The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest

The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest

Do you have a Cute Kid? Of course you do, everyone loves their children and believes them to be the most beautiful, but do you truly have The Cute Kid Of The Year? Now is your chance to find out because The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest is here and submissions from cute kids the world over for this casting call are being accepted today. This is the chance for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents, foster parent or anyone to show off their little ones and possibly walk away with a huge cash prize and a future in the modeling industry.

The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest is ready to crown the cutest kid on the planet and give parents and guardians the opportunity to give their little angels an incredible leg up in their young lives. This contest allows you to submit your child’s most adorable photos all year long. Each month some of the biggest professionals in the child modeling industry will use their taste and expertise to choose six monthly winners who receives $500, an overall monthly winner who receives $1000 and The Cute Kid Of The Year who walks (or crawls) away with agency representation, a role in a TV commercial, a trip to New York City, a fabulous $25,000 college tuition fund and much. much more!  Your little darling ages 0-12 will be judges on the following contest criteria: appearance, expression, charisma, image concept and setting and that certain indefinable something that sets The Cute Kid Of The Year apart from all of the rest.

You’ve got a kid and The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest wants to make him or her a star! You can submit your beautiful ones today by heading here for directions and more details. We will be sure to post all updates on this baby photo casting call soon so keep checking back for more information and leave a message below and tell us why your bundle of joy should be chosen as the next The Cute Kid Of The Year Photo Contest winner.

The CuteKid Photo Contest
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140 Casting Responses

  1. Vinayak badge

    I have blessed with twins baby girls . And they are so cute and photogenic face, and we are interested for advertisement and magzine photo shoot

  2. Rama gattu

    My baby Ishaant 9 month’s old is very cute and sweet., He is very talented at dis age.he has photogenic face

  3. Faiza

    My baby name is Madiha Shaikh.She is only for 8 months.She has the photogenic face as if u want u can see anytime.It will be my pleasure if u select my princess in magazine or adds.

  4. Nancy Fasawe

    My baby girls is so sweet and adorable… Photogenic and always smiling… She makes a bad day joyful…

  5. Bharti Gupta


    I want to put my baby into advertisement.

    Could you please suggest me how.??

    Bharti Gupta.

  6. udaya

    I have 8 month cute angel Aarushi and I wanna participate in this contest, guide me the formalities

  7. Erum

    I want to send a photo of cute kid.

  8. mishthi chadha

    I am a cute child..

  9. Trupti

    Hi I m baby is cute and he has got a unique hair style like spikes. Everyone ask me if I had done the spikes, but he has got a natural spikes on his head.

  10. Trupti

    Hi my baby is cute and got a nice smile. He is 14 months baby boy.

  11. Urmila

    Hi my baby girl aarvi is so cute girl plis partisiped in photo contests plis

  12. Nabeelah

    Hi my baby girl is 6 months full of life. Loves to laugh and has a beautiful smile.

  13. Valorie Lieb

    Hazel, my 22;month old granddaughter with an awesome personality!

  14. Alom Singh

    only one baby can blast your screen his name Akshay

  15. Neha

    Hii I have a 3+ baby handsome curly hair boy . Acting dancing singing he knows very well.

  16. Balachandar Nataraj,
    Hi , I want to upload my kid photo to participate in the contest , kindly guide to upload the photo,




  17. Sabira

    Hi my baby inaaya she is so cute.

  18. Kush Verma

    Please update

  19. Indra

    Lineysha is of 6yrs with perfect face. Attitude to learn, dance well both western and classical.

  20. Darshit Patel

    My cousin is very cute. if you will see him you want to take him in advertisement. He is 9 month old.

  21. anupam chaturvedi

    Hi my daughter khyati chaturvedi age of 3 month n 6days me around 40 interested to join u as soon as

  22. Susan Martin

    Momma of 4 great kids, 17, 15, 11 and 9..

  23. Miriam

    I didn’t know they did online Auditions?

  24. Miriam

    Hi my name is Miriam and my cousin obrella. she is 1 and a half and I’m a 11, we have black hair and where half and half color. where both very cute but my cousin she’s always getting an adorable sign out of everyone????????????.Plz plz we wish too be in we have tried to be in someone stuff and ethier where too far from here or it’s that we can’t make it .But we wish to give my cousin the best birthday wish plz let us know we would be onnerd to be in???????????????????

  25. Melissa Cahill

    Awesome. So glad I found this site!

  26. Mironda

    I have a handsome 20 month old son. He is one happy and friendly baby. He loves to play and learn

  27. Mironda

    I have a handsome 20 month old son. He is one happy and friendly baby.

  28. Makayla

    Hello! I have a 13 month old. Biggest start burst (pop out) baby blue eyes, with the most bright red hair! She is very smart (already knows how to say sentences) always smiling, everyone always says how cute she is, an how smart she is, very rare to see a baby blue eyes with bright red hair. Let the world see it!

  29. Yadi

    Hi I am 11 y.o my name is yadi I have dimples light brown hair cheznut eyes and I’m a model and I have allot of facial expressions

  30. Ziva

    I have a beautiful 20 month old son named Maverick. Hes a big flirt and loves his picture being taken. He’s got such a big personalty for such a tiny thing. He’s got the cutestest brown eyes , he also has brown curly hair…alot of it! He dances especially if his show is on. He gets compliments on how cute he is every time he goes out. He’s Puerto Rican, Italian, and American Indian. ( Choctaw, Apache, Cherokee).

  31. Ruslan Nagorny

    I would like to enroll our first born son, I naturally think he is the cutest baby every. No hard feelings everyone, as I’m sure you think the same of your children. Good luck to all my fellow parents out there!!

  32. sunny

    I year boy ..

  33. G P SINGH

    I have a daughter who looks just like a doll. Her complexion is flawless. Beautiful smile that is infectious and cheeks that make you want to pinch them. When we take her out strangers just stop and stare at her. She would be perfect for your line. Now she is 18 months old only.

  34. Vibha

    Hi, My name is Vibha. My 4 month old beautiful daughter, Suri, is a mixed baby comprising of 25% CHINESE, 25% VIETNAMESE, and 50% INDIAN. She is quite unique in her features and very happy 90% of the time. People are always coming up to us and telling us how adorable she is and gets people’s attention pretty easily. I’m sure she will fit the criteria of unique diversity and cuteness you are looking for. Thank you!

  35. Megan Woodlief

    My 3 year old daughter name is Megan and we live in Louisiana. Curly brown hair. Dark brown eyes. African American. She is well mannered, feisty, super energetic, extremely smart, takes the initiative, and enjoy smiling, laughing, singing and dancing. She has participated in pageant & fashion show. We are willing to travel to give Megan the opportunity to act and be a part of this new project. I hope to hear from you soon via email.

  36. Brandy Henderson

    I have a beautiful 8 week baby girl who is full of life. She has big, sparklingly brown eyes, chubby cheeks, brown curly hair, and just an amazing smile. She’s very alert at such a young age – already holding head up, trying to walk, and even talk! She’s super cute and tiny with such a contagious spirit. I swear you’d think she been here before. I, myself became a mother at such a young age, 20 years. I have not yet finished college myself but believe this would be a great opportunity to start my daughter’s college fund. My daughter Shiloh and I would love if she was given the opportunity to be presented in this special event. With much love, thank you!

  37. Ruchika

    Hi i have a 1 year and 8 months son name as gursahaj . He is very active, responsive, smart and a very cute looking baby. He understands very well. He has a photogenic face too.

  38. colleen

    Caydence is a beautiful 8mth old who loves to laugh and sing and dance. She has a very bubbly,welcoming and loving personality. She likes posing for pictures and making spitty bubbles on mummy’s phone. She will be the perfect cutest baby of the month with those chubby cheeks and that three teeth smile.

  39. gwendolyn

    Hi Gerber family! I have 2 beautiful daughters, Mitzy is my oldest, she is 9 years old, she’s such a Diva, beautiful with beautiful smile, outgoing personality, she will definitely impress you, I just know she will, she would love the opportunity to enter, has been wanting to do modeling, acting, etc since she was little, she just loves posing, I know she will market products very well with her beautiful personality and smile, so please consider her, Thanks!!!
    Leilani my youngest is only 6 months old, beautiful baby with a beautiful smile, beautiful big eyes, she’s just to adorable and I just think and know she would definitely impress you and believe she can market products well, with that beautiful smile and eyes, so please consider her, Thanks!!!

  40. Alanis Osgood

    Hi my name is Alanis and I am 11 years old.I am very outgoing and beautiful and I know I can impress you. I would love to enter and I would love the opportunity and fame. I know the responsibility to this and I know I might have what it takes and I am very social so there should be no problem. Thank You!

  41. Annette Hairston

    Hi Gerber My name is Izabella Skylar I’m a very beautiful little Diva. I love posing modeling. I love to act. I’m too cute. I have gorgeous hazel green eyes and was born to be on television. Ty

  42. Allison

    Hey Gerber family! My name is Allison and I think my 3 year old daughter Astella Kay would be a perfect to represent your look! She is physically adorable of course, as most kids are, but she also has the personality to match! Everywhere we goes you can see the joy she speads to others and its a blessing to watch!! I think with your help her light can shine through and brighten more lives! I mean, I got woke up last week by a pair my high heels being tossed on my stomach and Astella announcing that it was time for a runway walk down the hallway! Haha BIG personality, big smile, and a big heart!

  43. Ali Stimka

    My name is Landon Harvey Dean Stimka (name after my great-grandpa (Harvey) and my grandpa (Dean)) I’m 10 months old everywhere I go to get pictures taken they say I look like a Gerber baby. I have beautiful baby blue eyes and a lot of very light blonde hair. When I have pb&j sandwiches I get a really big smile with the cuties dimples. If you drink out of a glass in front of me, it will become my glass and I will drink (or wear) the whole thing. I love diving head first off my slide and flopping on my belly in my bath to splash! When my puppy licks my face it makes me giggle and come back for more and more.

  44. Jessica Giraldo

    Greetings everyone!

    My name is Logan Zachary Thomas and I am 3 months old. I am a happy baby boy that loves to take strolls at the park, smiling, talking with people oh and I love drinking milk every 3 hours and keeping my mommy up all night! I have blue-green eyes just like my daddy and everyone says I look like a little model. I would be great for this casting because all the ladies love me and I am into fashion, you can change my outfits all day and I promise I don’t cry! I bring so much joy in any room I am in and I love to be in front of the camera!

  45. Kelsey Murray

    I have an adorable 7 month old son named Hudson. He was born 6 weeks premature and had to spend his first 5 weeks in the NICU. Looking at him now, you would never know he was premature. He has the best personality. He is always smiling at everyone and never meets a stranger.

  46. Chelsi Cash

    Hi. I have a set of identical girl twins. They are fouro this old. Their names are Hailey and Kailey. They have the prettiest softest skin. Bug blue eyes. A pretty smile. They are the happiest babies I know. They love to smile and laugh. They are also very active. You will fall in lovewwith them as soon as you see them. Every time we go out we get stopped and people comment on how pretty and adorable they are.

  47. Doris

    I have an adorable 14 week old baby girl and she has never met a stranger. Everyone tells us she should be in modeling, so we are testing the waters. She has such an easy going personality and is not a fussy baby. We love her and we think once you see her, you will too. 🙂

  48. nakyia

    Hi my name is nakyia and i have a niece her name is kaliyah she is 3 months she is so gorgeous she has the prettiest skin big eyes so adorable shes very smart and very lovable. She has a pretty smile and nive hair

  49. Rowena Navarro

    My four month old Baby Choreena is the cutest, just check out her photo and you’ll say that’s what I am talking about !

  50. Diana

    Because the little boy is the most beautiful boy on the planet, period.

  51. Kailey

    Hi, my 2nd cousin is so adorable her name is Aliya she’s 1 year old. She has the most beautiful blue eyes ever, she has blonde hair and she pretty tall for her age she is a beautiful baby model I would love to tell her mom, oh my god I got your daughter a modeling gig. It would mean so much to me and to her if Aliya got this. Thanks!!

  52. shadab ahmad

    my baby sidra is have truly god gifted eyes . i proud of my baby eyes its very attractive and blue shining eyes . she is today have first birth day 16 January . i want to participate in eye contest program .
    thanks and regard
    shadab ahmad

  53. Dana

    My 20 month daughter is beautiful, she has a very unique personality. She smiles and blows you kisses and tells you hi and bye. She has been in several beauty pageants and has won all of them. She is truely a beautiful child inside and out. I promise you will fall in love with this angel.

  54. My daughter name is Marset

    Greetings, my daughter is mixed she has grey,brown and green big eyes cute buttoned nose and full lips she is 1 year old and loves people. Her hair is curly,shiny,has weaves and goes down to her back ☺️Call us!!

  55. Stacy Price

    My daughter’s smile and charisma, I believe, is to be shared 🙂 She loves to talk to people, ask questions (sometimes very honest questions…) and has a very caring soul. On our weekly grocery store visit, we generally spend time talking to people, particularly older men and women (what we call affectionately – Grandmas and Grandpas). She’s beautiful inside and out.

  56. forrest rupe

    Hi I have the most beautiful daughter, her name is Ava desire and she has ice blue eyes, long eye lashes, Shirley temple hair and the most amazing dimples with cute smile! She’s loves taking pictures and loves people! Give her a chance please

  57. Christopher

    My name is Christopher and I’m adorable. I have deep blue eyes, dark blond hair (what little I have) and mommy is knocking on doors for me. I love to smile and I giggle at the blink of an eye.

    Weight; 16.9 pounds and 27 inches in length.
    Why me?… I really like people and I’m an “easy baby” to work with. She’s been told that I’m pretty darn cute and she thinks I will do great if chosen. I was just part of a small student film and the producer loved me! 🙂 … I even got some close-ups. Thank you in advance. 🙂

  58. Jaxon Jude

    My son Jax (the most amazing child on the planet) truly deserves a shot at this. He captivates everything good and precious in the world with his sweet cheeks, smile, and baby blues. I know his smile could be contagious and bring as much joy into everyone else’s lives as he has to ours. Team Jax!!!

    The mom 🙂

  59. Suzanne Alamina

    Hi there! My three year old daughter, Aaliyah, is not only adorable but she is also sweet, bright, funny, considerate and caring. Aaliyah has an infectious smile and laugh. I would love for Aaliyah to have an opportunity to get into modeling and/or commercials. Aaliyah has a memorable look and I believe she could capture hearts and market products well.

  60. irene lopez daughter is 3 years old she is a cute and good girl she
    always want to selfie. i love my girl so much..i want my daughter to be a good comercial model someday..

  61. Lieseli's Mum

    Lieseli is always kind. She says “Hi!” With a wave to every face she sees. She’s into mimicking faces, sounds and expressions. Her demeanor is kind but assertive and most people just like to observe her. She has begun walking and celebrates her successes with clapping and saying, “I did it!”. She already has an account in Her unique name is because of her Swiss bloodline. Please search her name and see how she has grown!

  62. Yzette Morgan

    I haven’t had my baby yet but I believe she would be perfect an also perfect to pose as a new born.

  63. Shernita Brown

    Hi! My beautiful princess Zuriel is only 1 month old! She is the most adorable baby ever! She likes to listen to music so I know She will take after me in the talent. Her smile is breathtaking, and her eyes are mesmerizing! She has so much personality already with the many facial expressions she gives me. I think she should be chosen as the next Cute Kid of the Year because everyone adores her and says how gorgeous she is!

  64. Annah girl is so cute.she is one year three months.she can dance,she understand when i talk to her.when i tell her to give me towel for an examble,she gave it to me.she is so clever.i love cute that everybody ask me if she is mine.she the best thing that i have ever had.thanks

  65. Lindsey Bowman

    My son Liam, age 8, has shining eyes and a personality to match. He TRULY wants to model and is now mature enough to handle it. Ever since he was a toddler strangers would stop me and exclaim that he is the most handsome boy they have ever seen (no kidding). I am a single mom, secretary, and would like to use modeling for his college fund. He has had 3 family photo shoots and is very patient with “mom” and her endless snapping, takes good direction and enjoys showing his personality through the lens. I believe he could really sell products and brands!