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  1. Nawal

    I have been through alot, Singing is my passion and kept me going and still keeps me going. My mum loves it when I sing but I was told I wasn’t a good singer 3years ago but after that when I sang randomly infront of people they love my singing and I was amazed they noticed! Singing expresses my feelings and changes my sad emotions to my happy vibes.. iam myself when I sing. I have Traveled and I have always been around people from different countries. I love meeting new people and I love learning alot from others so I can be better..I Believe positivity is the Key.. Thank you so much for your Time to read my Comment.. :-)

  2. Nicholas Johnson

    I’m extremely easy to get along with and I work very well with others. I have a strong passion for performing and using the gift of music to heal others! Music is my release, the way I express who I am, it is how I communicate freely with the outside world. Performing on stage gives me life! The crowd gives this charge that I give back in the performance. I’ve been trained and currently still training to become the best signer/pianist I can be. I’m willing to learn and I’m easy to teach! I trust each that each of these mentors will steer me in the correct direction and I know for a fact that if we get a chance to work together they will never forget who I am. I have a light and I’m ready to light up the world. JUST GIVE ME ONE CHANCE I WILL NOT FAIL YOU! -Thank you!

  3. Christian Michelle

    I have been singing all through my life. I have done musical theater and years of classical training. I would love the opportunity to expand my knowledge of this beautiful art form further. I am 19 years old and college freshman I want to be a Disney imagineer. But I also love music so I hope I can be involved.

    My sister Christian and I have been classically trained and we often sing together and critique each other on what we can do better. My name is Alexandra and I am 23 and senior in collage and have a passion and flair for music. I often sing with these superstars in my car and would love to sing with them live! I am majoring in education and this would be a dream come true for me. Christian and I hope to get in touch with you soon. Much love bye!

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