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  1. Xaade

    I would love to be on your show I am turning 12 and I have seen every episode multiple times. I know all the characters names I know all Skylar Storms super powers. I know so much about mighty med my brain could explode. I am a great actress and want to be a actress when I grow up and be on a lot of Disney shows. I would do anything to be on the show. I can do my own stunts, because I have done gymastics since I was 3 and Im watching videos and teaching myself karate.

  2. Matthew O'Brien

    I live in Minnesota but I’m not just a regular fan boy.
    I know karate I’m a purple belt and I’ve watched every
    Single episode 3 times.Im a great actor and please pick
    Me I don’t mean to be pushy but I would make an excellent
    part of the show everybody loves an adorable 12 year
    old adventurous boy!

  3. ashlynn

    I love watching mighty Med and know about the show and charecters and would love to be in it. Please let me be in it.

  4. Anjali Vaid

    Hi. My name is Anjali. I’m Indian. I’m 12 years old, turning thirteen in January, but I could pass for a 14-15 year old. I love acting and the show is great, good storylines, humor, and feel-good moments. I’m not good at dancing or acrobatics, but I’d love to be one of Oliver and Kaz’ friends as a recurring character or guest star, or even just an extra. You can contact me at <hidden from public>

  5. Timothy Snipes

    Hi I’m Timothy Snipes I’m 12 and I love acting as superheros I know that I’ll be great at any part plz give me,a chance and I know I won’t,let y’all down

  6. Jasmine P

    My name is Jasmine and I started a Super Hero Club at my School called Mighty Med. Me and my friends are OBSESSED with Mighty Med. I even have my own Super Hero costume that comes with a cape, boots, mask and gloves. My superpowers are taekwondo and I’m half ninja and I have laser eyes.

    Not only that BUT I’m a professional actress and the camera loves me! I’d give ANYTHING to be on your show!!!

    I’m even going to have a Mighty Med theme birthday party this year.

    One more thing, I love Mighty med so much that I could die!!

    Where can I send my headshot and resume?????

    Love, Jasmine aka TKD Girl

  7. Miguel

    I think I shold cause im a dancer and I started danceing since 4 I always practice and it is my dream to be a dancer on tv and I want to show people what I do best

  8. Keegan

    Hi my name is keegan I have always had a passion for acting and would be a great new addition to the show Mighty Med please consider me for the show thanks

  9. annalise

    im Annalise, im 14 years old and acting is my oassion. i love superheroes and acting and it would ve an honour to be on disney channel eith such great actors. i really think that i have what it takes to be a disney actress and it would be a dream come true.

  10. Justin Jerrod johnson

    i really want to be on this show its been my dream to be a disney xd star

  11. Johnny Battle

    Hi, I’m Johnny Battle and I am 14 years old in the 8th grade going to Arthur and Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts for theatre and I know that I would be great for a role in Mighty Med because I am a great actor and I have a lot of enthusiasm and I have what it takes to be one of the the best child actors you have ever seen. And also I love superheroes and I have dreamed of being a superhero or an actor and being on Mighty Med is just another way to make them both come true. Thanks for taking time to read this.

  12. Alexa Flores

    Hi im Alexa Flores im 11 and 1\2 years old im in seventh grade at imperial middle school in la habra california I really want to be in this show I LOVE it

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