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  1. Justin Jerrod johnson

    i really want to be on this show its been my dream to be a disney xd star

  2. Johnny Battle

    Hi, I’m Johnny Battle and I am 14 years old in the 8th grade going to Arthur and Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts for theatre and I know that I would be great for a role in Mighty Med because I am a great actor and I have a lot of enthusiasm and I have what it takes to be one of the the best child actors you have ever seen. And also I love superheroes and I have dreamed of being a superhero or an actor and being on Mighty Med is just another way to make them both come true. Thanks for taking time to read this.

  3. Alexa Flores

    Hi im Alexa Flores im 11 and 1\2 years old im in seventh grade at imperial middle school in la habra california I really want to be in this show I LOVE it

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