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  1. DMona Ross

    I’m an African American single mom, 46 yrs old. My daughter is a teenager and bi-racial. I chose a man that I felt would produce a gorgeous baby; I got pregnant and then told him the baby wasn’t his. He still, till this day doesn’t know he has a daughter. She’s never met her dad and I’m considering pursuing finding him and having her meet him. She attends a middle school in a very prestigious community

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 9 months. He’s white, 65 yrs old, multi-millionaire and a REFORMED RACIST. He takes care of his physically and/or developmentally disabled sister who is approximately 59 yrs old or so. I WANT HER GONE. She’s still a racist…not reformed…and she constantly calls me his “” we have had so many arguments that he now wants her to move out. He has other siblings but none of them will take her because she’s so freaking evil…can you imagine this disabled chick being a total B and bully? lol its crazy

    I have a secret that I haven’t told my family…I’m a convicted Felon. I might even have to do time. I’m currently waiting on sentencing because I’m the key witness in 2 major felony trials…believe it or not. lol I have one more case to testify in and then I’ll be sentenced.

    Lastly, my boyfriend bought me a car within the first 3 weeks of us meeting. It was totaled 6 days later lol, and he turned around and bought me another one immediately. All of his friends and family think I’m only with him for the money. Most of them hate me, I don’t care. I give ALL THE FREAKING TIME, and in return he takes great care of me. And yes I do love him. I’m the black Anna Nicole Smith {only older}. lol

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. I don’t want everyone in this post to know ALL of our business….besides they can learn all about our story when they watch US in your new reality show. Yes I said it. lol

  2. Arion Brent

    Vonda Brent – Morther

    Kathy Fenderson – Grandmorther

    Arion Brent – Son

    Nya Brent – Daughter

    Martel Brent – Son

    Micheal Mceya – Grandmorthers Boyfriend

    My family is CRAZY and they a wild most of the time we don’t get along at all! Vonda and Kathy are like fire and gasoline they hardly get along on a good day. Vonda’s son Arion has been showing out and doin things he shouldn’t be since his mom got sick, now the two do not have a good relationship at ALL. Nya and her boyfriend argue all the time and her boyfriends from a whole different state so he drives up here to see her all the time and they argue Everytime he comes because she is stuck in a love triangle which is ruining her relationship with her boyfriend jamieson. Kathy and her Boyfriend get into heated conversations all the time and it never stops! Micheal is a instagater he tries to cause arguement a with all Kathy’s family, So basically everyone in the family hates micheal!!!!! Martel and Micheal do not get long they have had a history of fights in the past and now since Martel is a adult Micheal is trying to pick with Arion the upcoming teen boy in the family who thinks his life is a reality TV SHOW 24/7! Vonda is going through a sickness right now and she is feeling alone. Thier is more Famliy members but the ones I brought up are the main ones that bring out the drama! I’m telling you this family is Crazy and so interesting, You would not regret you choice on picking this family to put on national TV. This Famliy is a WORKING PROGESS Day by day.

    Vonda Brent – ( Supa Controlling Mortha)

    Kathy Fenderson – ( Reckless Mouth Gram)

    Arion Brent – ( Teen Rebel)

    Nya Brent – ( Lil Miss sassy)

    Martel Brent – ( Brentorious)

    Micheal Mceya – (Over lived CrackHead)

    This family is from Oberlin Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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