The Price Is Right – Game Show

“Come on down!” You could be the next contestant on one of the world’s most beloved and longest running game shows! The Producers and casting directors for The Price Is Right are on the lookout for fun and outgoing male and female contestants for all new installments of this timeless game game show hit. Auditions and casting calls are happening will be happening very  soon. This is your chance to guess which Price Is Right and possibly walk away with cash, cars and fabulous prizes.

Named by TV Guide as the greatest game show of all time, The Price Is Right has been entertaining millions of viewers each day for over 40 years and it’s amazing popularity is only increasing. Now you could be standing front and center on the Price Is Right stage playing one of the shows many, many classic games for big cash and prizes. If chosen to compete you could live every game show fans dream of trying your hand at such unforgettable and unforgettably fun Price Is Right challenges as Hi Lo, Hole in One (or Two), Dice Game, Master Key, Plinko or Cliff Hangers. There is simply not a more fun television game show experience out there and now you could be a part of it. Casting calls and auditions for all new episodes of this all time game show staple will be happening very soon and casting submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in participating in this outstanding production you can send your personal information and a brief description of yourself here and for more information you can got to and be sure to leave a comment on why you should be the next star contestant below and keep checking back for all of the fabulous casting information for The Price Is Right.

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  1. Jordyn Robinson

    HEY GUYS !!! My name is Jordyn I’m 20 years young and I Love The Price is Right I been watching The show since I was 11 years old. I’m very funny energetic and what love to come on the show and bring my spunky attitude with me YYYEEEEAAAA GO TEAM JORDYN !!!!

  2. Haley

    I have great stage presence and a great attitude! I know I would make an excellent addition to the show. WOOHOO!

  3. pam

    My name is pam and I have been watching this show since I was a child and have always wanted to be on the show.

  4. Kurt Trussell

    Why shouldn’t I be on this show?! is the real question. Lol, you will never see a more energetic person as me. I already know I’m going to be on the show! I’m excited just by commenting woooo!

  5. Deniqua Young

    As a child this was the show to watch. I’m perfect for this show, I have tons of energy, I’m young, funny oh and I have a twin sister which make me unique. Pick me and I’ll make your ratings go up.

  6. Hayley Weintraub

    Hello I would love to be a part of the Price is Right family. I have been watching this show ever since I was a child and have always loved it. I am very hard working and goal oriented. I am an aspiring model and this is a dream come true!
    When I was about three years old, I wanted to start modeling. I won a contest for the prettiest child and had my heart set on it since then. I tried when I was a little bit older, but with no luck; it was hard on my dad to keep driving me places. However, I have done some amateur modeling since then.
    I would always watch the Price is Right and hope to one day be one of the beautiful and charming women that model on the show.
    D.O.B: 09/24/1994
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue
    Build: slim, toned
    Cup size: 34 C
    Extras: intelligent, loving and giving. Long legs, hour glass shape, perfectly proportioned body, an engaging smile.
    Thank you for your consideration!

    – Hayley Weintraub

  7. Mary Thornton

    Hi my name is Mary Thornton and I am 51 years old and I always want to be on the Price is Right I been watching the show since Bob Barker I always guess the prices and play on Facebook!!!!

  8. Stella Jane

    I love this show, it’s funny, rewarding, makes you think and it definitely pulls the family together. I am 22 years old and just got out of the Army serving four years as a combat medic. I have been modeling for 4 years and am ready to reach towards my dream of being a model on this spectacular show!


  9. Tressy Ackman

    Hi my name is tressy ackman I been looking @ the price is right since me was little I would love to go on the show for the first time in my whole untried life it will be amazing to let others ppl c me on tv winning cash n fabulous prizes plus meet drew Csar.ey im 4 11 my weight is 150 pounds

  10. Ashley

    I want to experience being on a game show and not only any game show but this game show would be amazing!!!!

  11. Ashley Daniels

    My boyfriend and I LOVE this game. We’re 23 and we play every chance we get in everyday life! Anytime we go out to eat, go to the grocery store, or plan a trip we bet on who can guess the total the closest. We’d love to be contestants on The Price Is Right!!

  12. Maria

    I have been watching the price is right since I was in kindergarten. It was my grandfathers favourite show and he used to babysit me so we would watch it together. I have always dreamt of becoming a model for the price is right. I have modled in the past for Sutherland models I also won miss teen Durham in a pageant before. I’m 20 years old and would love this opportunity!

  13. benu mekhat

    Hi my name is Benu and I’m interested in being one of your Models please feel free to contact me @ anytime @ 323-830-2522 thank you for considering my pictures.I’m 5’5 122lbs bust 32aa waist 22in hips 38in shoe 6, Mayhem #2175338 ig: benudatmodelchic

    Dancing has been an art for me since grade school (Modern, jazz, Hip Hop and ballet). I attended P.A.L.E.F, Performing Arts for Life and Education Foundation, where I continued my talents. I learned to sing , act and model. Upon completion of the P.A.L.E.F program I performed in a couple of Shakespeare plays. I do extra work in movies, videos etc….. My acting bio includes: (Video) Big boi Feat Smiley- I like the way you move, Nell Furtado- Promiscuous Girl, Emily Bourbon-Am Theory, Gospel , the 2005 Billboard Awards with R. Kelly, Gold Chain Military-Pleasure & Pain, Jaime Jones gospel- Rise, Lloyd feat 50 cents – Let’s get it in,Six reasons Feat Too Short-RAINDANCE 2011 (Movies) Roll Bounce Starring Megan Good, Bow Wow, Parenthood starring Lauren Graham and Mike O’Malley and Losing Control starring Steve Howey. I also attended 2008 American Idol Finals, the 2007 NAACP Awards and the 2009 Bet Gospel celebration awards show.Im also a 5yr Breast Cancer Survivior there you have it a little bit about Miss Benu.

  14. Jamil Money

    To the Directors of Price is Right,

    HOOLLLAAAA!!!!!! How are you all doing today!!!!! I’m Jamil Money. Yes believe it or not my last name is really Money ;^D. Woo Hoo Weeepppaaa!!! I have seen the price is right so many times, and I am in the San Diego area. I am very energetic, friendly, fun, and so much more. I love to dance and very social and outgoing. I came here from Cincinnati, OH to do a career as an interpreter for the deaf and spoken language. At my old job (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center) my department had a routine of watching tv shows and 11am (Eastern Time) was to watch the Price is Right; we ALL loved that show plus add fun acting as if we were contestants.

    Till this day I watch still and would love to be on this television show. I once saw there was a deaf woman with an interpreter on there and thought how AWESOME that was ;^D. I thank you for reading my message. Arigatou Gozaimasu. Anata wa sugoi da!!!! Take care and thank you for reading ;^D Mata Ne XD

    Jamil $$$$
    Birthday: 03/19/1986
    Yos!!! Ikuzo!!!! XD

  15. Amy Huhn

    I’ve watch the show for years and have always dreamed of being on it. I’m very enthusiastic high-energy and would love to have a chance to win free prizes on national TV as well as to meet Drew in person. This has been a show watch since I was a child. this would be a dream come true.

  16. Maggie Czerwionka

    Hey Drew, Today was fun, I auditioned for the show in Chicago. I had no idea what I was doing but thought I’d give it a shot. My history goes back with Bob Barker,shopping on T.V.. I think online shopping started because of this show. I sat with Mom, Gramma, 3 brothers,neighbors, and various aunts arguing with each other over product prices. I vividly recall my very Irish Gramma yodeling with the alpine mountain climber and praying that that little guy stay on that mountain or Gramma would swear in GAELIC. The Price is Right taught me how to shop and bargain hunt. There was no way I’d pay that for that . I could always guess pretty close to the right price.My brothers and family would mock being contestants. Of Course being the only girl,I was the BARKER BEAUTY. That’s not what they called me; but I still pointed to stuff on the TV and told them the recap of products. We even made podiums to do the showcase showdowns(paper boxes).Always wanted to have that wheel to spin.Perhaps I could come by the show with you and give it a spin sometime(The wheel,Drew). You do a good job being a host, your very fun to spend an hour with. All the Chicago firemen at the station watch you daily you should hear them yell at the TV. during the games. At my work, a teenage shelter, they are screaming at the TV in joy. Can’t wait to get called.

  17. Ray Ramos

    Price is right!!! I’ve always dreamed of hearing “Ray Ramos Come On Down!” Love the show and have been watching since I was a baby. I’m currently 24 yrs old and hail from Portland Oregon. I watch the show daily if I’m not at work. I will be a great contestant, full of energy and very happy person. Hope to be considered for the show because I will win it!

    Thanks, Ray

  18. Patina Williams

    Hello Price Is Right……..come on down to Louisiana and choose ME!! I’m Patina a 47 year old young at heart woman. Ive raised my kids and now its my time to do all of the things I’ve dreamed of doing. I’m a awesome sofa contestants and would love to have the opportunity to grace the stage. Thank you for your time and good luck to all who apply.

  19. georgina mohseni

    Hi my name is Georgina , have to say I have been watching price is right as long as I remember .
    I love the show and have to say it’s amazing when people won something, and you know that there is no way they could of take that trip to London and watch the NFL on there own .
    I use to have 2 Iranian TV show , and also have done some extra work on different movies with very well known actors and actress .
    I am not 20 or 30 just turn 40 but have to say I look OK 😉
    I would love to be your next American Iranian model for the The Price IS Right .
    I am 5″10
    size small to medium
    size 10 shoes
    thank you so much for your time.

  20. Desiree Lester

    Price is Right always leaves me with a good feeling after seeing the show. It’s the only television program that I go out of my way to watch and record. I love that this she is staying current and reaching a variety of viewers. Recently, when I saw the episode with high school kids and their parents I was stoked. When I was younger I always wished for a 18 & under version. This is a great should and I’d love to be on it and hear, “come on down!”

  21. Linda Henry

    I would love to be a contestant on your show come on down I have never been on a show I have tried out for many shows and I would love to be a contest 55 now going on 56 quite sure I can bring a lot of entertainment to your show maybe I can walk away with a car or two. hola that’s to Detroit style

  22. Guy Chipparino

    I need money for a toupee.

  23. Anthony Milbourne

    G’day! My name is Anthony and I am from Melbourne, Australia.
    From down under I want to come on over and come on down to The Price is Right!

  24. Ashley

    HeyY Price is Right,

    My name is Ashley and I am the one you are looking for! I am a young, outgoing, fun people person waiting to explode on something I truly enjoy! Price is Right has been apart of my life since I was old enough to see! Also making everyone in my life make it apart of their life as well! I am READY! So make the right choice and PICK ME!

    Hope to hear from you SOON!


  25. Alonte gallon

    Hello im alonte i havr been looking to come.on the Show im very
    Outgoing athletic , very smart i am a perfect person for the show

  26. Patty Rubino

    Love your show and would love to be a contestant!!

  27. Melissa Wallace

    Hello, my name is Melissa and I am 34 years old and I would love to be on the Price is Right show. I totally love game shows and would love to do this particular one. I have watched this show when I was a kid and still watch it when I am home. I have a great and funny personality and I would be totally perfect for this show.

    Thank You!

  28. Kathleen Sayles

    HHHEEELLOOOO! I’m over here! Pick Me! You won’t regret it! I’ve been a fan for many years, started watching the Price is Right with my Nana when I was a little girl– also discovered she wore dentures when i found them in the mysterious butter dish on her tv/make- up tray(- She would always “put her face on” while watching the Price is Right- bright red lipstick and all! Beautiful woman and I miss her! Loved hearing her call some contestants ” dummies ” because their bid was so off! Man would she get frustrated! Well I am an energetic, goofy , odd sense of humored person–for the most part not normal- that would thoroughly enjoy being a contestant on the Price is Right! Currently I work full time and go to school full time as well. I NEED SOME FUN TIMES !! – maybe it would slow down my gray hair production!– although because of that I do know the cost of multiple brands of hair color LOL! So chose me ..go ahead you deserve it 🙂 Thank you !! Kathy Sayles

  29. Ashley

    Dear,” Price Is Right” Directors,

    Hello, My name is Ashley. I’m currently a new college student and I just turned 24,(July 25th) YAAAYYY!!! I ‘m from the windy city, the one and only ,Chicago. I think I am a great contestant for the “Price Is Right” because of three reasons: 1: I have a very bubbly personality. 2: I love guessing games , 3: I have and excited scream no one has ever heard!!! lol Not to mention it’s one of my favorite shows, I watch faithfully every morning!!! It would be an honor to grace the stage of one of the longest TV game shows in history!!! I would love to meet Gwendolyn and all the Barker beauties in person!!!! So in closing I would love the chance to play and be a part of the show. Thank You!!

    Sincerely, A Game Show Hopeful<3

  30. Jill Malcolm

    Ok, so I am a 47 year old working Mom of two teens and need a vacation so I wanna go on the Price is RIght! I am tons of energy and passion for this game. Would love to play Plinko and spin that big wheel! It is my goal to make it to the showcase and win BOTH big showcase prizes by bidding within $100 with out going over. Haven’t seen THAT on the show in a long time!

  31. Justice00

    I believe I should be on the show because I been watching this show when I didn’t want too meaning every since I was a kid 🙂 remember when my mom would be watching the price is right with me begging to watch cartoons and immediatly being told NO” 🙂 ol’ BOB was the best! by time I was a teen I learned to love the show for myself really!!! It takes me back to a warm time…and now that im an adult my family also watch it. So I would be honored to be a contestant on the show 🙂 definitely a number on my bucketlist 🙂 blessings.

  32. Desjanee Threat

    Hi my name is Desjanee Threat, I am 19 and a sophomore at California State Universityof Fresno. I’m a Business major and a humanities minorand student loan are no joke. I would love to go on this game show to help myself out. I love the show and have watching the show since I was little.

  33. Sean Neeman

    I’m a father of two beautiful girls and I would love to win something useful to use with them and my wife! I love the show and watch it all the time

  34. Jerimic Clayborn III

    My name is Jerimic Clayborn III and I am only 22 years old, but I am running for the Lansing City Council at large, in Lansing, MI as a write- in candidate. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

    Jerimic Clayborn III
    Lansing, MI

  35. Alyssa

    Hi my name is Alyssa and me and my family would like to be on The Price is Right i am 11 years old i am sighing up for me and my mom dad and me and my sister i hope my family get to be on The Price is Right 🙂

  36. Knuckle

    Hello I am a big fan of the show I have been watching the show since i was a little girl with my granny! I would love been a contestant ! I am a true Clevelander who will show up and show out! Thank you an advance! Knickole

  37. Patricia Hurley

    I should be considers because I’m extremely outgoing! Always a smile on my face no matter what’s going on in the world! I was asked at work ” Why are you always so giddy??” And I said because I’m alive! You see no matter the challenges in this world while I’m here on earth I’m going to make the best of it!

  38. shirleen sparrow

    I’m writing on behalf of my mother shirleen sparrow , she has raised three generations of children . A widow twice . Her only genuine joys in life are the lottery and the prices right . Wich I’ve had the chance to bear witness to her staying tuned to my entire life . It’s about the only thing that makes her smile daily! If you could consider having her on the show I know it would mean the world to her , even if she never won a thing . She is a very humble woman , who would love to give drew a huge hug ! She often speak of what she would do to have a chance to appear on the show or even be able to watch from the audience . Being on your show would certainly be a dream come true for her !!!

  39. kayla davis

    I am a 19yr. Old girl and i used to watch this show with my family. Me and my boyfriend been dating for a while and we want to start are family but its a struggle. Both are trying to go to college but not enough money to do so. And i love game shows.

  40. Cameron

    I am a huge fan of this show as well as The Drew Carey show! I would love the opportunity to win a few prizes not only for myself but as well as gor my girlfriend and family!!
    Thank you,

  41. Justin Gerstenschlager

    I’m a 28 year old father off one. I am funny and outgoing. U would greatly appreciate that chance to be on your show. I love and watch all the time !!!

  42. Mark

    I know this is starting to sound very fake and redundant due to the fact everyone is saying the same thing but honestly I have watched the Price iIs Right ever since I was a kid. I am currently 25 years old and work as a sales agent. I would love to do something exciting such as be on a great reputable show. I am not shy and very energetic and enthusiatic. I would love the opportunity and I am a grateful person who will take nothing for granted. I appreciate the opportunity you have given me just to submit this posting

  43. rich brackley

    Single father raising my son alone, fun,energetic wide open.I’d like to have the chance to win and be on tv.

  44. hayley hartley

    i am a single mom of 2 kick ass kids and an amazing
    dog we recently sold (mostly gave away everything we had)
    to pack our 1989 suburban to come to southern cali. for a chance to give my kids the culture and education my country bumpkin town couldnt offer.
    i am fun and outgoing usually and have some strange experiances im willing to share and i have access to tons of weird costumes from my job.
    thanks xoxo

  45. Tara Banks

    hi my name is tara banks. im 26 yrs old and a BIG fan of the game show “THE PRICE IS RIGHT”… i would be honored too be apart of this game show. im a very fun outgoing people person. my whole family just love this show and so glad that its still on AIR ;-0

  46. Cammy

    I have been watching “Price is Right” since I was six….I’m small in stature with a HUGE, Lovable , outgoing personality…what the show needs is a little bit of ME:)..I am a good looking blonde, 5’1″, 110 with two different colored boot:) I am a single mom of three beautiful girls 17, 16 and 6….don’t ask about the the distance in the last ones age…..I try not to think about it:)..just kidding ya shes a wonderful blessing and is her mommy. I am 37 and a Radio-chemist at a Nuclear Plant…I play roller derby in my spare time…nothings better than the intense work out you get from skating…and heck what could ever be a better stress reliever from a busy week at work or dealing with teenagers from HELL than plowing into ladies and knocking them on their backs So PICK ME..I guarantee you all will not be disappointed…

  47. Claudia Parra

    I have loved this show forever and I know I would be a great contestant! I was know as be class clown in school and now at work. I am a complete goofball and I love to have FUN! Please pick me!

  48. Yoandy AslanRamirez

    The price is right is just an amazing game show. The prizes people win on this, is just fantastic. The wife and I watch this show and even pretend we are contestants. I believe we would be great contestants and we’d definitely have a blast. Furthermore, we could definitely use winning a car, or some CASHH!!!! My family consist of my wife, my 2 year old angel (kaylee) and I and being chosen and winning…would be another blessing for this family.

  49. Brittany

    Whether I Win or Lose, I would have a Fun time and a Blast to be on the Price is Right

  50. Tracy Tran

    My name is Tracy Tran 25 y/o from California!! I am a HUGE fan of the Price is Right ever since I was a little girl! I love the show and would be honored to be on one! I have never been a contestant of a game show and would LOVE to be a part of this one. I am fun, outgoing, energetic and would really bring positive attitude to the show. I am also a recent graduate that needs financial help to pay back her school loans ! So this show is PERFECT for me , it allows me to have fun, be on one of my favorite shows and give me a chance to win some cash that will help me tremendously! I really hope you guys choose me! YOU WONT REGRET IT!!! Please feel free to email me with further questions or additional forms that I need to fill out! 🙂

  51. Austin McSpadden

    My names Austin McSpadden, I’m 23 years old and have watched this show since I was little little and would love to be a contestant! I’ve always wondered what it would e like to be o the show please consider me in the show!

  52. Kandice

    I am ready to be the next contestant on the Price is Right. It is time to turn up the heat with me bringing a whole new type of energy on the show. Get ready for a wild, fun and energetic 27 year old from Michigan. Please contact me anytime. Thank you and I will be hearing from you soon. Kandice

  53. Capt.Leroy verrett

    i would be a great contestant because win or lose baby im coming to have a blast i live in louisiana ,3 entertaining kids a new wife on march 30 2013 and we would love to take home some prizes !! hope to hear from you soon

  54. david jackson

    I think i would be a good candidate due to the fact ive been watching the price is right since i was little and i think i have what it takes to become the next big winner on the show.

  55. Stephani Kirkman

    Age: 20
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
    Weight: 130 Ibs.
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: White

    I was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1992. I graduated from high school in 2011, and taking college courses to earn a degree for both music and theatre. There were many auditions that I tried years ago, but they rejected me because of my appearance. The reason why they rejected me is because of my disability, Autism. My career is when I want to become a famous singer, and an actress. I’m very sweet towards people, plus I have the sweetest voice ever. My greatest desires, and my biggest goals to achieve are to become a Disney Channel star, plus many other shows I watch for instance The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, True Blood, NCIS, NCIS L.A., and etc. I’ve been doing music and acting at a young age ever since elementary school. This is my best chance to become famous and successful by having fun and of course, entertain the audience.

  56. Sabrina Jabali

    Hi, I believe I would be great for this game show because, I’m sweet, family oriented, tall, and very social. I love to watch The Price is Right in the mornings when I don’t have school, and because I don’t always get the chance to watch it every morning, I bought the app in the Itunes store so I can play it day to day! I would absolutely love to be on your show!

  57. Brianna Morgan

    I am the biggest fan of this show. It makes me soo happy to see the looks on peoples faces when they win. I would absolutely LOVE to be put in this game show. I am 16 years old.

  58. Christopher J. Winget

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Chris and I would love to be on the price is right. I’m 26 years old and I have a wife and soon to be 2 kids. I would love to have the opportunity to go on the show and win for my family.

    If you would like to know what I look like I’m 6’1 brown hair with blue-gold eyes. I’m really looking forward to having a blast on your show.

  59. Natasha rose Heacock

    my names Natasha rose and I’m 20 years old, I have been watching this show since I was a youngen, along with everyone one else. but I would LOVELOVELOVE to be on the show. I was actually just talking to my friend the other day how u wante to be on it, so maybe by som e luck I will:). I know all the games,& a pretty dang good guesser;) I’m fun, energetic and easy going. it would just make my lifeee if I got on it,:) so please <333

  60. Kimyatta H

    I have been watching the show for years, I never knew how to go about getting on the show or I would have been tried. This would be a great opportunity for me and my family. I am all for new journeys, and this would be one. Thanks for your time and hopefully a spot on the show. Kimyatta

  61. Michael Lunsford

    I am 23 years old and I love this show! I grew up watching the price is right and I have always wanted to have the chance to play. I am a full time student at Ashford University and am studying for my Bachelors Degree in Health and Wellness. I am also a junior varsity football coach at Monache High School. I am 285lbs, male, and very energetic. I live in Porterville, California. Please pick me!

  62. Adele

    The price has right has been my favorite show since I was a small child. I rember being little cheering along, not really knowing what was going on! Now I know and I am still cheering. I have gotten my 20 year old daughter loving the show as well. Wouldn’t it be exciting if we were both chosen? I am funny and smart what more could you want In a contestant!

  63. Katelyn Wiggins

    Hello, my name is Katelyn and wouldn’t it be cool if I were chosen to be on the show!? It’s not everyday someone in my town gets to do that. It would be like a mini vacation for me being a working college student. Besides, the adventure and memories it’d bring alongside a phenomenal and true once in a lifetime experience. I’ve always thought to myself that one of these days, I will win big, whether it be winning the lottery, a contest, sweepstakes, or GAME SHOW! I never want to lose hope in finally doing just this. With that being said, I hope that I am chosen to be a contestant on the price is right! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I oh so dearly hope to be hearing back soon!

  64. Irene White

    I am a loyal Price is Right fan. My family has been following the show over three decades. It would be thrilling to be a contestant when you come to Tallahassee Florida. I was 70 years young yesterday, this would be a wonderful birthday gift.

  65. Irene White

    I am a loyal Price is Right fan. My family has been following the show over three decades. It would be thrilling to be a contestant when you come to Tallahassee Florida.

  66. Vincent Williams

    It will be a blessing to come down and audition for the most amazing game show ever! I watch the price is right every single time it comes on. I feel i would be a great candidate for your show and will not let you down. looking forward to hearing from you!

  67. Jy-Nese Bostick

    Being apart of America’s Number Game Show would be a dream come true! I know that being on the show would be the greatest oppurtunity of my life. Not only am i a fan of this fantastic show, but my family and i enjoy guessing and figuring out the answers at home while watching it on television. So to finally get the chance to participate live in attention would be beyond the words of expression and very overwhelming. Choose me and allow me the time of my life, and the greatest oppurtunity to get this one chance of a lifetime. Only on the Price is Right do your dreams come true, help me to make this happen. Thank You!!!!

  68. Justine

    HEllo my name is Justine ive watched the price is right sence i was a little girl and watched it with my mother, over the years i have grew to love game shows but most of all i have loved this game show all my life. I am a 19 year old girl , im very outspoken, friendly, and fun , I reafmpossible that i would never see myself doing because its scary… Please ill love to be an contestant on the price is right, thank you!

  69. Angie Antonia Chieffo

    My name is Angie and I’ am 22 years old… i love this show and i always win on the game on my iphone lol. It would be awesome to be on this show if i got the chance. I’ am fun and outgoing and smart! please consider me for this thank you

  70. Samantha Bennett

    Hello I’m Samantha, I truly think I am a perfect contender for this show as well as my boyfriend, I couldn’t even begin to explain on how much I’ve watched the price is right since I was a little girl, I always thought to myself ” wow I wonder what I would look like on that show or, how would I react” ? I’m outgoing and always up to try something new! I am 5″7 , platinum blonde and full of desire to win!!!! I promise if you choose me, it shall be the most ENTERTAINING show on the price is right anyone has ever seen!!!!!! Please consider me as i am submitting this to you! 🙂 thanks!

  71. Susan Peek

    I would be a fantastic very memorable guest. I am very people oriented and know how to draw you in to have a blast!! On top of that I have been a fan of The Price Is Right for more years than I can remember. I can’t remember when I didn’t have the show on every day! If you want a contestant that is funny and fun… call me.

  72. Sheri Gerety

    So so excited The Price Is Right is coming to Tallahassee in September!!! I’ve been watching since I was a little girl in the 70’s. I’m a busy mama of 4…energetic, highly excitable and very competitive. Being invited to be on the show would be thrilling and as a well known local small business owner. I’m sure my customers would get a kick out of seeing me on the show!
    Thanks for your consideration!
    Sheri Gerety

  73. Bianca

    Hello my name is Bianca Matthews and I am 19 years old. I will be 20 on October 4, 1992. I have watched the Price is Right ever since I was a child, and I always dreamed of having my named called from hearing these words, “Come on down, your the next contestant on the Price Is Right!” I am energetic, intelligent, animated, strong willed, determined, and always willing to try new things. I would love to be apart of this show! Thank you!

  74. Laurietta Woodard- Stenson

    The reason I want to be on this show, The Price Is Right, is because, I have watch the show all of my life, since I was a youngster. I would love to have a chance to be on the show THAT I HAVE LOVED ALL OF MY LIFE!

  75. Brittany Boyd

    Hello! 🙂 I am very interested in this amazing opportunity!
    I am a model and aspiring actress looking for the perfect opportunity to make it possible. I am very hard working and motivated. I WILL accomplish my goal one day, SOON!

    Thanks so much for your consideration!

    D.O.B: 07-23-1989
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 118lbs
    Build: Slim-Athletic
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Green
    Skill: Athletic