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It is finally here. The reality singing competition that brings not only the competition, but the celebrity mentors to you! The CW is set to launch The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep and they are ready to search the country for America’s Next great singing sensation. Casting calls and auditions for this groundbreaking new competition show will be happening shortly so get ready to raise your voice.

The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep and it’s fabulous producer Queen Latifah is gong to change reality TV singing competitions forever and you can be right in the mix. The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep is bringing four of the brightest talents in music history to your town to mold you into America’s next shining star. That’s right, Nelly, Joe Jonas, Gloria Estefan and John Rich won’t be sitting at at judges table in some hotel banquet room – they’re coming right to your front door. These fabulous musical successes will search across the Internet for the finest musical performers they can find and then head out to their home towns to stay with them for 72 hours teaching them the singing ropes and preparing them to compete for The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep title. This is your opportunity to be taught by four amazing artists and have them stay with you while they get to know you, your family and the people of your town. This is the experience of a lifetime and all you have to do to enter is have your music posted on the Internet – no waiting in lines for hours with thousands of other hopefuls with the chance that maybe you’ll be heard. Once the judges have discovered all of the amazing acts out there casting calls and auditions will follow. Stay tuned right here for all of the up to the minute casting updates and leave a comment for us below about The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep.

There is no playing favorites in this competition, there are no fixes. This is all about the music and the mission of making you a star. Get to know your favorite artists as you live and work with them to become the champion. This is your chance to represent your hometown in front of millions of viewers singing your way to become The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep.

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    I am an amazing singer, and I’m only 11! I would really like to do this!

  2. karima zouhir

    hello my name is karima i’m from morocco and i love to sing would love to be a part of this

  3. Stacie Pompili

    I’ve been singing all my life. I started singing at 3 before I can’t even really do anything else. I sang all through school, college, even sang with a few bands in my twenties. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do when its all I’ve ever really truly known. Somewhere along the line I lost faith in myself. I lost courage I had doubts and I thought I’ve gotten too old to sing. I just want a chance to prove myself wrong.

  4. brianna Riggins

    Hello my name is brianna i love to sing and also write songs i have a passion for singing i have a video on twitter you can check out my twitter is ayoonik my email is

  5. Courtney Reid

    First of let me say it would be a honor to get to experience a greatful moment like this. I would be willing to do anything for this given chance. You can visit my Reverbnation Account and Youtube to listen to me sing at :
    My name is Courtney Reid I live in Salem, Oregon. Born and Raised here my whole life. I’m 21 years old at the moment, Was born in December 18th. I also am a single mother of a boy. I come from a big family history. Like everyone, I do have a unique story behind me and how I’ve been fighting and continue to fight for my dream no matter what road blocks I face. I’ve been fighting what seems my whole life. Waiting for opportunities to come way which lately some have been. back in elementary school I took Orchestra and Super singer for fourth and fifth grade. Moving up to middle school I did Orchestra and choir and also sang in the school talent show 7th and 8th grade year. 7th grade year I sang “American O’ Beautiful”, and 8th grade year I sang “Titanic”. I did Orchestra through high school only 9th grade because I became a teen mom. But I continued with playing my violin and practicing on Guitar and practicing my voice. Ever since year 2012-present 2015 I been working on my music and trying to get heard. I’ve tried shows and made it little far. I have gone through practicing with professionals who’v told me I’ve got the voice the talent package, though lack a little bit of that confidence that people want to see more of. which I’ve been working on lately. trying to. In between I worked on writing my own music too as well. I’m a solo Artist I love country music. I can sing just about almost anything but like everyone can see and hear they believe to country is where my heart, soul and voice is best fitted at. Words cant not explain how badly I want to become a famous singer. It’s been my dream ever since I was little girl. I push and push myself. My father was always the one who really encourage me more than ever body before and he still does along with other family and friends and fans. If you were to ask everyone one thing that they most admire about me, they would all say how strong of a women I am. I like a challenge and never ever give up on anything difficult situation no matter how long it takes me to change it. i love it because i’ve been told i inspire others to do the same. Everyone tells me if was to fall and get lost or stop fighting they will too. But they know me to well where I wont. Which is why i havent stop believing in my music. I know this what I’m suppose to do with my life no matter how long it take me to get there,…..I will eventually. I love my music and singing. I love dancing, I love country and nature. I love scuba diving, and helping others. I help out others more than I do myself. Pretty much i’m gonna probably be the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

    Contact info-

  6. Francisco Delgado

    Hay my name is Francisco Delgado I am a 16 year old male I am 5,9 with brown hair and dark brown eyes. I can sing, act, write songs, and draw I am Native American and other I can sing pop, rap and can sing some rock songs think you for your time bye.

  7. Shaelyn Ruddy

    My name is Shaelyn Ruddy and I am 23 yrs old. I have been singing since I could talk. I would love to be on the show. In 2014, I won the vocalist in the Philadelphia area and you can view it on and type in Shaelyn Ruddy. Thank you

  8. Nora Gilligan

    Hello! My name is Nora Gilligan. I am 15 years oldand live in Illinois. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I was brought up with my whole family singing, dancing or acting. I am so passionate about music I get lost in it. I would like to show people what I can do! So many artists have inspired me and so many other people, and I want to do the same. Here are a few things about me!
    Age: 15
    Grade: 10th
    Birthday: January 28
    Height: 5’5

    I will stop at NOTHING to pursure my dream. I hope you can help me!


    Nora Gilligan

  9. CJ

    Hello my name is CJ I’m a 14 year old singer.
    Music is literally my life I am singing every minute of the day.
    I’ve always wanted to auditions for singing shows but have never really had the time or chance to
    and this is a chance of a lifetime
    I sing a lot of Demi Lovato, ed sheeran, one direction, the vamps, 5sos, little mix and fith harmony
    I would love to do this and it would mean the world to me if I could

  10. Jenna


    My name is Jenna and I would love the opportunity to audition for this show. I started singing when I was 5 in the church choir, and even then the choir director could not believe how someone my size and age had such a big voice! (his words). Since then I have sang in my school’s choirs, I have done musical theater, and I have sang in a local band. I had to put my singing career on hold to raise my three sons (no regrets about that…just wish I could have done both!), so now that they are all grown up it is my turn to shine!
    My musical ability has a wide range, I can sing Gospel, Country, Rock, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop. I have that sexy, bedroom voice that can purr to bring in the crowd and growl to surprise them!
    I have the drive, the desire, and definitely the work ethic it takes to be a serious singer. I learn fast, and I listen and take direction well. I would be honored to work with any one of the judges, they are all so talented and I could learn a lot from each one of them!

    Thank You!

  11. nalley

    Cedartown, Ga.

  12. Rylie Baker

    I would love to be a part of this show, not only because of the superstar mentoring, but also because of the new experiences that would come from this, and because of what it would mean to my family if i would win. I am 16, and found my love for singing when i was in seventh grade. I was trying choir for the first time, and doing my vocal placement, i did the normal warm-ups and my choir teacher said i had a beautiful voice. I thought that was what she said to everyone, so I didn’t think much of it. Later, when solo/ensemble rolled around, i sang the rose in front of the rest of the choir, and as soon as I was finished, they all applauded. I was shocked that I would have that effect on people. I have participated in one of my high schools’ musicals. I have also been in choir every year since that year, been in, and won third place in a talent show. I would really seize the opportunity, and put forth 210% to win.

  13. Hunter Cook

    I am 19 years old and a country singer from Franklin Pa . I have been singing for about 4 years now. I have two cd’s out now one inspirational country music produced by Tommy Brandt and the 2nd is more mainstream country produced by Jim Peterik (Eye OF The Tiger). I am now starting to work on a third cd with Jim and I’m gonna keep going till i get that lucky break and someone is willing to take that chance on me. I love music and it is my dream to someday make it my full time career. I know there are alot of great artists out there now trying to make it and you just gotta keep pushing. Good things don’t come easy you have to work for them which I am willing to do. I would love the chance to show you what I have and am always open for advice. Please take a listen to my work on I Tunes and You Tube and CD Baby and my website see what you think ! “What A Cowboy Does” and “Born For THis”. Would love to show you live what I have to offer!

  14. Iris

    I have sung many of Gloria Estefan’s songs throughout the years and I frankly must say I am quite good. I would love to prove to the world that age is nothing but a number and that I have what it takes.

  15. Emily

    I love to sing and it’s my passion to show the world the truth through song. I am currently 17 turning 18 March 31st and in 12th grade. Please choose me to be on your ahow because it would be a dream come true for me.

  16. fatima wyatt

    Hi ! Im Fatima im 15 years old and ill be 16 May 2 !
    I plan on taking college courses next year at Clayton State
    So i can be familiar with college life and make my way to Standford University !
    I currently live with my dad and stepmom. It hasnt beeen the best since ive been here , but i always say that im thankful because it could be worse . But honestly i say that through my tears all the time hoping it will make me feel better but it doesn’t .. Music has brought me out of everything. At the age of 7 i can remember dancing an singing to India Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair” . This song spoke so much to me . That was the first time i truly connected to music . I mean of course i listened and song to other songs , but that was my first time actually listening and hearing more than just lyrics. .it was my first time hearing the true meaning of a song . Thats what all music should be like , it should be something you can connect with . So Im not gonna sit here and lie and say singing has always been my dream since a kid because it hasn’t. But when i actually connected with music i then knew even at that young age , thats what i wanted to do .. it’s what i needed to do , it was as if i was hungry for it . Music and singing became my drug .
    Now i cant even stop singing . I sing so much people tell me to shutup lol . I can honestly say that day i fell in love with music . And thats what i want to do now, i want to make music and sing music that people can connect with , and not just verbally ..but emotionally . Thats true music ,from a real singer .

    Thanks , and hope you consider me . 🙂

  17. keaira

    Hi!! Of course my name is keaira and I’m 23 years old. I to sing to my pets, when I’m in the shower, in the car, at work, in the grocery store. Etc. I’ve never had professional vocal lesson. Just my dad and to me he’s the best vocal coach but seriously I just have raw talent and I’m ready to share with the world.

  18. Sydney Hurst

    I’m just a few months from my high school graduation and I have a lot of decisions weighing heavily on my mind. Almost everyday someone is asking me to lay out my life plans for them in regards to which school, what major, what am I going to do for the rest of my life. No one really thinks music/singing is a realistic or appropriate goal for someone from a small town in eastern Kentucky. Everyone thinks you have to have a backup plan but I don’t think you can be fully committed to your dream if you are constantly thinking about failure. I am an 18 year old singer/songwriter from a small rural town in Kentucky and I would be so greatful for the chance to be a part of this amazing opportunity. Here is a link to two of vocal performances.
    Thank you for your consideration

    Sydney Hurst

  19. bethanie salter

    hello my name is bethanie salter i am a mother of two my oldest is raziyah harris who loves to sing she has been singing since she was 3 and still does so i just want her voice to be heard she has a few videos on youtube under raziyah harris again she is 10 but she can go if there is a age limit or 18 and older its fine we will continue to try and let her voice be heard to the world

  20. Jonathan Thompson

    My name is Jonathan. I started singing at five years of age and have been singing in a band for many years. My favorite genres of music include classic rock and country. I look forward to showing you my talent soon

  21. Kiara and camila

    I wanted to be a singer and a actor for my whole life am only 11 years old and friend is 10 years old please let us be on your show for us to be a actor I wanted this for a long time we got a good voice and a talent for acting and its my dream to be a actor and a singer

  22. Ariel Mosconi

    I’m 20 years old, I just recently graduated with my associates degree from a College and Conservatory of the performing Arts on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. It was an amazing opportunity and an experience of a lifetime. I majored in Musical Theatre; integrated; so I sang , danced and acted a lot. I just bettered my craft and earned the discipline I wanted to learn of. I am still living in the city but originally Im from Newark, New Jersey. My parents came to America when they were young in their 20’s from Brazil. They have been great mentors and have made so many sacrifices for my happiness it’s truly an honor to be raised by such inspirational people. I can only hope and fight hard to make it one day not only for myself but for them and so many others out there who aren’t as lucky or who don’t have a say in this world. Music is where I can truly be myself and just connect with people I wouldn’t have it any other way singing has always been a huge part of who I am. Find me and a bit of my music on youtube by typing my name and my videos should come up. It would be a great experience to be a part of this upcoming new show with such amazing artists.

  23. makenna garrett

    My name is makenna, I am 15 and I live in a little town in Arkansas. Growing up I was introduced to music. My grandfather is the preacher at our church and so I’ve grown up surrounded by singers and musicians. My aunts, grandfather, uncles, brother and sister all are musicians. It wasn’t till about 6 months ago that I started to publicly sing and since I did I have had a lot of positive feedback. Now I feel like it’s time to take it to the next level.

  24. Caitlin Gillikin

    Music is my life. I have severe hearing loss in my right ear and some hearing loss in my left ear. But these are just the speed bumps on a road that I hope leads me to inspire others with what inspires me….music!

  25. Raena Papin

    Hello there! My name is Raena Papin. I am 15 years old and am from Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Ever since I was 3 years old, it has always been my dream to pursue singing. I think I would be great for this TV show because I am very hard working and determined, and music has been running through my veins since I was a baby. Also, I do not want to do this just for myself, but as I was growing up, even though my family did not have the money to send me to music lessons, they sacrificed a lot to support me in musical events from school to just being asked to sing at a party. I really want to make them incredibly proud of me, so I hope that you really consider me. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon.
    – Raena Papin

  26. Shawnice

    Hello, my name is Shawnice. I am 26 years old and I am looking to break into this tough industry. I am looking for guidance and training that I believe I can capture from working with the artist and mentors set to be judges on the show. I know with the right training, I can be big and really shake it up on the music charts. Please remember me and I hope to hear from you soon!

  27. Shaelyn Ruddy

    My name is Shaelyn Ruddy and am 22 yrs. old and have been singing since I could talk. I was born to perform and singing with emotion and passion connects me with my audience. I love the sound of this show, it would be awesome to be chosen, so help me realize my dream.

  28. Jenna Miller

    I would love the opportunity to audition. I have been working as a singing waitress at Ellen’s Stardust Diner for 6 years and trying to get a break. I also attend Columbia University and in my spare time write and record. I think I would be perfect for your project. Can’t wait to hear from you!!

  29. Bridjette

    Aloha! WOW! I feel as though I have been moving toward an opportunity like this all my life! As a versatile vocalist and performer, I would be beyond THRILLED to be chosen as a contestant on this exciting new show! One of the most compelling reason I think I should be chosen is to prove that age is simply a number. And if you’ve got that special “IT factor”…NOTHING, including age, can get in the way of people truly appreciating all that you have to offer! I am 49 years of age on paper. But in my daily life and on a stage with great musicians…no one even dares to think about how “old” I might be. They just get on their feet or sit back and soak up every note I deliver. Please visit my website at to get a very small taste of what I bring to the stage. Here’s to TRULY making dreams come true! Thank you for considering me.

  30. Patil Roupelian

    Hello, my name is Patil Roupelian and I am 20 years old from Nashua, NH. I’ve been wanting to become a singer my whole life, I sing non stop I don’t seen myself doing anything else. I hope you guys give me the opportunity to change my life forever.

  31. Yuvia De Luna

    Hello my name is Yuvia De Luna I was very iffy about commenting since one of the main requirements is that the coaches would have to come live with the contestants and at the moment I live in a one bedroom apartment with my mom, older sister, and grandparents. I am 15 years old and have been singing for as long as I can remember, I am currently in my 5th year of choir and I am a sophomore. Reasons I should be considered? Well I have a dream that most people have and I would like it to come true. I want to become a famous singer, and the first thing I think of when I say those words is how incredible it would be to help people heal through music as it has done for me. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and yes I have had all the therapy and medications but nothing has helped me more than music, nothing has helped me find myself more than music, and though I don’t know who I want to be yet I know music will help me find that, and I just want to do that for other people because its hard. I have tried to picture myself doing other things with my life maybe being a teacher or psychiatrist but that to me is like giving up on my dream, see being a singer is tough and well I’ve had a tough life and we have a lot of financial issues so when my mom hears that I want to become a singer she says in the nicest way possible “lets think about your back up plan” my family is encouraging and amazing and I just want to show that all the sacrifices they have made are really worth it. I just can’t picture myself being ordinary in life, and singing is my absolute passion and I need to do it, there is just no other way around it.

  32. Rachel Curtis

    I would love to be on the show? I was my mother’s caregiver for two years when I was eight years old. She couldn’t move her arms and legs so I would feed and dress her and also sing to her for her depression. I am now working on my passion and would love your help. Thank you Rachel Curtis.

  33. Leonna Burns

    Hello my name is Leonna Burns and I am 16 years old. Ever since I was 8 years old I have been singing my heart out. I listen to everything to Rock to Pop to R&B and even country, but my most favorite is Motown. I live for Motown, especially the Temptations and Martha & the Vandellas. What/Who started me singing was Michael Jackson and my dad. My dad gave me a cd player once and told me to listen to him and ever since that day i fell in love with singing and singing fell in love with me. I am a really special and loving person, I think i can be a really good candidate for the show and i really do hope you guys do pick me, My father would be so proud.

  34. Dionna

    I am 17 years old and have been singing since the 5th grade. I would love some feedback on my music since this is what I want to pursue in college. Singing is a big part of my life and I cannot imagine not doing it. I have some videos on you tube. Thank you!

  35. Bianca Allensworth

    Hello I’m 26 urs old and a mommy of 5. Music is not only my passion, but my life. I LOVE to sing. Especially to my children. I’ve loved music since as far back as I can remember. Since as far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to be recognized for my singing. I’ve been told by family and friends that I should try to put it out there. Anyway I became a mommy an those dreams were pushed back behind my babies. I feel that I am deserving because I have pushed my dreams back for 8 years now and I think its my turn.

  36. Zevanya

    I just need to be discovered….

  37. Kavon Choice

    I am an insirpring Singer who has uber talent Since I was very young its something I always dreamed about is just SINGNING and entertaining people. This past year has been a roller coaster for me from having everything I worked so hard for snatched right from me. So with that being said I have some much to prove to myself and everyone else me who doubted me and helped me hit rock bottom. I have so much to sing about and I feel like I would be a great addition to this show

  38. Emmy Bodner

    Hi, my 22 year old daughter, Emmy ,has no idea I’m sending this in!!! She has been singing since she was 4 years old. She plays guitar, piano and has written a few songs. At the age of 10 she sang the National Anthem in Louisville Ky in front of 9000 people. At 17 she won a car in a local singing contest. She has been in a few bands and is currently in an all girls band. Recently they opened for Bruno Mars in Louisville Ky. Please check her out and pick her for your show!!! Here is a link to a recent performance.

  39. amber parker

    Hi I’m Amber, I wouldn’t say singing is my passion but rather it is me… Everyone who knows me knows that I’m constantly singing anything regardless of where i am or what I’m doing. I’d just love any opportunity to be heard.

  40. Adam Murray

    I am a lifelong musician, songwriter and singer. I was born in Clover Virginia and raised on a tobacco farm. I learned about music singing in church and from the sharecroppers who lived on the farm I grew up on. I moved to Delaware when I was 10 and was singing in a band b the age of 16. After high school I moved to LA and formed a band called Cold Shot. The demo we produced in the late 80’s was just released by Eonian records, I wrote all but one song on the album.. I got close to stardom, but never quite attained the level I had hoped for.

    Currently, I live on a 160 acre farm in Rural Delaware. My finance and I race and raise standardbred racehorses, cows, chickens and we do organic farming. I have a complete catalog of songs that I have written over the years. I also have a band called the Adam Murray Project and we play locally. I just want the chance to get my music heard. My voice has been described as a “Country James Brown” , a mix of delta blues/country and soul. My voice is unique and with my past experience, I know given the opportunity, I can rise to the occasion.

    Here is the link to my Reverbnation page, filled with songs and videos. I hope you will consider me for The Next!

    Best Regards,

    Adam Murray

  41. Mandy Altman

    Hi, my name is Mandy – I am 23 years old from a small ranch town in New Mexico. I am married with two little girls that are my whole life! Originally from Denver, Colorado – music has always been a huge part of my life. I have been singing my whole life, dancing (competitively) from age 10 and writing music the last few years. I am aspiring for a career in music and am willing to put in whatever necessary to do so. I want to show my girls that if you have a dream you should go for it – no matter how big or impossible it might seem.
    Please check out my YouTube page :

    Thank you so much for your consideration, I really appreciate the opportunity!

  42. Nate Daniels

    I have a love for music. I’m always listening to something and appreciating what I’m hearing. When I travel, one of my favorite things to do is sing. I’ve been on cruise ships where money has been thrown up on stage to me and people have asked me if I sing professionally. The answer to that question is no. I never have. Many have told me I should, but I’ve never gone after it before. Maybe things will change?

  43. Madison LeLaCheur

    My name is Madison and I am 22. Originally from Dallas Texas, I now live in a small town in Michigan called Linden. My family is my whole life. I got married in May of this year and I have 2 dogs. A three legged german shepherd and a black dog haha.

    I have been singing since I was 13. My parents are pastors and my mom led worship for years so one week she decided to have me sing a song and I have been on stage ever since. I now lead worship with my husband in a tiny church in our small town. My husband is an INCREDIBLE musician and can play whatever he is asked. I mostly sing and can play a little piano when needed too.

    When someone comes up to me and asks who I sound like I get Demi Lovato a lot. Also the worship leaders Jenn Johnson and Kim walker. My voice lesson teachers have always told me I have a very modern voice. So that’s cool I guess haha. I just really love to sing and I want to further myself anyway possible and I love the idea of this show. Not like any other just singing competition.

    I would love to be considered! If you want a track of me singing something email me and I can record anything with my husbands stuff.

    Thanks, Madison

  44. loann rodrigues

    Hello my name is Loann Rodrigues. I am 13 years old. I live in orlando, Florida. My birthday is November 17, 2000. My parents are from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, I can speak Portuguese very fluently and I also speak English fluently and I can speak Spanish and I’m currently trying to learn French. I have a passport and I am available to travel. I’m 5 feet tall. I’m a singer, actor and model since a very young age. I do brasilian jiu-jitsu and martial arts ever since i was little. I’m not the only talented one in my house of 6. We ALL do brasilian jiu-jitsu and M.M.A. My dad is a dancer, actor, singer,and brasilian jiu-jitsu,mixed martial arts, judo teacher. He can play soccer and is from Brasil age 47. My mom is actor and singer age 38. My sister is a ballerina, singer , actor and model age 11. My brother is a football player, dancer, singer and actor age 9. My other brother is singer, dancer and actor and he just turned 5, he is so energetic….

    thank you.

    if you would like any more information please contact me at …


    Loann Rodrigues

    p.s. you can google me and you will probably find me on lots of modeling sites and on you tube.

  45. Laura St. John

    Hello and this sounds really cool! I am a vocalist who happens to also have a daughter who can sing. We sing together at church and in public. If you have time, see my website for samples of our music.
    We also have a YouTube channel with various videos and songs (channel = Laura & Sunny)
    Whenever we sing together, people say that they are inspired to spend more time with their teens doing something that they have in common. We love to help others with our voices.

    The passion for singing started a long time ago for me. I was actually pretty shy in middle school and was bullied. Then, when I opened my mouth to sing, everything changed and my confidence built and it made me a new person. My African American choral teacher in high school taught us all to sing from our hearts and with passion. I try to never forget his words. Our chorus was one of a kind and he was able to build a choir of many students from geeks to jocks to theater kids . All working together to sound great. Some of his songs that he wrote can be heard on the YouTube channel.

    I hope to hear from you and thank you for your time,

  46. Yelena Rey

    My name is Yelena Rey, Representing the Bay, coming from that 408, everybody say Calii !!!
    lol . I have been singing since I was a little girl and I’m currently 17 turning 18 in November. I am outgoing and full of humor! but Singing… on the other hand is not something I do, its who I am. I understand that many people say this but I can prove I am worth your time! I bring my 110% into everything I do, whether its a little audience or a big one, I give my all into my performances! I dance/sing and act! I would be Honored to have this chance! What makes me different is I am a teen who sings Soul & R&B ! from Etta James, to Beyoncé, to Alicia keys etc. I also can throw a little Amy Winehouse, but most importantly I can do me! (: Please don’t hesitate! I am ready for anything! you wont regret it! I promise ! ! ! 😀

  47. Connor Ashe

    I’m a small town guy with a big heart for music. I’m a singer/songwriter/musician with a story to tell. No glitz, just real heartfelt love for entertaining and singing. Check me out on facebook or my webpage, (or

  48. Jody Vance

    Hello, my name is Jody Vance and I am seventeen years old. I am am aspiring artist with a passion for music. I graduated high school a year early to pursue my music career. Unfortunately my dream was put on hold, my mom lost her job and my dad is disabled so I have to take care of the family. I am currently a waitress, dying to be noticed.

  49. alondra martinez alondra martinez 14 going on 15 singinh since I was 3 and haven’t stop choir at school have videos on you tube,sang for our triple a baseball team,open mic nights at school,and my.friends have me there birthday parties.I also taken voice lessons.given the opportunity would be a dream.come true.thank you

  50. Bryan McNair

    The essence of entertainment lives within me. Standing at 5.5 and a half feet of heart and passion, I should be featured in this production because I am capable of bringing screens to life. The name “Bryan McNair” is one that brings with it a desire to entertain, a desire to learn and grow in the world of theater and film, and the desire to give life to any role that might be put in front of me. Aside from being a very animated personality, I also sing and capture the attention of crowds fairly easily. I love improvisation, and there is no greater feeling than to be naturally funny and to successfully garner the attention of complete strangers. I live to be under the light of entertainment. With a huge imagination, there is no angle that I cannot play and master with personal spark and infinite charisma. If selected, my positive energy will fill any missing piece of a production’s puzzle.


    My name is Sanytra Simeon and I am from Miami, FL but I stay in Raleigh, NC… I am in the Army National Guard and have a 18 month old little girl. God has Blessed me with a voice that I feel he wants me to share with the world. I have been told many of times that I wasn’t going to do anything with myself and i REFUSE to believe that. God has a place for me and I feel that singing is what is going to get me there.. I have a story to tell and things to show, I haven’t had the best life but with the smile on my face, you would never know what I have been through. I am doing this MAINLY for my daughter, she is my PUSH to continue forward. I want to show her that there is more to life that where and how we live.. I want to show her that you can do ANYTHING with the help of God and you putting your dreams 1st.. I want to get out of the military and persue my dream.. I don’t want to be in the industry for the money, I want to do it because it’s my passion, it’s my life’s work.. When you do what you love, it’s not working, that is what I want to do.. I don’t want to work, I want to have fun… I hope that this message reaches you and puts a smile on your face. Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

  52. Tara

    Hello! My name is Tara and I am a graduate student living in Alaska (born and raised in Alaska’s second largest, yet still a small town called, Fairbanks). Music and singing has always been my passion. Anyone who has ever met me knows that if I could do anything in the world it would be to have a career in music. I have been singing ever since I can remember. I would love to be considered for this role. It would mean the world to me, I have always hoped that I could oneday use my voice and music to inspire others. I told myself that before pursuing a career in singing I would continue my education, this is my final year of grad school (MBA). And now I am looking for opportunities to help me with my next goal/dream in life! Please let me know where I can find out more information about “The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep.” Thank you so much 🙂

  53. Patrick

    Hello I am Patrick. I have read through some of the other heartfelt comments and have to admit mine will be considered unorthodox. My request is not for myself but for my wife. She is an awesome person with an amazing talent. She has loved singing since she was much younger, she is 21 now, but regardless of the difficulties that entailed the pursuit of her dreams she always kept that dream ablaze. We were in Seattle for a bit where she auditioned several times and unfortunately when she was selected for an imta event we did not have the funds for her to travel to it. Due to the nature of my work she had to move back to Miami, our hometown, and has since lost faith in the chance of her becoming the star that she has the potential to be. She loves to sing, is happiest when she does so and has a natural talent for it. She has a kind heart and a voice that echoes through the memories of those fortunate enough to hear it. I ask not for the opportunity but simply that you would listen to her sing her talent speaks for itself. I have a demo and snippets of her at home should you decide to listen. Well I thank you for your time and consideration. Prayers to the prosperity of your show 🙂

  54. Cheyanne

    I am 14 years old. Singing is my passion. It is one of the only things I can do. I want to show to the world what I have to offer. Please help me show the world and make my dreams come true! 🙂

  55. KaNija Miles

    My name is KaNija Miles I’m 13 and I’ve been singing since I was little do little I can’t remember what age I started I love singing and do it everyday I’ve competed in my school talent school shows about won first place for two years singing is practically my life and it’s always been my dream to be famous.

  56. Takeria Strother

    My name is Takeria and although I am pretty short, I have a vociferous singing voice, but when talking, many say I sound like a mouse. As a 16 year old girl who has had to re-adjust to several living situations, singing has been the one constant that keeps me grounded. It has helped me through difficult times when I didn’t have anyone to turn to and it is the one thing that makes my life go around. I love the way music can take your true feelings and put it in to song. From there I can let my emotions flow freely. I’m a true songstress at heart and although I have a hard time trying to write my own music; I love to listen to many different genres. The joy I get from seeing someone’s face light up when they hear me sing is indescribable. I love to make people smile with this gift from God. If given the opportunity to excel I would love to see what my voice can do in all of its abilities. Being on here would be the start of my dreaming coming true.

  57. merycal (miracle)

    I’m 17 years old I’ve been singing since I was 9 and I love to sing I live in a small town called Statesboro in Georgia, I’m just a talent wanting to be discovered

  58. casey lassiter

    My name is Casey Lassiter and I love to sing. Every minute of every day I incorporate music into my life in one way or another. It has been a life long dream of mine to become recognized for my singing abilities! Not only because I highly enjoy the freedom of expression, but I would find great satisfaction out of connecting to people all over the world through my music. If chosen for this opportunity or any other opportunity that is related, I would accept the invitation with grace and enthusiasm! I am willing to dedicate as much time as needed to any project and would highly enjoy learning as much as I can about the movie/music business. I know there are thousands, if not millions of people applying for an audition…but if there is anyone that truly wants this more than anything..that person is me!! I have never been so driven about getting myself out there as I am right now. Please contact me if you would like to work with me! It would be my pleasure to work with you all! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comments. Good luck to you all!