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An all new singing show is coming to television this summer and this time the game has completely changed. Like other TV singing shows Duets will feature 4 of the world’s most talented singers as judges, but now these superstars will be singing with you! Casting is starting soon on the most exciting singing competition experience ever so get yourself in the game.

The Duets amazing judges / duet partners for season one will be American Idol champion Kelly Clarkson ( 20 million records sold worldwide and 10 Top Ten hit singles), Grammy Award winning Sugarland lead singer Jennifer Nettles ( 15 million records sold worldwide, 8 number 1 singles), 9 time Grammy winning R&B superstar John Legend and singer songwriting sensation Robin Thicke ( writer and producer of over 20 platinum and gold albums)! This is by far the most talent packed lineup ever and they want to sing with you! The judges will searching the country for the special people that they want to sing with and mentor. Kelly and the gang will finally choose 2 finalists each that they would like to duet with and they will perform each week with them in front of a live studio audience and millions watching at home. The final winner chosen will not only have had the musical experience of a lifetime but will receive a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Casting calls and auditions will be going on soon so reply today. If you would like to audition for this fantastic program you can go here ABC.com/Casting. for more information and leave a comment below and let us know you’re ready for the Duet of your dreams.

Few musicians amateur or professional will ever be able to say that they performed with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend or Jennifer Nettles – this is your chance! This is your opportunity to not only be taught and guided by the biggest names in music but perform with them in front of millions as well. It just doesn’t get bigger than this, apply today to become the next star of ABC’s Duets.

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  1. Tracy Hartmann

    Omg my daughter is 10. She has such amazing voice singing. She has been singing since she was 2. She sing at my wedding 2 weeks ago and omg did we get a lot of great comments. She would love to do this. We have been trying to get her in something like this. Please please please consider her and give her a chance I promise you won’t be disappointed. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Nailah Dunn

    Patrick this sounds amazing, no wonder you were promoted to president of ABC Studios. I definitely wanna try it!

  3. Annabelle Beck

    I’m 15, and I love to sing! it’s been my passion since I was like 5. This opportunity wouldn’t only just be amazing, but would give me a chance to show anybody could do it. As the description said, “ready for the Duet of your dreams.”, I am so ready, and I know I would make a great add to the show.

  4. Kevin Gaines


    This sounds like my dream. I haven’t had the opportunity to really explore this side of my life, due to the military and my mother’s health, but I believe my time is now. I would love the opportunity to audition. I can be reached by phone

  5. Angelica Rangel

    i would love to do this OMG!!!

  6. Thea Frances Nieto

    Hi, my name is Thea Frances Nieto. I would love to sing!

  7. serina osteen

    I have a nephew that has an amazing voice its a natural talent he needs to be on this show

  8. Kamil

    Oh yeah I forgot to say I’m in the fifth grade am I’m ten years old I live in Burlington ,North Carolina

  9. Kamil

    Hello my name is Kamil I have been singing since forever in fourth grade I was in harmonics the singing group at my school I love to sing so I will put a video on youtube I have two channels go to Centrelle Haith1 to find out more about me and go to dance diva 101 to hear me sing.Thanks for reading this I would love to sign with hollywood records I would love to do a duet with forever in your mind they are like my idols I love them

  10. LaQuita Crockett

    Hello, I come from a small town and would love to have the opportunity to pour my gift out to the world with an astonishing artist, and embrace every moment of this once in a lifetime chance.

  11. Dalis

    It has been a real Joy singing with Emil through the years. Our sound together is like none other. Sometimes when we rehearse my arm hairs are standing up when we hit notes together. We really are two of the best, come see us if you get a chance. We won’t let your ears down…

  12. Emil & Dalis (Million Dollar Duet)

    We are one of the Best Duet’s in the Chicago-land area. LQQK for us performing in your town. You will Love what you hear:)

  13. Alina

    Hi My name is Alina and I love to sing and act. I have been acting professionally since I was 7 years old. I started voice training when I was 6. I have good stage orientation.

    Name: Alina
    Age: 14+
    Height: 5″7
    Complexion: Dark-skinned
    Nationality: West African
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown
    Hair Texture: Frizzy
    Eye Colour: Dark Brown
    Areas of specialisation: Grade 8 Piano, Singing
    I’m voice trained.

  14. antonio reyes

    Can sing my ass off. plain and simple i would appreciate the invite to be on do it I’m 16 years old,5’7 a hundred and sixty pounds handsome California body long hair don’t care and like I said I can sing my ass off
    Tony dada reyes thanks

  15. Tatyonna Benton

    I think that it would be an honor to be able to perform with any of the stars that will be on the show I have an impeccable ability to harmonize I’m a great team player and my attitude is amazing I stay humble in all that I do and I hope that this will land me an opportunity to be on that stage for ABC

  16. Elizabeth Brustman

    My name is Liz and I think that it would be pretty sweet if I was chosen to be on Duet’s. I will be honest, I have never been on TV before however, there always has to be a starting point for any dream. If you would like to get to know me please check out my Instagram @lizzyliz115 and email me for any information on auditions. Thankyou!

  17. Dee Dee

    When will Duets be on TV. Have looked all over & can’t see where it tells when it will be aired. Thank You for your time & help,

    Dee Dee

  18. Julia Quinones

    Hi my name is Julia and I am 16 years old. I love to sing, I have been in several musicals and plays. I was Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray and Alice in the Addams Family Musical, I would love the chance to audition.

  19. alica Z

    i think this will be a great opportunity i love singing and i would really like a chance

  20. Monique Daviss

    Vocally I am Unique. I am a voice that stands out strong above alot of voices out there. I been singing since the age of 6 and as time progressed I always had music flowing thru my music. I am a singer and I love the fact that I am soo genre mixed when it comes to music. Wide ranged rock n roll, Pop, R&B, Southern folk. I am there.
    I don’t write music, but I can sing anything once it’s placed in front of me. I love a challenge and it never hurts to put your best foot forward and give it your best

  21. Jewaun Word

    Sinning is my passion! God put this voice in me for a reason and I want to use it to do exactly what john legend does. John legend is my idol and mentor. I did a cover of (all of me) on soundcloud a few days ago and everyone says I sound just like him. I am 20 years old and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I will continue to push myself to become a singer no matter home long it take. I am sure of myself and all the support I have from my family and friends. I am a song-writer also, working two jobs and finding time to record is not hard when you sleep, breath, and eat music. So if you give me the chance to work with John I will not go down without a fight.

  22. Barbara J. Williams

    I’ve been a singer all my life, from choir, to musical theater, to bands, to most recently releasing my debut album independently via cdbaby.com. I would love to audition for this show! Having the opportunity to sing with and be mentored by any of the individuals who will be featured as judges on this show would be a dream come true in itself. I am ready to audition! Please include me on future casting call notices for what sounds like a great opportunity!

  23. Alicia Jas

    Hi! I would love to audition for this show. I am a singer and this sounds like a great opportunity!

  24. Inez Rahman

    Hi my name is Inez Rahman. my mother discovered that I could sing and carry a tune at the age of 2. When I was younger I put my dream on hold to raise a family, go to College and run 2 businesses that I built from the ground up. Choir was one of the things I did from Middle school through College along with classical training and numerous regional and local singing competitions that I have won first place. I do background and lead vocals and Duets on a regular basis. in addition to these things I have a huge vocal range from the highs to the lows and can sing anything you give me. I’m in love with singing. it’s like breathing to me. Definitely my passion. I was born to sing. its a part of who I am as a person. I love to be challenged. and being on Duets and singing side by side with one of the Industries Great Talents is far beyond anything I have experienced. it would be a humbling honor and a Blessing to be choosen. I have listened and watched each of you and I have never been disappointed. Thank you for the opportunity to send this in and God bless to those who may be choosen.

  25. Bonnie Gardner

    Hello, I am doing this for my husband he was offered the chance to go to Nashville when he was younger but because of family he wasn’t able to. It’s always been his dream and i know he wishes he would of gone . but as time passed he would say I am to old look at all these young people they would just laugh.
    But I can say it straight from my heart he is amazing and can pretty much sing just about anybody from Louie Armstrong omgosh amazing to Unchained Melody I could go on for ever. And for him to get a chance to sing with Jennifer Nettle or Kelly would be one of the best days of his life aside from our wedding day and our sons birth.

    Thank you
    Bonnie Gardner

  26. treyvon sim

    im not the best but I can sing and I feel this could be something of sucess call me if your interested 7188263801

  27. shelly

    Hi, I would love my 11 year old daughter to participate on DUET. What is the process?

  28. Kaycee Beltran

    Hello there my name is Kaycee Beltran and I’m 18 years old. I would love to have the opportunity to sing on this show. I am from Calgary, Alberta Canada. I have been singing since I was a toddler. At the age of six I began to take voice lesson and I was trained in all the different genres from classical to pop. I have been part of school concert choir and Jazz choir, I have been in a few musical productions in my community such as Little Shop of Horrors, Godspell, and Les Miserables (I played the role of Fantine). For so long I have been trying to find a show similar like this in Canada but they don’t have any. And now that I’ve finally found a show that I can share my talent with everybody who will be watching this show, I ask that you give me a chance to show how much I love to sing. I also would find it an honour to sing duets with the famous singers of our day. Thank you.

  29. Theresa Tyson

    My daughter Sarah would love this opportunity.

  30. Jessie Womack

    I LOVE love singing harmony! First kind of singing i remember doing actually and YES I am ready!! I am 28 years old, I live at home with my parents, no kiddos, no husband, i have a few different boyfriends lol nothing to serious and i play music for a living. Mostly solo acoustic shows three to four nights a week on a good week…..you just never know. Anyways yeah so thats ME I was put here on Earth to play and sing and touch people with with my voice…..its not perfect by any means….but i connect with people through singing ya know. Huugggghhhhh lord knows im not getting any younger so come on ya’ll give me a shot just one shot! Jennifer and I would tear it up!!! Woop woop

  31. Devona Zhane Graham

    Hello, my name is Devona. i am 19 years old. my birthday is october 17, 1995. i have been singing since i have been in diapers. i sang the national anthem for my 8th grade graduation with three other classmates. sophmore year in high school i joined choir. junior year i was in do re mis choir and had concerts and reicitals. senior year i was in do re mis and madrigals choir and performed some acapella songs from pitch perfect. singing is my passion and i would love to be picked to be in a movie. i am a first soprano and i have a very high vocal range. i can sing as high as mariah carey and as low as adele. i am 5’6 and i can play piano and the guitar. i live in springfield ma. im really talented and get along with everyone. i am a social butterfly and good with following instructions and love to act. so please give me a chance.

  32. January

    My name is January Paulk. I’ve been singing my whole life and would love the opportunity to audition for Duets. I submitted my information on ABCCasting.com and look forward to hearing back!

  33. Tina Lourenco-Lang

    Hi please check out Chloe5lang on you tube. Her duets with Julie Vellie are amazing and inspiring !youtu.be/DNqo0TnJQpg You won’t be disappointed!!
    Thanks !!

  34. Sienna

    Im Sienna and i love to sing ! You could say i came out the wound singing lol ! Ive been singing in my high schools chorus for 3 years and I sing soprano, alto, tenor and occasional bass. My teacher says i’m a contralto. Im also in my schools orchestra. I play second violin. I sing and play by ear and by music. I just really want this job, to make God, myself and my family proud !

  35. jill

    I have entered myself, my two brothers, and my sister n law. We all grew up singing in church, my siblings and I learned to sing in harmony with eachother from the time be we were babies… Our mom taught us. I also play piano by ear, and my youngest brother plays guitar. We all love to sing together, and always pick up the tune easily…I think at least one of us if not all should get a shot at it!

  36. Riann Moreno

    My name is Riann and I am 17 years old turning 18 this summer. Ever since i was about 8 I have loved to sing. I love music, sometimes it feels like I can’t be without music. I always have music in my ears or in my head. Music is a constant factor in my life and helps me get through things. When I was born I was taken int child protective services care and became a foster child, I was adopted by my paternal grandmother when I was around five and have been with her until recently. My grandmother and I have moved around alot and I have been in many schools, It was hard to make friends and I wasn’t really good at anything. The one thing I feel I can do is sing. I have been in solo ensemble and one of my schools talent shows. I just want to have a chance to be something, make something of myself, and to feel really good about myself for once. That’s all I want. I have been living with my biological mother for about a year so far and she is where i got my talent and full support from. I just want to show my mom and grandma that I can do something right and good and make something out of myself.

  37. anissa conepcion

    I REALLY Want this job. I love all of these singers and I’m only 13 but I have a strong voice. I really want to be on this show but I understand if I can’t.

  38. Brittany England

    Hello my name is Brittany and I’m 21 years old. I believe a small town girl from somewhere hardly anyone knows about deserves a chance! I’ve been singing since the age of two and wouldn’t want to do anything else. Music is such a big part in my life and the chance to do something like this would be a incredible dream come true!

  39. Margarita

    Ive been singing and writing music since I was 5. I stopped singing and writing about four years ago because I had a lot of traumatic things happen to me. Music finally pulled me out of it and I owe it to myself to my family to let it shine in me once again.

  40. Janae Gray

    Hello, my name is Janae Gray. I’ve been singing since the age of three. Music has played an important role in my life, I feel like Music is my escape from all the negativity and situations I go through. I would love to be part of this amazing show because I think I could bring a nice touch to it. I sing all types of music, very versatile. I’m multi talented, I dance, sing and act. I’ve been in the theatre for 5 years and dance for 3. I truly believe this is my season and im really grateful for the opportunity.

  41. Elianny rojas

    Hey my names Elianny and I love to sing this would be an awesome opportunity for me to put my talent out there and meet those awesome and very talented singers I can be shy at times but when it comes to being on stage I just do me.I’m friendly and really perky and would be awesome to have this opportunity

  42. Shaelyn Ruddy

    My name is Shaelyn Ruddy and I am 22 yrs. old and have been singing all of my life. I would love the opportunity to sing with and be mentored by these superstars. You can see my on youtube: put in Shaelyn Ruddy , Media Theatre Vocalist 2014. Please choose me and help me realize my dreams. thank you

  43. serrena

    Hi my name is Serrena Marie and I live in Arizona and Im 11 i have been singing since I was 6 and have a YouTube channel with over 16k views and I think I should be considered because I have always wanted to be a singer and I have been inspired by music and to sing with a superstar would mean the world to me and I have worked so hard to be one and being on your show would boost me up alot thanks -Serrena ❤

  44. Christina Varghese

    My name is Christina Varghese. I’m a 24 year old model living in New York. I was born and raised in Bahrain and is originally from India. I have a great sense of fashion internationally and is very familiar with the richness of different cultures in the Middle East and India which gives me a great sense of passion in meeting new people from all over the world.I am musically gifted and has been surrounded by music my entire life. I’ve been given the opportunity to sing with Michael . W. Smith’s choir. I truly believe people from all over the world will be able to relate and connect with me as I do represent women from different walks of life and is a very fun person to be around with.

  45. Genesis perez

    My name is Genesis Perez im 12 years old and I have a band with my cousin called platinum duo. We have 3 songs and working on our 4th. It would be great if we can show you guys what we can do. We will leave you in wonder. We work really hard and really need a chance. Thanks

  46. Anthony Womack

    i would would like to be chosen because i would love to sing with one of the super star. i have been in 8 musicals.

  47. Judy Bee

    Hi! I love music and noting brings me greater joy than harmonizing a song with another singer. I started singing at the age of 8 at church, talent shows and family events. I am at my utmost best when I sing. I would like to join the show to make it into more than just what I love to do. I am ready to take my talent to the very next level. I will greatly appreciate this opportunity. Thank you.

  48. Crystal Adams

    Why should I be considered? Because a dream deferred makes the heart sick.
    I have always wanted to sing professionally, but I had responsibilities at a very young age and decided that my dream just was not practical. I chose to follow my head and not my heart in terms of a career. I became a firefighter to support my young son. As I got older, I decided that something a little less exciting might suit me, so I became an insurance agent. Deep in my heart, I have always wanted to pursue a singing career. But I have constantly tried to convince myself that it was just not the right time, or that my time had passed.
    At the end of 2014 I found myself completely stressed-out, burned out, and hopelessly unfulfilled with work. My health was deteriorating because of it. I knew that I had to do something so that I could simply enjoy life again. So I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever I had to do in 2015 to pursue my solace, my passion, my love (singing)and let the chips fall where they may. So this is my year to really go for it. So please chose me.

    Many Thanks,

    Crystal Adams

  49. Lights, Camera, Action

    I’ve been rehearsing my entire life. Finally, I’m ready!

  50. Julia Petters

    Hello, I am a professional musician looking to expand my vocal performance experience. I have years of experience singing in bars, churches, concert halls, etc. My dream is to share my talent and musical passion with the world and inspire everyone to find their voice, musically and in life.
    I am a strong solo singer, but my strength lies in my ability to harmonize and blend my voice. I have excellent relative pitch and can hear the slightest pitch problems immediately. I have a Music Ed/ performance degree, so I read, write and understand music fluently. I feel that I would be a ringer for any of these judges, I come with plenty of experience, training and knowledge of how to work as a team to accomplish goals! I love music and people, I do not let competition get in the way of my integrity or positive, silly outlook on life. I can promise that amazing musical moments will happen, encased in the most fun of your life!

  51. Serenity Frase

    Please consider me I am ten I love singing I mostly like singing songs by Ariana Grande because I am able to match pitch exactly like her please consider me! =D

  52. Bashma Sheea

    I am Bengali born, black hair, brown eyes, 5’2′. I went to LaGuardia High School of Arts and have been singing since I was 9 years old. Music has been my escape, my savior, and my strength in all my 20 years on this earth. I would love to be a part of Duets because Kelly Clarkson has been one of my inspirations to sing! Below I am sending you a link of my YouTube video featuring a mashup. Please let me know what else I can do. Thank you so much!


  53. Jailen King

    I love singing I sing everyday at anytime It could be when I’m upset or happy or even when it’s not the time I been singing since the age of 5 and I would be so happy if you pick me or even consider me

  54. Mandy Altman

    Hi, my name is Mandy – I am 23 years old from a small ranch town in New Mexico. I am married with two little girls that are my whole life. Originally from Denver, Colorado – music has always been a huge part of my life. Performing/singing from the time I was little, Dancing competitively from the age of about 10 and writing lyrics for the last few years. I am aspiring for a career in music and am willing to put in whatever it takes to get there. I want to show my girls that if they have a dream, they should go for it – no matter how big or unachievable it may seem! Please check out my YouTube page : youtube.com/channel/UCzI7CnPy_0-gbDRWGfLd8KQ
    Thank you so much for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you!

  55. Alpha Barril

    Love, love, love to sing. Would do it for free, and for me, but would love to do it for the world! Where can I upload a video/song sample?

  56. Nawal

    I have been through alot, Singing is my passion and kept me going and still keeps me going. My mum loves it when I sing but I was told I wasn’t a good singer 3years ago but after that when I sang randomly infront of people they love my singing and I was amazed they noticed! Singing expresses my feelings and changes my sad emotions to my happy vibes.. iam myself when I sing. I have Traveled and I have always been around people from different countries. I love meeting new people and I love learning alot from others so I can be better..I Believe positivity is the Key.. Thank you so much for your Time to read my Comment.. 🙂

  57. Nicholas Johnson

    I’m extremely easy to get along with and I work very well with others. I have a strong passion for performing and using the gift of music to heal others! Music is my release, the way I express who I am, it is how I communicate freely with the outside world. Performing on stage gives me life! The crowd gives this charge that I give back in the performance. I’ve been trained and currently still training to become the best signer/pianist I can be. I’m willing to learn and I’m easy to teach! I trust each that each of these mentors will steer me in the correct direction and I know for a fact that if we get a chance to work together they will never forget who I am. I have a light and I’m ready to light up the world. JUST GIVE ME ONE CHANCE I WILL NOT FAIL YOU! -Thank you!