TLC's 90 Day Fiance Now CastingTLC’s hit show 90 Day Fiancé is casting now for the 4th season!

About The Show

The reality show “90 Day Fiance” offers a unique look into the world of international dating and matrimony.  Using a unique 90-day fiance visa, the K-1 visa, four women and two men will travel to the U.S. to live with their overseas partners for the first time. The couples must marry before their visas expire in 90 days, or the visiting partner will have to return home. They’ll have to overcome language barriers, culture shock and skeptical friends and family — all with a clock that starts ticking the moment they step foot on U.S. soil.  The stakes are incredibly high as these couples are forced to make a life-altering decision: get married or send their international mate home.

Requirements For Application

They’re looking for couples who are in the K1 Visa process and want to share their love story. Cameras will follow couples from their arrival in the US through their wedding day.

All ages, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply! The international partner should be planning to arrive in the US before summer 2016.

How To Apply

To Apply email: with your personal story, current K1 status and expected US arrival date, and a few recent photos of you and your fiancé.  YOU MUST BE IN A RELATIONSHIP TO PARTICIPATE. This is not a matchmaking series. Please do not apply if you are not currently in a K1 applicable relationship.

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140 Casting Responses

  1. Steven Everman

    about a month ago, I sent you a letter, I got a response, stating they were interested in me and my bf. We are both gay. He lives in Colombia, I have not heard anything sense the first response. I love him and he loves me. we both are very depressed, because we are apart. Pls. let me know some information. 1. Do we pay for the trips and all the other stuff. I guess that is the only question.

  2. Cory collier

    Hey my name’s Cory collier I live in Cadillac Michigan I’m not sure if I have what it takes but there is only one way to find out right?

  3. Lorena Parker

    I am an American woman wanting to marry my fiance in Morroco. We have been together for awhile now and ate deeply in love. We would love to learn more about your show to see if we could qualify to participate in it. Thank you!

  4. Ana

    Hi my name is ana and I’m a Aussie my husband to be is a America’s and we are in the process of our fiancé visa his in a America and I’m in a Australia and will be moving to the states once I have my visa it’s hard to be apart and we can’t wait to be together

  5. Angelique

    I am based in the UK. I started watching your show (before the 90 days) and watched season 2 ep4 and noticed you had some foreign couples. I am based in London UK and I have been to The Gambia twice and 2 times I have been seeing a young guy out there.

    I am 29 and he is 29. I have been thinking of marrying him but still in a tug of war with my thoughts, feelings and worries. I am kinda scared of commitment and would not want to hurt him but I do see me and him having a future together.

    I am the typical young Londoner with a spice for life (that’s when I’m not depressed). Love going out and networking with new people and enjoy myself.

  6. Kimberly Horner

    Hi my name is Kimberly Horner. I been with my man for a year in a half now. I was trying to get him out here but we have to meet in person first. I live in San Francisco California and he lives in Nigeria. I really want to meet and marry my other half can you please make my dream come true please this will mean a lot to me to get marry with the love of my life hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks

  7. Melinda

    My name is Melinda. I am from Illinois and have been in love with my soul mate for a little over 6 months now. The only problem is, is I live in the states and he is from Syria. We video chat once or twice a week and send hundreds of messages to one another, but being together to start our perfect life together is very very hard as there is a war ongoing in his country. I wish I had some help getting to him to see him and start our love together. I hope you can help me.

  8. Sonja Sitzman

    Hi, my name is Sonja and I live in St.Paul, Minnesota. I met a wonderful man on line 10 months ago and I have been text messaging him every day and vise Versa. We also call, and face time each other a lot. His name is Kasim and he lives in Lagos Nigeria. He has helped me through so much in the last 10 months. I first have struggled through so many things in my last 20 years and he has helped me get past these struggles since I have met him. First I lost a baby and that broke my heart. Then 10 years later I had a heart transplant and struggled with that. But since meeting Kasim, I have only found joy and happiness in my life. I’m 51 and have a 18 year old son. My son has seen me struggle and has seen how happy I have been ever since I started talking with Kasim. This has also made my son happy. Kasim has applied for his passport and visa. Being able to be with Kasim would be one my happiest moments. Please consider our story. Thank You

  9. Steven Everman

    Hello, I had been emailing someone, who said he was interested in Me and MY boyfriend. For 90 Day Fiance I am Steven Everman and I wish to marry a guy from another country. If you know who it is, we are exited to know if we are being considered.

  10. Donna McKnight

    Hi. !!! I’m Donna!!! 51 yrs old 😝😁I’m a nurse, I live in NJ, !! My fiancé Bobby, 46,,, lives in Canada!!! We first met August 13, 2005. We reunited, ❤️☺️😊, 2018,, and very much in love… we have still all this love for each other and have decided to make this a reality!!!

  11. samuel bautista bermillo

    hi im sam, living in philippines! my bf is from colorado. we met on a dating site and we are in relationship for 1 year and 2months., i wanted to meet him personally and be with him, i love him so much and i feel he is the man im looking for the rest of my life! ima ladyboy, he is afraid to tell our relationship to his parents because he is afraid that they getting mad on him, but he said when we meet personally he will tell it to them, it was a challenge for me to be stronger on our relationship, i know its worth to wait., i was watch your show on youtube and hopefully it will be the way for us to finally met! thank you

  12. Daniel Caldwell

    My fiancee has her visa interview in Juarez scheduled for November 1.
    She is Dominican and lives in Mexico.
    I am a US citizen in Houston.
    We plan to marry within 72 hours of when she arrives, having spent 20 months waiting for the i129f approval.
    She expressed interest this morning in being featured on your show.

  13. Gary Burchfield

    Hi! I’m Gary Burchfield. I am currently in a long distance relationship with my fiance. I live in Key West, Fl and she lives Medellion, Colombia. We are in the process of getting her a visa. I travel every other week to her. The long distance relationship has taken a toll on our relationship. There are a few things I question, about her life while I am not there, but I am dedicated to make our relationship work!

  14. Dan Spencer

    My name is Daniel me and my girlfriend Rena have been trying to see each other for almost a year now she’s from the Philippines but lives in Dubai & works and I’m an American I would really love for the help 90 Day Fiance to see her and get married to her

  15. josefa Gonzales

    Hi my name is Josie I guess I would be the oldest one here I’m 64 years old I am Puerto Rican I in love with an African man from Nigeria his name is Victor is 35 years old yes well we’ve been in a relationship for a year getting ready to apply for K1 I thought I could never fall in love again but he has proved me wrong although we come from two different worlds but we have so much in common I love him like I’ve never loved no other man and yes even though I’m much older he feels the same for me we truly truly love each other in a few months I’m going to Nigeria and spend a few months with him come back to the US and apply or K1 I would really love to be on the show and show the world that there is true love sometimes it shows have showed a lot of negative relationships on there I don’t think our lives would be and remember you haven’t had someone my age on the show yet it would be an awesome experience for all of us and the world to see thank you for reading this I hope you give us an opportunity to show the world that yes they could be real love

  16. Karlynn Gonzales

    Hello, my name is Karlynn Gonzales I live in Portland Oregon and I have been in a relationship for almost 3 years in December to an amazing man from Nigeria his name is Okon {Uche} Nsikak . We are so deeply and very committed to each other even being so far apart. He has brought me back to live and now I truly know what love is .
    It all started he done a song called Fake Love and I just so happen to comment on it . We then started to talk but I had built walls around me from being hurt bad I told him to go find a beautiful woman , we then never talked for awhile and one day he hit me up on f/b messenger and he told me baby I have tried to go look for some one but I can’t it is you I know it is . We then began to talk again and became best friends and he started to rip them walls down and believe me that for him was not easy, But I thank God above that he did not stay away . He is my soulmate and I fell so deeply , madly , in love with him.
    We have never met hand to hand , face to face , not because we have not tried but you have no idea in Nigeria if you are not born of wealth you are nothing although you still have to pay the government every month for your electric but government is the one that might let you have lights for maybe an hour maybe 2 days in a month or maybe not at all but even though having to hold a flashlight when he or I would call to video chat it didn’t make me feel any less in love with him. Then it came to his older brother ended up passing away and trying to gather money to put his brother to rest it took some time but we did it . They had to travel hours to a little village to lay him to rest . That was a very sad time but then two days later after laying his brother to rest his mother suddenly passes and I felt so bad that I could not fly over and be with him but neither of us have pockets lined in gold or silver. So then once again it to time to even lay his mother to rest and it really has takin a tole on me not being able to be with the man that I so love to be his shoulder but it still hurts today that I never got the honor of meeting my future mother in law . So we start to rebuild and save money and trusted this Reverend that is suppose to be a man of God and we all even Uches mother gave the Rev money he said he could get all the documents we needed to have him come this way but no documents and the Rev has not yet turned over the money that he has. Then we start saving again and low and behold my car got stole all my belongings in it , they didn’t take it all and I did get my car back , started to re-build what I had lost , had my car one month after getting it back and bam my car was stole again but this time they took everything except the clothes on my back and the flip flops on my feet plus they totaled my car, it hit me hard I have never been in such a way like this no car , my love is a world away , trying to keep it together and now for the moment unemployed… We are so in love and we have worked so hard just to be able to meet and hold hands , look at each other and say I love you so I am so coming to the show and asking will you please put us on the show I guarantee it will be a great fairy tale love that will never fade or die . I want to give a deep thank you if you would please think about choosing us . We won’t disappoint you . Blessings and much thanks.
    Sincerely ,

    Karlynn Gonzales

  17. Jeff Wahl

    I am disabled, and have a Service Dog. I can’t take my Service Dog overseas. Trying to work on a solution for that. If we can find a solution to take her (mySD), I’ll travel the PI, and marry her there. We met 2015 on a phone call for medical reasons. She reached out in Oct. 2017, & Nov I replied back. We’ve been talking and videoing everyday since. I have never met anyone so in tune with me. It’s amazing and I know one day we will be together.

  18. Selamawit G medhin

    Hi My name is Selam,I am originally from Ethiopia.I lived in the US for 15 years.I currently went to Ethiopia to see my dad who had sudden heart attack.I stayed with my dad for ten days before he died that was the saddest time of my life.Then I met my fiancé,then I was the happiest again,he proposed at the airport then I said yes.I applied for fiancé visa after a month.We have very interesting love story.We are from the same country eventhough I lived away for over 15 years and I am a citizen.We too face different things even if we seem to have it smooth.A lot of people share our kind of story.We might need translation added if we are accepted on the show.

  19. Crystal Deleon

    My name is Sandra Deleon. I’m 55 years old and I have a 30 year old girlfriend from Aguascalientes Mexico we have been dating for 6 months , but never seen each other in person just video chat. I’m very interested on being on this show and it seems that I’m the only one that is lesbian . I hope you guys don’t discriminate of who I am , I want to find love too.

  20. Tracie clay

    I’m in a relationship with someone thats from Nigeria Africa but he stays in Italy. We like each other video chat everyday.

  21. Nora Garcia

    Im 40 and want to meet my long distance Muslim bf 27 hes been my rock I have met his family but all on messenger video please help

  22. Tom Davis

    I have a good friend who has several girls from other countries he is chatting with. 2 from China, 1 from Sweden and one in Oakland Ca.
    He has already had 2 previous wives from the Philippines. I know WTF but Les is a good guy who seems to be addicted to the process. He seems consumed with online video chatting. Right now several of the girls want to meet him and both China and Sweden do not require K1 visas.
    Les has gone through the K1 process twice before and said he will not do it again. Les is a truck driver who owns his own truck and is building a new home and life for himself in Florida. He currently stays with me and my wife until his home is completed in December 2018.
    Les I feel would be a great subject for your show. He is originally from England but has been in the USA for over 20 years and has citizenship although he has retained his English accent. He is responsible, dependable, entertaining and enjoyable to be around. So now it’s your choice. Hopefully you can at least give him a once over before choosing your seasons entertainment.

  23. Tom Davis

    I have a good friend who has several girls from other countries he is chatting with. 2 from China, 1 from Sweden and one in Oakland Ca.
    He has already had 2 previous wives from the Philippines. I know WTF but Les is a good guy who seems to be addicted to the process. He seems consumed with online video chatting. Right now several of the girls want to meet him and both China and Sweden do not require K1 visas. Les has gone through that process twice before and said he will not do it again. Les is a truck driver who owns his own truck and is building a new home and life for himself in Florida. He currently stays with me and my wife until his home is completed in December 2018. Les I feel would be a great subject for your show. He is originally from England but has been in the USA for over 20 years and has citizenship although he has retained his English accent. He is responsible, dependable, entertaining and enjoyable to be around. So now it’s your choice. Hopefully you can at least give him a once over before choosing your seasons entertainment.

  24. Eva Bugarin

    Hi my name is Eva Marie Bugarin I am American citizen. my fiancé is from Nigeria but is a resident of Italy but not a permanent resident. We’ve known each other a little more than a year. We met on the Internet and we had so much in common so we decided to meet our love was so strong we had talked about getting married someday, so when I got to Italy my fiancé proposed me in the airport in front of everybody of course I said yes. When I met him for the first time it was like we’ve known each other all our lives but just been apart for a while. We don’t have a K-1 visa we don’t even know where to start all we know, Is that it’s so hard being apart we’re on FaceTime every second that we have on we’re not working. I was told to get a lawyer to help us bring him here to me here in Las Vegas. We’re trying to save money for that right now somebody told me about your show. If you guys have any idea how to bring us together and help us start this Process it would be greatly appreciated. We do everything together on FaceTime that people would do if they were together. We eat together we take showers together we tell stories together we go on walks together it just sucks that we’re in two different countries. We miss and love each other so much and had the best 2 weeks of our life when we were together in Italy. We walked around Rome we went to the Disneyland they have a Weather called Gardenland went to the African church on Sundays we went to the African restaurant And spent time at his home with his friends. Now we’re just longing for each other and we cry together all the time. Just have to have patience.As it looks right now saving all the money it’s going to be at least a year and a half before we get together again. We don’t understand Why when two people really love each other they can’t be together it’s just not there. My son is a Marine and is deployed right now but he got to talk to Emmanuel before he got deployed and he really really likes him a lot and both my kids said that they would be in our wedding so we have everything the way we want it to be just like each other together and it hurts. So that’s why were taking our chance to talk to you guys to see if there’s anyway that you guys can show us how to start this so that we can be together sooner thank you sincerely Eva Marie Bugarin

  25. Maximino Hernandez

    hi im maximino im a usa citizen and im trining to bring my fiance over here from mexico

  26. Gracie Evans

    Hi my name is Gracie Evans i am 58 years old .i meet the love of my life in the year of 2016 . his name is Ben .we are having the hardest time getting to see him .we are so much in love ..i am reaching out for help .. Thank u

  27. Tracy Brighten

    My husband was visiting me back and forth from England and they almost didn’t let him back in the country so he had to stay here and we were married within the 90 days 5 years later we’re still married but it was because Customs made us do it in a hurry I wanted to do it after I finish college but they didn’t give us a choice glad they didn’t cuz we’re still married today if you ever want to interview US let me know there’s a lot more to the story we met on Facebook!!
    Tracy and Pete

  28. Tammy

    Will you take a Canadian and a girl from Slovakia?? Who met on a Cuba vacation and want to be together 😅

  29. Sammy

    Hi I’m 28 year old I’m currently In process of
    The k1 it’s in the middle of it and I should be on the show and I’m leveing soon to be with that long distance relationship and we mat before so Just email me I’ll explain more also
    Thank you

  30. Madison

    Hello my name is Madison and I’m 22 years old and living in Washington state. I met my fiance, Nassim, a year ago online. We met in person 4 months later when I traveled to Morocco to visit him. When we finally met in person, I knew I anted to be with him forever. Although it’s only been a year of being over 5000 miles apart, we are ready to close the distance and finally start our lives together.
    We have just started filling out the K1 visa and we hope that the process won’t take forever.
    Please help me get my Moroccan prince over here.

  31. Amanda

    Hey.Im in a relationship with a wonderful man from Africa.We have never met in person but talk everyday for almost 2 years now.i want so badly for us to be together.however even tho we both work we cant afford the fees maybe this is pointless but i truly hope you can help us!

  32. Shelia Hardrick

    I’m engaged to a great guy in India, the only issue is that we are having trouble being able to get him here to America so that we can get married! I’ve spent time with him via Skype and messenger video chat for several years now and Christmas day 2016 he proposed to me over messenger after taking me to the kings mountain near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, his home town. Nothing would make us happier than to finally be able to be united!!
    I’ve gotten to know a lot about his culture and their customs. I’ve even spent lots of face time getting to know his brother and sister. He’s spent time with my kids and some of my friends and most are excited for the both of us.
    Would you be interested in casting our experience? I would love to share our love with the world and let everyone know distance isn’t a big deal when it comes to love!!

  33. Susan Newell

    My name is Susan
    I am an American citizen living in NY
    My fiancee Quentin lives in Jamaica WI.
    We filed our K1visa in February of this year.
    We have experienced alot of negative from family and friends to the point that I recently moved upstate NY 8hrs away from everything and everybody that I love.
    We have been together for less than a year,
    yet our relationship feels like one that has been from the beginning of time.
    We are a powerful example that love at first sight does exist.

    We would love to use your show as a platform to express our LOVE to the world.

    Our theme is a 3strand cord is not easily broken.

  34. Shellie

    I would like to be on 90 day Fiancée but my case would have a big and unusual twist to it. My husband and I are still legally married but he is also engaged to a Ukrainian woman 20+ years younger than he is. He is divorcing me so he can marry Svetlana who he met on (but she is also still on about 6 other dating sites). He’s used our marital assets to take her on 4-5 international trips where he pays for everything for her to include a $10,000 engagement ring. He’s very naïve and believes he loves her even though they only knew each other for a couple of months. I believe she’s a gold-digger and he’s playing into that by buying her all kinds of things, paying for trips to Paris Disney, Toronto, etc.
    I think this would be a really interesting twist for your show.

  35. kari schramm

    Hi im kari i am 28 I met the love of my life online a year ago He is in Morocco and we want to be with each other badly. with our financial issues things have been more than complicated He has decided to apply for his k1. our love story is just about to get a new beginning We are so in love and can not wait spend the rest of our lives together. When he is approved for his visa it will be the best day of both our lives.

  36. Donna Thomas

    Hi my name is Donna an African America living in Louisiana..Im trying 2 bring over my King Cam from Africa..We been text an video calls for ova a year now…i would. Love for cam to come ova an we can meet an hopefully get married….

  37. Yesenia

    I’m a Latina girl from Chicago who is deeply in love with my boyfriend who lives in Dubai, at this point we’re both thinking marriage but I cannot see myself leaving USA and all my family behind therefore he decided to come here instead, I believe 90 day fiancé would be a great way to share our love story

  38. Corey

    I am an all American guy living in Cali that is trying to bring over my Russian bride to live and be with me forever.

    We met in Phuket Thailand and lived together there in Thailand for 3 years.
    She had to go back to Russia because of her visa expiring, shortly after I went back to America

    We have been apart for years and finally just now about to get back together and finalize what we have started so long ago.

  39. Equila Augustin

    Hi I’m keke!

    I’m 31 living in Florida. My boyfriend lives in Isreal that I love very deeply. We want to be on the show. I’m sure it would be a really fun experience for us…

    • Bd

      Me 2 I should be there on the show my finc’e from there too

  40. Sarah jane vidal baviera

    im sarah jane from phillipines, i haved fiancee for almost 2 yrs now, we meet from a friend who was her ex gf and introduced to each other, I was in kuwait when i meet him working as domestic helper and he was in indianapolis , indiana we always talk by video call on messenger everyday day ,until he decided to let me go home coz he knows how hard working 16hrs everyday, When im already here in phillipines our love to each other become more stronger, Our past was almost same , We both been hurt and been used, Hes a very nice person,man i ever know , we talk lot of rhings, no secret, He was divorce for 20 yrs , and im legally single but i haved 5 children, He accept me and my daughters, He shows me the kind of loved and care that every woman will dream, He was not rich, working as ordinsry person, Honestly we cant afford finances to meet each other ,weve been trying hard to save since last year, but for un expected reason he was got accident and have hes arms surgery and not working for 6 months, But still he was supporting us for almost 2 yrs.Always worried about us here and most of the time we both crying thinking when we can finally meet each other, What we wanted was to be together and build our new family, Every single day of our life we always praying, No matter how much working hours he work we cant saved. Thsts why i decided to search this site hoping can help us to meet and be together, Im really wanted to be with him take care of him esp.hes been dealing lot of pain, Hoping u can give us a chanced.For us who only wanting to be together.for the rest of of our lives..He deserved to be loved and care..Hes a really good son too..

  41. Lori

    Hi how are you I am actually in a k1 process my fiancee is from.egypt we met back in Aug 2016 we are currently engaged our k1 got denied in December 2017 but currently in administrative appeals office in Washington DC we are in love wish to be together but don’t know if we will get approved or not I recently went to see him last month again I don’t know if there is any easy way to be together quickly we are in love and this distance is unbearable plz let me know if u can help us if possible

  42. Maricel Gumapac

    Hi, my name is Maricel from philippines, Bacolod City im 30 years of age and my boyfriend name is Paul hes living at missouri, joplin… im her right now to share my love story of my bf..
    I started working 2013 i been working household at singapore the day pass by and the month pass by.. My friend told me that.. why dont you try to go on dating site.. so that you gonna find a right man…. so i was thinking and i told myself why not.. and i go Christian dating site.. while searching and searching i meet paul at first we talk about life then after that we talk about the pass relationship then thats the time we started friend and getting to know its other 2014 october 12 we been together as a longdistance relationship.. we inlove with its other every every second, minutes,hour, when he wake up in the morning… going work and going home we always chatted and day by day non stop 2015 my 2years contract finish already even im travel going home to the philippine, bacolod city non stop our communication… always sending picture together, changing message and call.. when im already on my place bacolod city we still inlove with its other until he deside to come on my place bacolod city… the day pass by and the month pass by never happen that he come on me because he need to save and ern more money… and i said its so ok understand.. i’ved been patience on my bf situation and i know its not easy to find money and earn.. im so sad feel depress crying alot and it was sucks im feel give up already but he there for me to make me strong dont lost hope.. so i only i do is to believed on god and trust and now we getting 4years this comiing october 12, 2018… he said he pretty sure that he coming on this july and no promises coz need to earn more and more.. only one wish that we meet its other on person because almost a year and turning 4years long distance relationship and we get married… so i try to join and shared my love story maricel and paul that hoping you could help my love story to become one couple.. i want to help my bf on this way.. coz only main problem is financial the he could come here to see me.. we already struggle a couple how, when we could see its other… hoping that you could help me for this and i want to surprice my bf on this way and im looking forward for this.. hope we could qualified this.

  43. Benaissa Bousaleh

    We would like to apply for this program, I’m in a very serious relationship with my American fiancé
    How can we do that ?
    Thank you
    Benaissa Bousaleh

  44. Carr

    We need to save money first so i can process my k1 application

  45. Jenelyn Bello

    Hi my name is jenelyn I’m from Philippines 29 year old I have a boyfriend I meet him online he is from Maryland we are planning to see each other but dew to some family problem our plan of meeting this year don’t happen he plan to go here in Philippines to meet me first and then after that I’m the who go to Maryland I really want to be with him but I understand his situation

  46. James whaley

    My fiance and I are working on the k-1 visa and would love to be on your show

  47. Ry

    I’ve been talking to a girl from ukraine for 3 years now and I’m more then willing to go live in her country to be with her. There is a lot to the story of how we meet and how we have been stressed with both of our families but it’s the love that we have for each other that has kept us strong. I would love to show the whole world what she means to me and that it is possible to find love so far far away. I even am trying to learn her language to talk to her but in some was she and I can already know what the other is thinking. We have a strong bond to each other and want to meet. I’m even planning to go see her in June of this year.

  48. Talyah

    Hi my name iss Talyah and I live in Baltimore Maryland I’m in a relationship with a man name Siaka Jaiteh and we are so in love and want to get married but he live in the gambia in west Africa I never thought that I could fall in love with someone long distance but I love him with all my heart and soul and he feels the same way it’s like God put us in eachothers path and from day 1 we have been in love with eachother we make each other laugh, when we feel down, talk about everything we have no secrets tell each other everything he is the love of my life and we want to get married badly, I would love to be on yall show and let the world see how much we love one another..

  49. Lerisha williams

    Goodmorning my name is lerisha williams i am 23 years of age i live in south africa and my financè live in holland….The two of us met at the place i worked and he actually gave me his number and a few days after that he left me a card saying that his leaving for holland i added him on whatsapp and weve been in contact ever since he has come over to south africa for about 4weeks and weve gotten to know each other a bit his met my family but i havent met his family yet….i would love to be part of this show and meet the man of my dreams family and get married ….

  50. Alyssa

    Hello I’m Alyssa, I’m 21 and my fiance is Yevgeniey, 24, from Ukraine. We currently live in Kentucky. We plan on getting married soon and are interested in the show for 2018 🙂

  51. Eloisa Marie Ocenar

    Hi I’m Eloisa Marie, I’m 19 years old stanner looking for fiancee. I want in a reality wgo can love me.. i want to join the 90 dyas fiancee

  52. Sharon

    Sharon Solomons
    I would like to be on the 90 day fiance im am currently talking on line to Smith Allan from California. He is 50 and I am 51. We are currently chatting via whattsapp. We are definitely falling for each other. We are even talking about marriage.

  53. Rose

    Hello. My name is Rose I’m 20 I live in Morocco and I’m university student. I met my other half called Freddy he is Hispanic and he is 23 yrs. we met in chat app, I was trying to improve my Korean language so I was looking for Korean friends, my boyfriend was there because he was also trying to get new Korean friends because he was in Korea so he thought I’m in Korea too and we can go in a date, but when he talked to me I told him I’m using that app just to learn more about Korea and to make my Korean language better. Even though he kept talking to me and we were so curious to know each other . We were talking 24/7 and we really liked each other after 6 months he said he wanted to marry me and he is ready to visit me i was so so happy because i knew he is the one I told my parents and he talked to them, everyone liked him because he is really amazing guy but when he asked his work for the travel permission they refused and we had no other option expect of me visiting him all my family were in our back so i applied for the B1 visa but they refused it as well for some reason , right now we lost we have no other choice we really love each other and I’m ready to be with him and to marry him we sure we want to be together and we need help to meet each other for the first time and to get engaged we are going to complete one year together and we already feel like we are one.

  54. Barbara

    At this time I am in a relationship with my fiancé who’s from Africa but lives in Italy now but I’m not trying to be on the show cuz at this time I can not afford the k-1 visa I just wanted to say I think it’s funny this season 2017 they all r complaining that they have been waiting months to meet their partner I hear that and laugh as me and my fiance have been waiting for 4 years now still have never met one another yet praying everyday to meet this man I love so much just wanted to say that thank u for ur time

  55. Frank Comendador

    Hi, my name is Frank Comendador. I currently live in Houston Texas. I am former Filipino who has been an American Citizen by way of my step father. My mom married an American when I was 14 years old. I will be 57 years old December 7. I have been in a same sex relationship for 28 years. Few years back I have since met a much younger guy in my hometown in the Philippines. Me and my partner are still living together until we sell our home. My new boyfriend just turn 21. We are much inlove. I feel strongly I have found my true love. My dilemma now is that I need help to get him to be with me and would love to be on your show and possibly can be an insperation to people my age and not be afraid to start over. Believe me it is scary to jump on another relationship. Thank you so much. I hope to hear from anyone soon.

  56. Mike Donaldson II

    Hello my name is Mike Donaldson Im 29 years old and i live in Manchester, NJ. Im a CHHA and Ive been working at a assisted living for 4 years. Ive met a girl named Jessica on Filipino Cupid she has a 1 year old son and she lives in a town in philippines called Lapu-Lapu. we’ve been talking for 2 months and I need your guys help of fulfilling my dreams of meeting my soulmate

  57. Daniel Burgamy

    Hi my I’d Daniel I meet this on Facebook her name is Gabrielle we chat over 5 year she what to come to and she what to she her money to come I did she in Canada now trying to come to me have a hard time my family don’t know because they don’t like people scam you i love this girl we was planning on getting married

  58. Susan newayno

    I would like to be on the 90 day fiance im am currently talking on line to some one from Ghana Africa he is 22 and I am 54 we talknow alot even talked about marriage.

  59. David Gordon

    I guess maybe I need to shoot for the 2018 season since we haven’t started the Visa process yet. actually I never thought about getting on the show until I told one of my Pest Control customers about my relationship with my girl in the Philippines

  60. Susan newayno

    My name is susan I am 54 yes old I have been talking to a man from ACCRA GHANA AFRICA we been tal,ingredients for several months as we talk more I can not get him out of my head I never talked to anyone over seas before I am falling in love with him so this ź dating is great but would be even greater to see him in person the love of my life his name is gabriel galley he is a lot younger than me as I live in California love has no age.

  61. Bernie Elsner

    Good morning. I have not yet applied for the K-1 Visa, butI am talking to a woman from Ukraine for the last 4 months. I am not sure that I believe in this online dating, because I recently talked to another woman for 3 years, and she ended up meeting another Ukrainian man at the last minute and cancelled our vacation together!!! I really like this new woman named Milla. She says that she used to be a model in Beijing in her youth, but I have no way to confirm this??? I am a manager for a distributorship in Orthopedic devices. My company, Arthrex, is the largest sports medicine company in the world. This last fiscal year I finished #q in the company for Percent to quota and for total growth!!! My problem is that I am the only single of all of my friends. Now I work to replace my lack of a social life!!! I guess it runs in the family. My sister Deanie is the CEO for Kellogg’s Snack Devision and my brother in law is the tone of the top cancer researchers in the U.S. Work is a pattern in my family, but I put work in front of my happiness!! I want my online relationship with Milla to be real, but I have reservations because of my last online relationship!!! I can obviously find a woman in Scottsdale, but she seems so sincere! I want this to work, but I could use your help! I know that you only take applicants that have already registered for the K-1 Visa, but I was wondering if you would consider following a relationship prior to the K-1 Visa? Please let me know either way? Thank you for your time. Bernie

  62. Stacy Johnson

    My name is Stacy Isabella, I live in northern Arkansas and I am Italian. 41 years old, no children or baggage. I am praying it works out for Sean in Ohio but as I watch I have ever such concern for him. He seems like a real genuine man, handsome and I’m sure so much more. I truly wish we had the opportunity to get to know one another. I am looking for my best friend and my last love. I’m very serious in my search. I have a great job, going back to school, I have a loving supportive family and I have much to offer someone. I pray. It works for him and hope his heart isn’t broken. Should it not work out, please pass my email on to him. I would love it if I heard from him one day, although realistically I don’t expect too. Thank you for taking the time for this email.

  63. Kimberley Maggard

    My name is Kim I am 52 years old and have met and fell in love with Murphy 43 from Okitipupu Nigeria. We are in love..We laugh..we fight..we cry…we make up..Our relationship is real. He was denied his B-1 visa in june 2017 to come visit me. I am on paeole and can not visit him to obtain our K-1 visa for another 14 months..we want to be on your before the 90 days show. We are both very attractive and have animated personalities..

  64. Chris

    My Name is Chris I had been talking to a lady on Internet dating sight for a couple months. I Felt such a strong connection to even though I was scared have never flown before, I had never left the United states ,there was a warning for tourists being kid napped in Philippines , The Philippine government is fighting isses who has takens over lower half of there country, and the day before I’m due to leave to go to philippines they had reports at that time that issis gunman in Manila killed I believe 20 people……. I was Terrified to say the least so I talk to my mom and tell here if I don’t go meet this person know it’s going to be something that I will regret rest of my life so I jumped on a airplane took 25 hour flight and stayed 30 days to meet this person .. she was more than I imagined I propose to her you can see the video on Facebook and I’m know in the beginning stages of getting her to the United States lawyer is preparing our k1 visa

  65. Ola aslam

    HI my friend nis from Ghana we meant online I am from the USA our ages are different but we love each other because when he accepted me ask me to be he’s wife. I was shocked but because of my age I gave it a lot of thought but he said many things to me and we been talking now for a few years. I have never meant him he’s never meant me but we talk by video a lots of phone conversations everyday to show each other we love care . It’s been hard I want to visit him but do to my job I went back to my old job I have no vacation time this year but I did ask for 5 days so I can travel to see him but they’re not given me any days . All we pray for is those 5 days so I can visit him . He a young man with a old soul I love him so much he loves me was e pray to God for a Miracle .

  66. Lisa ferguson

    I am Lisa Ferguson I’m in love with my Filipino step cousin he lives in Manila his name is Gabriel Boyll he is the son of an American Soldier he was left in the Philippines during the Vietnam War he was 18 months old when his dad left and they have not seen each other in 45 years I love Gabriel I want to marry Gabriel I only make $10,000 a year but I have two acres of land into houses and they are paid for he’s a hard-working man he works 12 hours a day 7 days a week as a guard at the airport our problem is money can you please help us

  67. Dong

    Received my Noa 2 letter. Want to audition. How to?

  68. Matthew

    Hi my name is Matthew and my fiancé is from Ghana we want to get married here in the USA and I was wanting some help with how to get the K1 to get her here I have her pic and a pic of me so can u please help us

  69. Lardi Duankor

    My name is Lard”girl”24years old from Ghana and looking for someone to be with and have a family with him.

  70. Gina M. Ayala

    Hello is my name is Gina my fiancé is in Pakistan we have been dating since 2014 i send all documents to immigration to give him his visa and then we can get married, but we have been waiting since October 2016 i do have number to check but still nothing you can call me please pleas happy to tell our story of love you can’t imagine. thank you to read my words hope you give a call thank you again Gina

  71. Dina Pocius

    Hi my name is Dina and I think Jorge should dump that wife if his and meet my daughter!

  72. Marla Herzog

    Do U walk a couple thru how to do a K-1 Visa? Or do we have to find out on our own. My fiance is from Algeria, he is 39, white Muslim…I am a 63 American National, white female, willing to convert to Islam. I hope I am writing on the write place, about this??

  73. Adrienne Protska

    My name is Adrienne Protska I’ve been in love with an Australian man for 1 yr.Im 37 and my one daughter is off to college soon and I’m looking to start my life with this man but unfortunately due to my daughter is haven’t been able to meet him.Ive never felt a love like he gives me.I feel a piece of my soul is with him.So I would love an interview and would so appreciate it

  74. Cheyenne

    hi my name is Cheyenne iam 21 yrs old and i would love to tell my story and meet the person that I’ve dated online for a couple of months

    • Stephen

      My name is Stephen and she is Donna. We met on social media and I’ve been chatting for the past 2 years now. But I leave in Ghana Western Africa and she is in the state Florida . We love each other so much and we planing to get married. I wish you guys can help as to make this happen. We will be very glad to be part of your show..

  75. maressa

    I just want to tell my story of my life im 28 years old and I have 8 children would love to share my story with you

    • Bd

      Okay I will listen