Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse

Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse

It seems that what ever Tyler Perry creates turns to gold and that has never been more true than with his hit dramedy series Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse. New episodes of this critic and fan favorite Oprah Winfrey collaboration have been ordered and shooting is starting up soon. The casting directors for this sensational production have begun their search for fresh faces to fill roles for this season and submissions are being accepted now from aspiring actors of all ages.

Based on the Mr. Perry’s unforgettable films Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married Too?, For Better or Worse follows three different couples at three different stages of their relationships and details the happiness and sadness, triumphs and tribulations of dating, married life and all connections in between.

The series stars one of the finest ensemble casts that Perry has ever assemble which includes the transcendent talents of Michael Jai White (Arrow, The Dark Knight, Real Husbands of Hollywood), Tasha Smith (Couples Retreat, Daddy’s Little Girls, Jumping the Broom), Brad James (Parental Guidance, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, What Love Will Make You Do), Kent Faulcon (Desperate Housewives, Selma, War of the Worlds), Jason Olive (Melrose Place, The Game, The Comeback) and Chevy Lamont Cofield (Under the Dome, Sleepy Hollow, High School Musical 2).

All new casting calls for Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse are set to be held very soon and applications from interested performers of all ages are being accepted today. Submissions can be entered at this email address betterorworsemhc@gmail.com and more audition details will be posted here throughout the season’s shooting schedule. Make sure to check back for every exciting update for this OWN show and leave a message in the space provided below and tell us what you think of the Tyler Perry/Oprah Winfrey production and why you would like to be chosen for upcoming casting calls for Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

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  1. Cherree Scott

    Smart, Witty, Beautiful and loves God’s people-that’s me, Ree Ree

  2. Jessica Williams

    I am Jessica Williams a 31 yrs old online clothing store website owner I am a 4’11 Mississippi girl born in Jamaica Queens with big dreams and would be so gracious if I were granted the opportunity to work with Tyler Perry to make those dreams come

  3. jainahun lo

    hello Im from philippines ,i think this production is great.its giving hope for everyone and give a new taste of Entertainment…god bless to his new production.hope i can be part of this team .

  4. Nasir

    Tyler Perry i was watch your movie and play since i was a little kids i was born in Georgia living with my grandmother i’m 14 year old i go to school 20 I’m passing all my class . A lot of kid judge me because the way i look

  5. Bobbie Ray Ray

    Is for better of worst coming back.Love that show.from

  6. Sherderka L Dubinion

    Hey I’m sherderka dubinion,
    I am a very hard worker, I’m dependable and I’ve been wanting to act my whole life. I absolutely love TYLER PERRY & OPRAH WINFREY they’re a great team & I hope to be successful one day like them. I think I should be chosen because I can bring whatever it is needed. I catch on fast and I’m great with people. I just need a chance, I need MY SHOT & I feel GOD will bless me with this opportunity im claiming it and im confident in my beliefs. THANK YOU !

  7. Jasmine James

    Hi my name is Jasmine James, my thoughts on the show for better or worse is that it shows some reality of what some relationships go through on a daily basis.Not all relationships have skittles and rainbows. And not all of your friends have the same personality.. in a Job setting we all build a type of friendship that some can only have work related, but others can have them also oitside of work. The entire show if filled with many different aspects of life from many different point of views which makes it exciting to watch. I do feel as if my life challenges can inspire me to take part in any role that is thrown at me all i need is a chance of opportunity

  8. Beth Mccloud

    I’m Beth McCloud, 31 years from Port Arthur, Tx . I feel like the show is relevant and factual. And of course comical as all get out. I myself ,have too find humor in even the most deep rooted betrayals or conflicts. It just reminds me that if the situation can hold humor in the very instant it’s taken place, this too shall pass. And God will get some glory out it . I believe it’s show that stands for something more than itself and ratings and that is why I’d like to be considered in future casting calls.

  9. Sherriner Williams

    Interested in any extra role.

  10. Dell

    Hello my nam is Dell. I love to audio ton for miss bee role I’m 59 years old with funny in my DNA

  11. Channelle Battles

    I’m a trained actress from Grand Rapids, MI. Acting is my passion and I KNOW that acting is my calling and destiny. I am gifted in what I was called to do and I KNOW that I would breathe life into any character that I am selected for. I look forward to working with you soon.

  12. Krashingra" Miller

    Good Morning,

    My name is Krashingra’ Miller. Model, Actress or both. Please give me an opportunity……………

    Thanks in advance

  13. Tabitha H

    Hi Mr. Perry,
    My name is Tabitha, I’m 31 years young and reside in Mississippi (Ms. Winfrey’s home state:), and I actually live about 30 minutes away from it…go quite often. The big “KO” as some reference it:)!! I’ve always aspired to be an actress…however, there is not much opportuniy feasible in MS to really pursue it. In addition, I wholeheartedly love and enjoy all of your shows, movies, and etc…! Therefore, it makes it immensely difficult to limit myself to which one or ones I like best. However, I simply cannot get enough of the HAHN, one word…”LIFE”, it gives me my absolute existence of being:)! Also, FOR BETTER OR WORSE is great as well, exceedingly funny and entertaining in my opinion…and that’s still an understatement. I often reference you as the “MICHAEL JACKSON” of film because I truly feel you are amongst the best and greatest that’s ever done it and ever will…so as I sometimes say, “WIG-TILT” (being that I’m a woman?)! It would be an absolute honor and blessing to be given an opportunity to work in anything you’re over because you are truly the GOAT of film Mr. Perry. I know I would be a great candidate for an opportunity to work with you because I not only aspire to do so, but retain an immense passion for it…and I know when you’re doing something you really love, you normally excel at it. Also, I’m all about growth, and I know I would learn so many valuable things from you in the process. In addition, I’m very consistent and motivated in whatever I do or pursue. Be that as it may, I really look forward and hope to hear from you sir. However, if not…I just want you to know I’m a huge fan of yours (every since the plays), and I absolutely love and respect everything you do Mr. Perry. Please continue to keep up the good work and keep the sitcoms and movies coming because the good ones have truly became a rarity in today’s world in my opinion. It’s enamoring to see actual good films and sitcoms, opposed to alot of the typical buffoonery that seems to be taking over. So much admiration and respect for you Mr. Perry!!:)

  14. Arianna foreman

    I love Tyler perry and I would love to work with him I know he would get me to where I want to be able in life a professional actress

  15. Chantavia Isom

    My name is Chantavia Isom. I would love to work with Tyler Perry. It’s my dream so no matter what project it is I would want to be apart of it. I especially love for better or worse be cause it’s something that people worldwide can relate to. Tasha Smith is crazy, awesome and talented and Mr. Michael Jai white..They put together for better or worse in a way that people of all ages race and gender can relate to. It dipicts the statement for better or worse in which certain marriages use so loosely. I never been married but I believe in it….If u can stand in my worse by my side then u can run with me in my better…For better or worse…Ups & downs good&bads. Marcus and tatsha shows that’s to the world despite the situation or circumstances… Together we fall and together we stand.
    This show is what was needed all across the world. I hope that Tyler Perry and Oprah pick me. I been reaching out for years…This is my dream. All I want is an opportunity.

  16. Yadon Amir Lawhorne

    Mr Perry,
    My name is Yadon Lawhorne. I live in Charlotte, NC. I am a huge fan of any tv show, movie or play that you come out with.I think the show For Better or Worse is hilarious!!! I wonder what happened to Angie and Marcus’ son since he is never on the set anymore. I am 18 years old and would love to audition for his role if you would consider bringing him back on the set. I picture him as being a college student now, which I am, and trying to find his way between studying to be a computer engineer and dreams of becoming a dancer. This is something that I am really trying to do so if I’m actually playing the role especially with you as my boss and mentor, it will help me in reality to accomplish success. I have taken the career course at John Robert Powers a few years ago until they just up and left Charlotte. My parents spent $5000 dollars for that and I don’t want them to have wasted their money. I did learn a lot but I would like the opportunity to learn more and I know I can accomplish that by working for you. I have the up most respect for the challenges that you went thru to get where you are today and I would like to learn from you.

  17. Keisha L

    Great as always ???I’ve always wanted to act and what is the saying “Go Hard or Go home”so I know I’m the perfect for part,have the looks,and attitude.

  18. Anese Milsap

    Hello my name is Anese Milsap and I would love to be an extras in your show’s

  19. Sierra Chambers

    Hello, my name is Sierra Chambers and i am 16 years who lives in Orange, New Jersey who loves everything Tyler Perry and Madea. I love watching his shows and especially his plays who gives a big message that focuses and touches on topics that need to be heard especially by the youth and young adults. I have been watching Tyler Perry plays and shows at a very young age with my mom and I just love it! He is a very blessed child of God and I would loveee to work with him. I have been thinking bout acting but my nervousness brings out the best of me but my family thinks I should be acting because of my personality. I have acted at my afterschool program at around 8 or 10. And I loved it! My favorite actresses/actors from Tyler Perry shows are Madea of course, Tyler Perry, Tasha Smith, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, William Palmers Jr., Michael Jai White, Crystle Stewart, Cocoa Brown, and Chandra Currelley. If I had a chance to do anything it is to buy my mommy a house, pay off all of her debt, and act for Typer Perry for Better of for Worse.

  20. Basil Thompson Jr.

    My name is BJ Thompson. I am 17 years old and I am 5’10. I am an African American with black hair and brown eyes. I live in Bushkill, PA. I think this show is an amazing idea and I’m very excited to see what will come of it. I would love to be apart of it. I have 6 years of theatrical and vocal performance experience. I have worked with professional Broadway performers and teachers (ie: Andy Gale and Mark Janice). I have been in several plays and musicals, one being “Hairspray” as the role “Seaweed.” I’m hardworking and very dedicated to performing and I am ready to do whatever I need to do to make this role come to life. I am also willing to travel to wherever I need to for auditions.

  21. bronwin

    Hey all I’m a south African and I’m over excited. To try out there auditions. Pleassse concider me so that I can bring a change into my family.

  22. Tremaine Barker

    What about soundtrack submissions?

  23. Adrienne Logan

    I am from New Jersey and it would be a great honor to work with you.

  24. Sherneka Mosby

    Hello, My name is Sherneka Mosby, and I have been thinking about giving acting a shot most of my life. I’ve done plays in school, work, church, etc. I just happen to love doing it; it gives me great joy. I will be delighted to be given a chance to work for and with Tyler Perry and his crew. I have loved his work, since it begun. It has motivated my life in ways I hadn’t expected. His work has made me have good days when the day was going bad. I would love to be to inspire people like he has inspired me by performing his work. Recently I graduated from college, and have been looking for a career change, and I was thinking why not try doing one of the things I’ve always wanted to do, but a lot of things was holding me back. Tyler has motivated me not to let things hold me back. I could be given the chance to act for anyone else, but my heart will still desire to work for Tyler Perry.

  25. Ashley

    hi my name is Ashley I love everything that Tyler Perry does and I have watched almost every single movie and show he has made and I have always thought of his show as the type to always give a great message and if I was to get this roll I would love that and I am not camera shy at all I’m good at acting I love acting. I also have other talents, I can sing and I do a lot of upscaling my clothes and I make my own designs…
    eyes/hair-dark drown
    African American
    And other…thank u for the time

  26. Essence Tanksley

    Hello my name is Essence Tanksley I am an African American 5’1 16 year old female who is currently living in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I would love to be in any Tyler Perry creation. I love Tyler Perry shows and movies abs so does my family.

  27. mercedes gordon miles

    Hi tyler perry my name is Mercedes Gordon miles, Im a big fan of your work, and my goal is to be an animator and writer, but since I was 13, I’ve also wanted to be on tv. Im 30 years old, but I can pass for a 18-24 year old. I have what it takes. lease give me a chance in one of your great tv shows and or movies thanks.

  28. Arthur Fisher Sr

    Hello My name is Arthur and I have been told I should have been a model Please respond

  29. Jaida Noah

    My name is a Jaida, I am 21 years old. I would love to work on this set. Over the years I have watched Oprah and Tyler Perry do great things for people. I just want to show my children the world has way more to offer that meets the eyes and there is no excuse for settling.

  30. Jaida Noah

    Hello my name is a Jaida, I am 21 years old. I would love to work on this set. Over the years I have watched Oprah and Tyler Perry do great things for people. I just want to show my children the world has way more to offer that meets the eyes and there is no excuse for settling.

  31. Nichol Flowers

    Hi , my name is Nichol Flowers, and I am from Baltimore, Maryland and is currently living in the Richmond, Va area. I would love to work with the Tyler Perry team because, I believe I have a natural talent for acting and modeling. I am asking for an oppurtunity to show you that I have the right look, attitude and readiness with 100% positive energy at all times. This is something I always wanted to do for along time but of course when you have 6 children now ranging from 22 to 8 now but when they were smaller as a parent I had to be attentive to their needs and growth. I want this oppurtunity to be the best I can be and show my children by example that when you work , push hard and live right GOD will make any dream you desire come true. That is my biggest reason for doing this I want my children and grand babies to be proud of me and work hard and prosper in their journey of life. Thank you for the chance and May God continue to bless you and I.

  32. Jerome Preston Bates

    Hello my name is Jerome Preston Bates. My most recent film work includes Peeples opposite Kerry Washington,Tina Chisim (director)Tio Papi Fro Rohas (director) Musical Chairs (Susan Siedleman (director)…Most recent theatre StickFly on Broadway (Kenny Leon director) Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Two Trains Running and Richard 3rd and Comedy of Errors,The Denver Theatre Center in Fences and I created the role of Floyd Barton in Seven Guitars by August Wilson opposite Viola Davis,Thank you for your consideration.

  33. Tara M Smith

    Hello everyone I’m Tara Smith I’m 20 years old I love to model and act I have a wonderful uplifting personality and spirit and would like to take it further…I would love the opportunity to gain more experience in acting and modeling..please I pray that this works out nd God touches your heart to allow this to happen for me

  34. Leah Jackson

    Hi,name is Leah Jackson ,I’m from providence,Rhode Island and I would love to be apart of Tyler perry/Oprah’s show because it’s a phenomenal production. I am still young ,athletic and I can sing and dance ,I have a hilarious sense of humor . Anyone that I meet can never say I’ve never made them laugh. Also,I sang in my church choir since before I can remember .my family is full of musicians and theater is a passion of mine I’ve always wanted to fufill .

    Race: African American
    Weight: 110

  35. Foster

    My name is Foster Snipes . I am from Louisiana . I love acting , especially in dramas . I am a huge fan of the show and I feel as though I would fit in perfectly with the cast . I also love everything Tyler Perry has done . I can be reached anytime of day and night .

  36. Bbq sandwish

    My name is Pork Bartholomew BBQ sandwich Smith I was made with freshes piece’s of rump roast this side of Dixie, now look here , I needs a opportunity to show case my talents ever since I was weee baby I baby samich I been tryna shine and show my true potential, and make my papi proud so give holla

  37. Honestie johnson

    Yea, I’m not sure if I believe this is real or not, I fiqure, why not, I have nothinq to lose. Truth be told I’ve never watched this show before. Though Mr. Perry I’ve seen much of your other work. Such as, If loving you is wrong…..oooooh lawwd, I just love that show to pieces! Like crumbs from a cookie! Meanwhile, I’m confident in myself and my talents.I’m confident that you Mr. Perry will give me the guidance and constructive criticism I need to embrace and unleash this vastly arduous drama queen. So I leave this to you,…… a choice! Am I worthy to be the art you have created.
    ~Honestie J.

  38. Kristy Ladner

    Hi my name is Kristy Ladner Im from Mt.Hermon Louisiana and I would really love to become apart of the Tyler Perry team. I am 29 years old and a mother of 2 wonderful kids.I believe I have a natural gift in acting all I ask is for you all to give me the opportunity to show I can bring the look, the attitude, the emotion, and the realness to the set. I filled out the 30 sec application not really sure if my picture uploaded but if u email me I can send some thanks and have a blessed day!! God is Good!!! ☺

  39. jermaine jones

    My name is Jermaine Jones I am only 18 and I have this great love for the preforming arts I love to Sing and Act and if I could only get the chance to prove myself I will show the world how entertaining I can and will be all I need is a chance. THANKYOU..

  40. Kanyia Charles

    Hello i am Kanyia Charles and I Love to act and it has always been my dream. I am a big fan of Tyler Perry’s movies and shows and It would be a huge honor to be apart of the act. I watch it with my mom all the time when I get the chance. Here is some of my information below:

    Full Name:Kanyia Camara Charles
    Age:13 however some say I look older
    Weight:Around 105 pounds
    Ethnicity:African American
    Height:About 5’5 and 5’6
    Hair:Medium, dark brown
    Eye color:Brown
    Born:Brooklyn NY
    About me: I am very weird and goofy, I love to run and I was in a track team one in fifth grade and for two years from sixth to seventh. I’m friendly, fun to be around and fun to work with. I took acting classes around the age of four and five as well as ballet. I love acting and it has been my dream since before those classes. Also, during third grade I attended an acting class. The teacher told my mom that I always knew my lines, I was always prepared, I went straight into character, and improvising went like a breeze. I am very confident and ambitious in everything I do as well as very hard working. I will strive until I reach this aspiration. Once again, It would be a huge honor becoming apart of the for better or worse family and crew.

  41. Spencer Bishop

    Athletic, handsome, funny…the list goes on
    Don’t be shy and send me an email

    Token white guy right here

  42. Jazzerai Sharp

    Hey My name is Jazzerai Sharp I am 20 years old and I’m from Memphis Tennessee. I am an aspiring model\actress I am 5’4 I feel in love with your work when I first saw your diary of a mad black woman I used to watch it all the time with my grandmother when she was alive she pasted away in 2011 from lung cancer and when I saw Madea’s Big happy family the play it reminded me so much of my grandma when she pasted away she was a hospice patient and our family came together from my mom and dad side at 12am to say goodbye to her she was such an inspiration on both families we all spent the night at my auntie house and she ended up passing away 12:36 that afternoon I said all that to say this your plays hit home to so many people and you helped me get this through your messages in your plays I was so close to my grandma and she wanted me to do great things I want to touch people in a way that you do make a difference in someone life like you did mine and I want to help my mom when her mom passed away it took a tole on us even today its been so hard for us but we getting by by the grace of God because of him we still together striving to get to a better life my mom raised three kids on her own and everyone praise her on raising us I just want to give her a better life and see her smile because I hate to see her cry I love you Mr.Perry please give this chance to help my mom

  43. Dee Frazier

    What do I think of the Tyler Perry/Opral Winfrey Productions’ I Think it’s a ‘Great ideal from two remarkable people who are prime examples to express to others With God All Things Are Possible. Why I would like to be chosen for the upcoming casting call is that I feel it would be an excellent opportunity for me to express the God given talents that he has given me. Thank You”

  44. Yvonia helhurn

    What Tyler Perry and Oprah you can’t get any better than that PERIOD!! Like I said before two different personalities coming together for a great outcome!! I want people laugh at me.. Remember me dr bringing something to the table that they may haven’t seen before. I wanna work! Lol

  45. Yvonia hepburn

    I remember when Oprah interviewed Tyler Perry on his life story. It was so inspiring to see that with hard work, dedication, not giving up, your dreams will come true! I think this T.V production that Oprah and Tyler put together is brilliant and Awesome! Two people with two different personalities coming together to build something great is why I would love to be a part of the casting call. Even if I’m not chosen the opportunity itself to audition in front someone who’s an inspiration to all noticing my talent would be a chance of a life time.

    Leave it up To God and if it is his will I know I’ll hear back from someone

  46. Terrissa Roberts

    Hi, my name is Terrissa Roberts I’m 21 years old, 5’6 African American Female. I believe I have the natural talent of acting being able to bring the emotions from real life events out on sets. I’m looking for the opportunity to inspire and be inspired. I have no modeling or acting expirences. My life isn’t destined for average I’m going for greatness.

  47. Brittany Fernandes

    Hi my name is Brittany Fernandes I am 27 year old woman from Boston, Ma. I love all the work Tyler Perry and Oprah and Oprah and Tyler have put their hands to do period. In addition I can relate to both in so many ways, like Oprah I have a background of Broadcasting and on air experience no nearly as much but I hope to grow close to the level of success she has reached. Yet also I have been acting and singing as well since I was twelve. Acting and on air hosting air hosting my strongest passions with singing running nearly neck and neck. Like Tyler, I too have many characters and accents I like to do and I am actually good at, like both Tyler and Oprah I have a southern influence my grandmother who is from North Carolina helped raise me and planted the seed of God in my life at an early age. As far as my recent experience, I was apart of a PSA for smoking and I presently take classes at John Casablanca.

    Height: 5’5”,Hair: Brown/blonde, Weight: 164,Eyes: Brown,Shoes: 9.5,Dress8/10
    Bust 39, waist 37, hips 42

  48. Destiny

    WHAT CAN I SAY, EVERYONE WILL SAY THEIR A #1 Tyler Perry fan!…LOL…But I truly am, he’s my HUBBY in fact in my mind- lol and I love ALL of his projects!

    Would love the opportunity to sail along side an awesome wonder like Tyler Perry. I am ALMOST certain this is NOT how he does any of his castings so, a bit concerned about this site the moment I saw one of his projects added.

    Either way there’s lots to know about me! Definitely can submit all contact info on request as well as HEAD AND BODY SHOTS, just ask and let’s WORK TOGETHER!

  49. Chance Huff

    My name is chance and I’m 12. I want to become an actor when I grow up. I like to see successful black people pave a way for us and others. I have four other brothers who told me to apply so they can see me on tv. I hope you choose me. I will be the happiest boy alive because God would have opened a door for me.

  50. James Abe

    .Hi my name is Kola Abe I’m trying to fulfill my life longs dream of becoming an Actor. I’m 5:8 and 150 lbs brown eyes black hair. I don’t have any professional acting abilities but am willing to work for exposure. I have done some community Theater, commercial and a few film. I’m very outgoing with a great smile. I love to be around people and I’m a fast learner or as some might says a quick study. So if you’re interested in a fresh new face then you have come to the right place. My E-mail address is Kolaabe@yahoo.com you can also check me out on my web http://www.kolaabe.exploretalent.com Telephone 718 825 8603 WEBSITEwww.kolaabe.exploretalent.com

  51. Rana Broussard Mckinnon

    Gender: African American female
    Hair: naturally RED
    Love to sing,dance and laugh! I can be very series at times. I take my work series… Thank you and God bless each and everyone! Rana Broussard

  52. Juanita Hawkins

    Hello Tyler Perry/Oprah Winfrey Production

    I just want to start by saying, the both of you (Tyler Perry/Oprah Winfrey ) are such great inspiration to not just us African Americans but to all ethnicity’s. You have proven to never give up on your dreams and aspirations and I thank you for keeping hope alive! I have been waiting for the opportunity to work with such a reputable production. As a single parent of only one child (son) who was incarcerated at the age of 16 and was bonded over as an adult. He was sentence for 11 years and I didn’t realize at that time, I too would be doing the time. Although I wasn’t physically behind bars, I was in bondage! Not a soul knew what I was going through as a parent, other than my immediate family. I was extremely depressed, embarrassed, and some times felt it was my fault and ask the Lord why my son! what did I do wrong! But when I discovered acting, I mean really mastered the art of preforming. Acting became my escape goal, an outlet to keep my sanity. I became deeply involved in a number of community stage plays for therapeutic reasons. Its like I transform and become a whole new person when I hit that stage. I was able to let out all my frustration, hurt, pain and anger and then receive a standing ovation for what I self diagnose myself as depression. It was a way of telling myself, everything is going to be okay. As time went on I developed a strong passion for acting and discovered my versatility I didn’t know I had as an actress. I’ve performed many plays as the supporting actress and as an understudy at several theaters. I dealt with local productions as well as traveled with a production for six years. I learned so much by using acting as a coping magnetism. I really feel invigorating, when the audience feedback is ( the message touched their hearts). I can honestly say life experiences made me a extraordinary actress in stage plays and a short movie. Now It’s time to venture off into television and the box offices! Now its time to show my God giving talent to the world!! Trust me you will not be disappointed. ~Neet

  53. Awien

    Hobbies:Acting,singing,dancing,modelling playing sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Eyes:Dark Brown
    Add:Calgary, Alberta
    Gender: female
    I’m such a huge Tyler Perry five it would be an honor to be featured in one of his movies

  54. Tykya Gaston

    Name:Tykya Gaston
    Age:20 Height:5’3
    Hair Color: Black and short
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    City: Cantonment, FL
    Ethnicity: African American woman

  55. johniel adams

    Hello my name is JOHNIEL ADAMS iam trying to be in a movie by you.

  56. Dearereannah McNeil

    Hi I’m Dearereannah McNeil I’m 13 years old and I would like to start my career off as a actor and I am not so much hard to deal with I’m very easy if you are interested please contact me at the email address down below
    Hair:dark brown
    Eyes:dark brown
    Personality:funny,smart,playful,hard working,easy to work with,actor/singer,great with kids

  57. Corrina

    My name is Corrina i live in Des Moines, Iowa i’am 17 years old i will be a senior this year class of 2016 I’m just asking for a chance so I can start my future. Please give me a chance.

  58. Natalie Allen

    Mr. Perry I can say without a doubt that I have a great passion for acting. I am a teacher by profession and I am incharge of the drama club at my school. My students are very rounded students because of my expertise in theater arts. I have been apart of a few plays that sharpened my thespian skills and enhanced my ability to perform. I would love to be given an opportunity to showcase my talent. There is a saying and I quote” if you do what you love you never work a day in your life” end of quote. Thats how i feel about acting. Please Mr. Tyler Perry give me a chance. Thanks in advance.

  59. Natalie Allen

    I have a passion for acting. I am fascinated by all of your published series and movies. I would love to be given the opportunity to be apart of you organization. I know that if I am given this oppurtunity you will have no regrets as I am a team player. I would also love this oppurtunity to live out my dream of becoming an actress. All I want from you is one yes; an oppurtunity to showcase my talent. There is a saying and i quote” if you do what you love you never work a day in your life” end of quote. Thats how i feel about acting. Please Mr. Tyler Perry give me a chance. Thanks in advance.

  60. Elizabeth Barringer

    Greetings, I am retired, live alone in Memphis, TN and have absolutely no acting experience. However, landing a part, probably as an extra in a Tyler Perry production is on my Bucket List. This is awesome as the kids say.

  61. Lakima Anderson

    Hi my name is lakima Anderson and am a mom of three lovely kids, we live in Brooklyn, NY and I just live all your projects so much. I have very unique look like no one else and I just need a chance to shine in this business. I want to be s role model for the people who have skin disorders, or any other disabilies to show everyone we can do it too.thanks peace and love to you tyler

  62. Shantrell Parker

    I very, very interested in being in one of Tyler Perry show or movies. Please give me a try!

  63. Patrina Finley

    My name is Patrina Finley. I am 17 years of age . The reason I feel I should be chosen for the role in for better or for worse is because I’m outgoing . I don’t give up even when everyone tell me that I can’t . I still push myself long as I get a yes from God that’s all I need . I have multiple of talent I Sing , dance , and model . I never acted before but there’s a first time for everything right ? I got my yes from God I’m just hoping and praying that I can also get a yes from you !

  64. Brandon Foster

    Hello to everyone whom this letter may be in concern too! My name is Brandon Foster & I am a African American who currently lives in the area of Baltimore, MD. I will be 23 next month on August the 12th! HEIGHT:5;9 WEIGHT: 180. The only thing that I can really say to you guys is that I believe in my heart that I am too talented to be at home hiding my gifts. I have decided too face my fears and to get out there and to do what it is that I have been dreaming of all of my life which is being out on the stage front and opening up my heart to those that will be watching whatever it is that I will be apart of, giving the viewers the opportunity to feel and connect with my role. If I am awarded the opportunity of working with some of the most greatest and corageous Actor/Actress a promise to you all that I will come with my best attitude knowing that the job that has been set out for will be accomplished with every being of my soul. If you are interesting in meeting with me please feel free to contact me at brandonfoster656@gmail.com Thank you so much for your interest.

  65. Trenice Ward

    Hi,My name is Trenice Ward and I’m from New Orleans. I’m 32 years old.Ladweeeeeeeee I would love to audition for Madea lol. I remember going to every Tyler Perry Play In New Orleans. Not only do I love Tyler Perry ,I have do much respect for him as an individual.Rather Society was ready to except a man in a dress making his way to the stage Mr Perry didn’t allow that to stop the vision he had for himself.Look at him now.To know Mr Perry was once homeless is such an inspiration to me.Im 32 a mother of 5.My kids are 17,16,15,12,11 .I had 3 kids at 17 being a teenage mom I was counted out by many early on.Including my own mom .I was told I wouldn’t amount to be anything and neither would my kids .To god be the Glory.I went back to school received my high school diploma run a successful dance school for the youth. I’m a proud parent of 5 kids that are A students,well-mannered ,polite,Intelligent, happy & are all on a path towards college and becoming successful adults..I’ve learned in life never allow your circumstances nor the opinions of others to dictate who you are.Believe in yourself despite the odds & define yourself.It will be a honor & pleasure to audition for Mr Perry .I pray that it’s in God’s will for my life.

  66. Ashley Greaves

    Hi I’m Ashley and I think I’ve watched every movie by Tyler Perry I think he is a brilliant and successful man and he’s one of my favorite cause he has my family cracking up. We love madea and I think that her character is hilarious I find myself laughing on the floor every time I watch the movies shes in. I have a little experience but one thing I’m great at is memorizing lines it reminds me of when I have to memorize steps for dance. TBH I consider myself as a comedian HAHA.
    AGE: 12
    WEIGHT: 97lbs
    HEIGHT: 5″
    ETHNICITY: African American
    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
    EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
    BUILD: Skinny

  67. D'Nesha Howlett

    Hello, my name is D’nesha I am 35 I’m very interested in playing a role in any of your films. I love acting I’m teaching my 9yr old how to act also. I would be very pleased to be chosen and I believe I would be a very important factor in the family that makes this show come to life.

  68. Lashonte Bevel

    My name is Lashonte Bevel I am 26 years old 5’5 slim brown eyes gorgeous face little acting experience but determine to bring a new face to the entertainment World and would love to be apart of one of the greatest writer /producer/actor/director/role model of all time I look up to Tyler Perry as a father I am a mother of 4 that I am a role model for.

  69. Chaz Clyburn

    I would like to say Tyler Perry is one of my Top Favorite Actors especially when he Plays as “Ma D-E-A”… By the way, here is some of my information for you Mr. Tyler Perry
    Name- Chaz Clyburn
    Age- 24
    Race- Native American
    Height- 6’4
    Weight- 311

  70. Eric Livingston

    My name is Eric Livingston, I am 25 years old, 5’8, 140 lbs, athletic build, African American male and I have been acting and modeling since the age of 8 years old. I would love a chance to be apart of this project and to work along side the great talent that will be apart of this. I have done a lot of print modeling and most of my acting gigs have been low budget/indie works and I would love to step my career up and onto the big screen. Beside acting and modeling, I have a music focused Bachelors of Science Degree, I write music and lyrics, I work along side local artists in the studio and I am a music producer and also I am an Iraq War Veteran. I have worked in the entertainment field for most of my life in many different aspects and would love a shot in advancement.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Eric Livingston

  71. Takeah west

    Height: 5’8
    Resident: fort Myers Florida
    I would love to become apart of something that’s so awesome. I love showing my enthusiasm, personality, and everything I have to offer. I always wanted to do something big in my life

  72. Mckinzie

    Hiya there!!
    I’m Mckinzie I’m 13 years old and live in Wendell North Carolina. I’m a small town girl with a heart of gold . I’m not gonna say I’m rich and I’m not gonna say I’m poor either. I’m just a regular weirdo you can find cartwheeling down the street. I’m very flexible and I’m kinda annoying once you get used to me. My birthdays in July right after Independence Day.
    *gasps *
    *starts wiggling around*
    Okay sooooo as you can tell I’m a random weirdo and I love roleplay and anime. I’m a mommas girl. I hate shorts cuz they show my legs. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and I’m not the sweetest corn on the cob. I’m a dumby. I have brown hair. I’m african American and I have charcoal colored eyes. I have a thing for leather jackets and combat boots.
    I love cupcakes. And I can be creepy at times. I have suffered a long Time of depression and cutting but I’m over that now. Welp immo see ya ltr.

  73. rolonda

    I love your shows an would love to act for you…I’ve been to school.