Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse

Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse

It seems that what ever Tyler Perry creates turns to gold and that has never been more true than with his hit dramedy series Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse. New episodes of this critic and fan favorite Oprah Winfrey collaboration have been ordered and shooting is starting up soon. The casting directors for this sensational production have begun their search for fresh faces to fill roles for this season and submissions are being accepted now from aspiring actors of all ages.

Based on the Mr. Perry’s unforgettable films Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married Too?, For Better or Worse follows three different couples at three different stages of their relationships and details the happiness and sadness, triumphs and tribulations of dating, married life and all connections in between.

The series stars one of the finest ensemble casts that Perry has ever assemble which includes the transcendent talents of Michael Jai White (Arrow, The Dark Knight, Real Husbands of Hollywood), Tasha Smith (Couples Retreat, Daddy’s Little Girls, Jumping the Broom), Brad James (Parental Guidance, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, What Love Will Make You Do), Kent Faulcon (Desperate Housewives, Selma, War of the Worlds), Jason Olive (Melrose Place, The Game, The Comeback) and Chevy Lamont Cofield (Under the Dome, Sleepy Hollow, High School Musical 2).

All new casting calls for Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse are set to be held very soon and applications from interested performers of all ages are being accepted today. Submissions can be entered at this email address betterorworsemhc@gmail.com and more audition details will be posted here throughout the season’s shooting schedule. Make sure to check back for every exciting update for this OWN show and leave a message in the space provided below and tell us what you think of the Tyler Perry/Oprah Winfrey production and why you would like to be chosen for upcoming casting calls for Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

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  1. Mone Benekin

    Hello! My name is Moné Benekin. I’ve been a huge fan of Tyler Perry since his theatre plays, to tv shows to his own movies. I’m a huge fan of Tyler Perry’s house of Payne! I absolutely love that show and I literally watch it everyday. It actually kind of inspired me to go out and want to audition for a role, just giving it a shot. I do also love this show For Better or for Worse, very funny but yet has a lot of meaning. I would love to get an opportunity to audition. I am 20 years old and I live in Carteret, New Jersey.

  2. Debra

    I am a 66 year old black woman. I am 5 8 1/2 ft. tall, salt and pepper hair nice smile med build and I want to buy my own condo that cost 375.00 and I would like a role I believe I can act. I am a veteran and just living life. I live in Alexandria Virginia.

  3. jsantiago015@verizon.net

    Hello, my name is Jahaira Santiago and I am currently a law student/single mom. I lived a lot of what happens on this show and I would like to audition for this show. I am a strong, hard working independent mom and Have the looks as well. Please email me more information I am currently located in Boston MA. thank you, Gracias.

  4. Ada

    I love cast of for better or worse, I love this show,please bring it back, new season, love ya😙😙😙

  5. Caressa

    I don’t know if this is still up for auditions because the link was a little weird. But I have been watching Tyler Perry plays before the movies with my aunt who was a big fan of his before she ended her battle with cancer. She had a voice and she always encouraged me to do something with my talent. I am multi talented but watching the plays was so close to my heart because of the good and bad times. Ooohhh the joy of music to my heart with every word was a great feeling every time. He always had the best people and I love Chandra Currley, and Mrs. Riley, and so many others. But if I did this at 33 now then dreams really do come true. I auditioned for the voice 6 or 7 years ago got intimidated by others and froze. But I have grown to just be me now. I love Tyler Perry plays,movies, and good heart that he has to help others a great role model as well as Madea lol😆 I am just going for a chance to know I can try if I just might be someone after all like my aunt said I would be!!

  6. Alexis Thomas

    I want to be in the movie for better or worse by Tyler Perry

  7. Andrea Traylor

    I think y’all should used the old cast, because with them it’s funny and y’all changing the casts, won’t nobody watch it nomore. Because everybody so used to seeing them.

  8. Zakya Driver

    I believe I would be a good person for the cast call I can funny dramatic all at the same a fresh new look as kid

  9. Myesha Newman

    My name is Myesha and I am 37 years old. I would be the best fit because I have lived a lot of what happens on this show. Through it all I have stayed humble and I’ve also kept a joke or two. Through marriage and spiritual growth, this wouldn’t be an act but reality. I am not afraid of cameras and have a reputation of being myself no matter what. I love love love Angela, I am not star struck but I think she is always herself in most her roles. I’d like to be just like her. I don’t think school is needed when you are meant to do something. Like Paul and John the Baptist, they were not required to go to school as God called them. I truly believe this is my calling.

  10. Jessica Stevenson

    My name is jessica im 28 I been looking for an opening into acting ive always been goofy so bringing laughs isnt a big deal i can easily cue emotions and I deserve a shot

  11. Chico Chambray

    My name is Chico Chambray, Im a good looking black aspiring rapper and actor that can play any age range from 17 to 29. I have 1 semester of experience in theater arts but never finished school to better persue my rapping career. Im a eight year active duty U.S. Army vet, athletic, and a music/short film writer. Im currently homeless staying with different people until i can find my way in the music/acting industry. I have 4 kids and gave up my 8 year military career in faith of following my dreams and i just want my chance. You can see my music videos if you search Chico Chambray on youtube and i will have my website up in a couple weeks. Please and thank you.
    P.S. Im a big fan of the show and the original actors and know i will be a fit.
    I check my emails daily.

  12. Jessica Shellman

    I am a 23 year old African American. I live in North Carolina, but will travel to Atlanta at any time. I am interested in any role in a Tyler Perry show or play. Thank you!

  13. nybenah iesha summerlin

    hello i am nybenah summerlin, i am about to be a freshman in college fall of 2018 , and i would like to audition for any movie or shows that tyler perry is creating . i lived next to the house that he first started filming , the house right by finch elementary. i have always wanted to be in his movies or shows . i always felt like he was creative and knew how to touch alot of people with serious issues and make them laugh all at the same time please call or email me for a chance to experience working with tyler perry

  14. precious darby

    please give me a chance to audition. my name is precious darby with braids in my hair with my stomach showing and my back picture is my son and daughter she has on a purple dress and my son has on a blue suit… thank you so much