TLC's 90 Day Fiance Now CastingTLC’s hit show 90 Day Fiancé is casting now for the 4th season!

About The Show

The reality show “90 Day Fiance” offers a unique look into the world of international dating and matrimony.  Using a unique 90-day fiance visa, the K-1 visa, four women and two men will travel to the U.S. to live with their overseas partners for the first time. The couples must marry before their visas expire in 90 days, or the visiting partner will have to return home. They’ll have to overcome language barriers, culture shock and skeptical friends and family — all with a clock that starts ticking the moment they step foot on U.S. soil.  The stakes are incredibly high as these couples are forced to make a life-altering decision: get married or send their international mate home.

Requirements For Application

They’re looking for couples who are in the K1 Visa process and want to share their love story. Cameras will follow couples from their arrival in the US through their wedding day.

All ages, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply! The international partner should be planning to arrive in the US before summer 2016.

How To Apply

To Apply email: with your personal story, current K1 status and expected US arrival date, and a few recent photos of you and your fiancé.  YOU MUST BE IN A RELATIONSHIP TO PARTICIPATE. This is not a matchmaking series. Please do not apply if you are not currently in a K1 applicable relationship.

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140 Casting Responses

  1. Janny k

    Hi m janey from s.a African woman

  2. Jany

    Hi m janny from s.a here to meet my soul mate m from south Africa

  3. Janny k

    Hi m janny from south Africa single here to marry my soul mate hope will find one m an African beautiful woman 29years old single

  4. Toshiba Booker

    Hello my name isToshiba. I have been dating a Nigerian man name Mayor for 3 months. He is 30 and I’m 41. I believe it’s true but my family thinks it’s a scam

  5. Nonhlanhla

    Hi my name is Nonhlanhla I would like to participate and have a partner from America. I stay in South Africa I am 34 years old

  6. Nonhlanhla

    Hi my name is Nonhlanhla I would like to participate and have a partner from America.

  7. makayla

    Hi my name is makayla I have a boyfriend that wants to take things more serious but he lives in Morocco and I live in the usa can you help us make our dreams come true

  8. makayla

    Hi my name is makayla Elizabeth parent I am 19 years old and my boyfriend from Morocco he is 20 him and i want to both live in the usa together I already live in the usa but not with him I really want to live with him. Do you think you can help us both live together and make our dreams come truee?

  9. Janie

    I’m a 32 yr old nurse from Daytona Beach currently dating a 22 year old from Tunisia.. we plan to marry – I would like to discuss my relationship & possibility of being on the show.

  10. Ron

    Hi Im Ron Quinto From Philippines i dont believe in here but i will try my luck to find someone in this im 29 yrs old single for 1yr and im looking for someone who i can spend my lifetime with i wish i could find her here. and heres my instagram Ron.Quinto im wearing a black dress there. so if there’s a woman interested you can follow and send me a message there. wish to find it here and to meet her personally thanks..

  11. Mandisa

    I am in South Africa looking for a partner and love..

  12. Samantha Davies

    I would like to apply am 29 from wales Uk and my partner is 61 from Arkansas USA I have two kids 6-9 and we plan on starting the visa process after Christmas

  13. Franklyn

    I’m very much single how do I apply and I how do I sign up in K1 plzzzz reply me

  14. Franklyn

    I’m very much single how do I apply and I how do I sign up in K1 plzzzz reply me

  15. Oscar

    Hi..i would like to join

  16. Astridah Lupupa

    Am Astridah Moira Lupupa, Zambian aged 41. Looking for a partner

    • Annah Mpete

      Hello guys m Annah Mpete ..26 years old good looking lady from south Africa 🇿🇦! .. No kid! I also need love of my life!

  17. Marho

    I will like to participate though not in any relationship for now.

  18. Branda Snowman

    My name is Brae and my fiance is Renaud. I live I’m TN and he currently lives in Munich, but his nationality is French. We will file our first step in the visa application process on Monday. Ours is truly a love story. We met on my birthday in Orlando, where we were both at conventions for our respective professions. We have been in an exclusive, fast paced, extremely romantic relationship since the first night. We both feel we would be an interesting addition to your show, and would appreciate the opportunity to apply. Thank you.

  19. Zendayahkhensley

    Hi my name is zen I Have a 1 year old and I’ve been in a relationship with my babe Dylan for 2 months now .. he lives in new mills Great Britain 🇬🇧 and I love him so much already and ready to meet and merry my king

  20. felix

    hi am Felix mensah looking for love one to marry

  21. Steven C Bostwick

    I am 50 years old and am on love with maricel a 29 year old Filipina. I love her and hope she loves me. I am divorced from a Filipina.

  22. Mohammed

    Hai my name is Mohammed umair I am 25 years old and single I am from India 🇮🇳 And I really like to be in true and honest relationship being people pretty and more gorgeous is no matter for me I want a serious relationship who she likes me and I always be honest and I wish she must also be honest and if any one female is interested so they can speak to me And spend time with me to know still more about me I wish I can get some good female thank you my contact number thank you have a good day

  23. izhar mahmood

    i like to take part in this show

  24. Noel lastra

    Hello my name is Noel lastra and I’m in love with the guy from Africa in guinea and I’m trying to figure out how can I marry him and be with him for the rest of my life we’re in a relationship online but we never met in person and I would love to meet him and bring him to here in America so I can be with him forever if someone can please reach out to me and help me and my future husband will be great thank you very much and God bless

  25. Emilia quiroz

    Hi my name is Emilia im in a 4 yrs relationship .but I recently got married August 31,2018 my husband is from the Dominican republic and I’m from ny raised here …

    • Mohammed

      Hai my self umair from India 🇮🇳 I really like to be in good relationship with a female she must be honest and true being a pretty is temporary I want true relationship so if you are interested you can call me if possible for you

  26. Taneka L Courtney

    Myself Thanks Courtney and fiance Christian Agu want to share our crazy love story. He lives in Nigeria but i applied for him to come here to Texas for marriage.

  27. Shane Ferguson

    Hello my name is Shane Ferguson I am a 38 single dad of 3 teenagers from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I met my girlfriend on the dating app black and white from guyana. I just am flying back from there now where I met my girlfriend andreyah and her daughter JJ. I have no doubt that we are compatible alot alike yet coming from vastly different backgrounds. I plan on completing this paperwork as soon as I get home and bringing her home to America. We would love to share our story with the world if you are willing to take it on. She grew up In a orphanage, I grew up with a broken family and after one of my two dads died last year life has taken on new meaning for me. I am not a 9 to 5er. More a freebird looking for someone to travel and work and experience life together. Lol I am typing this in the back of a uber headed to my hotel in Panama fresh off this trip from Guyana. I use to never follow my gut instinct and was always on the wrong side of where I wanted to be, I have never felt so right about a choice in my life. Idk what else to say at the moment I am kind of scatter brained from alot of this. I really hope I hear back from you guys.

  28. Ebrima Mbye

    My name is Ebrima Mbye currently living in the Gambia looking for the love of my life

  29. Haley Jackson

    Please help my love return to me thanks.

  30. susan presley-sauter

    Good evening:

    I write to you as an ex flight attendant and model, albeit an older woman and think it would be awesome for you to offer a series to older people who might exhibit a bit more restraint and politeness.
    I live in the Boston, MA area and believe I would add fun and adventure to your great series.

    Warm regards,

    Susan Presley-Sauter


    my name is silena scott l live in the U.S. My better half lives in Nigeria. Am a LPN also an R&B Artist he is an Artist / Afro beat music. He has over 10k followers on IG. we met on facebook. hes been there to help me throught the process of getting my nigeria visa. all the way down to the road trip to Atlanta GA to process it. l miss my first flight spending over $1700 they would not refund my money. since then l have visit him, family and friends in Nigeria. l have footage of majority of all events. and lots of pictures. long story short l cant believe my soul mate finally found me.

  32. David jonss

    Hi my name is David Jones. I am dating a girl that is currently in South Africa. we want to meet face to face and persue are dream together and getting married is part of that needing money for k1 visa is only thing holding us back

  33. Kumba

    Am looking for serious relationship with a good man


    Am looking for a husband

  35. Adeline

    I would love to be on the show I am florida my fiance is from Haiti and when I went back home to Bahamas wher where I was born we met there he was on a tourist visa in Bahamas and we met fell in love has such a great man and I am going through the K1 process to bring him here

  36. Snikeziwe Khumalo

    I am 26year old South African lady I met a nice handsome loving guy on facebook. And we are Inlove I was so charmed the first time he told me he’s in love with me and I fell in love with the very first time I laid my eyes on his pictures. We communicate everyday and we video call each other everyday.

  37. Haley

    Hi my name is haley Johnson I live in West virginia I met a guy on line two years ago and fell madly in love I’m visiting him next month but only for a short amount of time! His name is Mohamed he is 22 from Egypt! I want to be with him so bad but money is tight for us

  38. felix

    am felix from Nigeria love to meet

  39. Jennifer

    Wisconsin girl I know leaving in a few days to go meet her online male friend in Ireland. She doesn’t even know there could be a show about this. She’s a smart, good looking woman around 50 and I don’t know the guy. Only saw a skype of him tonight. Long hair, beard and seemed very nice! Hard to know what will happen but she mentioned she can only be there 3 months which made me think of your show! How can I give you the information?

  40. Monica Smith

    where do I start. About 4 years ago I was send a friend request on Facebook by Stratruhan Singh. At first I deleted him but he kept bugging me so one day I picked his call up. To my surprise he was the sweetest, most handsome man I ever laid my eyes on.
    We talk everyday. And though it seems impossible at times our goal is to marry. He is my rock. There are times when I am lonely at night , he will watch me sleep. Though I have never laid hands on him I love him like we have spent a life time together. Can you please help us to meet. I know in him I have found my forever love . Please help us be together. He is from India but employed in Saudi. I am an American. Please help us.

  41. Sharon christian

    I live in the name is sharon christian.i may not qualifyy for your show as i am antiguan and my fiance is nigerian.i am inlove with chinemeron azumo. He is absolutely the swetest loving man i have ever spoke to..we have never met and i am 10 yrs older. I know we will meet soon and all will be well.he is all i think about

  42. Tony Biera

    I am currently in a K-1 application relationship and have not yet applied for the K-1 application as of yet. I still need to comply with the first requirement of having to meet her. She is from Venezuela and I live the U.S. She has traveled to Columbia and Peru. Peru being her final destination so that we may meet in Chiclayo, Peru. I will be meeting her this November 3, 2018. We plan to be wed sometime in February or March. We have been in a texting, video chat relationship for over 3 months and now are awaiting the special moment of meeting each other in November.

  43. Angelique pino

    Hi my name Angelique Pino. I would like to be on 90 day fiancé because I’m 37 and never been married. Please help

  44. paula Kellam

    Hi I am an African American woman age 50 ill be traveling to Africa on November 16th to marry the man of my dreams. He is an ex-soccer player in Ghana.I am a nurse at a busy medical center. He was on the national team for ghana times two several years back. We met on Facebook after he loved a picture of my hair that my hair stylist did. We have been chatting continuously since March of this year. My husband to be is a Muslim and I a Christian so we will have to over come some barriors. I did a fundraiser in my hometown for his village in Savelugu of children and families. We will be traveling to this small village in the North area of Africa for two days to deliver supplies to this town and then coming back to Accra to get Married on the 25th of November. Ibrahim Adam and myself Paula Kellam would love to be on your show. Pray this response captures your attention.

  45. Dawda

    Hello my name is dawda am from Gambia but currently live in Austria 🇦🇹 am 22 year’s old an single looking for a woman to spend the rest ofy live with

    • Thapelo

      hey Dawda

  46. Crystal Williams

    Hi my name is Crystal Williams checking to see if you are still casting for 90 Day Fiance my fiance is from the Ivory Coast but lives in Europe and Belgium and I live in the u.s. we’ve been together for a few years but now I’m at the point to file for a K-1 Visa My email

  47. Patience

    Hello my name is Patience
    I’m 30 year female my fiancé is in Africa Ghana
    I want to be on the show
    I live in Las Vegas Nevada

  48. Felicia Daughtry

    Hello i met someone online i believe we can make it work

  49. Vivian Johnson

    Hello my name is Vivian Johnson i live in Atlanta, Georgia I am 52 years old, my fiance name is Yrimea Noel Ouedraogo his age is 26 years old, he lives in Burkina Faso, Africa. The opportunity to appear on the 90 fiance on TLC will be ideal situation for us, the opportunity will allow us the opportunity to meet each other face to face for the first time,.

  50. Sandra

    Hi my name is Sandra I’m a black african woman 38yrs of age single and I hv 3 kids I’m looking for a white man who can love and take care of me and my family to eternity

  51. Sandra

    Hi my name is Sandra I’m a black african woman 38yrs of age and I hv 3 kids I’m looking for a white man who can love and take care of me and my family to eternity

  52. Shales

    My name is shales and i am a lesbian wanting to marry a female from Uganda we have never met but we have been talkimg for a vsry long time and we agree we want to marry i think this would be a great episode for your show if i am picked.

  53. Precious wally

    I am precious am 19years old and live in Germany am looking for a German guy

  54. Valerieann Foley

    Hello My Name is Valerieann Foley and my Fiancé in Emanuel we would Love to be on your Show I’m a Canadian Citizen living in Richmond Bc and my Fiancé is Nigerian who lives in Nigeria. I think we’d make a Fantastic Addition to the show . You can Check us out on FB . My Profike pic is that of My Fiancé and I .

  55. nancy

    I am lady from south Africa im 38 years old with 2boys twins and a daughter. im looking for a partner an American man
    who will take care of me. I am looking for a job as well that’s side. my problem I don’t have visa
    so im black lady with intelligence with moral values. with good care hard working lady.
    please help

  56. Dianna Enochs Johnston

    Hi, I’m Dianna and I’m in the most exciting time of my life and so badly want to share my incredible journey and life story!!! My English boyfriend is coming in TWO weeks and I just realized how perfect we would be for your show if someone can check out our love story!!! It would be easy to see and check us out on Facebook but we BOTH have Multiple Sclerosis, I’m a teacher by trade but now focused on staying healthy and raising my son solo(I donstill coach and Tracy swimming) (his dad took off two days after I was diagnosed)- I have a VERY interesting life story- including being born in and then many years in japan and so much else you would WANT to hear I promise!!! Someone please call me- I really want to share my story with the world!!! I’m also preparing for possibly my fifth surgery(this one cervical spine) and Steve is planning to be here in California to go with me to meet the nuerosurgeon October 9th at UCR. He’s also got anson names Aaron Over in England. And his wife also left him shortly after his diagnosis and we believe this is something that has brought us together and we are meant to be for so many beautiful reasons!!!

  57. Lindiwe

    Hi I’m single 32 lady in South Africa I’m looking plz help me find

  58. Madison

    Im Maddi from Kentucky I’m 18 and Ive been dating a guy from Northern Ireland for 3 years. I want to be with him together. We met over line when we was 17. We video call and text all the time we sleep over the phone and im so ready to meet in real life and go on a real date then over the phone

  59. Jacqueline Barbry

    My name is Jacqueline and my fiance’s name is ahammedul..we met online over two and a half years ago..we are both very poor and can’t afford to fly back and forth…we applied for our K1 Visa but was put in an rfe because we haven’t met face-to-face yet. We are very much in love and don’t want to live without each other. We have started everything to be together and just don’t see a way out. We would only be able to afford one flight and that’s when he was come here to marry me.. Your show at be our last resort to be together and be happy our age is a difference to I’m 46 and he’s 30 I’m from Indiana and he’s from India. Please if you will help us make our Dream Come True