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  1. Jake Salvatore

    My family has so much drama, we are all from Brooklyn,ny and now live in jersey for the past 3 years, just call me <hidden from public> or email me and you seriously won’t regret it. Thanks and hope to hear back from you, you next big star family is mine I promise.

  2. Abigail

    This family is a sure enough all around FULL of drama!
    The mother (Lana) got divorced from her husband and is still looking for a man. Her son (chas) got arrested a little while back from killing people in a car accident that devistated our town. One daughter (Carligh) is a teenage mother that got divorced one time and is with someone else now and leaves her kid with Lana. Her other daughter (Caileigh) is a crazy child or can be but is also very smart but is currently unenrolled from school. She also has two little kids ( savanna and Brianna) that are sassy and (Braxton , Carlighs baby) is a horrible kid sometimes bc he leaned from watching chas. They’re struggling with the whole good family thing and constantly tell at each other. Although Lana found a man that is sticking around for a little bit now

  3. jackie

    We are a family of…..well too many. The immediate family is
    Jackie, age 51 she is that classic southern mother but she can have attitude plenty
    Ric, age 59 he rules with an iron fist but can also be a big teddy bear
    Alan, age 29 (son) he is just plain crazy and loves kids he truly is a kid at heart family oriented, calls himself redneck tech prep
    Daniel, age 28 (son) he is one of the most ghetto white guys, he is the “cool” one
    Savannah, age 15 (adopted daughter) she is a theater kid with so many personalitys and she is also truly a dumb blonde
    Heather, age 13 (adopted daughter) she is one of the most caring people but you don’t want to get her mad, she participates in pageants, and loves ALL music
    Melissa, age 27 (Daniels fiance) she is about as funny as it kids loves Disney and is crazy about family
    Heather, age 28 (Alan’s wife) southern at heart, younger heathers pageant coach, super girly, loves her family
    Brayden, age 6 (Alan and heathers child) energy filled dramatic very active little boy
    Harper, age one (also their child) is a sassy little girl, and a 5 time title winner in pageants
    Betty (nana), age 80 (rics mom) she is one of the funniest old lady’s you will meet and very active not an old bone in her body

    Well that’s basically our family but their is so much more, so many family get togethers, at at this time soooo much drama. Pretty teenage girls with their drama with boys and family. We always have someone at our home and is welcome to anyone. With parents who think their in their twenty’s but rule with an iron fist it makes it interesting. We are all southern and humorous, and just when you think it can’t get any better the biological family of the girls are in the picture which makes things interesting. If you want good entertainment then you will for sure need our family

  4. Sarah Jackson

    I have the family you are looking for right here!!
    In my family it is just my dad, brother and My Nephew, but my boyfriend of 6 years has the dramatic, outgoing crazy family of 8
    My dad is a very busy businessman always working Monday through Sunday and he thinks he is a comedian he is always joking around and has been the best dad anyone could ask for
    My brother works for my dad, he has a mind of his own and taking care of his family is the only thing on his mind.
    With Nicholas:
    There is his Mom Cecilia who is very opinionated and she will confirm your wrong even if you think your right about something
    His step dad Mike who is very conservative the total opposite of Cecilia he is very laid back and will let you learn from your own mistakes
    The oldest brother Armando Ibarra loves to go out and be part of the scene, he hangs out around everyone from his hometown and has a good head on his shoulders
    After that is Nicholas Ibarra My Boyfriend, we recently had out first son he is such a blessing, the best thing to ever happen in my life was becoming a mother. Nicholas is very outgoing and is always the life of the party
    Isaiah Padilla is so much like his Mom very opinionated with a mind of his own! Everyday he surprises me more and more with his attitude and uniqueness!
    After him Is Justin Padilla who is one of a kind, he is always in his own world but is definitely going somewhere in life. He is a very smart kid with very good intentions
    The youngest brother is Raymond Padilla. He has always been the pookie bear of the family, never got into any type of trouble, always doing good in school, and super close with his parents, until his new girlfriend came along. We have yet to meet her but from what I can tell, Our relationship with her is going to be rocky!!
    Next is his 3 sister’s.
    The oldest is Gabriella Padilla. She was the first to introduce me to the family we met in middle school and have become sisters overtime. She so funny and energetic, she will always keep a smile on your face
    Next is Jessica Padilla. Very much like Gabriella she has a personality of her own, very caring, and will always be there for you when you need someone to talk to
    Last is Jazlyn Brazfield she’s 9 years old with the mind of a 20 year old, she amazes me everyday with her knowledge and personality, she never disappoints.

  5. Shar Randall

    In my family theirs always drama. I have 6 kids and 3 grand children. I come from a big family of 4 brothers and 8 sisters. There was also drama on our family. You would wake up to drama. I want people to see the daily life of a normal family. Who is trying to make it from day to day. Raising girls with different personalities is rough. Growing up with 12 sibling in the same house. We were all unique I’m our own way.

  6. anna smith

    I am a 51 yr old married , mother of 5. We live in Saltillo , MS. My husband , Dale is 45 and loves to embarrass our kids all the time. Our kids ages range from 28 to 12 with one that is adopted , age 20 living at home. Their names are Kyle 28, Nathan 24, Brad 20 , Zack 17, and Alex 12. Brad moved in with us 10 years ago , he was living with his alcoholic dad and his mom was in jail. It was no condition for a child to live in and he went from spending the night occasionally to asking if he could live with us and his father had no problem with it and he’s been living here ever since. We also had a 30 year old daughter , Casie, who recently passed away. She was born with both physical and mental handicaps and was never correctly diagnosed. She died on March 17 , 2015, Zack and Alex, short for Alexandra are currently trying to get into the entertainment industry, doing modeling and working as extras in tv and movies. To top it off we also have 7 dogs and 1 cat. There is Oscar the wiener dog , Dolly and Appa our Akitas , Mooshoo the Chinese Sharpei , and 3 Great Danes named Sis, Midnite, Belle. All of them are great alarms because we live at the end of a dead end street with a lot of drama happening all the time. There’s a trailer park right down the street that is always attracting the police , or the ambulance is coming to help the old man in his electric scooter who is always managing to seriously injure himself and still keeps in ticking.My brother in law is always around offering to help fix things or till us a garden , the only problem is he is hardly ever sober enough to do it. We are also trying to get into shape, because everyone knows Mississippi is not known for it’s fit and active people. lol . We would love to show the country all about how real southerners live. Contrary to popular belief we aren’t all like what tv shows want you to think. Thanks for your consideration. Anna Smith

  7. Damircale Alexander

    My family should be on the show because my mom is single and raise a family of 8 kids and 1grandchild our family fight, sick together and love each other.
    First it’s Tammie Alexander mother 40 then
    The oldest 19 Allen Alexander
    Next to the oldest Doris Alexander 17
    Then Devontay Alexander 15
    Then Damircale Alexander 13
    After her is Jerrica Alexander 11
    After her Jamikia Alexander 9
    After her is D’terrion Alexander 6
    After him is the baby boy Damarious Alexander 5
    Then my sister baby Deziyah Granderson 1
    Allen Alexander in Florida
    Doris alexander mother ,all A student,and protective
    Devontay Alexander problem child/ athletic
    Damircale Alexander athletic/bold and cool ,honest outspoken and sisinging
    Jerrica Alexander self centered,loveable,cool, outspoken ,dancer and singing
    Jamikia Alexander playful,dancer
    D’terrion Alexander smart , playful ,and love video games
    Damarious Alexander smart,want to be a athletic football player ,
    Deziyah Granderson has a mind of a 4year old and is 1 years old and tanlet.
    Tammie Alexander loveable, smart, know how to dance.
    If you pick our family we will bring plenties of viewers.

  8. Amythyst Raine-Hatayama

    I sent you an email with the information you’ve asked for (sent on 3-22-2015), plus a brief synopsis of our family and each family member, along with photos. If the images didn’t come through okay, let me know, as I included them in the body of the message. I can resend them as attachments if necessary. (My family has had prior filming experience.)

  9. ysacc mason

    My family is one of a kind you will not be disappointed

  10. DMona Ross

    I’m an African American single mom, 46 yrs old. My daughter is a teenager and bi-racial. I chose a man that I felt would produce a gorgeous baby; I got pregnant and then told him the baby wasn’t his. He still, till this day doesn’t know he has a daughter. She’s never met her dad and I’m considering pursuing finding him and having her meet him. She attends a middle school in a very prestigious community

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 9 months. He’s white, 65 yrs old, multi-millionaire and a REFORMED RACIST. He takes care of his physically and/or developmentally disabled sister who is approximately 59 yrs old or so. I WANT HER GONE. She’s still a racist…not reformed…and she constantly calls me his “” we have had so many arguments that he now wants her to move out. He has other siblings but none of them will take her because she’s so freaking evil…can you imagine this disabled chick being a total B and bully? lol its crazy

    I have a secret that I haven’t told my family…I’m a convicted Felon. I might even have to do time. I’m currently waiting on sentencing because I’m the key witness in 2 major felony trials…believe it or not. lol I have one more case to testify in and then I’ll be sentenced.

    Lastly, my boyfriend bought me a car within the first 3 weeks of us meeting. It was totaled 6 days later lol, and he turned around and bought me another one immediately. All of his friends and family think I’m only with him for the money. Most of them hate me, I don’t care. I give ALL THE FREAKING TIME, and in return he takes great care of me. And yes I do love him. I’m the black Anna Nicole Smith {only older}. lol

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. I don’t want everyone in this post to know ALL of our business….besides they can learn all about our story when they watch US in your new reality show. Yes I said it. lol

  11. Arion Brent

    Vonda Brent – Morther

    Kathy Fenderson – Grandmorther

    Arion Brent – Son

    Nya Brent – Daughter

    Martel Brent – Son

    Micheal Mceya – Grandmorthers Boyfriend

    My family is CRAZY and they a wild most of the time we don’t get along at all! Vonda and Kathy are like fire and gasoline they hardly get along on a good day. Vonda’s son Arion has been showing out and doin things he shouldn’t be since his mom got sick, now the two do not have a good relationship at ALL. Nya and her boyfriend argue all the time and her boyfriends from a whole different state so he drives up here to see her all the time and they argue Everytime he comes because she is stuck in a love triangle which is ruining her relationship with her boyfriend jamieson. Kathy and her Boyfriend get into heated conversations all the time and it never stops! Micheal is a instagater he tries to cause arguement a with all Kathy’s family, So basically everyone in the family hates micheal!!!!! Martel and Micheal do not get long they have had a history of fights in the past and now since Martel is a adult Micheal is trying to pick with Arion the upcoming teen boy in the family who thinks his life is a reality TV SHOW 24/7! Vonda is going through a sickness right now and she is feeling alone. Thier is more Famliy members but the ones I brought up are the main ones that bring out the drama! I’m telling you this family is Crazy and so interesting, You would not regret you choice on picking this family to put on national TV. This Famliy is a WORKING PROGESS Day by day.

    Vonda Brent – ( Supa Controlling Mortha)

    Kathy Fenderson – ( Reckless Mouth Gram)

    Arion Brent – ( Teen Rebel)

    Nya Brent – ( Lil Miss sassy)

    Martel Brent – ( Brentorious)

    Micheal Mceya – (Over lived CrackHead)

    This family is from Oberlin Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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