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Do you and your brother or sister love music? Do you perform together? if so you could be the world’s next music superstar. Randy Jackson, the co-host of American Idol and c0-creator of America’s Best Dance Crew and MTV are teaming up to find Sibling Superstars. The producers and casting directors of Sibling Superstars have begun their search for the next great family performers and casting calls and auditions will be happening soon.

Sibling Superstars is truly keeping it all in the family on their search for the next great family band. If you are in a duo with a sibling or in a band with at least one family member you are eligible for the most exciting reality music competition on television. Sibling Superstars is looking for talented up and coming performers to compete for the Sibling Superstars title and a host of fantastic prizes. Each week these aspiring familial performers will compete against each other until the one act is proclaimed the Sibling Superstars. Submissions for casting calls and auditions for Sibling Superstars are being accepted now. If you are interested to submit yourself or someone you know you can send the information for your group (names of members, where each member lives and the relationships between members), the story of your band, photographs of your band and any links to videos or audio of your performances to and make sure to leave a comment for us below and tell us what you think of this project and stay tuned for all of the audition updates for Sibling Superstars.

The Jackson Five, Kings Of Leon, The Dixie Chicks, The Bee-Gees, The National – history is full of talented, chart-topping sibling lead groups. Are you ready to be next? Submit you and your sibling/s today for your chance to be the next Sibling Superstars.

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  1. faith angel avalos

    Hi my name is faith avalos me and my twin sister love to sing its bern are dream to be on tv or get discovered we would like to be on it accept us please 🙂

  2. Jaelyn Liggon

    hi my name is jaelyn i love too sing and dance ! but i really enjoy it when im doing it with my sister/bestfriend ! me and my sister have lots of talent and are very fun and out going and we are both very interested !

  3. Jada Cosby

    Hi my name is Jada Cosby and I’m 16 years old and my sister Justice Cosby is 17 we have been singing our whole!!! My whole family sings but we take the cake!!! I can sing just about any song and make it my own we both write songs I know for sure I got some #1 hits in my notebook!!!! Singing is our life so we aren’t stopping till we reach the top and when we get there I’m still going to keep singing

  4. Samantha

    Hello my name is Samantha Araujo thirteen years old and I come from Dallas, Texas. Me and my sister do acappella songs together and weve been told that we can be the next big thing my sister is fourteen we both have brown hair and eyes but im 5″0″ and she is 5″2″.
    Please feel free to email me if interested to help our dream come true. I also act and I am currently working with International Performing Arts Academy.

  5. Taeya

    What’s up MTV? It’s your girl Taeya (15) and you boy Jacob (17). We basically can’t even be seperated. We kill it in singing, and we’re fresh as ever. Trust me. We got the pipes! It would be freaking awesome if we could appear on this show. I probably would cry to be very honest, well get back at us!

  6. Aisha stevenson

    Hello MTV. I became excited when I saw this!! My sister Gina n I have been singing all our lives. God has truly blessed us vocally. When we sing together its like we r one voice!! Our harmonies are crazyyy!!! Sometimes we don’t even have to rehearse because we naturally are in synced to each note. We would love this opportunity to share this gift that God have given us with the world !!!! We r READYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  7. alonzo rice

    Hi me and my brother Trey are excited about your show. We think that it is a great idea. me and my brother Trey have been performing for quite some time now. We perform original songs only. He plays the guitar and i sing. Hopefully we get a chance to show our talents to you show and hopefully you and the world will love us. Thank you for the opportunity and may you have the greatest success with the tv show.

  8. Iman Phillips

    Hi my name is iman Phillips i am 12 yrs old and I have been singing since I was in diapers I. Love it I honestly thinki can be America’s biggest hit and I love it I love listing to demi lovato and Mariah Carey they are my biggest idols and I want to be just like them so can you plz give me a call at 9129807906

    Thank you

  9. Briana Marie White

    my name is briana white, and my older sister’s name is jessica white. we are 4 yrs apart. music has always been the center of our lives. without musci we literally would die lol. we both sing but my sister mostly raps. i also play the piano. ive been playing for 6 yrs now. we are extremely interested in being apart of this competition. i believe we would be great competitors and strong competition to others. anyone can have “experience doing something” but i believe it all bases off of your passion and the work you put into. thank you for your time

  10. Dakota Widenor

    Hi I am Dakota Widenor with my brother Zakary Widenor. we both sound Ok separately. I am a beginner Guitarist and song writer and my brother has a very soft and beautiful voice. Together we have beautiful melody. Please consider us.

  11. Darien and Evelyn

    My name is Darien. I’m 17 years old and a GIRL. My sister is Evelyn, and she is 12. We have recently begun singing together, after our dad suggested. We are both naturally blonde and have blue eyes. I am about 5’7 and she is 5’1. We both love Simple Plan, and other alternative music, so that is probably what we would be singing if we get the opportunity. I can sing in many ranges and a more unique style, while she has a more modern sounding voice. We love singing, and always randomly sing songs together, but we hadn’t actually started Trying to harmonize until recently. Thank you.

  12. Lara sopko

    Hi! I’m Lara and I have a sister named Jessie. She is 16 and I am 11 but we sound pretty good together. You can always hear us singing together or trying to play an instrument. We are two talented girls and that’s all I can really say, we have a gift and we like to use it and we would really like to show you what we can do if you choose us. We would really like the chance to be on this show. We are natural born performers and I really hope you choose us, but there are so many great talents in the world.

    Jessie and Lara Sopko 🙂

  13. gwizz

    Gordon & Jordan Gilmore…new haven ct unsigned artist… you can here some of my music at soundcloud gwizz420 also YouTube Gordon Gilmore…… just trying to exploit our talent… twitter me.. @gwizz3

  14. Stephany

    Hello, my name is Stephany Camacho i am a 17 year old highschool, senior Colombian anad my brother Eddy Camacho is 18 College student Eddy and i have been performing in the arts all our lifes. from dance shows to plays and singing in front of large audiences. We have a passion for the arts. my siblings and i would love to be given the opportunity to audition for this new show. i Know God has great things in store for us and many other aspiring kids. channing tanium is a great example to follow being so unexperienced yet having material, gave him the opportunity of becoming a super star. i played (Aretha Franklin) in the musical hair in the Area stage conservatory in Miami in which i was given a scholarship by the children’s trust. My brother (Eddy and i have been interviewed on Univision (Radio and Tv) and Island Tv. Played for homeless kids, played with different latin stars. We am very outgoing and we put work into my dreams. thank you for listening. We would so much appreciate it if you would consider us and we would not let neither you, nor my parents, family nor God down.

  15. Michelle Macasero

    Woooo this sounds like an awesome production! Sending my info now, can’t wait! 😀

  16. ohem joseph

    Hi , my name is joseph am 18 years am black , i have a great talent am a singer i love to sing especially pop music , if you are seeking a powerful tenor singer then am your guy ,but my brother sings base , he is 16 , is name is benjamin , he is also a great singer /rapper but his greatest assests his is feet he dances so good just name your dance step , although we are not american’s neither are we in america but we are ready to move over if casted thanks and God bless

  17. Mrs .Jackie Mayfield

    I sang with my 6 sisters.. I am the 2nd tO the youngest.. Together We are
    “the cream of the crop “”.. But I also only sang with my baby sister..2 tether we are
    Fire& Desire.. Either way .. We got what ya lookin for.. The Braxton’s or Kardashians have
    NOTHIN on us!!

  18. Tyler Johnson

    HI, my name is Tyler Johnson and I am 14 years old. My sisters name is Naomi Johnson and she is 10 years old, and we are interested in auditioning for this competition. Naomi has been singing since she was about 2 or 3 and has become VERY good. in 2009 she competed in a talent competition called AMTC and got best overall singer in her age group. I, on the other hand was really shy and was afraid to sing around other people, even my family, so I never really had the chance to show what I was capable of. In 2009, my parents had pulled my sister off to the side and said that there was a talent competition and asked her if she wanted to try it out. Being the nosey person I am ( lol ) I heard everything they had said, and even though I had stage freight I wanted to give it a go along with my sister Naomi. I became more interested in the acting part of the competition while she was more immersed in singing as well as acting. When the competition was over we had become more and more interested in acting and singing and eventually I was able to lessen my stage freight to the point where I could at least sing to my family. Once they heard what I was able to do, they started looking for musicals that I could audition for because I loved acting and I loved singing. that December of 2009 I was in the production of Madeline’s Christmas. This was the first play/ musical I had ever auditioned for and I casted the first time. from then on I was unstoppable. I had made every single play I had auditioned for and I am currently in a production right now. In 2011 Naomi was in Madeline’s Christmas with me (I had done it a second time) and that was her first play as well and just like me she was unstoppable. We both have always wanted to be on American Idol or the voice but we are too young. People kept suggesting the X- Factor but Naomi is too young. Our mom is a WONDERFUL singer and used to sing for our church before we moved and people LOVED her! our family was VERY well known in that church and if its possible to be church famous than that’s what we were. Today Naomi and I are singing like its nobody’s business and when ever we sing to people we always get the same response: “have you ever heard of X-Factor?” a few weeks ago we decided to start taking things seriously and have been looking all around for our chance and we might have found it with this show. Were hoping to be known like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. please respond thanks 🙂

  19. promyse reed

    hi my name is promyse reed im 17 years old and i live in oceanside california, i have 2 sisters and their names are dayja (16) and samayra(15). we are all a year apart and are really close to each other and i believe that we would be great for this show because we are very unique and talented. we would bring something new and funny to reality tv. we come from a singing family and we LOVE to sing. i hope that you give us a chance to showcase our talents
    Thank you.

  20. Anthony Dorm (doobie)

    I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old with my sisters and cousins and it is my passion. I love music and believe that I could bring an extra flair to the show with my signing ability. I am also able to play the piano, and a little bass as well as the drums. I’ve attached a link of one of my you tube video’s for you to check out.
    Thank you for your time and consideration
    Anthony (Doobie) Dorm

  21. Jasmine Robertson

    Hello my name is jasmine. I come from a family that loves to sing every get together were all singing horminising with each other. Every Sunday at church were all singing randomly we just sing just because we love it. We have great gifts that the world would love. Please give us a chance to show our talent.

  22. kayla harris

    ok i know you really dont know if we can sing,so i have a youtube and want u to check it out
    its new and we are still making videos,so u can still consider.our youtube is

    ” Official kayla” ” singerprodigy ”
    or u can search our videos
    *ashley sing bruno mars
    *kayla and ashley singing (must see)
    also leave comments
    thank u

  23. Sarah Thomas

    My name is Sarah and I am the eldest sister of the group LaSe. The group is made up of four sisters Laura, Alex, Sarah and Emma. We would love to be part of the show as we love performing an singing and would love the opportunity to show people our talent. We have been singing all our lives, the group was created about 3 years ago. We really enjoy performing on stage together because overall we are really good friends.

  24. Sarah Thomas

    My name is Sarah and I am the eldest member of LaSe, four singing sisters. LaSe is an acronym of their names.

    L- Laura
    A- Alex
    S- Sarah
    E- Emma

    We would love to be considered as we love singing and think this would be the perfect opportunity for us.
    Can’t wait for the show, there is a gap in the market for a family group and I think it is fantastic people have noticed and are giving groups a chance.

  25. Joshua

    HI MTV! I am Joshua Pitre and i have a twin brother named Hans Pitre. We are thirteen years old, blonde hair, blues eyes, and we are both about 120 lbs. We can do a very good acapella song or even sing together in a harmony. We have sang together on the bus to school, at home, and in a Jungle Book play. We want to join your show because we want to show people that we have got what it takes to be famous singers.

  26. The Ryder Twins

    Our names are Aidan & Dotan Ryder. We are twenty-two year-old identical twin brothers who have been singing since we were three years-old. We have since mastered piano, guitar, and the ukulele, and you can hear us singing wherever we go! When we were thirteen years old, we released an album under a religious label and toured the north east in concert. The album was distributed world wide and gave us amazing exposure and experience both in the studio and out, performing in front of thousands of people. After taking a break to focus on our college education (where we performed in various a cappella groups across the country), we moved out to Los Angeles and look forward to breaking into the mainstream pop/country genre. Performing and sharing our music is our passion and has carried us through many obstacles we have been faced with. We love covering songs, as well as writing our own! When not performing, we can be found volunteering at the Children’s Hospital, going for a run with our various four legged friends, eating lots of ice cream, going to the gym (to counter-balance the ice cream), and if you cant find us anywhere else we are most definitely at the beach!

    We recently had the honor of the amazing Josh Groban sharing one of our videos with all of his fans -This particular video was one we made as a Boston Tribute in light of the marathon attacks. We grew up in NY but lived in Boston for four years while we were in college at Brandeis University, so the attacks hit very close to home. We would love the opportunity to be a part of this new reality competition and look forward to hearing from you!

    Aidan & Dotan
    The Ryder Twins

  27. Jessica Frasier

    Im Jessics(15) and my sister Ashley(20) we have been singing together since forever lol and there’s videos of us on youtube , go check us out..

  28. Jorge Arce

    Me, and My sister, Roxanne Arce have been singing since we were little, we always loved and enjoyed singing and performing. We are very passionate with Music, We do all kinds of Music and I think we could actually impact a lot of people.

  29. Mckenzie King

    Hi, my name is McKenzie King and I sing with my sister Niyah King. I am 13 and my sister is 12. We love to sing and we sing all genre’s of music, from rap to classical music. I hope you consifer my sister and I for the competition.
    McKenzie- Brown hair; Brown eyes; 5’4 3/4; Actress, Singer, and Dancer.
    Niyah- Brown hair; Brown eyes; 5’2; Singer.
    Thank you
    -The Scousers

  30. Melody and Harmony styron

    Hi I am a twin of my sister Harmony Styron and my name is Melody styron
    we are both 11years old and have been taking singing lessons since we were
    2 and as you can tell by our names,we have always wanted to be singers
    my mom and dad were in a band earlier but I don’t know the name of it.Please let me
    know right away if you want us and we will work for no payment.We both are
    identicul twins.

  31. Kayla Davis


  32. Kate Daffron

    I just found this and it looks like so much fun! I have two girls that have just started singing together outside their rooms and they are fabulious! Until recently we were the only ones blessed by their talent and natural harmony but it’s been overheard now by others and is a hit everywhere they go! They have never had professional training or voice lessons so what you see is natural talent and ability They are both “pitch perfect” and can harmonize almost instantly with anything or anyone. The most experience they have had is singing with the church praise team or youth group. This year Amanda sang her first solo’s at school and was unbelieveable, seriously no one knew she could sing like this until she volunteered to sing the National Anthem on 9/11. They are now both singing at school and church every time they can.

    Amanda D – Age 16
    Brown hait – Brown Eyes
    Also play guitar

    Rosie D. – Age 12
    Brown hair – Blue eyes

    Dad is also the drummer at church and mom plays some keyboards…

  33. Todd McMillan

    Hello, I would love to be picked as one of the roles in (Sibling Superstars), because I think it would be an amazing opportunity for me to grow as an actor and I think that I would bring some unique skills to the set. Some of my hobbies (passions) are to draw, sing, act and learn new things. I love school and I do very well academically. I’ve had an 3.5+ G.P.A for the last three years, and I am willing to try new things. That’s why I think I should be considered a role in this movie.
    Age: 14
    Height: 5″4′
    Weight:140 lbs.
    Build: Average

  34. Keaira Banks

    Name: Keaira Banks
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 163
    Ethnicity: bi-racial

    I would be very interested in this opportunity because i am just about to graduate high school and this is the field that i would most like to go into. i fell as if my acting experience as well as my musical and modeling experience would be very beneficial to your show. i would love the opportunity to show my talent and i think i would be a big help. this is all i have dreamed of my whole life.i was selected be in Disney’s the EVENT but at the time we couldn’t afford it. i also play lacrosse, cheer lead, tennis, i am in my school theater guild, choir, extracurricular singing group, and 2 peer awareness groups. also me and my siblings always perform together. we are all currently employed. i hope you are very interested. and will email be back. to everyone else i wish you the best of luck

  35. Renee

    Hey me and my cousin both sing and we’ve been told we sing amazing and that we make a great duet we’d love to try it out so if you could please reach soon<3 we're bith 15 from texas

  36. brittany susak

    name,brittany Nicole susak
    age, 13
    height, 5.0
    weight, 86lbs
    birthdate, 5/22/99
    eye color,brown
    hair color, brown
    talent, I love to sing but I don’t sing with anyone its just me I have been told to try out for the x factor but I don’t know how lol but I wam trying this one if you could get back to me thank you so much for your time 😀

  37. Carsyn Lee Durrett

    Name: Carsyn Lee Durrett
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hometown: Georgia

    Sister’s Name: Ashley Duffy Grant
    Age: 32
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Eye color: green
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hometown: Maryland

    Hey there I am Carsyn! I am a 15 year old freshman girl at a college prep high school. I have been acting since age 6, playing musical instruments since age 10, and dancing since age 13. I play 6 instruments (cello, violin, viola, bass, guitar, piano) and I sing as well. I studied music for a year School of Music, but once I knew more than the teacher, it was time to move on. I have done 4 summer productions with Theater: 4 different parts in Aesops Fables, Thing One in Seussical the Musical, Chorus in Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan in Peter Pan. In school productions I played Annie, twice, and last year I was Imogene Herdman in “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” I am in a hip hop dance company. I compose music and DJ as well. As far as school goes, I have been on the Academic Dean’s List for two years, meaning I have not received any grade under an 85. I have been a cheerleader for 4 years and have done not only sideline football, but all-star competition. The question may be asked, “if you have never been in a major production, what makes you think you can make it here?” My answer to that is, every big actor/actress had to start somewhere. At some point they too started with a blank resume. This is me starting out and chasing my dreams. My sister was the female singer in “Break My Fall” by Tiesto feat. BT she is very talented.

  38. Angela

    Age: 17
    Height: 1.76
    Weight: 80 kg
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Birth Date: April 30 1995
    Hobbys: sing dance act out with friends and meet new people.
    Experience: yes i acting since when i was 10 years sing and i meet a plays in a school and in the academy of my uncle.
    Im a normal person with some habilitis im extroverted i love sing and act and the music is my passion i play drums and my dream is film the one direction show because i love that i do please give me a chance and i hope that you can a answer on my e mail or on twitter my twitter is @gellyflores1 please and thats all kisses and hugs.

  39. Nate Anderson

    Hi! My name is Nate and i’m so glad to have the chance to be considered for this.My sister Renee Anderson and I have been singing since we were little kids. As children we grew up hearing both our mom and dad sing at church and they would always make people happy and stand up and Shout!!the church people would always go crazy over them!!!!.So In that we developed a love for music and singing.My sister was first… she started out singing and writing songs in here room.She would go in there and sing for hours. I liked to sing too but i was more interested in playing with bugs and my pet rabbit and birds at the time lol. But I was about 5 years old and she was 9 and she would blackmale me to sing with her because she needed me to harmonize with her on the songs she was writing. And we would argue and I would get madd because i didn’t want to do it.But in doing that she taught me how to harmonize.Then She went on to play Dorothy form the “Wizard of Oz” in grammer school and when I came to school I too was chosen to sing and perform in a group called the” Black Seeds” and at the age of 5 in kintergarden i had my first stage performance and from then on I knew what i wanted to do for the rest of my life!!!And that is sing and make people happy!! As time went on we where singing more and more…but I think because of our age differences we did not really get serious about singing and performing together until later on in life.But we still always sang together at home and stuff.And when Renee went to middle & High school she started singing and landing lead role’s in plays like “Once on this Island” And the “Wiz” As dorothy and they packed out every show!Then When I got to middle & High school I sang and was chosen for lead roles in plays like “Mama I Want To Sing” “DreamGirls” “Hello Dolly”. And was also apart of the schools performing and arts group called “The SOTA Singers” And we would sing dance and perform cover tunes from the sixties and seventies and even 50’s for many different audiences. That was fun! Some of he bestimes of our live’s!! Then while i was in high school Renee was really getting things going in her music! She started working in the studio with some local producers and she started making songs of her own and eventually word got around about her,And she landed her first Record deal! and things got crazy!! It was a great time as well as a bad time because after recording a albumn the record company dropped her.We were all devastated!!!!! But in time she got another Record Deal but was dropped again. But in that time we learned allot saw allot.I never had a record deal but was very close to negotiations at once but that fell thru as well.So needless to say we both kinda stopped singing for a while,because we where tired of all the closed doors.But later we started up again and traveled allittle tryn to get things going again.Since then I’ve tried out for American Idol 4 time’s and Making the Band once.I Competed in Lou Pearlmans Talent competition clld Fashion Roc n made 3rd place,which got me on a TV show on Spike TV.But still no big break.Last year we where the lead singers in a band called Reazon, And we became the best live band in my City and we truly where on our way to somthing greater.But with all of the success and attention from our community some of our band members let it go to their heads and we broke up.But even with that we are still going strong people still love to hear us sing and we are just happy to be able to touch people with our gifts.We have been soo very close and soo very farr from stardom,and i think it has made us even better people, and artist.Currently we are still doing shows here in and around our home city, raising money to produce our very own first CD together!!!

    We have story’s after story’s to tell…..and some I know you won’t believe,but all I’m am telling you is the God’s honest truth and can be proven. So please if you can find it in your heart to just give us a chance,We are sure you will never forget us. God Bless!! Hope to hear from you soon!

  40. Renee Anderson

    Hi! My name is Renee and ive sang with my younger brother Nate eversince i can remember.We grew up singing in church and then went on to pursue separate careers in music for a while. Separately weve learned alot and a couple of years ago we got back together with a LIVE band!!We are motivated by THE LIGHT inside of us and absolutely enjoy sharing that with countless others through music! We have firsthandedly experienced healing,joy transferred,excitement,encouragement through our music!We understand the SOUL in music and thats what we would bring along with THE LIGHT of course!

  41. Face

    My sister and I are both very talented songwriters and vocalists. We would love to be part of the show! Please consider us when casting. we have over 40 years of performing experience between us! We would knock any duo out of the water!!!

  42. May

    HI!, My names May Graham, and It would seriously be amazing to be on this show!, even though my sister Rowan and I have complete opposite personalitys, we both sing and I play guitar! Music is a HUGE part of both of our lives. like I said though, to be warned, we are opposite. I am bubly and always sing my lungs out, no matter where I am, I love too make new friends and have new experiences, and I can be very loud. rowan is the mature one. shes really smart, and really talented. her only problem is she just rants and mumbles all the time, and shes super awkward! haha so Rowan .

  43. JoSunJari Strings

    We are a sibling string trio of classical musicians and we are ALWAYS looking for opportunities to play together, and to share our sound with (new) fans!
    Our trio JoSunJari is comprisded of Joelle (Violin), Sunnaj (Violin), and Sujari (cello). We find your quest intriguing and we would be thrilled to join you.
    JoSunJari ROCKS! Having us on your program would no dount be a plus PLUS Plus!

    Joelle, Sunnaj, Sujari

  44. Missy and Chelsea

    Hey, we’re Missy and Chelsea Zenker, two sisters from Michigan! We’re 15 and 17 years old, and we love playing music together. We would love to be a part of this competition, and really believe we have something unique to offer. We write a lot of our own music. Our sound has been said to be a mix of pop, rock, and country. Missy, 17, plays guitar and sings lead. Chelsea, 15, plays bass guitar and sings some lead and back-up/harmony. We have a youtube account, facebook page, and a professionally recorded CD of 7 of our original songs. We really really really really want to be a part of this! :-))))

  45. All About Music

    Hi, i believe that i noticed you visited my web site so i got here to go back the prefer?.I am attempting to to find issues to improve my website!I guess its good enough to make use of some of your ideas!!

  46. Gail Slater

    My kids , “Slater House Band ” would bring MTV a unique and interesting show that would draw fans like crazy, and has the potential to be as big as jersey shore or laguna beach. They are a hysterical and talented sister/brother team, along with their talented group of friends that have been playing together for over a decade. Witty and funny, loving in one moment, calling each other out the next. Their band are huge fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, created an epic rock anthem based on the episode “The Nightman Cometh”. Breanna, the older sis has a voice that will blow you away…strong and resonant (ala Ann Wilson). The group they run with is worthy of a reality show..this would be apparent if you shadowed them for one evening where they live, near Macon GA. Check out their original video on youtube..
    called “How Handsome Dan became a Zombie”
    Trust me, after raising them, being their referee, these two are never dull. They are filled with promise, movie quotes, and southern originality. I am giving you a gift of what could be your next hit tv show… I have lived it, and while I have been driven to the brink as a mom, I have had to turn my head so they don’t see me crack up from their dry wit , but I have been on my feet for their standing ovations when they play… the talent of their group is a synergy that comes from family genetics, friendships, and good old southern roots.

  47. Kerah

    Hey my name is Kerah! I actually have two other siblings that are musical too! My sister sings and my brother plays guitar. We sing a lot together and were good. 🙂 We are all performers and have had a lot of experience on stage!

  48. Chelsea Davis

    Hi, My name is Chelsea Davis. I live in Georgia and I am in my senior of high school. My sister (Zen) and I love to sing. I play guitar and piano in my free time. My boyfriend (Nick) plays guitar and his brother(Jacob) play drums and it would be amazing if we grouped up to play together. This would be the perfect opportunity to get our talents out into the world. We have a wide taste in our music selection and would love the chance to do something great in our lives

  49. Ryleigh

    Me and my sister love to preform except we are a music band…. Were a dance Duo me and my Sis Rheagan love to create dances to the latest hits like want you back and whistle! I am 13 and she is 11 we both cheer!

  50. PAiGE!


  51. Devin Drinkwater

    My name is Devin Drinkwater and my sister’s name is Madison. I am 17 years old and she is 14. We have been singing and performing together since we were very young. She has been a piano player for 8 years now but we both sing. You can look her videos up at Maddiesing1 on YouTube. I believe we would be perfect for this show because we could provide great entertainment on the show. Contact us at our e-mail please and we will surely get back to you!

  52. Rubyblonde

    Just recorded 2 new originals with our band for you!
    Hoping to show you what we got! Check out Rubyblonde/facebook

    xoxo Ruby

  53. courtnie and lj

    I think me and my bro should be considered cuz we hve great voices and ever since our uncle heard us sing he’s been trying to book us and my grandma we named orselved the siblings lol and now I’m seeing this well we hve great voices and we would love to be their so thx for ur time ! Ps I(courtnie the girl) is 12 and lj the boy is 10 we live in houston thx bye

  54. Poetic Justice

    Poetic Justice is a Hip Hop group out of Atlanta, Ga. that is currently performing at showcases and events around Atlanta. You can vote for us to perform at Coast 2 Coast MixShow Live 2012.

  55. Adhama Cruel

    My God sister and I together form the sensational female rap duo DT DoubleTrouble. We are beyond perfect for this show. We have natural star presence as well as natural God given talents. We rap, we dance, we sing, we do everything! We have been compared to the new modern age Salt n Pepa. Together we will bring positive energy and talent that the world will love. If given this wonderful opportunity, we get to show not only the judges, and audience the love we have for what we do but the world gets to share the experience with us. We have obstacles that we’ve over come as a group as well as goals that we share. This is a great opportunity to get the exposure we need. We have opened up for Young Jeezy, Trina, performed at The Apollo, done charity events, as well as many community events. We support music overall no matter whos doing it. With that being said, we support autism. 50 Tyson reached out to us to do a song with him and it is currently being pushed. 50 Tyson is a rapper with autism and we support his drive and love for music. I can go on for days, but please consider us for this wonderful opportunity.
    We pray to hear from you soon!!

    DT DoubleTrouble

  56. Shawn D

    Hey, my name is Shawn and my sister, Sara and I love to perform together.
    Usually the combos of our talents are
    I’m 13 and she’s 15, and we would love to do this.

  57. Brittany Wiseman

    Hello! My name is Brittany and me and my sister love to perform. My sister is one of my best friends and we get along great. We like to dance, sing, play instruments and put on shows for our family! we would love to have the chance to audition for this amazing show! If you could please give us the chance i could promise that we would not let you down and that we would work very hard to please you! i know we have what it takes to make it and our talent will be found one way or another!

    Thanks Brittany


    My cousin and I (Rob Gat and Chuck Dizz) make up the HipHop performing duo known as Team Rock It. We’ve lived apart and together. Worked very hard and still proceed to! We have never gotten a bad review. We’ve performed for A&Rs, opened for many well known artists, but have never been managed! We dance as well as perform our radio friendly lyrics without any fatigue or miss count! Nothing but raw energy. I’ve done music since age 4 (Im 23) and I had him record his poetry with music to get him started. We’ve been the duo to talk about ever since. All we need is a shot! 2 fathers with no other direction in life but to rise from the constant disappointments we face unrelated to music. Music is the only thing left we haven’t failed at and we cant! WE WONT! Thank you for this opportunity, be blessed.

  59. erinity rich

    My name is Erinity Rich and I have a sister names Destiny Rich we do perform together. We have a group have “Destin 2”. I would be mire than happy to be included in this reality show.
    Please if you have a chance consider us i do not have much to say because i cant convince you have a decision to make.

  60. Andrea Thomas

    OMG this is like the competition my sisters and I have been waiting for!!! This is such a great idea. I love it, Love It, LOVE IT!!! This sounds like an awesome project and a great opportunity for my sisters and I to finally make it!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!!

  61. Tanya Dmuchowski

    Hey there! I think the idea of Sibling Superstars is very unique and clever!! My identical twin sister Tia and I have performed together (I play guitar and she plays bass) ever since we were little kids! Having this close personal experience, I truly believe that siblings working together in music is a beautiful thing. Tia and are always extremely together when we play and I just don’t feel the same way whenever I play without her. I will be emailing you guys the info about our rock band “Flight of Fire.” We look forward to hearing back from you and can’t wait to watch the show!!

    Thank you!
    ~Tanya Dmuchowski

  62. Elizabeth Sunshine

    My daughter Sierra Sunshine (15) and son Braiden Sunshine (12) are an incredible singers they have been singing together in more than 100 performances throughout in southeastern CT with their band Silver Hammer. Their harmonies are just outstanding and will give you goose bumps. Both Sierra and Braiden are great Lead singers and they back each other up with outstanding support vocals. Sierra’s has the ability to evoke emotion with her voice like I have never seen before. I have watched her bring people to tears of awe and then her brother get the same room of people up dancing and clapping five minutes later. They are an incredible duo. The band “Silver Hammer” actually has two sibling groups, the Sunshine’s on vocals and three Maxwell brothers on drums, bass and keyboards, and vocals.

  63. Austin Goss

    I think this is a great Idea and I am happy that I saw this for once before the auditions were over! As I am in a band with a friend and my brother this is finally a show that I am fully qualified for over some other people!

  64. Susan Hegetschweiler

    my 24 year old identical twin daughters have a band and they have been performing around the Atlanta, GA area. They perform country/pop ..

    thank you!
    their proud mom, susan

  65. Christopher Whitehead

    My brother William Whitehead and I are a new up coming Hip Hop real life rappers,we have songs called She Go and Collar Poppin along with a few others posted on You Tube,Facebook,Twitter and Myspace. We would like to show our talent on your show,our lyrics are from our real life experiences.Please view our songs by going on to one or all of the above websites and enter Trappmoney entertainment and the song name.If you are interested please hit us up.Thank You

  66. Christopher Whitehead

    My Brother William Whitehead and I are Hip Hop real life rappers we have songs called She Go and,Collar Poppin along with a few others posted on You Tube,Facebook,Twitter and Myspace.We would like to show our talent on your show,our lyrics are from our life expreiences.Please view our songs under Trappmoney entertainment or Trappmoney. If you are interested please hit us up. Thank You

  67. Christopher Whitehead

    My name is Christopher Whitehead,my brother William Whitehead and I are hip hop real life rappers we have songs called She Go,Collar Poppin and a few others on You Tube,Facebook,MySpace and Twitter.We would like to show our talent on your show,our music and lyrics are from our life experiences.We grew up watching our MOM,a single mother with eight children, work two jobs just to support us.We are working very hard now to do our music and be successful so that we can take care of her the way she took care of us,still to this day she is working really hard long hours helping her children. We feel now it is our turn. If you are interested please hit us up.Thank You

  68. Stat Yong

    My brother and i are very interested in this opportunity and are willing to invest as well in making this opportunity everything and more. thank you.

  69. Casey, Carson, & Colby Robertson

    Hi, I’m Carson… My sisters and I sing together in a trio. We started singing together about two or more years ago, we have performed at banquets, talent shows, and we also dance. Casey is 17 years old, I am 14 years old, and Colby is 11 years old. We are all small/medium, and have brown hair. We work really hard for what we want, and we will do anything to reach the top.

    Casey is in the black shirt (second solo), I am in the organe (first solo) & Colby grey sweatshirt (third solo).
    This video is from Christmas 2011, so it’s a little old… but, that’s a taste of what we sound like.

    Thank you.

  70. Meghan Dailey

    Name: Meghan Dailey
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Live in: Kansas, United States
    Sister: Jessica Dailey (20 years old)
    Talents: I have been able to sing, dance, act, model, you name it, ever since I was little. I’m a musician, composer, singer. I’m able to sing and perform and so can my sister. We have sung together. She doesn’t quite know of her talent as much as I have seen it, but she has a beautiful voice, and together, we sound great. This would be an amazing opportunity!

  71. anne lesear

    Looking forward to this show. There arent any groups with the siblings and the mom out front. We’re getting this one finished to submit. Any more info for audition?

  72. Brittany Gibson

    I wanna do this do bad but is there an age limit? Do I have to write my own music?

  73. Ryan Sick

    My name is Ryan Sick. I am a musician/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. I am 21 years old and have lived my entire life through my guitar, and the songs that I compose. Ever since my parents divorced a few years back, I have turned to the songs that I write and my guitar as a way of expressing how I feel, and helping others around me with my lyrics and the stories that I tell. When I’m playing guitar and singing, nothing else in the world matters. I would truly be honored if I was chosen for this show. It would honestly mean everything to me! I just pray for a chance to show the world what I’ve got, because I know I have a lot to share with everyone out there. I hope that one day my music can help change this world, while inspiring everyone who hears it. I have quickly put together some videos on YouTube, so if you would like to check them out, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you for this opportunity.

    – Ryan Sick

  74. Dioh SoDope

    DiohSoDope is a one of a kind artist. The New Jersey native has made a name for himself as a brash yet skillfull MC within the Tri-State area. His freshman mixtape entitled “We Might Not Make It” which can be found on under the name “Trenton Dope Boys” was a break through for the artist who never thought music was an option. When a friend introduced him to Protools in 2007, it was like meeting his long lost love. And since then he has never stopped writing music. Music was a perfect outlet for a young man living in a town where crime was a way of life for most there. Not since P.R.T.(Poor Righteous Teachers) first put Trenton NJ on the map has there been a buzz of talent to come from the city. So Dope Music Group has put themselves at the forefront of this movement with a group of artists who are Delivering Overall Positive Entertainment to the masses. We hope you enjoy the music we have to offer the world.

  75. Julia Clark

    Hi I’m Julia,

    I am a very Driven, focused, fun, loud, enjoyable, lovable, confident, laughing, bright and concentrating girl!


    blue eyes
    blonde hair
    50 kg
    Fluent in English
    Learn chinese and know french!

    Sports I play: Tennis, Badminton, volleyball, softball. netball, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, swimming and horse riding.

    Dance I learn: Belly dancing for 5 years, hip hop and break dancing for 3 years

    I have been taking singing lessons for the past 3 years.
    I have been the lead in all my school plays!
    I have modeled for various companies like oshkosh.
    I am in a theater production company called CPCA were they train you to Dance, Sing and act, I have been there for 2 years.

    As you can see I have lots of experience and would love to take part! I am willing to fly to auditions, castings and if I get in obviously the set!


    Julia C