Step Up 5 - Movie

Step Up 5 – Movie

Here’s some amazing news not only for Step Up fans but also for up and coming actors and dancers everywhere – Step Up 5 is coming! That’s right, another installment of the incredible dance filled film franchise is set to begin production soon and casting calls for a number of fabulous roles will be taking place very soon. This is the chance for several performers of all ages to ‘Step Up’ into an exciting movie career.

Step Up 5 will follow the series previous hits Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D and Step Up Revolution which have grossed an unbelievable $570 million dollars in worldwide box office all while launching the career of some of Hollywood’s favorite stars. Plot details for Step Up 5 are being kept very secret at this time but the producers goal is to have a Fast And the Furious type climax that will feature a veritable all-star team from the first four films including mega star Channing Tatum (Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Jenna Dewan-Tatum (American Horror Story, 10 Years, Take the Lead), Briana Evigan (Sorority Row, S. Darko, Longmire), Sharni Vinson (You’re Next, NCIS, Home And Away) and Ryan Guzman (Pretty Little Liars, Beyond Paradise, April Rain). The rumors are dancing around but what is known for sure is that Step Up 5 is happening and you could be a part of it.

Casting calls for acting and dancing supporting, day player, stand in and extras roles are taking place soon and interested performers can head here for more information. We will be posting more project details as soon as they are released so stay tuned for updates and leave a message and tell us what you think of the Step Up franchise and why you want to audition for Step Up 5.

Get ready for another high octane, dance fueled feature. Get ready for your casting call for the next worldwide hit Step Up 5.

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901 Casting Responses

  1. Dayana Gomez

    Would love the opportunity to showcase my potential. I love the rhythm the music provokes with in as it naturally invokes a fulfillment. From learning to teaching. Cannot wait to learn more!

  2. Matthew Fogenay

    I’m a 21 Black American living Las Vegas area and would love to audition. I’ve been dancing since I was 7 an at the top of the year I worked with Todrick Hall on his visual album Forbidden

  3. Raheem Byrd

    I am interested in auditioning for this role.

  4. Richard Rashad Ridgell

    I would love to make an audition

  5. Gracie Snow

    I have been dancing my whole life and it is my passion. I grew up watching The Step Up movies and have been in love with them from a very young age. My biggest dream is to dance in a Step Up movie, and now could be my chance.

  6. Julie Lück

    My name is Julie and I’m 15 years old. I dance since I can stand on my own on my feet and when I was 4 years old I started to dance in a hip hop dance studio. I dance in a hip hop company and we often dance at events or on competitions. Dancing isn’t just a hobby for me. It’s like my 2nd mother tongue because dancing can say so much more than thousands words. When I saw Step Up for the first time I went to my parents and said ‘One day I want to dance in THIS movie too!’. It was always my dream because I want to show what dancing really means to me. When I dance I open my heart for the people. I dance when I’m sad. I dance when I’m the happiest girl on earth. I just dance every time it’s possible. And that’s why I would love to be a part of Step up 5.

  7. Sandip Wankhede

    My name is sandip Wankhede from India my dance experience mjkrump leader

  8. Christopher Escoffery (Espuppy)

    Hello my name is Espuppy and I’ve been dancing for 5 hectic years… my dance style is Dancehall and I’ve lived in Jamaican almost my whole life so I’m one of the few authentic dancers in the USA! Ive danced for elephant man, Daj loaf, Red man and Method man and Chicago artist lil Bibby. I also do other styles such as breakdance and hip hop and Afro!

  9. Bridgette

    Good morning… casting directors I would love to audition are just be apart of this upcoming movie I am 33 and have two kids an I still love to dance. People always try and put a age on dancers and they can be any age. Dance has always been my passion I live an breath dance..

  10. Ke'sha Holloway

    Good afternoon, my name is Ke’sha Holloway and I’m an aspiring professional dancer/choreographer. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember and to me, dancing is how I escape the world. Whether I’m excited or depressed, I dance in order to feel sane. The studio is my safe haven and one of the few places where I can be on a cloud. Ive performed at different different schools, school events, been to many auditions and still strive for more. When I’m on stage, I just feel the music and my body takes over. Being part of a production as big as Step Up 5 would mean the world to me and open many doors. I’m a fast learner, versatile in jazz, contemporary, hip hop and African dance. Although I’m not a trained dancer, I can promise you my creativity, skills, and passion for dance as I perform and showcase my talent. Hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Zion Barnett

    My name is Zion, i’m 16 years old and I’m a competitive dancer. I have been featured and invited to professional dance shows such as “Kidz Roc” by Talent on parade dance competition and “starpower power pack” by Starpower dance competition. The step up franchise isn’t just a franchise, it’s an inspiration and motivation to dancers, actors, and even people all around the world. This franchise is amazing and will never get old. I want to audition because, i want to be apart of a inspirement and want to move furthen in my career.

  12. Wades

    Hi my name is wades crowle im a intermediate dancer looking to audition im from bradenton fl i lve been dancing ever since a little kid i was raised in sex trafficking but dancing is my passion and im obessed with step up it touches me and i almost dream of being a dancer with the cast almost like my dancing family when available please contact me

  13. Mori

    Hello im 14 years old, i always had a passion for dancing. I been dancing scine i was 5, i am self taught and i do hip hop and clown dancing. I can tut a lil and do minor flips such as roundoffs front handsprings and cartwheels. I am a male and would be honored to be apart of step up 5. If i get a call back you wont regret it. i dont mind sending a video of me. Thx u.

  14. Lakenya Leavell

    I would love to have the honor to be in Step Up 5 my dancing skills is powerful I never danced in the studio but growing up I used to teach the younger kids and the older teenagers and stuff to dance I started out doing it in my backyard yes it would be a privilege to be

  15. Ariana

    Hello my name is Ariana. I would love to be a part of Step up 5. Have been growing up watching all of the Step up movies and tv show on YouTube red. I know mostly every dance from the first step up movie and would just enjoy being able to work my butt off to be in this production.

  16. Jada LaVar

    My names Jada and I would love to gain the experience in the movie step up 5. I have been dancing starting at age 2 and currently 19 turning 20 still dancing. My passion for Dance has grown so much beyond any other love. I would love to participate and be apart of such an amazing opportunity. If you can contact me i would really and very greatly be thankful. Thank you

  17. Genesis Gonzalez

    My name is genesis & I would love to be apart of the movie step up 5. I’ve been dancing my whole life & would love to work with amazing dancers & actors. I would love to accomplish my dream & be a part of a dancing movie such as Step up 5. If you can please contact me on my email. Thank you
    – Genesis

  18. Genesis Gonzalez

    Hi, my name is Genesis. I would be so ecstatic to be a part of this experience because I’ve been dancing my whole life & it’s my passion. I’ve actually been in a hip hop team in elementary & middle school & going to competitions. I would love to accomplish my dream & be apart of this dancing movie.
    Thank you.
    – Genesis

  19. Tyler Maney

    I would absolutely love to find a career in dance its by far my number one passion

  20. Fouad Farran

    Hi my name is Fouad , I have been dancing for six years. I currently dance seven days a week in our studio as well as compete. I dance all kinds of genres including hiphop, tap, jazz, ballet. Hip hop is my strongest strength. I am also a Bboy whom they call Fu for short(Fouad). I have performed in various public places as well as tv. I was featured on Wonderama, World of Dance, The Macy’s parade with 34th and Phunk as well half time shows both in Barclays and Madison Square Garden. As a kid I think this would be a great opportunity to audition and perform on one of my favorite dance movies.
    Thank You Fouad Farran

  21. Kadeem

    My name is Kadeem. I originally from Monterrey,California.I am currently residing in South bend,Indiana. I have been dancing since I was young. The styles that I hone is b-boying (primary),krump and popping. I wasn’t taught by anyone. The reason why I dance is because I can be myself and escape from all the drama that is my life.don’t dance to show off or pick up chicks because dance has alot more meaning to me.I would tell you what all I been through but I don’t want to sound like a charity case or want any type of sympaty.Dancing actually saved me. I am currently a prep cook right now but I am not really passionate about it. I was born to dance not cook and cater even though I am good at it. I don’t want to waste my talent in a club or in a kitchen.I want to use my dance for the right purpose that was show on a few dance shows and movies. My dream is to be on stage using my talent just like every dancer has done.This is meant for me and its all I got left.

  22. Kaylee Martinez

    Hi my name is Kaylee I’m 15 years old I have been dancing almost all my life and it’s something I really love to do this would be an amazing opportunity for me and life changing !! I would love to do this and this is all I ever had dreamed for ever since I was little growing up watching all the step movies. Please give me this opportunity and you won’t be disappointed I hope you get back to me this is all I have ever asked for

  23. Rose-Alexis

    Hi my name is Rose Alexis I am a 16 year old dancer. I’ve been dancing for the longest time and it would be a dream come true if I were to be apart of the step up 5 movie. I watched every single movie and I loved them all!

  24. Lilly

    Hi! I’m Lilly and I’m 17 years old. I’ve been dancing since I was about 3. I have danced in many different styles like lyrical, jazz, contemporary, ballet, pointe, and I have competed for 2 years. I am very much interested in auditioning for step up 5. I am a huge fan of the series, and I would love to be apart of the next movie in it. Plus it would be an amazing experience.

  25. Gabriel Smith

    Hey my name is Gabriel Smith, I’m 18 and I live in Buna, Tx. I’ve been dancing since elementary school, and dancing is something I love to do more than anything! I would love to audition for a role on step up 5 because I have grown up watching all the others, and it would be an amazing experience.

  26. Leah

    I would love to be apart of this amazing experience, I’ve been dancing for years and it’s my dream to grow and dance with such great people

  27. Cameryn

    Hi! I’d love to audition! I’m a 16 year old who has been dancing since able to walk and have been training especially in hip hop for 7 years. I am apart of professional hip hop companies in Philadelphia and done some work in New York.

  28. Emily

    I have been dancing for thirteen years. I currently dance five days a week in my studio as well as compete and I assist with younger students on Saturdays. I am also on my high school dance team. I have experience in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, and hip hop. Tap and hip hop are my strengths. I also performed in community theatre from the age of five through ten. I would love an opportunity to audition and perform for one of my favorite movie sequels.

  29. Judah

    Im 20, been dancing since i was 6. I performed for fat joe and many other big events. I major in hip hop. I’ve taken all styles of dance

  30. Joey Doescher

    I have been dancing for 7 years and I haven’t danced in a long time but love to have an opportunity to have an audition for the step up 5. I watched all the series of Step Up and love all the movies. I love to dance and enjoy performing and I danced to every music that was played in the movie. I took Ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop but mostly ballet and jazz. Please contact me because I am interested and want an opportunity. Thank you

  31. Armando

    Please check out my dance video I’m from phx arizona and have always wanted to make my dreams come true !

  32. lidia lopez

    please inform me i would love to audition!!!!

  33. lidia lopez

    HI my name is Lidia(cristal) lopez
    I’m 19 years of age Im a dancer
    and i would love to ask let me know . please

  34. Christina

    I have a 15yr old daughter named Vanessa that is really starting to break out in the dance community. She is so dedicated to her craft, always taking classes, workshops, etc. She just got invited to join one of the local crews and is the youngest dancer on the team, she is also apart of another crew that is really up and coming in the dance world. She absolutely loves the StepUp movies and has always dreamed of being apart of one. We have watched a few of our dance family members that have been casted in these movies and it was a great experience to watch how they grew, I could only hope and pray that my daughter can get that chance to experience a shot to cast in a movie too. She will be competing in the upcoming WORLD OF DANCE in Atlanta Georgia in October 2017; she’s super excited to finally take the stage there, she’s been dreaming of this! I would like to be informed with any audition information please.

  35. Amit kumar mishra

    hi sir i am traind actor so please give me chance
    and any adution so please inform me

  36. Shontae collins

    Hi im shontae collins im interesting in being in the up coming audition for step up 5 you can email me at thank you.

  37. Ebony Thomas

    Will love to be apart of this dance movement and ready to dance my heart out

  38. Ebony Thomas

    I am a very great dancers who has acting and dance experience I was in a dance movie called rize in 05 And love all the step up movies dancing is my life

  39. Jordan branham

    My name is Jordan Branham and I have been dancing 15 years. I was 2016 Miss Dance of the Bluegrass. My teachers and colleagues have asked me to take my career to the next step, so here I am waiting for the details on this audition.

  40. Teriza

    Hi I’m Teriza I’m from Scotland. I’ve seen all the step up movies and they inspired me. I’d really like this opportunity to prove everyone wrong for dragging me down

  41. Ira long

    Hi I’m Ira long in Florida I’ve been dancing all my life I feel I’m the next “moose” if given the chance to show it. I can act and dance. I’ve loved all the step up movies since I was a kid and would be honored and over joyed to jump in the films, have fun and dance for the world.

  42. Natalia Stellmach

    Hello, that would be amazing to be a part of the new film, also just for a few moments 😀 I love to dance and I would be ready for anything to take part. I love to dance Hip-Hop the most, but I dance also Ballett and much other styles, which I train many times a week. It`s great to have a Chance here to join it. Thank you for this and please give me a chance 🙂

  43. Migdalia Garcia

    Hi my name is Migdalia Garcia Im 20 years old from PA im a HipHop Dancer. Im interested in being apart of step up 5, my whole life I’ve been wanting to be a backup dancer and follow my dreams. Im outgoing, great personality, fast learner, and very dramatic. I would love to audition and show you my talents.

  44. Erica P.

    I look forward to this opportunity and I absolutely love to dance. I hope to hear more from you all with audition information.

  45. Mario Calvin

    I would love to join

  46. Janetlys

    I would love to audition for step up 5.

  47. Michael Lopez

    Hello! ? I am excited to hear about the Step Up Franchise!, It makes me feel that anyone can have a chance to make it on fulfilling there dream and goals in dancing. I have been dreaming about showing my dance in Step Up Film, and want to inspire all dancers just how I was inspired from your films. I believe this is an awesome opportunity and want to thank the Step Up Franchise for a chance to show what I love and to Entertain. Thank you again!
    Sincerely Limber/ Michael Lopez

  48. Lylas alford

    Hello my name is Lylas Alford i am 18 years old, a hip hop Dancer in the Lehigh valley , and I’m not really an actor but my personality is funny, weird, shy, and more . I would love to be apart of this movie how do I audition ?

  49. Brianna Moore

    Hello, I would love to audition for the movie!

  50. Sylvia Phillips

    Where will auditions be held.

  51. Caitlin McQuade

    Another Step Up movie?!? Wow, that is such amazing news. These are my favorite movies because as a dancer I love noticing the details that the dancers exhibit as well as the intriguing story behind all of it. Tying together art and reality and putting it all in one big production is such an interesting process that I would love to one day be apart of. It has always been my dream to be apart of these movies as I grew up watching them and would dance along every time, memorizing each step of choreography and each word from the script. I would love to audition for this movie and possibly see my dreams come to life in one of the best ways I could imagine.

  52. joe lloyd

    hello, my name is Joe Lloyd I’ve been trying to audition for the movie and I was wondering were is it located and what time the auditions are. if you could get back to me this week that would be great. thank you for your time…

  53. Mack Caldwell

    i would really like to be apart of this movie because I not only think dancing is a part of who you are but what you can be in a art form that expresses who you are and I would also like to improve in my dancing because I look up to moose and Channing Tatum I am a really great actor. and I would really appreciate it. this can be an opportunity to prove that I am more of what people think I am I really need this.

  54. Luna Poumian

    I would like to have more information about this casting call! I’m a professional dancer orginialy from Mexico but right now living in the USA. Step up was a live changing movie for me and my decition in becoming a dancing so hell yeah I want to be a part of it!!!

  55. Darron

    I would really like to stay updated on this post. I am a Jazz/HipHop Dancer. I am looking very forward to getting my start as a professional dancer and choreographer for the Step Up 5 movie. I’ve always loved and wanted to be a part in the movie, ever since I was a teenager back in high school from the first movies of Step Up. Please feel free to contact me anytime at my email address, and for more info from me. Thanks so much in advance and you are greatly appreciated!

  56. Fanoela TOTO

    My name is Fanoela, and I am Malagasy. I live in Madagascar, i am 17 years old, (1,68m). The color of my skin is about brown and short black hair and black eye color. I would really like to be part of that “movie” because I really enjoy acting in a scene, as i am actually a Drama actor and a playwright. I also enjoy dancing. So, i would be pleased to be a member of the team.
    Please, contact me if ever i might interrest you even in other roles or movies. It would be a pleasure,
    thank you,

  57. Sanwone Benjamin

    hi we are twins from charlotte North carolina . we are 25 years old .we go by the Name as ReliableBrother. Dancing helped me amd my brother get through a lot of things mentally. We use dance as expression to get though our past struggles. We are very marketable because we are twins. We have what it takes to be the this great franchise movie step 5!

  58. yasmeen

    My name is Yasmeen Flowers, Im 19 Years Old And I am who you guys are looking for

  59. Rowan van Reenen

    I would really want to dance in the new step up

  60. Tifa Dezic

    My name is Tifa Dezic I’m a dancer and I’m 10 years old and I’m from Canada. I was dancing for 8 years I have been dancing since I was 2 years old. I am a advanced dancer and I can do any style of dance such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Some break dancing and contemporary is what I do best. I know how to act I’ve been dancing on stage at competitions for lots of years. I’ve got tons of wins. I love to dance it’s my favourite thing to do. Please let me audition and please email me!!

    Age: 10
    Gender: Girl
    Ethnicity: Canadian
    Hair colour: Dirty Brown

  61. Zeferino Moopelwa

    Hi my name is Zeferino Moopelwa and I’m 16 year old hip hop dancer from South Africa. I got inspired by Adam Sevani when I was 8 years old and I have became a really good dancer since that day. Seeing my self with Adam in one movie would make me more HAPPY and I wish to get that opportunity

  62. Alonna Moore

    Hi I’ve been dancing ever since I was in first grade. I have been know by celebrities commented on my dance videos on Instagram.I’ve watch all of the step Up movies and would like to show my style of dancing even if I have to be an extra would be a great opportunity for my dancing to become better as a person and to achieve my goal.

  63. Dante Vassell

    Hey , my name is Dante .I’m not really good at this talking stuff lol. I started dancing ever since I saw the first Step Up. Especially, Step Up 2. When I first saw Robert Hoffman I tried to do everything that he did and it would be a great opportunity to dance with someone like him. The Step Up series is my favorite cause it gives me motivation to become a better dancer. I just want the chance to be able to dance with the best dancers in the world and take my skills to be next level.

  64. Broadway Rob

    Hello my Broadway Rob and i am a choreographer I would enjoy the opportunity to choreography the step up 5movie I have been a dancer for.many years and know I am advanced to choreography hope from you

  65. Tiana Orange

    Hi my name is Tiana Orange I am 17 years old and I love dancing, singing, and acting I been watching “Step Up” ever since the first movie came out. I was in 4 talent shows and in 5th grade I dancing to “Baby” by Justin Bieber, 6th grade “Love On Top” by Beyonce, 7th grade “My Girl” by Mindless Behavior, and 8th grade I danced to “Replay” by Zendaya. I was in my first dance class when I was 15 years old. On Step Up Misha Gabriel inspires me to dance my best and when I was 6 or 7 years old Michael Jackson was the first person I danced too so thank you so much and I hope you guys read this so thank you!!

  66. Brooke

    Hello! My name is Brooke and I have been dancing forever but with dance training since I was 11. I was with a contemporary dance company, but mostly do hip hop. My videos have landed me to dance for celebs and be selected for MTV dance showcases. I am willing to do whatever to be featured in this movie. This is right up my alley and I want to work with other people who have the same dreams as me. I also do Voguing, B-GIRL, Pop and Lock, Freestyle, Modern, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue.

  67. Maddi

    I don’t want to audition for this but my brother would be perfect for Step Up 5. He’s a. very talented dancer & is such a big fan of all the movies.

  68. Mikell gentry

    HI my name is mikell I am 19 years old when I first watched step up I was really interested in it and I always hoped to be in one of the movies I’m dancer I been danceing since I was a kid so I hope I really get a opportunity to be in step up 5 thank you I look forward to hearing from you guys soon

  69. Mikell gentry

    HI my name is mikell I am 19 years old and I’m really interested on auditioning for step up for im a dancer I do dance because I find really amazing my dance style is turfing so I really hope I get a audition for step up 5 it will be really awesome for me to be on the big screen because I always dreamed of it so I really hope and I am really looking forward to hearing from you guys soon

  70. Mikell

    Im actually really interested in this I’m a dancer my dance style is turfing and I’m still learning how to do it more my name is mikell and I am 19 and I have always wanted to be In movies like step up so I really hope I get a part in step up 5

  71. Beka

    Hello my name is Beka and i am 29 years old. Dance is my passion. I have dance all over the Europe with a company named Georgian National ballet- Sukhishvili. I have dance for 24 years. Dance is my life and i can’t live without dancing. Last year i won a Green Card Lottery and came in United States. This is a new challenge for me and i want to try. I am well trained and hard worker. Dancing in this move would be the highlight of my life.

  72. Kurt Russel Nicol

    Im Kurt Russel L. Nicol from the philippines. I would love to be part of the that movie since dancing is my passion and I love that movie as well. I would love to gain.more knowledge about dancing.. and I like to travel abroad. Im 5″5 and a half. 23 years old. Brown and brunette .

  73. Steven Vilsaint

    My name is Steven Vilsaint and i am a 26 year old Haitian man. Dance is my passion. Since i lost my parents in the earthquake in haiti in 2010 dance has been my therapy. I let out all my depression and sadness on the dance floor. I let my moves do the talking. I would like to get an opportunity to audition. Feel free in contacting me at your convenience. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a blessed day!

  74. Raelyn Hills

    Hello , my name is Raelyn Hills. I have dance all over California with a dance company called ICE Dance Company. I have dance for 10 years. Dancing is my life, I can’t go a day without dancing. Auditioning for Step Up 5 would be amazing. I have been dreaming of being in one of the movies since the first Step Up came out. Dancing in this movie would be the highlight of my life.
    Height: 5’1
    Ethnicity: African American
    Weight: 135lbs
    Hair: Black

  75. Avery Stinson

    Even if i have to send a video audition i will.
    Whatever has to be done.
    Im not financialy on the up so travel is limited