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A major cable network is searching for the most unconventional, bold and outlandish families in America for it’s exciting new reality docu-series Family Drama. Submissions are being accepted from parents, kids and teens that are willing to have their relationships explored on national television. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only be seen by millions of viewers each week but to also explore your family dynamic and potentially strengthen your bonds in the process.

Family Drama is looking for familys of all types and with variuos parenting techniques. Are you a stage or dance mom ? Do you run your family military style, with an iron fist? Are you BFF with your kids? Family Drama wants to hear from you.

Kids, are your parents too strict, jealous, easy going, stubborn, sneaky or embarrassing? Family Dynamic wants to hear all of your stories.

Family Drama wants to hear all of your stories and experiences both good and bad. Whether you are a parent or child everyone has a tale to tell. Family Drama is ready to shine a light on the American family and parenting experience and you and your family could be the focus of the production. If you are interested in submitting check out the contact information below and be sure to leave a comment and check back for all of the Family Drama updates.

Families are like snowflakes, there are no two alike and the same goes for their stories and home lives. Be a part of what is sure to be one of the most insightful, heartfelt and entertaining reality television shows of all time. Submit yourself and your family today to share your Family Drama.

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Names and ages of everyone in the family

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Tell us about your family and their drama!

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  1. Asma Atique

    i hope it is not too late to post a response. i am currently 40 years old, business woman and mother of 4 daughters and 1 son. the oldest being 21, second is 19, third is 17, fourth is 14, and last which is son is 8 years old. there is always drama between the girls, two of my girls work together so they are always fighting about what is going on at work. there is alot of drama between the girls and it would be perfect for a reality tv show to capture all these moments. we are living in a small town named Annandale, Va

  2. Dominisha Johnson

    Hello im a mother of four children, currently unemployed but go to school full time, and babysit when I can to make income. My fiance works for a factory in small town Kentucky. We have lived here all our lives. Our family is pretty chaotic between having three girls and one little th ages 9,8,6, and 2. Me and my fiance have been together off and on for nine years there was alot of cheating and lieing with him but i still chose to stay by his side. There was a point in time where I left him to be with another man who could be possibly the father of my son, but who knows?? My parents cant stand any relationship I am in, and sometimes they pick back and forth between me and my fiance they love him then hate him. The possible father to my son lives in missouri with his wife and the drama between him and his family is unreal. They one minute love me next hate me and want to fight. regardless my life is so chaotic we live like wild animals at times all you hear is screaming and my kids dont do as they are told. so am i the mother or do i treat them more like best friends??

  3. Erika Mendoza

    Hello my name is Erika i have a beautiful family my husband and I have been married for 15 years we married young i am 30 years old and my husband is 34 we have 6 Kids …. I know I have a lot going on from having a 4 month old , 4 , 8, 11, 15, and 16 so its a lot to deal with specially since my 15 and 16 are my step kids So sometimes we have some differences but Nothing i cant handle

  4. charla barkley

    I would love to have my family audition for this show!

  5. Leah

    Hello, my name is Leah(25), and my spouse is Will(32). We are from a small town in VA and have have five children, ages 6,4,2, 4 month old twins, and just found out we are expecting another set of twins!!!! He works full time and I’m a full time student. Our family is full of drama. From mental illness, disabilities, drugs, to alcohol. You name it. We have it.

  6. Brittany Smith

    I’m from a small town called Titusville, Fl and my family is the one for your show! From my grandma down we are funny, petty, loving, argumentative, uplifting, and real. True tell it like it is. We have our issues at times but at the end of the day we come together like it never happened. I’m a die hard football mom and in this county we take it very serious. My two boys (Kayden 7) (Kameron 5) challenge me constantly with juggling sports and schooling while managing my only daughter (Ava 2) and their baby brother (Kyson 3m). Our life is a roller coaster that is sure to bring your emotions every which way but show you what the value of family is!

  7. Zoe Brown

    Hi, my name is Zoe Brown im 22 years old and live in Savannah, GA. My mom is 41 and my sister is 25. My mom is a single mom but has always had help from my uncle who is like a father figure to my sister and I. He’s a good man and we always looked up to him it’s just one thing that… Drugs. My entire family is in the drug industry. I left to go off to the military 4 years ago just so I won’t give in to the drug industry but now I’m back home and that’s all around me, but this is my family and it’s much more to us.

  8. Mona L Foster

    Our life is a crazy reality show, moved to open a bar step dad has diaysis mom has cancer , but always find a way to be outrageous and pull everything back together family of 8 including 4 dogs a pig and drama unfolding everyday!

  9. Danielle M Glenn

    My name is Danielle, it has been a dream of our family to have our own reality show. Currently we have 9 children, we are expecting another in May 2019. The names of our children are Trashaun 15, Troyvon 14, Travion 12, Travarion 10, Tiana 14, Keyara 12, Jovani 11, Aulany 6, and last but not least Sahmora 2 mnths. We currently live in Arcadia, Fl. Our family is very outgoing, active, we definitely have a lot of drama which keeps things very interesting at all times! Troy (Dad) is a military Father, very strict and old school. For myself, I am a working mother who is more relaxed and go with the flow. If interested in our family you can contact us by email at

  10. Amy

    I have a daughter that is 16 and pregnant. I have 9 kids and you know what that brings A LOT OF DRAMA! We live in oklahoma

  11. Brynden Fabiano

    Family of 5. Mix Italian with some country and thats what you get with us. Never a dull moment.

  12. Lindsey

    My work relocated me from San Diego CA to San Antonio TX. When I moved I brought my daughter (7) my mom and dad (both 65), my mentally disabled niece (19) and my nephew (23) I am 35.

    My parents have been together for about 40 years, however they have divorced and remarried twice and they pretty much hate each other. They have been the guardians of my niece since she was born.

    My dad has a pain med addiction and my mom ambien eats everything in the kitchen like a stoner.

    My nephew is an aspiring rapper. He has lived with me since he was 16.

    My sister is 43 and lives in San Diego.

    I am the primary source of income for my entire family and struggle to cover the expenses. Our house is full of chaos and arguing on a regular bases. Our drama beats any reality show I’ve seen on TV today.

  13. Eric

    This is perfect because everyone tell us we should have our own show because of how crazy our life is! MY Name is Eric Clemons and I’m 20 years and I’m the oldest of 9 siblings! Sisters (Erica 16, Alexis 15 krystina 14 track record holder, Alice 10, shayann 8, Mya 7, Ciara 3) and ONE brother (Damaris 13 and 6ft tall already lol) mom (crystal 38) Dad (Eric 45) Our Life is crazy! Theres always some type of drama going on whether arguing or fighting, but at the same time its love but we just are all full of life. My grandmother(Alice Mitchell 68) is hilarious and cool but loves to YELL AT EVERYONE! She is the Top Dog in the family. My grandpa (Henry Mitchell 70) is just another John Witherspoon, but currently sick. MY little brother has one place that he stays….and that’s in the refrigerator! Haha my siblings are just a bunch of different personalities and theres not ever a dull moment. We are all also great athletes! Holding records and presented scholarship offers. My parents are also goofy and keep the house hold together but have a lot to work on like gambling ect. The youngest Ciara has me convinced she’s a 30 year old in a 3 year body no one can tell me otherwise. I am the funniest of everyone I keep it fun and light, but i give tough love also. We Are From Morrilton Arkansas, but its clear that we belong on the big stage. NO SCRIPT NEEDED JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH THE RATINGS GO UP!!!! Hope to hear from you soon!

  14. maria

    My family is all types of messed up

  15. Amanda Dunn

    Hi! My name is Amanda! I’m 34 years old raising 4 kids with my disabled but wonderful husband Willie. We live in Centerville ( Hickman County 😁) TN. My oldest redneck son Dalton is 15 my youngest hellyun Heath is 2. Also a part of our family my brothers kids Allison 6 and Blaze 9. My bonus daughter Katie is 21 and we lost my bonus son Kevin in December 2017 to suicide. We are willing to give the world an insight to our drama hell filled life for the right compensation! I promise you will never find a family quiet like ours, quiet or quite🤔 Anyways lets give America something new to talk about!

  16. Denise

    Mexican Family living in Illinois and some on the Indiana border. I am 31 the 4th to the last of 11. We are Hispanic with an immediate large family. With a large family comes a large amount of drama. We are stubborn / hard headed, and always want to be right, so you can only imagine what kind of drama a conversation alone has.

  17. Rhi Butcher

    Hey we’re hitting you up from Salt Lake City, Utah, and forget what you have heard about Utah our family will definitely show you a twist. There’s Me 37, and my husband Mitch 28 we have been married for two years and we even met on the Internet he came from Washington DC to Salt Lake City… We are an interracial couple and he’s the step-father to my 17 year old daughter Mercedes and son Zed that is 11! I also have my little brother and his boyfriend living with me along with my Daughter’s boyfriend too we have two dogs Paige, Phoebe and the Cat Piper and as if that wasn’t a handful I’m having a baby in November… We are an down to earth living day by day family just wanting a shot to show what’s it’s really like to be a family gloves off we aren’t perfect but hell we make it work… I know America could relate to us just give us a chance thank you Rhi💖

  18. Tyshika

    My family would fit the bill, just alone with the obstacles we’ve gotten through this year deaths in the family traumatic injury in the family to our Triumph of qualifying for a home loan getting a raise at our job starting your own YouTube channel numerous amounts of things.