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An all new singing show is coming to television this summer and this time the game has completely changed. Like other TV singing shows Duets will feature 4 of the world’s most talented singers as judges, but now these superstars will be singing with you! Casting is starting soon on the most exciting singing competition experience ever so get yourself in the game.

The Duets amazing judges / duet partners for season one will be American Idol champion Kelly Clarkson ( 20 million records sold worldwide and 10 Top Ten hit singles), Grammy Award winning Sugarland lead singer Jennifer Nettles ( 15 million records sold worldwide, 8 number 1 singles), 9 time Grammy winning R&B superstar John Legend and singer songwriting sensation Robin Thicke ( writer and producer of over 20 platinum and gold albums)! This is by far the most talent packed lineup ever and they want to sing with you! The judges will searching the country for the special people that they want to sing with and mentor. Kelly and the gang will finally choose 2 finalists each that they would like to duet with and they will perform each week with them in front of a live studio audience and millions watching at home. The final winner chosen will not only have had the musical experience of a lifetime but will receive a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Casting calls and auditions will be going on soon so reply today. If you would like to audition for this fantastic program you can go here ABC.com/Casting. for more information and leave a comment below and let us know you’re ready for the Duet of your dreams.

Few musicians amateur or professional will ever be able to say that they performed with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend or Jennifer Nettles – this is your chance! This is your opportunity to not only be taught and guided by the biggest names in music but perform with them in front of millions as well. It just doesn’t get bigger than this, apply today to become the next star of ABC’s Duets.

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  1. Christian Michelle

    I have been singing all through my life. I have done musical theater and years of classical training. I would love the opportunity to expand my knowledge of this beautiful art form further. I am 19 years old and college freshman I want to be a Disney imagineer. But I also love music so I hope I can be involved.

    My sister Christian and I have been classically trained and we often sing together and critique each other on what we can do better. My name is Alexandra and I am 23 and senior in collage and have a passion and flair for music. I often sing with these superstars in my car and would love to sing with them live! I am majoring in education and this would be a dream come true for me. Christian and I hope to get in touch with you soon. Much love bye!

  2. Allie Caldwell

    My name is Allie Caldwell and I just turned 23 from Dallas, TX area and I am VERY interested in auditioning for this show!! Please send me info on where to apply 🙂

  3. taviana watts

    OMG GI I have always wanted to be on a singing competition like this ever since I was a little girl and I have been singing ever since I could talk.and I know I’m ready to be on this show!!!

  4. Christine Malke

    super talented, beautiful and smart, would love to share it with the world!

  5. karenna hunter

    This opportunity would be amazing if I got called out to be on this show. I am a sixteen year old highschool girl from new York and I love to sing. Singing has been my passion since I was five years old and I just can’t stop doing it. I feel like singing has to be apart of my life as I get older and by showing myself to the world and by putting myself out there in a musical way I feel like that would help a lot. I am trying to get into the entertainment businesses as much as possible to do what I love. Music is a way of life and I have the voice to cross along to the audience. If I get chosen I promise you won’t regret it and I will make you all proud.

  6. Christian Cunningham

    Hello my name is Christian J- Michael Cunningham I am 18 years old and ive been singing since I was 5. I play piano, bass, and drums and I write my own music as well. I would love to have a chance to do something like this. I was on the today show when I was 16. But nothing really came of it although I won it “voice kids edition” with Kathie lee and Hoda this would mean everything to me if I had this chance and I would show the world what I am really made of. youtu.be/804ryjt70ok this is me singing atSCA 2 years ago lol ive slimmed since then lol

  7. Tinna Thompson

    Hello! I am very interested in applying for this great opportunity to be a part of this TV show. I am 24yrs old from Los Angeles, CA. I am a singer, songwriter, and I have been singing since I was a child. Having a chance to sing with one of these talented singers would make my dreams come true.

  8. Dominique Williams

    My name is Dominique, I’m 23 and I’m an aspiring singer. I LOVE music and I will work hard if an opportunity is presented to me! Music is something that is my calling and I say that confidently. If chosen I will give 110% to the program and will be FOREVER grateful. If you choose me, you won’t regret it!!

  9. Jessica Vyles

    My Name is Jessica , Im a very outspoken person . All my life ive dreamed to be on the big set i look up to lauren hill , eryka baydo , & any other author i find that stands out from the other . i even dress diffrent sort of an 90′s vintage theme . I also love music its my life , Lets just say ya’ girl got some vocals and i mean i could act if i put my mind into . im african american , 15 year of age , 5’6 . well what im trying to say is i hope that you find an interest in me .
    thanks .
    Love , Peace & wisdom

  10. galela

    I’ve been singing for two years, placed in a couple international contests. Would love an opportunity to sing on this show. Check me out at facebook.com/leladalby

  11. Ashlyn

    I would love to be on duets! Singing is something I’ve always enjoyed, it is more than just music to me.. it’s a story! I would love to one day share my story.

  12. Alexia Francesca

    My name is Alexia Francesca and I am 20 years old. I want to be the best singer on Duets! I practice everyday and I have tried several different career paths but always dream about becoming the next Kelly or Carrie. I believe I have the tools to succeed with a little coaching and hard work.

  13. Alexia Chandler

    Hi, I’m Alexia. I’m 20 years old, with brown hair and eyes, I love to sing and perform. Not much experience but I have sang at a wedding and acted in plays before. If considered I think I would give a great audition. I am from Houston TX.



  14. Deborah Moss

    My name is Deborah Moss I am 17 years old I love singing with all my heart I’ve been doing it since I was 3 years old I’ve recently auditioned for The Voice but I did not make it through I know what my mistake and I’m working on improving it I’m that type of person even though I fail I don’t sit and cry about it I learn from my mistakes and work to get better so I know that I will be great one day and I won’t stop trying until I reach my goals. I know that an opportunity like this would be great for me because their are professional singers, great singers at that giving me feedback and advice on how to perform better, so please give me a chance I know I won’t disappoint. Thank you so much for your time.

  15. Ashley Young

    Name: Ashley Young
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5′ 0″
    Weight: 125lb
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue Hazel
    Location: Monroe GA

    Hello My name is Ashley, I am a mother of three, and music has been what clears the dust from my soul from the time I was a child. I learned how to read by singing karaoke, I have always used music to cope with any problem I have come to face. I am ready to face the audience and judges to let my story be spoken to help lighten spirits and bring joy and music to the world. Please, consider me. Thank you

  16. Paige

    Hi I’m Paige, I’m 15 years old, and music changed my life. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and I often hear my parents describe me as “the girl who wakes up singing and dancing.” I sing at school, at home, and everywhere in between. Not only does music get me through the day, but it got me through the two hardest experiences of my life. In 2008, my Granddad died of lung cancer. I was in sixth grade at the time, and I had never gone through anything that traumatizing before. To get through it, I sat in my room for days at a time, simultaneouly crying and playing piano. I recorded song after song, all of them expressing my grief and anger at everyone around me. And that was only the first time. Last March, my Gramma also died of lung cancer, which by the end had spread to the brain, liver, bones, and skin. I saw her struggle for so long, and although I wanted her pain to end, I didn’t want my pain to grow exponentially. For a time during her sickness, she was staying at the hospital. I went to visit with my mom one day, and Gramma asked my mom who was behind her. She answered, “Paige.” Gramma asked, “Who?” and my mom once again answered, “Paige. Your granddaughter.” This cycle went on for about 20 minutes until my Gramma finally realized who I was. This experience has scarred me, and it was the most terryfying this I’ve been through to this day. The night my Gramma died, I was writing a song. It was about how even though someone is gone, they’re still inside of you. Later that night, we got the call that Gramma had died. I knew it was coming, but it still struck me hard. I relied on music to get me through the next couple months, and I still express my feelings through music to this day. I hope you consider me for this competition, because without music, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

  17. Ashton Hamb

    Hi, my name is Ashton. I am twenty years of age and live in Dallas, Texas. I have many hobbies, one of which being singing; though I would rate music as more than simply a hobby for me. You see, music has always been and will always be to me like oxygen- necessary for life. Of course I’ll take the dramatics down a notch, I suppose it isn’t quite the same as oxygen, but in comparison to a lot of things in this life, music is definitely, in my opinion, one of the best gifts we were given. I realize many people have commented here in high hopes of showing their eagerness to get your attention for this show. But I beg for you to please take a second look at mine when considering contestants for the spot! I am a struggling college student merely making it paycheck to paycheck, and I fear my dream of ever making a name for myself is closing in. Do not be mistaken though, I do not wish to be rich and famous, but simply pursue a path that is humble while yet pursuing my dream of singing for millions of people…then maybe my voice will be heard- not just through music, but in hopes of something greater. I am a youth leader in my church and I would like to show my students that they truly can do ANYTHING through Christ, if they put their mind to it. I feel as though I CAN make it; I know I have what it takes. Please, give me a chance and I promise, you will be glad you did! Thank you for your time and consideration.

  18. carla

    Singing is my passion and the Lord is guiding me. So give me a chance…

  19. Ashley

    My name is Ashley W. and I would love to be on duets!!! Music is my long lost love and it has helped me get through some pretty tough times. I’m from a very small town and not a lot of chances for me to get out there and show my talent. Singing is my way of expressing everything I feel and has helped me get through some REAL tough times. I just want to show everyone that music is truly a beautiful thing and super versatile. I’m willing to work and do what it takes to get to the top.

  20. royal queenz

    Hi my name is Imannie Greer and I am 16 yeasrs old and I am the leader of this singing group called the royal queenz . We are 4 amazing talented singers, and we want our voices out there we want to be the next group known for their big amazing voices. This would mean everything in the world for us and we really would lovvveeeee to be able to do it. Some of us have been singing since we were little kids and we know our voices are ment to be herd.
    Thanks fo your time
    Imannie Greer
    Julie Beasley
    Jazmine Garrett
    Jayla Morgan

  21. Sara A. Clayton

    Hi! My name is Sara Clayton. I’m sixteen years old and I live in Vienna, Virginia close to D.C.

    I grew up on a military base in Seoul, South Korea and was really sheltered from the media (other than movies and cartoons), but I’ve loved singing all my life. I was inspired by my mamma singing to me, especially lullabies, when I was little, and I sang because I wanted to be like her. I also grew up not knowing much of my identity. I grew up thinking I was just Asian, a majority, but I found out in my middle school years that I was an interracial minority, a Blasian (Black and Asian), and the history behind it. It completely changed my simple perspective on singing, and I started to experiment with my voice a little more, adding feeling and passion while connecting to the lyrics. Up until today, I have never shared my singing outside of my family, friends, or church.

    I think I’m right for the show because not only do I believe I have vocal talent to bring to the screen, but I believe that I can learn a lot from the experience and from my competitors, along with singing next to these amazing singers.

    Thank you so much for your attention and consideration!

  22. Kailyn Ng

    Hi my name is Kailyn Ng,
    i am 16 years old and i have been singing since i was 4. i have been taking vocal lessons since i was 10 and it would be awesome to be on a show like this!! I am a very hard working and passionate person, please consider. (:

  23. sybil e williams

    Hi my name is Sybil I love to sing also act (theatre acting) I love being on stage and performing I have also sang the National Anthem for different sports events looking forward to hearing from you Thank You God bless

  24. Aaron Gettting

    I have been singing harmonies and leads my whole life. I am exceptional professional. I listen well, studied music for many years, play many instruments. and had vocal training from some of the industries leading vocal teachers. I have no contract, never had, but had a chance for success in college. I am a little older than what you probably are looking for but that could be interesting if you mix the ages up. I am a man with a range from bass to baritone to tenor, and some soprano. I write music, have worked with successful producers at many capacities and worked with theater and film production
    If you should consider me, then I will gladly travel back to the mainland, California and give you some unforgettable performances. I consider my skills to be one of the world’s best undiscovered harmonizers…. Care to give me a look?

  25. espy

    hi,i’m espy..i will be very happy to sing with any of the big stars.please give me a chance to showcase my talent.tnx!

  26. Jasmine Wolski

    Everyone. Hello. I’m Jasmine but everyone calls me Jazzy. Or Jazz-Hands, or Spazzy, or like my mom… Jazzy Girl. It’s embarrassing. But don’t get me wrong, my mom is my world. She’s my support and my strength. So anyways, off the story of my mom, I’m here to tell you why I should get the opportunity to sing with one of the talented people listed above. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl and I grew up wanting to sing to animals like a Princess would. Ha, right. But that was my dream. Eventually the Princess costumes went away but my passion for singing never left. I’ve been through alot in my 15 years with moving around when I was little and having my parents divorce was never easy and it still isn’t to this day. I sing because it makes me feel happy and alive. I can get lost in the music and all my worries go away. It makes me feel like I can take on the world. I sing in my school choir, I act in theaters, I’m in our school’s improv group, I sing at talent shows, I sing in front of our church, there’s just so much I love to do and this seems phenomenal. So here I am, telling you why I, Jazzy, should be on this show. Thank you.

  27. Vanessa P.

    Hello there!!! Hope all is well! I wanted to reply about auditioning for the ABC show Duets because singing is my passion. It has been my passion for the past 18 years. I studied music in College, but knew I needed to have a backup plan. Now, I am a teacher at a local high school, which I love, but I would still like to persue my dream. This is something I really want to do and It is never too late, right? I sing each weekend with my local Classic Rock Band, along with cantoring at two churches in my area. My voice is developed, I am a hardworker, and I just want to keep working at this craft, along with having an experience of a lifetime! Please help me with this dream.


  28. William (Bill) Fisk

    Not even sure anyone is looking at these postings yet, but on the off chance you are, I would love to be involved with such an opportunity to perform with a known vocal talent and trust coming across this casting call is fate, and instead of closing the door, I am opening it wide and embracing what may happen. I’ve done solos, choirs, madrigal, summer theatre (Ramsdell Theatre where James (Todd) Earl Jones first took to a stage in Manistee, Michigan.)

  29. Sergio Bravo-Diaz

    Hello my name is Sergio Bravo-Diaz I am 16 years old. I am 6’0 – 6’1 latino american(mexican/El Salvadorean). I have very little experience but i am a hard worker i take critic very easily. I was born and raise in Washington, DC and i just want a new experience. Also i want to be able to help my family out with money because we can barely afford to pay bills and i feel useless. So please email me if you feel like you want to give me a chance.

  30. nathaniel portnoy

    Ok, so im going to start by saying, im pretty sure that nobody is really reading this and actually caring about it right now, but just in case anybody is, im a 14 year old boy in new york who has loved singing his entire life, and has always wanted to use and show his talent to the world, and ( negotiation time ) hey how cool would you show producers be if you guys said that you were smart enough to send out a youngtalent who could be the next big star.

  31. Emily Henriksen

    Hi, I’m Emily Henriksen. As with everyone else here, I’ve been singing my entire life and want this more than anything. Its a dream I’ve always and I’m finally at a point in my life where I can reach for it. I am different than everyone here though because I am not afraid to take chances and push myself as hard as I need to. I love an audience. I trust my talent to get me to where I need to be. All I need is the chance and I promise to sing my heart out and I wont disappoint.

  32. sacora

    Hey my name is sacora i live in Texas but I’m originally from Monroe, Louisiana. I been singing for at least 13 years & i’m ready to come out and show the world my talent, what I can do. Ive always wanted to be on stage willingly to show people that I love to sing & this is my opportunity. .chasing my dreams is all I want.

  33. Molly Newman

    My name is Molly. I’m 24 from Rochester, NY and I’ve been singing ever since I can remember. I have a very wide range, I can sing everything from country to opera, and so much more. I love music, hearing songs that just hit your heart and being able to connect with them on a whole different level, through the hard times and the good ones helping people get through things. I’d like to be able to do that for people. So please consider me, I promise you won’t regret it!!

    Thank you for your time

  34. Rebekah Evans

    Hello my name is Rebekah Evans and I am a upcoming 20 year old singer. I could say what everyone else is saying, oh I’ve wanted to sing all my life and this would make my dreams come true but I won’t say that. I’m my own person. I have been singing since I was able to talk. Music is my life, it inspires me to accomplish anything I put my mind to. How does it do that? Well I’ve grown up around music and for me being a middle child I didn’t get much attention. So I turned to music to calm my nerves or help me get through something bad. Everywhere I go, I’m listening to music. Now that I have my son, he’s an even more bigger reason why I am chasing my dream to inspire and help people through singing. Some may say give it up because you’ll never make it. But I have faith in god and believe if I set my mind to it and grind more than ever, I’ll be able to get there one day. Just seeing that I could help out someone or inspire others is a dream come true for me. I’d hope to have an opportunity like this, if not I wish the complete best of luck for those who are chosen. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my comment as to why I think I deserve a opportunity in this experience! Have a blessed day.

  35. ashley york

    Hello my names is Ashley and I’m 15 I well be 16 in march and it has been my dream to become a singer and it would be an honner to sing on your show. My family and friends have been wanting me to do something like this for a long time I have been singing since I was really little. All I’m doing is trying to follow my dreams or even be seen by someone to make my dreams to come true it would mean so much to everyone I know.I would do anything to be on your show. All Im asking for is a chance it would mean so much to me
    Well I would like to think you for taking your time out of your day or night to read this thanks so much

  36. ashley york

    Hello my name is Ashley and I’m 15 and i well be 16 in march I have been singing since I was little that’s all I ever do is sing and it would be an honner to sing on your show. And it well make my family happy if I did something like this for them and for me everyone says I’m good but I well leave that for you to decid. And I have always wanted a record deal I would anything to be on your show well be that’s it for me
    Thank for taking time out of your day or night to read this

  37. Stephanie Perkins

    Hi. I am Stephanie Perkins. I am from NC and have been singing my whole life. I am a preachers daughter, a loving wife and mother, a grandmother of 2 and have been a hairdresser for 25 years. I am 42 years old and singing is my passion. I have been singing in a church or a church related function since I was 3 years old. I was always involved in chorus, show choir/biz, and every performance my teachers could have us in. As an adult, the opportunities have been amazing. I sang with Shirley Caesar’s choir for the first annual Gospel Fest in 1999. The following year I was singing with World Harvest Church and attended World Harvest Bible College. After moving back to NC of course I became involved in my local assembly and continued to sing. A few years ago, I started singing country/pop music and I love it. I can sing just about anything. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I know the gift I’ve been given. I would love the opportunity to compete on this show. Please, consider me. Thank you in advance.

  38. Stephanie Perkins

    I live in NC and I am a Hair Designer. I ask that you consider me because singing is my favorite talent and truly my passion. I have been singing since I was 3. Being a talented preacher’s daughter, there have been many opportunities. I have always sung in church or a church related function. I was always a part of the music ministry in church and involved in chorus classes and performances at school. The opportunities I’ve been graced with as an adult have been amazing. I had the pleasure of singing with Shirley Caesar’s choir for the 1st annual Gospel Fest in 1999. The following year, my family and I lived in Columbus, Ohio and I became a part of World Harvest Church’s music ministry and Bible College. After moving back to NC, of course I got involved with my local church and continued to sing. Country and Gospel music are my favorite but I can sing just about anything. I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means but I can do this! I would love y’all to consider me for this show. Thank you in advance.

  39. Priscilla Bedwell

    I would love to get the chance at my dream of being a singer plz contact me and I will be there to audition. I also act I recently was on my big fat gypsy American wedding and partys and the want me to do it again but that is not what I want I want something like once apone a time ect plz give me a chance at my dream I will not let you down. Thanks god bless

  40. Leah Sornsin

    I’m Leah. I’m 27 and I work for a small four year college in Alabama as a counselor. I’ve been singing since I could talk and I’ve always wanted to sing professionally. I mostly sing at church and small community events. I love sharing my God given talent with others; I sing from my heart. Words and music can be so powerful and have such an impact on our lives. I believe there is a song for every occasion, for every life moment. I hope you will give me the opportunity to sing for your show.

  41. Rayshun LaMarr

    Hello my name is Rayshun LaMarr, I am 29 and I currently work for capital one bank. My ultimate dream is to become an international recording/performing artist. I have been singing since the age of 7 and have been chasing my dream ever since. It would be a great honor to be chosen to be part of this show. Hopefully all will work out and I will see you guys on TV lol.

  42. Ashley Bond

    My name is Ashley Bond, I am 22 years old and I’m from Lynchburg VA. Currently I am a licensed practical nurse working at a rehab facility. I absolutely love to sing. I also use it as a technique to help my residents when they are in pain, or need some comfort. I would absolutely love an opportunity to work with one of these stars. It would be a chance of a lifetime. 🙂

  43. usheaka

    What’s up y’all. My name us usheka,but you can call me the other ms. Jackson since I’m from Gary Indiana. I sing and write music(soo sad that I never got a chance to work with Whitney) and I think I would be great for the show because I got style along with a really big voice. In fact people often tell me that they are shocked at how such big sound comes out of such a small body. I never really reached for the stars because I never wanted to be famous… I just love to sing. I even tried giving it up but it keeps calling me. I feel like I can deal with fame and what comes along with it now. I sing the blues y’all … just like they did back in the day. Yep I’m an old soul born at the wrong time when it comes to music. I’ve stopped drinking and smoking and now I’m ready. Oh, my. Age. I’m old… damn near 40. 37 to be on point. I’m a black girl I guess you could tell by my name ..haaay lol and I can’t be anything but crazy me. I’m open minded and love when people are critical… it make me better…we all can get better…ok! Come on y’all, give an old sister a chance. Let me rock your world… with humble love this is me. Stay cool cause I like it like that. Peace.

  44. Sam

    Hello, My name is Sam. I’m a 16 year old boy from Jacksonville Florida and I love singing more than anything. I got to a school of the arts for vocal music, and I’ve been trained in proper vocal techniques and pedagogy. My dream is to be on stage singing in front of everyone. I’ve struggled a long time with being self conscious and shy, but once I got into my school singing helped me overcome all my fears. Singing has brought me where I am today, if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t have my friends, my confidence, or the pride I have for all my hardwork. I used to be teased and called names for wanting to sing, but my school is full of people just like me and I finally have a place where I fit in. I’m in the top choir in my school because I work hard on perfecting what I do, and I think I would shine on Duets, not to mention it would be a dream to sing with all those stars. Thank you so much for giving us this chance to show our talents.

  45. SkylahJo

    We’ll to whom ever is reading , here’s my reason unlike the ordinary I actually have a very deep meaning on why I would love to audition for this show, I’m skylahjo 17 years old I was born into the world as a platinum hit artists daughter his name is jojo from jodeci or as some of you know them kci&jojo , my dad hasn’t Helped none of his kids at all try to make our dreams come true , to have a celebrity father who wasn’t there to see you born all the way up to when your 17 & you want him to hear your voice but he doesn’t care to hear , really hurts everyday I ask my self how would life be if my father actually cared for his kids would we be singers by now or would we even get a little bit of help getting ourselves out there but no I’m trying my hardest on my own to audition for shows to continue my dream that I know one day I will find I’ve been singing since I was about 4 years old every note I know I taught my self , I used to cry so much just because I loved to sing and write music but had no one to let hear it , I feel it’s my time to let the world hear my pain and my voice . Thanks for reading . # 9292310645

  46. Jake rhiner

    Hello my name is jake rhiner from west Des Moines iowa I’m 16 and I love singing but lately I’ve been confused my dad wants me to play football but is give anything to sing on a stage in front of people not for the money or fame but for show casing my talent not a lot of people know actually no one but anyways I’d love the opportunity to sing and me mentored by john legend he’s a inspiration id love this because it would bring a smile to my moms face that I don’t usually see because she has 2 jobs and my dad’s unemployed id love to help my family please give me this opportunity god bless you

  47. Sarah

    I would like to have an opportunity to be on this show. I have a passion to sing and have been doing it for years. I think I have always been too afraid of rejection and had never gone all the way with it. This time I hope things will be different so that I can show everybody that I have what it takes.

  48. Corinne & Charisma

    hello ! my name is Charisma and my sister and I Corinne would love to do something like this. We’ve always loved to sing every since we were little. we remember singing in the kitchen with our mom as little girls and preforming together at school talent shows. to sing on the same stage with those extravagant singers and solo artist would be an amazing boost in our careers, we really hope you take our application into consideration ! thank you and have a great day !

  49. Elizabeth

    Hi! Currently I’m only 15 years old but I’ve been singing since as long as I can remember. It’s been my dream to be able to perform to people and show them my favorite quality about myself. I know it sounds cheesy, but when I sing, I let out all of my frustrations. It’s like my outlet when I’m feeling sad or angry and, although I guess this is a bit selfish, but i feel less alone when people hear what I’m doing. I want people to hear that I’m upset and relate to me the same when I do when I hear other people sing. But not only share negative emotions, I want to lift up peoples’ spirits too. I want when someone is feeling down, to listen to my songs, and feel cheerful again. Honestly, ever since I was little, I felt like I was meant to perform on stage and I’m really excited to have a chance at getting this opportunity. Thank you so much for reading my comment!

    Also, please don’t think that I’m only saying what I think you want to hear because these are my true feelings.

  50. taylor

    I’m 14 years old. i love to sing! ive been singing since i was around 2 years old… i was diagnosed with leukemia when i was 3 and my family would sing to me and honestly i think that the melodic voices of my mawmaw, my mom and my dad nursed me back to health. now i realize they are not the best at singing and i got my voice from my dad. my friends all say that i should audition for something similar to this and ive sang in front of a bunch of people at football games and school events and also i sang the national anthem for a huge veterans program in my city in Long Beach Mississippi. I sing a lot in my spare time and i love to sing and i like to take older songs and make them my own. I drive my family crazy with how much i sing around the house but when I’m doing a serious event or anything like that my family is always there to support me. I have faith that maybe y’all will consider me and i sure do hope so. I think i am only good for singing and singing to a crowd because other than music i really have no other talent… i really want to be somewhere in music because that will always be my dream! thanks for taking time to read this if you do! <3

  51. megan gibson

    Singing is my life….. simple

  52. Cheyenne Potter

    wow there are a lot of comments. well I`ll give it a shooting star. My name is Cheyenne Potter I`m 15 years young, i shall be 16 in March. Singing is literally my life. I go to a preforming arts school, Inspires school of arts and sciences, I’m an incredibly hard worker and if you give me the honor of being on this show i promise to try not to disappoint and i work very well with others so please just consider me. thank you 🙂

  53. Haley Nellis

    I have been singing and performing since elementary school and ever since then it has become my biggest dream. I am constantly involved in choir and theatre for years. I have participated in chamber choir, jazz choir, theatre, vocal lessons, and even auditioning for the voice. I would love to be able to work with such talented people. I can’t imagine a life without singing and to be able to have this opportunity would be incredible.

  54. Abigail

    I love singing. I’ve been singing my whole life. I sing and I write songs.

  55. Christen Eve

    I am a singer/songwriter and I would love to be given the opportunity to be on Duets and learn from the best! I have wanted to audition for American Idol and other shows before, but I love Duets because you actually get to interact with the Artist/Judges and learn from them. I have an amazing singing voice and I want to be on Duets!!

  56. Alicia Hathaway

    I love the stage. I love To perform! I love to sing and I think I do a pretty good job! I written my own songs before. I’ve performed at talent shows for my school but is love to get my name out there to do great things. I want to inspire people with my songs!

  57. ACJ

    I am 12 years old. (Is there an age requirement?) I have taken voice lessons and have begun performing. I won 1st place at a singing competition last summer. I have sang a duet with my voice teacher for a few of his performances, so although I am young, I have no problem singing with adults. I have been told I have a good, strong voice and that it would be great for recording. I would love the opportunity to sing with these judges and to learn from them. I know it would be an experience of a lifetime.

  58. Christina Piquette

    Hi, my name is Christina Piquette and I am a singer, I have been singing ever since I was in high school but just recntly I have decided to make it a career.I have so much passion for singing and I love to sing it makes me happy and I hope it will make the world happy. I just would love for you to at least consider me for the tv show. I have auditioned for american idol recently so I have some experience in singing.And I sing in a choir and I have won many talents shows.Like i said I really hope you will consider me.Thanks always ,Christina Piquette

  59. Natasha LaMaster

    Hello, my name is Natasha. I shoud be considered for this casting because I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to sing; its definitely a passion of mine. I love the sound of harmonies as well. I would love to be given a chance to sing a duet with either of these amazing artists. PICK MEE! 🙂

  60. Sheila Jones

    Hi, my name is Sheila Jones and I am currently in 10th grade at the age of 15.I believe I am what Duets is looking for. I sing,dance,play a few instruments,and I different from everyone else.Now, I believe their are many reason to have this oppurtunity but, I have only one.That’s to make a change.As a young girl in this society, just looking on from the outside in it’s seems as though there is not a chance.But,with my faith I believe anything is possible.I just want to show others like me in the same predictument as myself their hope.If I can do it,anyone can.Just believe.

  61. Sierra Surpris

    my name is sierra . im 12 years old , i sing and act . im recently decieding to take up theatre and modeling , i’ve been modeling for almost a year. i’ve been acting since i was nine , i love acting it’s something that excites me. i’ve joined my local theatre and i cant wai to get up on stage. acting and singing has always been a pasion of mine , i recently decieded to join a talent show to showcase my singing. my mian style of music is the old school . like disco inferno , stevie wonder , whitney houston , michael jackson , the temptations , jackson 5 , wild cherry , natilie cole , bill withers , and chic . i love singing old school songs . i sing a modern day song form time to time , but old school is my main focus . i have been training myself for the past couple months to sing songs that people such as stevie wonders could excel at . not alot of people my age , or older , have a voice like mine . im working on holding a note . i have many methods . i have a raspy like voice , soothing like voice , rock like voice , and just that good funkyness in my voice . alot of people i know say that i could enter a singing competition and win . i dont sound as good as i usually do on videos than in real life, thats why i like live auditions . im currently working on mastering a jeeise j song , mamma knows best . its not a hard song for me , the changes are becoming better and better every day . i’ve already mastered songs such as : florence and the machine the dog days are over , natilie cole this will be, stevie wonders superstitions , stevie wonders for once in my life , michael jackson smooth criminal , the jackson 5 candy girl , beyonce halo , justin beiber baby , beyonce end of time , jessie j do it like a dude , adele someone like you , adele rolling in the deep , neon trees animal , wild cherry play that funky music , carl carlton shes a bad mama jama , and the list goes on . my goal is to beocme famous in many diffrent genres . in have a favorite song for all tha catogories i can name , soul : play that funky music chery ; country: black horse and a cherry tree kt tunstall , and so forth. my physical features : 4’5/6/ or 7 . black haitian-american , black eyes , black hair (soon to be dyed) , about 105 lbs (on a diet) , whitish teeth , i have big lips , and bangs . if you want more of a clearer picture follow me on instagram @ hershvycolee . yes there is a v and 2 e’s in the word cole . again , @hershvycolee . i can look older than my age at times , while i was in new york , boston , and rhode island ; people often mistaked my sister and i for identical twins , they asked how old i was and when i said 12 , they said ‘ i tought you were 23!’ my d.o.b is 11/27/00 and i live in louisiana

  62. Madison

    Its always been my dream to sing for a living. There is nothing I’d rather do. My life revolves around music. Music has helped me get through hard times in my life. I want to be able to do the same for others one day. It’s as simple as that.

  63. Shug

    I was a semi professional singer until having my beautiful daughter. I became very ill after having her & lost the next 4 years of my life to diseases that were often debilitating. I lost my voice & my hope during that time. I’m in the midst of controversial treatment (I would have a big community of people with this disease rooting me on & praying for acknowledgment about a controversial disease that has recently exploded) and I have my voice back. It’s different, but strong. And I savor every note bc I know it’s not guaranteed. I haven’t stepped on a stage since becoming so ill, but I had to force the nerves. I love to harmonize & don’t always need to be the top banana. As long as I can sing, I’m happy. Singing even dulls pain!

  64. Rebekah

    I am a young singer/songwriter well on my way to having my name up in lights. I first became interested in preforming several years ago in about 3rd-4th grade when I preformed “My Heat Will Go On”. Ever since then I have had a passion for the preforming arts. I love getting on stage and just putting soul into my singing. In the future I plan on going from a regular girl with an “above-average” life, to a well known performer touring with my friends and family.

  65. Latavia Collins

    I love singing at any chance I get I would love to be able to entertain with my voice. Also I am good at expressing myself through lyrics and sinsinging and I think this is a great oppourtunity for me to showcase my talent.

  66. amber webb

    My name is Amber Webb. I am 20 years old from Spokane Washington and I LOVE to sing. I have been sinbging since I was a little girl and I have always wanted to take my singing to the next level and I’m hoping this can be my big break. I sing all genras of music but my main squeeze is country. I have a lot to bring to the table. My voice is very powerful, and controlled. When I hear a song I like I can learn it in a matter of minutes. Not only can I singbut I am very outgoing. I make it my goal to bring entertainment to anyone I encounter throughout my life. I likyre to leave an ijmpression on people even if I just meet them one time. I would be honored if you gave me the opportunity to futher my singing career. I have been waiting for my big break for many yearsnow and I’m hoping this can be it. Please feel free to check out my youtuve channel.thank you so much for your consideration http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCFhlYqew6Qdb1YAFw-NhXBA

  67. Kevin Haynes


    I love singing duets so this is why I am leaving a comment! Please say I sound like Luther Vandross, you be the judge. I am interested! Please check out my website and contact me if any interest, thx.


    Have a great day!


  68. Shelley

    Hi, I’m Shelley from Knoxville, Tennessee, I would love to be considered for this show because I have been singing my whole life and have usually been in the background singing harmony in every group I have been around including singing at church. I just would love a chance to be a part of such a memorable program while doing what I love.

  69. i would like to know if the DUET will air last part of 2013

    i love the show .i never missed a night watching it .i also watch american idol .the judges were fanstatic

  70. william

    i am looking for a way to sign up to be on the show to show the world what i got

  71. alexus tamayo

    well being a musician is what i want to be, and i try out for a lot of thing and sing in chorus and compete in singing as well. i dont have much money, but i have a good voice and potential. i sing with my friend gerrome were always doing duets and making our own harmonies, but doing it with a celebrity, thats a dream!

  72. Hugh Smith

    its about time i get lucky enough to be selected for one of these competitions im so tired of seeing these half talented ppl on these shows and they get all the opportunities that hard working talent like myself would die for but we are always expected to stand in long never ending lines at open calls and over exhausted, drained and overlooked meanwhile the less deserving are selected and we are forced to watch them weekly try and prove that they are worthy of the opportunity they were given overriding many who were more fitting to compete and possibly launch a serious and long-term career!

    thats all!

  73. shiava arnette

    Singing is my talent I’m just tryna chase my dream

  74. Charlene

    I love to sing but I get a little nervous by myself! singing with someone else, especially a superstar who know how to sing would be a dream come true! Get me out of my shell! I would love the chance to prove I can do this!