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Aspiring models around the world get ready for stardom because Oxygen is bringing you another exciting chance to become the next “Face” of the modeling industry. The Face is searching around the globe for the next hot model talent to groom and mentor into the next supermodel. Casting calls and auditions are happening right now for this chance of a lifetime and the time is now for you to take your career to the next level.

The Face is once again looking to literally change the face of reality modeling competition shows. The program will feature three world renowned supermodels -the amazing and legendary Naomi Campbell, rising American supermodel Lydia Hearst and Russian star Anne V. – who will help choose the contestants and then mentor them throughout the competition until one lucky young woman stands alone as The Face. Competitors will compete as teams of three through a series of challenges that will include runway shows, commercial work and photo shoots while Ms. Campbell and her supermodel partners work with the girls and show them the tricks of the modeling trade. The final model chosen will receive a contract with a national brand and become The Face of their products. This is the chance that could change a modeling career forever – to work and learn with some of the biggest names in the fashion world while millions of viewers around the world tune in every week. If you are interested in auditions and casting calls for this fabulous new modeling program you can go here and be sure to leave a message for us below telling us why you would be a perfect contestant for the new season and we will keep you informed of every The Face casting update.

The time is now to make your big, big break in the world of high fashion modeling. You could be taught by Naomi Campbell and the most talented figures in the indutry as you strive to become the image of a major national brand campaign in commercials, print and events. Submit yourself today for your chance to become The Face.

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  1. Esther Ladipo

    Hello! I’m Esther. I was named after Queen Esther in the Bible. I’ve always carried myself like a queen and being a supermodel is pretty darn close to being a queen! I would love to be considered for the show.

  2. Whitney Whitehead

    Hi! I’m 23 and I’ve always wanted to be a model! I’m from Michigan and I’ve just never really had the opportunity to really pursue a modeling career. I realize that I am “getting older” by model standards and feel like it is now or never! I definitely do not want to look back in 20 years and say that I wish I would have fought for my dreams. I’ve always really wondered if I have what it takes and am more than just a pretty face. After recently graduating from college and finally breaking out of the mold everyone in my life had chosen for me, I’m ready!

  3. MaKayla Funk

    Hi. My mame is MaKayla. Im 25 and ive always wanted to be a model and actress since i was a little girl. I feel like i have the confidance and look too take me too the next level with your help.

  4. Aaliyah Phillips

    hey! my name is Aaliyah, I am big in the industry of fashion and modeling. ever since I was little I always knew what it was exactly that I wanted to do when I grew up. I have a lot of opportunities, but this is really big one for me. I would be more then blessed if i was choosen for this!

  5. Tyneisha Kelly

    Hello! I’m Tyneisha kelly! I live in Texas! Since I was younger I’ve always watched the face and always dreamt of becoming it! I have been very passionate about modeling since I was a little girl. I love love love taking photos every day to post to my social media. I am super hardworking and I love taking direction from people with the most experience such as supermodels. I would love to be on this show and grow as a model and person.

  6. Azangalala christabel

    Hi. My name is Azangalala christabel am a Kenyan,17years old.l would like to be an international model.

  7. Shuntel Coleman

    I am very impassioned about modeling. I aspire to make an career as a model and become and known face through dedication and hard work to obtain my dream.

  8. Ashanti Badger

    Hi there my name is Ashanti Badger , I am from Greensboro N.C I am 19 years old I am in college a Sophomore, I am a fun loving stress free girl who loves different type of music I am willing to try anything I am also a foodie I love food all the time I work out almost everyday, I am very interested in becoming a model I always have been since I was little , I have tried out to be a model before and it hasn’t worked out dude to a lot of choices I’ve had to decide , so I’m hoping this time I will make it and make this my career path. Becoming a model is very important to me because I think I have a shot in this industry again and I want to learn and gain something from this I am coming on this show to show who I am as a small talented person I am 5’3 and want to show people yes short people can model to as well

  9. Neetu Sahota

    Despite being the age of 28 I never want that to make me feel I cannot achieve anything in my life. I get told I’m too old or not tell enough. I am 5ft6 and there’s one thing I have in common with everyone that wants a chance on this show, and that is belief. I belive i have the ability to really show what I can offer and push my limits to it’s full potential. Being British born and from an Indian background i’d like to be one of the very few indian girls that makes a success when it comes to modelling either high fashion, editorial or commercial. I enjoy modelling, it makes me feel good about myself and I just feel I really have what it takes to get to that level. Through of my years of modelling off and on I came across some struggles with losing my dad which made me give up on my passions. As I have regained my passion and love for modelling I now feel unstoppable and so much more confident and that is because of the thick skin and strength I have learnt with my struggles. I have featured in music videos such as Ben Pearce – ‘What I Might Do’ as a dancer. I also featured as a main back up dancer for ‘Only Way Essex Star’ Jessica Wright – ‘Dominoes’. (Include C Montana too.) Currently i continue on with my training and personal growth development while exploring and expanding on my creativity, especially when it comes to modelling. In my personal time i likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping fit at the gym, i also attend meditation sessions on a regular basis as I stay in touch with my spirituality and enjoy focusing my mind by practising how to be mindfulness. To be given this opportunity would be so grateful as I’d really like to be a one of a kind when it comes to distinctive looks.

  10. Gina Lee Falcon

    My name is Gina Falcon. I’m a 24 years old Puerto Rican, and a mother of a 4 year old, whom I Love Soooo Much! I’m currently enrolled in college for my AAS in Criminal justice and Criminology BUT, Since I was a little girl I always wanted the opportunity to become a model, but my teenage years were not the best. Mommy was in prison and daddy was an alcoholic. So i went from being a teenager living my teenage years to being a teenager taking care of my teenage brother. To get the opportunity to just be on the face would be amazing. A chance at life, my dream.

  11. Doubra Okah

    I am a very passionate and driven young woman, I am currently studying in college and working at the same time, making an effort to be a better person and create a great life for myself. I strive to reach my goals by any means necessary. At the age of 8 I have thought of being in the fashion industry, though I have a disability I don’t see that as a barrier for why I should not be an aspiring model. Modelling is my true passion and I will do whatever it takes to prove myself all I need is to given that opportunity to do so.

  12. Doubra

    I am a very passionate and driven young woman, I am currently studying in college and working at the same time, making an effort to be a better person and create a great life for myself. I strive to reach my goals by any means necessary. At the age of 8 I have thought of being in the fashion industry, though I have a disability I don’t see that as a barrier for why I should not be an aspiring model. Modelling is my true passion and I will do whatever it takes to prove myself all I need is to given that opportunity to do so.

  13. Keiosha Snow

    Hello! My name is Keiosha Snow, and I’m 23 years old. Having the opportunity to get a chance at modeling would be a dream come true. As a kid I uss to always watch “American Next Top Model” with my mother. And each time we watched the show I would put on her heels to do a walk way show for her. Told her one day I’m gonna become a model. She told me I would make a amazing one. After my mother died I forgot who I was and lost all of my confidence. Everyday people would tell me how beautiful I am and asked why I’m not a model or in Hollywood yet. I haven’t felt beautiful in a long time. But recently I got my confidence back and realized I need to go for my dreams. Because life is to short not to follow them. I hope you can give me a one in a life time chance to make my dream come true.

  14. Shuntel Coleman

    Very driven for what i want out of life and becoming the face is something that i want. I am 27 years old and i am from texas. Breaking into the modeling industry is tough. But with the right mind set and devotion Im READY to take the world by storm.


    I am very career driven, i am a mother of 4 and i am more than confident that i have what it takes and more to be The Face!! I am outgoing, I am tall, I am beautiful, I have a bubbly personality, I am courageous and i am determined!! Thank you!

  16. Quinetta Rucker

    I am a 31 year old, mother of 5 and I look better than most of you young bitches! I’m focused, I’m driven, and I strive to be successful BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! I got the look and the confidence, now I just need an opportunity of a lifetime…


    I want to be an aspiring Supermodel as badly as I breath every single micro seconds.

  18. Wyturia Robinson

    In LOVE with Naomi modeling has been a dream of mine but I’ve never felt like i had the look until i realized i didn’t need to have a specific look to make it far i just needed to feel confident in MY look and OWN it.

  19. Denisha John

    My name is Denisha John and I am a 19 year old Trinidadian woman living in florida, I would love to compete on your show The Face. I have skin of gold and I would love to show it. Thank you for the consideration.

  20. Remedios Rosillo

    Modeling is one of my dreams💃🏻💓

  21. Shamika Battle

    Hello my name is Shamika Battle im a 29 year old female out of Raleigh NC very talented and outgoing. Most of my life i have been told i live in a fantancy world into which i dont want to live in a fantancy world i would love for it to be reality so if i were chosen you would not regret me it would be a honor to have my dreams come true for my kids and my family.

  22. persephonie lane-mcmillian

    my name persephonie
    I am 27
    I have always have had a dream to be a model/actress
    I would love a chance to see my dream come true I hope I can finally get the chance to see my dream come true
    thank you for your time

  23. Stefaney Ebonny

    Hi my name is stefaney and I am 18 years old,5 ’11 and i I want to be a model because it’s my dream and aspiration

  24. sydney mendezona


    My name is Sydney Mendezona! I have always loved modeling but would love to take it to the next level. I signed with elite model mgmt back in high school, and then in college signed with muse model mgmt. I would love to dive back into the modeling buisness. I am 23 years old and 5’9.

  25. Diane Yashim

    My name is Precious Diane Yashim am 21 I would be perfect for this contest not because am the most beautiful but because I have zeal. I believe in purpose, most importantly there is no force greater than that of a woman on a mission and that’s who I am. I want my image and personality to reflect on my past faults that bred the new me I want to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Am from the northern part of Nigeria where young females believe they can’t be more they can’t dream to be greater than a man don’t get me wrong am not a feminist I just believe there are enough stars in the sky for everyone so me getting a chance to participate would mean more to me than you can imagine I want to make a difference and this challenge is worth it .

  26. Valenda Williams

    To whom this letter may concern my name is valenda William’s I’m 26 year old born in raised in San Francisco California Bayview Hunter’s point I’m a twin of a girl i have no kids I weight 100 pounds soak and wet 5’1 i work for a company called Handy as a perfessional cleaner my hobbies are helping other i love doing hair make up nails getting dressed up and going shopping and traveling i love spending my spear time with family and friends most people tell me I’m very gorgeous to be a dark skinned girl with beautiful smooth skin perfect teeth and long pretty eye lashes to dye for I’m also very petite with a nice body as they say i agree now is my chance of lifetime to prove to the world that i am The Face and the time is now for me to take my career to the next level this has always been a childhood dream since the age of 5 I’m interested in auditions casting calls for this fabulous new modeling program why would I be the perfect contestant for the new season?i will be that runway show i will be that photo shoot i love challenges i work well with others I’m very consistent Imma hard worker i have good posture i wouldn’t mind making new friend traveling to different country learning differnt cultures trying on designer and fashion brands modeling has alway been a dream as i said before meeting Naomi campbell,Lydia Hearst and Anne V would be a honor to work with Naomi Campbell Lydia Hearst and Anne V would be a dream to meet my Role models such a big fan by the way me and my family grew up poor my oldest brother took care of all 9 of use including my Mother things has changed my brother been dead for 12 years the hardest years of our life I can hear him telling me not to give up he was a believer he always told us to push hard toward our dreams to succeed success I wanna carry on his legacy and make sure my family is well tooking care he was gunned down at the age of 21 i will never forget the day my brother life was tooking from him i wanna move us far away from the hood as possible Imma just a hood girl trying to make away it get so hard but i be okay i dont really care what the people say cause this is me… this opportunity would change my life in so many way as a role model as a fan and as a model i just wanna show the world dreams are real all you have to do is believe and I believe this is my chance my oppurnity my challenge my life my goal my career I’m determined I want this more than anything and I promise I want let whom this may concern down you’ll be satisfy grant me this wish

    Fairwell, Valenda Williams

  27. Andrea Green

    What is the age range for the face reality show please

  28. Jacqueline Ortiz

    Hello my name is Jacqueline Ortiz i am 24 years old and my home town is Chicago Illinois I would like to be on face off. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer last year im September of 2016 and I fought it and I feel like I’ve been given a second chance in life I have wanted to be a model for some time now I really would love this opportunity like this and I would also like to challenge my self and be an inspiration to women all over the world.

  29. Jacqueline Ortiz

    Hello my name is Jacqueline Ortiz I’m 24 years old and im from Chicago Illinois and I would like an opportunity to audition for the face. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in September of last year of 2016 but I have fought the cancer and I feel like I’m given a second chance in life and I’ve dreamt of becoming a model for some time now but now I really want to become a model to inspire women all over the world .

  30. Julia

    I am Juliana from Kenya, and I would really love to take part in the face auditions. But I have never got the exact date for auditions

  31. Chasity Montgomery

    Hi my name is chasity I’m 18 years old and would love this opportunity, I’ve been wanting to model my entire life & everyone always told me be a model your beautiful. I want to Inspire people when they look at me.Its been something I’ve been wanting to do since my mother got diagnosed with leukaemia and past on when I was younger just to have her proud is me.

  32. Aji Fatou Kanyi

    I’ve always loved watching the Legendary Naomi Campbell’s catwalks she my best model!!! My mum was the reason why I knew her she told me about her when she went to the UK in 2001. I started following her watching her walks it is amazing I can’t even express how I insanely like her she’s the best . Then I heard my friends talking about this TV programme called the FACE and they told me your mum Naomi some supermodels are the panel judges cuz when I was a little girl I used to say yeah!!! mummy look my mum Naomi is walking I wanna be like her that’s why my friends kept teasing me with that name I fell in love with it and modelling and I started watching it and I said this is incredible and plus Naomi’s there¡!!

  33. Tamarae Harris

    I would love a chance to be on ‘The Face’ and be mentored by the legendary Naomi Campbell

  34. Kayla M

    Hi! It would be an honor and a wonderful opprotunity to be considered for The Face. My excellent work ethic and drive along with my passion for modeling are what make me stand out amoung the rest. I soak up information like a sponge and the experience to be taught by inspiring mentors alongside other passionate young women like myself is what I’ll hold onto for the rest of my life and career venues.

  35. Valenda

    Hello my name is valenda Williams I am 26 years of age I’m also a twin born in raised in San Francisco California no kids I work for a cleaning company called Handy I love helping others my hobbies are spending time with my nieces and nephews doing hair getting dressed and putting on make up I love travelings its always been a dream to be a model since I was a lil girl I still live that dream and one day I will make it happen I hope this is my opportunity it will be a pleasure and a dream working with you I’m a very consistent person I won’t stop till I become ANTM I have what it take a lot of people tell me I have nice skin and I’m very beautiful to be darkskinned I agree that why I’m fighting for what I want I pray to god this is my opportunity this will change my life and some many way not just as a fan but as a model not a job but career traveling to countries different cultures new faces making new friend different environment expiring other living life living my dream being able to provide for my family letting the world know any thing is possible sending positive messages to the youth ect I promise you I will not let you down trust in me and the future will be ours I will make you a happy agent please hear this prayer in god name I pray amen I want this so badd Jesus

  36. Andraya Spriggs

    Hello, My name is Andraya Spriggs, I am currently 17 years old (January 22) & I live in Pearland, Texas.
    When I was younger before my grandmother on my dads side passed away. she aspired me to model and I took it and really enjoyed it, but after she passed away, my mom was pushed around my modeling companies whom didn’t want to give me my photos, so the dream quickly died. With my mom being a single parent she had a lot going on maintaining a house hold and 5 children, my grandmother with dementia whom last year passed away, and my uncle with Down syndrome made me learn to get things on my own and being the oldest, grow up fast. My dad wasn’t in the picture so I had to learn to open doors for myself. I am current in my last year in highschool my GPA is a 3.00 and I want to go to college for clinical psychology but I also want to be a politician. But my passion is and always has been clothes. I love clothes. I will wear anything I feel comfortable in and sometimes get policed for it.
    Having 3 little brothers I had to kinda had to act like a big brother and growing up with little family, and only the kids in the neighborhood, I really would say I am a wild child. I love being outside, i love my dog, and i love food.
    Watching Naomi Campbell moments to interviews I feel like she could help me develop a stronger sense of self and authority because I have been known to be a push over and even maybe a slacker and I want my career to be legit and not something taken lightly when approached. I want to do this differently because I do want to run in politics in the future and I want to learn to be stronger role model with stronger etiquette because in highschool I was the pretty~crazy girl and I feel like with some help and guidance I can can become someone that can implement real change. But i feel I don’t have the tools being from a small modern country town, and I think “The Face” will really teach me to hold myself to a higher standard than I currently do.
    I weigh only about 120 pounds and I am 5″3 but I still feel like I could grow some more being only 17. My mothers people are from Argentina of Latin decent, and my dad is from SouthPark or “Sunnyside” . they met in the military and my mom lived in Florida with my sister but when she got pregnant with me she packed up and moved to Texas to be with my father. 13 years later they divorced. This really taught me to be strong for myself because it felt like we were fending for ourself living paycheck to paycheck. And from my mom being in the service-connected out of the military it always kept us fed, housed, and clothed, it also pays for my college so it gives me a real chance to be somebody really out there making a real change, I want to be a role model to girls to show them what they can become in life because it took a lot of mistakes to come the person of moral and character I am today. I went threw really bad depression and I didn’t take care of myself the way I should’ve but I’ve made a complete 360 and I’m ready to become the next Face of 2017

  37. Mollie

    Hi my name is mollie and I’m 25 and I’m from Manchester nh. I always wanted to be a model. I want to get into the plus size model industry to inspire women and girls like myself. I’m 5’5 have black hair and deep brown eyes with bronze skin.

  38. Amanosi

    All i really want is to be a top model like the famous naomi cambell, kendall and gigi. Am a nigerian, am 5ft 10inches am dark skin, i have a charming personality , please i want to get called for ‘the face’ its my dream to win it if i have the chance to compete, please give me the chance

  39. Amanosi

    All i really want is to be a top model like the famous naomi cambell, kendall and gigi. Am a nigerian, am 5ft 10inches am dark skin, i have a charming personality , please i want to get call for ‘the face’ its my dream to win it if i have the chance to compete, please give me the chance

  40. Amanosi

    All i ever want in this life is to be a top model like the famous naomi cambell, kendall and gigi. Am a nigerian, am 5ft 10inches am dark skin, i have a charming personality , please i want to get call for ‘the face’ its my dream to win it if i have the chance to compete, please give me the chance

  41. Tanjanika Tacole Robinson

    Hi my name Tanjanika im 18 5’6 i feel like i should be apart of the show cause i like challenges & i always wanted to be a model.i got the face & attitude You can email me

  42. Aijee

    Hey, My names is Aijee I’m and African American girl from Lansdale Pennsylvania, I am 18 years old, I enjoy playing the cello and modeling for ru way and print. I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to be apart of this amazing fenomanon!

  43. Mariana Sanchez

    My name is Mariana, I’m 19 and 120 pounds. I would love to be part of this show. I’ve been trying to get into modeling for the longest time. I’m very competitive, and love, love being challenged. I live in the US, widwest area. I’m very comfortable in front of a camera and enjoy constructive criticism. I truly believe I belong on a show like this, I have faith and need to be casted.

    Thank you for your time, home to hear from you soon.

  44. Tanetta Harvey

    Hello, I am Tanetta Harvey aka Lady Saika. I am 5ft 4in bronze skin Beautiful Face, Slanted eyes like a cat, Beautiful high cheek bone structure. Very soft feminine appeal sexy and playful. Full of life an AQUARIUS with wild imaginations.