The Little Mermaid – Live Action Movie

The Little Mermaid - Movie

The Little Mermaid – Movie

Universal Pictures and Working Title Films are teaming up with acclaimed Academy Award winning director Sofia Coppola for an incredible new, live-action take on the all-time classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid. Hot on the heels of such recent adaptations as Maleficent, Alice In Wonderland and Snow White And The Huntsman, The Little Mermaid is set to bring the “under the sea” world to audiences around the world in a way that they have never imagined before and soon you could be a part of the magic. Casting calls for roles of all sizes in this fabulous new production will be taking place very soon.

Based on the novel by Hans Christian Anderson (which was adapted into the beloved 1989 Disney animated musical), The Little Mermaid tells the tale of  Ariel, a young mermaid princess who lives in a beautiful underwater kingdom where her loving father reigns as king. Bored with sea life, Ariel becomes increasingly curious about humans and one day comes upon a human prince named Eric. When Ariel saves Prince Eric from a

violent storm he becomes equally smitten with her and makes it his mission to find her wherever she may be. Desperate to join the human world, Ariel makes a deal with Ursula the sea witch – Ariel will give her her beautiful singing voice for three days and in exchange for turn her into a human for that time, if Ariel does not receive the kiss of love from the prince then  she will turn back into a mermaid and and belong to the witch.

This tale of true love and romance above land and below the sea is loved by millions and now the story will once again be coming to theaters everywhere. The Little Mermaid will be directed by Coppola (Lost In Translation, Somewhere, The Bling Ring) from a script by Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Snow White: The Fairest of Them All) and will be produced by 3-time Oscar nominee Tim Bevan (Les Misérables, Nanny McPhee, Fargo) and 4-time Oscar nominee Eric Fellner (Frost/Nixon, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Love Actually).

Casting calls for The Little Mermaid will be happening quickly and every production note and audition detail will be posted here as it is released. Check back for more exciting updates and leave a message for us below and tell us what you love about this amazing story and why you want to be a part of the upcoming casting calls for The Little Mermaid.

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  1. Mary

    Age 20 (I look very young I easily can pass for 16)
    Heigth 5’0
    Weight 115lbs

    Hi my name is Mary. I’m an aspiring actress and singer who gave up a lot of dreams to pay bills, live, and get by in this economy. I’m 20, red hair, green eyes, and fair skin. I’m athletic and take pride in keeping my apperence and body looking good and toned. I’m very petite weighing 115 pounds. I have a very strong voice, I have had 5 years vocal training lessons and words don’t do my voice justice you have to hear it. I promise you I could blow your mind away with the range of my voice. I have plenty of stage work doing plays, musical’s, dinner theater’s, and many shows. I also helped off and behind the set helping build our sets and stages and backdrops, design props, change the set inbtween curtains, make costumes, design makeup, working sound booths and cameras, and finally being the makeup/hair artist for men, woman, and children. Ive always adored Ariel as a child she was my favorite princess and it would mean a lot of I could Audition for the part of Ariel.

  2. Mary

    Hi my name is Mary. I’m an aspiring actress and singer who gave up a lot of dreams to pay bills, live, and get by in this economy. I’m 20, red hair, green eyes, and fair skin. I’m athletic and take pride in keeping my apperence and body looking good and toned. I’m very petite weighing 115 pounds. I have a very strong voice, I have had 5 years vocal training lessons and words don’t do my voice justice you have to hear it. I promise you I could blow your mind away with the range of my voice. I have plenty of stage work doing plays, musical’s, dinner theater’s, and many shows. I also helped off and behind the set helping build our sets and stages and backdrops, design props, change the set inbtween curtains, make costumes, design makeup, working sound booths and cameras, and finally being the makeup/hair artist for men, woman, and children. Ive always adored Ariel as a child she was my favorite princess and it would mean a lot of I could Audition for the part of Ariel.

  3. Cassidy

    Hello, I have 14 years of stage experience under my belt. I also spent 6 years in choir. I was Ariel a few years ago in Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr. I dream of starring as Ariel again. I’m 21. I could easily pass for 16 with the proper makeup.

  4. Kassidy Gerome

    Height- 5′ 6
    Weight- 110
    Trim, toned figure
    Hair color- brown with natural blonde highlights
    Skin- fair, tan
    Eyes- brown
    Age- 18, can play from 13-27 years old
    Singer, actress, dancer, swimmer, surfer, snowboarder, cheerleader
    Athletic, adventurous, out-going. Spontaneous, enthusiastic, determined

    This is one the most inspiring movies of my childhood. Ariel has been my favorite princess since always. My nickname is the little mermaid on my swim team and with my family. Her curious and out-going spirit is just like mine. Along with her kind heart and loving attitude. If I could bring her character to life and inspire people the way the original film inspires me it would be a dream come true.

  5. Mary

    Hello, I am Maria! I am an aspiring composer, writer – I write short stories and now working on my first book. I’ve been a pianist since I was 3, now I’m 17 years old. I am a huge fan of Disney and the stories of Disney princesses, Ariel is my favorite as well. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English (both British and American) and Hebrew. I would really love to become a part of the Disney family as I dream about working at Walt Disney Studios in the future. I’m an aspiring artist too, I’ve been painting since I was a little kid. Disney stories mean so much for me and they are very close to my heart. It would be a dream come true and an honor to be a part of a Disney movie. I took acting and vocal classes as well. It is a truly wonderful opportunity! Now, I have blue eyes and blonde hair and I’m an athlete. Ariel is a part of who I am and she will always be. She is my role model. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. Maile

    Hi, my name is Maile and I’ve always loved the little mermaid and it is one of my favorite movies. I enjoy singing and acting. I am 15 years old, about 5’4 with blonde hair and greenish blue eyes. I would love to audition for Ariel and help bring this movie to life

  7. Bethany Muir

    Hi, my name is Bethany! I am 12 years old! I have straight red hair, blue eyes, and I am (about) 5 foot 3 inches. I have always wanted to act (but have never been a girly girl). I have my own finfun mermaid tail and I am really good at swimming in it. My favorite princess has always been Ariel (because we both have red hair) and my sister and I have played like we were mermaids since we were tiny. I have done a few church musicals with a few speaking parts, dancing parts, and just extras. I am willing to sing with autotune but I would probably not be good enough without it. I am a pretty good dancer (when I have planned choreography). I have done a few slots with my friends for AHG. When I was 8 or 9 we started to make our own version of the Little Mermaid called Ariel’s Story! This would be an amazing experience for me! Please consider it! But I haven’t told my parents so I will have to ask them if you choose me for any part.😀

  8. Lily Brooks

    Hello! My name is Lily Brooks. This story how such a powerful and meaningful message behind it and it is something I would love to be a part of! I am currently 18 years old, brown hair blue eyes, 5’8″! I’ve taken acting classes for 6 years and I’ve been a part of school plays as well Ellen Marano’s ACT Theater in 2014-2015. I would love to hear back about this opportunity! Thanks so much!

  9. Megan Bethel

    Hi! My name is Megan Bethel. I am currently a High School student in Canada and I would absolutely love to be a part of this production. Acting is my passion, I love digging deep into my roles and truly becoming one with the character. I have been a part of many productions such as Twelfth Night, playing Olivia, Madeline in Bawdy Body, Mrs. Perkins in The Admirable Crichton etc. I have also worked backstage and onstage for my school shows. I have been accepted into multiple schools in my area for Dramatic Arts and have experience with auditions. The Little Mermaid is truly one of my favourite movies. Growing up I was a competitive swimmer and I felt like I could relate to Ariel in many ways, my love for adventure, born with red hair, desire to see the world. My parents would take me to Disney World every other year and Ariel was the one I was most excited to see. I own multiple copies of the books, dolls and even Hot Chocolate Powder with her face on it that I bought at Disney. I am happy that on the description it says “roles of all sizes” as I have struggled with my weight in the past (Hypothyroidism) and it really shows how we as a world are progressing. I am confident that I am the right fit for this role and it would be a dream coming true.

    Height: 5′ 8
    Weight: 195
    Hair Colour: Naturally Strawberry Blonde
    Hair Length: 18-20 inches
    Age: 17 turning 18 in May
    Race: Caucasian
    Complexion: Fair
    Gender: Female

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

    Megan Bethel

  10. Christina Roanne Daugherty

    As a child what I loved most about Ariel, was that me and her had the same hair color. Through that i felt we had a connection. As I grew up, my love for the story only grew, but for a different reason. I love how adventurous Ariel is, she did what she thought was right ignoring the rules, and she accepted that she loved someone from a different world and figured out a way to be with them.
    But we can forget the other wonderful charcters that make this story what it is: Sebastian, Flounder, Triton, Scuttle, and Eric. Sebastian is an onion, he has many different layers, and each one helps to make the story funnier and relateable. Flounder is your tipical best friend, a scaredy cat but will help you in your time of need. Scuttle is another amazing character he teaches Ariel the ways of humans, rather they are right or wrong that’s besides the point. Triton, the loveable but strict father, as every father should be. He would sacrifice anything for his little girl. Finally, Eric, he is open minded to Ariel being a mermaid, loves her, and does what he can to be with her.
    I want to take on the challenge of representing Ariel, an amazing character, that will leave an emprint on little girls and boys everywhere. Showing them to be adventurous, and that it’s okay to seperatly from the crowd and do what they think is right. I have been many lead roles in my high school plays and have sang back stage for one in middle school. I have been to colleges and been scored on my voice and have only got the highest scores. I love acting and singing. After this year when I graduate from highschool, I want to get a major in Drama and Theater. Bring casted for this story that has emprinted on many people would not only be a fun experience, but a learning experience of what I can do and how I can do better. Rather I do or don’t get casted for the movie I can’t wait to see it.

  11. Christina Roanne Daugherty

    As a child what I loved most was that me and Ariel had the same hair color. I thought that through that m

  12. Kassidy Gerome

    I have been a sports nut since I was three, in the last 10 years I’ve been dedicated to swimming and have won awards and set high school records and will be continuing the sport in college. I attend the gym everyday and maintain a a healthy diet without being too crazy about it. I’m very outgoing and well rounded. I have many friends and family members I would do anything for. Being in a big Italian family means lots of loyalty and support influence. I have adored acing since I was 2, being Mary in a school production of the Christmas Story. Since then I have been Alice- Alice in Wonderland (local theatre) Sandy- Grease (local) Nala- The Lion King (local) Ariel- The Little Mermaid (local) Miss Pratt- Ladies of the Jury (high school) Dr. Pinch- Comey of Errors (high school) and Jennifer Truex (high school). In high school I participated in ASB, captain of the cheer team by junior and senior year, choir, drama, and captain of the swim team my sophomore to senior years, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA, making sure all was well at home, helping my mom, having two jobs, and keeping high spirits for myself and my school. I am a very dedicated, loyal person. I am a fast learner and always willing to try new and exciting and spontaneous things. I portrayed Ariel in a local theatre production of the little mermaid. I have a fiery passion for singing and acting.
    As far as dreams go, Ariel taught me that dreaming big is nothing to be ashamed of and to see the good in everything no matter how bad it appears, to give everyone a chance no matter how different they seem, and to never give up on those you care most about. If I could take all this to the big screen and relive such a classic and inspire children today the way the timeless classic inspired and continues to inspire me I would be eternally grateful.

    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 120
    Physique: swimmer body, toned muscles and slim, trim figure
    Hair: brown with natural blonde highlights, (but not opposed to red;))
    Eye: light brown
    Skin: light tan
    Ethnicity: Irish, English, Italian

  13. Kassidy Gerome

    I have adored this film from the very moment I watched it. To this day it it my go to feel good movie and bring me such joy. It inspired me to dream big, love whole heartedly, and I wanted to be a mermaid myself so I joined a swim team, and have been called the little mermaid since I was 7 years old. I would to be apart of this film. ACting is a goal of mine, and portraying Ariel is the ultimate dream come true

  14. Charly

    Hey my name is Charly i’m 15 years old (almost 16) and i love Disney movies,
    I also love acting, singing and dancing and its a really big passion of me. I’m in a drama group on my school and I did 9 years of dancing.

    Height: 174 cm (5’71 feet)
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Body type: thin and i have a light skin
    Gender: female
    Hair type: i have very long and thick hair
    Race: i’m from the Netherlands
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Complexion: fair

  15. Lindsay Boechler

    I grew up watching The Little Mermaid. It was the first VHS that I ever was given. My mom would ask me to sing the songs from a very young age for talent shows. She passed away when I was 12 and my dad was very protective while raising me afterwrds so I can completely relate to the story as resonates with me each time I watch it. Im an outgoing dreamer just like Ariel. I’ve been acting, singing and dancing from a young age. Am I able to send an audition via video as I can’t be there in person? Thank you.

  16. Grace Koch

    Grace Koch
    Physical appearance, height, and weight + more
    Naturally brown hair but frequently dyed bright red,
    Brown eyes with green around the edges
    Height is 5’4
    Weighs 116
    16 years old
    Thin, healthy
    Caucasian, white
    Fair complexion

  17. Grace Koch

    Hi! My name is Grace Koch and I am 16 years old. The Little Mermaid has always been my dream role since I was a little girl, even after I played her in a play, I never lost my love for the character. I’m even known as red for having my Ariel- inspired bright red hair and adventures eyes. I would love to be considered for the part. I have lots and lots of experience in plays from the young age of 9 and still perform now c: I also sing, and play guitar. I have a YouTube channel under Grace Koch if you would like more Information. Thank you for reading! Lots of love- Grace.

  18. Enrique Charette

    Who would o have to write or talk to in order to get an audition

  19. Margarette stasko

    This movie has always been my favorite of the Disney movies. I know (almost) all the songs by heart and have always been a part of this movie in some way. This movie is the reason I started singing in the first place, and I would love to even try out

  20. Ellsa Ohmann

    Physical appearance in relation to Ellsa Ohmann-
    Weight: 130lbs
    Hair colour: Dirty strawberry blonde
    Eye colour: Hazel
    Race: Cacausion
    Complexion: Fair
    Body type: Hourglass figure
    Age: 15
    Height: 5′ 4”

  21. Ellsa Ohmann

    Hello my name is Ellsa I’m 15 years old and acting and singing are my Life. I am constantly in performances at my local theatre and I’m school productions. I am also the student director in my current production at the moment as well as preforming in the show. I am also in voice lessons with a trained professional from England. Besides from theatre I love to excerize, volunteer, and spend time with my family and loved ones. The water is my other major passion before I started acting I was on a private competitive swim team. Whenever it’s warm outside I’m always on the water either fishing, swimming, or paddle boarding. Ever since I was young my family always called me their “Little Mermaid” and ever since then I always dreamed of playing Ariel on the big screen. Thank you for your time and consideration. 🙂

  22. Amanda Gonzalez Perez

    I meant to say fair skin sorry haha. 🙂

  23. Amanda Gonzalez Perez

    HELLO! My name is Amanda Gonzalez, I am 20 years old, I can sing very much like Ariel, I love my hair red, I’m 5’4 I can relate to the character, and I have a lot of energy, I’m Hispanic but my hair is fair and my eyes are hazel so I get mistakened for something else a lot, and I am beyond pationate about the role of Ariel, and I am also a helpless romantic so I would love to have the opportunity to play the part

  24. Hannah Sher

    My name is Hannah, I’m 20 years old and studying Film in London. I’m hardworking and passionate about the creative industries (music, film, and acting). Currently, a part of a none profit Musical Theater company in central London and trying to build an acting profile. Will soon be appearing in our rendition of ‘Anything Goes’.

    Singing Ability:
    Professional: No
    Range: Alto (still to be professionally declared)

    Physical Details:

    Height: 5″0
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair Length/Colour/Type: Long,dark brown with a natural curl
    Weight: 46kg
    Body Type: Slim/Petite
    Skin Tone: Light Olive complexion
    Ethnicity: Portuguese/Pathan
    Nationality: British
    Dress Size: 6-8 (UK)

    I’d love to be considered for an audition. Please contact me if in need of any more details.

  25. Liberty

    The a little mermaid story is a classic tale which joins the human world with the under-sea.
    Includes magic and wonder for the whole family. I would love to be a part of this production as I enjoy inspiring others and of course I love acting! The story is one of my favourites, as well.

  26. Kristin

    My name is kristin and I have always wanted to be in a Disney movie! Preferably a princess, but since I do not think I can sing, I feel I could learn to sing with some lessons! I have been watching Disney movies since I was about 1 and have loved them every since!
    I am 26 years old, but look like I’m about 18. I live in Ontario, Canada. I have long brown hair(which is easily dyed), hazel eyes(no problems wearing contacts)
    5’2, 123lbs. I am Caucasian and I have a fair complexion, which means I can wear any colour and have any hair colour and it suits me!
    I was hoping an audition would come up to Toronto, Canada or I could have one through Skype!
    The little mermaid has always been my favourite Disney movie and even being an extra would be amazing! As I have said before being a Disney princess in a movie is a dream of mine!!
    Thank you so much!

  27. Sasha

    My name is Sasha
    Hair: long blond
    Why i love the little mermaid :
    The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite movie.Headstrong and absolutely fearless, she’s a champion for anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t fit in. She’s beautiful and caring fish/person. Even if you feel like you don’t belong under the sea, there’s a place for you on land if you are brave enough to trade your fins for legs anyways ahha. The love story teaches you to take the risk, go for it!

  28. Sasha

    I’m blond
    128 pound
    Green eyes

    I love the little mermaid because she takes a brave risk and goes after her dreams. I love the original love story as well even though it’s also very devastating. The little mermaid was my favorite story growing up.

  29. Ellen

    Hi! I’m Ellen
    I’m 13 years old and I love Harry Potter and Disney. I would love to play a part in a Disney movie, I love singing, dancing and acting. I have brown hair and I am about 148 cm high and weight about 37 kg, and it would mean a lot to have a part in a Disney movie!

  30. Casey

    Hi my name is Casey I am currently 11 years old and I would love to be in Disney’s the little mermaid I have loved Disney all my life and think it would be so much fun to be in such a magical story

  31. Tina

    Hello im tina im from the uk and im 25 . I love the little mermaid it was one of mine and my sisters favourite films as a child and have always wanted to star in a disney film.i love singing and dancing i used to do performing arts at college but never carried on from then tho i do miss it i havent done anything since then so im proberly a little rusty . 🙂

  32. Madeline Torres

    Physical appearance and other info relating to Madeline Torres

    Hair Length: 24 inches
    Hair Color: Medium Brown with Blond highlights
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Age: 18
    Body Type: Thin and Toned
    Race: Registered Native American
    Complexion: Medium to Fair
    Gender: Female

  33. Madeline Torres

    Hello, my name is Madeline! I am currently 18 years of age and theatre is my absolute passion. Not only have I become very fond of acting, I have also developed a strong love for singing. I have been involved in several drama extracurricular activities, as well as been apart of many plays within my area. Outside of theatre, I also enjoy sports! I am very involved in my health, as I work out constantly. I am also quite the environmentalist, and am very involved in world affairs. I try to volunteer and stay involved in my community as much as I am able! I love to help others, as it brings me much joy! The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie and I cannot stress this enough! I have several posters within my room, as well as paintings. I also have figurines, barbies, and coloring books. My Aunt actually works at the Storyteller’s Cafe in the Disneyland Theme Park, so I have visited the park quite frequently. My love for Ariel began when I was three years old, and I met her at Disneyland. I got to sit in her lap, and I was completely in awe. There are photos of this moment, and I was in absolute amazement! This would be a dream come true for myself, as this is easily two of my greatest passions put into one! I know all the songs by heart, and would be blessed to be given the opportunity to perform them for you! I thankyou for this opportunity and for your consideration!

  34. Olivia

    Im eleven and about 4.2-4.6

  35. Olivia

    I’ve been in local shows as apart of my drama group and can write songs to fit any theme/subject and I think this would really be my scene

  36. Olivia

    I would love to audition for child ariel I love Disney and Disney princesses where will auditions be held

  37. Mariam Shaalan

    Hey, I’m from Egypt and I believe I can bring a new fresh persona to Ariel that won’t revert from the original, because the original Ariel lives in my passion for everything I do in life. I have a pale complexion, wild reddish brown hair, an oval face with big light brown eyes. You can check out my voice for Ariel on my youtube channel. My username is WordDrink.

  38. anna

    Also I’m 1,55 metres weight 43kg have very long brown hair and brown eyes. i speak french english and greek and play the piano for 9 years. i started acting lessons and piano lessons at the same year, when i was 6. i was born on 5/6/2002. i really hope i can be part of this. it will be a really big honour (even though im too young to play ariel)

  39. anna

    Hi I’m a 14 year old girl and I live in Cyprus. Since I was little mermaid was my favorite movie!!! I love it because it proves that love exists and the whole mermaid idea is magical! So if there Is anything I could do please message me. I’ve been going to lessons and performing for over 9 years. I know I’m just a student and I still can’t do many things but acting is my dream (just like playing the piano)! Good luck with the movie!

  40. Gea Henry

    I love the magic and the variety of this story. From Under the Sea to Le Poisson, the songs are so fun and of such variety, to be apart of this production, nevertheless the movie, would be incredible! I’m one of a million girls who love and would love to portray Ariel, but to me she will always be part of who I am. She’s what really made me fall in love with films, Disney, swimming, and singing. I’m surrounded by musicians in my life, but she’s the character who really made music mean something to me.

  41. Sophia Dale

    Hi, My name is Sophia Dale

    I’m 12 and I’m from America. I can do many different accents and I can sing and dance. I am very athletic and I have been on the stage my whole life. I’m not like all the other actresses. I really feel the part. I don’t think of the script as just words, I think of it as a portal to another dimension. I know that you guys want to get this into the Box Office, just let me know when you’re ready to do that.

    Height: 4,9
    Eyes: Brownish green
    Age: 13 in August
    Hair: Long, Dark Brown Hair with reddish tint in sun
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Body Structure: Muscular
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Female
    Sassyness: I try

    Thank you. I know that which ever actress you pick will be great.

    (P.S. I want to be part of your world!)

  42. Sophia

    Hi, My name is Sophia Dale

    I’m 12 and I’m from America. I can do many different accents and I can sing and dance. I am very athletic and I have been on the stage my whole life. I’m not like all the other actresses. I really feel the part. I don’t think of the script as just words, I think of it as a portal to another dimension. I know that you guys want to get this into the Box Office, just let me know when you’re ready to do that.

    Height: 4,9
    Eyes: Brownish green
    Age: 13 in August
    Hair: Long, Dark Brown Hair
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Body Structure: Muscular
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Female

  43. Brooke

    The original Hans Christian Andersen story of The Little Mermaid has always been one of the most beautiful and tragic stories I’ve read, and it’s always been one of my favorites. Even Disney’s recreation of the story inspires me in the same way as the original tale, and easily became my favorite Disney movie. Everyone always says that Ariel, or the Mermaid, gave up her life simply for a boy, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Ariel/the Mermaid had always been curious about land and the people there long before she ever met the prince. To see a creature so magical be so entranced by something we consider so ordinary always gave me this kind of encouragement to see the beauty in everything around us. Not only this, but it taught to me go after what you want, even if others disagree. The Mermaid wanted a chance with the prince and sacrificed her voice, her family, and in the Hans Christian Andersen tale, she also gave up her fin to feel as if she were walking on knives just to pursue something she loved. I’d like to be a part of the casting call because this story has stuck with me my whole life. Even as a little girl I dreamed of being a mermaid or of being Ariel in a musical or anything portraying her one day. I pursued acting and singing classes just to show how real that dream was. My closest opportunity was when I performed Part of Your World as a solo choir performance, and just being on stage and singing one of my favorite songs was so surreal. Hearing from little girls that they wanted to be a mermaid just like me and grown women telling me that it took them right back to their childhood and they just wanted to sing along made the whole evening for me. To be able to experience bringing young girls and older women that kind of joy in a beloved character would be best feeling I could ever have. This is truly the role of my dreams, and I’m so thankful for this opportunity.

  44. Rosy

    Where will the auditions be happening/

  45. Gabby wells

    Hi, I’m Gabriella!
    I’m a singer/songwriter, actress, and dancer who just loves being apart of any stage. Probably because I’ve been up on it my whole life. At the age of 3 I started taking dancing and singing lessons, at the age of 4 I started acting, and I’ve been modeling for 2 years now. Over the years I’ve been in 6 singing competitions and made it to the semifinals every time. I’ve released an original holiday song of mine called “Holly” on iTunes and have gotten many gigs. For 5 years I’ve been a part of a dance team that travels around California competing until Nationals, where one dance is picked out of thousands. My dance teacher, Monie Adamson has won a primetime Emmy award, was on MADtv and is known as an actress in the hit movie “La La Land.” I’ve been in many plays and musicals but to name a few, Once on this Island, Seussical, Guys and Dolls, and The Little mermaid. I have been in several movies as an extra but I hope to soon have the honor of a bigger role. I would love to be a part of “The Little Mermaid” because the infamous song “Part of your World” has always been a go to song of mine and in a summer on broadway I played “Sebastian” in “The Little Mermaid” that was my favorite role I’ve ever had, therefore I hope I could do it for the second time. Not only that but Ariel was my favorite princess. If I became part of this production it would take me far back to old times. My sister and I would always watch the movie together every chance we got…we were obsessed. We would play around the house pretending we were in the movie all the time, I remember like it was yesterday. Whats funny is that I love the ocean, I surf and I was training to become a life guard but I have very little time so I was unable to do the hours it required. Lastly and most importantly because it would be an honor to bring Ariel’s story to life and to be part of a production that will share such a touching story with families everywhere.

    hair: long auburn blond
    eyes: hazel (brownish green)
    height: 5,5 3/4
    weight:112 lbs
    age: 16 in April
    body structure: thin
    race: Caucasian
    gender: Female

    Thanks for Reading and Have a Great Day!

  46. Abbey

    I’m Abbey 19 from Scotland. I have always been apart of musical theatre most of my life. 3 years ago that stopped as my parents couldn’t afforded the intense acting school fees. I now perform only to my family and friends, but I know I have something special. Ariels voice is me. All you have to do is listen and you have found yourself the best mermaid of all time.

  47. Madeline Athearn

    Adding to my past comment because I didn’t list my talents. Lol. I can sing, dance, play many instruments, very athletic, and of course act. I hope this doesn’t come off as bragging, I’m just trying to promote myself and what I’m about. Thank you.

  48. Madeline Athearn

    I have watched Disney my whole life and though people ,I might underestimate me because I’m only 14, I know I can act. I won’t be Ariel of course because I’m too young, but I will gladly take any part I can get. This is my passion and goal in life. I would greatly appreciate if someone noticed this one in a million comment.

  49. Elise

    My name is Elise and I am 19 years old.
    I have loved The Little Mermaid as long as I can remember, and I love swimming and anything related to mermaids. I remember meeting Ariel at Disney World when I was about 5 years old, and I remember being nearly speechless with excitment at getting to meet my heroine. I remember being a little girl and pretending I was Ariel when I took baths, and coercing my grandma into pretending to be Eric.

    I love Ariel because she is brave, independent, and has an open heart. She loves to learn about people who are different from her, and she wants to expand her world view. I think that’s an important message in this day and age. Ariel’s kind heart and sense of adventure make her a wonderful Disney Princess, and I would love a chance to audition for her role.

    I’ve been performing since I was in elementary school. I’m 5’2″ and my hair is dyed bright red at the moment but naturally I am blonde. I’m 111 lbs. I take acting very seriously and I’m willing to work hard. I am good at listening to directions and I love getting into the heads of the characters I play pychologically.

  50. Jessel Colon

    Hi my name is Jessel Samuel colon rios and I would love to audition for one of the leads most likely one of the merfolk because I have always wanted to be in a Hollywood movie and I am always looking for a chance to be able to audition for one.I can sing I can act and I can do a little of sfx makeup not a lot but I can do it.I have always wanted to be in a Disney movie and the little mermaid always been one of my favorite movies and I would love to be able to audition for my favorite movie and I hope that you except me and give me an audition and I hope that I am good enough for movie and I hope I measure up to your expectations.

  51. Lynn

    Hi. I’m Lynn and I’m 25 and I’m 5’1 and 102lbs. I have always admired the little mermaid. I have always known and sang along with the movie, so much so that my family asks me to take a break from doing so. This would be my dream come true. I absolutely love to sing and would love the chance for an opportunity to participate in something so amazing and magical! Please consider me because my voice is worth hearing! As I’m sure you’ve heard before, dynamite comes in small packages and that’s exactly how I feel because my voice just explodes out of me!

  52. Andrea Hollund

    Hi! I just read about the castings for Ariel. Do you have any idea who I cam contact for a possible online audition? Ariel would be such a fun character to play, and I would be super honored. I really think I’m right for the part

  53. Deidre O'Grady

    Hi, my name is Deidre, and I would like to audition for the Little Mermaid 🙂
    Ariel is my favorite Disney princess, and the song Part of Your World is my childhood song. Thanks!!

  54. Sunniva

    My name is Sunniva
    I would love to Get any roles in the little mermiad, i’m 14 years old…..but i just want an role, i’ve played much in school musicalyes

  55. Sunniva

    I love the little mermaid

  56. Isabel

    I love The Little Mermaid and Ariel has always been my favorite princess. She and I are so much alike and share a similar story. I think I should be part of the cast because I always get told I look like Ariel and last year I dressed up as Ariel to Mickey’s Halloween party and a bunch of kids thought I was the real life Ariel and it really made my day to see so many children get excited and happy. I’ve always wanted to have a role as Ariel since I was little I’ve dreamt about being The Little Mermaid. I’m currently in my 20’s but I still look a lot younger than my age and I really want this role. It would be a dream come true.

  57. Shannon

    Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m not going to leave a long response because I feel that everyone loves the little mermaid! It’s a given, of course. I love to sing and I would do my absolute best for any opportunity I would be lucky enough to receive. I’m only 5’1 and 102 lbs., but as I’m sure you’ve heard before dynamite comes in small packages. My voice is worth hearing!

  58. Alyssa Judge

    The Little Mermaid has been my favorite Disney movie since I was a young girl. Ariel’s courage and determination has inspired me to follow my dreams and pursue what I believe in. She is easily my favorite Disney princess and I aspire to be like her. Kind and brave and determined.

  59. Iris Bautista

    Looking for star wars and more

  60. Emily

    Hi, my name is Emily. I have always been in love with the story of The Little Mermaid. It’s my favorite fairytale story of all time including both the book and the movie. The music is beautiful, the storyline in the original book is both heartbreaking and beautiful, and I feel strongly connected to this story in general. I have dark blue eyes, blonde hair, 5’4″, and pretty slim. If there’s anyway I can be included in this beautiful masterpiece, please let me know.

  61. Eleanor Rose Clarson

    Eleanor Rose Carson- Age 17

    Ariel has always been my favorite Disney princess ever since being a little girl. I have been so smitten and intrigued to be in this movie that I searched auditions and found myself here.
    I sing a range of music and have always acted- whether that be in a school play to practice in my bedroom.
    weight (if necessary)- 115lbs

    I’m so enthusiastic and inspired by this so if there are any auditions available I’d love to hear from you.

  62. Jessie

    When are the auditions and I love love love Ariel I would love to act in this movie it would be a dream come true for me if I act in it and get the part . Please consider me

  63. Savannah

    Hi! I’m Savannah I have always loved Ariel I remember watching The Little Mermaid on TV all the time as a kid, I even once dyed my hair red and I’m willing to do it again! I would love to audition for her role, and if I don’t make the list, I hope it goes to someone who really deserves it and fits the part. Please consider me for any Disney role, and I know I’m only 14 but I feel I still have a lot of potential to grow. I’m always cautious on the internet, so for any more information please email me.

  64. Cyndi Jacques

    I want to be part of your world ?

  65. Maria Flores

    please contact me if you are looking to fill the role of Ursula. I am 30 years old, Spaniard and Irish female with a voluptuous form, can resonate and am able to voice Disney’s Ursula almost completely on point and perfect.

    I’m looking in phoenix but I’m able to send if any attention or drive out to addition if necessary.

    Ursula may not be the most loved character, but her wickedness and sadistic streak, along with her delicious sarcasm make for a very pivotal role in this story, without her, Ariel would never have been able to marry her prince.

  66. Faye Kellett

    Hi, my name is Faye and I’m 18 years old.
    Of course Ariel was always my favourite princess, living in a total fantasy as a mermaid and what child wouldn’t be completely captivated by that. When we have been to Orlando Disney and watched the live show, my Dad would record it and I would watch it back in awe, watching every movement and listening to every vocal from the actress that played Ariel. I still watch it back and to this day I still reciprocate the feelings I had as a child and imagine myself performing the infamous song “Part Of Your World” live and making the audience feel that it is real and instilling magic into the hearts of children. From as far back as I can remember I would sing it over and over hoping to nail it like Jodie Benson did. I always admired Ariel’s character in striving for what she wanted and that she would go to any lengths for love which I see as a precious message than can be lost and forgotten from time to time. To me its so much more than a movie, its part of my world and I would love the opportunity to work on such an honourable project, thank you.

  67. Nicole

    Hi I’m Nicole. I’ve been performing since the age of 3 I’m actually in little mermaid the musical at this
    I’m 5/5 1/2
    125 lbs
    I sing and act so I hope there’s really auditions ❤️