The Face Starring Naomi Campbell – Oxygen

Aspiring models around the world get ready for stardom because Oxygen is bringing you another exciting chance to become the next “Face” of the modeling industry. The Face is searching around the globe for the next hot model talent to groom and mentor into the next supermodel. Casting calls and auditions are happening right now for this chance of a lifetime and the time is now for you to take your career to the next level.

The Face is once again looking to literally change the face of reality modeling competition shows. The program will feature three world renowned supermodels -the amazing and legendary Naomi Campbell, rising American supermodel Lydia Hearst and Russian star Anne V. – who will help choose the contestants and then mentor them throughout the competition until one lucky young woman stands alone as The Face. Competitors will compete as teams of three through a series of challenges that will include runway shows, commercial work and photo shoots while Ms. Campbell and her supermodel partners work with the girls and show them the tricks of the modeling trade. The final model chosen will receive a contract with a national brand and become The Face of their products. This is the chance that could change a modeling career forever – to work and learn with some of the biggest names in the fashion world while millions of viewers around the world tune in every week. If you are interested in auditions and casting calls for this fabulous new modeling program you can go here and be sure to leave a message for us below telling us why you would be a perfect contestant for the new season and we will keep you informed of every The Face casting update.

The time is now to make your big, big break in the world of high fashion modeling. You could be taught by Naomi Campbell and the most talented figures in the indutry as you strive to become the image of a major national brand campaign in commercials, print and events. Submit yourself today for your chance to become The Face.

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  1. Ketsia Ndelela

    Hi, my name is Ketsia Ndelela. I’m 18 years old and 5’9/5’10. I’m also from Long Island, NY. I’m not the best of the best but I aspire to be. I know I have the drive, body, and face to be something bigger in the modeling industry. I love Naomi Capmbell so much. She’s inspired me to love the skin I’m in and also that being a dark skin girl is not something to be ashamed of. I want to be able to do the same for the next coming generation.

  2. Cayla hughes

    My name is Cayla Hughes and at 18 years old, I stand proudly at 6 feet tall.

  3. Vanessa Nnoli

    My name is Vanessa Nnoli from Nigeria residing in Ireland. I am 17years and i`ll be 18years by the 12th of next month. I am 6″2 tall and I have passion for modelling. One model who inspire me a lot is Naomi Campbell and I won’t lose hopes in my dream because of her. I believe I have all it takes and with God all things are possible.

  4. naomi wright

    My name is Naomi Wright, I would love to be featured on this show
    Hair: Shoulder length
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Sex: Female
    Ethnicity: African American( With Carribean and Cuban Background)
    Body type: Slim; Petite
    Residents: Florida

  5. naomi wright

    My name is Naomi Wright, I would love to be featured on this show; I’ve loved and watched Disney Channel since I was a toddler. I would be extremely honored if you reviewed my submission. And I love this show!
    Hair: Shoulder length
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Sex: Female
    Ethnicity: African American( With Carribean and Cuban Background)
    Body type: Slim; Petite
    Residents: Florida

  6. Nyangath Lual

    Hello there, My name is Nyangath Lual and I am a thirteen year old Nuer Jr. Teen born in Ethiopia, aspiring to someday model with a dream to be know as one of the best and most hard working supermodels. I believe I am very marketable and I have the strong will powere and determination the make it as a model. I know I have a lot of condfidence, and personality to make any casting director want to have me in there show. Some of my other talents are acting and a little bit of singing! I will do whatever it takes to make my dream, and ‘slay’ and problem I may face. I only have very little experience, but they dony just hire a 12 for fashion week for no reason. Well thanks for your lovely time! Make sure to keep me in your mind!♡

  7. Leah k

    Greetings, my name is Leah Kalanguka. From Uganda.
    I belive that i have what it takes to be the Face. With my features and hard work i will not disappoint.

  8. Sharon

    I would looove to be the Contestant of The Face,I have passion for modelling I tall young inspired lady.It is my dream to become a model I’m beautiful.

  9. Lee Geohaghan

    What is the youngest age to become a contestant on The Face?

  10. Faith Wariara

    Hi mum name is Faith I’man African girl from Kenya and I live in Denmark.I am 22 years of age and my face book name is Faith lukes if interested to check out some of my pictures.I would gladly like to participate on the face.I Am courageous and out going person.
    Thank you in advance.

  11. Redbone Brooks

    My name is Jasmine I am 24 years old I am 5’6 African American but I do not look very much like it. (trust me I am tho) lol I am a southern girl and I’ve never had a fair hot at anything because people are not sure of my race…and that’s confirmation to never give up on your dreams…one door closes I knock on fifty more until someone sees my talent. I am very good at capturing pictures of my face as well as body shots.

  12. CityGirl81

    I just want them to bring Erin O’connor from the UK version to the next season.

  13. Akuac Nyoun Ring

    I would love to know where is the next casting at . Because I believe I have what it’s takes to be the face

  14. Ebonee H

    My name is Ebonee and I will become the next best known African American runway model. I am 25 years old. I have only had one boyfriend and he was from Turkey. I have a passion for clothes and fashion. I love new experiences and challenges and I am excited for my future accomplishments to come.

  15. Tiera Dewberry

    I always dreamed of becoming a model I use to walk in heels when I was young as 5 years old and havent changed a bit! I’m a motivated, hardworking, and respectful young lady and would deserve a chance to rip the runway!

  16. AnneMarie

    I believe that I have a unique look that is representative of our American melting pot. I am AnnMarie, 5’7, 127 lbs. Guyanese-Indian, Slim, Athletic, ethnically ambiguous,  dk green eyes, long dk brown hair, inviting, charming character and personality,  international travel, video, and modeling experience; articulate, multi lingual (Fluent Italian, German, familiar Russian /Spanish/French, little Hindi), photogenic.

    I can be the face that everyone can resonate with!

  17. Aubrey Davidson

    My name is Aubrey Davidson 25 years old I’m 6’2 and 132 pounds want to be a model just don’t know how to go about it. I’m a people person and I love fashion I know I have what it take to be the next face

  18. Crystal Mason

    Hi, my name is Crystal Mason and I am 20 years old. I have been modeling locally for about four years now, and was recently blessed with a few opportunities to do so internationally as well. I’m quite passionate about modeling and I know that i have so much more to learn. Consequently, I believe that The Face would provide me with an incredible opportunity to do this while being mentored by some of the world’s greatest supermodels. I’m 5’11 and I dream of being the best version of myself as well as a proud representation of my hometown Porus, Manchester, and my country – Jamaica. Many people are surprised when they find out that I used to have very low self esteem, but its true. Modeling is my first love because it has allowed me to break out of my shell, be more confident, and also not feel so insecure about my height (I was teased about this ALOT in highschool).

    I really do look forward to opportunities that can help me to grow, and be a role model for other individuals with big dreams. I just finished a four year bachelor’s degree program and after working in an office part time during college, I feel that the time to give my all to my modeling career is NOW. I know that thousands of people will apply, but I hope that I will stand out and that this can turn into something wonderful. Thank you!

  19. Danielle

    Hi my name is Danielle and im 28. I am drop dead gorgeous and I wanna be a model just dont know where to start. Email me for pics.

  20. Tara M Smith

    Hello everyone, my name is Tara Smith and I have always dreamed nd thought of becoming a MODEL since I was younger….people tell me all the time you should try to model or ask why don’t you model but it’s not that easy for me to just hop up and model i pray daily that it would work in my favor and I’m believing that it will…I would always ask my cousin to lay America’s next top Model with me when I was younger they would get tired but I didn’t care because I enjoyed it…I enjoy watching THE FACE it inspires me daily watching models do what they love and I know that it could soon be me…please give me the opportunity to make this a lifetime thing for me…I just want to gain some experience and take it further dorm there…Thank you

  21. Sierra Parrish

    Hi my name is sierra I’m 18yrs. I’m going to be a cosmetologist for my career. I would be very interested in becoming a model with your help. I’m talented I sing and perform everywhere. I have beautiful face without make up there’s acne, I just use dove soap and water for my face and I drink lots of water.

  22. Elbony

    I have dreamed of being a model and never had the courage until now. Being groomed by Naomi Campbell would be the ultimate opportunity.

  23. imoegen wood

    I have always been inspired by the fashion industry and I love clothes and the way that a model highlights there beauty.

  24. Jamieshatownes

    Hi my name is jamiesha I am 18 year old model who would love to be on the face to be a voice for all the young girls would feel that they can not be some one great in this world I would like to show the world that beauty is more than skin deep

  25. Rogeana Mckinney

    Hi, My name is Rogeana . Im fron atlanta ,ga. My family at least mpst of them are from New York.I want to become a model . I become inspired when my family told me that our cousin some years ago before I was born Jasmine Burgess she went to a party one day as a teenager and got discovered. She models for Macy’s and other companies. I am very beautiful ,and motivated. People always tell me do I model. I know this is weird but some how were cousins Niomi Campbell but you have never meant me my grandma talked about how we we were related one day . But I’ve always felt like I’ve had the face , and the height to model. I’m not super skinny but a little curvy . But I feel like I can be shaped into a great model. And I want to experience being on a TV show.

  26. Amot Nagel

    Hi, Naomi
    My name is Amot and modeling is my passion. I am 21 years old and I’m 5’6. I have been trying my hardest to get in the game. I spend a lot of my time and money trying to model. I was even scam from this particular agency and it cost me $1500. I’m very determine and optimistic about modeling. I know I have the look for it. Growing people use to always compare me to you and would even call me Naomi. They would say we both have similar features. I look up to you so much because as a dark skin black women, many people do not find us attractive. I’m so happy you changed the model industry into believing us dark skin girls are as beautiful as any other girl. I tell people that you are my “Motha” as a way to express my respect for you. Being a contestant on ‘The Face” I believe will help me in my modeling career because not only that we are competing against one another but we are leaning as we continue to stay. I’m very determine to win this, because I will try my hardest.

  27. Michiko Alia

    Hey Naomi
    I know That you are a really busy woman and I also know that I’m not the only person with potentialities and dreams out here, but I need you to give me the chance to learn from you directly. I need you to trust me enough to be sure that I’m not going to waist your time. For me modeling is not only a big dream of mine, but it’s more like a desire, more like a thirst. I want it and I always knew i was going to make it since i was 7 years old. You have always been the perfect example for me and it will mean a lot for me to work by your side. Indeed it’s an opportunity that not all of us out there deserves but please give me a chance, and help me go to the next level faster . I’m Michiko Alia, I’m 19 years old and I’m from west Africa (Benin republic). I was born in China, I past a few years in west Africa and Paris but now I’m living in NYC. I came in America to be a successful model, it was all about the world domination. If I can make it here I can make it anywhere. If you ever read this massage and then decide to give me that chance I’ve always dream of, I guaranty you that I won’t waist your time because I’m a quick leaner. I’ll do everything I can to never make you regret it that selection.
    Instagram: Michiko_Alia
    Thank you for your time!
    Best regards.

  28. Armani Giovanna

    Hi! My name is Armani Jacobs but I go by Armani Giovanna. I’m 21 years old and I’m 5’10.
    I watched the previous seasons of THE FACE and it inspired me to want to be apart of the next upcoming season. I feel as though I have what it takes to win. Modeling has always been a huge dream of mine and I would so love to get my chance at it!

  29. Paris Turner

    Hi,my name is Paris Lorren Turner
    Race:African American
    Hair type: natural sandy brown
    Age:15 (DOB 12/03)
    I would really love to be on this show I’ve applied to Americas next top model multiple of times but I’m not 18 yet so they wouldn’t take me and I see this doesn’t have an age limit and how cool of a show it would be if you had kids competing with the adults it’s my dream to be a model especially an angel. I grew up in a small town number 3 in the most dangerous and worst places to live in America and my escape was photography I love when people want to take pictures with me or of me. This would be so amazing if I could get this opportunity I would appreciate so much. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  30. Jada McCrorey

    Hello Naomi Campbell,
    My name is Jada and I am never going to give up my dream of being a model. I have dreamed of being a model every since I was a little girl. This is a dream that I will always have. I am hoping and praying that one day, someone will see the beauty that is deep within and will give me a chance of a lifetime. I am presently in college and I am a professional drama major. My goal in life is to become a model as well as have a background in acting. I know that only professional people like yourself will be able to help me get to the place in my career, that I am trying to reach. So, if you have any interest in assisting me on getting on “The Face”, or even an opportunity to model in still print or becoming the face of your show, please contact me on my email provided. Thank God that they are people like you in the world. My grandmother told me that if I want anything in life, the first thing after praying that I need to do is “Ask” and it shall be given. I love your show. I know that with much hard work and dedication, I can and will be successful when my opportunity is given to me. Thanks a lot.

  31. Awien

    Hey my name is awien I’m 21 years old weight 135
    I’m 5’9
    Sudanese Canadian living in Canada Alberta
    I love fashion
    I also love designing
    And I believe I have what it takes to be the next face

  32. aubrey

    Hi everyone ,
    my name is aubrey . im Born and raised in the Philippines. i have been in the country for 10 yrs now . i have 3 kids but, i don’t look like i got kids at all ,just because i choose to take good care of myself. , im 5’6″ in heght,i have that natural pacific islander skin tone , lean body and exotic face .
    i got a long hair ,high cheek bones and people say,i should be modeling ! 🙂
    with the right people that would give me a chance to showcase what i got, im positive that i could be the FACE that your team is looking for.
    with hopes and love
    xo aubrey

  33. avon aubrey

    Hi everyone ,
    my name is avon aubrey . im Born and raised in the Philippines. i have been in the country for 10 yrs now . i have 3 kids but, i don’t look like i got kids at all ,just because i choose to take good care of myself. , im 5’6″ in heght,i have that natural pacific islander skin tone , lean body and exotic face .
    i got a long hair ,high cheek bones and people say,i should be modeling ! 🙂
    with the right people that would give me a chance to showcase what i got, im positive that i could be the FACE that your team is looking for.
    with hopes and love
    xo aubrey

  34. Kaliyah butler

    Hello, my name is Kaliyah , I’m currently working withen the company Office Depot also I’m an aspiring model an actress . I am 21 years old 120 pounds height,5″4. I know models have to be extremely fit and I’m working on it I believe If given the opportunity I would be able to be an example for someone in the world to stride in whatever it is they might like to do. This would be a dream come true to even try to be apart of something so big.

    Thank you ,

  35. davia brown

    Hi am 18 Am dark skin and i have
    a big beauty full lips… and i want to be the face. To be a model this was my dream from
    5 years old and i have always told you look like a model you should start modeling
    And i believe in my self that i can be the face. I will work so hard and give my all
    to this.. this is my dream… thank you very much i will be looking forward to hearing back.

  36. Anika Dunbar


    My name is Anika, I am 21 years old and I am 5’11 and 160 pounds. I am from New Jersey currently studying broadcasting/ mass communications in Baltimore, MD. I have a very exotic look due to my parents being from the Caribbean and feel as though my look can be classified as universal; I tend to have people on a daily basis ask if I do model, and it hurts to say that I do not because it is a dream of mine. I am very personable, very professional, and very determined to make something of myself through doing something I love. I appreciate the opportunity that you have presented us young ladies, and sincerely hope to hear a response.

    Best Regards,
    Anika Dunbar
    Aspiring model

  37. Anzhelika

    My name is Anzhelika, 24 years old.
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 128 lb
    Dress size: 2-4
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue/green

    Originally, I’m from Russia and I moved to America with my dream – to become a supermodel.
    People always telling me that I should be a model, Victoria’s Secrets model 😉
    I would love to be a part of this project!

    Thank you.

  38. Natalie Hawk

    Hi, my name is Natalie and I am 15 years old. I live in Nottinghamshire, England, but I originate from Czech Republic. I am 5’11, weigh 9 stone and wear a size 8 on bottoms and a 6 on top (UK sizing) I have always been tall and thin and have the body and face to be a model. I have always dreamed of becoming a model and I feel like this would be the best opportunity for me. I have been bullied at times for being tall and thin but I never let it get to me because I knew I was better than that. I believe that I’m a brilliant contestant for The Face and I would love to achieve my goals with you. I have what it takes to be The Face.
    Thank you for taking your time to read my application, hope to talk to you soon.

  39. Natalie Hawk

    Hi, my name is Natalie and I am 15 years old. I live in Nottinghamshire, England, but I originate from Czech Republic. I am 5’11 and weigh 9 stone, I have always been tall and thin and have the body and face to be a model. I have always dreamed of becoming a model and I feel like this would be the best opportunity for me. I have been bullied at times for being tall and thin but I never let it get to me because I knew I was better than that. I believe that I’m a brilliant contestant for The Face and I would love to achieve my goals with you. I have what it takes to be The Face.
    Thank you for taking your time to read my application, hope to talk to you soon.

  40. Monique B

    Hey! My name is Monique. I am 17 years old and weigh about 115 pounds. I will be a great asset to the show because this has always been my dream. Ever since I was a little girl modeling with my mother at her shows, to doing my own modeling for company’s around the world and locally. I will push and push until I have accomplished my goals and have given it everything I got.

  41. zuleika

    Hello my name is zuleika , Spanish 22 years old . i like to be part the face oxygen because is can be a good opportunity to do something that i really want to do please give me a chants i will no let u down.

  42. markeyita porter

    I’m a 31 year old looking to bring the vintage back in style…i have everything that it takes to be the world’s NEW FACE…I have very high cheekbones…im 5″10…125 lbs beautiful brown skin complexion very outgoing definitely have the potential…its noticeable soon I show my presence…wear size 11…DIAMOND IN THE RUFF……

  43. Natorie

    My name is Natorie . Im 18 years old & i weigh 145. I want to be apart of the face because im confident that i have what it takes to be the next Face. I am fierce i am fire I am the FACE.

  44. Precious saulsby

    My name is precious saulsby I’m 26 years old. every where I go if im at work or some where standing in line someone would tell me god your beautiful you should be a model your skin is dark and gorgeous. I do notice in the mirror I have high cheek bones and the structure of my face is what you guys looking for as far as features but it never came across my mind to be a model only until I realized how so many people tell me the same thing, and I have that. I hope you guys would give me a chance to show my true beauty not only on the outside but the inside as well

    Height 5″3
    Weight 101

  45. Laqueshia

    My name is Laqueshia, I am 18 I weight 119 I have black hair brown eyes I am 5″6 feet tall. I have experience Modeling before I couldn’t finish my career because I was sick I would love to try again I remember my grandad telling me this before he passed away work hard for what you want an don’t give up because that what losers does he said a winner never quits” love you grandad rip.

  46. nike west

    My name is Nike am from Nigeria, can I participate, my statistics are 5.7ft, 55kg. Choclate light in nature and a brownish black hair…please u can contact me via email. Thanks

  47. Janet

    Am a 19 year old girl, simple yet extraodinary young determined girl in Ghana.I belive am potencialy competent to enter the face context because of my ability to learn,impact and produce result even under presure .If there is a dream for me then there is a reality for me.Am ready to humbly learn if given the opportunity.

  48. Alyssa Cummings

    If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be “Theatrical.” I have natural talent, along side natural beauty. I’m a very confident and charming. i seem to emit light into any room I strut into to. I belong in the celebrity world. -20 years old -flawless complexion -5’4 and in good shape -woman of many talents -musically inclined -high level of intellect -knowledgable -open minded -fun -Natural Beauty -extreme confidence -Comical -dramatic -Voive over experience. -dreamer -Alluring beauty and personality -poetic -Outspoken -Assertive -Designer -Fashionista -Lovely personality -soft spoken -in school -attempting to peruse a dream. My dream. ~ If any interest is found, please contact me.

  49. Sicily Whatley


    I have always wanted to be a plus model, being a plus size model has been very hard to break into the modeling world until now. I feel I have what it takes to shine and let the world know that Oklahoma city is on the map and here to stay..
    Thank you, Sicily

  50. Azome Blessing

    Am blessing azome, being a model is my dream am being part of the face is what I have always wanted. Most people are born to be a model and they have passion for it, which they won’t stop trying and pursing their dream because doing what you love makes you happy. And I fall in that category. I will try and do my best to be the best. I want to be part of the face because that’s my dream . Thank you. Am a Nigerian.

  51. Dyan


    My name is Dyan (Diane). I’ve always been told that I look and act like a model. I did make an attempt at modeling several years ago. I was approached by a local Los Angeles agency. I did couple runway shows, met my husband and moved to Florida so all was put on hold. I obtained my college degree, started a family but still to this day I am told I should be a model. I would love the opportunity to see what could possibly happen if I gave it my all. And at the same time I would regret not taking a shot. I’m 5’8″, 130 lbs , dark brown hair and skin, brown eyes and natural hair. Oh and I’m Black.

  52. sashgay minott

    hay, my name is sasha and am a multi-cultured Jamaican girl. Being a model would be ok. yea , the limelight, the fame, the cameras and also that feeling of being the greatest but, that’s not it. All of this gain cant come from you just wanting all of this. It has to come from a feeling of WANTING. Thirsting for something you have a passion for. That’s why its not that ok to just do for the money and fame alone. I want to do for myself.

  53. Yari

    Hi, my name is Yari I am 19years old. I am currently Business student, I am ambitious, hard working, generous,friendly etc
    I always wanted to be a part of the face but I don’t know how to apply and where. I want to be part of it because I am beautiful with nice eyes and intelligent.I really want to be part of it, if you take me for an audition you will mot regretted. Thanks

  54. Maria

    Hi……..My name is Maria. Am 20 years…….From Nigeria. Am Pretty, bold and Intelligent. Being a face model is all I have ever wanted. Help me Keep it

  55. Taneefah Allen

    What’s more exhilarating then flaunting what you have… I am 5`7 115 pounds… I have done minor modeling… Tried out for ANTM… But would love to give it another shot and shoot high… I am 30 years old, student and parent… If given the chance I will not disappoint nobody… MUAH!!!! :-)…. Thank you…

  56. sadi walker

    Hi…I would like to be considered for the face, I am 17, I am highly experienced in catwalk and a little editorial, my idol is niomi, and gave been told that I have the potential to go far in this field.
    Please consider me for an audition…if there is any further information you require please do not hesitate to contact me

  57. setou doumbia

    Hi! my is name setou
    25 Years
    height 5’11
    Weight 130
    Dress 4
    Shoes 9
    I’m naturel beautiful black young women with a short hair And great personality .
    I originally from ivory coast west africa,My first language is french.
    i live in new york soon 3 years, I currently go to school And I do babysitting to take care of myself .
    I started modelling 7 years ago since africa,I modelling for most major styliste in africa ,So now i would like show what i’m capable around the world .

  58. Jai Anderson

    My name is Jai. I am pacific islander, 26. All my life I’ve lived in people’s shadows as to what they wanted me to be. I’ve always been a people pleaser and wanted to make sure everyone was happy and satisfied. Well, now it’s time to do something for me. Modeling is my passion and has been for years. I just really need the opportunity. I am willing to go above and beyond of what is expected of me to do so. I love modeling and always have. I ask that you make my dream come true and finally give me this opportunity of a lifetime. I will be SUPERLATIVE.

    HEIGHT: 5″8
    AGE: 26
    WAIST: 23 inches
    HIPS: 36
    BUST: 32C
    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
    EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
    SHOW SIZE: 8
    DRESS: 5
    FIGURE: Slim/Petite
    WEIGHT: 135 lbs

  59. Océane

    My name is Oceane  21 year old  and im French  .

      ‘ I’m actually looking for an agency in England i live in chichester ,    as I’m struggling to get one.  I wan to prove that I cant make a difference no matter what .
    I do believed that black people can go far if you wan something every bad you can have it everything is on you capacity and how good you are
    So I wan to fight to represent all those who are in the same position as me .and do what I love
    I’ve got experience in catwalk  as I’ve been doing it science 15 year old    , not as professional  . I do have experience in the industry so I’m ready to go for it
    Thai you for you time

    Height: 5″10″
    Bust :  32
    Waist : 23
    Hips : 32
    Weight: 54-55
    Hair colour : black  afro 
    Eyes : brown 
    Cloth : 5
    Shoes : 7

  60. Kalani Kast

    My name is Kalani Kast. I live in Southern California. I’m 19 years old and I am an athlete. Basketball has always been my life until I was asked to be a senior rep for a photographer in Oregon. The moment I got behind that camera, I fell in love. I love the way I feel when I model. My face and facial expressions always show the mood I am in. I’m in love with this show. It hasn’t always been my dream to become a super model, but the reality of it hit me the day I did my first photo shoot. I am the lion of the jungle. I do what I need to do to be successful. I’m a hard worker, I love people and I am very outgoing. I believe in myself and I know I can do anything I set my mind to.

    “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”
    Philippians 4:13

    Thank you.

  61. yisel de jesus

    i am yisel of jesus, I have 21 years and I live in Salerno, Italy, I want to model more than anything in life from 12 years’m in this world of fashion and is really what I want to dedicate me that’s all that love for me, even not see it as a way to enrich financially but spiritually because it is my great passion fashion, and more if you could have next to your idol as it is naomi campbell for me, that and because I love this as a life and can not imagine my life without fashion I think I should be in the face, I measure 176 and weight 56 kg, I am of Cuban Latin ascedencia of birth, greetings and kisses



  63. garcia hinds

    I would love the opportunity to be on the face, i am 5″11, slinder, 135lbs and African American. I live in Orlando, FL. I am Beautiful and believe that I represent women from all over I am easy to work with and have a great personality. I know when and how to be competitive. . I am :”The Face”. Please reach out to me with additional information. Thank you

  64. Valtina Washington

    Hello, My name is Valtina Washington and I am 21 years of age. Becoming a super model is not only a dream to me it’s who I am. I’v never felt so alive before until I’m in front of the camera. I want to become a super model only to prove to myself that hard work pays off and to finally feel like I belong. I’m not trying to prove to my family nor friends in my ability to make it. Im doing this for me and only me because im the only one that believes in me. All I’m asking is for one opportunity to teach me and guide me into the direction of my dreams and I promise you I will make u believe in me to.

  65. kayla harrell

    Modeling has been a dream ALL of my life. i’ve always admired the art of beauty and the virtuous dynamics that are encompassed.I want to be chosen because I posses qualities such as dedication, determination, and diligence which make make success in any and all endeavors inevitable. I am goal oriented. success-driven & more than all im fierce, fabulous and fun. I am 20 years old from Philadelphia pa and I believe I have what it takes to be the face 2015.

  66. kiara yancy

    As an aspiring model I believe this opportunity will give me chance to show the world how much of a passion modeling is to me. it will give me a chance to show the world exactly how bad I want to succeed in the wonderful world of fashion. also, that i am a dedicated and hard working young women who has what it takes to be the new face in the fashion industry. it also would give me a chance to work with one of my favorite female models of all time ms.Naomi Campbell

  67. Golden Moeras

    I grew up I front of the camera. My mom is an artist and I have been her subject for as long as I can remember. I have always enjoyed modeling and currently am a part time fitness/swimwear model looking for my big break. With a given name like golden I know I am destined for greatness.

  68. Eunice ladipo

    My name is eunice, i am tall, slim and dark skinned, i am nigerian by birth. I have loved everything that concerned fashion since i was a kid and growing up in a house filled with lots of aunties who loved vintage dressing. My morher especially. Growing up, they called me young naiomi campbell because they said i had her oblong face and thick choclolate skin tonned just like her. I grew up wishing to become a top model someday…….i almost gave up but not until i heard about this great oppurtunity…. I hope i get lucky by God finally answering my prayers. Thank you.

  69. ASierra (ASI)

    I hope someone from “The Face”.., takes the time to read this, understand this, and considers reaching out to me. I WAS BORN WITH ALL IT TAKES…
    Natural Hair Thick & Very Curly (Preferred to be worn Straight)
    Natural Hair Color Dark Brown with Natural Golden Highlights
    Natural Eye Color, Green-Hazel (switches colors)
    Instagram shestayright92 FB Graciously StayRight

    Hi, My name is A’Sierra, I’m a very Beautiful, yet Strong and Ambitious woman… I’m 22 years old, With a very strong Faith in Life, Love, My Dreams & God, And so Although I have been through the Core of Hell Growing up, I walked Through with a smile and Made is out, A Beautiful, Kind and Passionate Woman. Inside and Out…
    My Destined Ambition in life, has been Modeling & Writing, but more so to paint a picture, worth remembering even after you turn the page of the magazine, You’ll see me and when finishing that Magazine, I’d be the picture you rip out and hang on your wall As Inspiration..
    My Goal and Worth.., To tell a story, to draw up a path, for all our Upcoming Girls and Ladies, Through the Photos I Take , The Runways I walk with not only Confidence & Pride, but also Achievement and Grace and Humbleness As A Fierce And Naturally Gorgeous SuperModel… To show that its not where you come from, yet more so, Where you belong, All through Modeling, Beauty & Passion… #NaomiCampbell…#AmazingInspiration #FierceInspiration

    I don’t have much money, I don’t know where to begin and how to start, Though giving up, isn’t an option…, Though My natural beauty and Naturally photogenic Grasp to the Cameras & Model Life, Aren’t Talents.. They’re More so, Natural Gifts. AND I KNOW, That All I Need Is That One Person To Meet Me & Take A Chance On Me, Invest In My Future Career As A Model, Let Me Invest My Energy, Passion and Beauty To Show I’m Worth Being Signed As A New Face, I’m Worth Doing Shows and Shoots and I’m Worth Working With, Naomi Campbell and Every Other Accomplished Model and Life of Inspiration..,,
    I was born with ALL IT TAKES… I’m willing to learn and work past my hardest to be the World’s Best and Gracious Bi-Racial Female Super Model…

    Thanks For Reading,

    Sincerly Yours,

    A’Sierra Giianna “ASI”


    Height 5″9

    Weight 180

    Race: Black & White (non hispanic)

    Age 22 DOB 10/31

    Resides, NJ (Willing to travel)

    No Children, Not Married

    Natural Hair Thick & Very Curly (Preferred to be worn Straight)

    Natural Hair Color Dark Brown with Natural Golden Highlights

    Natural Eye Color, Green-Hazel (switches colors)

    Instagram shestayright92

    Personal FB Graciously StayRight

  70. Miranda Holliman

    I want to be apart of The Face, because being a model and modeling is all I ever dreamed of becoming. I just don’t want to dream anymore I want to live my dream. I know modeling is my calling, because when I go to sleep at night modeling is all I think about this is my chance at the start of something new

  71. Brooke Henry

    I am 24 years old I currently go to college to help better my life. I live in a small town where there is not opportunity and need out. I have what it takes to be the face very classy with a very sexy pretty versatile style. I think i could act never really had an opportunity to try but I know I can give you my all I watch every episode of the face and by that I know I want this I know I can give you my all in a chance to change my life. Becoming a model has been a dream of mine for my whole life and I have tried to go to Chicago which is an hour away but they want money for portfolio and i cant afford this. I am having a had time finding a job as people never treat me as i should be treated I don’t have much family Involved with my life and well being I pretty much go to school and live with boyfriend to stay afloat this would be a dream in reality for me I would show you and Give you 100% the whole show DEDICATED<THAT'S ME< I really hope to hear from you as this would be a miracle Fingers crossed cant wait… And if not at least I tried and that you for reading….. Keep me in mind though I am a person who needs to be seen I know I have what it takes to be the face I know i have never done modeling before but i am very confident comfortable, and i am perfect in my eyes. Hope in your as well. Thank you so much for this chance,

    Ms Henry

  72. Desiree

    Hi.! My name is Desiree I’m 19
    Height: 5’9
    Weigh: 125
    Becoming a model is a dream I want to pursue , something I need to do not only for myself but for my family.! I’m the only girl out of 4 brothers .! I struggled to fit in with others because I was always different.! My family need my support and my help to do something Big and change our life around.! We’re in a struggle and the only thing keeping us going is faith & God we just keep our heads up and pray that we will overcome our situation.! Being on the face will give me Hope and a life to look forward too .!

  73. Zhinaqui Garrett

    Hey, my name is Zhinaqui. I come from a city called Spartanburg, South Carolina. I am 18 years old, with the drive to model. I am optimistic, and have the confidence to be on The Face. I have a son that is now three, and I now have insecurities about the way my stomach looks. But I will not let that stop me. This is my time to prove to my mom, my peers, and also to myself that I can do what I have always dreamed of. Thank You.

  74. Stephanie Logan

    My name is Stephanie and I live in Knoxville, TN. I was born in Pittsburgh but moved around the U.S. as I was growing up. It is my ultimate dream to model and I will strive until I get there. I believe I would be a perfect fit because I not only have the face, but I have the personality, confidence, and determination.

    Thank you & I look forward to hearing back.

    Stephanie Logan

  75. Kiaira Sharee Evans

    Hi my name is Kiaira Sharee And I am 18 yrs old. I am currently working at Burger King but have a passion for becoming a magnificent model one day. I am a people person and have a nice personality. I know I have what it takes to be the next Face.