Chiraq Starring Dave Chappelle

Chiraq Starring Dave Chappelle

With such touchstone films as Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X and 25th Hour on his long and distinguished resume, Spike Lee has established himself as not only a brilliant entertainer but a voice of a generation and now his next highly buzzed about production is set to roll in front of cameras. Chiraq has lined up an incredible cast to tell a one of a kind story and now your chance to be a part of this one of a kind movie is here.

Chiraq, whose title comes from combining Chicago and Iraq, is shaping up to be a highly anticipated, and highly controversial film.  Plot details for this project are being kept under wraps but the story is said to be a mixture of drama and musical with comedic tones that will center on the Windy City’s growing problem with gun violence. If there is any director that can deftly navigate sensitive subject matter it is Mr. Lee and if there is any collection of actors that can help him pull it off it is this one. This musical comedy with a message will feature the film return of elusive superstar Dave Chappelle (Chappelle’s Show, Half Baked, Con Air) along with (Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pulp Fiction, Kingsman: The Secret Service), John Cusack (High Fidelity, Say Anything, Love & Mercy), Oscar winner Common (Selma, Suicide Squad, Smokin’ Aces) and Golden Globe winner Jeremy Piven (Entourage, Edge of Tomorrow, Black

Hawk Down) have all signed on to this outstanding new feature that will be written and directed by Academy Award nominee Lee.

Casting calls for a number of roles in the hot-button project Chiraq are set to be held soon and submissions from actors of all ages and looks are being accepted now. Performers can head here and here for details on upcoming audition opportunities. All casting updates will be posted here upon their release so make sure to check back for more news and information and leave a message in the area provided below and tell us what you think of this fabulous new production and why you would like to take part in casting calls for the Spike Lee directed Chiraq starring Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack and a host of acting heavyweights.

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  1. kkallday

    This movie came out already. It was awesome! Not sure what version and info that’s being posted now but…..Nick Cannon starred in it and not sure what this new “Chiraq” posting is about?

  2. Abram Piggee

    Hi my name is Abram Piggee I’m a 23yr old college graduate. I’m from Stockton, Ca. I would like to be in this film to help make a difference. Where I’m from you see a lot of violence and different things and only few make it out. I feel like I would be able to make a difference and be able to play a role in this film and show people that there is hope. I did acting from elementary school up until high school. I did a number of plays with my schools. I am confident enough that I can take on different roles and play them to perfection. It would also be a honor to play in a film with Samuel L. Jackson and Dave Chappelle they are great actors and I feel like they would only help to make you a better actor.

    Thank you

  3. Dave Antoine

    I’ve never acted before, but I always have wanted to venture into this business. I also have a great comedic side so if you need a comedian, I can help out in the film as well. I look forward to hear from you guys.

    Age:21 (I can easily pass for a mid & late 20s)
    Gender :Male
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Weight:190lbs (Muscular)

  4. R. Alexander

    Originally from Jamaica queens born and raised always interested in the film acting business and always improvised to become, One of my favorite actors was always Samuel L Jackson because of his acting ability to transform into any roll he plays right from the very beginning of his career (Jungle Fever and Coming to America). Always tried to get that opportunity now i would love to a opportunity to work with one of the classic producer SPIKE LEE like my cousin Bruni did in Do the Right Thing.

  5. Rashod L. Gibson

    I have no experience in the acting business but I am determined to learn. I am currently in my 12th grade year in high school.
    African American
    Gender: male
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 135
    Age: 17
    Eye Color: hazel
    Skin tone: brown
    My number is 7582353682 I love in Virginia Beach Va, I do not know what I want to do when I graduate I don’t have the money to go to college Nor do I have a scholarship, so i am joining the military please feel free to contact me anytime.



  7. Eric

    Age: 37, i look like i’m 30
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 140
    Race: Asian
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Athletic built, strong work ethics, follows directions, easily coachable.

  8. Tiffany

    The film seems to be a project that will wake THEM up as if Folgers were in their cups!

    This film, seeme edgy, fiery, inspiring and that’s something I would absolutely want to be apart of.

    Just try me.. once!

  9. kalynn

    I have tried so may times to pursue my dreams in so many different places and never works but i like a chance to show my talent if you allow me to i am a 25 years old female who lives in Detroit MI with so much potential but no help plz give me a chance thank you

  10. Laert Pasko

    Hello, i would like to perform and show my craft and talent put in this film. I am a working actor. Spike Lee is what make me want to play on this production.


  11. Simone Stewart

    Would love to be a part of this project.

    Age: 23 years
    Height: 5′ 10″
    Hair: black

    Find my portfolio and bio at

  12. Devin J. Baker I

    It seems to be Dave Chappelle and Spike Lee working together is mastering the art of comedy and drama wrapped into one project. With the recent injustices set against minorities, primarily Black American’s, I believe this project will bring light to the complexity of relations that fuel some of these problems of struggle within this nation. I’m from Baltimore, M.D., earned multiple degrees (English and Business), completed various creative projects while exercising my skills in writing, acting, critical thinking and project management. To be on the same set as Chappelle and Lee would be a humbling experience as I offer a relevant contribution to the success of the project as told by my social awareness, creative experience and ability to be an effective leader. I’m 5”6; Black; 170 lbs. short curly black hair with a clean shave.

  13. Devin J. Baker I

    It seems to be Dave Chapelle and Spike Lee working together is mastering the art of comedy and drama wrapped into one project. With the recent injustices set against minorities, primarily Black American’s, I believe this project will bring light to the complexity of relations that fuel some of these problems of struggle within this nation. I’m from Baltimore, M.D., earned multiple degrees (English and Business), completed various creative projects while exercising my skills in writing, acting, critical thinking and project management.

  14. LEXI

    I would love to be a part of this project. It would be an honor and priviledge to work with such a great cast. I can draw off of being a reserved parochial school kid, the girlfriend of the quarterback in high school, a member of a social club that hosted many dances, a military soldier, a wife of an abusive soldier, a teacher, an hospital worker (an x-ray technician), a step mother of 2 sons, a professional college student, and a new bride & mother of 2 sons and a daughter. I’ve played some of those roles in college. I’d love to be a part of this project. I can be Gabrielle or Jamies’ sister, cousin, or any of the above. I’m only 111 pounds, but I’ve played a fat lady that sings, the mother of teenagers, the brave but scared Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween One. I’m here in California whenever you need me.—LEXI

  15. Reggie R.

    HUGE fane of Spike Lee and man o man, Dave Chappelle? I need to be apart of this.

  16. Tyrone B. Geary

    Good Evening,
    My name is Tyrone B. Geary,I am 25 years old from Philadelphia, Pa. I am currently in school for Psychology with one yeah left, pursuing my Mast degree. I am an aspiring actor who has been a Top 3 finalists on Oxygen Network; Love Games; Bad Girls Need Love Too, Season 4. I am seeking a chance to participate in any projects that I can get into. Although this would be considered entry level I feel I have what it take to act and compete. Please consider and feel free to contact me if possible. Please and Thank You.! -Tyrone Geary

    Name: Tyrone B. Geary
    Age: 25 Years Old
    Weight: 151
    Height: 5’8
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black (Wavy)
    Body: Athletic
    Experience: Love Games; Bad Girls Need Love Too (Top 3 Finalist)
    Location: Philadelphia, PA (Willing To Travel)

  17. Justin hamby

    I’m 22 years old. From Birmingham Alabama moved to Detroit Michigan recently Just looking for something big to get into. To show off my great skills. Thank you
    God Bless..

  18. martez moore

    Im tall dark skinned black male 6′ 3 220 long beard… I could play any part… im from Detroit . Chicago is right around the block… im dedicated and hungry for opportunity to work..

  19. A. Brothers

    Mr. Lee I would love just one shot at this opportunity to show you my acting skills!!!!!

  20. Angelica Nevarez

    Angelica Nevarez
    From Tucson, Arizona age 23.

    Weight= 125
    Height= 5’3”
    Hair= Black/Curly
    Skin Color= Light
    *great smile

    A Middle School Teacher at a nonprofit charter school.
    Recently crowned 2015 Top Model, with nonprofit organization Bellezza Model Inc.
    Tucson Model Magazine award winning Make Up Artist, talent showcased and awarded cover of the year 2014.
    Greeter and hostess for Tucson Model Magazine.
    Hostess for Iriezona Clothing Company, Prescott, Arizona
    Ambitious, motivated, artistic, and goal oriented.
    Growing up in poverty and being exposed to a different kind of culture, I have spent the last two years reconstructing myself; characteristic wise, morals, values and becoming career oriented to better my family line in the future.
    With being career focus I still manage to have fun, be outgoing and I love to seek adventure. When attending events, I mostly attend them by myself. I
    am very independent, but very sociable at a professional level. No matter where I go, It never fails that know someone in the crowd. If there is that rare occasion that I do not know anyone I am not shy to make myself comfortable and make an acquaintance or two.
    I stand out because of my personality.
    And to whomever is reading, have a great day.

  21. Paul Walker III

    I have acting experience:
    Production Credits Producer/Director • “Real Talk” • “Insanity” Grip/Lighting Feature Films • “Inhuman” Independent • “Sam Steele And The Jr. Detective Agency” HBO/Silver Hills • “Hitters” 3 Kings Productions • “Ash” Big Film Productions Television & Commercials • “Jungle Gym” pilot, Jungle Gym Productions • “Jacks Toys” Big Star Productions • “CTX” Far Star Productions • “Forever 21″ • “The Perfect Pregnancy Work Out” Far Star Productions • “Premier Dental Group” Far Star Productions Shorts & Documentaries • “Sword Fighting Documentary” Star Far Productions • “Jennifer’s Dead” Short Film Music Video • “America We Stand As One” Madalone Productions • “Rock Men Music Video” Far Star Productions Production Assistant • “I Robot” 20th Century Fox
    Additional Skills Skills Direct, Produce, Best Boy, Dolly Grip, Television Acting and Directing, Cinema 101

  22. Tiffany

    I have 3 beautiful & talented kids. 16,11,9 and my 16 year old looks like Megan Fox. I’m their mom-manager. These 3 are beyond beautiful! High energy and natural comedians! Contact me for inquiries! We are Chicago based. Thank you.

  23. Brittany

    I would like to be apart of the movie i myself is from chicago and i think it would be a huge opportunity to play in this movie to let outsiders know how it is growing up in Chicago

  24. Amber Cale

    Hi my name is amber cale and I would love to audition to be apart of this cast.
    Race:African American
    Eye color:Dark Brown
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    skin tone:light skinned
    location: Los angeles
    Education: I currently attend Stella Adler academy of acting and theater in Hollywood. I am also a theater arts major in college.

  25. Brandi Blair

    Hi, my name is Brandi. The plot of this movie the cast the entire production just sounds like one huge great opportunity! I have a little experience with school and church plays, I also had the chance to be a part of the Whitney Houston movie. Aside from that, I’m truly a natural born character. I like to tell myself I can pull off any role, because I believe I can. So whatever you could provide for me would be greatly appreciated and greatly exceeded as far as satisfaction goes. I’m anxious just reading and writing about it so I’m hoping and praying hard that you would please consider me. Thank you so much for your time!

    Age: 19, 20 in October
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 145
    Eye Color: light brown
    Hair: straight, black
    Ethnicity: African American
    Skin: light brown
    Body: fit, athletic
    Location: Lansing, MI

  26. Emmanuel Geronimo

    The name is Emmanuel Geronimo but I go by Manny . Im only 19 years old and I have no previous acting experience besides school plays and doing impersonations in my mirror. Never felt like I needed to go to school for acting because being funny and outgoing is something that comes naturally . I don’t feel like I need to go to school to learn something that I know is already in me . Im just looking for an opportunity . If given the the opportunity im positive I can bring what is needed to whatever role is given to me . Im 6’3 with a gorgeous Mohawk . I speak Spanish fluently , im Dominican and puertorican. Anyone who knows me knows that acting is something ive been wanting to do since I first saw Ace Ventura. Jim Carrey , Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy are few of many that have been very influential in my life and my pursuit to making it to the big screen . Just waiting for my time to shine and I know ill make it because my ambition is relentless . So bring this future star to light or pay a grip for me later on lol . Hope to hear from you .

  27. Alisha love

    I would love to be apart of Such a amazing Film
    I have a lot to offer to offer as an actress with a lot of emotion & Sassiness

  28. trano

    looking for a part in the new spike lee movie italian male 5’7 green eyes when could i meet for an audition……

  29. Shaliah nicolas

    My name is shaliah Nicolas acting is my passion and I will make this movie come alive not that the brilliant veterans won’t but it’s my time to shine.

  30. Nedra

    Hello Spike how are you and happy Thursday. The title of the movie is a crack up and I love it. I feel I would be an ideal candidate for your movie because I’m the All American female, although I am 50 I look quite young for my age, however, I am athletic and a team player and will step up to the plate for any challenge. if given the opportunity to work for you will definitely be a life changer for me. Thank you in advance.

  31. Steven Miller

    I would love to be a part of this project as I admire both the Talented director Spike Lee and Actor Dave Chappelle.
    I am a fresh new face with artistic abilities from Acting to Rapping and performing in front of live audiences. Looking an audition for this film. I know I can make an impact if given the chance.

  32. leonard wilson

    My name is harlem child and iam 5/11 brownskin people say iam the face of harlem cause I look just like ma$e and I have natural acting talent iam serios about this any role lets get the job done

  33. Olivia

    Hi, well it’s a long shot for me to even write a comment about trying to be noticed so I could participate in this film but majority of the people who have commented aren’t from Chicago and don’t know what it really feels like to be like here but I do. I may be young but I know a lot more than people get me credit for but hey, that’s how the world works right?..I may be a little late sending this comment in but I really do hope I have the opportunity to be apart of this incredible film. (I already know its going to be phenomenal)
    Gender: Female
    Age: I am fourteen years of age; I turn fifteen in less than two weeks
    Ethnicity: African American
    Weight: Approximately 140
    Height: 5’7 and a half
    Hometown: Chicago; born and raised
    Social Media: Twitter- @LiviCalhoun
    Instagram: @PrincessLivi

  34. Xochitl Gonzalez

    I want to be in it because it is fun and my favorite thing I like to do is sing to songs and sing them with the guitar and I am 10 years old

  35. Nyla

    I’m Nyla. I grew up in a small town with mostly people don’t do NOTHING WITH THEIR LIVES. I decided that wasn’t going to be in a long shot. I’m only 15 ,but you give me a part I’ll do my very best to give you my all. I’m not like other actresses that just want to act to get on T.V. I’ve been doing this since I was little. I remember watching movies 3 or 4 times trying to get the roles on tv down packed. When I mean every part I mean every part from crying to the dramatic parts. This is my chance to show the world what I can do.

  36. Shayne Ashley

    Im a 25 yr old, 6’1, 210 lb male, born, raised and residing in upstate, ny. I feel there may be a role in this film in which i can take on with little to no effort. Im bout this life.. I am outstanding in the variety of characters I can play. I can be reached by email for this film.

    At your service,
    Shayne Ashley

  37. Alex Croi

    Hey, Alex Croi here!!! Can you guys just kill me in this movie!!, Obviously, not litterally, you jackasses!!! You guys should just kill me!!! Seriously, please!! I’m begging you!! Just do whatever you want to do with me!!! “HAHAHAHa, Chiraq!! What a funny title!!! I can’t wait to die, in this movie!!! And, Anyways, 11:02PM!! Please kiill me!!!

  38. Norissa

    My characteristics: intelligent, talented, and beautiful.

  39. Charlotte Wingate

    It would be such an honor to star with these major power house stars in your new movie..
    Sex- Female
    Ethnic- Black American
    Weight 140
    Height 5ft 3in
    Hair- Dark Brown
    Birth date 27/69

  40. Ariana Grande (JK Brittany Sun)

    I LOVE SPIKE LEE!!! I would LOVE to be able to play a role in this amazing movie. Anyways, to convince you that I am the right actress,,,

    I love EVERYTHING related to theater. Ever since I could walk, I loved acting, singing, and dancing. Everyone tells me I make the funniest impressions and have a camera smile :))) I’ve gotten lead roles at the plays at my school as well, and here are some basic facts about me:

    Age: 14 (turning 15 in October)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair: Long, straight, dark
    Eyes: Sparkling (obviously)

  41. Khalil Abdul.

    Name : Khalil Abdulrahim
    EMAIL :

    Age ; 20
    weight : 185
    gender : male
    height : 6’6
    hair : Black
    eyes : Hazel

    i am just looking to make change in my family. and be successful at something’s in life .

  42. Sage Singleton

    Hello, i am from Tulsa OK but a huge fan of Chicagos music, movies and sport teams and plan to move there. Im really interested in this movie coming out and i love spike lee movies. Id love a role in this film if its possible.
    17 years old
    160 lbs
    Athletic Build
    Brown Eyes
    Dark Brown Hair

    Please if interested contact me it would be huge for me.

    Sincerely , Sage Singleton

  43. Sage Singleton

    Hello, i am from Tulsa OK but a huge fan of Chicagos music, movies and sport teams and plan to move there. Im really interested in this movie coming out and i love spike lee movies. Id love a role in this film if its possible.
    17 years old
    160 lbs
    Athletic Build
    Brown Eyes
    Dark Brown Hair

    Please if interested contact me it would be huge for me.

    Sincerely , Sage Singleton

  44. Adekeye Kunmi

    Hi am kunmikeye I’m 16and I am actually originally from Nigeria but I’m a Canadian I am also a model and I have had a little working experience

  45. Lawrence Rambo

    Hello My name is Lawrence But I go by Mac
    i’m 6’3
    blue eyes
    blonde hair
    athletic build
    and 18 years old
    athletic build
    I’ve been acting in schools all my life and I’m an aspiring musician who has taught myself 6
    instruments and have become fluent in 5
    Head shots and resume are available upon request
    I hope to be working with you very soon!

  46. Enrique Rivera

    Hello Im Enrique

    As i understand with spike lee’s sudden comedic musical turn with passing strange the film is gonna touch on the soul of the issue all the while keeping base; with the seriousness and reality of the effect. Far be it to me to critique a film I have not seen. The indigents for everlasting greatness are all present. No doubt Sipke lee and Dave Chappelle will deliver.
    Im a 24 year old kid form the bronx who’s been beaten and robbed on a number of occasions; shamefully to say but i have also done the same. I have a stern face with a deathly gaze not by accident. I can act. Spike lee films are touching how could you not want work for him.

  47. Darrell A. Pope

    If you need an older person to act in a role I am 64, I can pass for 55-60. I have done 2 independent films and some onstage, and did 1 non speaking commercial. I now want to try TV or movies.
    Give this senior citizen a chance to fulfill his dreams, surely there’s a senior part I can play.

  48. Micael Perez ( acting name ) Munoz

    Hello, I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago in a neighborhood called the Bush where they filmed the Fugitive starring Harrison Ford. I am a young talented theater actor ( local community theater ) of Hispanic descent ( Mexican ). I can relate to the subject matter that Mr. Lee wants to portray extremely well because their was so much of it in my neighborhood and I grew up around it , the gang violence , the guns , the drugs and whatever else came next. I have a strong passion for movies and had always dreamed of becoming an actor since I was 5 years old. It would be a pleasure and a honor to work on this film if given the chance. I have been on movie productions since 1996. I would like to follow in the footsteps of the late Michael Clarke Duncan , Michael Pena , and the late great Dennis Farina , whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and becoming my friend. Thank you for your time and I hope to here for you.

  49. Nigel Reynolds

    Name: Nigel Reynolds
    Age: 16 (will be 17 soon)
    Height: 5’8′
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Mixed (Latin & Jamaican)
    Skin tone: Light-Brown

    Hello! My name is Nigel Reynolds! I’m 16 years old and will be 17 in 3 days! I live in the southern part of New York, I will be a senior this coming school year and I hope to have a very strong acting career very soon! Acting and singing have always been my strongest talents, but if there was a stronger one I’d pick, it would be acting. I’ve always had love for the arts ever since I was a little. My mother was the one who introduced me into it. I have done talent competitions for my church, and I’ve been in 3 of my high school musicals, which I’ve had very strong supporting lead roles in. My very first high school play I was apart of, was “In The Heights”, in which I played “Piragua Guy”, who didn’t talk much, but had a heart for singing. My 2nd play I had starred in was the classic, “Footloose”. I played the mean, country boy, “Chuck Cranston”. Finally, my most recent show was “Pippin”. I had played his funny, not so bright, step brother, Lewis. Although I love all the roles I’ve played, Chuck Cranston was my favorite. I had realized that I strong love for acting because of how I could go from a character that everyone loves, to one that everyone hates. When I act, I feel like my past experiences go into my performance. I love acting because I feel accepted in what I do. It’s the one thing I know in my heart I’m good at. Thank you for your time! I hope we’ll be chatting soon!

    Nigel Reynolds

  50. Melrose Johnson

    HI, my name is Melrose and I am from west Africa Sierra Leone. Acting is my passion, I live it and be it. I would like a chance to shine and do what I was born to do. I can be really funny while playing with my accent. I have been in theater for about 5 years. I am a fast learner when it comes to acting. I am 5″1″, 19 years old wieght 115

  51. Jay Gonzalez

    Age: 27
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 160 ( athletic/ muscular built)
    Hair: head -bald, clean cut/ scruffy ( full beard if needed for rugged look)
    Eye’s: brown
    One of a kind, I’am Puerto Rican, French, Cuban and black. I have multiple tattoo’s and removable piercing all done In good taste.
    New jersey native. Very out going with a strong character. I was an Mp in the U.S Army for a few years. Ive trained in martial arts ( Tae Kwon Doe) for 13 years performed part of the demistration team, black belt by the age of 12.

  52. Shanice harmon

    I really love what spike Lee has done for the community over the past few decades….he has really brought reality in some of the movies that most people “stereotype” thinking its just another ghetto film. He has given different cultures a view of what we have to deal with on an everyday basis. I know that chiraq will be a great movie because he’s gonna take his time and learn about the environment.. It’s outside of New York so I’d love to see how this will end

  53. Stephon Hunter

    Hi, my name is Stephon Hunter. I am currently 16 years of age and I am an African-American young man; who currently lives in the city of Chicago. This means I know about the constant struggles of having to watch what neighborhood you go to or what time I shouldn’t be outside. I’m not saying just because I live in Chicago that’s makes me a better pick, but I am saying that makes me a person who can act with emotion due to the fact that the struggle has affected my life daily on and off camera. Please keep me in consideration, your truly, Stephon Hunter.

  54. Ana Mendez

    I would love to be part of telling the biography of Chicago. Being born and raised here in Chicago and having knowledge of its history from jazz to violence in the inner city. I would love to not only be part of this film in which I think would become one of the best films made but also jumpstart my acting career from theater to screan I have played a role in the play A Raisin in the Sun with the role of Mama wich I was told was a very hard role to play. I had the crowd in awe with a standing ovation. I also play mother of teen roles very well.

  55. Jesus Tamez

    An opportunity to audition for this film would not just be an honor, but a life awaiting experience. Spike and Dave’s success in being one if the best derectors and best comedians has influenced me greatly since my childhood. I’ve watched all of the Chappell shows episodes and comedy shows, and looked up to Spike’s success as a derector. I live near Chicago and would do whatever it takes to be a part of this production. If its actiing or being an apprentice I’ll take whatever. I am 16, mexican american and can act well. I’m 5’11 and 180lbs, black hair, and haxle eyes.

  56. Cassandra

    Hi!! My name is Cassandra and I would be perfect for your new season of The Catch. I’m fun and full of energy and always willing to learn with excitement. I’m available anytime and currently have the time and proper accommodations to meet with you and your casting directors at any time. I am your next big star  I am raw talent but I am able to play any role from the mean girl to the sweet girl next door. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you

    Gender :female
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair Color: Black but any color will due 
    Eye Color: brown

  57. Cameron Bohl

    Name: Cameron Bohl
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 140lb
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde

    Hi, I have always dreamed to become an actor. I have experience in theater and I just love doing it. I would be a great choice for your movie.

  58. Adriana Lisseth Morgan solis

    Hola soy una chica de 18 amo hacer esto ayudenme… Porfavor soy alegre, activa, carismatica, fotogenica… Etc

  59. Laquinta Bruce

    Hi everyone! I’m 35 years of age. Im from a small southern town. Also I would like to say Spike Lee is an awesome director,and Dave Chappelle is so funny. I love the CHAPPELE SHOW. I would be a great candidate for this upcoming movie. I’m very humorous and outgoing. Can’t wait to here from you all soon.


    Toronto-based actor aged 22 , ARJUN COEN with considerable experience as actor and intense training with renowned Canadian filmmaker (also acted as Assistant to this Director on his films) is interested in being invited to your auditions in Toronto Canada. Arjun Coen is ready to embark upon a full-fledged professional film acting career and hopes a key role or even a minor role in the series/show shall give him the exposure he is looking for.

  61. Cardiss Jackman

    I love acting. I have a true passion for it. I put myself in a Denzel category, in the sense that he’s able to tackle any role. I’m female, athletic but thick, charismatic and of course dramatic. Email me with any info if I could assist in any way.

  62. mrs.H

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your up coming movie production: CH Iraq. My daughter would love an opportunity to audition. We live in Indiana and share the same experience as Mike E. My husband attended the same school as Mike E. There is lot of talent in our great city but very few people get the opportunity to display it. My son is a singer song writer. Contact me at this email and we will get them both to your audition. Thanks for your time.