The Price Is Right – Game Show

“Come on down!” You could be the next contestant on one of the world’s most beloved and longest running game shows! The Producers and casting directors for The Price Is Right are on the lookout for fun and outgoing male and female contestants for all new installments of this timeless game game show hit. Auditions and casting calls are happening will be happening very  soon. This is your chance to guess which Price Is Right and possibly walk away with cash, cars and fabulous prizes.

Named by TV Guide as the greatest game show of all time, The Price Is Right has been entertaining millions of viewers each day for over 40 years and it’s amazing popularity is only increasing. Now you could be standing front and center on the Price Is Right stage playing one of the shows many, many classic games for big cash and prizes. If chosen to compete you could live every game show fans dream of trying your hand at such unforgettable and unforgettably fun Price Is Right challenges as Hi Lo, Hole in One (or Two), Dice Game, Master Key, Plinko or Cliff Hangers. There is simply not a more fun television game show experience out there and now you could be a part of it. Casting calls and auditions for all new episodes of this all time game show staple will be happening very soon and casting submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in participating in this outstanding production you can send your personal information and a brief description of yourself here and for more information you can got to and be sure to leave a comment on why you should be the next star contestant below and keep checking back for all of the fabulous casting information for The Price Is Right.

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215 Casting Responses

  1. Egypt Fitts

    I should be considered because I am fun energetic have a broad sense of humor and enjoy watching the show. I am tall with a light Brown complexion, black curly hair and long legs. I am definitely worth a shot!

  2. shantasia mabery

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii my name is Shantasia and I feel I’m a great candidate for this or any game show.I love watching this show and always dreamed of having an oppurtunity to attend. I’m bubbly friendly a great sport and full of fun! I love winning and don’t mind losing so choose me me me me!

  3. delisha martin

    Hi my name is delisha and I been a fan of price is right since I was a little girl age 36 now I saw the episode of kids price is right on 1/19/15 and me and my kids love it so I want to see if I could be blessed to be on the next airing I am a single mother of two my girl is 10 and my boy is 9 and it would be a dream come true for them and me as part of my bucket list and to show them never to give up and keep trying for what u want..we are a very funny and crazy family my son think he the next drew Carey so hope full u will consider my family.. thanks In advance..

  4. Jennifer Gaegler

    Since I had my baby 1 1/2 years ago, I’ve watched TPIR with my Little Man. It’s our special, bonding activity. Now that he is talking a lot, it’s fun to watch the show with him because he yells out “waffles” (or his favorite word of the day) after each question. It would be great for him to see his mom on TV and try to win a prize in his honor – while having a fun time. Also, I’d love to be on a show that is known for its social responsibility and being a voice for needy animals.

  5. nina marie rosini

    Tried and true fan right here*** PICK THIS GAL FOR PLINKO.AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH MY SHIRT and my peg perception coin dropping skills

  6. Sherri Gjurich

    I’d love to be on this’s on my bucket list…but honestly, more for my friend, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I think that would be a huge thrill for her if she had a chance to be on stage, jump around …and she would, spin a 100 and win both showcases. Thanks!

  7. Joleena Spence

    I have watched The Price is Right as long as I can remember! My husband and I love watching the show everyday! It would absolutely be a dream to get to Spin the Big Wheel!!! My favorite game would have to be Hole in One or Two!!! I miss Bob Barker but I love the way Drew Carey brings his humor to the show. He has such a big heart and seems to love doing what he does! I know my husband or I either one would be delighted to be on the show!!!

  8. amy sass

    i love to enter contests.
    my biggest prize to date is $750 amazon gc.
    i really love the show and hope i get a chance to audition!

  9. caylie hite

    Please let me be on the show i have watched u for years

  10. Natalie

    I love game shows, and TPIR is my all-time favorite!! I am 46 years old, and I have been watching this show since I was a little girl! I watch The Price Is Right every single day, and when I can’t watch it, I set my DVR to record it! I know all of the games, and I am really good at pricing!! Bob Barker was great, but Drew Carey has done an excellent job replacing Bob as the host of this great show! I would love to meet him…he seems like such a genuinely sweet guy, and a fun person to be around too! The whole show looks like so much fun, and there’s so much positive energy all around! Please pick me!!! I would love to cross this experience off of my Bucket List!! Lastly, I am an animal lover, and work as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, so I do very much believe in adopting animals, and having your pets spayed or neutered as well. 🙂

  11. Dabiante Fowlkes

    My name dabiante Fowlkes ima 23 year old father of four I’ve been watching the price is right every since I was a child.I absoutly love this show and would be ecstatic if I got the chance to be on the show and see if the price is right..

  12. Cristi Winkler

    I absolutely LOVE games shows! I was on “Wheel of Fortune” in 2008 and “Let’s Ask America this past year, January 2013. I am fun, photogenic and have a lot of fans! I am currently writing a book and would love to tell about it. I also love to travel. I tried to talk my family into trying out for “Family Feud” but they aren’t as excited about being in front of cameras as I am. I love people and I love to have fun (winning money would also be a bonus!). I heard that you do selections once a year for people and I would love to be selected. Thanks so much for considering me…. It would be an honor to meet you and experience being a contestant on your show!!!

  13. russell

    my name is Russell. I’ve been watching the show since i was child. I would love to have an opportunity to be a contestant and meet drew carey. I’m very entertaining to be around as well as watch. I’m sure to make great moments on t.v. I love playing games and need a car badly. Missed my chance with Oprah to receive a car so, hopefully you can help. please please babt please pick me.

  14. Nicky J

    I’m a shopping single mother of two girls. I would like to believe that I have a vast knowledge on pricing items, but who knows…. I may not. However, I think it sure would be F U N to find out on one of the worlds most known show’s in the world “The Price is Right!”

  15. Michele Hamlin

    I would love to be a part of the price is right family.. I have grown up watching the show with my mom as a child.. I can remember waking up every morning asking my mom is the Price is Right on… lol…I loved playing the price is right @ home with my mom…I remember just watching the show thinking. To myself I wanna b one of those girls…I still say that till this day… I always wonder what I had to do to just get a opportunity to be a part of the price is right family…. Then I saw it PRICE IS RITE AUDITIONS & I WAS LIKE O YEAH LOL.. I’m going to apply… so here I am

  16. Karen Hass

    I DVR The Price Is Right every day and watch it religiously! I am a retired flight attendant and have even been to LA and visited The Price Is Right, but have never gotten to be on stage to play. I know every single game that has ever been played on the show and all of the little nuances of all of them. It would be a dream come true to actually get to play one of the games, onstage, that I have watched for years. Please help me attain that dream!! Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest Regards,
    Karen Hass

  17. Tina Tramontano

    I would love to be contestant when you come to the area on April 21 in Baltimore at the hippodrome.. I am “the life of the party” funny, love to joke, dance etc. Please give me the opportunity to meet you.

  18. Pat Lafferty

    PICK a true “southern peach” girl from Georgia. Friends/family say I am funny and fun loving. I would love to be on the show I have watched for so many years.

  19. Robert Harris

    I am a super fun and funny individual that has always been into game shows since I was a little kid I am 30 years old and still watch game shows love to at along and am watching family feud as I write this I’m smart and I think if I had the chance to come and play you would not be disappointed in picking me I feel I would bring alot of excitement and energy and hopefully try and win some prizes has always been a dream of mine to be on a game show thanks hope to hear from you!

  20. Jennifer Michalke

    I am a full time college student that always has time to watch the Price is Right! I have been a fan of the show ever since I can remember. I started watching it with my grandma when I was 4 years old and today I watch it with my 5 year old nephew who is a huge fan of the show today! I would love the opportunity to be on the other side of the TV screen

  21. justin staton

    It would be so cool to be on the show and to honest could really really use the chance to maybe win some money

  22. Dustin Gillett

    I have been watching the Prices right for a long tome. I would love to be able to get on the show.

  23. Valerie Landrum

    I recently graduated from college and I need to pay off school loans and my job alone won’t pay for them as quickly as I would like. I want to take my family on a vacation after 3 years of school and not spending that time with my family. They have been so supportive and have we have been through a lot. I am 33 years old and in less than a week will turn another year older. I am not getting any younger and the last vacation I had outside my home state was over ten years ago. Thank you, and crossing my fingers that I get called for your The Price Is Right Game Show!!!!!!!

  24. Lori Puskar

    I’ve always dreamed on being on the show and winning the showcase showdown! In fact I went out to California back in the early 90’s. Me and a friend drove early in the morning to get in line and be on the game show. Did you ever see the movie “Vacation” with Chevy Chase. Remember when they finally got to Wally World and it was closed? Well that’s exactly how i felt. We were so excited on the way there. Chanting our names and saying __________ COME ON DOWN. Your the next contestant on the Price is Right. We were so early, we thought we where the first ones there. We parked and got up to the front door. There was a sign WE ARE ON HYANIS. We went from being so excited to wanting to hurt someone.

    They had auditions last year and I was going to go but my dad was very ill. He recently passed and I was on vacation this year when they held auditions again.

    I really would love to be on the show and fulfill that on my bucket-list.

  25. Kimberly

    I wanna win!

  26. shauna hester

    I really like this show. I been watching this show since I was 5 years old. I will really like to have an opportunity to be a contestant on your show.

  27. Anthony Washington

    I’m Anthony and I simply LOVE the Price is Right! I been a fan since Bob was hosting the show. Now Drew is the host I think he’s so funny plus I liked him on Dancing With The Stars! I’m a bright 28 year old who would love a chance to “come on down!!!”

  28. Renee Wilson

    Wow!!!! My favorite child hood show. I remember when I use to play like I was a model on the show. It would be my honor to be a Price is Right Model. I’m 5″9. 6″0 in heels:-). 170 lbs;-) brown skin African American woman. Who I know you would be pleased. Don’t let my age fool you.. 45 and ALIVEEEEEE!!!!

  29. Tracey Tillman

    I have watched the price is right all my life I never miss it I would love to be considered for the show….as a child I made my own 3 strikes game….my bucket list has to be on the price is right… please make my life long dream come true

  30. Tamara Haas

    I would love the opportunity to be part of the Price is Right audience in the Phila area. In my mind the Price is Right is America’s Sweetheart Game Show. Personally, I am 46y/0 old and can remember watching the Price is Right with my Great Gandmom. The Price is Right is Th e hallmark of game shows. Now, as I have my own family, we watch the Price is Right as a family tradition. My family and I pretend we are the contestants while we watch and play the games–it becomes a friendly competition on which one of us will be the winner of the night! Family pretending…so much fun, but what a great opportunity to become a reality! Thank you for your consideration.


  31. Greg Inglett

    Greatest Game show ever. I would love to come and just to even watch but obviously I would love to participate.

  32. kathleen arnold

    there is nothing more i want to do than to be on a game show…i go to tr tryouts for The Price is Right and Lets make a deal whenever they are in my area (well actually close to my area) there arent any casinos in staten island new york, lol …they are .my two very favorite shows. on the top of my bucket list is to be on either one of these shows. not only am i good at retail shopping but i have a lot of personality…i have watched the price is right from day one…my dream is to become a contestant. if i am not home i tape it. i have a great shirt made up and it would be a dream come true for me…DREW CAREY I LOVE YOU….and on one of the shows (which i did write down the date it was stated but lost the paper it was written on 🙁 he said all you have to do it say how much you love him and you can be a contestant. and that was only because a young girl had it written on her shirt and got on state..)i know he was being funny but ill try anything to get on.and the show was just repeated, and i was going to have a shirt made up with that..i will find that paper because i have saved it for so long and of course when i need it i cant find it. anyway i would give anything to be on this show….i even told my children that if i dont win a chance to be on that i want a trip to California with tickets for my 65th birthday which gives them three and a half years to save up for…before i leave this world i am going to get on this show…all i want to hear is George Gray say “Kathy Arnold come on down” so please “pick me” thank you xo

  33. Cathy Laughren

    I would love to be on The Price is Right. I never knew there was an audition process. I honestly thought you got tickets to be in the studio audience and the contestants were randomly picked. Well now I know. Hope Im chosen.

  34. Maria L

    Although I LOVE The Price is Right and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be on the show, I’m 62 and have been watching it since I was a kid, loved to watch it with Dad. Even on his sick bed, years later, it was his favorite show. But I am writing for my sister Nereda who has also watched the game show forever but has no cmputer and doesn’t even know that I’m doing this. You see, my sisters and I are caretakers for our mom who has Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease. I guess the stress was too much for my sister and last October she was told she had suffered a heart attack. We don’t know when or if it was only one but her heart was so damaged that there is nothing they can do for her, her heart is pumping at 30-40%. I’ve taken to three Heart Hospitals and only one said they MAY be able to put a stent in one of her arteries but she is too frieghtened to try it.

    She needs a little sunsihine in her life and I think THE PRICE IS RIGHT is just the RIGHT MEDICINE! PLEASE CONSIDER MY SISTER FOR THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY, she loves your show, watches it all the time and I can’t imagine a better gift that she could receive! Thank you so very much!

  35. Samantha Dornbirer

    Hello! I am Samantha Dornbirer I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!! I should be considered for the Casting call to be on the Price is Right as a model because I love the show, have watched it for 23 years, I have a great attitude positive happy and outgoing. I am a beautiful 5’7, Blue eyed, Blonde all American girl from Ohio who loves to smile!

  36. Trish Stone

    Can’t believe The Price is Right is coming back I would love to have a crack at this great show. I find the show to be great entertainment and would love the opportunity to be a part of the fun and excitement.



  37. Brittney Hillenburg

    Name: Brittney Hillenburg
    DOB: 08/06/1992
    Height: 5″4′
    eyes: Hazel
    when can I start:ASAP

  38. Julia Kincaid

    NAME: Julia
    AGE: 52
    DOB: 06/16/1962
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 160 pds
    RACE: African American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Black
    EYES: Dark Brown
    GENDER: Female

  39. Bobbie Reiner

    Watch the show regularly and all the years of growing-up.
    Today it is a part of my M-F ritual.
    I am a ‘professional’ consumer as my friends and family have called me most of my life.
    I always get the grocery prices correct, including the brussel sprouts!!lol.
    I’m like Drew, I hate brussel sprouts, too, but I know their cost!
    This would be a real dream come true for me because I am in high end stores daily,and cars, boy do I ever love and shop them,
    some years I change automobiles two and three times….
    I have a college degree and two professional sons, and I am married to a wonderful car crazy man!
    My career as a real estate agent in Washington DC area has been a good education in itself.
    I now reside in Palm Beach FL.
    There is no opportunity for me to upload a recent photo of myself, or I would .
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to reply to you.
    Hope to here positively from you real soon.
    Roberta R. Reiner (Bobbie)

  40. Dallas Shipp

    To sum things up, I’m a struggling father with a two year old. I’ve been battling since my sons birth in custody cases and finally was able to get my son away from his drug addicted mother and family. But now I’m In the biggest bind I’m In debt thousands and thousands of dollars from attorney costs. Getting out of the financial bind would be a great blessing so I could better support my son!

  41. Jessica

    My fiancé and I watch the show religiously and while I am horrible at pricing items, my betrothed (Adam) seems to be a pro! I would love to give him a shot at the wheel and see what he could really do. We’ve been to many of the mock game shows at the local casinos in MN, but neither of us have had the opportunity to really play. I’d love to surprise him with the opportunity and maybe win some prizes to kickstart our future together! Thanks for your consideration!

  42. Lauren

    Hi my name is lauren and I just applied for a model position. It would not allow me to upload a photo through the application. If someone would email I will be able to upload a photo via email. I have a few modeling photo shoots I can show you. Thank you.

  43. Stephanie

    Pick me pick me. Please @♡♡

  44. Angela Henry

    Nothing that I put on here that hasn’t been said by many others. In order for you to fully appreciate my personality, call me!!!!

  45. Simone

    I feel like i would be a perfect fit for the team because i am Fun, Friendly, very Outgoing and full of Energy!!

  46. John

    I have watched the Price is Right everyday of my life with my grandmother who I loved dearly. But she has just passed and now I revet to say I do not watch as much as i used to. I would loved to be on the show to pay my respect to her. Love you grandma!!

  47. Quhiesha Maylor

    Hi my name is Quhiesha a single mother of 3 I been thru a lot in my life I would love to be on the show I battled cancer and thru it all i still manage to smile I would love to be on the show I dream of the day you call my name.

  48. derek mccartney

    MY FAMILY AND I WATCH THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!! Weve had hard knocks and a rough past but we are survivors and always find a way.. I would love the opportunity to be a contestant on the show, and showcase my price is right skills lol,, im the family clown!! My step fathers is usually the one who gets all the prices right,,his name is Bob, idk if that has anything to do with it lol I get some tho lol;) cuz I got mom just gets excited which I love about her,,the occasional excited scream /fart when shes right, haha,, My little sister is pretty smart shes the brain of the family,,shes wise like confuscious but that doesnt help guess the prices buahaha I love the lil turd burglar older sister is in love with bob barker for some reason hahaha idk y tho,,dont get me wrong hes a badass,, but shes 30 and hes like a million,,no offense bob!!what about bob??haha jk..weve always had a joke between me and my siblings if we didnt know the name of the.maker of something!!! It would always end up being BOB BARKER for us lol,,cuz of all the different stuff we seen on the show!!! I always wished I could be the one spinning that big wheel and winning big!!!not to mention drew carey is awesome!! I used to watch the drew carey show,,when I first saw him on price is right,, I was like wait thats drew!! Hes lost alot of weight!!congrats drew!! I WOULD LOVE TO BE A CONTESTANT ON THE SHOW AND HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN SOMETHING NICE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY!!!thank you and Pick me pleaseeeee!!!

  49. Myesha Stokes

    I should be considered to be a contestant on The Price Is Right because I’ve been a faithful fan of the show since the day that I could remember. I am a very fun and outgoing young women whose very positive and not afraid to take chances. I love to experience new things and shoot for opportunities that have long jevity and also have the potential to create a memorable experience rather I lose or win. Growing up me and my grandmother would sit and watch the show every morning and try to figure the prices and uncrack the codes to some of the games. This show has pIayed a big part in the memories that me and my family share. It’s kind of like a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation now!

  50. michael timothy hogue

    hey i wont to ba mondle or a costest on the price is right do i have to come on down to the stido so come on down

  51. Traci Haynes

    Pick me!:) ive always wanted to be on this show! I will be getting married next year… Im hoping. And we dont have the money for anything big but it would make my grandmothers day if we had something beautiful and beyond what she would be expecting for our big day!

  52. Lori B

    I came on down, but want to come back down. This was my best day ever. My trip to LA didn’t stinko, even though I didn’t get to play plinko.

  53. Jordyn Garfias

    Would love to play price is right , please pick me , money would mainly go to a better life for me and my little family ( my son , my baby’s father and I. ) we been struggling so bad , we sold almost everything for money even though we stay at my mom’s house (she doesn’t really help ) .

  54. Tammy

    love this show!! I would love to be on it! I wouldnt even care if i got picked I would just love to actually be there!! But i would love it more to get picked n play haha!

  55. Melissa Russell

    I have been watching Price Is Right since I was old enough to remember and I love it just as much as I did then. I think that I would be a great contestant, I am fun, energetic person. Icant wait to be on your game show.

    I was a contestant in atlantic city nj version of the price is right I loved every second. I had the whole audience cheering for me it was the best thing ever I spun a 90 on the big wheel but the lady after me spun a 95 🙁 but I still loved every second of it and I would love to try for the real Price Is Right.

  56. Elisabeth Shoemaker

    I have been watching The Price Is Right ever since I was a kid.
    I would love to say hi to my kids, as the Big Wheel is spinning
    behind me. Drew standing beside me. I can see their smiles now!!
    Watching me having the time of my life.

  57. paul

    the price is right is the greatest show on earth! I’ve been a devotee since 1976 when I was a young kid! come on down!

  58. Keajah Howard

    Hi my name is Keajah Howard, i would love to be on this show because i am a struggling single mom with a seven month old son and i would like to try to go to school but i cant afford school, daycare and a house for us. So i feel like if i can make any kinda cash or prizes would start me off very good. I really love this i guess my own prices at home and im usually closer than the contestants. I love challenges and this seems like it will be the best challenge yet for me. So i hope you decide to give me this opportunity.

  59. sovann nov

    To be on tv, get pick, win money/prizes n go home happy!!! So let me come on down….

  60. Melissa echaus

    Hi my name is Melissa,
    I’m 33 years old, I would love to be a part of the price is right family. First I love drew Carey ; ) I’m a very bubbly person always walking around with a smile in my face. I love to meet new people, I’m very out going and am willing to work hard. If you are interested please contact me.
    Looking forward to gearing from someone ; )
    Thank you

  61. Julia E. Torockio

    Hi! I am an almost 50, single, never been married, mother of one; grandmother of two. I have been watching game shows most of my adult life and would like to be on at least one, just to simply say that I have done so! Of course, I would like to win some prizes and/or money (which I could use to pay some debts, purchase some needed household items, etc.); but, I believe it would be a fun and rewarding experience for me to be able to do so! I am and artist, writer, and a photographer who struggle financially, so, I sure could use some $. I need an updated computer that isn’t as slow as molasses, works properly, and has updated technology built-in (which, I can’t really afford!). Anyhow, I know I would have fun if I am picked to be on your show!
    Julia E. Torockio

  62. Melissa

    Hi my name is Melissa
    I’m 33 i would love to become part of the price is right team. I’m very bubbly, love to smile. I love to be around people , I’m hard working. If you are interested please contact me.
    Thank you for your time

  63. Melissa

    Hi my name is Melissa,
    I am really interested in becoming apart of the price is right family. I am very hard working, out going, happy, I live to smile. I love meeting new people. I hope you are interested and I hope to hear from someone soon ; )

  64. Melissa

    Hi my name is Melissa,
    I believe I would love to be apart of the price is right family. One I love drew Carey I think he is great! I am very professional, outgoing, happy and hard working. I love working with and around people. I love to meet new people. I hope you are interested and I hope to hear from someone ; )
    Melissa ; )

  65. Megan Sitton

    My names megan!

    I’m fun, I’m loud, and what can I say I was a cheerleader. Hyping up the crowd and enjoying the moment is what it’s all about.
    I have watched this show since I was young and always love the people and one day no matter what. I WILL GET THERE!
    MAYBE this is my cchance.

  66. Christine Eakin

    On my bucket be a contestant on the price is right! I am a 61 year old mother and “granny” to 3 grandsons. My oldest grandson has special needs..he is autistic..and I adopted him 10 years ago after my daughter, his mommy, passed away.. He loves to watch price is right with me…it would be so exciting for him to see his granny on tv! It would be such an unforgettable time. And trip to California..we have never been there…

  67. vannesa gonzalez

    I promised myself this was my year to do amazing things! I’m a single mother working hard but I need some fun in my life and I would love the opportunity!

  68. Donyale Barnett

    Come On Down!!– Have always Dreamed of hearing those words!!! I have been a fan of the Price is Right for as long as I can remember, from watching it with my grandmother to now watching it with my kids. Me and my aunt has always said that one of these days We are going to be on the show. I Do Believe that Dreams do come True!! Thank You in advance.

  69. Anna Boelter

    My boyfriend and I record the Price is Right and watch it almost everyday after work! This show is a timeless classic that we both love so much, pick me!

  70. Mindy Welch

    I watch The Price Is Right every day. I am a mother of three and grandmother of eleven who would be overjoyed to appear on the show as a contestant. The gravy on top would be to actually get up on stage with Drew.

  71. Jessica Gauckler

    Me and my wife are young brand new newlyweds that are looking to do something fun exciting and to win some money for a honeymoon which we didn’t have the money for I would love to surprise her with something like this please pick me 🙂

  72. dylan galetti

    i wanna spin the wheel drew!!

  73. Jasmine Griffin

    I love game shows! Even more….I would love the opportunity to play on the Price is Right! I remember watching this show when I was young and thinking “wow, how much fun would that be?!” Now as an adult… I just enjoy game shows – the thrill of possibly winning big is so EXCITING and FUN! Please make me a consideration for this all time great game show! Thanks!!!! 🙂

  74. Tim Farmer

    My name is Tim Farmer and I’m 34 years young and have dreamed of being on the priceis right for as long as i can remember. I want this so bad. I have never been given an opportunity to do anything in my life ans this would be the thrll if my life. I pray you give me a chance to experience life to the fullest and make a young mans dreams come true. Thank you.

  75. Tiffany Farmer

    I’ve been watching this show since I was a baby I always wanted to come on down to the price is right all the games are my favorite I will show the audience and those watching at home great entertainment my personality and fun gestures I have I be great for the show I need a car for my baby boy please pick me I’ve waiting my whole life for this moment this opportunity is great for me and I will cherish it like if its the last day on earth