Dancer moving to Nashville in 2 weeks to try my hand at this “Music City” I’ve heard so much about. I’ve been in outdoor theatre for the past three years as the leading cowgirl, Parmalee Flynn, in “TEXAS!: The Musical” (, but one of my greatest passions is singing and songwriting, so I’m selling all my things-including my car, and hittin’ that road to Nashville.
    I would love to be considered for anything involving “Nashville”.
    Thank you.

  24. Thomas L Tutner (tommy)

    Hi There,
    I’m a long term resident of Nashville’s Musical Community an GR8 example of being a well know active Singer Songwriter who has been on the very edge of success for years..
    Tommy Turner
    Guitar Player, Songwriter

    BMI Catalog

    Some of Tommy’s Co Writers are:
    Bruce Burch Nashville TN
    Sara Young Nashville

    Mark Irwin ,Nashville
    Kent Westbury Nashville
    Sonny Flaherty Nashville
    Gary Cavanaugh Nashville
    Randy Finchum
    Jack Frisby Nashville
    Tommy Allen ,Texas
    Sam Cooper ,Nashville,
    Bill Warrington , Nashville
    Kaleb Hensley Lenore NC & Nashville
    Jeff Pearson ,Nashville
    Les Kerr, Nashville
    Marceia Bolin
    Tommy was a columnist for:
    American Songwriter Magazine as a Columnist
    Songwriter Tools Columnist 1990s
    Jim Sharp Owner
    Vernell Hackett Editor

    Tommy was from Deland FL where he and his late wife Peggy owned Turners Discount Music Center.
    Today Tommy performs nightly at most hard core Songwriters Venues such as:
    Bluebird Café,
    The Commodore ,
    The Row,
    Richards Café Whites Creek TN
    both in and out of Nashville TN and Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse In Monteagle TN
    His 2013 CD recorded Live is for sale on line as well at The Smokehouse

    Tommy’s 1st CD 2001 (C) Tommy Turner Live at The Bluebird Café and the Last song is a cameo audio of the Bluebird Café BARBARA CLOYD
    Thank You

  25. Sarah Scott

    I’ll be straight to the point the reason why you want me. I’m not your typical girl who just says aw I love the show and I always dreamed of being on the show no. I’m here to start a career I have some schooling in the industry by John casa Blancas and have done some modeling jobs and what can I say I act everyday. I can make people believe the emotion and live to see the reaction they have. So you want someone tough then keep throwing those fast balls maybe a few curve balls but you bet believe your ass I’ll hit a homer.

    Sarah Scott
    10 lb

  26. Ciara Rae

    I am the long shot. I am a singer like most of the the individuals responding.
    As with the others, it is my dream to be a country music singer. I do song writing. I perform. My goal is to make it to Nashville. What I have learned is that the selection process is very subjective. Thus the key question here is what you are looking for in the individual or role you are trying to fill. Best I can do is present a sample of my work. If it catches you’re eye or I meet the criteria you are looking for , I hope to hear from you.

  27. Jessica McVey

    I may not have a resume filled with acting jobs I’ve done, however music is my life and passion. I am very dedicated to anything I do and will continue to strive to be the best. I am a powerhouse vocal with the look and a story. I have the ability to memorize and remember songs the first time I hear them and have them perfected by second or third time hearing them. This would be a dream of mine. I think the show is an incredibly written show that has helped me as an artist understand what can happen in this business and be prepared for anything. Even if I wouldn’t be picked I will continue to watch this show. Something that has never been done and you have done an incredible job with this show! I’ve shared a few of my YouTube posts.

  28. Kevin Kobielnik

    Hi there! I would love to be considered for your show! ^_^ I’m a singer songwriter, here’s my youtube name “KVKoby” I have a few covers up and you can see my singing ability as well as on facebook and soundcloud I WOULD LOOOOVE THE CHANCE TO WORK WITH THE CAST! I live in Clarksville TN, I’m a 23 yr old. white kid looking at any chance to work with “Nashville”

  29. Kate Etheridge

    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 110 lb
    Hair: Dark blonde, medium length
    Eye color: blue/green
    Dress size: 2
    Shoe size: 6.5

    I live next door to TN in NC, so it wouldn’t be a long trip for me to take. I am the type who dabbles in music, but the extent of my performing experience lies with piano recitals (11 years of lessons) and playing guitar/singing for my church. I am only a rhythm guitarist and my voice is probably best suited for backup/harmony. I’m really only writing any of this down because Nashville is one of my absolute favorite shows, mostly because it is so multi-faceted with its fantastic cast, writing and quality music. I just think it would be cool to be able to participate as an extra or something! Thanks.

  30. Joshua Suggs

    I would love to be apart of this show. Country music is a very intriguing and expressive genre of music. It would be awesome to portray any character or an extra.

  31. Montel Bobbitt

    My name is Montel and I am 13 years old. I am handsome. My dream is to be in show business. Please contact me. Thank you.

  32. Lillian Bobbitt

    I have wanted to be in a movie or show for a long time. I have been in plays. Now I am in my 40’s. Is that too late? Lillian

  33. Melody Myers

    Hello! My name is Melody Myers and I’ve lived in Nashville for nearly 17 years, but I’m originally from Hollywood CA. I will be 23 July 31st, and I just graduated from Cumberland University in a Bachelor’s of Music Performance. As strange as it sounds, my specialty is in Opera, Classical, and a little Musical Theatre. I’ve been known to sing a bit of country and pop, depending on the occasion too. I’ve also sung as a background vocalist for featured artists such as the European opera star Sarah Brightman, Gregorian Masters of Chant, Eva Mali, and classical/contemporary composer Eric Whitacre.

    I have a YouTube channel which has over one million views. Here is the link:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment,
    Melody Myers

  34. aminah louden

    hello my name is aminah louden i am 17 years old i love this show so much I love rayna with my heart i am the middle of my family i know i want to act when i was 9 years old in the first play that i did at my church that was called god don’t like ugly . the though on why i want to act was i was bully and i did like my self on what they said about me so when i turn 11 i know i had to do what will make me happy and that was to dance, model, and act to get all of my love and sadness out . you should have me on your show is i love country music and i want to see what is so good about me when i act in sad, mad, happy sence. i am mixed african american that has passion to act i am 5’7 and i am plus size which i think is coo lto have on your show . thank you i hope i will see the cast very soon .

  35. Anna

    That’s a lot of posts, my condolences to the one put in charge of reading all these. Though it’s not making me feel real original, I’m going to throw in my, abbreviated, life long hopes and dream anyway, sorry.
    Moved to nashville almost two years ago. I love it here and when people ask if I sing I tell them I had to audition before I could get a state drivers license.
    I work promos, I’ve done a bit of modeling, work as an extra and I almost got to do a music video, unfortunately I don’t think almost counts for much.
    Some girl drama I got kicked off an hour before the shoot because if I was in it then the wife of the drummer wanted to be in it but they didn’t want her in it so instead of just telling her no they made a blanket statement ‘ no wives or girlfriends’ and pretended that was the case all along even though a week earlier they had asked if me n a couple of my cute friends were avaliable. Anyway I didn’t want to cause any problems for my friend so I let that one go.
    I love to sing, I love to have fun and id love to help in anyway I can. And I’m sure ud Love for this post to end.
    thanks for your tIme,

  36. Tracy Wakeman

    HELLO NASHVILLE! My name is Tracy Wakeman and I am a HUGE country music fan, and a huge fan of “Nashville”! I also have extensive experience in modeling, acting, and singing. I have performed in many college theater productions, including the musical “George M”, the comedy “Bells are Ringing”, and the drama “Look Homeward Angel”, as well as several commercials. I am not shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera, and I am very easy to work with. No diva here! I am also a very motivated woman and can be pretty tenacious. Please consider me for this amazing opportunity. I promise you won’t regret it.

    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: green
    Shoe size: 8
    Pant/dress size: 6
    Age range: 28-40

    Swimming, tennis, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, camping, photography, shopping, exercising, singing, going to the beach, reading, traveling, acting, drawing, painting, writing, runway modeling, print modeling, mannequin modeling, gardening

  37. Misty Guye

    I should be considered because I have worked hard as an extra on the set of Nashville. I love the show and am familiar with the characters and the workings of the set. I would lobe to be considered for a featured extra role.

  38. Angela Snow

    Will be in Nashville TN today!!

  39. Ashley Sanker

    First of all Nashville rocks, the show and the city. I have lived here my entire life. I have always aspired to become an actress. I am 30 years old with that southern accent and charm, but don’t let that fool you cause I have what it takes to play the evil roles. I always give 110% at anything I do. Would luv to be a part of y’all’s family significant or background roles. Thanks:)

  40. Jennifer

    My name is Jennifer and I’m a recent USC grad who majored in Theatre. In February, I won a competition in Los Angeles called LA’s Next Great Stage Star and a month ago I graduated. I LOVE country music and watch Nashville religiously! While I’ve grown up singing and performing in Musical Theatre, I sure do love to rock a southern twang in the car as I sing along to all my favorite country songs 🙂 I’ve admired Connie Britton’s work for years and it would be an honor just to be considered for a role in a show that she’s working on. I’ve pasted the link to my website below.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  41. Ana

    I am the girl next door with musical and ballet experience. I still have the passion years later and would like to explore opportunities in Nashville. I am a singer and can pretty much dive into any song, I know how to follow and I know how to make it my own without direction. With country music, there is a heart felt passion, one I understand. No part is to small. I would be grateful for an opportunity to explore – Thank you!

  42. Callie Smith

    I am interested in auditioning for any role you may have for me! I am 21, a telecomm film major at bama! Love the show and am flexible and at your disposable! Please contact me if you have an opportunity! Thank u.

  43. Meredith Ford

    hello! I am very interested in auditioning for the show! I have been singing my entire life and it is all I can ever dream of doing..I have different musical training in many different genres as well as a few different languages. I am living in Nashville and I came from Kentucky to follow my dreams to Music City. Please email me I would love to have this opportunity! I also have a background of dancing and acting for years in each 🙂 please contact me if interested! I have a Facebook page that shows off my skill.
    Meredith ford

  44. Carly pike

    Hello, my names Carly pike. I am a 14 year old actress and singer. I would love to be featured in Nashville, not only for the publicity, but for the experience. I’m currently involved in a program called The Theater Bug in East Nashville. We recently did a spring Break camp entitled “Nashvilles got the bug” in which we spent the week learning songs and choreographing from the hit show Nashville! It was a fun week and recently I’ve been involved in three other program there. Extreme theater series( we spent 8 hours and wrote a play, then 2 weeks later we spent a weekend and learned and performed it( auditions-friday, rehearsal sat and sun, show sun night)) now I’m currently in our production of The Most Amazing Anything Of Evertime. An original show written by Cori Anne Laemmel( director and founder) rewritten as a musical. I’m playing one of the supporting role. roxy Sullivan- 3rd grader with a lisp. It’s a very fun character and shows will be July 10-13 with me playing Roxy. Then I was asked to fill in for a girl who had to drop out as a smaller character known as the lovling those shows will be July 24-27. I’m a rising freshmen at Franklin High School. I plan on getting involved in their drama department. My plan in life is to go to school(hopefully Northwestern-Chicago) with my major in Elementary Education and a minor in theater. I plan to teach for a few years then open my own local non-profit theater organization which will provide at least 2 free 8 week original productions a year and give children opportunities to let their light shine and be who they want to be in a safe environment. Other talents of mine include- talking with a lisp, some gymnastics skill( took for 9 years), ice skating. Thank you so much for your time and I hope for the chance to impress you in the future. Thank you again.
    Carly Pike
    Theater bug intern/actress

  45. ApRiL DuDgEoN

    I’d love to audition for Nashville because the show is awesome and so fun to watch! Plus I can act and sing! The people on this show are great and I’d love to be a part of it! 🙂

  46. Jesse

    Because I’m freaking awesome and that’s all.

  47. Raquel Madaffari

    Hi, my name is Raquel, I am a 22 year old actor, dancer, singer and artist. Nashville has drawn me by the powerful country music, the soulful connection to country music history, the gripping and shocking yet contained storylines and the raw talent and believability of the actors. I have dreamed of finding a role or plot that I fit so well with. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing show. I would live to be a part of something that keeps so close with what has saved me and made me the person I am – country music. I am an enthusiastic, creative, hardworking , aspiring artist in many spectrums and feel I would bring the standard and shine you are looking for in your show. Please consider me for any upcoming roles, although I live in Australia I am more than willing to jump on the next plane to Nashville should anything arise. If you would like any samples of any of my work please feel free to contact me. But ultimately I want to thank you for creating such a raw, soulful, enjoyable and comforting show like Nashville.
    Thank you,

  48. Keri

    It is my DREAM to be on this, my FAVORITE show! I have loved ‘Nashville’ since the first episode and I love the city too! I am not an actor or a singer but would LOVE to be in this show! I have even been told I resemble Rayna and Tandy!

  49. Christy Campbell

    My resume is full of great opportunities and experiences, traveling all over the world singing. And now I live in Nashville pursuing my first love, country music. But I think the best part of performing is helping your audience have a blast, whether live or watching you on tv. Professionalism, know-how and fun are they key ingredients I think make a great time. I love this show and would love to be a part! Whether as a backup singer or a character with a bit of a different kind of struggle, I would be a great fit.

  50. Kayla moss

    My name is Kayla moss and I am 17 years or age. I am 5’5 with medium brown hair and actually now live just outside of Nashville due to my father’s job relocation. I would love to work on such a talented show as Nashville. I am going to be a senior and I have acted in theatre all throughout high school. I am in advanced theatre and would like to pursue acting. I am very experienced and I may not be the best singer but I am decent enough that I could. But I would love even a minor role. Thank you for the consideration.

  51. Eric Brooks

    Long story short I love the show and love working as an extra on it. But would love a chance to do more and help the show even more.

  52. Alexis Hughes-Williams

    Hey y’all. My name is Alexis, I’m a Nashville transplant by way of Milwaukee, WI. Love the show, love to act, sometimes the seemingly quiet and shy people can surprise you the most and have some awesome talent just under the surface. That’s what I want to prove-don’t underestimate the little people! It’s live the opportunity to show the world and inspire more girls!

  53. Kira

    My name is Kira, and all I can say for myself is that I love the show. I do not have professional experience like some of the others because I’m a little shy, but I really love to sing and just thought I’d take a chance. I figured whatever is meant to happen will. Singing is the only thing that makes me 100% happy and it moves my soul. I can relate to the characters on the show and would love to possibly be one. Mostly, the only experience I have is that I was in choir in high school and college, but I work hard and love music.

  54. billy stephenson

    Would like to apply for small role or extra work for the show Nashville,commercials, or music videos. I am a green actor but o am trying to break into the career. I have did local play and was a extra in the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard. Thank you for the consideration. Billy Stephenson. 423-760-2377. Email.

  55. Mark

    Please send me a nickel…joking 🙂

    Nashville–the television show AND the town AND the people…just wonderful!

    Acting–No problem. Mostly small productions and skits. Also easy to coach and produce! I am a breath of fresh air and a stress relief for directors and Very flexible with Character roles.

    Singing –all my life. I’ve already learned “Then I was loved by you” and “I have a life that is good” on the guitar and have sang it for people who enjoyed it very much.

    Unbiased input–people I don’t even know who watch me act or sing are always telling me I need to be in LA or Nashville or Hollywood!

    Appearance–a headshot would explain it all. As humbly as I can say…I will not disappoint…including the ladies. I have a very “Nashville” look..would be a great fit for you.

    Phone–I wrote this entire post on my phone…that’s got to count for something. Lol

    The only disappointment will be for you to never meet me! 😉

    Last note–I believe that after just 2 or 3 episodes fans would feel like they had already been seeing me for an entire season and would be earnestly tweeting for more of me in the next!

  56. Annika

    Hey, Nashville!!! My name is Annika, and I’m a 16 year old singer-songwriter from NYC. I’ve been singing, writing, playing guitar, and performing for around 7 years now, and I’ve played at places such as Lincoln Center, The Knitting Factory, The Great South Bay Music Festival, NYU, Columbia University, The Living Room, Birdland, and The Bitter End. So far, I’ve written around 60 songs that span many genres, some being country. You can check out my songs at Also, I’m currently a member of a group called Real Women Real Songs, which requires me (along with 21 professional female singer-songwriters from around the country) to write a song-a-week for the entirety of 2014. I’m currently writing my week 21 song, and you can hear my RWRS songs so far here:
    In 2009, I formed and fronted an indie-rock kid band, Still Saffire (, which I continued until 2013. In addition to writing and arranging all of Still Saffire’s music, I wrote a number of other songs for hire, including…
    More Who Have Less (written to raise money for Partners in Health to aid earthquake victims in Haiti)
    Rainy Days (part of soundtrack for anti-bullying documentary for the Karen Klein Foundation)
    Here We Go (commissioned by the Gotham Girls Roller Derby League as their anthem with sales proceeds donated to GGRD and The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls)
    Make Your Move (performed for 2012 National No Bully Tour)
    Baseball Brains (written for Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, a documentary on Nicole Sherry, one of only two female groundskeepers in Major League Baseball)
    Now performing solo (2 of Still Saffire’s members are in college), I am more interested in writing than ever. I would absolutely love to write a song for Nashville, or maybe even be on the show (I also act). Anyways, I hope you like my music! Nashville is my favorite show, and I’d love to be a part of it in any way possible.

  57. Paige

    I am leaving a comment to be considered for a part or an extra in the Hit TV show Nashville, I have a great deal of experience with modeling and acting i have been on stage for about 6 years now and truly love being in front of the camera. I would love the experience to be able to be part of the Hit TV show, I have grew up in Country Music with my dad being in a country band, along with me helping where i can. I hope to talk to someone soon to be able to be part of this experience, if you give me the oppurtunity i promise i will not let you down.

  58. Shane Phillips

    I am a 29 soon to be 30 year old man, who has wanted to act my entire life ! I mean literally there’s not a moment of my life that I can recall where I didn’t want to do this I’ve honestly never really had the resources . Growing up in a small town the child of a single mother with hardly any money kind of has a way of stiffening the dream of becoming something great to leave your mark on in this life. But back to now Nashville has came along and I’m completely into this I see myself in the characters both good and bad “Hey we all have a bad side” I’m in love with the show and I will admit I sometimes plant and imagine myself in the plot right in thick of it !!! I want to be a part of this show more than I’ve ever wanted anything . It’s not that hard to act, something you’ve lived and I’ve lived it , I am Nashville !!!!

  59. Courtney Randall

    My name is Courtney, I am 18 years old and just graduated high school. I am a singer/songwriter and I am about to start working on an EP.
    My music style is indie/jazz with a hint of country/folk. I have been watching the show nashville since the first season an it is my favorite show on tv. I am very inspired by all of the artists but mostly Scarlett. I look acting lessons growing up but music has always been my passion.
    I never really thought about combining the two but i found this website and think it would be an amazing opportunity, who knows where it could lead.
    My youtube channel is
    It would be amazing and a dream come true to be considered to join the Nashville family! Hope to hear back from you soon:)

  60. Tony Black

    I have appeared on the hit show Nashville as a paid background actor/extra 3Xs so far. 2 times at the end of the first season and once in the premier of the second. And it wasn’t just to be a seat filler, I actually had work to do. I played a tarmac guy as Connie Hayden Chip and Jay Hernandez stepped off a plane. I was a sound engineer for Hayden at the Parthenon. And I was a roadie backstage on the episode that featured Brad Paisley. Received many calls to return for work but couldn’t due to my day job. But through the experience I learned first hand what it takes to film a television show and the focus and dedication needed to do it successfully. I loved working with the crew and the talented cast on those long days and I would like to jump on this opportunity to become a part of the cast. It was more than a pleasure to get just a taste of my dream. But now I want to take another big step in fulfilling it.

  61. Sophia Penaranda

    I am 17 years old and country music is my life. The patriotism country music and it’s fans represent is one of the reasons I love it. I’ve been singing since I was little and to be a part of a show that encompasses all the things I love would be a dream come true.

  62. jerry michael

    I have been in the music business over 40 years before retiring first as an artist, writer on three different major labels and touring 10 years, then as a publisher, writer and producer and also Record label exec

    I would like to play the charter of a guy who comes out of retirement to head up Highway 65 Record Label.

    This guy has done it all, a career of nothing but success. as an artist, writer….as a publisher, producer and then as the head of a record company. He knows how to communicate, motivate, encourage, mentor and teach these new artist. But he also has the respect of his peers, this guys no push over, he knows how to run a record label with a steel hand in a velvet glove..


  63. wendy

    I have been a model and worked in music industry for 10 years. My friend is a songwriter and singer and I finally finished her demo would love to send it your way.

  64. Ray Ivy

    My name is Ray Ivy, I’m from Dallas, Tx and I know I’m supposed to write on here why you should pick me. We’ll simply put first off an absolute huge fan of the show, secondly I love country music and singing. I have always been a fan of acting and always had a small part of me that wanted to be apart of something like that. It would be so great and such an honor and blessing to be be able to combine something I have been doing since I was a kid and want for acting. I hope you will consider me and thank you very much.

  65. sarah

    I love to sing! there’s not one moment i aint singing. Nashville is One of my favorite shows. And i want a chance like them, an opportunity, to be on this show. It would be my dream to do this, I am 15 but everyone tells me i have a very inspirable skill. Ever since High school musical came out I knew what i wanted to do and that was to sing and act. Thank you for consideration. Im look-in forward to this show.

  66. Ian Phillips

    Hello I am Ian Phillips. I’m 15 and male. I’m Nashville born and raised. I’ve been told by many people that I should be an actor. And I heard there were casting calls and I thought. I’d check it out. I’d love to hear a reply. Thank you.

  67. Amy Barnthouse

    My name is Amy Barnthouse and I am from Kansas City but looking to move to Nashville after graduating from the University of Kansas in May. I have grown up loving country music and am very comfortable in front of an audience. Nashville is one of my favorite shows on tv right now and I would love the chance to be a part of it!

  68. Mario Micallef

    I will be in Nashville for the next week or 2 would love to be a small part of the family..I mostly wrangle cars for movies and TV, have works with FX,HBO,Starz and more..also was on season 2 of Magic City, and many other shows..just not as many as i’d like.. currenty living in S fl.but ready to relocate to work with your show.Thanks Mario Micallef..386 214 6796

  69. Carson Wood

    My name is Carson and I am 14 from here in Nashville. I would be awesome on the show because I am authentic. I play multiple instruments incluiding violin and guitar and am a strong baritone. I have held lead roles in The Lion King (Simba), Mulan (Chang) and The Little Mermaid (Prince Eric). All of these roles required me to sing and act. I even had to do some light dancing! The show is awesome and is well respected. It would be such an honor. Holler if you want to meet me.

  70. Susan Richards

    Hi, I am 39 years old and border Canada where Lennon and Maisy are from! I have been told over and over that I should be singing country! From Berlklee College of Music to Broadway Instructors I have been told I am a little bit country! II love Nashville and a role in your show especially singing would be a major check on my “Bucket List”!!!!!

  71. Justin Tandy

    My name is Justin Tandy and I recently moved from Santa Cruz, CA to Nashville, TN with my best friends. I have over 10 years acting experience including a B.A. and an M.A. in theater arts. I don’t sing but I play the guitar, write and produce short films (with previously mentioned BFF’s) and I’m interested in this opportunity because it sounds like a great way to get connect to the Nashville acting scene and I always enjoy being on set and having a good time. Feel free to contact me anytime and as always I thank you for your time and consideration.

  72. milton brown

    I think i should be considered because i am african american and would add some diversity to the show. I am also a singer and aspiring country song writer. My number is 615 887 8509.

  73. Leah miller

    I have 10 years of experience in the theatre world. I have a ba in theatre and I am apart of the local theatre community in Nashville, TN. I love the show and i would be an excellent asset to the show because I am an actor, a singer, and I play bass in a band in Nash. Also I would have better insight on the cool things that nashville actually has to offer; such as our amazing underground and garage band scene. I also look pretty good on camera.

  74. Lisa Collins

    I would love any singing part on the show. I have a country song on ITunes now that I wrote and recorded. I would also be so excited to have Connie or Hayden perform it this new season. It’s a great modern country song. Please check it out. The song is called “Motorcycle Cowboy” by Lisa Collins.
    Thank You,
    Lisa Collins

  75. Megan Masters

    Hello, my name is Megan Masters and Im 16, turning 17 in July. My parents don’t know I’m looking at this but I hope you consider me. I havent acted very much, only in a few school plays. I’m from a small town in Iowa and I am planning on moving to Nashville one day. I’ve been there, I love it, & I love to sing. It’s a dream to me, to be part of something incredible, like the show Nashville. It’s my number one favorite show, it makes me miss Nashville. Anyways, I’ll pray because I hope you will consider me!
    Thank you 🙂