Something Whispered Starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

Academy Award Winning fan favorite Cuba Gooding Jr. is readying his next starring vehicle and casting calls and auditions for supporting and extra roles are being held soon. Submissions for the provocative social drama Something Whispered are being accepted now from aspiring actors of all ages. You can apply today for what is sure to be a truly moving historical drama starring one of the finest actors of a generation.

Something Whispered will find Gooding Jr. as a tobacco plantation slave in 1850’s southern America who struggles to free his family from their horrific and abusive lives. The story will follow the family as they attempt to make their way north to Canada using the legendary Underground Railroad system while they are vigilantly pursued by a group of hired slave hunters. This film will nobly recreate the harrowing adventures of these victims and true heroes who displayed admirable courage and resiliency in the face of unimaginable hardships. Equal parts historical retelling and action thriller, this production has all of the making of an elusive movie with heart and thrilling action sequences, If there is any actor that can pull off this challenging lead role it is Cuba Gooding Jr. who has dazzled audiences for decades in such crowd pleasing and socially relevant films as Men Of Honor, Boyz N The Hood , Radio and the upcoming The Butler and now you can land a role in his all new feature. Auditions and casting calls for this amazing new film will be held soon and you can apply for them today. To submit yourself for all available roles or for more information you can send emails here We will keep you updated with more details as they become available so stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you would like to be cast in Something Whispered.

The next great historic epic is coming soon and you can be a part of it. Apply today to be cast in the all new Cuba Gooding Jr. drama Something Whispered.

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179 Casting Responses

  1. Trevian Peruch

    Age: 13
    Height: 5’1
    Eye color: green
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: Black and Italian
    Weight: 122 and losing
    Languages: English and a little Italian
    Hobbies: soccer, basketball, and track
    Sports: Football for 6 years
    Mood: Happy, silly, and sometimes neutral
    I’m also a peoples person I can get along with anyone plus I’m 100% devoted to acting

  2. Vangela Pulliam

    brown hair & eyes
    from MS
    I am interested in acting. I am planting my seed in Jesus name!!! Thanks

  3. Daijah Colvin

    because all im asking for is ONE SHOT, just one chance.

  4. Aleaha Monique' Buckley

    my name is Aleaha Buckley i’m 15 years old and I live in Nuernberg Germany.
    I am half American and half German. I speak both languages fluent. I have been
    searching for auditions here in Germany but the Germans almost never have a job
    for mixed people. I am writing you because I would like to tell you why I want to
    be a cast in “Something Whispered”! I have never been in a Movie but I have been in a lot of
    school plays or plays where I can sign up for! I have been fighting for a chance like
    this ever since! I have seen almost every movie where Cuba Gooding Jr. appears.
    (He is very Funny!) I would really really love to show you my acting Skills/Talent
    please give me a chance.

    Yours Truly
    Aleaha Buckley

    Name: Aleaha Monique’ Buckley
    DOB: 16.01.1998
    Age: 15
    Height: 178 cm
    Nationality: American/German
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown
    Experience: School Plays
    Skin color: Brown (Mixed)
    Sex: Female

  5. Nairobi HIlaire

    Hi, My name is Nairobi Marie Denise and I have been acting since I was a young child and have been constantly surrounded by professionals in this business. I can bring experience, talent, and fun to the table if selected for a role in this production. I have been acting for several years and I am extremely versatile. I’m extremely passionate about acting and am interested in finding a role to throw my heart and soul into.
    – African American
    – Female
    – 16 years old
    – 5 foot 3 inches
    – Medium / Light Brown Hair (Shoulder Lenght)
    – Brown Eyes

  6. Fred Kouefati

    I am a 27 year old actor from new jersey. I have a profile set up with my head shots and resume on ny castings. I am young, talented, and hungry for a career in this industry. Please call me and I promise that you will not be disappointed after speaking to me for only five minutes. Thank you.

  7. Bryan Wilson

    Height: 6’3″
    Weight: 190
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue

    I would love to have an opportunity to audition for the movie “Something Whispered.” I love acting and U.S. History so contributing to the production in any way would be an awesome experience. I believe that if given the opportunity to audition for a part in “Something Whispered,” I would be chosen to portray a character in the movie.

  8. Kim Sampson

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Age: 21
    Ethnicity: African American caramel tone
    Height: 5’2
    eyes: brown
    Hair: Black
    weight: 137
    body type: curvy

    Hi I am a 21 year old black nurse from Compton Ca trying to making in this world I love to sing, act and am quite a character but can be serious when needed to. I am willing to take direction if giving a chance. Im not shy and can be whatever is directed me to be.

  9. Ashanique Scott

    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Hight: 5’9
    Weigh: 150lbs
    Ethnicity: African American
    About Me: Hi my name is Ashanique, I’m a very outgoing person with a great personality! I’m very friendly, I like to bring joy and happiness to the things I do, such as work; school; church activities; and anywhere else I’m around. I work hard for the things I want in life. When it’s time to be serious I’m serious. Ive also done a little modeling in my older teen years. I like to have fun with everything I do, making sure that others are the same way. I’ve always wanted to be a star with either I acting or on a stage singing in front of thousand of people. I’ve been singing and acting since I was just a little girl and I’ve always been the one to stand out the most! I’ve actually just won a competition with my job to go sing the National Anthem in front of over 3,000 people! Singing and acting is something I would like to pursue in my adult life, and I’m willing to do what it takes to get there! I love being active motivating people I’m around to never give up and keep pushing for what’s best.

  10. Amira Johnson

    There’s nothing I can’t do, because can’t is not apart of my dictionary… No I am not an actress nor a model, but I know I would be a great asset for this movie. But I leave you this end note, I will leave my name burned in the fashion history books as ” Amira Dejanae’ Johnson”!

  11. saphir augustin

    Eye Color – Black
    Hair Color- black sometime red
    Weight- 126
    Height- 5 5
    Gender- female
    skin color: brown
    Language: French, Haitian creole

    Hello, My name is Saphir Augustin. I know I will be able to play a great part as any of the open characters. I am willing to play any female characters in this movie, and I will be able to play them like they were actually me. I have a nice personality, I’m beautiful, nice body and I’m a fast learner .I am very mature for my age and commonly get mistaken for someone older than who I actually am. I am a hard and dedicated worker will always give a 110 percent. I would make a great addition to this new Movie!
    Thank you,
    Saphir augustin

  12. Latieka Nesmith


    I would love the opportunity to be apart of the upcoming movie Something Whispered because Cuba Gooding Jr is a great actor I love his movies. I am 26 years old I have lots of drive and ambition and I know that success comes from hard work and perseverence. I would be honored to be apart of something so great.

    Thank you,

  13. Brook

    Hi, my names Brook and I’m a 12 year old girl. I can act, sing, dance. I play a little bit of the piano and can learn pieces of music. When it comes to my acting I am 100% devoted and can act out anything. I have done plays and I am in a drama club at my school. When I act I am reborn into someone else and I connect with my character. I love to do action, drama, thrilling or even the simpilist life stories. I can learn long lines and remember them in a short amount of time. I can do many monologues and I add real emotion to the screen play. I have never done a movie or anything on tv but would love to start with this. I can play any character . I am ready for whatever comes in my journey, I would love to do this to expand my acting capabilities. I can assure you I am an awesome actress. I take my acting very serious, which is pretty outstanding for a 12 year old girl. I am friendly and am ready 100%! I promise I will blow your mind.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Height: 4 ’8
    Weight: 82 lbs
    Ethnicity: Ethiopian, Kenyan and Canadian
    Hair Colour: Black
    Hair Type: Naturally Frizzy, but can be straight or put into braids
    Eye Colour: Black
    Skin Colour: Brown

  14. Elijah Martin

    Hello, my name is Elijah Junior,,I’m 63 , 5’8” i’m black , 182lbs ,black hair , When using just for men hair dye, otherwise salt and pepper hair , brown eyes , retired grandad,from sumter south carolina, grewup on the white man plantation until i was 17, i worked in the tobbacco fields ,pick and chop cotton , pull weeds from the fields, pull and chop peanuts , you name it , I ployer fields with a mule ,i could go on and on, i know what slavery is ,i was part of it,,,,now i would like to express it out in your new Movie, give me a chance ,thanking you in advance. Junior

  15. andie

    Name: Andie Oliver
    Gender: Femal
    Age: 10 1/2
    hair: blond
    Eyes: Blue
    hi my name is Andie and i am 10 yeras old, blond hair, blues eyes.
    i have done short films, spec commericlas and feature backround. i would love the chance to be part of this film. i love to act and it is all i have ever wanted to do. i would love the chance to do anything in this film.
    i am doing what i can and working hard to live out my dream! i meant to do this 🙂

  16. DeNisha Riddick

    African American
    Size 20-22
    Dark brown hair
    Brown eyes

    I am very passionate and ambitious about becoming an actress. I know that there is nothing else I want to do with my life that act. I will want nothing more than to be apart of this film. PLEASE allow me the opportunity it will truly be an honor.

  17. Sheldon Pearson

    To whom it may concern:

    My name is Sheldon Pearson and I am a May 2013 graduate from the University of Alabama. I have always had an interest in acting. No matter what the part may be, either behind the camera or in front, I am looking for an opportunity to learn and gain experience. I will volunteer to help for free if need be.

    I have a passion for acting and will help contribute to the movies success in anyway possible. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Sheldon Pearson

  18. Rayjon Anderson

    My name is Rayjon and I am 31 years old. I have 3 sons. Their ages are 10 , 4. & 8 months, my pride & joy. Right now in my life, I am tired of desk jobs and not really helping people like I would want to. I would love the chance for myself or children. This is our first time looking into this, but anything is possible. When I was younger, I did things in grade school, that was just for school, but nothing outside of that. My mom had to work, so really being able to act, was not an option. There has been a bug in me to just try. And when I try, I truly give it my all. I raise my boys on trying their best. I have something to offer, I hope this is the opening door for us.

    Thank you for your time,
    Rayjon, Hasaun, Quincy & Alexander

  19. Martin Alexander Aguirre

    15 years old
    Brown skin
    Black hair; brown eyes
    Knows some Spanish, all English (obviously haha)
    5’6″; 184 lbs (but losing weight)
    Look older for my age.
    My name is Martin Aguirre, I live in Fresno, California. If I have to change my appearance for a part, I will. I’m a hard worker, so yeah I’m willing to put in 110% effort, you will not regret casting me, I promise. Working on this movie would be a huge honor, so I thank you in advance. I want a part not only because I want it and it would be a great experience but to support my family. I may not have much experience in acting hower like I said, you won’t regret casting me. For something as amazing as this my parents would most likely relocate to LA or wherever you need us/me to be at for the film. Again, thank you in advance.

  20. Jeszenia


    I like to learn more about this productions, and would be interested should I meet your needs. I can interchange with my emotions, expressions, and voice that would benefit any type of role.

    I am also seeking an adventure!!!

    Below are my stats and my pictures were sent under a separate email address:

    age: 36
    height: 5’7.5
    weight: 170-180
    status: Hispanic
    hair/eyes: dark brown/black

    Aha! The mystery begins….


  21. Logan Shillington

    Name: Logan Shillington
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Sandy blonde, just past my shoulders
    Build: Average
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hello my name is Logan, I do not have any acting experience but I am hard working, enthusiastic and a fast learner. This sounds like an interesting story and I would love a chance to be a part of this experience in any way that I can. I would be good for this movie because I love to try new things, I am energetic, dedicated and passionate. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you.
    Logan Shillington

  22. Telisha Gonzales

    My name is Telisha Gonzales I’m 24 years old, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am looking for someone to give a girl from a small place a chance to do something I dream of. A chance to be a part of something they love more then anything in the world. I know that I have the heart, passion, and drive to do something like this.I want to make people laugh, and cry, and feel all the things I do when I see a movie. I want the chance to be anything I have ever imagined, A superhero or an adventure seeker like Indian Jones, maybe even the girl that gets the guy. All I need is someone willing to help me make it possible. I hope that you read this and find it in your heart to consider giving me an opportunity to make all of this a reality. Thank you for the time you took to read this.

  23. Symiria Weldon

    Hello,I am an African American 19 year old girl from Southern Cal. I love anything to has to do with our culture. I believe this movie will be a good movie to be in. This movie will tell a story of history, and I will love to be apart.

  24. adam marley

    adam marley im just a guy but im being followed
    since high school i believe because of my music
    i have an insane imagination johnny depp improvising

  25. Dorothy Pinckney

    Hi, I love Actor Gooding Jr. I am a Black american woman who longs to be in this movie. I will not disappoint the Cast and I am willing to play any role to make your movie a sucess. I canplay a role of a female ranged 35-50 I am also willing to do any reading roles. Please contact me I have Headshots and a short resume. Thank You!

  26. Hamoon Asgarynejad

    Hi my name is Hamoon Asgarynejad
    Age: 21
    Hieght: 6-0
    Wieght: 220
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Gender: M
    Ethnicity: White
    I Speak English and Farsi
    You guys or girls give me a chance. I am always neat and clean. I am never a late person I always come in 2 hours early for a job or an interview. Just give me a chance

  27. Jin Yang Brancalhao


    My name is Jin Yang Brancalhao
    Gender; Male
    Age; 20
    Ethnicity; Chinese and Brazilian
    Height; 5′ 8″
    Hair Color; Black
    Weight; 160 pounds
    Body type; Regular/ Athletic
    Eye Color; Dark Brown

    I am looking to be an extra considering my lack of experience but I am eager to do more if the opportunity is presented, I would like to get a foot in the door so to speak and continue from there. However I am one of the many who also want to be a part of this and all I can say is that I will not disappoint if I am given the chance, as these chances do not come easily.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    I hope to hear back.

  28. Kenyon Glover

    Kenyon Measurements

    Name: Kenyon Glover
    Age: 30
    Ethnicity: African American
    Brown Skin
    Brown Eyes
    Short Length Brown Hair
    Height: 6′ 4
    Weight: 225
    Resident: Georgia
    Suit 46L
    Waist 34

    I have 8 years of acting experience, I am a model and a martial artist. Flexible to travel. Would love to work along side your team.

  29. Marlana D. Ball

    Marlana Danielle Ball
    25 yrs.
    170 lbs
    Green Eyes
    Blonde/Red Hair

    Obsessed with movies and telelvision. Always wanted to do something with film ever since i was a kid. Whether it’s behind the camera or in front of the camera.. I’m planning on going to school because I would love to do somehting with film and applying on here I hope I can do that and get a chance to try something new and what I always wanted to do and what I feel like I’m suppose to do.. I’m very energetic and a people person. I get along pretty much with everyone.

  30. Talisha Fernandez

    Hello to all! I am very interested I am a beautiful, charismatic, talented and intelligent African American/Native Indian/Creole woman; early 30′s, brown eyes, brown auburn hair, light honey beige skin, 5’3 that really takes pride in my heritage, upbringing and always taking into the highest account what my ancestors have done in the past in order for many of us to be able to embody the roles and positions we do today is a blessing. I would love to be in this movie, I could showcase my talent in any role given. Cuba is definitely an icon and legend and one of the best in Hollywood that there is. I want to follow in his footsteps by doing the types of movies he has done and more I am an open minded easy flowing actress that absorbs and showcases all talents and can pretty much play any type of character and make it my own. I have a Bachelor of Science degree and Im a Iraqi War veteran, so I have been able to travel the world a little and meet all types of people from different cultures while sharing my own and I have had a taste of many different cultures being born and raised in New York. Becoming an actress has always been a dream of mines so this will be interesting!

    If you are interested please contact me via email at your earliest convenience so that I can further share more of my background and experience.

  31. Al benson


    My name is Al Benson, a current theatre major at Limestone College in SC. I will be graduating and from that point will pursue my acting career. This year I’ve been in multiple theatre productions at school; this magnificent film would be a great opportunity; and wholeheartedly, The “Something Whispered” film will fit my character and me as an actor, because I have the voice projection that’s needed for this film, I have the work ethic that will be required for this type film after just finishing four complete years in Martial Arts. Body wise, I’m built like Dwayne Johnson but not quite his height or weight. Cuba Gooding Jr. has become a grown man, and I love the history of him starting from the bottom with nothing, to becoming the succesful movie star. I’m starting from the bottom, and I’m committed to the future; I love to entertain and being part of the entertainment process, and to have an opportunity to act alongside Cuba Gooding Jr., or to have a supporting role in this film would be a blessing.

    I’m 23 years old
    African American/Light-skin

  32. julia Drahos

    I have worked for living history museums over a number of years, One being an 18th century working farm so i have alot of history experience and first person experience. I’am 42 yrs old, female, dark hair, pale complexion,5’3 and about 110 lbs. I live in the N.Y. area but don’t mind traveling.

  33. Giovanni daniels

    Hi my name is giovanni daniels I’m 22 years old African American black hair brown eyes 5″5 I’m looking for my breakthrough in the industry I always knew there was something more to me and acting is what I’m destined to do if you were to consider me for a role you would be making a great decision I adapt well to change and I am able to be any character that you see fit for me I’m very lovable, outgoing, and can do anything I set my mind to I’m excited about becoming a actor and will take any role! I do not have a agent I’m just a young aspiring actor with a hunger for acting I’m very talented and looking to make a acting career I will be perfect for a part in this show I love to act and bring myself into a different character.

  34. Michael Elkins

    Hi, my name is Michael E.

    I am 5’8”, approximately 240 lbs., long brownish hair, and blue eye. I am not the handsome leading man type of person, but have a great range of character, from comedy to drama. I am willing to travel.

    I have had one speaking role in the movie: Vile 21 – Character; Craig

    I am looking to get into Movies or a Series (Network or Cable)

  35. Brian Lebron

    Name: Brian Lebron
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 5ft 7in
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Build: Athletic
    Ethnicity: African-American

    Just a beginner actor but took theater and have been in a few plays but I’m very confident that I can handle any role tossed at me.

  36. Keerah Sims

    I know I have what it takes to be in this movie. I’m 11 5ft. 1 inch . I have been in Cinderella (the musiclal),the Jungle Book(the musical), and recently Sideways Stories from wayside school. I can do serious things to. I have dreamed of being an actress since first grade. I was in many class plays. I’m a little pudgy(a lot) and i have dark black hair. i’m mixed but a little more dark than I should be. I have a great personality I can do good under pressure. And it has been a dream of mine to work with cuba gooding j.r. please cast me i can travel this is an oppertunity of a life time and i cant pass this up. plus you won’t know what you’re missing if you don’t cast me.

  37. Shakorah Burke

    I’m currently an 18 year old female, and will be turning 19 I am 5’7” tall, weighing at 138 lbs.. I think I have what it takes to become a star for the film “Something Whispered” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. because of my looks and personality. I also would want to star in this movie, Cuba Gooding and his father were always inspiring and I would want to play a role in helping inspire other as well.

  38. Sufia

    Ethnicity: Black/African
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 150
    Hello,My name is Sufia. In reading the short description I know I would love to be apart of this historic film. I have no acting experience,but a deep passion for acting,theater and the arts in general. I’d love to be given an opportunity to be apart of this film in a position you deem suitible I can provide more information and travel if needed. Thanks

  39. Shelley

    I’m really intersted in this story. I’m 15 years old and look for a serious role to challenge my as an actor. I’m 5″2 and African American female. I have brown eyes I wear glass if necessary I can wear contacts. I’m just looking for chance to show people and myself what I can do. I’m really not the nick or Disney type actor my looking for a challenge. I to want be able to go in depth with my character below the surface. I just need a chance. With any information please contact in my email about location of audition and casting.

  40. Cassie Dugger

    Hello! 🙂

    My name is Cassie Dugger and I am twenty years old. I go to a community college full-time and I am an aspiring actress. I played a young drug addict named Kate on a web series called Life With Hope. We filmed it all summer & a lot of the fall season. The first season’s episode will be coming out in less than a month. I have been searching around to get more involved in the acting career field and add as many things as I can to my portfolio. I feel like I’ve really found what I want to do with my life, and that’s to be a good role model & working actress. I have always wanted to be an actress, but never really did anything about it until my junior year of high school when I took a theatre class.

    I am willing to go the distance to succeed as an actress.

    Hope to hear back from you soon!

    Cassie L. Dugger

  41. Teri Turner

    Hello, I am Teri Turner born and raised in NY. I haven’t had much professional experience. I am a 22 y/o, African American female, 5’3 in. I can sing dance and act, the complete package if you will. I am eager to learn and i am a hard worker. If interested email me and I can send head shots.

    Thank You,
    Teri Turner

  42. Tamia Johnson

    Name:Tamia Johnson
    Body Type:Athletic;Slim
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Skin Tone:Caramel
    Ethnicity:African American
    Personality: Fun ,Outgoing,Challenging,Hard Working
    Experience:I’ve been to an acting school I have had acting classes . I am confident in my talents and what i have to offer with my talent. I have a supportive family who stands behind me and supports my dream of one day becoming a successful actress.

  43. James Williams

    Hello my name is James Williams my age is 26 I’m a African American male, slim 145 pounds , 5,8 in height , I run & workout, I like to watch CNN & listen a lot of different music I have a great sense of humor , I live in Springfield Illinois, I know this will be be such a great experience for me , I live working with others Im truly a great people person , always able to help & give a hand when needed to others , & always having my own great opinion when someone needs it always have a thought & a mind for greatness putting things together & giving certain things a taste of style when needed it needed , I know with my character & talent I have I can make any great thing better just by adding myself & applying just a line or two or just even giving my input on something I have a natch for style & putting items together , an also I can give show character when needed in case it may be changeling up to fit any scene I may be placed into showing my different talents & characters casting is a great way to offer to world your creative side & enjoy a career all at the same time I know for a fact if I get a chance to make someone have feelings because of me by acting or even just giving my advice I will & I know I will enjoy I love working with people & this will be a grand chance to do so .

    Thank You For Your Time

    James Williams

    Hope To Hear From You Soon

  44. katrina bailey

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 feet 11 in
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Age Range: 25
    Physique: Athletic /Slim
    Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
    Hair Length: Long
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Black

    I live in NJ and am now looking to come out of my element and shine. I have no experience in acting but I know I will do a great job. I never give up. Give me a chance.. Im a Jack of al Trades. I am now a Mother, Model, soon to be Author and Shoe Designer. 😉 I know I will be a great asset.

  45. Sharrod Irving

    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 163 lbs (mostly muscle)
    Eyes brown and Hair black

    Im going to start off saying that I am current in college looking for oppurtunities to be on film. I’ve always been told growing up that I would become a good actor because of the way my personality is. I can portray many different kinds of characteristics such as being over dramatic, angry, hilarious, joyful and sinceer, calm and collective, or even depressed. I have kind of been struggling since I started college to know what career I want to pursue. After a while I realized that I love entertaining people and I am very good at it which is why acting would be my strong suit. I believe I can be a huge help in making this film that much better. Thank you.

  46. Miranda Thibodeau

    My name is Miranda Thibodeau and my dream is to become an actress. I have been in plays many times, but I do know that being in a movie or television series is very different. The reason I love acting is that when you are acting and you are playing a role, you are no longer you, you no longer have you life and past, you are the character you are playing, you have there life and past. You get to have a different like while acting, you get to be someone else, and there is almost always a happy ending. When you are acting it is not you people are judging it is your character, you don’t have to worry about people saying they don’t like you because they don’t know you, all they know and see is the character you are playing. All my life I have had an above average memory. When I was younger my mother would brag to everyone and have me say things backwards and quote people from movies to impress her friends, of course I absolutely loved it because I love movies and impressing people. Another thing I love about acting is that acting gives you opportunities to go different places and meet new people and try new things. I live in a small town in Maine and everyone always told me I would never make it, I would never be good enough and that there was no chance for me to achieve my dreams with where I live and what I look like. I am a little over weight but I have been losing weight and plan to keep losing weight. The one thing that I keep in mind when I think about losing weight is my future and hopefully an acting career. Tonight I talked with my mom and we actually sat down and really discussed my future in acting. My mother and I talked about how this is really what I want to do and that this is the only thing I truly love and can see myself doing. We are planning on getting head shots very soon and she told me that if this is really what I would like to do then she would bring me to New York for an audition. Her telling me that she would bring me to New York for an auditions blows me away and really shows me that she really supports and believes in me to do this. Just today we were talking about how we are struggling and don’t know what we are going to do. So for her to do this for me is out of this world. I have never been in a movie or commercial or TV show, but I do have experience in acting in plays. Ever since I was little I have loved acting, I would watch a TV show or movie and then act like one of the characters until bedtime. When people are at the age of four or five they want to become singers or princesses or fashion designers, but I have always wanted to be an actress, I have always wanted to make it far because I have seen how much my family have worked and struggled with money and I guess I would like to make it big to help them out so they aren’t so stressed out because it really hurts me to see the ones I love that way. Whenever I think about acting, I get this excited, overjoyed, and just beyond happy feeling. When I act I feel at home, I feel like I have finally found where I belong and I have found where I’m suppose to be and what I’m suppose to be doing, it is the only time where I feel truly happy. I have been bullied and felt unwanted because of some people in school, mostly because I’m overweight, but with acting I get to forget about that and I don’t have to worry about it. I guess the only way to describe it is that the only time I really feel confident and safe is when I am acting. Acting means everything to me and I don’t know what I would do without it, acting is my world. Okay, enough of the gushy stuff. I think it might be time I tell you some things about me you might actually want to hear.
    Full name: Miranda Lee Thibodeau.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 ( I do not look fourteen, when I tell people I’m fourteen they don’t believe me and say I look between 16 and 18. Once a man gave me money and asked me to go buy him a drink, of course I said no and told him my age, he apologized but told me he still didn’t believe me.)
    Race: Caucasian
    Hair: Color: Medium brown. Length: down to the middle of my chest.
    Eyes: A mix of gray and blue.
    Height: 5′ 3″
    Body size: as I said I am a bit overweight but I’m trying to change that.
    I do not know what you are looking for but this is who I am. I would love to play any character you would like me to be, if you even want me. I am openminded, as this is my dream and I would do anything to live it. This is my dream and I would love it if you would Email me and let me know, even if it is a no it would mean a lot to me so I’m not waiting on the edge of my seat to find out. I know its a lot to ask, but if you do that and if it is a no then maybe let me know what it is about me that makes it a no. I know you may not have time and might not care, but it would mean the world to me. Thank you and I hope to be hearing from you!!!

  47. Matt

    Age:12 going on 13
    Skin tone:white/tan
    I’ve been in a couple YouTube series and I would Benin more plays if my school had more

  48. Scipio Mundine

    Name: Scipio Mundine
    Height: 6’0
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Hair Color: black
    Hair Type: short
    Gender: male
    Talent: actor
    Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca
    School: Santa Monica Community College (in the Spring

    Hello, my name is Scipio Mundine. I have some experience in acting, such as a few Theatre classes i took in High School. For the longest, I’ve been looking for some film work. Im very interested in Television and Film Acting. I had a pleasure of working in short films in acting classes i’ve taken in highschool before. I am very intelligent, personable young man who is gifted with the talent I have, in acting. My learning skills and dedication are excellent. I have the ability to move and speak in precise manner at right moment for particular impact; pacing of action. Im really good to understand the rhythm expression of the play, dictated by script, director, other actors, type of play. I catch on fast and could regulate speed of delivery and speed of action. I have good communication with other actors also. Im really glad that I heard about this castingcall through web and would love to hear back from you guys soon and also to meet with you guys…. thank you

  49. Jennifer McGuire

    I have over 5 years modeling experience and have been told I am a natural at acting.
    Age: 31
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 140
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Location: West Carrollton, OH
    Talent: Dancing and Acting

  50. Robin L. White

    I would love to be considered for a role in this series. I have experience in Stage Plays, On Camera, Cold Read, Scene Read, Improv, Stand Up, TV Presenter and I have dabbled a little in Voice Over. I would also like to be considered for any future roles.

    Thank you,
    Robin L. White

  51. Kelcy Ossman

    Kelcy Ossman
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’3
    Skin color: Light skin
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Talent: Actor
    Sex: Female
    Location: Columbus, Ohio
    Movie: “Something Whispered”

    I am such an emotional person when it comes to any movies relating to Black history and what my ancestors have been through. I have no experience when it comes to being on film other then high school plays, and one in middle school. From reading the description about the movie I already got chills and felt my blood boiling. I want so much for some one to give me that extra push to show what I am capable of and to make every one proud of me. I’ve been told Im very bubbly as well as showing emotion very well, as in anger and sadness. Im asking to apply for any role that is open and or that fits my description. I am very good at what I do and even more excellent at what I love and what I love is to act. So please consider me as being able to play a role in this incredible movie.
    Thank you for your time, Kelcy

  52. carl cravey

    I am 27 yrs old, brown skin, brown eyes, black hair. I’m 6 ft tall, 195 pdswith an athletic build. I think I would be great in a film like this one. I am motivated and driven to be a force in the film industry. If there is room for a hard working, handsome young male please do contact me.


    Dear reader,

    I do not have control over my destiny, something’s are inevitable and I guess it’s what leads people to success most of the time, but I do have control of my future, which is why I decided to contact you. I am an aspiring actress and so are about a billion more people on earth waiting for their break. After spending hours on the internet searching for open casting auditions in London, I stumbled upon some ‘inside the actors studio’ YouTube clips and after watching so many of them I felt this incredible flow of inspired, which made me want to pursue acting even more. I mean the things that people have been through and yet still they have strength to carry on, makes me think that it’s not going to be easy and handed to me on a platter , but I will never go down without trying my best and doing the most I can to realise my dream. When I was younger I used to spend hours in front of the TV watching movies and I think it was from a very young age I wanted to be an actress as I loved watching all these movies so much that I actually wanted to be a part of them. I’ve been trying to find myself, who I am, what I want to do and no matter which way I go around it I always bring myself back to acting. I am an extremely creative person and I am also interested in all the other essential aspects of film, as I believe a great movie or comedy sketch is a combination of good actors, but also screenwriters, directors and everyone else that works hard to bring emotions to the screen. Music and dance also play a big part in my life; to name a few I feel very motivated by people like Michael Jackson and Tupac, who I have listened to carefully and they have taught me a lot. I love acting so much and I understand there will be times when it’s not paying, but the fact that I love it so much will keep me going and difficulties will help me build a tough skin for what’s to come. Recently I have come to realise that what I want to do is more than just acting, but I feel that is where I have to start. I have faith that one day I can found my own production company as I am very much interested in all other aspects of film. I want to do this because I want to give back to society and provide opportunities for aspiring artists, just as you are providing this opportunity for me. I have written a script that is inspired by The Breakfast Club and I would love to continue script writing and acting as I want to make people around the world feel emotions they thought they could not freely express before, I want to inspire young people and make them feel like they belong through my scripts and acting. I want to bring joy to people and go on to make a change and make the world a better place for everyone. I feel that being cast in this film will allow me to continue the journey I have already started and fulfilling my prophecy. Could you please contact me with more information about if I can audition from London and then if I get the role then I can come to New York.

    Thank you very much for taking time to read this, I appreciate that, what happens from now is in God’s hands.

    Kind Regards,

  54. Kaitlyn

    I love acting being on camera and that stuff, my goal is to be in a movie and I am determine to do so and I think this would be a great chance for me.
    Height- 5-8
    Hair- light blond
    Eye -greenish
    I live in Minnesota and if you give me a chance All show you my best.

  55. Adam Alb

    I turn the big 30 in May, but can pass as a 20 year old if I have to. Like everybody else, I am looking for my big break. I believe that auditioning and submitting for opportunities is a part of paying our dues as actors. I would love the opportunity to audition for this project. I have been extra for past projects, including “Liz and Dick” that recently came out on Lifetime Channel. To be able to audition for thiis would be another stepping stone to helping hve my dream of acting for a career become a reality!
    I’m caucasian, 5’11, have brown hair and green eyes.

  56. asma jebali

    my name is ; asma jebali
    spoke; english * fransh*arabic
    skin color; not black and not white
    age(18) 😉
    hihgt; 1;69
    colour of eyes; dark brown
    colour of hair; dark brown
    *** my dream is to be actress in holywood iven if it is hard cause im not from usa but i spook like english geril i dont have acsent ps i love singing and dinsing to dobel threit loooool but acting is the first and last from i was 10 i larned english and acting i have experyence just in theater but im talent girl my dream is to share my talent with all ouver the world so plzz help me to my dream come true i will naver ever let you dawn gyus and plzz belive in me .. i hope you gyus give me a chance cause without chance nothing will change i belive that some day i will have Opportunity and i hope you give it to me gyes thnx so much***

  57. D'Ante Aikens

    Hi below is some information about myself:

    Name:D’Ante Aikens
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 128lbs (athletic build)
    Years of acting: 2 years
    Hi there, I’d very much like an opputunity to be apart of this movie for many reasons. I have always adored acting since I first set foot on stage up until now . I feel that acting is something god-given to me and I bring to life any character you would give me, Im also full of postive energy and a hard worker. So please considering making my dreams come true, I believe nothing is impossible. Thank you

  58. katrina

    My name is katrina . Live in California. No experience other than high school theatre class and being casted in a few productions. I’m a big african american historic . I am 18 but can pass for older. 5 foot 10 and a half , plus size, busty, brown skin, short hair, comfortable with my body. I’m a college student with all the time in the world. I’m people friendly and can adapt fast. I learn things quickly. Motivated, Driven, Inspired, Unstoppable. Looking foward to being contacted soon.

  59. Jeremy Porcha

    Name: Jeremy Porcha
    Height: 6’3
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: African American

    Hello I just want to take the time to introduce myself to you for an opportunity for a part in your up and coming Madea’s Christmas Movie production. I am a energetic and quick adapting individual to all surroundings. I am also a very athletic with strong facial structure and I am a very funny individual with a great personality.I have not had any previous professional acting experience. However, I have been in a numerous of plays so I am familiar with the theater.

  60. Chats

    Name: Chatalia
    Age: (A very youthful) 27
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5’4”
    Build: Slim
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    From: NYC
    Hello there! My name is Chatalia, and I am a (recently) aspiring actor. I do not have a long list of credits to my name, but I do have a passion and desire to act. It’s something that I have always had an interest in, but never knew how to get started, so I began searching on the web, and came across this posting. I am an intelligent, fast-paced learner, and can do anything right with a little bit of guidance. I use my “acting” skills in my everyday life. If I have a presentation at work, or even a big conversation to have with a friend or family member, I write my own script in my mind and act it out ahead of time to prepare myself. I communicate well with others, and am great at taking directions, so if chosen for this part, I will not disappoint anyone involved, if given the chance. I look forward to hearing back from you!

  61. Jessica

    My 7 yr old could pass as his kid. He is quite the character!

  62. Nicholas Chase

    Im a star thats undiscovered! Im very versatile my talent can be unlimited. Wether its a short film, student film or a big feature. Just need my big break! I have a product you can’t find anywhere else and I have the heart to bring words to life.. Take direction very well.
    !Hello, My name Is Nicholas Conley Stage name Nicholas Chase!
    I am 20 years old, I have been acting in short films and plays for 4 years. Stepped into acting when i was 6 and fell in love with movies. I have a passion for being a character in a movie and having a story to be told and i have a story to be told. I have nice features and im italian. I have been told i should be on the Teen wolf. Im talented and have a associates in acting from NYU. Don’t You think I could make a great addition to the show. I have photos and a resume.
    Age: 20
    Height: 6ft
    athletic build
    Dark brown hair
    Brown eyes. I would love to be apart of such a creative show and also would be honored to work with the actors I’ve been watching. This could be a break for my career. Contact me and you will be most pleased!!!!
    Skills: Fluent in 2 languages. Athletic and martial arts 9 years. Swim team too.
    I can also do impressions. Look forward to hearing from you. The next season won’t be the same without me. All the best, and May God bless.
    Training: With james Lipton in New York. John Tyrrell New York. Lou Layton South carolina.
    Coastal Carolina (CCU)
    alot workshops and seminars
    Amtc Finalist
    Sect Finalist.

  63. hassan dager



    P.S I AM THE ONE!!

  64. Julia Grigorian

    Julia Grigorian
    Height: 5’3-5’4
    Build: Small
    Hair Color: Light Brown/Almost Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Type: Wavy (Easily Styled)
    Talent: Acting/Modeling
    Sex: Female
    Location: Los Angeles

    I will work very hard, and I will not disappoint. No doubt about that.

  65. Omarr Salgado

    To Whom it may concern,

    My name is Omarr Salgado I am 39 years of age but can easily pass for a young male in his late twenties or flip it to a more mature seasoned older male in his mid forties. Throughout my life I’ve been approached on several different occasions about the idea of acting. Partly because of my look and the company I keep. I am a seasoned musician, producer , song writer, artist. The many experiences I’ve encountered in my life good bad or indifferent allow me to adapt to most settings in life. I would like the opportunity to bring some of those real life experiences to the screen. I believe i can be a tremendous assets to your production bringing in a quality of high energy , motivation and focus. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,


  66. Arthur Raynor

    I would love to have a part in the new movie.
    In the past 3 months, I have just completed working as a background extra in both Scary Movie 5 & Last Vegas.
    I am a multi talented retired firefighter/EMT, ventriloquist and a funny guy. I am an Bermudian/ American having relocated to GA from Bermuda 3 years ago. Have a Bermudian accent but can do British and Jamaican.accent also. Have 10 years of stage experience with one man School “Say No to Drugs! assembly shows and fire prevention shows both using puppets, music and magic.
    Pick me for any role…you won’t be disappointed.

  67. Farrah Catin

    Hello my name is Farrah Catin, I am interested in talking part of the new movie as either an actress or for extra. I had send an email to the above email address with my information. I hope I can be a good candidate for the up coming movie something whispered.

    Farrah Catin

  68. Kisha

    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Height: 5′ 9”
    Skin Color: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    My name is Kisha . I live in Columbia SC. I am a model and and actress. I started modeling and acting early this year.

  69. gregg austin

    hello Mr.gooding jr sir i know back then black people struggle to get freedom and im having the life that they couldnt have so i should be in this movie

  70. Shirley Green

    Hello my name is shirley im 20 years old im 130lbs im very youthful im very ambitious and dedicated to acting im a very strong and hard worker and im very talented in this area you can play any role and make it believable i can allow viewers to feel the emotions of what going on in the scene through me. So i hope to hear from you guys.

  71. Shakierra

    My name is Shakierra. I am 22 years old. Acting is a passion. I don’t care how much money I make its all about me living my dream. Ever since I was younger i’ve wanted to become an actress. I was introverted. That was my biggest problem. I have been work with an acting coach, and I thank him for helping me come or of my shell. I am talented! I can do voices and accents, English, southern, which are the easiest. I can sound like i’m from India. I have a french character that I do. A surfer dude named Jeffery that I have. Hispanic character named Teresa. People say I look like Tisha Martin from Martin, “Gina .” More like the latest “Jay” from My Wife and Kids. I would love to have a sitcom with get playing my mother, that would be amazing! I love scary movies.I would love to star in a horror film. I just want to do everything, but I have to feet my feet wet first.I know this industry is hard and I will face a lot of rejection but i’m ready to start! I am determined and exited! My skin is thick and I will let nothing stand in the way if my dreams!
    Age:22..can pass for 18
    race: African American
    Height: 5’3″
    hair: brown (real)
    Eyes: brown

  72. Dustin White

    Hey my names dustin white im 20 years old from augusta georgia, i think i would be an excellent pick for a any roles coming up, ive been acting all my life doing Plays like “Sweeny Todd” all the way to spots on cartoon network, i am also a upcoming urban pop artist with a pretty good following. my latest video ive put out was a proffesional cover of Justin Biebers “Boyfriend”. i hope you consider me for one of your roles, if you need my resume just tell me an email to send it to. thanks Dustin White

  73. donna walters

    This is right up my ally.
    I do genealogy for Native Americans and African Americans.
    I have to know the old laws here in Virginia in order to get them the
    right information.
    I also do Indian presentations for churches,museums,family reunions
    I dress Indian when I do them,it can be as little as 5 people to 100.,
    Thank you

  74. Anna Victoria

    name: anna victoria binnebößel
    age: 13
    eyes: blue
    hair: brown, curls, long
    height: 170 cm
    country: germany (but speak perfectly english without an accent)
    i have normal weight but i am slim but not like bella thorne. i guess that’s why my friends say i look older because i have an older appearing body.
    i love acting since i’m 6 years old but i e´never got a chance for a role. my friends always say i look older than i am so i can play older roles too. my favourite actors are harrison ford, nicolas cage and sean connery. and alec guiness. i got an certificate for best actress 2010 and 1012 from my school drama club. i would love to inspire young people. acting is a great job. i sometimes shoot little movies with my friends. it’s like a hobby. i play evil roles as best because it’s a challenge but at the same time easy for me. but of course i can play nice parts too. i’m on a high school and actually really clever.
    i look forward to hearing from you

  75. Arina

    Hello! I am an interesting and enthusiastic 22 year old girl. I am currently located in Manchester, United Kingdom, but I am willing to travel! I am always very bright and people highlight me from the crowd. I have playing some leading roles at the School Theater as well as was chosen to be part of the promotion videos for university. I can speak fluently 3 languages: English, Russian and Lithuanian as well as I am learning Spanish during my free time. Have been doing part-time modelling in the past. Have an architecture degree. I am always very positive and try all different sort of opportunities. I have a very good taste of music and films and I was always very challenged to take part in filming in something that great! I am happy to provide you with more information and pictures if required. You can reach me via email. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards. Arina