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A major cable network is searching for the most unconventional, bold and outlandish families in America for it’s exciting new reality docu-series Family Drama. Submissions are being accepted from parents, kids and teens that are willing to have their relationships explored on national television. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only be seen by millions of viewers each week but to also explore your family dynamic and potentially strengthen your bonds in the process.

Family Drama is looking for familys of all types and with variuos parenting techniques. Are you a stage or dance mom ? Do you run your family military style, with an iron fist? Are you BFF with your kids? Family Drama wants to hear from you.

Kids, are your parents too strict, jealous, easy going, stubborn, sneaky or embarrassing? Family Dynamic wants to hear all of your stories.

Family Drama wants to hear all of your stories and experiences both good and bad. Whether you are a parent or child everyone has a tale to tell. Family Drama is ready to shine a light on the American family and parenting experience and you and your family could be the focus of the production. If you are interested in submitting check out the contact information below and be sure to leave a comment and check back for all of the Family Drama updates.

Families are like snowflakes, there are no two alike and the same goes for their stories and home lives. Be a part of what is sure to be one of the most insightful, heartfelt and entertaining reality television shows of all time. Submit yourself and your family today to share your Family Drama.

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Names and ages of everyone in the family

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Tell us about your family and their drama!

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  1. Jennifer M Richards

    We are the Richards family. The people in our family is my dad he is 51 he works for labcorb he works the graveyard shift. My mom she is 54 she is a medium she is amazing at her job and travels all over which is funny she used to be a teacher and principal and she is trying to publish her book about her past life experience. There are three siblings total The oldest is 28 he works for party city, my younger brother he is 11, then theres me 16 year old me. Everyone says my family and l should have our own tv because we are so interesting. We used to foster kids so there was a time when we had 6 kids all together. Life is crazy with my nutty family but there is always love and if we all lose friends, or sad we all can go to one another to lean on.

  2. Jessica Stratton

    Jessica Stratton
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    We are the Stratton Family, and our family is interesting and unique. My name is Jessica Stratton and I am 23 years old. I got married December 3rd 2016 to a church going man who was a widower, with kids older then me, he is 48 years old. At first none of his kids accepted his desicion off marrying me, but he did it anyways. Shortly after being married, we was asked by the state to take 3 week old magnus who is currently 1 years old today. So, we did , but in our minds we said we wanted to help the family out and guide them to be able to get their son back. But, little did we know we would still have Magnus today, for the parents haven’t got their act together nor done what they needed to do, to prove to the state of Illinois they were fit as parents. The state asked us of Feb. 2018 to take Magnus’ biological older brother Jay who is currently 2 years old, for they have policies of keeping siblings together so we of course said yes as we changed our intentions of adopting the boys into our family. In the mean while before getting Jay, we found out we was pregnant, with our first biological baby which is our miracle baby, for Tony fell off a tree Year’s ago and was told by doctors he probably could never have kids, but this baby proved them wrong. We welcomed our baby girl Karis into this world May 21st 2018. So we have 3 kids under the age of 3. Today Tony’s older children have accepted the desicion of us marrying, but there seems to always be something new, if it’s between his older kids, or between his kids and tony or just between us all, but we try to accept each other n be a family who loves each other and accepts each other for who they are, even if it includes some struggles. Jay, has breakdowns, can’t really talk good for he is in speech class to help improve his vocabulary. Magnus likes to test buttons and push you limits. We are a family who is adventurous, always making the most of our day. We travel a lot and do new things all the time. Tony owns his own business called Inspired Heights which is a Church steeple-jack. I am a stay at home and make cakes as a hobby out of my home. We are known as the Stratton Family and we are one of a kind and unique.

  3. Omg

    Omg! How u change your name (>.<) gosh

  4. Shy'Tianna Matthews

    Family of 14, born and raised in Los Angeles California. Mother is 45, father is 49, both had six kids together, and married. Ages 29, daughter who’s no longer with us, 28 daughter, 26, daughter and the mother of a 11 and 2 years old, 25 daughter, 24 son who’s no longer with us, 23 daughter and the mother of a 3 years old, auntie that’s 23, mother and the mother of a 4 years old, both parents was deceased by 12. Cousins that’s 11, 10, 8, and 1 who be with us all the time. Drama in our family? Of course we live in South Central but with southern roots. Can’t give too much information because if we are not picked there’s a high chance somebody will know who this is… Pretty well known family!

  5. Deanna

    We are the Clarks, we have 7 children all ranging from 10 to 8 months. We live in Oklahoma. My husband works in the oil industry and I go to college (working towards nursing degree). We moved from Arkansas. Our kids play almost every sport, we are always the talk around events. With a big family people want to know everything about you. We are a chaotic mess but at the end of the day our love for one another is stronger than all the challenges that we face.

  6. Justin Miller

    Honest Look no Further, we are what you are looking for!! I don’t even know where to begin in writing to you ,so trust me my family drama is way to much to explain in writing. Let me just say “The Osbournes” have nothing on our family drama. If your serious about this, email me and I will give u my phone # to talk on phone or in person. You wouldn’t be sorry to take a chance on an awkward casting response.
    I live in southern NJ with my wife ,4 children and their significant others and their children +2 more on the way ,7 dogs,3 cats,lizard all under 1 roof. You want drama you’ll get that and much much more.

  7. Lakihila

    Hello well my family sucks in their own ways. I am 28 year old female I was adopted and my biological family well crazy is NOT the word to describe us very dysfunctional we all still trying to learn one another since we siblings did not grow up in the same house hold. I come from a family of 13 siblings but only 10 I do believe is alive. My Bilogical mother was know for her bad habits. I feel if we have our own show itll not only bring our dysfunctional family closer but itll help me and other siblings get answer we were not able to get from our mother. When we are all together we party we laugh we chill we fight we argue and cry together I just want us to come together a little more closer and understanding one another I believe our family would be a great very curious entertaining reality show so pick the Ogltree family and be very entertained

  8. Ashley Solem

    Troy(30) dad, Ashley(29) mom, Kaizley(5) daughter, and Moxin (3) son.
    We live in the country in North Dakota. We are a farming family. My husband drives truck in the winter for a local seed company and in the summer he farms with his dad and uncles. I work full time at Parts City Auto Parts store as a manager. Our daughter Kaizley goes to preschool half days and on my lunch break I go get her off the bus and bring her to daycare for the other half the day. Moxin, our son, goes to daycare everyday but sometimes goes to nana’s. Our daughter races snowmobiles in the winter. Our race familes are crazy fun and boy do we like to have a good time when we are racing. We grill on chilly 5 degree days while racing. Moms go wild after the kids go to bed when we have to stay in a hotel for the weekend for racing. I am mostly a single mom and my husband is not home very much so I cook, clean, mow, repair things, trim bushes, move snow, you name it I can do it. We just acquired 11 chicks as well and built a chicken coop. We love to ride our atvs and be outside. We go to the grandparents to check on the cows by the red river. My husband Is a part of everything, the Lion’s club, Rod and Gun Club, Volunteer Firemen, and I am a volunteer 1st responder. We are busy all the time. I have two sisters that keep the drama going too. Always texting me, telling me what I should be doing. My mom is my best friend and my kids love her. My mother in law is crazy and literally drives me crazy. This is our life in a nutshell. WE are country folks but like to get away to Las Vegas and have a great time. We are different than any other people you see on tv and we definelty could give you a different view of life up here in North Dakota/Minnesota. We are very close to Canada too eh?!

  9. angie sanchez

    hello,family of 7 in san Antonio texas my name is angie I am 30 years of age I saw your casting call for “family drama”. I am very much interested, although my family is crazy but not to crazy. I am a wife to my amazing husband Daniel who is 32 he is a trying to make ends meet, he is a construction worker by day and a struggling professional boxer at night, he is currently trying to look into truck driving. We have 5 children my oldest being 10 his name is Daniel, he is such a nerd with a huge heart he loves to play video games an loves to be creative an make thing up like games etc. big imagination. My second son Dominion is 8,he is so quiet he is smart and also a smarty pants at times even with his quiet voice but he is the intelligent one in our home. My daughter Dalilah being 7, she is such a girly girl who just loves to be a girl (laughing) she is the girly girl in our home. My other daughter Daylene being 6, is so outrageous she is bold loud and just doesn’t care to tell you what is on her mind, she loves to fight an bully he brothers and baby sister, but she also has a loving heart all put together. she is the goofball in the family. And my youngest daughter Desiree being 5. she is the youngest in our family she is the spoiled one the one who gets what she wants, the one that we cant say no to, she is the mommies girl in the family. we all have are own unique personality. We live in the courts so I think it would be pretty cool for you to cast us there is not to many reality shows that film in the courts so it would be interesting for viewers to watch on how we are trying to make ends meet an try to get out of living her. my husband an I just recently got our high school diploma an just trying for our kids to have a better life for them. we are a pack. We don’t have that much drama but we do have a story to tell that goes into drama with our struggling paths. so please pick us we would love to be in your show “family drama”. thank you once again..

  10. Hallie Garropy

    My family is very very crazy with constant drama happening on a daily basis. I am the oldest of 5 kids and we all live with my mom, grandma, and grandpa. My mom is the loudest and funniest person I know. She is very outspoken, which makes life in our house non stop crazy. My siblings are almost as crazy as my mom. They are constantly arguing with eachother and they say the funniest things. I’ve always thought we should have our own reality tv show because of our unique story. We are a drama filled family with all the right qualities of a reality show. We will not disappoint!!
    My siblings:
    My mom:
    My grandparents:
    Auburn NY

  11. Hattie Joes

    My life and kids are crazy. Hi, I’m a single mother of 2 sets of twin boys which all are teenagers 17 and 18. When I tell you my life is a big circus and emotional rollercoaster at the same time. My 2 oldest kids have learning disabilities but give me the hardest time because they don’t want to own up to their truth and my 2 younger boys are hip hop heads and fashionist try to keep up with the latest trend. I’m a full time working mom and struggle day to day with time getting m kids to and from school them to and from work and balancing my own things out. I also have extra kids cause they have friends I just can’t get rid of but I love them like their mine. My house is like big circus each day.

  12. Krizia Medina

    Pick us! We are a family on 4. Me mom, Fiancé and 2 Boys 10&3 … we are a busy crazy family. We both have opposite jobs.

  13. Deborah

    Pick us! Crazy awesome family of 4 in sunny Florida! Me mama, my man 9 years, our 2 boys 7 &5. My 7 year old baby has type 1 diabetes and I have not seen one show showing the struggles of this horrible disease! We need to educate people! Millions of kids are diagnosed. We will give you the REAL struggles and some good family fun along the way!

  14. Deborah

    Pick us! Crazy awesome family of 4 in sunny Florida! My 7 year old baby has type 1 diabetes and I have not seen one show showing this horrible disease! We need to educate people! We will give you the REAL struggles and some fun along the way!

  15. Emonye Jones

    My mom’s name is Mary and she has 13 kids she’s a hard-working single mother she has 11 girls and 2 boys a TV show for my mom will be an amazing experience for us all please get back to us when you can my number is and we live in California Biggs thank you so much

  16. sarah jackson

    Your family is right here! My family is so big I have no idea where to start. My name is Sarah Jackson I have 2 kids, Nicholas who is 2 1/2, and Jasier who Is 3 months. My dad is my everything! My mom has passed away and my brother is in his own world! my brother has his girlfriend and one child with her and she has 2 from previous relationships. my dad is with his girl nita and her crazy son armani! Now here is the world wind, My boyfriend Nicholas has one older brother and 3 younger brothers, and 3 younger sisters. everyone is growing up so fast and doing there own thing I can start to see much more distance. his mother Cecilia and pops mike have gone above and beyond for these kids. his real dad has been in and out of jail his whole life, he is such a character but is always into something, and his stepmom mina is such a sweet women. I consider his family mine, the list can go on and on I will be on here for days! we are located in san Bernardino county in lovely CALIFORNIA. we literally have stories for days our family has gone through anything you can ever imagine, I have been with my man for 8 years and I still hear about stuff that is brand new that happened years ago. I can guarantee you we will make a hit!! I hope to hear from you soon!!

  17. Stephanie Ornelas

    I have a crazy family. 9 kids. We are a split family. I have 4, my husband has 1. We adopted our oldest. We have 2 foster kids and a young man who stays w us while attending college. Im Caucasian, husband is hispanic, oldest is africa n american, and college student is native. We are a goofy fun loving family that everyone loves to stare at. My husband is a firefighter and i work part time at a rec center. We love kids and we love our crazy life

  18. Natasha Wiggins

    We are called MAMA SHELL KIDS! We live in a lil city called desmoines Iowa and been here for years and still can’t cope with the slow life. We was born and raised in chicago illinois but our mom got us out of the city life to make a better way. So far mama shell have around 40 grandkids alone since we have been here. she has 8 kids of her own. We argue ALOT! but we love hard. We are a African American family but we love everybody😃 I am the oldest and my boo/ man/ boyfriend is white american. We have been together for 5yrs. U can imagine how he stick out like a green thumb huh? We are funny we have sad times we have good times and we might turn up! But we love and that’s why we call ourselves mama shells kids. She cooks for us and will cook for friends family homeless ppl. It wouldn’t matter to her. Basically we are just a family that’s real and the world would love us! We have proved it in two cities. We are loved😍

  19. Shay

    My family would be great for this reality tv show. We are all energetic and love to joke around all the time. Sometimes we have our mad and sad times but most of the time we are happy and clowing around. My family consists of
    Dimaris 38
    Reynaldo 34
    Maria 39
    Migdalia 60
    Anthony 18
    Angelica 18
    Jose 17
    Baby Rey 12
    Arianna 10
    Me 14
    My family is Hispanic and speaks both languages. We will make your day and make you laugh with what we do on an every day basis. Half of them are my cousins and aunt and uncle and grandma. Than one is my brother and mother.

  20. Paige Griffin

    Hey, my name is Paige and I’m 15 years old. I live with my mom, little sister, and step-dad. We are constantly told by my family that we NEED our own reality show because we are hilarious. We are all African-American and live Washington, D.C.

    Growing up in D.C wasn’t really hard because it is small but when my brother died in 2009(I was 7) by metropolitan police I was always reminded of his death. My mom went into a really dark era after the death of her son. However, we are doing fine now thanks to God and the prayers we have received.

    Now, the only thing that we’re going through as a family is me growing up into a woman. However, my mom is kinda overprotective over me and my 13 year old sister. At my age, I think O should be able to hang out with my friends, but mom thinks that I’m growing up too fast and other stuff. She’s a little old-fashioned so you know the rest.

    When we get the show, it should be called the “Paige&Priana”

  21. D.Robinson

    Hopefully the Robinsons get selected 🙌🏾

  22. alexa Townsend

    Sent an email:

    The Townsend Tribe is your not so average modern family. My husband and I met right after I graduated college when I landed my first “big girl” office job. With a 17 year age gap and Kenny freshly on the market after a 20 year relationship with ex wife #2 (Ranog’s mom) we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when Kenny invited me to Buffalo Bills for his last HOORAH with his closest friends before his permanent move to Japan. After the long weekend I said good bye to Kenny and wrote that one off….I thought that was the end of that “fling”….Three months later which included a weekend visit to Japan I found myself living in a studio apartment in Laguna Beach with Kenny talking about marriage and babies… Fast forward almost 7 years later: 11 different houses all over California as well as a quick move to Arizona, one big fat wedding, 5 new babies, financial hardships, health issues, death of Kenny’s first wife, 27 year old step daughter in prison, nasty repercussions of the still on going court battles with ex wife #2, extended family fights to include the isolation of Kenny’s mom, 19 year old stepdaughters permanent move to Ireland, and soo much more we now face almost 3 months of unemployment, a job offer in Albuquerque which means I will struggle to hold the house down while dad travels weekly to another state. We live a fast paced life as our oldest is extremely involved in competitive dancing, gymnastics, school and recitals. Its not so easy keeping up with the Orange county lifestyle but some how we manage to come up with the funds to do so without missing a beat! I am the most family oriented person you will ever meet and constantly pushing to keep my immediate family close despite our geographical challenges as well as our often clashing strong personalities. Its not a matter of will we survive this new chapter as dad takes on this new job but HOW will we survive?? We recently let go of our nanny who just couldn’t quite keep up and now we will fully depend on the help of our family and friends to help me manage our crew while dad is gone during the week. Not to mention the strain this will be on our marriage considering past trust issues. Our love and persistence will keep us together. Our children are our biggest motivators to keep pushing for success. Our life keeps getting more and more chaotic and although people may stare us down as we pull up in our very oversized 12 passenger Nissan 3500 we won’t let the size of our family stop us for doing things and experiencing life as any other family!

  23. Rosanne Ingram

    I never dreamed I would actually stumble across a platform and real opportunity to share my show ideal about my family. My husband and I are high school sweet hearts , we have been dating on since about 14 years old and we are now 33. We have 7 beautiful children. Our show would be called “MOORE TO LOVE” hints our last name Moore and there being so many of us. While our faimily is full of love we are anything but conventional and I mean that in the best way possible. The truth is there are no rules on parenting and when you start as young as my husband and i chose to do there are many things you have to learn along the way. We have five boys and one daughter together and the beautiful step daughter that my husband has brought into this family (another story) . I have been told several times that my mixed family with the aspiring rap artist aunt who frequently pops in with her two sense the reformed Christian grandfather/ father who refuses to speak to me due to difference in parenting beliefs and the mother in law from hell that my story would definitely help some women out there. No i am not perfect but I have learned how to make a perfect batch of lemonade with the lemons life has given me.

  24. Cheyenne

    Hello! I am Cheyenne Hanson, a 12 year old girl. I know I know you think it’s kind of odd that a 12 year old looks into this kind stuff. But I have always dreamt of being famous and it could come true. The reason why I am sharing this is not about stuff with family it’s with school. Almost every school has drama with rumors and whispering and counselors. I think that it would be fun to do a show at school. There’s is not very much left of the year but I think
    people can aslo film what they are doing for the summer and stuff. I hope you like my idea and I hope you can come to my school. Thanks!!!

  25. Marcelo

    I think my crazy family would be beyond perfect. We live in Arizona and my family is my dad, his girlfriend her two boys (14 and 7) and then my sisters (12 and 4) then lastly me and my little brother (13 and 7). Yes we all love each other but so many things happen, the house is very chaotic. All the kids are always fighting and up to know good behind closed doors. In public life all the kids do good in school with small behavior problems (mainly the 4yr old). I strongly recommend my crazy family, and trust me when it rains it poors in my family. So I hope u can get back to us and thank you.

  26. Tiffany

    Leaving a comment. Sent an email. So just check out the email!;)

  27. Ariel Rubenstein

    Let me tell you we are all crazy but a fun kinda crazy it’s me Ariel Star Rubenstein I’m 32 years old my 3 kids ages 15,6 and 4 all boys my brother he is in his 40s my boyfriend age 37 and my mother we are from sunny busy california we just moved to a little quite town howard,south dakota we are a loud ghetto fab type of family. we have more drama then the average family buts its funny drama the kind of drama that pepole will keep watching day after day mabe because we are so ghetto we are a jewish family we are the Rubensteins we dont celebrate jewish holidays or anything like that our family is one of a kind we got secrets for our secrets we will definitely keep pepole wanting more. ⭐

  28. nevaeh smith

    I think my family would be perfect all we do is argue and disagree lol my mom is the main us at we will blow the charts??

  29. Angie Miller

    My husband & I have been together for about 20 yrs, (since I was 16 & he was 20) he is super amazing, but almost completely def! Making our house loud ENUF, but when you add in 5 kids (3 girls & 2 boys) 15, 11, 9, 2 & 18mon! That’s when things get crazy! Put their friends in this mix & all crazy breaks loose! We live in a super small town, don’t even have a stop light!! My oldest boy is 11 & just suffered a horrific accident that we are still tending to, that may leave some permanent damage (only time will tell) our 15 yr old is a genius, 4.0 student! Our 9 yr old is just trying to find her way in this world!! Then we have a 2 yr old boy that has special needs & likes to let ya know how it is at all times! The baby just kinda follows him & does what he does! If the small town living doesn’t get ya, it’s the crazy as soon As you walk in the door that will….

  30. Lynea Ransom

    I have lots of family drama people, cuz I love time to tell IRS we need at all we have a show and they will watch it every time to come home

  31. Kellye Alston

    If you want a hit reality show, this is the family for you. Four very talented daughters with drama filled lives, ages 9, 16, 20 and 25. Lots of boy trouble, one with teen attitude at its highest, two trying to find a happy medium into adulthood while rooming together; constant fighting. Busy parents, dad a nurse, mom a teacher/ writer, struggling to make ends meet after a huge move to a new state; trying to bring a chaotic family to order and keep the marriage flames burning. The only sanity in the house is the nine year old who has become quite the comedienne, creating joy in her crazy world.

  32. Oscar

    I’m not going to give you a long story of my family. I’ll tell you this It’s me my sister and my older brother oh yeah and my mom boyfriend are oldest brother lives a few blocks away with a step daughter and a 2 year old and his girlfriend. My family is filled with different personalities we argue a lot but celebrate and love each other. My personality is the ambitious full of dreams with little action and little faith. My sister is a loner who believes the world is out to get her. My brother is mr.smooth who pick the ladies with lies and story’s but never seem to grow up. My mother is genuine always cooking always cleaning very loud person. My other brother is the artistic one whom just let life leave him where he is now. We are a american Dominican family who I feel would be very entertaining…. for instance I’m the ambitious one who took action in this plot.

  33. Nia

    Crazy family from New Zealand dont want to leave info on my family here but if you want a hit reality show with 5 crazy sisters going through struggles, a strong mum with a hard backround and an alcoholic hardheaded dad then e-mail me.

  34. Miledy

    Hey my name is miledy iam not goinh to say to much because i want u guyd to see ur own self my family are dramatic funny crazy

  35. Lorea Arthur

    My family all mess up got a mother that always telling me and my kid’s how she hate us how am nothing to her got some cousins that act like am a stranger I don’t no where am going or coming but at the end of the day I got my three kid’s and granddaughter we are a family that prays together so we can’t be broken

  36. Kate Helme

    Hi well where to start’ we are a family of 13 yes 13, 11 children and 2 adults (mother father) we are from the uk we own a small
    Sweet business (candy) we have a very different kind of life’ we have a daughter age 5 with medical needs a boy age 8 with complex needs’ my kids fight like cat and dog we lead a very hectic life and very entertaining trust me ?

  37. Brannon Atkinson

    My name is Brannon I have a weird family lets just saying we are dysfunctional we are funny and we do funny things we live in Yucaipa there is five of us 3 kids and 2 parents each kid is still a minor they are 13 girl, 15 boy, and 17 boy we like to pull pranks on eachtoher and joke around a lot.

  38. Alicia

    Hi I’m Alicia Martha Pagan the oldest child in our family. (Probably the smartest.) I never said that shhh. We live in a two bedroom apartment in NYC. Let me tell you our family is crazy and dramatic.

    Jessica Echevarria 39 years old
    Erik Sr. Echevarria 43 years old
    Alicia Martha Pagan 12 years old
    Erik Trevor Echevarria 7 years old
    Giovani Echevarria 2 years old

    Let me start off with telling you a little bit about myself. I just turned twelve years old. I love vlogging, fashion, and reading. But I don’t put my vlogs online. I really want to be an actress. Plus I love musically. My family says I’m like a horse with blinders only looking in one direction, but I look in all directions. They say I can be selfish but I doubt it. Plus I’m constantly arguing with my brothers Erik and Giovani. They are so annoying I try to help them but they are constantly yelling and fighting. My mom yells to get her way she say the reason she yells is because she is Puerto Rican. Like when we clean up our room she yells and expects us to sweep, mop, and pick up toys all at one time. With only two hands. But all of my brothers are half and their dad is my stepdad who is married to my mom and had two kids. This is where I live most of the time and I go with my dad almost every weekend.

    Which brings me to Erik he’s Seven but acts like he’s two that’s what everyone in the family says.

    Hi I’m Erik Trevor Jr. Alicia came up with Trevor. I think that everyone in my family is annoying except me. I only like to play on my iPad and play with my baby brother Gio. I hate school. Plus my dad Erik says I’m too stuck on my iPad and it’s frying my brain. Really dad frying my brain.

    Which brings me too the star of the show Giovani he’s only two years old so I’m going to give you a brief description of him. He is basically baby 2.0. He is so smart but is a little rascal . He once went to a buffet with my mom and stuck his hand in the banana pudding that has the vanilla wafers in it and ate it. Then he stuck his hand in it again and grabbed the wafer and said “here mommy” and handed it to her and the whole buffet was laughing. Thank god mom didn’t have to pay for it since they had to switch the whole thing out.

    Which brings me to mom she’s 39 and is the head of our house. Her and big Erik are in a competition to lose weight which has been going on for about five years and they look the same or even gained weight. She is constantly screaming at us and loves being on Facebook and she’s a baker. Let’s see what she has to say about us

    Hi I’m Jessica. I love my family, but… Sometimes the drive me crazy. But I love them to the moon and back. Me and my husband have a hate love relationship. He’s a little too optimistic and hard headed but lovable. Little Erik becomes difficult at time but still manageable. Sometimes I wish I never had them but reality hits and I realize I love them and they’re stuck here. Alicia is a very special child my first, sometimes she makes me want to not have kids. She thinks the world revolves around her. (Really mom Really.) She wants to control everyone and everything. Now Gio very difficult makes me want to bring him back to where he came from if you know what I me. He makes me want to cry. Giovani is very unmanageable my last child.

    Which brings me to Big Erik he’s 43 and like mom said he’s too optimistic and hard headed. If I’m hard headed and he’s also hard headed that means we fight a lot.

    Hey I’m Erik Echevarria. I adore my family but the kids they’re all have different personalities and all are very different. Me and Jessica argue a lot but I still love her to the moon and back infinite times. I also love Alicia like she’s my own but sometimes she is so unmanageable. Erik jr. Is laid back more and always on his iPad and it’s going to fry his brain. Gio don’t even get me started he’s a rascal and also very unmanageable.

  39. Gage

    Hi, I’m Gage Allen McKenzie I am 14 for to be 15 years old in September and I am from Pomona, Ks. I want to have our own reality TV show because seriously our family is crazy! I’m a Virgo so my anger goes from 0 to 100 quick. I love watching reality TV shows such as Bad Girls Club, Keeping up with the Kardashian’s, Real world, Jersey Shore. My mom and I fight a lot! So do my and my Grandma but we all love each other but there has been a few altercation’s with melted my other side of my fam.

  40. Shannon Weiland

    My sister 39 and myself 41 are both married to older men (48 and 57) anyways we both have infertility and are going to surprise our parents the end of June/beginning of July with the news that we have embroys from an angel donor and our children once born will be cousins and biologically half brother/sister. The fact that we are even doing this unusual way of ivf with eggs from the same donor is a surprise and so is that we are even going to have babies. our parents know nothing. We want to tell them when we are all together and in person the good news.

  41. Crystal Frazier

    Hi my name is crystal my family lives in Sacramento I am the 5th kid of 8 my family is crazy we do crazy things we like to have fun party we fight alot with each other but love each other so much we been through a lot of stuff its so much nd if we had are own show I think a lot of people would watch cause we all have different characters nd act different from eachother nd we have a lot of drama action nd more

  42. Julie

    In my family there is my dad, my mom, my six siblings, and eight nieces and nephews. Five of us have a different mom than the other two. Erin is the first child (31 years old) and she is a special education teacher and single mom. Robin (28 years old) is a very grumpy single mom of two, trinity (9 years old) and serenity (6 years old). Robin and Erin both still live at home with there kids. Kyle is another kid (27 years old), he has two kids with different baby mamas, one baby mama lives in Michigan and one lives in New Jersey. Kyles baby mamas are very interesting (or insane). Kyle also still lives at home. Kevin and Keith are 25 year old twins, Kevin had a three year old daughter names sola and Keith has a two year old son names Kolten and a six year old son names Kaiden. Gabby is 13 years old, bratty little girl that is full of drama. The youngest kid is Jacob, he is a very annoying 12 years old. Some interesting stuff about our family is the amount of fights we get in. We can’t go a day with out a fight. Kevin and Keith got in a fist fight because Kevin put too much cheese on his hot dog and Robin and Kyle got in a fight because robin threw Kyles pizza on the counter. One of the funniest and most interesting things about our family is the amount of drama that goes on with the baby mamas and baby daddy’s (you’d be surprised). Another funny story is when Gabby made fun of Erin’s small boobs so Erin took Gabbu outside and shoved her to the ground and rubbed her boobs in Gabby’s face. We also get in fights a lot about one person eating another persons food. Even though we fight a lot, we do love each other very much and learn a lot from each other. Our crazy, drama filled family is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  43. Savannah Brooks

    Hi I’m Savannah Brooks from New Albany, Ms! I’m 19 and yes I am married! My husband how ever is 24, he’s a dwarf that 3 foot 6 inches tall, and his profession is He’s a professional Midget Wrestler. His wrestling name is Baby Jesus he’s all over you tube and is famous in independent wrestling! We have two beautiful toddlers, Justice who is 2 and Addison who is 1 and if they have their way they will be wrestlers too just like daddy considering my oldest will just off the couch and kick me in the face lol. Like many other families, we have our good times and our bad time. My husband also have a brother who is 4 foot 3 inches tall also a professional midget wrestler, Extreme Midget Wrestling. I however tend to stay home with the kids and wrestle around with my little wreatlers! We’ve had so many people strangers and family tell us we needed to be on a reality tv show and if you knew is you would know why! Thanks for everything!

  44. Beth hyneman

    This would be great for myself the mother and my daughter I have done many wrongs and would love to have a bond with her. That is all I ever wanted

  45. Veronica Garcia

    Okay where to begin with my crazy, loveable, outspoken, dramatic, un-dominated family…Hmmm, I guess we should start with the Queen who started it all! Which is Mamma Bear, the single young looking, young spirit soul searching crazy mom, my mother is absolutely gorgeous not just saying that because she’s mom, but because everyone says she’s a J.lo look alike! Every guy I have ever dated wants her! She’s 45 but looks like she’s in her late 20’s. People are always mistaking her for my sister. When they find out she is a mother of 6 and a grandmother of 7, there jaws drop to the floor… She looks absolutely great for her age, and is full of life and spirit! She twerks while flipping pancakes. We live in a small town with a population of about 200,000 people, (were known) not to mention were related to half the town. Mother used to be a bartender at a couple of bars in the city, where everyone knows her as a hard working woman, with positive energy who’s all about good spirit, and making people laugh. My mother has been married twice, she was married at a young age and ended up being a single mother and still is until this day. Gets pretty interesting, Theirs 6 of us, Each one of my siblings including myself have a crazy personality of our own, crazy in our own way you can say, but what we all have in common is our outspoken, opinionated, get our point across, personalities! We all want the last word! Let’s start off the oldest, Vanessa age 27 with 5 kids, married at 18, home owner, manager, and super mom! Let’s call her Octo mom. George 26, the only boy who had and has to be around a bunch of crazy girls, he’s a gay recovering addict who’s gone through several different stages. From being a punk rocker, raver, came out of the closet at the age of 16, started smoking meth, and now is in recovery. Anything that this man has ever found an interest in, he gets super passionate about. Me, Veronica 25 Believer of Christ, athletic, single mother of a 7 year old, who loves the fast life, people describe me as crazy! Well the whole family thinks I’m the wild one. So what? I like to club 2-3 days out of the week and get backstage at concerts, bottle service at clubs, meet famous people, rappers and I still love GOD! I’m living life. Selena 18 ill leave it plain and simple, she’s a smart ass! Angelica 16, who was 14 and pregnant, teen mother of a 1 year old, drill Sargent to her baby daddy, she wears the pants around here. Alexis 14 the sinister, bipolar cheerleader. With all of us together the energy is too real to handle, always something going on with our family weather it’s us arguing, debating, crying, loving one another or just busting up with jokes and making each other laugh, my family is always up to something our friends love to be around us, we’ve all heard it more than once “your family needs its own reality TV show, which I totally agree with. It’s not easy typing up my family bio, words do no justice to describe my family, take a chance with us and you might have a hit television show on your hands.

  46. Jeanine Miranda

    My family would be perfect. I have 4 now grown children 27g, 26b, 22g, 19g. 2 grandsons 7b, 5mo.b. my mom 73 and my 100 in May 101 year old Grandma. 5 generations. I raised the kids as a single mom who he A.D.D. so I’m all over the place. I’m Lucy and Ethel by myself. My grandma is funny too. My oldest daughter 27 has a 7 yr old son who has A.D.H.D. He’s worst than me. My son is in college and works. He’s gonna be a firefighter. But I would be trying to put out fires before he got there to keep him safe. Lol. My 22 yr old daughter has a 5 mo. Old son. Who’s godfather is super famous. She’s a bit of a diva. Bumps heads w/ everyone else cause she thinks I’m always auditioning when I’m siniging even though I’ve always sung. We all are good at singing. My 19yr daughter is lazy, sleeps all day, then goes to hang out. My mom holds us hostage when we visit but gets mad that it’s crowded. Anyway. I always thought we should have a camera following us. Lad vegas

  47. Jeanine Miranda

    My family would be perfect. I have 4 now grown children 27g, 26b, 22g, 19g. 2 grandsons 7b, 5mo.b. my mom 73 and my 100 in May 101 year old Grandma. 5 generations. I raised the kids as a single mom who he A.D.D. so I’m all over the place. I’m Lucy and Ethel by myself. My grandma is funny too. My oldest daughter 27 has a 7 yr old son who has A.D.H.D. He’s worst than me. My son is in college and works. He’s gonna be a firefighter. But I would be trying to put out fires before he got there to keep him safe. Lol. My 22 yr old daughter has a 5 mo. Old son. Who’s godfather is super famous. She’s a bit of a diva. Bumps heads w/ everyone else cause she thinks I’m always auditioning when I’m siniging even though I’ve always sung. We all are good at singing. My 19yr daughter is lazy, sleeps all day, then goes to hang out. My mom holds us hostage when we visit but gets mad that it’s crowded. Anyway. I always thought we should have a camera following us.

  48. tonette allen

    Me and my family fuss and fight all day everyday and the list goes on and on we just can’t get along were always at eachothers throat

  49. cynthia brown

    Hello my name is Cynthia I have three daughters two which are twins and one single. My family is full of clowns and characters which is never a dull moment in our home . I myself as the parent make people laugh even when not expected . it is always drama with my girls because people always forget my oldest daughter and own the twins as if she don’t exist. anyways on to a day and life of me and my girls we have a motto that everyday we on a diet witch is a saying then by the end of the day I reply we will diet tomorrow lol as the kids say mama we say this every day. I tell them one day we will be rich and can have all the diet food that our heart can offer back to our life all we do is fuss daily because everyone wants to use the others clothes , shoes. make-up etc…… I feel as if you use me and my girls you will have a treat to deal with.

  50. JaVina Matthews

    I’ve been looking for a reality show for my drama family to be on. There’s six of us and our parents are the reason why lol in a good way…

  51. Cristin

    Ha… My Family does the same thing every day. Get up get everyone dressed… We have one car so I take my husband to work then drop off the kids.. 6 and 9 lucky in the same school.. Then I go to work. I get to work 30 minutes early every day so I sit in my car and check out Facebook.. I do my day as a new insurance agent ( making no money) then I make the rounds backwards when the work day is done.. Pick up kids from daycare, husband from work… We always need something from the store so we stop… Tell the kids No that they can not have something about 5 times down each lane.. Go home make dinner do the homework fight the bath fight the I’m not hungry right the i am hungry now right before bed fight.. Get in about 5 mins of quiet time then finally go to bed…

    Every weekend I say ” I not doing anything but cleaning this weekend ” but NO something always comes up and we are busy all weekend.. How that happens I have no idea because our paychecks are spent on past due bill before they can even get to us.. I have laundry luckley clean taking up my entire bedroom…

    I sure America would love to watch us and our super exciting daily activity!!!

  52. Le'Joy Johnson

    My family is def drama all the way down to me Lol But seriously
    Well I’m Le’Joy 21 years of age the family hoe I have lost a close friendship with one of my use to be close friend because I slept with her man its not like she was being faithful. The rebellious one I don’t give a fuck if I want something or want to do something I does it. I have a history of sleeping around but its not like I wasnt gainning anything from it they was my sugardaddy i love older men & i also like women I have a fiancee and but I havnt really told anyone about him because hes way older than me hes 33. Me and him have our trust issues because hes been cheated on all his life so he dont trust anyone and me I think he’s rushing things so yea I still talk to other people and I tell him who they are he just thinks I’m leaving out parts so yea were always arguing.
    My brother Michael age 18 is the high school drop out, Theif/ weed head want to be rapper but he don’t want to work he lives with my grandma and steels money from her purse when she’s in other parts of the house to buy weed and he steels from my older sis and always get caught red handed and lie he fought my mom and basically run the streets all day until he comes home to steal again.
    Then there’s my sis LaToya age 22 she’s the family undercover hoe miss nice nasty me & her kinda get along she’s the shit starter between people she always willing to be the listening ear but can’t hold water she just recently found out she was pregnant and I don’t think she knows who the baby dad is this her sececond child and the second time she have been put out on blast on Facebook from not knowing who her babydad is.
    Then there’s my uncle Mike 37 the drunk he’s two faced,a woman beater and the family liar me and him just recently got into it because when I was was baby sitting his kids at his house he had to much to drank and start end flipping out on me out of nowere yelling and tried to fight me. Since then we havnt talked but he don’t want me around his children and acuse me of taking his daughter to a high school and letting her sleep with some Chinese guy because I’m the family hoe and so is she.When his daughter tries to contact him he don’t want to talk to her and if he do he calls her all out of her name. He has a daughter that we haven’t seen in some yrs that he don’t give a shit about.
    Contact info

  53. Le'Joy Johnson

    My family is def drama all the way down to me Lol But seriously
    Well I’m Le’Joy 21 years of age the family hoe I have lost a close friendship with one of my use to be close friend because I slept with her man its not like she was being faithful. The rebellious one I don’t give a fuck if I want something or want to do something I does it. I have a history of sleeping around but its not like I wasnt gainning anything from it they was my sugardaddy i love older men & i also like women I have a fiancee and but I havnt really told anyone about him because hes way older than me hes 33. Me and him have our trust issues because hes been cheated on all his life so he dont trust anyone and me I think he’s rushing things so yea I still talk to other people and I tell him who they are he just thinks I’m leaving out parts so yea were always arguing.
    My brother Michael age 18 is the high school drop out, Theif/ weed head want to be rapper but he don’t want to work he lives with my grandma and steels money from her purse when she’s in other parts of the house to buy weed and he steels from my older sis and always get caught red handed and lie he fought my mom and basically run the streets all day until he comes home to steal again.
    Then there’s my sis LaToya age 22 she’s the family undercover hoe miss nice nasty me & her kinda get along she’s the shit starter between people she always willing to be the listening ear but can’t hold water she just recently found out she was pregnant and I don’t think she knows who the baby dad is this her sececond child and the second time she have been put out on blast on Facebook from not knowing who her babydad is.
    Then there’s my uncle Mike 37 the drunk he’s two faced,a woman beater and the family liar me and him just recently got into it because when I was was baby sitting his kids at his house he had to much to drank and start end flipping out on me out of nowere yelling and tried to fight me. Since then we havnt talked but he don’t want me around his children and acuse me of taking his daughter to a high school and letting her sleep with some Chinese guy because I’m the family hoe and so is she.When his daughter tries to contact him he don’t want to talk to her and if he do he calls her all out of her name. He has a daughter that we haven’t seen in some yrs that he don’t give a shit about.

  54. Tierra Ballard

    Hello, My name is Tierra I live in Alexandria Virginia with my family. I’m from New Orleans Louisiana I have 5 siblings
    I have a twin brother his name is tevin-23
    Arinnia-6 ( my neice)
    cherish-10 Months(My daughter)
    Claudia-45 ( my Mother )
    Kammelle-3 (Nephew)
    we live in a small apartment 3 bed rooms 2 bathrooms.. so it’s kinda hard living with so many people my family is crazy not trying to be like all of the other comments above because I’m very different that’s why we need our own show. We’re poor struggling, we really just want someone to see how it really is being us so other families can see that their not alone.
    PLEASE pick us. We always have drama were surviving on a shelter program. My daughters father is 44 and I’m only 23. This will definitely be a REAL reality show. Unlikely like all of the other reality shows. We’ll show the world our ups and our downs.

  55. Benea mays

    My family is quite crazy along wth the drama my mom got divorced from her first husband who “got saved” and is now very religious and is has half custody of me and my older sister briana wich briana is an atheist and stopped going to his house because he. Is always forcing her into church . My oldest sister Bevin has a daughter who is 2 years old and her and her boyfriend are constantly arguing then my mom is about to get married to her new fiance Jeremy who has a daughter named Savannah who is younger then the sisters all of us sisters have a name with B in the begging and we are always arguing and picking on eachother but we love each other and Bevin is in colledge forcing her to see her daughter Iyanna rarely. Then our grandma lives with us we call her nonnie along with our grandpa we call him grandpa and my Brother from another mother lives in an apartment with his girlfriend he is 19 and he decided not to go to college until he is ready and that is my family our daily lives are quite interesting always talking about each other to each other and just living life to the fullest !

  56. yanislady

    My family always has something going on whether its something good or something bad. One day were almost getting chopped up by a family friend, the next were almost getting into a car accident. It doesn’t matter where we are there is always some type of drama.

  57. nehemiah

    My family is the ordinary type of family but we have skills
    and we have personality like mine im goofy and funny
    my brother is silly my mom is nice my sister is multi tasked
    my other brother is goofey this is what we love and want.


  58. Dianca Glamour

    My family is the Glamour Dynasty is deftly the INTRUGUING FAMILY. THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE THE ALTERNATIVE SIDE OF FAMILY HOOD! I’m a mother (matriarch) and I have a altertanive family! Full of eccentric youn gay kids..we deal woth real life family situations! From sibling rivalry, to fighting for the that number one spot as the favorite, etcI….. We are well known through out Florida and Georgia gay and straight scene! I’m a business owner / Promoter. And a spring artist.

  59. Chidinma Ukpabi

    Hi! My family and I are from Nigeria, but only my mom, dad, and grandma have that unique accent. My dad is currently in Nigeria (for almost 7 years) so my mom is raising us as a single parent, but my grandma also helps her out. I have 4 brothers, who are crazy but I love them so much. Below is my family’s description.
    *Grandma- in her 70’s. She helps with everything around the house. She prays in the morning, afternoon, and night. She is kind and lovely. She goes to parties with her family. Very beautiful.
    *Dad- in his 50’s. He has been in Nigeria for 7 years, but before that, he was a teacher/ professor at NCCU ( North Carolina Central University). He is very smart and loving.
    *Mom- in her 40’s. She is a very beautiful lady and I look just like her. Sometimes she embarrasses us, but she doesn’t know it. She takes great care of us and goes to work during the week and stays home on the weekends. Caring and loving.
    *Chinasa- 15 year old boy. He enjoys making music/sounds/beats. He turns his music up to the loudest volume and we always beg him to turn it off. Sometimes his friends come to our house to pick him up and they go hang out. He’s caring, but not all the time.
    *ChuChu- 14 year old boy. He enjoys playing games on his Ps4 with the rest of his siblings (including me the girl) He likes to beat some of us up because he watches and plays WWE (wrestling) He does work.
    *Me (Chidinma) – 11 year old girl ( turning 12 on July 31) I am super girly, so since I don’t have any sisters, sometimes I get left out and I stay with mom or Grandma or go to my neighbor’s house. I enjoy singing, dancing, acting, and modeling. Love to go to school, but sometimes I get bullied. I braid my hair and also my Grandma’s hair. I also enjoy writing songs, making dance routines, and practicing acting and modeling. Very beautiful.
    *Chigozie- 10 year old boy. He loves to draw and it looks professional so he’s an artist. He also loves playing WWE (wrestling) and so do all my other brothers. He’s kind, but not all the time. He loves food. Loves to watch different TV shows and research about them like they’re creators because he wants to be a TV producer.
    *Chibuike- 7 years old boy. Cries and screams alot just to get what he wants. He loves to play games on his computer so much that he calls himself a GAMER! Sometimes he is very annoying.

    Thank you so much for taking your own valuable time to read all these descriptions of my family and I. Please consider us being on your Reality TV show.
    *Contact me at (919)-945-4886*

  60. Diane Mumpower

    If you want to bring down the house welcome to my world. We call our selves the Walbornes. The Walbornes meaning is we are part Waltons and part Osbornes. My self im an over the road truck driver. My better half and I have been together for 11 years but we live in sin and we’re not married and he is on oxygen but his mouth is something else. I have a daughter who will be 16 but acts 21. Shes a good kid with a bad attitude. I also have a son who decided to fly the nest, but only lives a block away. In the mean time we took in the neighbor hood kid. I dont know what we were thinking but we love them all the same. I also have an african grey bird who is mouthier than my better half. I have a lovely dog named Cooper who loves his ball more than anything but when he goes outside he turns into Cujo. My other doggies Buddy aka Fat Bastard. He eats anything in site, and Toby who weighs 2 pounds but thinks hes a german shepard and pisses everywhere to mark his territory. We also have a cat named Diesel who is a dog trapped in a cats body. A new additon to our house is Uncle Tom. Hes a clean freak and is basically the mother of the house. He puts Uncle Charlie to shame. My house is a wild train wreck where drama happens but morals are still present.

  61. Daleshia Vidrine

    Hello, my name is Daleshia I’m 22 years old. I have two sons ages 3 and 1 which I had them at a young age and start having health problems after their birth. I never new having kids would take I toll on your body like I experience but it really do. Doctors told me I wouldn’t have any chances to see my youngest boy to breath but we both here alive and taking it a step at a time. Though all the the pain and negative feedback I received I still had drama in my life dealing with my family. My 25 year old sister Vanessa told my son’s father I cheated on him with another guy and that my kid is not his. My 29 year old sister Roshawnda helped me a lot by taking after my 3year old son while I was in a Coma. I really loved her for that but as I would show my thanks she started turning her back on me day by day. Unfinished business is what we have and one of my main reasons why I would like to have a show to get the real reason for her actions. Meanwhile my gay 28 year old sister Tamika picked her girl friend over her whole family and now she not even with her plus she is pregnant now. while my mother Lacresa kelp her faith on my sickness never gave up on me. I know it was really tough for her to witness her youngest daughter to go through life the life like I did but it really brought me and my mother closer. I always questioned did my mother love me as her child because I know I wasn’t the perfect child but I tried my best to be and it always felt as if it wasn’t enough. Our family is just crying out for help for closure.

  62. Patricia brown

    I’m a single mother of 8 children by three different relationships hoping to find love again soon, I have 5 boys and three girls
    Sean 17
    Ryan 15
    Eric 14
    Trey 14
    Kiya 12
    Miya 12
    Neya 9
    Cory 3
    No twins ….. Our familie drama never ends because I’m so paranoid and over protective of them …. From kids father drama to mother drama with my mother and drama with my half brothers and sister who have a different father then me… Also my father just came back into my life after me only seeing him five times when I was younger. Now it’s like getting to know a stranger all over again…. My kids are so different with some many personalities interest styles and additudes … That’s just my idmidite family… My aunts uncle and cousin drama is a whole nother set of drama … It goes on and on with us… So much I can’t type it all

  63. Reaghen Christina

    Hi, my name is Reaghen Christina Jones. I go by Reaghen Christina. I live in Louisiana and so does 90% of my humongous family. I believe my family needs a reality show well because we’ve been through it all. From being opened to the public to locked down real fast. I love my family I do but they are super crazy and legitimately overprotective. I understand why sometimes but I come from a multiracial family, on both mom and dad sides. Basically my mom is mixed and my father is as well.

    For starters the way my parents met.

    My dad walked into the store my mom worked at, at that time, with a tie around his head. Literally a dress tie was around his head, who does that ? They had it bad when they first started off their relationship. Then my mom got pregnant with my sister Meghen, her senior year of high schools to add to more trouble but still got married. It was bad from what I heard growing up. Anyways enough of them.

    My mom has four kid; my sister Meghen, my brothers Rory Jr., or RJ and Cory, and myself. My dad has six kids; us four kids and his two extra.

    At this time, I am 16 as of January 20. My sister is 18, 19 on July 18. My brother RJ is 14, 15 on August 31 and my youngest brother is 12, 13 on September 4.

    RJ and I are somewhat closer to each other as sibling than the others, but we’re all close enough and support each other.

    Honestly, it’s better to see my family in action than to describe it coming back from us because it takes outside people to tell you how we are as a family and people. They’ll either love us, hate us, or just you know. Want to be us or apart of our family. It’s like that towards anyone who have since my family as a whole together.

    So maybe you could contact me through email and let me know. It would be an awesome adventure to be able to see my family allow other people we’ve never met before inside our very private family. So I would think it would be a great experience. Besides, we’re probably better than the Braxton’s, Kardashian-Jenner family, and Duggars put together.

  64. Symone Metcalfe

    My name is SyMone Metcalfe I am from Woodbridge,Virginia and I was online and I ran past this and your qualifications and what your looking for is my family exactly! my parents Samuel and Valena have 10 children they have been together since high school they are high school sweethearts. There are 5 girls and 5 boys, My oldest brother he’s the first child his name is Samuel he is 29 and deaf then the second is Stefaun he is 28 then Sean he is 27, SyLena 22, SyMone 17, SyVanna 14, Sydney 13, Spencer 12, SyErra 8, and Silas 6. If you haven’t noticed by now yes we all start with S! and this is just the beginning on how we are unique my parents are pastors they’ve started a church we go by Greater New Life Christian Fellowship, my mothers a comedian she travels and does shows, we are very sports orientated from track to basketball and even wrestling and overall we are a very entertaining family where every we go somebody is always saying we need a show because there is never a dull moment in my family. I hope this sparks your interest you can reach me at my cell phone 571-379-6955 or my email at
    Thank you for your time!

  65. Jake Salvatore

    My family has so much drama, we are all from Brooklyn,ny and now live in jersey for the past 3 years, just call me 7327685895 or email me and you seriously won’t regret it. Thanks and hope to hear back from you, you next big star family is mine I promise.

  66. Abigail

    This family is a sure enough all around FULL of drama!
    The mother (Lana) got divorced from her husband and is still looking for a man. Her son (chas) got arrested a little while back from killing people in a car accident that devistated our town. One daughter (Carligh) is a teenage mother that got divorced one time and is with someone else now and leaves her kid with Lana. Her other daughter (Caileigh) is a crazy child or can be but is also very smart but is currently unenrolled from school. She also has two little kids ( savanna and Brianna) that are sassy and (Braxton , Carlighs baby) is a horrible kid sometimes bc he leaned from watching chas. They’re struggling with the whole good family thing and constantly tell at each other. Although Lana found a man that is sticking around for a little bit now

  67. jackie

    We are a family of…..well too many. The immediate family is
    Jackie, age 51 she is that classic southern mother but she can have attitude plenty
    Ric, age 59 he rules with an iron fist but can also be a big teddy bear
    Alan, age 29 (son) he is just plain crazy and loves kids he truly is a kid at heart family oriented, calls himself redneck tech prep
    Daniel, age 28 (son) he is one of the most ghetto white guys, he is the “cool” one
    Savannah, age 15 (adopted daughter) she is a theater kid with so many personalitys and she is also truly a dumb blonde
    Heather, age 13 (adopted daughter) she is one of the most caring people but you don’t want to get her mad, she participates in pageants, and loves ALL music
    Melissa, age 27 (Daniels fiance) she is about as funny as it kids loves Disney and is crazy about family
    Heather, age 28 (Alan’s wife) southern at heart, younger heathers pageant coach, super girly, loves her family
    Brayden, age 6 (Alan and heathers child) energy filled dramatic very active little boy
    Harper, age one (also their child) is a sassy little girl, and a 5 time title winner in pageants
    Betty (nana), age 80 (rics mom) she is one of the funniest old lady’s you will meet and very active not an old bone in her body

    Well that’s basically our family but their is so much more, so many family get togethers, at at this time soooo much drama. Pretty teenage girls with their drama with boys and family. We always have someone at our home and is welcome to anyone. With parents who think their in their twenty’s but rule with an iron fist it makes it interesting. We are all southern and humorous, and just when you think it can’t get any better the biological family of the girls are in the picture which makes things interesting. If you want good entertainment then you will for sure need our family

  68. Sarah Jackson

    I have the family you are looking for right here!!
    In my family it is just my dad, brother and My Nephew, but my boyfriend of 6 years has the dramatic, outgoing crazy family of 8
    My dad is a very busy businessman always working Monday through Sunday and he thinks he is a comedian he is always joking around and has been the best dad anyone could ask for
    My brother works for my dad, he has a mind of his own and taking care of his family is the only thing on his mind.
    With Nicholas:
    There is his Mom Cecilia who is very opinionated and she will confirm your wrong even if you think your right about something
    His step dad Mike who is very conservative the total opposite of Cecilia he is very laid back and will let you learn from your own mistakes
    The oldest brother Armando Ibarra loves to go out and be part of the scene, he hangs out around everyone from his hometown and has a good head on his shoulders
    After that is Nicholas Ibarra My Boyfriend, we recently had out first son he is such a blessing, the best thing to ever happen in my life was becoming a mother. Nicholas is very outgoing and is always the life of the party
    Isaiah Padilla is so much like his Mom very opinionated with a mind of his own! Everyday he surprises me more and more with his attitude and uniqueness!
    After him Is Justin Padilla who is one of a kind, he is always in his own world but is definitely going somewhere in life. He is a very smart kid with very good intentions
    The youngest brother is Raymond Padilla. He has always been the pookie bear of the family, never got into any type of trouble, always doing good in school, and super close with his parents, until his new girlfriend came along. We have yet to meet her but from what I can tell, Our relationship with her is going to be rocky!!
    Next is his 3 sister’s.
    The oldest is Gabriella Padilla. She was the first to introduce me to the family we met in middle school and have become sisters overtime. She so funny and energetic, she will always keep a smile on your face
    Next is Jessica Padilla. Very much like Gabriella she has a personality of her own, very caring, and will always be there for you when you need someone to talk to
    Last is Jazlyn Brazfield she’s 9 years old with the mind of a 20 year old, she amazes me everyday with her knowledge and personality, she never disappoints.

  69. Shar Randall

    In my family theirs always drama. I have 6 kids and 3 grand children. I come from a big family of 4 brothers and 8 sisters. There was also drama on our family. You would wake up to drama. I want people to see the daily life of a normal family. Who is trying to make it from day to day. Raising girls with different personalities is rough. Growing up with 12 sibling in the same house. We were all unique I’m our own way.

  70. anna smith

    I am a 51 yr old married , mother of 5. We live in Saltillo , MS. My husband , Dale is 45 and loves to embarrass our kids all the time. Our kids ages range from 28 to 12 with one that is adopted , age 20 living at home. Their names are Kyle 28, Nathan 24, Brad 20 , Zack 17, and Alex 12. Brad moved in with us 10 years ago , he was living with his alcoholic dad and his mom was in jail. It was no condition for a child to live in and he went from spending the night occasionally to asking if he could live with us and his father had no problem with it and he’s been living here ever since. We also had a 30 year old daughter , Casie, who recently passed away. She was born with both physical and mental handicaps and was never correctly diagnosed. She died on March 17 , 2015, Zack and Alex, short for Alexandra are currently trying to get into the entertainment industry, doing modeling and working as extras in tv and movies. To top it off we also have 7 dogs and 1 cat. There is Oscar the wiener dog , Dolly and Appa our Akitas , Mooshoo the Chinese Sharpei , and 3 Great Danes named Sis, Midnite, Belle. All of them are great alarms because we live at the end of a dead end street with a lot of drama happening all the time. There’s a trailer park right down the street that is always attracting the police , or the ambulance is coming to help the old man in his electric scooter who is always managing to seriously injure himself and still keeps in ticking.My brother in law is always around offering to help fix things or till us a garden , the only problem is he is hardly ever sober enough to do it. We are also trying to get into shape, because everyone knows Mississippi is not known for it’s fit and active people. lol . We would love to show the country all about how real southerners live. Contrary to popular belief we aren’t all like what tv shows want you to think. Thanks for your consideration. Anna Smith

  71. Damircale Alexander

    My family should be on the show because my mom is single and raise a family of 8 kids and 1grandchild our family fight, sick together and love each other.
    First it’s Tammie Alexander mother 40 then
    The oldest 19 Allen Alexander
    Next to the oldest Doris Alexander 17
    Then Devontay Alexander 15
    Then Damircale Alexander 13
    After her is Jerrica Alexander 11
    After her Jamikia Alexander 9
    After her is D’terrion Alexander 6
    After him is the baby boy Damarious Alexander 5
    Then my sister baby Deziyah Granderson 1
    Allen Alexander in Florida
    Doris alexander mother ,all A student,and protective
    Devontay Alexander problem child/ athletic
    Damircale Alexander athletic/bold and cool ,honest outspoken and sisinging
    Jerrica Alexander self centered,loveable,cool, outspoken ,dancer and singing
    Jamikia Alexander playful,dancer
    D’terrion Alexander smart , playful ,and love video games
    Damarious Alexander smart,want to be a athletic football player ,
    Deziyah Granderson has a mind of a 4year old and is 1 years old and tanlet.
    Tammie Alexander loveable, smart, know how to dance.
    If you pick our family we will bring plenties of viewers.

  72. Amythyst Raine-Hatayama

    I sent you an email with the information you’ve asked for (sent on 3-22-2015), plus a brief synopsis of our family and each family member, along with photos. If the images didn’t come through okay, let me know, as I included them in the body of the message. I can resend them as attachments if necessary. (My family has had prior filming experience.)

  73. ysacc mason

    My family is one of a kind you will not be disappointed

  74. DMona Ross

    I’m an African American single mom, 46 yrs old. My daughter is a teenager and bi-racial. I chose a man that I felt would produce a gorgeous baby; I got pregnant and then told him the baby wasn’t his. He still, till this day doesn’t know he has a daughter. She’s never met her dad and I’m considering pursuing finding him and having her meet him. She attends a middle school in a very prestigious community

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 9 months. He’s white, 65 yrs old, multi-millionaire and a REFORMED RACIST. He takes care of his physically and/or developmentally disabled sister who is approximately 59 yrs old or so. I WANT HER GONE. She’s still a racist…not reformed…and she constantly calls me his “” we have had so many arguments that he now wants her to move out. He has other siblings but none of them will take her because she’s so freaking evil…can you imagine this disabled chick being a total B and bully? lol its crazy

    I have a secret that I haven’t told my family…I’m a convicted Felon. I might even have to do time. I’m currently waiting on sentencing because I’m the key witness in 2 major felony trials…believe it or not. lol I have one more case to testify in and then I’ll be sentenced.

    Lastly, my boyfriend bought me a car within the first 3 weeks of us meeting. It was totaled 6 days later lol, and he turned around and bought me another one immediately. All of his friends and family think I’m only with him for the money. Most of them hate me, I don’t care. I give ALL THE FREAKING TIME, and in return he takes great care of me. And yes I do love him. I’m the black Anna Nicole Smith {only older}. lol

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. I don’t want everyone in this post to know ALL of our business….besides they can learn all about our story when they watch US in your new reality show. Yes I said it. lol

  75. Arion Brent

    Vonda Brent – Morther

    Kathy Fenderson – Grandmorther

    Arion Brent – Son

    Nya Brent – Daughter

    Martel Brent – Son

    Micheal Mceya – Grandmorthers Boyfriend

    My family is CRAZY and they a wild most of the time we don’t get along at all! Vonda and Kathy are like fire and gasoline they hardly get along on a good day. Vonda’s son Arion has been showing out and doin things he shouldn’t be since his mom got sick, now the two do not have a good relationship at ALL. Nya and her boyfriend argue all the time and her boyfriends from a whole different state so he drives up here to see her all the time and they argue Everytime he comes because she is stuck in a love triangle which is ruining her relationship with her boyfriend jamieson. Kathy and her Boyfriend get into heated conversations all the time and it never stops! Micheal is a instagater he tries to cause arguement a with all Kathy’s family, So basically everyone in the family hates micheal!!!!! Martel and Micheal do not get long they have had a history of fights in the past and now since Martel is a adult Micheal is trying to pick with Arion the upcoming teen boy in the family who thinks his life is a reality TV SHOW 24/7! Vonda is going through a sickness right now and she is feeling alone. Thier is more Famliy members but the ones I brought up are the main ones that bring out the drama! I’m telling you this family is Crazy and so interesting, You would not regret you choice on picking this family to put on national TV. This Famliy is a WORKING PROGESS Day by day.

    Vonda Brent – ( Supa Controlling Mortha)

    Kathy Fenderson – ( Reckless Mouth Gram)

    Arion Brent – ( Teen Rebel)

    Nya Brent – ( Lil Miss sassy)

    Martel Brent – ( Brentorious)

    Micheal Mceya – (Over lived CrackHead)

    This family is from Oberlin Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!