Chiraq Starring Dave Chappelle

Chiraq Starring Dave Chappelle

With such touchstone films as Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X and 25th Hour on his long and distinguished resume, Spike Lee has established himself as not only a brilliant entertainer but a voice of a generation and now his next highly buzzed about production is set to roll in front of cameras. Chiraq has lined up an incredible cast to tell a one of a kind story and now your chance to be a part of this one of a kind movie is here.

Chiraq, whose title comes from combining Chicago and Iraq, is shaping up to be a highly anticipated, and highly controversial film.  Plot details for this project are being kept under wraps but the story is said to be a mixture of drama and musical with comedic tones that will center on the Windy City’s growing problem with gun violence. If there is any director that can deftly navigate sensitive subject matter it is Mr. Lee and if there is any collection of actors that can help him pull it off it is this one. This musical comedy with a message will feature the film return of elusive superstar Dave Chappelle (Chappelle’s Show, Half Baked, Con Air) along with (Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pulp Fiction, Kingsman: The Secret Service), John Cusack (High Fidelity, Say Anything, Love & Mercy), Oscar winner Common (Selma, Suicide Squad, Smokin’ Aces) and Golden Globe winner Jeremy Piven (Entourage, Edge of Tomorrow, Black

Hawk Down) have all signed on to this outstanding new feature that will be written and directed by Academy Award nominee Lee.

Casting calls for a number of roles in the hot-button project Chiraq are set to be held soon and submissions from actors of all ages and looks are being accepted now. Performers can head here and here for details on upcoming audition opportunities. All casting updates will be posted here upon their release so make sure to check back for more news and information and leave a message in the area provided below and tell us what you think of this fabulous new production and why you would like to take part in casting calls for the Spike Lee directed Chiraq starring Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack and a host of acting heavyweights.

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  1. SQ

    Looking forward to being in this movie me and my whole family from Chicago so I already know what it is and Spike Lee is a LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Matt

    Hi! My name is Matt.
    I’m 24 and I’ve just got a BA in European and American Literatures and Theatre.
    I spent a lot of my life following the great world of Cinema and I’m currently writing articles for a Journal treating International Movies.
    Cinema is my life, my only love. This movie could be not only a great shot for me; Spike is so good at representing very different characters in many different ways therefore working for him would be like a dream come true.
    The plot is interesting, smart and I like the idea of mixing up comedy and musical.
    Height: 6′ 0
    Weight: 179 pounds
    Age: 24
    Thanks for taking in count my reply!


  3. Kathryn Smith

    Hello. My Name is Kathryn, I go by Kat though. I am a 16 year old high school student looking for an occupation in one of my favorite things, acting. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to become an actor in this show.
    I’m good at singing/ dancing, and im learning to play some instruments like piano, flute, and guitar. I am very good at acting with whatever part I’m given. I also have some experience with being on camera, and on stage.
    Ill list some of my other information below:

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Caucasian/ white
    Height: 5’7
    Hair: Medium length (Brown and red)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Location: Rockford, IL

  4. Shanice harmon

    Hello, my name is shanice armon and I absolute love spike Lee, I come from a small urban area in Michigan and I believe that everything that spike Lee has ever written pertained to at least one or two things on my life. I love his work in crooklyn and also skool daze that movie alone had a deeper message than what we just watch….I can go on and on about his work, but I’m pretty sure we all know about him as fans rightwe?…I’ve wr

  5. Darren A. Small

    Love to act in nyc..experienced and ready to go..6″3 tall dark slim.

  6. Tyris Malone

    I’m just here to be part of something great and expose my potential as an actor for the film even if I get a scene just walking I’ll still walk the hell out of that scene, just give me a chance and I’ll give it my 110 percent

  7. Justin Buys

    Look no further for a token or different bi-racial brother with a unique look. I’m 6ft, athletic 32 year old male. I can play any role and take directions very well. I’m a hug Spike Lee fan and refuse to let him down If I’m given the chance. Thanks!

  8. Marcella rembert

    Hi I’m Marcella.i know if given a chance I can nail this audition.Hi guys that’s where you guys come in please I ask for the opportunity to bring whatever is necessary to your film
    . Marcella Rembert

  9. Emmanuel Inniss

    Hi, My name is EMMANUEL INNISS
    I am 19 years old
    I currently reside in Queens New York
    and I am a Sophmore In college
    I am 6’2″ african american with black hair and black eyes
    ready to play any role

  10. Sophia galinetti

    WEIGHT-119 lbs.

    I think I would be great for this movie because my all-time favorite comedian is Dave Chappelle.And I have very good acting skills. If u don’t have a part for me in this movie it’s fine because I’m Caucasian and this is about chiraq (but I am very open minded about stuff like this . So e-mail me when u can

  11. Stacee Arnett

    Hello my name is Stacee Arnett,I am 35 year old male from Los Angeles.I do not know to much about Chicago & all the violence that is being distributed to us via television but if I were to be apart of this film I believe that we can & will shed some light on these matters & help with making a change there & other places that are going thru the same things.

  12. Jasdeep Gill

    Name: Jasdeep Gill
    Age: 16 years old
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 59kg
    Nationality: British Indian
    I can act and able to deliver high performance (acting of course)… all I need is the opportunity.

  13. Teyanna Young

    Hello. My name is Teyanna Young and I am a 19 year old African American female who would love to be apart of such an amazing film. I think the storyline is great & it would be a pleasure to work with such inspirational people! I am currently in college & have some experience in the acting area (considering the fact that I have taken an acting class) but I’ve been on stage, performing in front of huge audiences for as long as I can remember. I promise, that if you’d just give me the chance to show you my abilities, & all that I am capable of …you won’t be disappointed! God bless & have a nice day.

  14. Stephanie

    Interested!! Ready for work!
    Please call 707 304 9358
    Or email me at pozosstephanie @ yahoo .com
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

  15. Marcus Porter

    This is going to be a killer movie. You wont regret picking me

  16. Mariah Carter

    Please allow me to show you that you need me for this film.
    I was born in St. Louis Missouri but was raised in Houston Texas
    race- African American
    I am 15 years of age
    I am 5 ft. 2 in.
    I weigh 110 pounds
    I don’t have much acting experience but i have been in an acting class

  17. angel burnett

    Hi mr. Spike Lee I’d love a part in your new film..My name is Angel Burnett im a great actor in my opinion..Even though ive never acted.
    I’m from a little country place called Blue Spings ,M.s. I kind of look like a mixture of “Cleo” and Monique.. I guess you could call me Moncle..I’m hungry Mr.Lee!! I mean i’m hungry my mama cooked bacon for her and my dad and left me some dry eggs “no meat” they wont me gone..yesterday she cooked them: fish fries slaw and hushpuppies..I got all the sides and a damn salmon patty..that shit don’t go together..please give me a chance..I’m 36 my big grown ass need a house not a room..thank you

  18. Hi. I am Sam

    What exactly is your genre? Should I grow my natural blonde curly hair out a little further to look like The Greatest American Hero again? My beard happens to be red! And I am 6′ 160lbs. A graduate of NYU with time on stage camera and screen. Let’s meet.

  19. Tyjhanai carter

    hey wel im from chiraq lol I was raised there and so when I heard about this I was like hey might as well give this a ashot so you guys should check me out im very dramatic and I know you will like me im 16 black female and im about 5’2 so hey yea just please consider me thanx wont let you down

  20. MARK

    My name is mark Pruitt. I’m a soldier in the US Army who last year just recently returned from a deployment in Afghanistan. I’m an African American male. I’m 21 years old and originally from Mobile Alabama. I’m 6″0 even and In good athletic shape. And literally cannot go a day without being told I look like Tupac. I’ve always had a passion for acting, even though I don`t have any experience. being apart of the army has given me discipline and sculpted me unto a leader. I would love to be given the opportunity to make my dream of being in a movie come to life. I know many people may write these messages to you all daily but hopefully you can look closer at mines and feel the skill, effectiveness and talent I possess. email me back please

    sincerely yours,
    Mark Pruitt

  21. Devonte Turner

    Name: Devonte Turner
    Race: African American
    Height: 5’8
    Hair: Dark brown with red highlights
    Eye color: Brown
    I am located in Chicago, IL i am a seventeen year old singer, songwriter, and producer. I also have experience in acting, participated in plays such as ‘Fiddler on the roof’, ‘Where the wild things are’ and etc.
    Please contact me at (312)-962-9020

  22. Mandela Malut

    hi my name is Aolau malut but most people call Mandela I’m currently working on small acting gigs, but i would like to take my acting to the next level, I’m a hard worker when it comes down to it. Being able to act in this movie and gain more experience will equip me with extra skills needed to further develop my skills, . By applying the skills that I have already gained, I would be able to act and work to the best of my ability by putting in as much effort as possible into all areas to complete the tasks I am given. I hope you will accept me and i will show you how much of a hard worker i am. thank you. 

    Age: 21
    Sex: male
    Height: 5.7
    Race African
    Country : AU

  23. Katya

    age – 25
    height – 163
    weight – 50
    hair – long brown
    eyes – grey
    Hi, My name is Katya, I’m ingenious actor and i do have a great desire to be a part of your project. I wil be your tool of expression whatever idea you want to tell.

  24. D BAKER

    Name: Dee Baker
    Age: 32
    SEX: Male
    nationality: British

    Hi I’m Dee and would like you to consider me for any roles. I’m a keen learner and a movie buff who’s dream has always been to appear in the media. I’m 32 years old with long brown curly hair and full beard. I’m well built and well spoken but can easily change my accent e.g common British, well spoken British, southern American, generic American and would really try any accent. Please consider me for any roll really as I would love to be given the opportunity to be onscreen.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

  25. Chermaine

    Hey!! Where we are from an act of violence news spreads like wildfire and is topic of discussion in our urban community for weeks because it doesn’t happen everyday. However my 17 yr old son Jonathan and I, 39, are victims of gun violence in which my oldest son and husband are as well but did not survive. Although there is not much detail about the movie there is enough information here to know that Chiraq can get the emotions needed for specific scenes from us. I believe our personal traumatic experience would be a benefit. What happened to us doesn’t happen in our small city but happens in Chicago everyday. This would be a great for us. We recently filmed as extras in a movie that will be released in 2016 and it was a very great experience. We really enjoyed it so I decided to look to see if there would be something we could audition or sign up for that would be a better fit for us. Please consider. Thanks.

  26. Leesa

    Hi my name is leesa I’m from New York. Spike lee makes the most real life story telling movies an Im a real woman I’m 21 years old but ain’t no faking with me. I have been praying for the chance to show off some acting skills an be my real self for a long time an to be in a spike lee movie would be legendary and a blessing. I’m Panamainian,African American and Indian 5’6 brown skin an very beautiful. I am one of a kind an I hope to get the chance to show everyone just who I really am!! Please give me that chance!

  27. Zaria brown

    hello, my name is zaria & I’m 16 years old , 5’2 and African American. I was just searching for acting rolls and I had came across a movie that your soon to be filming and it made me wanna leave a comment because it would be a pleasure for me to star in your movie, and I have acting experience so it shouldn’t be so hard for me. So if you have any other questions for me you could email me. Thank you and have a great day!
    Zaria Brown

  28. Khalil Sharif

    Being a product of the inner city and being affected by guns, drugs and violence and could relate first hand to this type of production. I would love to have the opportunity to represent the type of authenticity Spike Lee brings to this type of film.

  29. Chinour

    Hey! My names Chinour, I live in Canada and it’d be an honor to be a part of something like this. I am a huge fan of both Dave Chapelle and Spike Lee, I have so much respect for them. My favorite Spike Lee movies are Malcolm X and Do The Right Thing. I know I may not be exactly be what is being sought but either way I’d love to be a part of this in any way. Thanks for the opportunity!

    ethnicity:Kurdish (Iranian)
    height: 5’4
    eye color:brown
    hair color:light brown

  30. Marcus cediel

    My name is Marcus 35 but I look younger. Im Colombia. Im originally from Jackson heights queens ny… I dont have any acting experience but iv secretly wanted to. I feel like acting wiuld let my inner emotions come out. Not sure if anyone would understand this. Anyway I would love to be a part of a film that touches on gun violence. Being from ny I saw a lot of this. People think im crazy for trying but I feel like I can. Just need a shot. Anyway God bless … go knicks spike!!!

  31. John Tz

    Spike/Dave Chappelle,

    John Tz here. I heard about you two coming to Chicago on NPR a few weeks ago. I’ve got a pov of the reel scene here in Chicago/Suburbs dating back from the classic class of ’86 perspective till the simmered down view of what’s going on now. If you guys desire somebody who iz memorable, original and semi-refined to be a part of your film, I’m ready for action.

    At your service,

    John Tz

  32. Michael Lucas

    Hi. My name is Michael Lucas. I’m 22 years old and I’m from North Carolina and I have huge passion for acting. I think I’d be good addition to this film because I’m versatile, outgoing, and ambitious for the character I’d be placed to portray.

  33. Gavin Caines

    Gavin Caines
    195 pounds – Fit Build
    Dark Hair

    Hard worker and willing to learn and work from the bottom to be the best at everything i do
    I can do anything i put my mind to and will impress with my capabilities if given even the smallest of chances.
    I am asking for an opportunity that you won’t regret saying yes to
    I don’t have much formal experience but we all act everyday whether we know it or not and i am passionate about what i do and have the upmost confidence in myself and my capabilities to learn and take criticism

  34. john davis

    I just want a chance to act

  35. Tajuan Steel

    Hello my name is tajuan steel im a 15 year old african american male from detroit michigan and im very interested in your film. I’ve been to six casting calls and im hoping to finally get a big break and im ready for any challenges you throw at me. Thank you

  36. Sabriya Joynes

    Hi, My name is Sabriya Joynes and I am and aspiring actress. I would love the opportunity to star in this film. I am 5 foot even (5’4 with a good pair of heels), medium brown skin with brown eyes, I provide good energy, and if it helps I am also a singer. I learn very quickly and I am very passionate about my love for the arts. I attended Freedom Theatre and have a background in stage plays and in music production.

    Thank you for the opportunity!
    See you soon

  37. Huston Rogers

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Huston Rogers. My talent is Acting I really love to act it makes me feel like nothing is in my way. It is a passion of mine. Below are some details about myself.
    Age: 13
    Birthday: August 26
    Wieght: 102 pounds
    Height: 5’3
    Race: African American
    Grade: 9th
    That’s for taking time to read this!

  38. Joshua Mayes

    Hello, my name is Joshua Mayes I’m a 21 year old graduate from the University of Texas A&M. First I would like to say that this movie will be great for our society today. Due to all the events that’s been occurring over the past few years. I feel that our culture is in desperate need of this movie. I’ve also read the books as well so I’m familiar with the story of Nat Turner and I feel that I would make the perfect addition to this film.

    Age: 21
    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 195
    Gender: Male
    Race: Moor

  39. Daniel Djassemi

    Hi !!
    My name is Daniel Djassemi and I’m 26 years old born and raised in Sweden and I have Persian roots. I have always loved movies and dreamed of being a big movie overseas as an extra or a an actor with a little roll all though I’ve never acted before. But I am working here in Sweden as an extra in TV series, movies and commercials. Been doing commercial for ikea and a huge bed store in Sweden called Sova ( sleep) that is running in all TV channels now as we speak. I have also been extra as a police officer numberious of times in the hit TV show called bron ( the bridge ), season 3. Two Swedish up coming movies , my aunt in Sarajevo and Banjul. I am a huge spike lee fan but also av Dave Chappell, Samuel l Jackson and John Cussack. I just have to be in this project!! I’m very professional and I love to laugh as well. I live in Sweden but I’m willing to fly and pay all expensive for my trip just to be in a spike lee movie. So please !! Do not hesitate to send me a email and giving me this once in a life time opportunity!! Thank you !

    P.S I am 194 cm long ( over 6.2 feet I think .. ) and my weight is 93 kg

    Yours truly Daniel Djassemi

  40. Jowana blunt

    Hello I am a 25 year old mom of two wonderful boys. I would to be apart of this movie I know it will be outstanding with these great actors..I have no experience but I love to act at home and I must say I’m pretty good at it. Just need to try something new in life and this would be my first choice would love chance to show off my talent.

  41. Amanda Michelle

    I was born to be a star. I have known this and dreamed about it since I was a child. I just need  to be lucky enought to get that big break! Whats the point of dreaming if we dont shoot for the stars! Everyone has to start somewhere right!?

    Well this is me : adventurous, outgoing,thrill seeking,adrenaline junk,young at heart, bubbly, fun,outgoing and caring. I’m the whole package all in one. I’m not afraid to get down and dirty or do my own stunts. I would love to be apart of this and be granted this amazing opportunity 🙂 ontop of it all I have a passion for life and would be extremely dedicated in any role I land.

    Amanda Michelle
    27 years young but I look alot younger
    Athletic build
    Ocean blue eyes
    long brown ombred hair
    light – tann skinned Caucasian 

    Ottawa ontario Canadian 

  42. Victoria Valentine

    “Spike Lee”… “You got the butter i got the JELLy,… “Role Call” Shabooya sha sha Shabooya sha sha Shabooya “Role Call!” (Get On The Bus) Love it, live it, & on it, “your bus that is” … Contact me M.V.A that’s me! (most valuable actress)

  43. Sterling

    First I have to say in what lifetime wouldn’t someone want the opportunity to work with the genius that is Mr. Lee with his cinematography and vision combined with what is
    Seemingly an amazing story line that stands for something relatable and real serving the purpose of the art of film. I’d love to begin my journey as a fresh and Hungry young actress with the masters of the craft it’s self.

  44. Bosede Yusufu

    My name is Bosede Grace Yusufu, I am a Nigerian American (Born and raised here by parents who came over from Nigeria) I have various examples of technical theatre and actual acting in my past. I am currently part of my church’s drama team, I have recently graduated high school and I take dance and vocal lessons. I am 17 years old (18 by August 16th) I look act and sound unique and am not easily forgotten. Spike Lee is one of the people I look up to as he’s done so much for the black community with the arts. Id love to work under him.

    Height -5’3
    Eyes- Dark Brown
    Skin-Very Dark Brown
    Build-Small-Medium (fit)

  45. erle beard

    hello my name is erle but everybody calls me e im 27 yrs. old im 5’11 190 lbs. brown eyes black hair with a slim build ……. i currently live in lansing,mi and work at the holiday inn express …. acting has always been a secret love for me i just never pursued it.. i’ve always been told i need to cause im very versitile when it comes to acting i can be funny,dramatic,hood,romantic,sad,mad, i do it all i feel im 1 of the best actors walking this planet im just looking for a chance ………. if your interested please email me or call me 517 918 4126

  46. Lagena Saddler

    I think this will be an amazing film and I thank Spike For giving my city the opportunity to shine in a good way. My name is LaGena im 28 years old im african american I would love to be apart of this movie not only because it’s a great movie but I’m from chicago and i know the everyday life of my city I know the struggle it’s not hard for me to act like im hurt its an actual feeling from loosing so many friends growing up I will be more than honored to be apart of something so phenomenal

  47. Dwight Jackson

    Race: Black
    Body: Athletic

    Chiraq!! Just the title of this movie gets the blood flowing! Not to mention one of the best comedians to ever do it (Dave Chappelle) and the legend (SLJ). Big time title with big names should definitely be a huge success. I want in! I’m a funny outgoing guy that loves music and not afraid to play the bad guy. Lets do it!

  48. Alexander T. Martindale

    6-4 220 lb.
    Athletic-Still working toward perfect body-I’m a perfectionist, hard worker, and a huge fan of TV/Film
    Brown hair. Blue eyes. Glasses or contacts.
    If I had to compare myself to a “Friends” character, it would definitely be Chandler. Great at being awkward and making people uncomfortable. Dark mind, same goes for my sense of humor.

  49. Deborah Johnson

    Looking for a great opportunity to work with the best.


  50. Christian

    Hello, I’m Christian
    I’m 5’10 175lbs and of Domincan decent
    I’m well spoken and not that responsible, don’t have much acting experience but am good at putting myself in other people’s shoes. Decent looks and a fine sense of humor, or you decide who really knows. This sounds like a good roll to try out my acting chops. Tell me if you’d like to see me give it a shot.

  51. Nancy Fisher

    I have just retired from my job . I am still very energetic and looking to learn new and exciting things. I feel I would do well. I believe it would be hard work but at the same time it will be enjoyable. Spike Lee is a Genius, and it would be an honor to work in the cast of one of his movies.

  52. Lorraine Castellano

    It would be great to be an extra in a film.
    Female, 55, Petite, 5 ft., 104 lbs., thick blonde hair, hazel eyes, Italian/Check, size 0.
    Born in Newark, NJ, live in Boynton Beach, FL.
    I’ve never acted professionally but have been in several plays & did the opening Intro for the 100 yr. Anniversary Special of St. Gerard at St. Lucy’s Church, Newark, NJ.
    Some of my friends include:Joe Pesci, Willaim Hill, Frankie Valli, Joe Piscopo, Reggie Wells, Harold & Norman Dow, Steve Adubato & others. My cousin Donna Castellano has been an extra for years. You would simply love me! Contact me for pics or a test real.

  53. Osiris A. Gomez

    Hello, I am interested in this project. I’m a , 35 year old male trying to survive an provide. I’ve no prior experience in acting but I’m eager to learn. Hopefully these reply are truly being acknowledge would love to hear a reply via email. Thank you.

  54. Jerome DeAngelo

    I was born in Chicago, but have lived in Los Angeles for most of my life. I now live approximately 3 hours from Chicago. I have been a huge fan of Director Spike Lee’s work and Samuel L.Jackson since I was a kid. I’m a 6’5″ African American male with some acting experience. I have a strong desire to read for a part in the movie and to learn at the feet of such accomplished professionals of the business. Please contact me. I would be willing to read for whatever part is available. I apologize if I Mr. Lee is offended by a non-knick fan reading for him.

  55. Derick Newson

    Hello, I am very interested in becoming a part of what I know will be a great movie. Mr. Spike Lee has been around and doing this for quite some time now and I would love to be part of his next great project. Also, I believe that it is now my time to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams. Dreams can and will become reality when the timing is right and I believe that is NOW! Here are my credentials: Height – 5’8″
    Weight – 140 lbs
    African American
    35 yrs old
    I have the ability to do whatever the circumstances calls for. If given the chance, I will not let them down. Be blessed and thanks in advance.

  56. Sandra Yoder


    I’m a 69 year old white female. I live less than 2 hours from Chicago so have no problem driving there.
    Basically, I would love to be in this highly regarded movie (who wouldn’t?).
    I have extensive acting experience and part of the Tailstick Casting agency in Chicago and Covershots Agency in Granger IN.
    Thank you

  57. Melrose Johnson

    Gender – Female
    Age – 19
    Height – 5’1
    Weight – 110 lbs.
    Hair – Brown
    Eyes – Brown
    Ethnicity – African (sierra Leone)
    Special Talents : Acting and Modeling (work with John Casablanca agency)
    There is nothing I can not do if taught
    City: Chicago

  58. Johanne Ductan-Petit

    Hello, I’m an actress from Montréal and my agent is Renee Cloutier. I want to WORK with you SPIKE!!!!!! Your the reason why I decided to be an actress. In montreal, there’s no work for black people and I’m sick of it! If I can’t work in Québec, maybe the US will adopt me! 🙂 hahaha.
    So here a two link to watch some picture and to lokk my demo (but it’s in french, I’m currently working to do an english demo):

    Thank you!!! Merci !!!

  59. Theresa Barney

    hello, my name is Theresa Barney.
    I am a 16 year old African american / native american female, i came upon this site looking for more auditions for possible musicals and plays but ran into this. i have experience with school plays and have a vocal instructor. i love acting and singing with a strong passion in my heart , i am a free spirited girl that always brightens the mood that keeps a smile on my face. my vocal range is alto/supreme. It would be a dream come true if i had this chance to starr in a movie. no part is to much of a challenge for me, also i am a very expressional person with great physical acting skills. ive done physical comedy and dramas , im a hard working go getter so give me the chance and you’ll never regret it c:. Im willing to learn anything new and this would be a honor to me.
    i am 5’6.
    and currently located in lansing, michigan.
    you can contact me on my mothers cell. (517)213-5757
    if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask! thank you!

  60. Jgickalbert Brown

    Hello, my name is Jgick Brown from RED Model Management in New York City. I recently participated in the Time 100 Kanye West presentation I was one of the models on stage with Kanye, was a very cool experience getting to know him and we connected well, also had a conversation backstage and took some selfies lol. This would be really cool to be in a movie with Mr. West. Please get back to me.

  61. Brandon Wyatt

    -African American

    Interested in a role for this upcoming movie. I am a Chicago native, very familiar with lingo and fashion of Chicago. Please contact 314-319-1489 or

  62. GloriaBankston

    Dear Spike Lee, I am a mature independent actor living in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have worked feature films but have only had lines in Indie Films. I would love to work with you on this movie. I can travel for work and stay as long as needed. Please email me for my personal info. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  63. Pol

    Hi, my name is Pol i’m from Spain, i have 15 years old and i think that this film will be one of the bests of next year. I’m European, 1,73cm 58kg, brown hair, brown eyes.
    I love sport. Please I want to be a part of this film, it’s a dream,

  64. Tina Finly

    Would love to be in the movie.

  65. Fiona

    Hi, I’m Fiona, I will be 13 in may 28. I have white skin. My hair is dirty blonde. My eyes change from greenish to blue. I am 5’5.

  66. Ms.rhodes

    This will be a life changing film. I am talented, educated, smart, young, and beautiful. I would be so honored to be in this project. Please allow me to show you that you need me for this film.
    birth place- Chicago Illinois
    race- African American
    Acting experience- School plays, theater, professional acting classes

  67. jayelo

    I’m a woman of color over 50 but NOT OVER THE HILL! I have no acting experience but with my personality I’m ready and willing……HOLLYWOOD are U?

  68. Sean Alan Walton

    25 year old African American male who has a great sense of humor, multi talented, and passionate. Growing up in the DC area, I would be able to adapt to the nature of this project well and am looking forward to working with a great cast.

  69. Feras

    The story sounds good , I would like to be a part of the movie if you need any one who looks from overseas !

  70. Keiarah Morgan

    Hi, My name is Keiarah Morgan
    I am 15 I will be 16 in July. I am an African-American female. I’m 5’2. I’ve been acting all my life. Ever since I was a little I would always be in front of the camera. I would love to be apart of this show because I feel I would bring a lot of personality to it. Please contact me if you feel I have the right potential for you.

    Thank you

  71. Star Fae

    Hello, I am very interested in being in a Spike Lee Film. I love to work and will work many hours without complaining or slacking. I have a lot of facial expressions, I’m great with identifying my emotions and I get along great with all kinds of people. I would love to hear back from you. Have a great day.

    Star Fae’

  72. jemella bell

    i’m interested audition for spike lee Iv’e heard of him his work Iv’e never been encountered with so it’d be the most amazing thing to be apart of this amazing movie. Thank you

  73. elena guerrero

    I’ve always liked acting and im really good at it too. It would be an honor to be a part of spike lees movie, especially with kanye west who is staring in this movie. I don’t have any professional experience. you can call me at (424)240-0165 thank you!

    Elena Guerrero

  74. Ronisha Harris

    I would love to participate in Spike Lee movie.

    Ronisha Harris

  75. Zach Naif

    Hello, I was interested in possibly being in a film, and I found this website that showed a few different films that where being made. I would love to be an actor that is my dream job. If you could email me back, or call me (734-395-2499) with more information and for any questions and information that would be great. Thank you have a great day.

    Zach Naif