Mighty Meds - Disney XD

Mighty Meds – Disney XD Casting Calls

Disney’s most popular and action packed channel is coming at you with another sure to be hit show and with it comes amazing audition opportunities. Disney XD, the channel that has brought such fantastic programs as Kickin’ It, Pair Of Kings and Lab Rats is set to begin production on an all new sitcom entitled Mighty Med and it promises to be the networks most exciting project yet. Casting calls for this all new series will be happening soon and you can submit yourself today for a number of incredible roles in the production that will have everyone talking.

Mighty Med is lining up to be the most exciting and imaginative Disney show yet. The show will feature two teens who have been best friends since childhood get jobs at their local hospital. Once there they discover a super secret wing of the hospital that houses all of their comic book heroes – in real life! Now they must help heal all of the world’s superheroes so they can get back to defending justice. The boys adventures will lead them to help one hero in particular, teen dynamo Skylar Storm reclaim the 24 powers that were stolen from her by the villainous Vulture. Mighty Meds has it all – comedy, action, comic books! This is the project that every young actor will want to be cast in and you could be chosen to be a part of the most amazing action-comedy series in Disney history! Roles of all sizes will soon be up fro grabs including the lead trio and auditions will be held shortly. You can get a head start on the casting process today by finding more information here facebook.com/CentralCastingOnLocation. We will keep this up to date with all of the exciting audition news so stay tuned right here and be sure to leave a comment in the space below and tell us why you want to be a cast member of the all new Disney XD superhero comedy series Mighty Med.

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  1. Kristen Jackson

    Hello my name is Kristen Jackson. I am 17 years old. I’m from Illinois. I’m a junior in high school. I’m 5’4. I have always wanted to be an actress. I’m hard working, and very committed. Please contact me.

  2. Jakoby

    Can i still be on the show is the show over im 11 where is the show casting plz get back 2 me

  3. Tersyn braithwaite

    Hi my name is Tersyn braithwaite and mighty med is honestly my top pick for.yhe disney chanal and i love it so much! And working with bradly and jake would be a dream come true!! Even if i got to be an extra!! I love both of them jake from ant farm and bradly from good luck charlie! to be honest even if i were to be casted as an extra and i didnt even meet either of them it would be amazing just knowing ive been in a show that they have both been in!

    Gender: male
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color/ style: brown, mohawk
    weight around 120lbs

    Pleas consider me and thank you!!

  4. Astrid

    My name is Astrid and I would like to be in Disney XD because I love there shows and all of them look like they have a great Time and I am 12 Years old and I live in Vancouver WA

  5. Yesmeen

    hi my name is yesmeen and im 9 i live in pacifica pls pls pls can i join im a good actress

  6. Hannah H.

    HI, my name is Hannah and I would think it would be an awesome experience to try, at least, get a chance to be on a tev show even if it is an extra. I love mighty med and i love watching the characters do all this funny and werid things. Mighty med and lab rats crossing over was such a great idea. It would still please me very much to be considered and I would enjoy the feleling. I have played in many plays and acts infront of large crowds alot. I have never been on actual tv so it would be wonderful to see how it would go.

  7. Arden Cannon

    Hello! My name is Arden and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is some basic information about me-
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 105lbs
    Hair Color and Style: Medium Brown, shoulder length.
    Eye Color: Hazel with a bit of gray
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    I have experience in dance, singing, gymnastics, theater, improv, and cooking. And I have a very lighthearted and kind manner. I love to joke around and make new friends, as well as watch football and play video games.
    Contact me at cookiecannon5@gmail.com for pictures of more information.

  8. bennathancaruso

    i love all the superheros in mighty med from netflix

  9. bennathancaruso

    i love mighty med from NETFLIX i love all the superheros in mighty med i love all the superheros superpowers

  10. Meghan

    Sorry I forgot to say I’m 12 yrs old 5′ tall and I weigh 80-85 lbs

  11. Meghan

    Hi in Meghan and I love mighty med I’m very good at getting into character and I’m a level 4 almost 5 gymnast I have blonde hair brown eyes and I’m really good at being someone else I’d love to be on this show you can text me on kik at gymnast033003 or email this address thank you for your time!!!

  12. Sena

    It would be a dream come true if I can be on mighty med. It is literally my favorite show. I whatch it everyday. I would love to be on this doing all kinds of fighting and superpowers. My favorite girl character is Skylar Storm and my favorite boy character is Kaz.

    Name: Sena
    Gender: Female
    I would like to be: A superhero like Skylar Storm and be apart of the “friend group” with Skylar, Kaz, and Oliver.
    Idea for an episode: A superhero ( I still have to think of the name) comes to mighty med. She got back from a fight with Megahurts. He zapped her like 25 times she feels very weak. After a few days she feels better and goes to the normal world to check it out. She decided to go to the school that Kaz and Oliver go to. Jordan and Gus figure out that superheroes are real and they go to mighty med. When Horace finds out he earases their memory and sends then back to school. The new superhero (me) explores some more. That’s really all I can think of.
    So hopefully you guys could make me be apart of the Disney family. This will be a Dream Come True for me please!

  13. brandon

    hey my name is Brandon and im 11 going on 12 in December and I would love to be on mighty med please let me know if I could be on the show

  14. Kelsey

    Hi my name is kelsey shapiro and i have watched every episode and i really like your show my mom is from California so i have seen alot of auditions for shows and i really like Mighty Med!!

    Fun Facts:
    hair color: blonde
    eye color:blue
    i competed level 4 gymnastics
    age:9 (o most 10)
    in school i get mostly A’s and B’s
    singing,gymnastics,playing with friends,running and riding my bike
    Character Traits:kind,enthusiastic,loving,sharing,caring,responsible,talerant and smart.

  15. Kelsey

    Hi my name is Kelsey and i have been watching your show and i really like it especially Skylar Storm and i really would like to have a role as a superhero. please please give me a chance ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  16. Thato

    Hello I am thato mafukati from south africa I am a successful actor and am a fun person

    Hair: dark
    Skin ton: brownish
    Nationality: south african
    Location: south africa,johannesburg
    Eyes: dark brown

    Not sure what my height is I thing its about 5’6, 5’5, 5’4 but weight is 40kg’s

    Plus+ I am a funny kid am 12 and my birthday is on the 20th of june 2003 am in sixth grade so please take me I would be the first african to ever be a disney star so if you want to make history take me

  17. Kathleen Manuel

    Hi! I’m Kathleen Manuel and I am 13 years old and I love watching Disney Channel and I would really appreciate if I could be considered for a part in Disney Channel show/movie. My hobbies include drawing anime, doing karate, volleyball, and playing the piano. I hope you consider letting me be in one of your shows or movies

    Hair colour: black
    Eye colour: black
    Height: 5’03
    Race: Filipino

  18. Oswelt Louis

    Hi! I’m an 19 year old guy looking for a role, however small or large, in “Mighty Med”! I have always wanted to have a role in television, and since I’m starting to really grow up, I would love the feeling of being a kid again by having a role in this show. My nephew loves this show and would never stop telling his friends about how his uncle was on “Mighty Med”! So, if possible, I would love the opportunity to act in the show, even if it’s just a line or two. Here’s some information about myself:

    Full Name: Oswelt Louis
    Gender: Male
    City: Tampa Florida
    Hair: Black
    eyes: Black
    Skin tone: African American
    Height: 5’6
    Weight:170 lbs
    Words to describe myself: funny, outgoing, friendly, emotional, passionate

    Thank you for your time and please consider me!

  19. valeria

    hi if I am going to be in it I want a boyfriend

  20. treveyon nixon

    Dear, Mighty Med I think that you should add two new super hero’s and have Kaz and Oliver form a new super hero team with Skylar Storm

  21. Lanya

    Hi, my name is LaNya I’m female. I love to watch mighty med because it’s scientific and cool. I am in the sixth grade and I’m eleven, I look older than my actual age. My grades in school are A’s and B’s. I have been in front of 1000+ people before at my church. I do skits and plays at my church. I don’t have stage fright and I’m not camera shy. I am American. My skin color is brown but not too brown. My eyes are dark brown. I am African American. My hair is very curly and dark brown. I act,dance, and sing. My height is 5″2 . I weigh around 110 lbs, but it’s not exact. I live in Pennsylvania. My personality traits are: cool,smart,fun,funny,pretty,kind,creative,determined,adventurous,and amazing dancer contact me at 267-884-9189

  22. Emma Womack

    Name: Emma Womack
    Age: 14
    Height: 5ft 3in.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: blue
    Hair: Natural Blonde
    Personality: Funny, optimistic, smart, kind
    Weight: 93
    I’m easy to work with and fun to be around!

    A little about myself:
    I have been wanting an acting position for a while now and I thought, Disney is a great place to start! While I am all for having an acting career, I have plans to go places with my violin and possibly singing. Things I do in spare time include painting, playing violin, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family. I hope you might consider me as an attribute to this film or any other film you have plans of making. Thank you so much for your time!


    Emma Womack

  23. Zachary Mattson

    Name: Zachary Mattson
    Nationality: American
    DOB: March 3, 1998
    Height: 5 foot 7 to 6 feet
    Weight: 128 lbs or more
    Features: Auburn hair, brown eyes; skin tone,whit with a slight tan; glasses for reading purposes
    Other: Dancing

    A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I love acting. See I might not have experience, but it would mean the world to me if I had one chance. One chance to prove my sister wrong who has been my biggest bully and every other people that have been bullying me because I’ve been wanting to be an actor wrong as well. Will you at least give me a chance to prove myself, if not then those supposed myths are true.

  24. Rachel

    Hi my name is Rachel, and Mighty Med is my favorite show ever. I’ve probably watched every episode aired on TV. I’m 10 turning 11 in October but I could be considered as a 12-13 year old as I am growing tall. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and right now I’m on a dance team. Other talents that I have are playing the piano and doing gymnastics. I’ve done modeling before so I’m kind of experienced of being in front of the camera.
    Gender- Female
    Hair- Medium length, Black.

    Please consider me for the show it would be a dream come true, you can contact me at wjack@colorheritage.com
    Thanks Rachel

  25. Elysse Byer

    Hey everyone my name is Elysse. I love to sing and to act. I know this is late but please please consider me. I have been acting since I was 3. I have been taking drama classes since age 5. here is some information about me.
    age:13 (can look and act older and younger)
    eyes: hazel
    hair: light brown (dirty blonde)
    nationality: Australian (can sound different on camera)
    dream: to become an actor
    favourite actress: Pairs Berelc
    favourite show: mighty med
    favourite channel: Disney
    Skin: light olive (small tan)
    been in school plays. would travel the world to be on Disney.
    I think I would be a great addition to the show. I think Skye’s best friend should come and fix her powers with a magic friendship ring that only works when the two are in the same Country. So her best friend (hopefully me) has to stay there with her.
    I know I just seem like just a normal person who wants to be on Disney channel and doesn’t understand how hard it is. Trust me I do, I have a thick skin and work really hard. I can play a serious or fun character. You would regret not choosing me for a role and you would definitely not regret at least letting me audition. I have taken acting courses and was a main character in my schools production of Disney’s Mulan. Fun and bubbly to be around. Please give me a chance! I have instagram: elyssebyer and I will post youtube videos of me acting on my youtube channel, Please let me audition ONCE!
    I am very professional.
    From Elysse Byer

  26. Chloe

    Hi, my name is Chloe, and I am 15 years old. For years acting has been my dream. I wanted to audition for a movie or television show, but I did not really know where to start. I have always loved Disney channel, especially the show Mighty Med. I loved the whole new idea of having a superhero show on Disney. It was funny, adventurous, and also had a great story behind it’; making the superhero world real to us. I know that becoming an actress on Mighty Med would be a dream come true. This would be a great opportunity. Thank you.

  27. Rasean Knight

    Hello,My Name Is Rasean. I Am From The Caribbean Island Of Barbados. I Want To Act As Well As Animate. I An Amateur Animator And I Am Very Composed In-Front of The Camera. I Also Started A Vine Channel So People Can See My Content vine.co/u/1214494895952531456 Check It Out!
    I Can Draw and I Am Known To Have A Very Very Big Imagination And Being Creative. Also I Never Give Up.
    My Information :

    Name:Rasean Knight
    Age : 15 years old
    Location: Barbados
    Hair Color : Black
    Eye Color : Dark Brown
    Height: 6’0 +
    Race: African American

  28. Andrew Nelson and DeAndre Wimbley

    Dear, Mighty Med I think that you should add two new super hero’s and have Kaz and Oliver form a new super hero team with Skylar Storm

  29. Grace

    I am a fun person to be around, and I would love to be an extra or a person with lines.

    Age: 13 (but can look older)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Curly ash blonde hair and hazel eyes.
    Personality: Fun, energetic, hardworking, dedicated
    Height: 5’6″ ish
    Weight: Overweight, but I am working on that

    I hope I am of use, and thank you.

  30. Kendall turner

    Please let me be on your show I am 10

  31. Jennine

    My name is Jennine. I’m 14 years old. Acting has always been a hobby of mine and I’ve been in school plays, so I have some acting experience. I have always wanted to turn my hobby into a career which is why I would like to audition for Mighty Med. I’m 4’9″, I have black hair and brown eyes, and love to act, obviously. Thank you if you consider me for a role!

  32. A.J. Green

    My full name is Amanda Green. I play almost any sport including volleyball, basketball, track, baseball, soccer, football (with friends), and softball. I play guitar clarinet and trumpet and I know some piano and I am learning drums. I have starred in a few different plays at my schools and I have participated in Fine Arts for the past two years and we’ve made it to nationals each year.
    Here are my facts:
    I am 5’4″
    I am 16
    I have dark brown hair in the winter and blonder hair in the summer.
    I do live somewhat far away from most things but I got my license so I could get there somehow. I live in southern North Dakota. I have friends and family in many states that would help me get there.
    I have an athletic figure
    I absolutely love traveling.
    I am a very fast learner and can memorize
    I have three pets.
    I am Caucasian
    I have Blue or Green eyes (they change color)
    I am in Choir and Band
    I love singing
    I am female
    I would absolutely love even just to be considered for any parts on disney channel. I am good with people and would love this opportunity. Thanks for reading this and possibly considering me. Mighty Med is my absolute favorite show! If I could be on it I would be sooooo excited. It would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

  33. Rashad Bailey

    Howdy! I’m Rashad. I’m 24 from Texas! ( If you can’t tell lol). I am very unique,diverse, and versatile. I am of mixed descent (African American with a mix of other ethnicities).I already have a B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and am currently working on my Masters of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. It is no walk in the park but I have a “never give up” attitude that sets me apart from others. I have always wanted to be an actor and have been a disney kid since birth and still to this day watch disney channel, and I’m proud to admit it!I took martial arts lessons as a child and am musically inclined along with a host of other talents from horseback riding to sports to being multi-linguistic. Did I mention I have a great sense of humor and have been told I am very charismatic and the “life of the party”! =)

  34. Carlene Yiong

    Hi my name is Carlene i live in Singapore and it is very far away from Los Angeles, since I was young I was interested in dancing, singing & acting/entertaining people every time when i feel bored i will just write my own script and try to act it out with my friends whenever i need to. So, i hope you will choose me for a role in Mighty Med I love the show and i think the story is quite interesting. Thanks for your time

    (p.s my parents don’t allow me to travel so please try your best to fly to SG and hold a Disney XD audition in SG thanks!)

  35. jordan

    Since I was 2 I have always wanted a career in the show mighty med it’s a great show for kids plus a have also loved acting for as long as I can remember and well being a Disney xd star and giving kids great entertainment is kinda my thing if you will pick me to play a part in mighty med I am a black black belt and I have experience in being funny too
    I also work very hard and never give up

  36. Jouna

    I love the show,I’m also an Act,singer,hip hip dancer,

  37. Landon

    Mighty med is zoo cool

  38. Kimani Garrett

    Hello, My name is Kimani Garrett , I am 15 , male , black , and I live in Jacksonville Florida . I would like to be an actor or an extra in your television show “Mighty Med “. I’ve had no experience in tv/film but I have had professional training. If you are interested please email me back at this address. Thank you.

  39. Katara Jones

    I’ve always wanted to play a superhero I do that when no one home but this would be the real deal I’m 5.3 and age 11 but looks like I’m 12

  40. Naomi colon

    Hi my name is naomi and I love acting it would be a pleasure to be in this amazing show I love to be in here it would change my life
    I am 13
    Have dark hair/eyer
    Can act
    Been in a lot of school plays
    Confident fun to be around

  41. Nya

    I love mighty med and I love acting I put on acting classes at school just for time Im also really good at singing and gymnastics and I’m not afraid to do stunts. I really really want this roll even if I have to play a boy.

  42. Vicente Hipolito

    Hello my name is Vicente and i am 15 years old and I have been in drama for 2 years trying to find auditions then I found this chance to be on a great show. I love Mighty Med and dreamed to be on the show.
    Currently Living: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Sincerely, Vicente

  43. Taylor

    Hello my name is Taylor I am in 5th grade i am good at acting i am fun to work with and i live in Alabama I think i should be in the movie i am athletic and can do stunts if needed to. thank you for the change to tryout.

  44. reveca


    case i love ating and i do alot of sorpes i do gymnastincs im in a gymnastisc team i lso sige and daencs.I LOVE aditin and i what to do this so peplo know to never give up in ther dreams.

  45. adam tolley

    Im 15 and currently taking Drama for my exams, i have had an intrest in drama. I have been watching disney since i was little i am a confident actor and british but can pull an american accent off.

    I can devote ideas to the show , i am socialable and work well.

    Adam william tolley
    Short brown hair (change if needed)
    Blue eyes
    currently no piercings (can if needed)

    Any other info email me

  46. Aidan Dahlquist

    I love the show and would love to be on it. I love acting and would have a fun time. I’m 15 going on 16 and very active so please think about it. I would try my best too meet your standards to and try to improve to do my best. I play sports archery and run 4 miles a day so I’m fit. Hope you can fit me in somewhere.

  47. Madison Wilson

    Hey I’m Madi Wilson I am 15 and I’m from Australia Victoria melbourne i have blondish brownish hair with I think a nice bright green eye Colour I love watching mighty med as most people commenting here would say and I can see why they do. its actioned packed and dramatic I am a huge fan of jake short and Bradley Steven perry even though my tv can’t watch shows like that I can always go to YouTube if I get an oppurtunity like this I would be sooo happy I love sports but hate math as most people do I love my drama classes in school. my ideas and plays that I come up with always gets me an a+ It would be awesome to work with these amazing people and if I get a part wow I would be sooo thankful
    I have always wanted to be an actor no matter the circumstances
    Thanks I hope to get a reply.

  48. Linda Huang

    Hey my name is Linda
    Age: 12
    Im Asian I have Black Hair Dark Brown Eyes
    I live in Wisconsin and I grew up watching shows on Disney
    I love Austin and Aly, Jessie, Kickin it, Shake it Up, Good Luck Charlie, Dog with a Blog, Mighty Med.
    My hobbies are making Youtube videos, Playing Guitar, Drawing, Hanging out with my friends, and gymnastics, and I also Love crafting and Im athletic. My friends Discribe My personality as Weird, Fun and Energetic
    Im very familiar with being on Camera and dealing with Hate and Working Heard because I do have a Youtube Channel and I have 543 Subscribers.
    It would be such a awesome experience to be able to be on Disney because I grew up watching Disney. I am very Friendly great with Animals very engergenic, hard working, I can play many parts, and although i don’t like school very much school is also important to me You can contact me on Cutipup89@gmail.com or (920) 222 5773

  49. Jayla Martin

    hi my name is Jayla, and im 12 years old. it would be a honor if i was promoted. i am a good actor and i go to an acting program. Thanx

  50. Cheryl Dillard

    Hi my name is Cheryl I’m 13 going on 14 soon and I’m from Indianapolis Indiana but was originally born in Alabama.i would like to be in mighty med because it will be a dream come true to be in a tv show about super heroes .im a die heart superhero fan. I’m sporty smart funny and I can act a little. I play in a play every once in a while and I usually do good. I’m African American and I’m a quick learner. I hope you guys at least give me a chance.

  51. Emily Hall

    hi my name is Emily Hall. I live in Ohio. I have 1 dog and I LOVE acting. I do a bunch of things and really would like to be on a show. I would like to be on Disney XD or Disney Channel. I’m nine and i’ll be turning 10 in June. I can play girls ages 8-12 and i can play girls who are sassy, smart, brave and so much more! did i mention that i love acting? I just love Mighty Med.

  52. Maggie

    Hi Im Maggie and I am only 12
    I don’t live in America.
    I live in Australia and I REALLY want to be on disney channel.
    It’s hard for me because I’m so far away and I just don’t know what to do or where to start.
    This is my second year in theatre but I want to go forward and actually act.
    On television. On Disney Channel.
    I don’t want to move. My family and I don’t live anywhere near those big places like Sydney.
    But we do live close-ish to Melbourne It only takes about 3-4 hours.
    Help me please someone!!!

  53. Jesse Munka

    My name is Jesse and I’m 12 years old. I should get this part because I love the show Mighty Med and I have had a lot of experience in acting. I also have experience by making short shows and movies for my family. Getting this part will mean the most to me because I’m a huge fan of Mighty Med and it would be my dream to be on the set of my favorite t.v. show while I do what I love best and that is acting.

  54. Veronica

    Hi my name is Veronica and I live in ohio
    I love superheroes especially skylar storm
    I can memorize things quickly and am a brown stripe belt in martial arts
    I can be weird, nerdy, fun, adventurous, or bored.
    I am thinking about having a costume bday party and dressing up as skylar storm but I can’t find a costume.
    I can talk fast and type normally.
    Ummm…… And I would love to be an normo or a superhero or even an extra.
    Oh and I am 10years old, 11 in February.

  55. Nathaly Garcia

    Hi, I’m Nathaly I would die to be in this show. I’m 16 and turning 17 on January. I also have great ideas for new episodes. Please contact me, thanks (:

  56. Poppy Howard


    My name is Poppy Howard I am 11 years old and turning 12 on 26 June. I have straight brown hair and brown eyes. I am a fast learner and I can concentrate on things very well if I want to. I am 1 meter 53. I have got a high pass on a singing exam. I am not that good at dancing but I might take it up next year for my new year resolution. I am quite funny and I have a “smart mouth” which is what my dad called it.

    Please consider me.


  57. toniya

    hi i am toniya i love to sing i been singing sience i was 2 years old ive been singing at the f.i.mfor 8 years i would love to be on Disney channel

  58. Cheryl Sim

    Hello! my name is Cheryl and I am 12 years old. I love Mighty Med and all the Disney comedy shows.I have tried auditioning for many comedic shows on Disney because my friends always tell me that I am a born comedic person. I love to act and sing and right now I am training to be an actress and a singer. I know that in comedic shows,I have to get the comedic message across to the audience in order for it to be funny and I promise that I will work very hard to make my act perfect and get the comedic message across to the audience if you choose me to be on your show.You won’t regret it if you choose me! Please contact me at sim.cheryl@yahoo.com.sg !Thanks so much for your time!

  59. Giselle Cuesta

    Hi my name is Giselle Cuesta.
    Hair: Long light brown hair
    Height: Im around about 5’5 or 5’6
    Age: 13
    Talent: I gotta say none lol idk
    Ok um I don’t know a lot about the show I juat watched a couple episodes
    To be honest with you have no experience with acting well except in my cousin movie she had to do for school but I was like 6 or 5
    So this would be my first time with all this jazz umm yah I always wanted to be an actor and I hope this is where I start.

  60. Cameron colley

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Eye color: brown
    And I love mighty med and all the actors on it the show is awesome and organized and I love acting and making people laugh and I would love to do that on mighty med.

  61. Nigel Laquan Bell

    Hello my name is Nigel Laquan Bell im am 12 years of age i currently recieve my education at Detriot Premier Academy. I have tried to attend a Disney Channel audition in 2013 i got grounded the day before auditions because i kept asking my 11 year old brother for advice. My dreamis to one day become an exeptionally talented singer,dancer,ect. I believe acting would open a door of opputunity and experience i am love performing so watch out Disney Channel here i come !!!

  62. christian bourrage

    i really want to be on mighty med it has been one of my dreams

  63. Christopher Figueroa

    Hello, my name is Christopher Figueroa I’m 15 years old I live in thermal, CA I would love to be on your show because it would help me take a step forward towards my career of being an actor I do have experience I’ve been in documentaries, school plays, and short films. I was also in a award winning short film from the California Student Media Festival. It is my dream to be an actor I will do whatever it takes to become one. Bye.

  64. Eryk Piasecki

    Hey I’m Eryk and I am 16. I have an European accent. I have blue/green eyes and I think I could be a perfect actor. You can contact with me by
    Facebook facebook.com/eryk.piasecki.92?ref=bookmark
    Ask.fm ask.fm/erykpiaseckiblb
    Instagram instagram.com/eryk_piasecki11

  65. Lilly Rosenbusch

    Name : Lillian (Lilly) Rosenbusch
    Age: 11 I will turn 12 on sept 22
    Grade : 5th
    Height : about 4.9
    Hair: long dirty blonde hair
    Things you need to know :
    I wear hearing aids in both my ears ,
    I have contacts , I live on a farm
    Talents: I am very flexible (I’ve done gymnastics since I was five
    I specialize in hip hop and jazz
    I can sing very well on most songs that are givin to me
    If I do not fit for any parts please pass my info on to other producers please consider me I have some great Ideas for some of the shows
    Please Consider Me ,Lilly

  66. india

    i am 11 about to turn 12 in feb 14 and i well love to be on a show well any show

  67. india

    i LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL and i would LOVE to be on a show my name is india and no a i am not indian i LOVE to DANCE and SING

  68. Xaade

    I would love to be on your show I am turning 12 and I have seen every episode multiple times. I know all the characters names I know all Skylar Storms super powers. I know so much about mighty med my brain could explode. I am a great actress and want to be a actress when I grow up and be on a lot of Disney shows. I would do anything to be on the show. I can do my own stunts, because I have done gymastics since I was 3 and Im watching videos and teaching myself karate.

  69. Matthew O'Brien

    I live in Minnesota but I’m not just a regular fan boy.
    I know karate I’m a purple belt and I’ve watched every
    Single episode 3 times.Im a great actor and please pick
    Me I don’t mean to be pushy but I would make an excellent
    part of the show everybody loves an adorable 12 year
    old adventurous boy!

  70. ashlynn

    I love watching mighty Med and know about the show and charecters and would love to be in it. Please let me be in it.

  71. Anjali Vaid

    Hi. My name is Anjali. I’m Indian. I’m 12 years old, turning thirteen in January, but I could pass for a 14-15 year old. I love acting and the show is great, good storylines, humor, and feel-good moments. I’m not good at dancing or acrobatics, but I’d love to be one of Oliver and Kaz’ friends as a recurring character or guest star, or even just an extra. You can contact me at amyvaid1@hotmail.com

  72. Timothy Snipes

    Hi I’m Timothy Snipes I’m 12 and I love acting as superheros I know that I’ll be great at any part plz give me,a chance and I know I won’t,let y’all down

  73. Jasmine P

    My name is Jasmine and I started a Super Hero Club at my School called Mighty Med. Me and my friends are OBSESSED with Mighty Med. I even have my own Super Hero costume that comes with a cape, boots, mask and gloves. My superpowers are taekwondo and I’m half ninja and I have laser eyes.

    Not only that BUT I’m a professional actress and the camera loves me! I’d give ANYTHING to be on your show!!!

    I’m even going to have a Mighty Med theme birthday party this year.

    One more thing, I love Mighty med so much that I could die!!

    Where can I send my headshot and resume?????

    Love, Jasmine aka TKD Girl

  74. Miguel

    I think I shold cause im a dancer and I started danceing since 4 I always practice and it is my dream to be a dancer on tv and I want to show people what I do best

  75. Keegan

    Hi my name is keegan I have always had a passion for acting and would be a great new addition to the show Mighty Med please consider me for the show thanks