The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest

The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest

Do you have a Cute Kid? Of course you do, everyone loves their children and believes them to be the most beautiful, but do you truly have The Cute Kid Of The Year? Now is your chance to find out because The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest is here and submissions from cute kids the world over for this casting call are being accepted today. This is the chance for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents, foster parent or anyone to show off their little ones and possibly walk away with a huge cash prize and a future in the modeling industry.

The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest is ready to crown the cutest kid on the planet and give parents and guardians the opportunity to give their little angels an incredible leg up in their young lives. This contest allows you to submit your child’s most adorable photos all year long. Each month some of the biggest professionals in the child modeling industry will use their taste and expertise to choose six monthly winners who receives $500, an overall monthly winner who receives $1000 and The Cute Kid Of The Year who walks (or crawls) away with agency representation, a role in a TV commercial, a trip to New York City, a fabulous $25,000 college tuition fund and much. much more!  Your little darling ages 0-12 will be judges on the following contest criteria: appearance, expression, charisma, image concept and setting and that certain indefinable something that sets The Cute Kid Of The Year apart from all of the rest.

You’ve got a kid and The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest wants to make him or her a star! You can submit your beautiful ones today by heading here for directions and more details. We will be sure to post all updates on this baby photo casting call soon so keep checking back for more information and leave a message below and tell us why your bundle of joy should be chosen as the next The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest winner.

The CuteKid Photo Contest
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140 Casting Responses

  1. jamuna

    Im jamuna a mother of a cute, smart, active and easy adopting little boy name Dhairya. My son is almost 12 months old baby. He has got a adorable and charming personality and we always get great compliments on him.

  2. Naana

    My 2 months old son Benaiah, is the most adorable and active little bunny. From the first day he was born, he gave me the biggest intentional smile with his eyes open, and he hasn’t stop smiling since then. Of course he is so beautiful and playful and everyone one loves his personality.

  3. Tye Ramos

    My 6 year old son Evin Paul Melendez was the put in a book he won a contest for the most beautiful kid and now he sings and looks like superman or iron man or bat man and would like to start acting he also is really good at flips and stunts I think he could really be famous cause his so young but active and cute and funny if anyone big reads this you can call me I’ll send pictures and videos if necessary

  4. lamneikim

    hi my baby boy 12 months and hving good smiling face every most people like him and i always want my baby to become something,if my baby got change to become photo or acting i would be happy,you can chat me in my mail id at anytime……..

  5. Alicia Jones

    Hello! My daughter, Leah Makenzie is 7 weeks and she is the most adorable chick around town! Since she came out the womb everyone speaks on how beautiful she is! Many have satire she looks like a doll baby! My baby girl has an amazing smile and her personality shines through all the faces she makes!!! I believe my Leah Makenzie is the big winner of this contest!

  6. Morgan S

    I have to say, my baby girl is the most adorable, cutest, prettiest baby I the whole entire world! She is about to turn 6 months old and I can’t even complain because he is such a good baby. She never crys and she sleeps through the night! Everyone tells me that she looks exactly like the Gerber baby on the Gerber jars. I never really noticed it before until I researched the Gerber baby, and I was like “omg she does!” She has curly brown hair, and big round eyes that are a shade of deep blue. Her nose is the cutest button nose you’ll ever see! And her lips are her best feature, with a very pronounced philtrim and a curvy upper lip and a plump lower lip. She also has dimples and a pronounced chin. Just wait till you meet her, your heart will melt instantly 🙂

  7. Michaelle

    I believe Chance should be the winner because he is very photogenic. He love taking picture and selfie lol. he have swag for 3 yrs old. . OMG! How can you resist his cute smiley face.

  8. canday

    Hi I am the mother of my gorgeous daughter helena. She should be considered because she is gorgeous, intelligent and a charming baby. She is an exotic mix of african,ponca(native american) and swiss descent. Everybody that has met her adores her and she loves to meet new people and has this smile that would break your heart 🙂

  9. Joyce Davis


  10. Brian

    Well hello, My name is Brian and i am a very proud dad of a natural photo taker. Jaxon is his name and posing is his thing. He is super funny, he can be in mid cry then stop for that Kodak moment. Jaxon is a smart 1 month and 1 day old who loves the simply things. I know some parents dress there kids up for pictures but Jaxon will melt your heart with a smile.

    Thank you for your time.

  11. Sharetta Lanham

    I am the mother of a brand new baby boy who is one month old. He should be considered because he is very photogenic. I know that sounds somewhat extreme when talking about a one month old but we toke him to get his one month pictures taken and he was sleep when we got there but as soon as we walking into the studio he woke up. He stayed awake the entire photo shoot. The photographer said she had so much fun taking his pictures because she had never had an infant who actually posed for there pictures. When we showed our friends and family the photos they were very amazed and so was I and I just want the world to see what a handsome and photogenic baby he is.

  12. danielle tionson

    hi i am a sister of a baby boy.. “jacob” his 2 years old.. he’s really cute and handsome.. he knows how to pose infront of a camera.. he has a wonderful smile.. his hair is soft and thin blavk-brownish. his white and cute.

  13. Amy Mailot

    I am the mother of an amazingly naturally talented 11 year old girl who loves to model. Camey (Cameron) loves the camera and is a natural! She has had a professional photo shoot portfolio ready to submit. She is full of personality and is athletic, tall, and has great humor. She is fearless and creative and ready for whatever comes her way.

  14. Candace Boyd

    Hi my name is candace an im a mother of four intelligent kids an I would love for atleast one of them to be picked to be part of the camera they are black an spanish with black long hair an they love taking pictures there ages are 10 months 3 yrs 4 yrs 9yrs they are awsome if u give them a chance they will show u thanks please get back to me i would love to send pictures

  15. Leah ward

    My name is Leah, I am the mother of a precious 1 year old. I would like my daughter to be considered for this opportunity because she is so smart, funny, and cute. Her name is Nala and she is African American/belizean. She has been walking since 8 months and she is super strong and fast. She likes to run, and dance, and she is always smiling. Everywhere we go people stop to admire her and she draws them in even more when she flashes her smile and proceeds to wave hi! She’s a charmer and you wouldn’t regret choosing her 🙂

  16. JUDY

    i would really like to enrol my 3 month old son . i really believe he is addorable as random people would walk up to me in the shops and compliment his addorable smile . he loves a camera and the attention .

  17. Tamar Dillard

    Hello!! I have a 3 month old daughter who is full of personality. She has a head of curly hair, soft caramel/chocolate smooth skin, full cheeks with one dimple on each side, big bright enduring eyes, with long lashes. In the economy we live in I would love to be afforded this opportunity to start and build a college fund for her. She is my first child and I see so much potential in her.God spared her life and I just would love for her to do something special.

  18. HL Hau

    To whom it may concern,

    Hi, my baby girl Shermin is 10 months old in 2 days more. She is very charming and she loves to smile. She attracts a lot of people to hug her and play with her. We wish to share her lovely and joyful smile around the world. Picture tells thousand words, below is the link of her photo:

    Thank you.

  19. Romana

    My 6yrs old daughter is cute,smart and have it going for to be a winner.

  20. Salma kousar

    My son name is hamza Ali haider . He is so cute baby and I want to see him as a model.he gonna two in jun . His smile most beautiful.

  21. Kalene

    My daughter is very photogenic. Since she last appeared on the cover of the Parent MAgazine in 2011 ; she has matured into a beautiful 9 year old little girl. She’s got what it takes and I’m going to support her every step of the way ! Her beautiful brown hair, freakles across the bridge of her nose and those beautiful blue eyes will catch anyone’s attention. Give her a shot n you won’t be disappointed!

  22. ordessa

    My son kingston is 4 months and he is the most happiest cutest baby, he is chunky and silly. I think everybody will enjoy him and fall in live once they meet him. They probably wouldn’t even want to put him down, he also has one cute dimple that is heart melting.

  23. Jon Craig

    My son Joshua is a month old and people are in awe every time they see him. He is a Star everywhere he goes, the Doctors just loved coming to our room to see him every chance they had. They would say “he is the cutest kid ever,” I don’t know if it was his head full of hair or his cute little dimples. On top of being the cutest he is already holding his head up and trying to crawl. HE’S THE GREATEST!!!

  24. Ashly Clubb

    I would like to have my son considered to be the cutest baby because he has character and charm. His is 4 months old and makes a new face or sound everyday. He is an overachiever and a fast learner. He has dirty blonde hair with gorgeous big blue eyes and is starting to get curly hair. Thank you for your time and consideration we hope to hear from you soon

  25. Jennifer Ashley McGuinness

    My beautiful little girl is three years old. Her name is Kaleia, and she is the cutest kid!!! She has big beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, and a gorgeous smile! She loves people and music! Please consider her 🙂 thank you!!

  26. Cristina N

    My son is should be consider due to the fact that everywhere I go with hin everyone says he is the cutest kid ever. I highly agree with his cute dimples. He is an outgoing 9 year old with so much energy that thakes off 10 yrs off your age just by speaking to him. He is that loveable.

  27. Annette Gaudlap

    My daughter, Grace, is 5 years old and she has everything it takes to be star.

  28. jazmin

    You should consider picking my babygirl izabel kristina because she is a very smart girl and she is only two years of age she is very beautiful has some big beautiful eyes the most amazing smile and the most gorgeous laugh you can ever imagine and a big sense of humor for such a young person you should really consider contacting me she is veryy veryy beautiful

  29. Diamond Dobbins

    My son Jaylyn is only five months. He is fill of character and personality. He is full of joy and he makes everyone that he comes into contact with fall in love.. Not to mention his smile will make your heart melt. He is full of positive energy and he loves the camera. Of course this is my opinion, but if we are given the opportunity he can not only win the judges over but America as well. Please email me!! Thank you

  30. Vanessa Ross

    My daughter, A’Shyla is 16 months old. She is energetic, charismatic and funny all at the same time. Everywhere we go, be it the grocery store, restaurants or doctor’s office people always compliment on her amazingly infectious smile. Her father and I are constantly reminded of how we should pursue modeling, as she’s always smiling as if the camera is watching. A’Shyla’s style already resembles the outline of the GAP brand so she is a perfect fit. Thanks for your future consideration.

  31. Shalarria

    I love the camera. Please email me!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ruth Lorenzo

    Hello my name is Ruth Lorenzo and yes I have a beauty in my hands. She’s 13 months old and she turn heads everywhere we go, she has blue eyes dirty blond curly hair and very fair skin. she loves smiling and making faces, she also loves imitating others, she’s a very friendly baby and has no problem hugging a total stranger.

  33. Jessica

    I have a 4 month old baby girl named Aubrey Lynn and she is perfect for modeling. Everywhere we go all people say is that she looks like a doll. They can’t believe how much hair she has and how cute she is. Everyone says we should try putting her into modeling and I think its time to give it a try. She took professional photos when she was a month and they came out great. I know she can do this.

  34. Katya Vukic

    My Name is Katya , I have a 14 month old beautiful boy .
    I decided to see if I can give it a try in this world due to people suggesting me I should , in the groceries , restaurant , and family of course of how I should put my son in modelling.

    I would like to see what this is all about if we can give it a try !!
    Hes very photogenic and very smart for his age .

  35. Maria Vasquez

    Hey my name is Maria Vasquez , and I have the most adorable baby in the world, her name is Juliet Renesmee trejo and is 7 months, she smile to everyone and is active. People tell she looks prettier then the Gerber baby. People stop to just look at her. She likes to take pictures and she looks beautiful in them.

  36. Delores

    Hello my name is Delores. I have 1 year old little girl, will be 2 November 30, name DeAsia. I would love to put her in modeling and audition for different events; however, I am new to this and do not know where and how to start doing it. She is in love with the camera and pose on every picture in my phone. I would love to get information on what the next step to getting her stated. Thanks in advance.

  37. Stephanie Michel Olea

    I know that every baby is unique and all full of life. My son Eli is no exception. He is my miracle baby after a miscarriage I had the previous year. I knew the day he arrived he was going to wear the crown my little king. I thought it was funny when I delivered he came out with his eyes open already ready to see what this world had to offer. All the nurses said he was such a blessing and a beautiful baby. I feel very blessed because he is such a calm baby when I am on the phone he quiets down he already its my turn to speak ha ha! He is a very playful baby like other baby he laughs and smiles. I feel very fortunate to have a relaxed baby. Fast forward 6 months he is still the same playful, great listener, energetic. He is starting to crawl as well . He is light skin (Hispanic ) dark blacks eyes and light black hair. He also has already his 2 bottom teeth.

  38. monike susanti

    Hi, I would like to bring my baby for any opportunity in casting / photo shoot. My baby been selected in one of Pampers finalist Global campaign photo shoot. I want her become more talented in any auditions. I think , she will be good in the cute kid of the year commercial too.

    Baby name: Deborah Moeen
    Age: 7 months old
    Ethnic: Asian ( India/Pakistan & Chinese Indonesia background )

    Please email ( or call me at 347-455-3701 .


  39. Laura Briggs

    *** MUST SEE*** 4 month old boy. Black hair brown eyes one half Caucasian & one half Pakistani. Very nice tan completion with cute cheeks and adorable smile. Very happy baby and follows direction already at just 4 months.

  40. Matilda Attaalla

    Nia is a unique one year old that lights up any room and puts smiles on people’s faces instantly. We are constantly told that she should be in commercials with her sweet and spunky personality and her gorgeous looks. Besides looking very exotic truly my daughter is a one of a kind. You don’t see a face like hers everyday.

  41. Zachary

    Name: zachary
    Age: 6 years old
    Race: African-American
    Eyes color: hazel
    Hair color : long dark brown

    I am smart,funny, friendly and handsome . Please email me

  42. Shalini

    I have a 6 months son named “Rudransh”.He is very cute,sweet and always happy child.He has dark black eyes and very long black hair.He is fair in colour.I would like to entered him in contest because he deserve to be there as he is my adorable son.

  43. domiuniqua

    My baby is 5 months old she’s very happy baby. She get plenty of compliments every time we go out. She the cutest little thing with bright eyes. She have a head full of curly hair

  44. amita rawal

    hey i’m amita my daughter name is angle.we are from daughter is very beautiful and fun loving.she’s only 19month mobile number is +918860294911.

  45. Wendy

    My 2 1/2 year old is an old lady magnet with her bright auburn/copper hair.

  46. Mayra

    Ethan is just one of the happiest babies. Always has a smile and those dimples are sure to captivate any heart! Definetly a heart breaker! Ethan just turned 10 months and is one character! He has such a charming personality and is sure to brighten up any room. My baby definetly needs to be out there! 🙂 We are constantly being told how adorable his smile is and how handsome he is. Everyone always loves him and say he is such a good baby. He really is! He loves to eat, everything! He is very photogenic and takes monthly pictures. Pick my son! 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!

  47. Sieda Jackson

    My son Sir Jackson is only 3 days old and he has received more compliments than I have my entire life. When I had him I uploaded a picture of him to Facebook and my friends went wild! Before he came we had his middle name set as Hasani which means handsome, I knew he would be handsome but he is truly behind that. Head full of hair, big brown eyes, and just a face to die for! You should really consider him for this contest! Everyone already tells me to get behind a camera! He would do amazing! Already so intuitive, and funny! Not only do I think he’s cute but everyone around thinks so as well!

  48. Catalina Robles

    I have a 8 month old son his name is Edison. He is the cutest little thing. He loves copying his dogs faces that she makes when she’s excited. He laughs at everything. Very smart. He has big brown eyes and when I mean big I’m no exaggerating. He has his dads long curly eyelashes and his full cute kissable lips. He gets into everything and knows when he’s up to know good. He has a very strong personality I think for a 8 month old. He was born on the day the earth was suppose to end so he already started interesting. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you.

  49. Royelle

    not trying to brag but my cousin is a cutiefor her age

  50. Raghad

    Baby Nai is one of the cutest babies with her stunning gorgeousness :black hair with blue eyes and always smiling and laughing ! She is 9 months now crawling , pulls herself up and cruise around , she loves playing, jumping, climbing hugging and kissing .

  51. Lacretia Mitchell

    I could go on and on about how cute and adorable our two -year old daughter Cailynn is, but there is no need, I will just let the fiesty, active two year-old show you.

  52. Dinorah Gonzalez


    I have a boy named Jayden Mathew born 9/27/12. Told by many family members and close and not so close friends even random people in the street that I should hurry and put him in an ad, commercial or something. He is ADORABLE. I am willing to send a picture.

  53. Krista

    My daughter, Gabrielle, just turned 6 months…today! She is our beautiful little InVitro miracle! We are constantly getting stopped wherever we go by people wanting to admire not only her beauty but how social, friendly, and aware she is! I would love for Gabby to get the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot! She would love it!!!

  54. Belinda Carlson

    Hello every-one !!!! I have a 3 year old son and a 5 year old son Who are perfectly beautiful to me.. give’em a look…

  55. tripletsplus1

    Hello, Our 4 year old identical triplet Daughter’s are a must see!! They are one of a kind; they are Puerto Ricans with a beautiful color to them & long dark brown curly hair to die for. A beautiful smile & big personalities stick out where ever we go. Our girls Love people very outgoing & funny, they love music and love to dance. Very happy girls. There is so much to say about them. I am so blessed, our girls are very talented and I hope you can give them the chance to show it to the world. Very where we go we get stopped and people always take pictures of them. We see people smiling, pointing and whispering, commenting on them at all time when we are in public. It’s amazing!! We are very lucky & so proud of our triplet’s girls.

  56. Sean & Angela Brock

    Our 14 month old IDENTICAL TWIN daughters are a must see. Their shinning smiles and big personalities stick out where ever they go. They have huge brown eyes and long lashes that everyone is consistently commenting on. No matter where we go we are ALWAYS being stopped by strangers so they can get a glimpse of our beauties. Some even ask to take pictures, so they can show their family & friends the beauty they have just witnessed!! Our girls love people and love to cheese for the camera. Everyone who comes in contact with the girls truly believe they have the “IT” factor!!!!!!

  57. Constance

    My son Ashton is the CUTESTTTTT KID EVERRRRRR! I MEAN EVER! He has these BIG marble eyes, a naturally curly mohawk, and the smile of a true star! Everywhere we go people think that he is girl—– yea! So just imagine how cute he is! He is truly a heartbreaker and the center of attention everytime we walk in a room! Not only is he handsome but he is sooooooo talented as well! Check him out and I guarantee you will not be dissappointed!

  58. leslie gordon

    I have a beauty queen!!

  59. Molly Burns

    My boy/girl twins Cameron and Camille are the cuties and funniest 2 year old’s you will ever meet. Full of life, laughter and personality.

  60. Tanya cushman

    My daughter Juliana is a natural beauty and I’d love to share her pictures.

  61. eboni adams

    my daughter is so cute and talented. She is 4 years old and loves striking unique poses for camera… jaylah is definitely the cutest kid in the world…check her out

  62. Amanda

    I have twins boy and girl and they are 3 very out going fun to be around they sure know how to make you laugh they are mixed with black and white so you know they are just gorgeous my girl has deep dimples her smile is so beautiful pick them and you want be disappointed thanks

  63. shyni

    Ma little doll Anona is the most beautiful and precious .She is already a poser at 8 months old and responds so well to music doing the cutest expressions ever:):)

  64. Maryann Sescon

    Hi! I had a 2-year old daughter. Everytime we go somewhere, people always noticed her and told me my daughter is beautiful. One time we ate in the restaurant, one foreign guy just stop to say hi to my daughter and told us that my daughter is very beautiful. If given the chance, I would love to be part of your company in the future. Hope you will try to my daughter’s ability and one of a kind beauty. thank you.

  65. justice

    Im a proud mom of a baby boy that is 5 months old name Joshua Anthony Caberea . I know he will be great, he loves to play and smile and meeting new people. he has color eyes, a great personality. I think he will be perfect for this contest if you give him a shot to prove it to you. hope to hear from you and thanks for you time to read our comment. give him a chance you got regret him thanks.

  66. iyyonnah

    Hi I’m Iyyonnah I’m 12 and I think I have what it takes . If not I have two little cousins who. Are soo cute it’s super scary

  67. Vashondrea Lyons

    Hi my name is vashondrea and of course i think my son is the most beautiful baby in the worlds he’s 4 month old he is a blessing to me any many more because 3 years ago i was pregnant With my first son a he passed away i got pregnant again and chances were the doctor said he wasn’t going to make also, I went through so much with him from him not breathing right to many complications but he came out healthy and beautiful as ever

  68. Gabriana

    I’m entering my 2 month old son in this contest because, he has a smile the world needs to see. He’s a baby Shamar Moore and a little Denzel with a double D. If the shoe fits let him wear it, he’ll wear it well.

  69. Jennifer Dungo

    Hi i really want to join my two angels because they really cute and smart.My two baby girls name yumi and yuhan are really cute.Thanks fir this oppurtunity hoping that my kids be part of your bussiness.Godbless.

  70. Ive Marquez

    My son is an adorable full of smiles and laughter 11 month old named Chase. He is the cutest little boy and not just because he is my son. I would like to enter him in some children contest and would like some help! Hope to hear from someone soon.

    Thank you
    Ive & Chase

  71. Janette

    I have a 4 year old daughter named Aniah! And Aniah always says
    “Aniah grace has a pretty face”

  72. Lainie Vi

    Do I have a cute kid? Yes I do! Of course every parent wants to believe their child is the cutest thing to ever walk the earth… however, I’ve been told multiple times how absolutely adorable my baby is. Her name is Charlize and she is 6 months old. Everyone always turns to look at her where ever we are. Many times, we’ve been told she should be a Gap Baby. As it turns out, the 2013 Gap Baby auditions have already happened, so I thought, why not try Disney? I hope you do take the time to check out some of her pictures. Thanks for your consideration, you won’t be disappointed!

  73. Mikaela

    Se have only 3 months and she is a very smile girl

  74. deshonna

    my kids should be considered because they say and do the most cutest things and they are so adorable and lovable.

  75. Megan Nied

    My niece “Ava ” is the sweetest and prettiest little girl out there,dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She will be 5 in August and exudes personality and charisma!!!!!!!! She did a local mall modeling gig with some kids in Salem, Oregon for Nordstrom and had a blast. Since she was 2 she has always posed for photos. Such a natural she is so sweet and loves the camera! I did a video with her called “washing my hands” it was so funny and cute really shows her personality, everyone loves it. I know my niece “Ava” would do great at anything behind the camera ,she loves it!