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Have you or someone you love had a moment that got away? Have you ever dreamt of returning to a past glory in the hopes of realizing a life’s goal? Now The USA Network and former NFL star Kurt Warner are ready to make the dreams of a lucky group of people come true and change their lives in the process in the all new production The Moment. Casting calls and are going on now for a shot in this groundbreaking new reality series and submissions from people everywhere are being accepted today.

The Moment is looking to cast people who have had a dream to do something big in their lives or have at one time pursued a dream job or experience only to have to abandon it. Hosted by Warner – who almost had to give up his dreams of being a professional quarterback and was working as a grocery store stock boy before he found his break in the NFL and went on to a legendary career, this series will attempt to help wishes be fulfilled. Have you had a goal in life that had to be put on hold to raise a family, help a out a friend or for some reason out of your control? Have you always held that dream in the back of your mind, hoping that one day you would have the chance to make it come true? That one day is here! The Moment is coming and and the producers and casting directors are searching everywhere for people ready to realize the dreams. Whether you want to take a shot at being a professional football player like Mr. Warner, a recording artist, a professional chef – whatever your dream is USA and The Moment want to help. Submissions for casting call hopefuls are being accepted now. To apply today for yourself or for someone you love or for more information you can go here The Moment is coming and so is yours.

Everyone has a dream in life, they just may need help to realize them. That help is here in the form of USA’s The Moment. Apply today for your chance at a life changing ‘Moment’.

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  1. Shawn McMurray

    My name is Shawn McMurray and if I could get my moment it would be to graduate with my class of 1991. I graduated in August of 1990 a year ahead. I never got to walk with my class, go to prom or hang out with my friends my senior year. I joined the U.S. Navy to fight in the Gulf War for my country. I served aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS AMERICA CV-66, I was in the V-4 division which is Aircraft fueler.As my senior class was in school I was in the Red Sea and Persion Gulf in the middle of a mine field fueling F-14 tomcats, F-18 hornets, A-6 intruders to name a few. Now I am 44 years old and I still long for my senior year.But I would never change what I did for my country. My oldest daughter is 19 years old now and I tried living my senior year through her, It was awesome to see her go to prom and watch her walk to get her diploma. She is currently a Flight Medic in the U.S. Airforce bringing our wounded soldiers back home to their families. It would be an honor to have her hand me my diploma she reminds me of myself sometimes. It might not seem like much but as I get older I realized how much I missed
    Thank You,
    Shawn McMurray

  2. Jonathan Alexander

    I have lost about 20 thousand dollars and since then have not completely recovered . I have cerebral palsy and have aspergers , I guess my dream is to be able to win or earn enough money to get out of this problem . As I have gotten older I have felt that more and more I will never again be in control of my life. I am in love and i feel like I will never be able to earn enough money to get a wedding ring or buy a house all because I am disabled. My dream is to be able to win some money to once again feel like I am in control of my life. I want to earn the money by winning it so i can feel in control of things for once. I am in love and I am tired of being out of control when it comes of other aspects of my life.

  3. Carl lewallen

    Broke my left arm my senior year playing football would love to take a shot at playing in a pro game or just being a part of coaching staff for a pro or collage team played in alumni games for the school and locol flag teams also coached football and wrestling at a small school for 10 years nothing like being in the game that moment that place in time when every thing feels right ……

  4. Carl lewallen

    Broke my left arm my senior year playing football would love to take a shot at playing in a pro game or just being a part of coaching staff for a pro or collage team played in alumni games for the school and locol flag teams also coached football and wrestling at a small school for 10 years

  5. Cynthia Correa

    I’m 21 – FEMALE- Hispanic — NYC

    Black belt in taekwondo … I’ve done this since young. . my family business is a martial arts school. My dad is my trainer. I stopped training in high school but since I started college two years ago I started again. since I started I won Gold in Nationals in taekwondo in California summer 2014 and I graduated with my A.A in communications in 2015 and I am trying to become an Olympian in 2020. I am still in school pursuing my B.A and I am recapturing my dream of becoming a taekwondo athlete pushing to become an Olympian while I can while it’s all still possible — CCorrea

  6. Greg priest

    I grew up an athlete playing all sports.when I graduated high school I missed competing so I played softball golf and pool I took to pool cuz it it was all year round and fairly cheap to play.i practiced my heart out and in 2010 I won the Pennsylvania state championships took 2nd 2011 I moved into semi pro but I was then hit with a devorce my life changed dramaticly I ended up traveling for work climbing towers for AT&T I did that for 3 years shooting pool very little but now I’m back in Pennsylvania and my dream is to return to playing championship pool and playing in the pro circuit thank you

  7. Kinyatta Wright

    I am writing you today because I have always wanted to be a television correspondent and news anchor/reporter since I was a kid. I currently hold a Mass Communication degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a MBA from Cardinal Stritch University. I have worked at a television station, newspaper and done freelance writing. I have currently hired an agent to find me work but haven’t had any luck. I would love a chance to find the opportunity of a lifetime to do my passion and what I love. Please give me a chance!

  8. Jenna

    I did some acting and singing when I was younger. Almost always got the lead in high school plays, did several theater plays and an Indie movie. I was in a band from high school to college as well. Sadly I had to give all that up when I had my kids, there was no way to do both being a single parent. I know this is a dream of many…MANY! I have experience already, and now that my kids are grown I have really wanted to go back into my passion, the entertainment industry.

    I know that I am a good actress and singer. I know I have what it takes to be successful on the big screen. I had gotten a few very good offers when I was acting in theater, but had to pass them up because I had small children. I don’t regret giving it up for my kids, but I have always wondered, “what if?”. This show could be my shot finally! To show the world, not just my friends, family, and just about anyone I meet, that I can act, and that I am really good at it!

  9. Michelle Elizabeth

    I love every aspect of performing arts. I also am passionate about fashion and beauty. I always wanted to break into the acting world, and did dance and cheer growing up. At 17, I was diagnosed with psychosis. Some have given me the diagnosis as schizoaffective and others bipolar. Basically I have lost touch with reality several times. My mom and brother have schizophrenia. I was determined not to let that stop me and after a really bad break I was healthy for about a year and half. During my first semester of college I was hospitalized again. I put a ton of energy into working after that, even becoming a manager of two different retail stores and had a boyfriend for a few years. In 2013, I was hospitalized again. Then I spent nearly all of 2014 in the hospital. In the the beginning of this month, I landed another retail job. A lot of people with my diagnosis don’t work at all but at 25 I feel like I am too young to just give up and do nothing. I am stable on medication and I try to live each day as if that is all we have left. The future is so uncertain, but I would love to be a triple threat or at least be part of the hollywood business working with screenwriters, directors, and producers. I am certain I could help create a script for an awesome movie considering I have been inside several insane asylums. I want to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter their circumstance, and I would love to get to a point where I could help others reach their goals and full potential. Right now, I have to have food stamps and I live in section 8 housing with my mom. I really would like to become self-sufficient and live a good life despite my disability. I am a hard worker, and I was voted most determined on my cheer squad. So what do you think about giving me a chance so I can give back someday? Please write back 🙂

  10. Roxanne Pringle

    My name is Roxanne Pringle and I would just LOVE to have the opportunity to be cast on ” The Moment.” I’m a former NFL Dancer of a Bay Area team. During my years as a NFL Pro Dancer, as well as after I retired, I have always wanted to continue take all of dance background to an even greater level. About 5 years after becoming the Entertaiment Director for a football development league, plus at attemping to produce a pro cheerleader reality show, my passion for our sisterhood of NFL pro cheerleaders grew stronger than ever! Unfortunately, due to final funding for both incredible projects, were forced prematurely to end. I was so close to doing such great things with both the football developmental league, and pro cheerleader reality that both my brother and I had created so strategically. It literally felt like I had my hand in the cookie jar full of delicious, yummy cookies ready to take the biggest bite. Then all of a sudden, the infamous cookie jar is sealed up so tightly and my hand pulled to prevent me from ever reaching it. This was just devastating! It felt like I was just so close to my dream,and to see it just vanish before my eyes, wowww just lost for words. After all the sweat and tears the hard work, and commitment I put into this great passion of mine, it was beyond disappointing.

    I would REALLY like an opportunity to have a 2nd chance to make my dreams come true! Talking about ” The Moment” I would climb mountains to have??? Yes…Yes indeed! This show is so perfect for me! I would LOVE to host a show that would highlight ” Behind the Scenes” of incredible journey it takes to becoming a NFL Cheerleader. Going on a mission coast to coast across the U.S. and interviewing poential canidates from various NFL teams, who desire to become a pro cheerleaderand their journey and path to getting their! Also following the lives of both current cheerleadersliving thier dream as well as the the leagends who once graced the sidelines: ” The Alumni’s” Where are they Now??? I can related of course to that!…LOL I can talk forever and forever about the greatness, the competitive auditions, the game day experience, the retiring and/or comeback of all these wonderful women who danced proudly on those NFL sidelines. Most importantly the sisterhood that we all shared and will carry for a lifetime. I was even fortunate during my era in the NFL to be on the squad with my blood sister (Yes! My real sister, which was just priceless…Oh and Daddy was too proud with his chest sticking out:-D

    I hope to get this wonderful opportunity to show America what ALL pro cheerleaders are really made of. We are not just great ambassadors on the sidelines, we also represent highly in our communities and throughout the league. I would greatly be honored to narrate all the pro cheerleaders up close and persona for an AWESOME show you don’t want to miss! I raising both of my hands and kicking the highest kicks to he picked..Yeaaah!!:-D

  11. Derek lee

    I’ll be short and brief. I am 43 years old. I perform as childrens magician every weekend to make ends meet. I auditioned for a cruise ship in the late 90s as a childrens comedy magician. I was highly considered but I had a government job I was afraid to leave, and I was planning on getting married and having children. I stop chasing my dream. I now have a wife, and pre teen children that can handle me being away for weeks at a time. I am from north Philadelphia. That is the poorest part of Philadelphia. I was raised in and out of the homeless shelters and salvation armies. My friends and family laughed at my weekend job and never supported me. The said ” there is no such thing as a black clown or magician”. I would love to perform on a cruise ship … To show the world what I can do…and keep my dream alive. Thank you in advance. Love in Christ .

  12. Kaelum

    I would love to be considered for your show . A little about myself I’m kind of a prick but I think I’m a fun guy great for tv

  13. Rachel Christensen

    My name is Rachel Christensen and I grew up in a small town in Chariton, Iowa where everybody knew everybody. My dad is a state trooper and a member of the Iowa Air National Guard. Let’s just say my family was strict. We have always been avid church members never missing a Sunday. I didn’t have a curfew because I wasn’t allowed to do anything. It was all I knew. It was always school, sports, and then straight home. In highschool I didn’t really know that there were so many career options out in the world today. My father pretty much had it drilled into my head that I needed to join the military. My older sister did, and so did my younger brother, but I wanted something more. I feel as though there is still hostility between us because I didn’t choose his path, I chose my own. I was bound and determined to find my own career, be successful, and prove him wrong. I went on to college at a Private University William Penn University. I studied Communications, Public Relations and Digital Broadcasting, and LOVED the broadcasting aspect. I’m so good with presenting myself on and off screen. I was always great at speech, plays, and musicals in highschool that I knew this would be the right career path for me. I even went to West Hollywood once to visit family and fell in LOVE. Unfortunately in college, I was struggling with hypothyroidism as well as being sick all the time. I could sleep for days on end without waking up. It wasn’t normal but I couldn’t explain to my teachers that I didn’t make it to class because I ‘fell asleep.’ I managed to graduate but settled with living in Iowa because I just didn’t have the energy. I now work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I like my job but it’s a job I’ve settled for. It is not my passion and all of my skills are going to waste. I recently had a sleep study done and found out that I have narcolepsy. I was so happy, which sounds odd but I finally had a ‘reason’ to why I was so tired all of the time. I am now on medicine for both my hypothyroidism and narcolepsy and feel great, I’ve even been taking a boot camp to lose weight and I look and feel great! I finally have the energy to go out and do what I absolutely love. I’m willing to fight for it. I’m just stuck in Iowa…..PLEASE HELP! I’d being an amazing Actress before anything else, I always dreamed of Disney Channel (I’m 24 but I look young, I could also be a Reporter, Game Day Coordinator/Event Coordinator, Publicist, and even more. I’m so good at so many thing- I just need a little push, I’m pretty sure that’s where you guys come in. So contact me! You have my email : ) Thanks so much!

  14. Monica Regier

    Hello my name is Monica. I’m 25 years old and I would love to apply for your show. I would just die if I could have a wedding. My husband and I have been married for 3 years next week and it has been a journey let me tell you. Ha we got marrie a week after we got back from Afghanistan which is where we actually met. Unfortunately my husbands mother passed away a week before we got he so I never got to meet her which is a total bummer. Anyhow we just did the whole Vegas thing and I know most of my family has never forgiven me for that. I kind of wish I could have my fairytale wedding too. It’s also pretty much impossible because we live in Bozeman Mt and almost all of my family is in northwest Indiana. I figured this is too great of an opportunity to pass up so check out my Facebook page My husband and I are pretty cool

  15. Melanie Marshall


    I am not the average 21 year old, and I say that because most people have always said that about me my whole life, and I never embraced it until a year ago.

    A brief history of my life- I came from an emotional, verbal and physically abusive household when I was growing up. My mother suffers from Mental Illness, and as a child growing up in with someone who was mentally ill was very confusing. Mostly, because I was always a “burden” or worthless, and those concepts were enforced by kicking me out of the house where I would sleep on benches if my friends couldn’t take me in. After having my 5th suicide attempt, my friends family took me into their home my senior year to help me grow as a person by having me forgive my past and my mother so that I could live a healthy life. I spent a year after high school to figure out what I wanted to “pursue” in life. I liked Psychology like most youth who have had a complex psychological background…but I wanted to explore the field first.

    I volunteered for MYLIFE, which is a support group that helps kids 13-23 who are struggling with mental health, bullying, foster care related issues and/or substance abuse.Through regular meetings and local and national workshops, presentations and performances, the group focuses on important issues affecting youth of the 21st century. MY LIFE has an extremely active voice in the planning and implementation of system transformations to improve the mental health and foster care systems in Pennsylvania and across the country; all while having a tremendous positive impact on the youth who are involved and the community.

    I quickly became a spokesperson for Mylife, advocating for the kids of my generation by discussing the socio-economic issues that my generation struggles with. I began speaking publicly with Senators, Legislatures and over 400+ teens across the country. I also created workshops for local Psychologists in Suicide Prevention and alternative ways of handling a client who has a history of suicide. Secretly through that experience though, I was back living at a Group Home, and my only option in life was to a) enroll in community college (since I had to pay myself) and live at my mothers (since I was over 18-the limit of funding for group homes) which was unstable, or 2) Live on my own and go to college. Another friend’s parent took me in this past summer so that I could plan to move out to the West Coast- to live on my own, and hopefully lead a beautiful life.

    My passion is to live in a sustainable tree-house (with organic garden/guest house with 5-6 rooms that I can share with locals who are struggling financially, and the WWOOFing program) in Hawaii that is cheap so that I can continue my education down there (neuroscience) and be able to live without the fear of being homeless or not in control of my life/expenses. I know life is beautiful, but it is hard to believe so when you’ve lived a life exposed to feeling incapable of loving yourself or the (terrible, poverty-struck) world around you.

    Therefore, I want to use the remainder of my “fantasy” budget and meet a couple of kids face to face who are in the Foster Care System, who can share their story on TV and feel like they are worth those “5 minutes of fame”. I then want to give them and their care-giver the ability to travel one place that they would like to go, or whatever they wish to have. I do this because, when I was young, I had the opportunity to go to Chile, SA with my parents before they divorced. If I hadn’t had that experience- looking into the Milky Way Galaxy at 5 in the morning on the Andes Mountains….I wouldn’t have felt like there are beautiful places to explore, and that I could do that too- if I just kept believing in myself even though each night I was told, “You’ll never graduate college, you’ll never find a home or love because it does not exist. life is hard.”

    I choose Hawaii so that I can open up a Mylife/Youth move support Group while in college, through my connections with Mylife! (They would pay for the space and everything).

    I wish I was a couple looking to start my own business, and I wish I wanted more for myself. But this would be much greater than my individual-success. I still have time for that! But I want to give someone else what I wish I could have received when I was in group homes, feeling alone and unable to be an individual-let alone successful. This is a very soul-soothing wish of mine.

    In short: For every blessing given to me in this life, I want to give back to a future me. With the path that was handed to me out of the womb, this is what I feel I must do- give a moment to someone else who really needs the love it can bring. That is my passion in life

  16. Iris Romero

    OMG!!!! The chance I’ve been waiting for! I’m in California and one of my main goals is to be an actress. I did modelin for sometime when I was younger but my parents couldn’t afford it. This would be a life time opportunity!

  17. Brittney

    My dream is the be a famous actress and model. I know many people want this, but I really don’t want to be one of those people who have dreamed about something like this and not realizing their full potential. I am determined, funny, and love to act. My family and I have had a hard time since the economy fell in 2009 and I want to help my family get back to normal and also follow my dream at the same time. I just really want someone to take a leap of faith in me.


    Single mom 23 years old with three children under the age of 2! Please help me fulfill my dreams or my dad’s. My biggest goal is to get a home for us and get schooling to work with people who are in situations like mine.. My heart goes out to children and single mothers. My family and i just lost my mom to cancer. My parents gave me the ability to have hope and courage to get through this tough time raising three babies on my own.. My father is staying strong for me and he is a home builder who gave up his entire life to help his twin brothers taught them building/carpenter trait. When he himself could have gotten an amazing job. Now his brother past and his parents are sick and my dad is still staying by my side and supporting me. I’m believing there is a miracle or a chance to help us. We can’t just give up we have to stay strong now more then ever. Even though life is falling down in a lot of areas around us…

  19. Beth

    Hi there! My heart just about leaped out of my chest when I saw this description. You see, several years ago my life was on a great track! I was chasing my dreams and my dream job when I started in an abusive relationship, and would do anything to impress my abuser, including going along with him driving down the road at 120 mph with me in the car! When I woke up, I found out that I had broken 14 bones, had a seizure due to bleeding on my brain, severe concussion which lead to brain injury, lacerated liver, bruised lung, and dislocated hip. Against the odds, I was able to heal almost completely, and I thank God everyday for that!

    Now,, after years of recovery, I want so badly to return to pursuing my dream job as an ER and travelling nurse. I’d love to someday get married and have a family, and I also would love to somehow use what I learned throughout my experiences with abuse, the car accident, and several other things to help kids not to make the same mistakes I did. It would mean the world to me to be able to do motivational speaking, or something else where I can use my life to help others. Sounds great right? It does to me, but depression and anxiety that were made much worse through my injuries have really taken a hold of my life. I know without a doubt that I can accomplish my dreams, but I am so trapped in this vicious cycle of panic attacks and hopelessness that I am 27 and still here spinning my wheels. Being able to finally put the past behind me would be just the ultimate dream come true! I would be thrilled if I am chosen for this project! Good luck in your decisions, and thank you for taking the time ojt to read this!


  20. danmatteucci

    hello im Dan Matteucci im from Europe had a crazy child hood and honestly cant even explain it i don’t even no how but long story short i just want to purse acting and modeling i have done a few things but its not so easy getting into those things. i always work hard and try my best but it always seems that im going backwards, I just need your help and to just make things happen its my time and my shot…and also to give in return as well.

  21. Lashawn MARCH

    I am a 39 year old mother. I have work with development disable adult for 15 years. I have always dream of being recording artist and song writer. I was in abusive marriage for 14 years. My ex husband wouldn’t work. So I had to work all the time…never got a change to pursue singing. Please help me do so now. Have a great day!

  22. Molly Harding

    My husband, Tyler Harding has always put our family first. Wen we met in college, he wanted to become a lawyer and enter the army as a JAG; however, he knew enlisting would be a huge burden for our growing family. Upon law school graduation, we already had a baby daughter and another daughter followed soon after. Tyler earned his first position in a law firm and the pressure to pay back huge law school loans and help raise his daughters deterred him from pursuing his military dream. As our family grew from 4 to 5 to 7 (twins) his dream was merely that: a dream. Several years ago while buying a car, the salesman and Tyler began discussing his dream. The salesman was former military and told Tyler the Army had raised the age to enlist and Tyler was now eligible. Seeing his excitement about this prospect was amazing. He quickly researched online and discovered that he would need to be away for several months and our twins were still quite young. Even though I supported his dream, he put the needs of our children and me first and decided not to apply for the JAG program. Now at 42, his chances are gone. Tyler has provided such a wonderful life for his family; however, he sacrificed his military dreams to do so. I wish there was a way he could have the opportunity to make his military dreams a reality!

  23. christina burrow

    I would love to be in this TV show it my dream to be on TV and i would love to be on this TV show getting a chance to act is a amazing opportunity and I’m down for it

  24. William Little

    My life is pretty much a mess of bad choices. I got involved in drugs as a teenager and things went from bad to worse. I am 42 now and have finally matured and tried to turn my life around but with a criminal record it is almost impossible. No one wants to give you a chance or believe that you can truly change. I just finished massage therapy school and am a licensed massage therapist, but no one will give me a job. I am clean cut, take care of myself and currently live with my Mom. . All I want is a chance to prove I am worth something and that people can change. I want to be able to support myself and have a family…is that too much to ask?

  25. Sally

    I am a 49 year old female and going to be 50 in Feb 2015. I am a Mom of a 13 yr old boy, single. I am in sales and I am funny.

    I want to try stand up comedy.

  26. Faye Murray

    Dear Kurt Warner and team, I grow up in a foster home / church home when I was three years old until I was 19 years old. I never got to choose my life style or even go to college when all my friends had parents to pay for their college or the got a scholarship to attend college. I had to work for a living while I was in high school. I have three dreams.

    My first dream was to be an actress. I used to dream I was in the movies and had a rich family somewheres. Unfortunately that was not the case and I woke up every morning in the foster home.

    My second dream is to finish college which I started 6 years ago but had to stop many times due to my job, did not have the money and I stopped because my daughter who is now 18 and in college started having seizures due to a illness. I am working on my psychology degree to do counseling for PTSD and stress disorders patients.

    My THIRD DREAM is my biggest dream to open up a school foster home. The foster children will attend this school and to live on campus while attending the school. In the Summer time they will go back with their foster parents. I will try to get the older students a chance to work in the community as an internship for the summer to make some money. I want the foster children who are already in a home to apply to the campus housing and school with their foster parents to be able to attend this school based on their grades. The reason why I want want foster children to apply to this school because i do not want a normal child who have good parents who sends their children to a good school and I don’t want the normal students to pick on the foster children because they are foster children. I want the foster children who have good grades have a chance at attending a good public/private school based on their grades.

    When I was growing up I had dyslexia but I did not know I had dyslexia until I got in college the first time. I I had to take the pre-college test to get in a college and my college counselor told me that I had extremely low scores and had to take all development classes. I was in resources classes while I was in school and I knew it was hard for me to maintain good grades in school but it broke me down when I found out about all of this. I was always made fun of for being in resource classes in school and being in a foster home. I did not let this get me down I just worked harder in life to get a good job.

    When my daughter started school I notice she had dyslexia so I had her tested in kindergarden. I found out she was a gifted child she had a learning disability and she had a very high IQ along with a photogenic memory. My daughter was bullied in school for being fat and being in resource classes. The kids would call her retarded. Now she is in college doing good and now struggles with a seizure disorder caused by asthma.

    In 2014 I ran for Mrs. United States in TN to raise awareness for foster children and raise awareness for seizure disorders.

    So Mr. Warner now that I am much older in life I want to get the chance to make my dream come true. My dream is to raise awareness for foster children and children with disabilities to attend a school to better their education and better their life. This is my life goal. So if you and your network are ready to take me and my dream on and not afraid of my dream lets get the ball rolling to help me find the money to get my dream started.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to share my dream,

    Faye Murray
    Mount Juliet, TN.

  27. Benjamin P

    It has been sinking in me that my dream to really do what I’ve wanted to do since childhood was my calling. Well, there were two dreams. But I’m pretty sure my chance at being the new leader of the Power Rangers with a bath towel cape and wooden broom stick would be somewhat underwhelming for prime-time television. Or not. I mean, Honey boo-boo. Right?

    I’ve always wanted people to laugh at me. And not in that NAT-GEO “Taboo” way either. I wanted to be Jim Belushi, Bill Cosby, or George Carlin. I was the only 7-year-old who tried to the one liners from Johnny Carson in First Grade.Yes. Mixed results. I was not aware then of what a “sexual innuendo” was. (Sorry Mrs. Ascura about making you blush.)

    High school and college came and went and I shoved that aspiration aside for the more practical arts. I got the degree, started working in graphic design, then web design. Married my dream-girl, got the mortgage, started working the 40-hour-workweek. And every so often it pops in my head that I have been going the wrong direction my whole life.

    I’d think, I’d just do some community acting, or maybe church skits. But I even shoved that aside when my father died a few years back. Then my mother the next year. Then my sister discovers that she has a rare form of cancer and needs a liver transplant. Meanwhile my wife’s grandparents die between this all. Then as my sister finally gets her transplant and begins to try to recover, I get a surprise two days after my 13th wedding anniversary.

    See, when you start throwing up blood in the shower, it’s a usual sign that one’s condition is just outside the scope of “hunky-dory.” It was then I discovered I had idiopathic liver cirrhosis. Then in 2013 I lost my job. Oh wait, right before I lost my job, my mom-in-law announced she had bone cancer. She was laid to rest two months ago.

    So now, I’m a seriously-ill, out-of-work dad and husband. And I’m just trying to help my family keep our heads above the waves. So it’s kinda hard to start doing open-mic night at a night club when I’m waiting for, like, a hell-mouth to just sprout in my backyard. I mean at this point, what could be next? (Note to God: I am kidding.)

    So now I think to myself all the time on how everyone thinks I’m hilarious that I’ve missed a boat. That maybe if I had pursued a career in comedy that *somehow* I could have seen to a better to life for my family. I’d really love a chance to see if I could do that and no feel like I’m stressing my family anymore than we’ve already been. However, I am also still open to the Power Rangers thing. Stick and all.

  28. Vaughn Moore

    I started building boats in 63,a family owned business and still today I have build car bodies,old and new,yachts,sail boats,cats,fishing boats,flats boats .i now live in Florida,moved here in 96 and our family owned business still build the same product line in Louisiana,Gator Boats. I have a vision of a new reality show featuring any thing and every thing fiberglass with a different twist. We bring in other families forgotten &unfinished projects. Our new products we build we give some away.we would give back & help others, we could make surprise visits something like home make over or the car shows.i have everything to do this I need the right contacts and guidance.thanks for this opportunity Vaughn.

  29. Betsy Kelly

    Myself and my fiance Jeff and I would give almost anything to relive the moment that he, myself, and our 2 year old daughter got to meet face to face in nearly 2 years. We are a family full of love, but star-crossed in a world that has been non-stop tragedy since out daughter was born. Why has he not seen our precious daughter since she was an infant, you ask? It was not by plan, neglect, or choice; but something far worse. The birth of our daughter was considered a major trauma. Although we have now based our lives on love and healing, things were not always full of love. Jeff missed Bella’s birth due half in part of disagreements and half due to the severity of the C-section. She and I both spent an extended stay at the hospital due to the complications, and before Jeff could visit her he was involved in a deadly motorcycle accident. His buddy died and Jeff survived with MAJOR complications, including the loss of his right leg. Then, before he could recover, our beautiful daughter was knocking at deaths door. She had a mass/cyst inside the skull pressing on the main vein of the brain. The pressure inside the skull became too great and the mass ruptured through the skull. Bella Grace spent nearly three months hospitalized in South Carolina and was then transferred to a Children’s hospital in Ohio where she is continuing multiple life saving surgeries, All the while her father has been in and out of hospitals in South Carolina and Georgia. Outside of a few visits together around Christmas that Bella was to young and Jeff was too ill to remember, they were unable to see each other. We were blessed to have Jeff visit for Bella’s 2nd birthday party, unfortunately the 12 hour trip was too much for his health at the time and he spent the visit very weak, even unable to lift and hold our beautiful daughter. Recently we have been planning to do all we can in an attempt to build a life together as a family, however, I think the three of us, especially Daddy and Daughter deserve a chance to relive their first real moment together. After all the pain, suffering and heartaches that we have all suffered, I would give all I could to see the three of us, but especially the two of them get to live out a well earned dream filled first real memorable moment. Thanks

  30. Peter Brager

    Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be an actor! I had a rocking personality, charming swag but terrible singing voice! Therefore, it never stopped me from audition for plays and musicals in high school and college.. However, I figured I didn’t get a lot of the roles I wanted because of the way I talk or sound! Graduating high school, I had it in my head and goal to major in Theatre and prove everyone wrong to show them I could make it in today’s society.. On the other hand, I had my mom and friends talk me out of it giving me all cons but no pros to majoring it.. Not majoring in theatre has been the biggest mistake in my life because I know and knew at the time I could have made it far especially because I’m unique, weird and goofy! I’ve lived in 3 different states and 4 different cities since graduating from college in 2010 bouncing from job to job, girl to girl and income to income.. Being 6 hours away from home has took spending time away with my family and friends especially my 25 year old cousin (best friend) whom recently passed away from being in a coma for 2 years! I would love to just get into a time machine and take me back to my last day of high school June 6th 2006 to change my goals and perspective on life because I’m a father of a 4 month old son & want to show him growing up to live your dream and not listen to what people have to say about pursuing it

  31. Ashley Miles

    I have always wanted to be a chef! I went to California Culinary College in SF but my mom developed a heart problem so I had to stop and help her. I now have three kids and don’t have the funds available to me anymore, despite having the passion!

  32. dionne williams

    Hi, iam very interested in being on your show. I once had a dream and chance of becoming a female hiphop artist with a big record company, and got involved with one of the artist and had a child. It put my dream on hold while he pursued his dream. I have never been able to find my way back, Please help by giving me a chance to be on your show. contact me at the email giving. Thanks

  33. Mike

    I had a dream of becoming the best mogul skier in the world. I almost succeeded. I grew up in a flat town, with not much around to practice on, in the winter time I would build up a couple of make shift moguls (by hand) and a jump on the slopes of our local creek bed. The bank was very steep, and the creek was very shallow. The creek would usually freeze in spots, with enough consistency which awarded me my “stopping zone” after the Jump, or after the moguls. I often fell through the thinly frozen layer and into the water, or onto the rocks, or both. I would usually wouldn’t return home until I was either bloody, bruised, or frozen wet. When my mom asked me what I was doing she forbid me from doing it anymore. So of course, I kept doing it anyways. I loved that “hill of death” as I called it. I thought about it every day. I thought incessantly of how to exploit its secrets. I thought about how great it would be when I finally conquered it. That’s where I honed my determination, not my skill. I was still in my tween years then.

    Later, I built a “safer” jump on the bank of the bridge that went over the highway which was in our back yard, landing just a few feet away from winter-hardened highway traffic. I still had no formal training at this point. I just thought it was cool, and I imagined that I was the great Scott Schmitt or Glen Plake, like in the Warren Miller Films. About that time my dad figured out there might be something to my Mogul Skiing talent and he enrolled me in a state-wide open mogul competition, in which I took third place, beating many of the local affiliated freestyle club team members. Wasting no more time he enrolled me in official training. I went to a mountain school for much of my high school career, and I my skills were starting to gain momentum. Albeit, with some lumps. My first 18-year-old age bracket win, came with a blown out knee. During my rollercoaster recovery, I would suffer several more total knee reconstruction surgeries. But all that hardly slowed me down. My teammates would often comment with amazement how I could come back from surgery and be BETTER than when I got hurt. It’s because I never left, “mentally” anyways. Even when I was lying in bed all doped up on surgery medication, I was still imagining what my next perfect mogul turn would feel like. Like I can still feel it today. In my first nationals, I defeated several seated US Team members and took 8th place. I accomplished this while skiing on an ankle that was broken in 2 places, and a knee that was just a few short months off of the operating table.

    My story doesn’t stop there. My body eventually caught up to my skill, and I started dominating my division. In my last 2 years, I held the fastest time in nearly every competition. In my last 10 mogul events, I went undisputed in speed alone ( That’s 2 competitions per event, 2 Runs per competition=40 runs with the fastest time, in a row.) A record that, to my knowledge, is still unbroken to this day. And that was the Rocky Mountain Division one of the Fastest Mogul Divisions in the world. People were starting to whisper that I was the fastest mogul skier in the world. Although that was never formalized, no one ever beat me to the bottom, and I raced some of the world’s absolute finest. However, in mogul skiing speed isn’t everything, so I want to stress that I had my fair share of wins during that time too. Although, admittedly, I usually came in second place. People usually made jokes about how fast I was, they still do. At my second and final Nationals, I was in great physical shape (for the first time ever it seemed like). And I was posting times, in practice that the reigning world champion couldn’t match. It was a difficult course, and being the smarter more “mature” me, I decided to play it “safe” (for once) and take it “easy” my first run to ensure a spot in the finals. However, I ended up missing finals on the last run, by the last skier by 1/100th of a point! I was devastated! Not only did I already post the fastest time of the weekend (at US Nationals beating the World Champions time) and was I a contender for the US Team spot of for grabs, but I got edged out on the technicality of how they round numbers! All the success I had achieved despite being in so much pain, just made that whole experience so much worse for me, being at the bottom of the course, healthy, and not allowed to ski in my rightful place, which I had worked so hard for, because of technicality! That was by far the worst pain of my entire career.

    The following season unraveled very quickly for me. All of the past years that I talked about I was paying for on my credit card at a very high interest rate, with very little help from my parents. Looking at my finances, I literally couldn’t afford, in any way, to continue making my monthly credit card payments if I took out any more money at all, and I was already working so much I was barely training. Oh, did I forget to mention that during this whole time, I was not only going to school and getting good grades, I was working two jobs , in addition to my rigorous full time training schedule. And before you ask, Yes, I had sponsors. 13 to be exact. But I just couldn’t leverage the kind of money from them that I needed to keep me going, even though I tried so hard. (They usually only offered financial sponsorship to world cup skiers.) (On average I sent out about 50 sponsorship requests per year.) Oh and at that time my parents cut me off too. Leaving mogul skiing was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I never ran short of determination, I was completely fearless, I was laser focused, and I never ran out of skill. I’m just a poor kid from a flat town that had a dream, and was cut down by the tax man before he could find his angel. Some might say that it was a stout miracle that I got as far I did. I learned to ski on a hill of death, and I laid down runs that confounded Olympians, but I never had my “Moment” to finally prove myself once and for all. That’s my legacy, that’s my burden.

    The following year, I watched as the sport became more popular, and they FINALY opened up more spots on the US team, to athletes that I beat in every competition the previous year. I beat myself up a great deal that year, but looking back on it now. There is still NO way, I could have afforded to compete that year, short of finding a big sack of money in the dumpster, or having someone financially-savvy enter my life. I was i-n-c-h-e-s away from finally making it. I’m literally tearing-up as I write this, because it still hurts to this day. –Sigh—Since I retired, I have been doing a little coaching. ALL of my kids gained a huge advance in there skiing from my tutelage. 3 of my students are now currently on world cup in 2 different countries. If you want to know if what I say holds merit, ask them, they are very famous.

  34. Daniel Pitts

    I’ve played sports for all my life but when I got to high school I began to excel at football. I started getting noticed by schools my sophomore year and and junior year but none wanted to offer me a scholarship. Then the summer of my junior year schools really started showing more and more interest in me but still wanted to see how I played through out my senior before they offered me a scholarship. I worked really hard the whole summer and on our last day of camp we always have a team scrimmage at night. Usually quarterbacks are not aloud to be hit in practice but I was tired of everyone saying I was soft and I would get tackled easy so I told the coach to let me be tackled. I went more than half the scrimmage taking a few hit and everything was fine. Then on one play I took off running and was horse collard from behind and tore my ACL. This forced me to miss my entire senior and made every school stop talking to me. I ended up walking on at Old Dominion University. I redshirted one year and felt the coach just wouldn’t give me a fair chance because I was a walk on. Then my second year they brought in a JUCO quarterback because they said none of the quarterbacks were developed. He would be named the starter at the beginning of camp and I was third of the depth chart. Eventually I worked my way up to second string but could not beat out the starter Thomas DeMarrco (who plays in the CFL). So I decided to transfer to Tiffin University in Ohio. When I talked to the O line coach there they said they would love to have me but then when camp started and I was doing better than the other quarterback the head coach just pulled me from the rotation and I did not see the field at all. He would go on to be fired. Then came in our new coach. In the spring I did great with him and his new offense and thought it was my time and he even said they like my potential. Half way through summer works out though he decided to bring another quarterback from Iowa State. He put him ahead me just because of the school he came from. He would get hurt half way through the year and I played 4 games. Then finally going into my senior year they started the ahead still after all the work I put in again. Then after 4 games he got hurt again and I finally got a chance to play and took full advantage of it. The coach at the end of the season said I wish would have played you more. So then after my senior year I continued to work and I went to a few combines but never got a call from any teams. I started working at a surf shop/Halloween store but still continued to work out and throw. Then I got called from a team down in Florida but it end up being a big scam that was not paying anyone on the team. I just feel like I have been over looked my whole because I was not able to attended a big school but I feel like if I was given the chance I could prove that I do belong playing football for a team.

  35. Steven C

    I just wrote an entire page on my dream. Pressed the backspace button and it all completely deleted. Long story short, my dream is to help people that are less fortunate. Not pay of a persons student loan debts, but bigger. Email me if your interested to hear more about my bigger ideas.. Thank you

  36. Stacy

    Several years ago, I was chosen for one of 6 spots for a competitive internship (literally, many apply for these internships) at a top notch local station as a news anchor in North Carolina (where I live). I had to turn it down, because, well, I have to work. It was so hard to tell them now..but it was, as I found out, unpaid. I love my job as a teacher, I just still think about that though. I have 2 children, and I don’t regret this…and now being a single mom since then…it really make me think,”I would’ve liked to have given that a try!”

  37. Devin Brandon

    I grew up playing football… My first love. I had a good high school career with a not so good team that landed me at Emporia state. Red shirted one year, then decided to transfer because the coaches at Emporia did not fit me into my power position, WR. I transformed to UCM where I would play WR. Spent a few summer practices there and immediately caught the eye if the coaches. Long story short, right before the season practices began our head coach excepted another coaching job and took all but one coach with him, a defensive coach. Once new coach arrived he brought new staff and already had his recruits and returning players that he was GOIN to play. Thus another bump in the road. After not being able to pay for school, due to the scholarship pool that took place after coach left, I was forced to drop out. I played two years of Arena with the MidMissouri Outlaws until reality set in, I realized I needed a career to make money and live so I joined the US army. I completely basic training with an injury that followed my to the day I was suppose to deploy and was medboarded out if the army. I pushed my body so hard to get back in shape to live out u dreams, but the opportunities were just not the same for a 22 year old “washed up” Athlete . I’ll be 25 next year, I now have a daughter and I want nothing more but to show her what ” never give up” truly means.

  38. Nino

    Ive seen this great australian band from when they srteatd with Bon Scott twice and every tour since then with both Razors Edge & both Black Ic…

  39. Jasmiria penn

    I have always wanted to be a professional Modern, jazz,ballet & hip hop dancer. I attend the school for the fine and performing Arts in Detroit MI. However, I didn’t go on to pursue a career in that field. I do believe if I was pushed to really go out there and do it. I would have made it happen.

  40. Teri cartier

    I was 17 and got accepted into my dream school. I was in the system and was told I can’t live in my house because of the home owners insurance wouldn’t let a minor rent it. I didn’t know anyone in the city so I had to move to a smaller city with my uncle. I gave up the chance to study run way fashion hairstyling at Aveda for community school. I’m 20 now and regret it every day.

  41. Lori Rattay

    A dream of mine is to do a full ironman. I completed a half ironman, I would love to be able to take time off from work to train for this and not have to worry about my salary , bills and the expense of the race.
    I wish someone would sponsor some girl trying to acheive a dream of hers instead of only the elite athletes.

  42. Mattie Jones

    I have 4 sons that have tried since they were very young to be performers they had me to several states trying to get discovered. In Georgia they were working with someone in music and end up getting the family car taken and sleeping homeless there had to leave could not find work. They went to Florida to prusue music in college that failed could not get hired and second time went back they end up homeless but there music was catching on. They went to Minnesota a friend thought she could help them still not making it. They have tried so hard for over 14 years. They are begin to feel poke failures I can tell. They produce, write, sing, and rap music. They have been in contact with several artist no help. Borrowed money to travel to meet with people they didnt work with them. Work with someone that wanted them to sign all their music over to them they didnt so he droped them. He was claiming he was their manager. Please Help! From a loving mother

  43. sheka williams

    hey my name is sheka williams and i am from hampton roads virginia.. i have had many and plenty of dreams and goals but there is one that i really need help with. i always wanted to become a private investigator and open my own firm. i want to help those who feel like it is hopeless to find whatever it is they are looking for. closure is something i need with a lot of things and i know being a private investigator will help bring closure to a lot of people. i want to look for lost relatives, lost loves, murder suspects, most wanted fugitives etc.. i am very experienced because i have been working for a bondsman company for 5 years now and trust me there isn’t much i haven’t seen done or investigated or witnessed yet. very exciting and fulfilling.

  44. Jennifer Onysko

    My whole life I feel as though I have lived in the shadows of regret by not doing things the way I should have. While growing up, I had a very strict and old school mom. My life consisted of sports, dancing, piano lessons, etc. Eventually, not being able to have time to socialize with my friends got to me and then the rebelling years began at home. As a young girl I dreamed of becoming a model. Unfortuantely, insecurites brought on by my mom and peers, always knocked me down when I got close to jobs. My mother didn’t want to model because she said it wasn’t a career. When I graduated high school, I was given a scholarship to play Volleyball. I turned it down because I didn’t want to go to college in NJ, I wanted to get out of the state. I also didn’t go to college right away because my father was diagnosed with cancer. Evenutally, at the age of 20, I decided it was time to get out of the state. I moved to Mrytle Beach for college. Again, comments followed that I looked like a model. So I gave it another shot. I was asked to go to Florida to walk the runway where top agencies look at you. I was so excited. But my mom was against me going. So I turned away, again from another opportunity. I didn’t get to finish school because at 24 I had my son. Who is the best thing that ever happened to me. I had a made a lot of sacrifices to get where I am now but it is nowhere close to where I’d hoped I’d be at 31 years old. After having my son, I tried modeling again. In December of 2012, I was involved in a car accident. I was stopped at a red light and was hit from behind. The accident has left me with 3 cervical herniations. I am still working and doing what I have to for my son. But before the accident I was very physically active, so it has been a hard adjustment. My dream of modeling still lingers in the back of my head. Do I really have that exotic look everyone says I do?

  45. Christine Sutherland

    I’m a girl from Brooklyn who always dreamed of being a WWE wrestler. I watched every week with my brother and would practice my wrestling moves on my siblings. They even nick named me Mic Foley (because I was kind of nuts). Now at the age of 30, I’m in the best shape of my life and wondering why I listened to the people around me who said that would never be possible. I feel like I’m right at the age where this could be my last shot at realizing my dreams and becoming that larger than life WWE Diva that I always knew I could be. I’m a personal trainer who loves to get people healthy and get them into shape. I love what I do but I’ve always felt like I was meant for more. Please give a crazy girl from Brooklyn a shot to make her dream a reality! I know I’ve got what it takes, I’m just not sure how!

  46. Belle Haven

    Hey I’m Belle Haven and I’m 20 years old. I have always had a dream of becoming a model and an actress but people tells me that I am too short and won’t even cut it in modeling people also tells me that I could never become an actress in America because I’m from Africa and plus my skin is too dark for the Americans to want to notice any of my talents for the big screen. By the way I am 5’5, I heard that there is a 5’4 Victoria secret model, so I think that if she can do so can I and I’m not ask dark skinned as people classify me to be. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been into makeup, fashion, and drama. I remember through out elementary and middle school I used to get a whipping from my mom for stealing her make up and clothes also for wearing make up at such a young age. I would love you to help me pursue my dreams. I also have a boyfriend who wants to be a designer as well. The same struggles I’m going through with people he’s going through. Please help us prove to people that no matter where you are from, your genetic treats, you can become who or what ever you want.

  47. Melannie Colon

    4 years ago my girlfriend left her family to come live with me. She went against her mother and her religion because we had goals and steps to make a future work. Then her sister needed shelter, and my girlfriend lost her job due to discovering she has MS (Multiple Sclorosis- a diseases that affects all muscles). I went into debt and my credit got destroyed as I struggled to support 3 people. I had to give up on my passion to study animation and special effects makeup and instead just went to school for one year to get a pastry degree. Then my grandfather became ill and I left my job to stay home and help my family care for him because he needed assistance 24/7. I lost my chance to study my passion but not only that, my girlfriend and I had dreams that we would be married, have a house by know and be on our way to creating a family. We cant do this because we are still struggling to fix our economic downfall.

    It would make a miraculous difference in my life if I was selected for this show.

  48. espy

    I wanted to be the best I can be.i wanted to use my gift and share to others and fulfill whatever plan HE has for me.(that includes joining competitions and grabbing opportunities)

  49. Mileina Battaglia

    I would like you to consider my husband, Chuck. He was a phenomenal baseball player with terrific potential to be a pro. Because of his intense commitment to throwing fastballs at ridiculous distances, his shoulder was injured at the end of his junior year in college, requiring surgery. Since surgery would put him out his senior year, he chose to play with the injured arm and it just didn’t function the same. We were dating by then and he knew that he might have to fight his way through the minor league for years after recovering from surgery that he had put off, so he chose instead to marry me and try work.

    His first choice after college was to be a coach and math teacher, but he wasn’t finished school yet due to the tremendous amount of time required for baseball. He humbly went to work instead at Wal Mart. After just ten months, they offered him a managerial position because of his awesome work ethic, and on the same day he also received an unexpected phone call from a Christian high school asking if he might be interested in a teaching and coaching position. The school offered him 1/3 of the salary that Wal Mart put on the table, and they would pay for him to complete his studies. He was torn because we sure could have used the better paying job with a one year old and expecting a second child, but his heart was for the position at school.

    Fast forward 18 years and he is still at that high school as the athletic director, football and baseball coach and he has three teenage sons attending. One will graduate each year beginning this May through 2016. If anyone deserves to fulfill a dream, it’s him. More than anything, he would love to just complete his small school’s football and baseball fields so that he can leave a legacy there for future graduates with athletic talent to have the opportunity to succeed. Thanks so much for this new concept – what an inspiration!

  50. Debbie Kerr

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to compete in a figure competition. Its so hard though because I have so much going on at home that it is so hard to focus on my dream. I have been married for 19 years and we have 4 kids. My 20 yr old is in college and always needs something. My daughter 16 she is a competitive gymnast and it is a very expensive sport. But she is so good at it I cant even consider thinking about myself, just wanting her to fly. My other son, 15yrs is awesome getting ready to sign him up for a sport that I will be driving him back and fourth to and last but not least my other daughter Mimi, she’s thirteen. This child is just an all around athlete she is good at almost everything, volleyball, soccer, tennis she’s awesome too. so as you can see I’m very busy and don’t really have much time or money left for my self. I would love the opportunity to focus on myself for once just to achieve one dream of mine and that’s to compete in a figure competition. That would be so awesome…..

  51. Kevin

    My name is Kevin and I played professional basketball overseas back in the late 90’s. I also worked out with the N.B.A. players during the summer. I was the Player of the Year coming out of high school but a rocky college career dampened my chances of playing in the N.B.A. which was my dream. I still play basketball for recreation and live in shape because I work out daily. I still love the game, have the passion and have my skill set and competitiveness. For some odd reason, even though I am older, I still have that seemingly unfulfilled place in my heart to play in the N.B.A. I know a career is out of the question and to be honest I would not expect that but what I would not give to play in (1) N.B.A. game and score (1) basket to be able to look life in the eye and say, “I did not quit against the odds and I did it.” To be in the locker room with the guys, to come running out of the tunnel with a jersey on with my last name on it and see my mom, dad and family watching me. To run layups with the guys, to get in the game and score (1) basket would be a dream come true. Sometimes life is not always about money because i would take my (1) day contract money and donate it to less fortunate kids. If Rocky can do it so can I. I hear that Rocky theme song playing in my head right now. I know this sounds far fetched but that what makes it a dream because most of them are until they come true.

  52. Dina Richter

    Dina Richter

    I have appeared in 6 films and an infomercial.
    Due for another infomercial for the same company on
    Home Shopping Network in February 2014
    The films are as follows:
    1- HOOD & THE WOLF 2010
    2- MANGOS May 2012
    By Patty Richardson

    3-HEARTBREAK 2013


    SEPT. 2013
    By Cameron Bigelow

    5- NOVA ROAD OCT 2013
    Produced by
    Michelle Brown
    Directed by
    Ashton Kristopher Bracciodieta

    6- BIRD DOG- NOV.2013
    By Ken Woods

  53. Stacy Downs

    My life consists of sports everyday, if I am not playing or coaching then I am watching them. My TV is continuously on ESPN or a sports channel, as well as my radio. As a child I loved sports. I played them in high school and even through college. Then once I could not really play sports anymore, I had to coach! I have coached volleyball and I have been coaching basketball for 4 years. When I was in college I was unsure what I wanted to do when “I grew up”. I ended up gravitating to teaching which I love and it lead me to coaching girls basketball in my hometown middle school through high school.
    Over the last few years of my life I have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. At the age of 29, I fell in love with profession of sports broadcasting (female). When I was in college communication was not an area I considered. At the time I did not have the confidence or self-esteem to consider sports broadcasting. After teaching and coaching for several years I now have the confidence I was lacking to be in the communication/broadcasting field. I wish I was the women interviewing a quarterback after a game, a pre game interview with the coach or analyzing the games for the day. I figure this gives me a chance to at least say I tried something to pursue my dream job!!!!!

  54. Josh Peek

    WOW….amazing opportunity ! I am a 21 year old Student at the University of Indianapolis, my name is Joshua Peek. I was and am huge fan of Kurt Warner in Elementary I dress up like him, my mom did the side burns we did a painted tattoo on my leg.I even held the Campbell soup can. I did an oral Book Report,” All things are possible”. I have the pictures and report to prove it.
    I have played football since I was in 4th Grade, Set Record in High School for Interceptions still held. Went on to play at University of Indianapolis to never play…it killed me, I knew I had the talent made the plays at practice but I didn’t come from money nor did I get an athletic scholarship. It is Division 2, when it came to looking at Colleges my Mom said, make one visit to a Division 2 as I wanted a tougher conference then division 3, so I did. Even though the coaches in High School said you are all Divison 3. Well I fell in love with the campus, I said to My Mom, I would love to play football here and she said then do it, believe in yourself. Well in my 2nd year still not playing I went to coach Bart and said, “Hey Football is my life, where do I stand on your team, If there is not a spot let me know so I can transfer” His response was your a smart kid you’ll make the right choice. So I stayed this is my Junior year my Mom and Brothers were there to see me play, I had a hand injury, they called me for one play the last quarter. I almost caught a ball with my injured hand for an interception. That was it…I ended up asking the coach to release me the next year my Senior year. I don’t know if the pain of leaving the team was greater than the pain of standing on the side lines. I couldn’t bare another year dressed, pumped up family there and never able to play. Coach played the guys who had scholarship money for football. Now do I want a second chance to prove myself or move on to help kids realize their goals. Lets see what Kurt suggests.

  55. G. Anderson

    My daughter Sophia has always had a dream to become a hair stylist. She did attend college, but stopped because she could no longer afford it. She has loans that need to be repayed, therefore, she cannot go to hair school until these are paid. Is there help for her here?

  56. Christopher Dent

    I have had a dream to be on Americas next top model and it seems harder than ever because im a homosexual and I really want to live this dream. I get teased and I feel like I have what it takes to be a model. I love playing basketball, modeling, and competing in drag pageant but its my dream to be on this show if I can just get your help to audition I would love it>

  57. jessica gracia

    25 yrs old

  58. jessica gracia

    Lets keep this short i grew up with not much i mean sharing a original chicken with my bro and sis for dinner, and or heat was body heat… In sixth grade i got the amazing opportunity to fence with Alex Ripa of Rhode island fencing academy ,it started a joke but i fell in love with this sport in only a few months i was better than average i placed in all my competitions i was injured and still fought for a medal that day.. I made the big but couldn’t Ashford it my family didn’t have the money to pay for my gear and not to be selfish at the age of 13 i Gabe up my dream because i knew i would just be taking food away that we needed ……..