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  1. Erin Finney

    Our family is composed of myself, my partner, Dana, and our adopted son, Micah. We’re two bold, thirty-something lesbian mommies trying to make it in the heart of backwoods Polk County, Florida. Between our eccentric and dramatic loud-mouthed extended families, the daunting homophobic city of Lakeland, and adventure of raising our charming and energetic 5-year-old, every day makes for a good story!
    We’ve overcome great odds and many obstacles to become a family, and we want to show the world that healthy families come in all different types. A typical week in our lives is filled with family, laughter, love, self-discovery, romance, and often adversity, tears, and prejudices.
    Dana and I are both at turning points in our lives, and have slowed life down to shift the focus to letting happiness, joy, and passion inspire us. We’re daring to dream and put our faith to the test. Most importantly, we want to provide our son with a life full of adventure, laughter, love, and rich experiences steeped with culture and diversity. Of course, a lot of it is open-ended and yet to unfold. We are definitely at a crossroads, and are ready for the next chapter!

  2. Aimee Sparks

    My name is Aimee and my lifes dream has always been to be in “The Industry” but it isn’t exactly something that is easily done in my neck of the woods ( I live in the small town Batesville, AR) but my sisters goal is to be a gymnast, well I guess she is already there. That is where most of the money and time goes. I mean my parents planned their wedding around her gu=gymnastics schedule because if not she wouldn’t go.

    My family does nothing but joke around, we are all sarcastic and it causes a lot of fights between my family. I feel like the TV is the only place this family belongs.

  3. Angela Oceguera

    My family consists of 5 people. My dad, mom, big sister, little sister, and me, the middle sister. In the eye of the public, we are the perfect family. My siblings’ manners are great. My dad is friends with everyone he meets. My mom has a ego the size of the sun. I look like I, Angela, have the perfect life. Well you couldn’t be so wrong.

    Out of the eye of the public, my dad is always working so my sisters and I never see him. Though when he is at home, he always causes problems. My big sister, Marisol, and I have problems seeing his love for us (Mom/Elba says he does, he just doesn’t know how to show it). My dad favors my little sister, Alexandra or Ale for short. He thinks she’s perfect even though she’s just 10! My mom along with my dad are working as hard as they can to give us what we need but we are not that rich. My parents are too over protective. They can’t even let their 17 year old daughter (Marisol) go to a football game without intoragating her.Shes going to college soon. All this stress on her shoulders is pulling her down along with boy troubles. With me as 1 of the only ones to talk to, she basically tells all her secrets to me (at least I think she does). And with a dog who farts when she is pet, life is hard. Note the sarcasm. But though we have our problems, we always cheer ourselves up. We make each other laugh, and we love each other (except for my dad, I have my doubts about him)

  4. Chandra McDonald

    Here’s a story of a lovely lady raising one autistic kid on her own. They were 2 folks living together defeating autism, yet they were all alone — as they live in this world, but are not of this world as the world of autism is truly different. Then one day the lady advocated for her son and soon things began to change and many victories were had. Then along came puberty and move into middle school and it all fell apart. But the lady kept the faith and the fight and soon things began to get better and the kid is getting back on the right track. This is a story of hope, courage, triumph, struggles and transformation that anyone impacted by autism needs to see to know they are not alone and victory can be theirs — but it is hard work and an bulldog tenacity that will help you see the light at the end of the never ending tunnel — but at least it’s a well lit tunnel.:) So many families would benefit from seeing how we live and have chosen to raise my son focusing on successfully advocating and breaking the bonds of autism so he can be all the he was created and destined to be. My son is 12 years old an we live in Round Rock, TX — where there is a miracle and rock star in the making. I hope you are interested. Kind regards – Chandra

  5. Danielle R

    My family always has some kind of craziness going on! We would be perfect and interestinv for this show!

  6. Marlyn Mmutsi Phillip

    H3y I am Marlyn Mmutsi Phillip and I’m 16years old.I stay in JHB at Sandton Athol where my mom is working.I would like to be part of My perfect Family because I take it from how my family reacts.My parents are open and strict at the same time but my dad is full of Jokes.I’ve got a big brother and a little brother,I always fight with my little brother because he is too stubborn.My big brother loves education too much and is too sweet.I am the only girl and my little brother loves teasing me and then when I shout,he laughs at me and I also end up laughing.I am a Tswana girl but I also speak Sesotho,Sepedi,Afrikaans,English.Zulu I’m not good in speaking but can hear it.I would love to be part of My perfect Family because I can act and I enjoy acting.I do have acting experience.Please contact me Thanks

  7. Cassie

    Mom: Theresa age 59
    Dad: 62 Phil
    Brother: Philly 33
    im 20
    my brother has been in and out of jail because of marijuana and has a new born baby name sage and his girlfriend lives with us too and she is 30 and she has been in jail and my dad works at a hotel and drinks a lot and my mom works at a movie theater and is kicked around a lot by her boss who is younger than her and he makes movies so my mom and me has been in some non paying gigs.

  8. christine

    hi, i am 23 years old and from the time i was able to understand what was going on around me things got worse.i was born into a world with both my parents were drug grandmother raised me and i found myself in the middle of dad and mom dont understand me and its time that i be free from all the situation is very emotional i don’t want to live like this for ever.if i get chosen you’ll really see the life im living.

  9. Sarah Madison

    Names: mom:Maxine Age:50
    Dad:Curtis age:53
    Sister 1: Name: Christina Age : 27
    Sister 2: Name:Kimberly Age: 25
    Sister 3: Name Sarah: Age : 20
    Sister 4:Name: Caitlyn: Age 16

    Ok so here’s a brief history of what’s been going on in my family.

    Sister 1 is a pathological liar that lives in her own world. We all think shes crazy. She can never date just one man and never wants to take care of her kid because a man is more important. Also has a bad relationship with sister number 3

    Sister number 2 is almost as crazy as sister number 1 but not so much. She can’t be trusted . She tries to date every cute guy ever even if said cute guy is taken by one of the sisters. She also has a kid that she does not want to take care of. And drinks and parties way too much.

    Sister number 3. you could say is the saineness/weirdest one of all them. She is an art student that changes her hair color everyday. Her school life has almost as much drama as her family does, she is obsessed with Asian culture and plans to move to Korea one day. Her relationship with sister 1 has never been good because at a young age sister 3 would be bullied by sister 1 and told she was ugly because people said that sister 3 is a better looking version of sister 1.
    Sister 3 also takes care of both sister 1&2’s kids when she can because she wants them to feel loved. Also has a funny side that makes her likable.

    Sister 4 Is a bit….loopy shes kind of on the crazy side. She has a bad temper and never wants to listen to anyone.Most of the family find it hard to hang around her for too long. She has a pretty close relationship with sister 3. she recently came out of the closet and told sister 3 that she was bi. Sister 4’s school life is pretty crazy as well. She dated her best friends boyfriend for a year and never told her until she found out about it. Their still friends today even though she did her so wrong. She is also into Asian Culture like sister 3. Sister 3 and sister 4 basically only like each other.

    Dad: Is lives in his own world where he thinks his kids are suppose to stay at home all the and live like nuns . She favors sister 2 the most. She can get away anything and still not get blamed for it. the other sister’s have a problem with that.

    Mom: She just wants sister 1&2 to grow up,get out,and take care of their kids. And stop depending on herself and sister 3 to do it for them.

    City of residence: Houston,TX

    if you want more just e-mail me.

  10. Amara Sanchez

    My name is Amara Sanchez i am 16 years of age. My mothers name is a Lesley Reyes she is 35 years of age. I have twin brothers Angel & Jay (8) . Jay has autism. My mother is a single mother. We moved to Kissimmee FL 2 years ago from The Bronx, NY. I think we would be perfect for the show because we have dealt with many obstacles in our life & we’ve overcame them in ways people would be intrigued to see. We get mad at eachother but at the end of the day love mends everything.

  11. stephanie

    ok so we have a total of 17 people now which is my grandma,my grandpa, my great-grandpa, my mom and dad, my uncles friend, my cousins claribell aka belle(15),christopher aka cj(13),amberly aka aj(11) then its my siblings and me stephanie aka steph(14)(me and stephen r 10 months apart) ,stephen aka stevie(14),sierra(12),maria aka stela (11),sebastian aka bastian(8),jonathan aka jojo(7),joshua aka josh(3)
    thats all for kids but we also have 7 more people who are family but moved out this year which is my other aunt and her 4 boys, my uncle and my cousin(18) who is pregnant……………
    we have loads of drama lol :-) we’re kind of crazy we’re sometimes grumpy and grouchy but yup we also live each other and no matter what we’re always a family…….. oh and im stephanie the 14 yr old……..

  12. Elisabeth Augustin

    My family of 10 is the most interesting you’ll ever meet! The kids always fighting adults confusedat teen jokes. This will eentertain you all day long so please consider us! The Augustin Family

  13. Tyra

    Hi there, now my family is the family you will want. These people are crazy. (: In the household there are 9 people living here. We have 1 Dad, 1 mom, 2 grandma’s, 2 brothers, 1 boy cousin, 2 sisters. Which of course is including me. Everyday is a new adventure! We have fun but also there are some days my mother freaks out. We live in Layton, Utah. We are all one big happy family! We also have 2 dogs. They are German Shepherds. One male dog and the other a female. We also have 2 cats and of course it is the same way, one male cat and one female. I wanted to look into having a reality tv show only because we will make you laugh! Sometimes we even make our self laugh. We do have a lot of drama to! I bet you we could get a lot of viewers! We have a baby momma drama to. One big crazy family in a household! We have our ups and downs but we are worth it! We will knock your socks off!(:

    Thank you. (: please email me. (:

  14. kiesh lott

    Hi! My name is Kiesh im a single mother of 3 boys ages 16,12,and 8 2 yrs ago i was diagnosed with a rare disease that there is no cure for and ive been going through it. The father of my 2 oldest boys is currently serving 10 yrs in prison for rape and because of my illness i can’t work and I’ve been denied social security 2 xs already i have so much more drama and not enough space im about ready to snap hellllllllp

  15. Stephanie Long

    Hi our names are Rocky (36) Stephanie (31) we have 8 kids together. My husband Rocky has 6 kids total from 3 women. He has 3 kids from his first wife, Lori 17, Emilio 15, Leticia 13. He has another daughter that was born out of wedlock, she is 16 her name is Alexis, she has a son that is 7 months old. He has two daughters from his second marriage one is 9 Alicia, and Rita is 7 years old. I have two daughters from two previous marriages. Mercedes (11) she is from my 1st marriage and my second daughter from my second marriage is Madison who is 7 years old. When we get all the kids together it is a houseful. We have a 3 bedroom house in Conroe, Texas

    We have so much on our plate. My husband Rocky is a 13 year veteran MMA fighter who is winding down in his career and trains his son and we also run a mixed martial arts gym. His training and training others to fight puts a lot of strain on our relationship. We want to do the family time, but it takes a lot of time away from family time. Our family time mainly consist of weekend (when not training people and at gym). Also we are very strong in our spiritual beliefs and our relationship with Jesus Christ. We go to marriage classes and we attend a marriage mentor class to help keep our marriage in line. We both work on serving in our local church and speaking at churches.

    So with everything going on our lives as a blended family things get pretty dramatic and hectic at times. (The Rocky Long Story)

    We are the Long Family

    Rocky & Stephanie Long
    <hidden from public><hidden from public>  (Rocky)<hidden from public>  (Stephanie)

  16. Monique Furniss


  17. Charity Butler

    Hi My name is Charity Butler I’m 27, I have serious anger issue my whole is nothing but drama starting with my Grandma and Grandpa they wake up early in the morning talking about people. I have 4 cousins who keep up drama through out the neighborhood. Kevin 13 me little brother, who was molested also have diabetes talks a bunch of smack and still haven’t over came what he been through. Jasmine 24 I am so concerned about her she extremely bipolar with a big mouth and nobody likes her. Chelsa 20 who has serious issues, Kristina 19 who is pregnant who is living house to house because her attitude, Carrisa 22 who doesn’t even want to be around our family. My mom is a the meanest person every so puts fear in the whole family and also three cousin that’s in there 20’s that’s incarcerated whole life in out of jail. Derrick 20 who is on house arrest who has serious issue his self. This is so embarrassing we are to young and we all have issues I’m just so tired of it there are no words to describe it just everyday extreme DRAMA. Please help us hope your are interested thanks!

  18. Ashley Conerly

    Hi my name is Ashley I am 13 years old. My nickname is Ash got Cash&. My nickname may seem a little foolish but my family is extremely goofy we all have nicknames like that. I have an extremely large family, which includes 30 aunts and uncles, and so many cousins I can’t even count. Although I am the only child most of the time it doesn’t seem like it. My family is pretty disfunctional, there is always an argument or a ridiculous amount of drama. At the end of the day eventually we all work things out, but after one situation is over with another has begun. Overall we are a huge great family who love to take selfies and go out to eat.

  19. Sharat Bowers

    I’m 46 years old and I have a somewhat dysfunctional family. We are successful, and we have a lot of ups and downs. But we come together at the end of the day and get threw it. Me and my sister who is Captain of Internal Affairs is going through a few things right now but we are trying to work it out. I think this would be a great help for my family. We are not crazy. We are just a somewhat normal family coming together in a weird way.

  20. uloma ul

    Hi! Uloma
    I’m a 22-year-old mother of two and wife.I was married at 21. I love my family my son just loves the camera he’ll be three in November..and he talk very clear.he know Almost every song that plays on the radio now of days. My family have lots of UP’s and down’s. My daughter will be one in August planning a big party for her by my husband sister house who does not like me at all! But that’s are story. My husband is such a hard wworker that he blind to the fact that all his sisyer don’t like me and he comes from a family of 12 so .that’s another story bout about me uloma and a fun sprit and loveable. I don’t

  21. Fabian Nischan

    I’m Fabian and I’m 16 years old, my family is so crazy and so full of drama were always arguing and always being loud and fooling around. We’re so extra and dramatic and basically dumb… I guess lol but yes we would be perfect

  22. Amber

    Hello, I am Amber. I work 7 days a week at my families junkyard/scrap business. We’ve been in business for over 30 years. To this very day I still say my family should have their own reality/tv show. My grandpa (Buddy 67) is the owner of our two locations. Him and I run the north location with my uncle (Buddy 47), his son (Buddy 25), and a few other yard workers. The south location is ran by my mom (Tracy 42), my aunt (Melanee 45) as well as a few yard workers. My grandparents live next door to our south location and my aunt melanee lives across the street (so im sure you can imagine that drama between a mother & daughter) My grandmother is a hoarder, you can barely walk into her house but she seems to only admit she’s a “collector” (as sick as that sounds.) Her and my Uncle Buddy are two peas in a pod, they’re very paranoid, vindictive, and think everyone is “out to get them”, my grandmother is the major problem and pot stirrer and causes about 98% of our family issues. We have a big family a lot of mouths, opinions, attitudes, and certainly can never seem to get along. The things that go on are for sure guaranteed to catch anyone’s attention. Today most TV programs call themselves reality but we all know most of them are edited and set up to make views think certain things are going on. I truly believe no editing will have to be done. I guarantee your producers will be shocked with what they see. Im been in this family for 24 years and I can honestly say I have never came across a family like mine, being in business for 30 years sure proves we have met and encountered plenty of people!

  23. Jayson

    If u want drama . I’m your man . I’m one of four children , all sisters and myself , one of whom is imprisoned . No kids for me , four crazy nieces. And a bunch of crazy friends , for more info shoot me a email <hidden from public>

  24. Mia Pekowski

    8 girls in one house with there parents. A lot right? We also live in a pretty small house. We mostly fight over clothes because we wear the same clothes and mostly over guys that we see. We’re all 75% Whit, 15% Asian, 15% Spanish. We are really close and can tell each other anything. Brown hair. Brown eyes. My father has blue eyes though.

  25. Maya Wong

    I’m a 38 year old mother of of 4 year old quadruplets (3 boys and 1 girl) , works as a full time nurse, diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago. Currently a breast cancer survivor…
    Did chemo , surgery and all… Life can be really tough, but I am still positive inspite all of these…

  26. sasha strongbo

    Hi my name is Sasha i am 24 years old and my family is full of drama my youngest sister victoria is an 18 year old single mother because her boyfriend had got another girl pregnant at the same time as her and he decided to stay with that girl instead of my sister. My oldest sister Ashley 28 years old is in a relationship with a drug dealer unfortunatly because she has no brain and has lost custody of her 2 children, my mom is currently fighting for visitation rights to see the children. I am married to a marine who has a bad temper and at times can be controlling, and I have two small children. My mother and father have a lot of problems because he has alzhemers and he does not no where he is sometimes. We lost him once for 3 days and it was reported all over the news the police had found him in the park……. lots of drama in my family

  27. Allyce Flanagan

    Hi, my name is Allyce Flanagan, I am 13 years old, I have hazel eyes, blonde hair, I am 5’10″ and I live in Australia. I love acting, and I have always admired Disney because they are always finding young new actors. I have always wanted to be in a disney movie, and family drama sounds like an amazing opportunity and a fun movie to be in. I am ready to make my acting dream a reality, and I can not even tell you how much i want this it is my absolute dream to be an actor. acting is my passion that makes me happy. If you are intrestread in me please email me at or call me

  28. Stacy Escobedo

    Hi, my name is Stacy! My father and mother are mother are John & Tracy Castillo. They were both born and raised in San Antonio, TX. My mom’s 30, beautiful, too nice, and a wonderful mother and person. Growing up my moms family was poor, she always makes sure her children have everything they need and want before she even thinks about buying for herself. She says, “as long as my kids are happy, I’m happy.” She’s had a rough past but it has only made her stronger and wiser. My dad also grew up living poor, and is constantly saying “money can’t buy happiness and to have money, you need to work for it.” He’s very strict, over-protective, embarrassing… but he’d seriously do anything for his 8 children & wife. They have been married for 10 years.
    But back to me, I’m 16 and the oldest of 8. We just moved to Sioux Falls, SD from Fargo, ND a month ago. My mom had me when she was 14 years old, and is always mistaken as my sister. haha My obsessions are hair and makeup. I happen to be the clumsy one, the most organized, and I’d say I’m the drama-free one; I don’t like to talk about people behind their backs. My mom always said, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” My boyfriends name is Elvir, he’s 18 and he lives with my family and I. We’ve been together over a year. He’s the sweetest man ever and is my other half. His obsession are cars and music.
    My brother John Jr. was born 3 years later. He’s constantly bumping heads with the authority, very over protective about our younger siblings, and caring. On April 12th he was diagnosed with a deadly disease called, rhabdomyolysis and that he’s has it since he was born.
    Next is Mercadies, she’s 10 months younger than John. She’s in 6th grade and wants to be a rapper when she becomes older. She’s obsessed with music and snap chatting. We say she’s a Blondie although she isn’t blonde, she’s your topical LA Blondie.
    Alexzander was born next, he’s 10 years of age. He’s addicted to electronics, and you cannot get him off Call of Duty. We literally have to force him to get off the PS3 and outside. My uncle started calling him Geek Squad when he was around 8 because of his love for electronics.
    Paradise, she’s the baby sister, a sassy brat, and 8 going on 18; no one can touch her hair or get her dressed, and always leaves a mess behind her. She enjoys the outdoors and shopping with mom.
    Dominick is 6(0), we call him an Old Man. Mean? Yes, but he got it because he nags 24/7 and you CAN NOT call him a kid or he’ll turn around and tell you, “I’m not a kid, kid!” He loves school, playing outside, coloring, and helping out -when he chooses-
    Gregory in the second to the last, and is 4 years old. His nickname is Gordi, it means chubby in Spanish. He’s been a chubby baby since he was born. His hobbies are watching Netflix, playing with electronics’, and playing with his little brother. He talks alot and is really smart.
    And last but not least is Cameron. He’s the baby and he knows it. We call him Cami and say he’s the new born. He talks too much and has no filter. He enjoys following his big brothers around, making people laugh by being silly, being a little rebel, and destroying everything in his path.
    Our aunt, my moms sister passed away two years ago on September. 22nd and was buried 6 days later, on my 15th birthday. This was a very emotional moment for our family, it made our family even stronger. We continue to miss her each and everyday.

  29. Alex Casco

    Hey y’all my name is Alex. I am an 18 year old male and the ONLY male out of 6 kids. That is right, I have 5 sisters and they are all very different from each other. We live in South Carolina but we are originally from Southern California. My parents are very religious and strict, they moved us out of SoCal so they could have more control over our lives. I for one miss Southern California so much. I kinda have an obsession with my home state and this past winter break on December 13, 2013 I ran away from South Carolina to live with my uncle in Anaheim, California. My parents did not know where I went. They did not know I was on a flight to Orange County so they pretty much flipped out when I called them to tell them I wasn’t coming back. Eventually after 2 weeks I decided to move back to South Carolina to set things straight with my parents but I plan to move out soon…again. My parents now know what I am capable of doing and it’s a constant battle between us. My sisters are very impressionable and they copy almost everything that I do. As an older sibling I know that I’m held responsible for setting an example. Well all of my younger siblings hate South Carolina so I know I’m doing a good job. The drama never ends between the wild SoCal kids and their strictly religious parents.

  30. Ray ray

    This show fits my family because
    PERSONALITIES: Derrick overprotective and super opinionated loves his family has a temper and problem with authority gifted with car mechanics.Raven very outgoing a peoples person also has a temper gifted with fashion peoples skills. Brandon very outspoken has a problem with authority very family oriented and intellectually gifted.
    Elaina very opinionated high ambitions for education loves her family and very strong will gifted in verbal debates about society a philosophical thinker. Rashell has a good sense of self family oriented and a abstract thinker gifted at being a individual. Marissa anti social opinionated gifted with a beautiful voice and a great mom. Candise anti social strong will stubborn family oriented gifted in visual arts, and the loud one.

    TYPICAL HOUSE DAY: Elaina- attends Bowie state university as a criminal justice major. And stays on campus.
    At Marissa, candise , and Rashell’s home it’s usually school, work and arguments with candise. And Marissa taking care of her one year old son.
    Rashell usually the one who babysits the children when needed or the one who puts her headphones in and zone everything out and have to catch her real side.
    Candise is the one that is fine one minute but is snapping after being told no or if her phone is acting dumb, or if she feels she is being treated unfairly.

    Brandon’s house is usually just Brandon and Derrick hanging doing things as brothers, arguing over things such as genetic genes being passed to the next. Generations or just something dumb period but leads to an SERIOUS yelling,screaming, cursing battle.

    Raven: taking care of her one year old,partying every weekend and dating!!

    Sibling rivalry:We clash,We love each other we dont have that amount of resentment for each other. With that being said we have strong personalities and will always speak our minds resulting in the drama and excitement.

    Dilemmas- Derrick not liking sisters boyfriends so he question them, Candise always snapping, baby father problems, our father thinking we only call him when we want something, father hold something against Brandon, uncle and cousin locked up for murder and is it affecting us, FATHER SIDE OF FAMILY.

    Coming together : Our house usually feels like home when we are all together. But the most touching moment was when Marissa lost her three year old due to Sudden infant death. This was a very touching moment for us because we all realized that life is to short to leave things unsaid and that we need each other more than what we thought we did.

    (Brandon has his own mother, Raven and Derrick has the same mother, Elaina , Marissa, candise , and Rashell has the same mother)

  31. Lavenda

    Hi,my name is lavenda and my family has so much drama .
    So i live my grandma,grandpa,aunt,uncle,cousins,brother,and mom.
    As we struggle with our ups and downs with money,work,and school with drama with friends and co workers.
    But NOTHING can break our family bond

  32. Chloe

    Hi my name is Chloe and my family definitely meets the profile. So first I used to live with my mom and i didnt like my dad with a passion (they broke up). My mom found a new boyfriend i love him alot but i recently just moved in with my father, his girlfriend, and her two kids they fight all the time. Their super irritating and always getting on my nerves. My stepmom is kinda cool i guess but shes very loud and likes to yell. Her kid are 10 and 15 and the 15yr old has horrrible grades and he acts like a girl my dad is always picking on him and the 10yr old is always yelling and very whiny. I think we would be perfect for this reality show. Im 15 and my stepmom is. 37 and my dad is 45. We have differences all the time but we love each other. We could be beneficial to families nowadays.

  33. Brandy

    Well I believe my family and I would be perfect for this! We are just backwoods people from a little town here in Oklahoma. With us, what you see is what you get!

  34. Heather Tabron

    Hi my name is Heather Tabron, I married I have five boys, My husband works all the time so all the Responsibilities are on me, I recently finished a class in Dressmaking And design, So between Balancing out Creating my own clothing designer line And taking care of my children while my husband is at work, This is my story, My 17 year old attends Kitrell job Corps center, He is currently getting his high school diploma and getting a trade in culinary arts, My 16-year-old son is currently attending the word high school he’s he has extracurricular activities such as Band,Track and Business classes (DECA) Which is challenging because at times I will have to stop cooking and put my other two younger children in the car and go pick him up from track meets and track practices, My 13-year-old also attends band he also have band concerts and I may have to take him to and sometimes it sometimes Jaiden wont sit so I have to leave and come back and pick him up because He is so inpatient, My 13-year-old helps me out extremely with the younger two my eight-year-old and my five-year-old, My eight-year-old he comes home he has to clean his room off the strength of his younger brother always dirtying it up so the pressures put on him to keep his room clean for him and my five-year-old, My five year old has autism I can barley keep my carpet and walls clean because he’s such a busy body so you see I have a very interesting life!

  35. Trey Green

    Where should I start? oh me of course; My name is Trey, 19 years old, and clumsy as hell. Im the type to fall up the stairs in public. I say im “Drama Free” but lets be honest, who is? I do like to call myself the peacemaker. Fixing relationships is something my friends come to about. I don’t play talking behind peoples back, if you have something to say about me, say it to my face or get beat. I am a first year college student living with my mom, my 10 year old sister, two of my aunts, 4 of my little cousins, my big cousin and last but not least, Grandma-Shirley; also known as The Atlanta Zoo! We are one big happy family, but please don’t piss us off. Yes we fight EVERY DAY and we disagree all the time. Step to one of us, and the herd will jump on you. My 10 year old sister, Jailyn, is a competition cheerleader for Future Extreme, and so jittery about everything, if her hair is not the way she wants it or her appearance, be ready for a bitch fit! My aunt Glenn(51), Cousin Meka(33), Janai(1), and Amari(5) all moved from Hartford, Connecticut and just Ghetto as hell! (excuse the language) Their still adjusting to the “Southern Hospitality”. But, beware of Meka, also known as the “A Kicking One”! she don’t take crap from nobody. she honestly don’t care if your 8 years old or someone else’s child, say something smart to her, you may just get slapped! Then you have Mom(Polly), she likes to call herself “Queen Bee”. Well I can tell you one thing, there isn’t anything Queen about her. My mom is the type to wake you up at 4 In the morning if the kitchen is not clean, or if the bathroom is not swept. My mom reminds me of Tanisha from Bad Girls Club, because all she do is raise her voice and bang on pots like the world is about to end. My aunt Shaunda(35) is the party animal of the family. she see a bottle or Tequila, she inhales it. Symone and Isaiah(6) the twins that will literally make you want to drive off a bridge. These two are so damn grown its not even funny. You tell them to go take a nap, they will easily respond, “No stupid, naps are for babies, and last time I checked, I was 6 years old” what 6 year old says that? These two!! They will come in my room and pain all over my walls, draw on my tv, and take my xbox 360 and throw it down the stairs. Speaking of the devil, we have two roaming the house. Last but not least, Grandma- Shirley. I really don’t what to say with this woman right here. I think the camera crew needs to film her and add a caption for themselves. Well thanks for reading my story, I hope this excites you. We live in Grayson, GA a small town outside of Atlanta. Contact me at: <hidden from public> thanks!!

  36. Jessie gonzalez

    Hi my name is jessie and I think my family would be perfect. We are different than any other family. I have and older brother 18 and older sister 20 and me 15. My mom and my aunt are mariachi players and work at a restaurant. We are Latin American and we have a crazy family.

  37. zaria

    Hi check out my email I sent please

  38. suzanne chambers

    Hello my name is Suzanne. I am a forty year old widow and mother of beautifil 15 year old daughter is a real spitfire and although she and I love one another we are often like oil and water when together. I guess that stems from she and I both grieving from the loss of her father. My sons are 22 and 20 and are well known and adored in our small town. My sister and I are two big goof balls when together but we have had our shsre of differences. I have an amaxing family and an amazing adoptive family (my best friends family)


    i m very interseted to play all type of family drama serials for acting ..and proved my talent..
    sir very long time my dreams that i m become a good actor for Tv serials family drama..
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  40. yolonda blandin

    my family is crazy sexy cool Wild spontaneous loving we welcome anybody we never meet strangers including animals I absolutely believe my family would leave those rating chart sky high you absolutely would not make a mistake by choosing my crazy family circle.. please please pick us I’m in a little town in Greenville South Carolina.

  41. adam grant

    Hi I’m adam and I’m 11 I think you should give me a part for the show because I think I can actually make the cut

  42. Tina

    Hi my name is Tina and I’m 17 years old. I am apart of a family of 7 that used to be 8 until my mom left with her boyfriend. I believe my family and & are definitely not the typical American family, I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. We are all completely different which causes tons of clashes. We are always around each other causing us to constantly butt heads and fight. With our family comes a lot of love and drama. My sister and her ex who some how always makes his way back into our family who clearly uses her as a rebound and my mom with her boyfriend who hates my dad because of jealousy. I’d say im the one that always cracks the jokes and breaks the silence, but I am also the one who cannot control her anger when you piss me off too much, I need to fix that because i say some messed up things when I’m heated. My parents were on bad terms until my moms boyfriend went to jail, they became friends again for us kids but once he got out things changed. He’s a nice guy for the most part just hates her being near my dad. Our family is crazy. Theres much more that comes out of us and I can guarantee you that a show starring my family would bring millions of viewers no doubt. Give us a week and I promise you that you’ll see what’s up with us. You will not regret it.


  43. RaeAnna Whitaker

    My family is one of a kind for sure. We are always doing somthing, wether it’s just a day out shopping with my mom or on the road for a crazy dance competition. I am 14 and sorta an only child. Well I think I am. Defiantly a spoild one. I have a half sister and two step brother. And also a step dad. My mom is a true Clogger mom. ( a type of dance kinda like tap) We are always going to compitions or practice. I am always trying something new like wanting to be a cheerleader, a horse rider and last week I wanted to be in a pagent, which took some convincing but I always get what I want sooner or later. You nerver know what my family is going to be doing thats for sure, expecially when my mom decided to let 2 little girls come stay with my family for the whole summer. It was so hard and defiantly crazy with the argument I got in. What can I say I am an only child! We are a middle class family in Kentucky and always have a packed and busy schedule. Hope you are intersted. Thanks!!

  44. Chief mark kessler

    For more information just google chief Kessler you should receive anywhere from 3 all the way up to 14 million hit depending on the day and what’s happening around the country during that time


    Chief Kessler

  45. Nick Kranzer

    I am Nick Kranzer and I have a one of a kind family from things like my grandma falling down the stairs because she was so hung over to my aunt getting in a fight at McDonald’s I’m 14 years old and live in Los Angeles with my family And let me tell you we redefine the term dysfunctional anyways I would appreciate it if you got back to me thanks

  46. Sarah

    My name is Sarah and my family isn’t the typical American family. I am 14 years old and I play the Bassoon. My life is always filled with drama and there is always something going on. My sister Anna is 11 and plays lacrosse. Anna and I are total opposites and always argue about it. My brother Jacob is 10 and loves to play sports and video games. My mom works for a big company and always travels to work in court. My dad stays home with us and basically lets us do whatever while he sleeps. We live in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids so our house is a mad house after school. Almost every kid comes over and is running around.

  47. Yolanda Whitehead

    My name is Yolanda, and I want to be on a reality show along with my poor friends and family members. We all have a sense of humor especially me. My friends all say I need my own show. One word to describe me (Crazy) as hell. Pick me and my friends, and family and we can make the net work a lot of cash.


  48. Yasmine Poe

    My name is Yasmine Poe. I am a 19 year old who has one heck of a family. I am a freshman in college. I attend Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. My family and I live in Greenville, MS. I have an older sister, Annequa Poe, 21, a younger sister, Madison Newson, 14, and two younger brothers, Shawn Clark, 16, and Caden Redfield, 6. My mom, Markeida Redfield, 40, is a retired law enforcement officer. She worked at the county’s Sheriff’s Department. She is now getting her degree online because she didn’t finish college due to having my oldest sister, and eventually, myself. She is pursuing a lawsuit against Sheriff Milton Gaston. Annequa takes her college classes at the city’s Higher Education Center in order to work more during the week at JCPenney’s where she has been working since she was 16. Madi is in middle school, and she is just a teenage girl going through life. She visits her dad every other weekend in town. Shawn is the most annoying person I have ever met. If I could slap him a thousand times, I would. No hesitation about it. Not a doubt in my mind. Caden, oh Caden, he is 6, and acts like a grown man. He knows too many words about his grade level, and knows how to use them in the correct form in a sentence. He is a handful on his own. When he doesn’t get his way, he screams, slams door, swares/ curses, and fights people. It is ridiculous. My stepfather, her husband, Caden’s dad, lives here as well. He is in the drug unit at the city’s local police department. My aunt and uncle just moved here from Atlanta, Georgia. They are both in their mid twenties. My uncle, my mom’s brother, Danny Poe, Jr. works at the police department as well. He was just hired. My aunt on the other hand, Chasity Poe, likes to think she’s a “housewife” off of television, but in reality, she’s far from it. She works at the city’s K-Mart. My grandparents, Danny Poe, Sr. and Annette Poe, live here in town as well. They have been here their whole life. They were high school sweethearts who grew up to get married, and have the perfect “American idea” of a family. Two working, loving parents, and two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy was a high school athlete, and the girl was a cheerleader and on the homecoming court. She graduated from the local high school in town. The girl is my mom, and the boy is my uncle. My grandparents are both in their early sixties, and are both retired and now self-employed. My grandma owns a t-shirt business, and my granddad owns a lawn service business. My oldest sister and I, both graduated from private school, and so did my uncle. We have two dogs, a fish pond in the backyard along with an in-ground pool, 5 ft. – 9 ft. deep, and an evil guinea pig. They call me Yas, Annequa (Neq), Madison (Madi), Markeida (Keida), My grandparents, we call them Ma and Dad. We grew up around our grandparents so we called them what we heard our mom and uncle call them. College life as a freshman is insane, but it’s also a learning experience when you have crazy friends, and plenty of space and opportunity. As far as Greenville goes, there’s not much to do, but meet up with friends, go to the movies, the emptiest mall in the world, and get into something you’re not supposed to be into. To understand my life, you have to be here to see it because even what you see is not what it seems. One house, 5 kids, 2 parents, 2 dogs, fish. and a guinea pig. Now, tell me what’s bound NOT to happen. That may be a shorter list.

  49. Antonio Martin

    Oh yeah I’m 17, my mom is 45, my little brothers are Marcellus 13, Marquise 12, and Martez 8, I also have a 27 year old brother who recently just had a baby! :)

  50. Antonio Martin

    My name is Antonio and I’m 17 years old, we are a Jehovah witness oriented family. A day in our house is crazy lol, me and my mom font get along that often because as a teenager I tend to questions things more now. I have that love hate relationship with my little brothers as most siblings. And we do this all as we deal with our financial and social problems, not mentioning trying to stay close to our faith. That’s all I got haha. Thanks!

  51. Alexandra

    Hello! My name is Alexandra, i am a 17 year old Senior in high school and i am currently living in the Boston area with my mom and step dad!
    My mother, Patricia(47) is an international flight attendant and has raised me all on her own, up until the time she married my step-dad, Tony(48) when they met on a flight to Aruba that my mom happened to be working on. They have been together for 7 years after getting married 2 years ago, although we have lived together and considered ourselves a family from the day me and my mom moved in with Tony and his mother, Carmella(91).

    Before i was born, my mom had been remarried and had a son named Brandon(25). When she met my birth father, he already had 2 kids, my sister Desiree(26), and another son whose name is also, Brandon(23). Just like his two other kids, my birth father unfortunately left me and my mom when i was a toddler and continued to have 2 more kids that i recently found out about, Christian(3) and another little brother whose name is also… Alex.(5)

    Although my real dad was never in the picture, i never let it bring me down. Since it has always been me and my mom, she is my rock. She is also my best friend. She isn’t your typical mother either… she loves to party with me and my friends, which sometimes gets her in trouble. For example, this past Thanksgiving she let me have a party in the downstairs apartment after my nana moved out, and before we knew it 80 kids had shown up, along with the police. My mom ended up getting arrested from the party, leaving her to be known in our town as the “party mom”. Even though we get along, we fight terribly too. We don’t always see eye to eye, in fact, most of the time we don’t, but at the end of the day we all know that in the end all we have is each other. We are a fun, loving, crazy, out of the ordinary family and far from conventional

  52. halle rosenwald

    My name is Halle Rosenwald i am 15 years old. I have a sister named Remi who is 11 years old. And she is the biggest brat you will ever meet. We fight all the time .She is an amazing dancer, my mom is a major dance mom. she thinks she’s the cool mom. She is so embarrassing and tries to be best friends with my friends.She is constantly asking us who we are hooking up with at parties. She drives us everywhere and face times my friends for hours. Eventhough she seams nice she is constantly taking my phone.Then theirs my dad who thinks he’s my best friend. We watch scary movies together every weekend and he buys me whatever i want. I talk to him about boys. the other day my boyfriend was over and i went down stairs for one mite , and when i came back up my dad was teaching him how to shoot a gun. Somehow are house always gets diveded to me and my dad and my sister and my mom .Our house is a major party house, The door is always open and you never know who will walk in, we have so much fun. My grandparents our the greatest. last week when it was snowing my grandpop picked us up in a convertible with the top down. Eventhough we might seam like the perfect family their is so much drama. hope we are what ur looking for

  53. Nykki hertzler

    My name is Nykki I am 22 with a 3 year old daughter a 2 year old daughter and pregnant with number three , I am with their father and my husband of 5 years , and every day is drama in our house , usually struggling holding on to a job , paying our bills , dealing with our parents , or my 3 year old who is a diva teaching our 2 year old all the wrong things to do , we are basically the definition of drama …. Family drama is basically our life .

  54. tiffany wilson

    My name is tiffany I am 27 years old have a 7-year-old daughter a6 year old son and a one year old son I am currently pregnant my kids father is fifty well truth is my kids are little evil angels lol they set booby traps for me my daughter plans it out my son follows and the baby laughs and runs like frankinstien i cant get control of them i have to buy them things to get them to listen they scare me out my sleep running and laughing its funny most timesand my mother is like a nutcase from hell my daughter breaks in my phone and prank calls people and dress up and my ghetto barbie car is broke down since i was involved in a hit and run but im good now in a truck with the kids from are we there yet my mom is petty welcome to the adams family i hate to expose my family but my hair has falling out folks say i look like im in my mid thirties a maturer beyonce yea i bet but these kids are driving me bananas they wrote a note demanding things and laugh when i cry then say they do it cause thry love me did i mention they. Dressed up as me and they dad and acted us out. When we argue and told me to give them ice cream with speinkles and waffles or else so i did i do what they ask so they dont be mad at me and say they hate me help me bond better with these spoiled babies of mine my one yr old already covers his ears when i call or when he doesnt want to hear me he screams what and he hits me throws things at me. So i give in to him to so he will smile he screams like an opra singer if i dnt do what he wants litterally he dances when music come on and sings i have a weird bond

  55. Monique E

    My name is Monique I’m 21 years old I have a 2 year old daughter and I’m with her father still. We live with his father and are dealing with his physcotic girlfriend. As for me I have 4 families my real dad with 4 sisters, my real mom with 3 brothers and 2 sisters, my step dads side, and my step moms side. All 5 of my families are not your ordinary type of family. You actually never know what to expect. We all are different. We are all from Phoenix, Az. Hope your interested because we have have everything you want in one package :)

  56. Jamie

    My name is Jamie. I am 35 and a full time student. I have a 57 year old girlfriend named Linda who I have been with for over 2 years. Together we have 4 children. I have a 19 year old son named Blake who is in a band and wants his music heard everywhere.(your typical pretty boy all the girls swoon over). I also have a 16 year old red headed daughter named Rachel who is slightly Autistic and VERY tomboyish. She hates Pink and has NO FILTER when she wants to say something. (I apologize to people…….. A LOT). My girlfriend has a son named BJ who is 22 and is a police officer. He just bought a house with his girlfriend Kim who is a massage therapist. Linda also raised her stepdaughter Nicole since she was three years old. She is now 31 (not much younger than me). My mother also just moved in with us too and she is 51, not much younger than my girlfriend. (she drives us crazy) My girlfriend cant stand her so it keeps the house interesting. My daughter hates her too so it’s a double whammy. We also have a 3 legged dog named Lucky that we adopted last year from the ASPCA in Houston, TX. I just received my associates degree and am now attending school for my BA. I live a pretty great life. I grew up in a family that was very poor and SOOOOO REDNECK but I moved away when I was 16 and my life is way different than the rest of my family. I’m like the black sheep that succeeded.(Go figure!). So not only is my dog missing a leg, so is my girlfriend. She lost her leg when a forklift fell on her at work years ago. She is pretty tough and she outdoes most people I know in everything. She won her lawsuit against the company and has been VERY well taken care of and will be taken care of for the rest of her life. We live in a 2 story house that I love but Linda calls it a “rich mans house”. It’s about 4000 square feet and has a small theatre room, a swimming pool, and a game room in it. I like modern and luxury and she likes country and simple.So I’m just glad that when I introduced her to wine she liked it more than her beer. (I consider that a win for me because now she will go to wine festivals with me WOOP WOOP). We have a lot of quirks in our house that are pretty different and interesting. (and this is just the tip of the iceberg). Let me know if you want to know more. (Lord knows there’s plenty to tell) Oh, I also just found out I had another brother out there I never knew about. I met him and he was nice. (It was a good change considering all my other brothers and sisters are in jail somewhere) I don’t really talk to any of them. Again, I’m the successful black sheep. lol

  57. Jillian O'Brien

    Hi I’m Jill. Im 15 years young! My family isn’t your typical family. We are loud, crazy, but some of the coolest people you will ever meet! Although my sister and I aren’t dancers or anything like that, we do have a crazy and fun life! Me and my 21 year old sister are the only children my mom has, but that doesn’t mean we are any less of a fun time to watch. We always have those moments where we are like “we should really have a reality show!” And I’m trying to make that happen. We spend quality time with my crazy aunts, uncles, and my grandmother and make some crazy memories when we do it. Please read this and think “they sound like a fun time!” Because that is truly what we are.

  58. lylly

    oh yeah i forgot you can reach me on facebook at : thanks again !

  59. lylly

    hi im Lylly im 14 years old I have two huge families well one. but two now because of my parents split my mum(Lorelei 38 years old) is engaged to (Alan 53 years old) and my father(brain41 years old) is married to another women(dena 35 years old ). i have 5 siblings 1 sister (11years old baileigh) 2 half brothers (6yearsoldChristopher ) and (johinee4years old ) then 1 step brother (12 years old julian) and my sister fight a lot but there a lot of drama between the whole family that will keep you entertained for months we fight a lot over who stays at whos house or just sister and brothers fighting plus me and my sister go to the middle school so there is a lot of gossip and drama that happens at home just a average family with crazy things in life ! ! but dose’nt mean we hate! each other my mother dose not like my step mother and my mother can get really jealous when her Alan go out! were very similar to the kardashions with drama and stuff in life that happens !we will bring so many views to you cause are life’s are crazy there’s so many secrets that haven’t been told and just school and my parents work makes even more drama ! but let me tell we all love each but i grantee you that this show will be hit if you pick us because how big of a family we have and how much drama goes in on the two sides ! by the way my two half brothers play football & my half brother plays basket ball and im starting modeling soon i hope your interested! we are located in Tucson Arizona !
    thank you so much for your time i hope you pick us !-lylly

  60. Sharielle Collins

    I am Sharielle Collins and I am going to tell you a little about my family.

    I (Sharielle). : my nickname is Minnie. I am 14. I am very goofy, they say Im evil but i dont think so. I like it my way or no way at all. You cont want to get on my bad side.

    My mother (Lashona) : Nickname Stuffy. She is 34. She graduates college in December 12th. She is very crazy at times, then funny,then mean. She is definately a charter.

    My older brother(Kelvin): Nickname Pooh. He is 16 and he raps. He is very funny, thinks everybody wants him. He dances crazy. He is also very protective.

    My younger sister (Gabrielle): Nickname Gabby. She is spoiled. She gets fussed at everyday. She doesnt like to clean up so i always hveto do it.

    Please reply to learn more

  61. Laila

    I have a big family. I’m 16 and my mom has 8 kids, ages 3-19 years. 5 boys and 3 girls!
    All the girls are dancers and the boys play different sports! It’s a really packed schedule!

  62. Keli Brown

    My name is Keli, & I am very interested in starting in a reality show & so is my family! They always joke around how we would make a great tv how because how big out family is. I’m 18 years old and the oldest of my moms 6 kids she has two sets of twins & a five year old. The first set of twins are Makel & Mikel Harris, then there is Shakhi Murphy he is five years old and he is definitely my favorite sibling, the last set of twins are the babies Ashton & Ayden they are 1 years old and very curious! My mom is just 38 & is single we all love together including my grandparents Rosa & Freddy Qadir . We will be excellent for your selection and very different for television although we have similar problems any other southern middle class family has. We are from small Roebuck, South Carolina! I hope your interested!

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