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Mighty Meds – Disney XD Casting Calls

Disney’s most popular and action packed channel is coming at you with another sure to be hit show and with it comes amazing audition opportunities. Disney XD, the channel that has brought such fantastic programs as Kickin’ It, Pair Of Kings and Lab Rats is set to begin production on an all new sitcom entitled Mighty Med and it promises to be the networks most exciting project yet. Casting calls for this all new series will be happening soon and you can submit yourself today for a number of incredible roles in the production that will have everyone talking.

Mighty Med is lining up to be the most exciting and imaginative Disney show yet. The show will feature two teens who have been best friends since childhood get jobs at their local hospital. Once there they discover a super secret wing of the hospital that houses all of their comic book heroes – in real life! Now they must help heal all of the world’s superheroes so they can get back to defending justice. The boys adventures will lead them to help one hero in particular, teen dynamo Skylar Storm reclaim the 24 powers that were stolen from her by the villainous Vulture. Mighty Meds has it all – comedy, action, comic books! This is the project that every young actor will want to be cast in and you could be chosen to be a part of the most amazing action-comedy series in Disney history! Roles of all sizes will soon be up fro grabs including the lead trio and auditions will be held shortly. You can get a head start on the casting process today by finding more information here facebook.com/CentralCastingOnLocation. We will keep this up to date with all of the exciting audition news so stay tuned right here and be sure to leave a comment in the space below and tell us why you want to be a cast member of the all new Disney XD superhero comedy series Mighty Med.

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  1. Amani

    Hi I am Amani I love to act ,I have been doing it all my life . I am 13 years old and I live in New York .I also love science ! I feel I would be perfect for this role because I am very active funny smart scientific and I also dreamed of acting and be a star .Hope you consider me if not for might med for other shows .

  2. Alex

    Hi, I’m Alex. I’ve always loved Mighty Med and have been into acting a lot since I was little and it would absolutely awesome if I got a part.Ive seen the every episode at least 20 times. I’m 12 and i have been born to be a star. Even if i dont get a part on this show please put me on others. Please contact me

  3. moyinoluwa

    Am moyin I dont know how to get to audition are you gonna be the one flying us

  4. Esma Caluk

    Hey.I’m Esma,and I would love to be a “Mighty Med”star.I wanna be an actress,couse Disney XD(Disney Channel)has been changed my life!It inspired me alot!I think I’m a great actress,and again:I would really like to act in Mighty Med,so please reply to me,or just let me know did I getted the role or not somehow.Bye!