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Do you and your brother or sister love music? Do you perform together? if so you could be the world’s next music superstar. Randy Jackson, the co-host of American Idol and c0-creator of America’s Best Dance Crew and MTV are teaming up to find Sibling Superstars. The producers and casting directors of Sibling Superstars have begun their search for the next great family performers and casting calls and auditions will be happening soon.

Sibling Superstars is truly keeping it all in the family on their search for the next great family band. If you are in a duo with a sibling or in a band with at least one family member you are eligible for the most exciting reality music competition on television. Sibling Superstars is looking for talented up and coming performers to compete for the Sibling Superstars title and a host of fantastic prizes. Each week these aspiring familial performers will compete against each other until the one act is proclaimed the Sibling Superstars. Submissions for casting calls and auditions for Sibling Superstars are being accepted now. If you are interested to submit yourself or someone you know you can send the information for your group (names of members, where each member lives and the relationships between members), the story of your band, photographs of your band and any links to videos or audio of your performances to and make sure to leave a comment for us below and tell us what you think of this project and stay tuned for all of the audition updates for Sibling Superstars.

The Jackson Five, Kings Of Leon, The Dixie Chicks, The Bee-Gees, The National – history is full of talented, chart-topping sibling lead groups. Are you ready to be next? Submit you and your sibling/s today for your chance to be the next Sibling Superstars.

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  1. Marilyn

    My sister and I just want to sing?????

  2. Destiney,Daenikque,Tonikque Mitchell

    Hey our names are Destiney,Daenikque,and Tonikque and we are sisters in a trio singing group called acapella. We call are selves that because we sing most of our our songs acapella, we have a very strong bond and understand each other very well. We all are very goofy and love to have a ball but hardworking when it comes to music and willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the next level. We are a one of a kind group and don’t take anything for granted.I am Destiney and I am 18 and the oldest in the group i sing Soprano and rap in the group I also help write most of the songs I like to say that I’m the glue that holds the ship together when things get pressured I reassure the group to keep everyone in tact. I am Daenikque(NiNi) one of the twins in the group I sing alto in the group I’m also the dancer and choreograph most of our dancing i help write most of the music and usually I’m the quite one.My name is Tonikque(Toni) and I’m the other twin i sing alto and soprano and I’m the cocky one in the group i like to intimidate other people i call in practices and sometimes annoy the other girls.

  3. psychoave

    My name is Antonio b.k.a psycho villain and my brother is advocate a.k.a Cornell but together we are psychoave known to be some of the greatest unsigned artists around. We can show you better than we can tell you plus we are super marketable ready for the world and most importantly we’re 80’s baby’s all about old school new “swag” we’re not just looking to rap and entertain we want to show the world how important this music is after all it’s are direct line of communication to the world.
    Everything happens for a reason…

  4. Rayshunna Adams

    Hi I’m Rayshunna Adams and me and my other half my twin is 19 5’8 and 5’9 perform at church parties weddings pretty much anywhere we can be heard we are determined to be heard and share this great voice we were blessed with we can sing any genre of music from country.gospel.jazz ANY I’m a soprano 1 and she and alto 1 we balance each other out nicely we also write model and some photography very hardworking and are willing to do whatever it takes to be what we know we we’re put on this earth to do which is Sing hopefully this Show will show that and so much more

  5. sheryll

    Hi! My name is sheryll,and i’m from the philippines. .My brother and i used to join in a battle of the bands when we’re in collage.,My brother is also a composer. This will going to be a break through!

  6. Clevelle Harris/ Jacob Fink

    Hello, I am Clevelle Harris. Me and my brother, Jacob Fink grew up with each other and have a unique chemistry when it comes to singing. We have a supernatural connection, and have an immense love for music. We were both involved and excelled in show choir, him being a 6 year member, and me being a 3 year member of Twinsburg Great Expectations high school, and RBC Singers middle school show choirs. We were both soloists, and found our selves harmonizing every chance we had. Daily, we choose five words to sing, and with no rehearsal, somehow they harmonize perfectly. we have many videos displaying this, and feel we would be perfect for this opportunity. Additionally to show choir, we have been involved with choir since 2nd grade. I am also apart of my schools Gospel Choir. Thank you, i hope you consider us.

  7. Nicole toon

    I’m Nicole and I would love for my siblings and I to join this show!!! Music is in our blood! We love music ! My brother wrote and was in the funk band Kool & the Gang!! Legendary! It will be the greatest thing to be apart of this!!

  8. Kaseem Gaines

    hey. my name is Kaseem Gaines. im a 17 year old rapper/sing/song-writer, my sister, Jameica, 18 , is a singer. we perform all the time in Cincinnati, ohio, please consider us.

  9. Janae Gray

    Hello, my name is Janae Gray. I’ve been singing since the age of three. Music has played an important role in my life, I feel like Music is my escape from all the negativity and situations I go through. I have a sister name Chloe Gray, she’s been singing since the age of four. Its weird because she’s the oldest but I started her out singing. We have our own group called “Shades of Gray” because our last name is Gray and its only two of us so that was kind of unique. We travel with our music, were originally gospel roots but we also do a little bit of everything. We sing at Parties, Graduations, Churches, Funerals, Birthdays, Family Reunions, etc.. we just want people to be moved by our music. We’ve always dreamed of becoming somebody one day, I feel like this is our season to really branch out and get our generation and older. We are so grateful for this opportunity and we hope were considered. Thank you so very much!

  10. Skii nieves

    Hi my name is Jeannette , a mother of 1 beautiful daughter that’s 5 years old she’s in kindergarten she loves music her best class is music she sings everyday none stop she loves to sing in I will like to know what I can do to put her in something thank you

  11. Jeannette

    Hi my name is Jeannette I’m a 25 year old mom , I have 1 daughter she is 5 years old & she loves to sing she haves a great voice everyone tells me I should put her voice videos on youtube please let me know what I can do thanks

  12. Christine Hynes

    Hey MTV! I’m Christine I’m 17 years old, a senior in high school, and my older sister, Linda, is 33. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and my sister lives in Portland, Oregon but we are closer than you could ever imagine. Ever since I was little music has been the biggest part of my life and I don’t know where I would be today without it. My sister used to sing to me all the time and I would get right in there with her and we would sing and play the piano together. My sister’s name is Linda Brown, she went to UCSD and she has made two albums. One of which is on iTunes called Vegas to Vesta. She is a singer/songwriter and my inspiration. I have had a lot of singing experience and the last two years I have auditioned for and made the American High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall in New York City. This is a prestigious honor choir of 250 high school kids from around the nation and several countries. 3000 kids auditioned for these positions so making the choir is a phenomenal honor and a huge deal that I was so grateful to be a part of. I also participated in Eric Whitacre’s first virtual youth choir this year that was played at the annual Glasgow Games. My sister and I want to be heard and recognized for what we do. We would love to move on to bigger and better things and this is such an amazing opportunity. I want to perform and share my voice with the world, and hopefully impact people’s lives. I would feel so blessed and grateful if you consider my sister and I for your show and if you pick us we will put 110% into it and give you all that we have in us so that we can be the next Sibling Superstars!!!

  13. Jacques Naude

    Good Day!!!!

    My name is Jacques Naude and I have a younger brother which is kind of like a twin to me. We come from South Africa, which I sincerely hope is not a problem. Both of us were given the talent to sing and I feel that we could be America’s next big thing. Both of us like to entertain and we are also very passionate about music. Even though we are from South Africa, our English is really fluent and we are also quite good and doing the American accent. Please give us the AMAZING opportunity to amaze you guys and show you that we belong on stage. Who knows, we could be America’s next big thing…

  14. Jemika Ferguson

    My twin sister and I are considered the New Tia and Tamera!! But we can also sing!!we harmonize, dance and have tons of personality!!

  15. Beatrice

    i think , my brother name Alister and i can get into it ! I’m a good singer , my brother got a talent in sing , playing guitar , for the first time ever TRY to compose a music ! He also always get in lot of competition in school , never lose for ofcourse and i think both of us are over confident . I’m 16 turn to be 17 next year , Alister my beloved brother 19^^ .

  16. alyssa

    HI my name is Alyssa Mae Listana Estareja 18 years old from the Philippines. I really love music. I play guitar,keyboard,bass and drums. I am in a band with my sister and cousin. I play the lead guitar and my sister named Katrina Listana Estareja 19 years old plays the main keyboard sometimes she also plays guitar, drums and bass. We perform on some occasions like birthdays, reunions, weddings and we also join battle of the bands competition. We won 2nd place in the competietion not bad cause that was our first time to join the battle. We play different kinds of music like pop,country, pop rock. The singer of our band is our cousin named Glecyl Tricia Listana 16 years old. Our band name is G4M Band and we have some videos on youtube. You can also check them out just type “G4M band of gubat sorsogon”.

    thank you I hope you’ll give us chance to show our talent… THANK YOU VERY MUCH and GOD BLESS

  17. Natural

    My name is Ganya Osho I am 14, my sister name is Shadia Osho, whom by the way is 11. We feel we would best fit this audition due to us colabarating for the first time ever. My sister and sing well and wish that maybe we will get the oppunity of assisting our single hard working mother.

  18. Dasanti Gripper

    Hello!! My name is Dasanti Gripper I’m 12 years old. Hi! My name is Santiana Gripper and I’m 14 years old. Hiya! My names Santia and I’m 10 years old. We like to call our selves “Triple Threat” we are all 2 years apart and have been singing for a long time. We hope you can consider us!! Byeeeee

  19. Malik and Safiya Knighten

    Hi, My name is Malik and I am 15 years old. My sister, Safiya, is 16 years old(turning 17 in July). We both have a love for music and we sing any opportunity we have. I play guitar, keyboard, and sing and write my own songs. While my sister sings in Honor Choirs. We sing duets whenever we can and when my sister sent me a twitter link to this i was excited at the opportunity we had to be on this show! We are brother and sister and do fight but when it comes to music, it really brings us together and helps us bring family and friends closer together

  20. Patti

    I think this is a great Idea! I am the oldest of my sibiings and we just love to sing, dance and we would want to be in this show =D

  21. Tressa

    Oh my God this is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for!!! My sister, Alyssa and I have been singing together since birth and we’ve written a handful of original songs together. We played in a band in south Florida until she recently moved to LA, while I stayed in Miami. This show would not only give us a chance to pursue our dream, but it would reunite as sisters and a band! This would be incredible for us. We are blonde, 23 and 25, hazel and blue eyes with a hippie, southern-rock vibe and one hell of a duo. Pick us!!! Here’s a link to our band’s press kit:

  22. carla

    Hi, singing is our passion. Actually me and my daughter we love to sing and we sing together. Please give us a chance. …

  23. saksham arya

    We think this will be a great show, with a lot of

  24. Ashley & Ty Mauro

    We think this will be a great show, with a lot of opportunity. We are a brother/sister duo from the San Francisco Bay Area, who have a great passion for music. We write all our own music and perform at different venues and would love a chance to audition for this show.

    Ahsley & Ty Mauro

  25. Donald Davis

    My name is Donald, my little sister and I have been singing and dancing since we were very young. Finding duets and coming up with choreography was very common with us. Yes we argued like the normal siblings would, maybe even more, but we would always come to an agreement . We would be a great fit for this particular show because we have been a fan of Randy Jackson’s shows since ABDC. And we are not performance shy.
    Thank you

  26. Tehillah Samihamba

    Age: 16

    Current Residence: Dallas(Texas)

    Name: Tehillah Pezo Samihamba

    Ethnicity: African

    Race: Black

    Height: 5ft 5in

    Weight: 148lbs

    Hair Type: Afro

    Hair color: Black

    Eye Color: Brown

    Body Type: Average

    Current Occupation: Singer/Actor

    Backround: Am sophmore a choir student vocals (soprano & alto 1) am also a theater arts student i’ve been in a “short” film which we created in the summer last year i play a highschool student (extra) i’ve an older sister (keturah) we mostly do the same stuff and love singing together i REALLY appreciate this opportunity, and believe we are the next sib-superstar please take the time to read this and reply back 🙂 thanks

  27. Joy Banks

    Hello, My name is Joy Banks and I have two amazing sisters who love singing with me. We all harmonize and we are like the new destiny child with some Brownstone. We are highly talented and we also dance and know how to put on a show. WE have been singing since we were young and we have all been in some type of music class as if it were orchestra or choir. We LOVE music and adore singing together. WE hope and pray you consider us on an casting, we won’t dissapoint you.

    – Thanks for your time

  28. Marisa

    Hello my name is Marisa Bush. My twin sister Hali and I have been singing since we were kids and we come from a musical familyGrowing up we have performed in churches, gospel jubilees, and talent shows. We are very hardworking and we would be very honored and blessed to be chosen for sibling superstars.

  29. Raquel Campelo

    Hi, I’m 17 and I’m brazilian, but I live in US. I really like to sing, I’m taking singing classes and I’m part of my school choir. I also play guitar, but just a little. I make covers to put on youtube, I really wanna a oportunity to sing as a professional. Here’s the link of my youtube channel:

  30. Giovanni Wiscovitch here is my sister and i covering Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team”

  31. Kayla Semelka

    I’m Kayla (KJ), I’m 18 and have loved singing my entire life! I grew up in a rough situation along with my siblings and we were all blessed with the gift of having beautiful voices! God’s way of shining a little light our way! My cousin sings as well! Our ages are 14, 16, 18, and 20. I’m not sure if all of us would participate but if the competition allows for it, I don’t see why not! We grew up with my Mom singing to us but more importantly with us! We’re a bunch of broke, city kids who have never been held to high standards because people like us “don’t get breaks.” So let me tell you… we are hungry for competition! Singing is a passion and a lifestyle. We’re ready when you are! I think it’s an awesome idea for a show. WE ARE FAMILY!

  32. Kaylatime

    My name is Kaylatime Valderrama, my sister is Kiara Dream Valderrama, 15. We’ve been singing since we could talk. We perform throughout PA, NJ, and NY at family events and small parties/gatherings. We are dedicated workers with flexible schedules and performing experience. I am the oldest of 8 children in my house, Kiara is the second oldest. We are willing to do whatever the job requires. Please consider. Below is our contact.

  33. jasminda Thompson

    Hi I and my cousin have been singing since we were young she is 11 and I am 17 we both sing in church every Saturday in the choir and on kids day at church her an I sing with just the two of us we will love the opportunity to audition for this show it sounds very interesting and we live in Sandiego CA if you need videos of us singing then just email my mom and we will send the videos to you we will perform other songs not only gospel but just give us a song and we will blow you out the waters well have a blessed day and pray that I see you soon:) -jasminda thompson

  34. Kaylan

    Hello my name is Kaylan, i am 15 going on 16 i have 3 cousins we all like to sing we all kinda like the same thing but we are different in are own way we would what ever it takes to do the job right just tell us and we will

  35. Ashlyn and Sydney

    My girls are 10 and 11. They have sang since they could talk and have been stopped many, many times over the years and told how remarkable their tone and voices are! They can sing anything and sound so much like the artist. One is definitely stronger than the other but, they sound beautiful alone and together. We would LOVE an opportunity to show you! Thank you!

  36. Anthony & Guillermo Mendoza

    Hello My name is Anthony Guillermo Mendoza and I have a twin “Guillermo Anthony Mendoza”. We are both latino and 19 years of age, very presentable and we LOVE to sing. We have experience in many fields of music. I would love to audition for this, being that I have auditioned for xfactor and the voice, However did not go very far. We have studio experience, acting experience (i.e Little man, Seven pounds, Superman returns, Santa clause 3, Days of wrath, Eli stone) performance experience (concerts, venues, sports games, etc.), and were on power106 radio station several months ago and we have been doing this almost all of our lives. I have a good amount of followers on my social networks (i.e Instagram, Twitter, vine) Recognized for my singing of course. We are also members of SAG-AFTRA for bout 7 going on 8 years now. Of course we could not have done any of what we’ve accomplished so far without the support from our two loving parents, whom make sure that our number one priority is school and music. My twin brother and I would REALLY appreciate this opportunity, and so will my parents. I don’t have a sob story because I have yet to cross any major struggles, but I do know that we have talent that needs to be heard and I guarantee we will do great on this show.

    Instagram: AnthonyGMendozaa & gmendoza33
    Twitter/Vine: AnthonyGMendoza & Gmendoza33

  37. Ruhshikuh Lokar

    I Am Very Interested In This Opportunity Because, Me and My Brother Have So Much Talent For The World To Endure. We Talk About It Everyday … This Is The Perfect Opportunity For My Brother And I . I Believe We Deserve To Tell Our Story And Make Our Mother Proud Because, Life Is Simply To Short. I’d Be Honored To Participate In Doing Something I Have So Much Passion And Love For. It’ll Be A complete Life Changer The Kind Of Change That I’ve Been Waiting On My Whole Life!

    My Contact Info Is –

  38. Ashley & Ty Mauro

    We are a brother & sister, R&B/Pop/Soul band based in the Bay Area. We write and perform our own music, performing at various venues. Ashley (23) sings and Ty (20) sings and plays guitar. We both have a deep passion and love for music and would love the opportunity to be on your show. You can check out our music at

  39. Lisa Lopane

    My name is Lisa Lopane. Me (15) and my sister Sarah (13) are singers, rappers, dancers, and performers. Please contact us.

  40. sam and lexi

    Me ( 13 ) and my sister sam ( 10 ) are amazing together and we both love singing
    Me and my sister totally love doing things together and this could be one of them… Lease pivk us to be one me and my sister have huge dreams of this… I just dont want our dreams crushed so please… We can show u how great we areif u pick us thanx

  41. Melanie & Marissa Mehaj

    We are identical twins. We call ourselves Double Trouble and have been singing together since we were 12.We recently auditioned for X-Factor.We made it to the live rounds and performed before an audience and the judges. We could not believe how many people that were in audience at the X-Factor came up to us after our performance and told us how much they liked our look and our singing. We love to sing and plan on continuing to pursue our dream.

  42. Katie Harris

    Katie and Spencer: young, hot, and oh so talented.

    But what makes this sibling duo stand out from the rest?

    My name is Katie Harris, I’m 20 years old and I love to sing accompanied on the guitar by my brother Spencer, who’s 18 years old. We’re young, charming, both very good looking and moreover, extremely talented.

    We have an extremely musically talented family– I sing and play the piano, my brother is a music major and outrageously amazing guitarist, my dad is a composer who graduated from Julliard for, my mom sings and plays the piano as well. We have family jam sessions ALL the time. We all harmonize along with the radio on car trips. We are pretty much as musical as they come.

    It’s no surprise that we’ve been performing since we were in diapers. Music runs in our blood.

  43. Aries & Noah

    My sons are AMAZING 21 and 13, all I can say is if they are given a shot, they are gonna KILL IT!!! Not only are they the perfect team, but they have a story that will impact the world!!!

  44. mjay and ebony

    It’s our dream and you guys will make our dreams come True

  45. mjay and ebony

    Hi we are mjay and ebony and we love to sing it is our dream
    to sing on tv we would love to try out for this

  46. Ditez&Cortez

    Hi we are Ditez&Cortez. Ditez(20) Cortez(19). We are brothers and we have been singing together since we were about 5 and 6 years old. We are from a small place in Tennessee called Murfreesboro. We come from a very musical family. Our mother once persued being a gospel singer before she found out that she was pregnant with Ditez. In the group we both have our main strengths. Cortez is all about the dancing and Ditez is all about the singing so we balance out pretty well. We would LOVE to be apart of this show!

  47. Herman Pryor Jr.

    C’mon Mr. Jackson… we’re you’re guys! The Pryor Boys are ready! We go by Hi_Pryority (Herman Pryor Jr. & Jareese Pryor) and we’re ready to introduce the world to “REOSOUL” (a spin on an infusion of R&B Soul and Neo-Soul influence). We’re originally from the south so know that when it comes to soul… we got it! We both are self-trained singer/songwriters who are ready to put in some additional work… on the big screen. We feel it’s only right and that talent as humble as ours shouldn’t go unnoticed. We’re ready for our big break and we know that you hold the opportunity to ignite our trailblazing journey! We’re ready if you are!!!!!

    -Herman Pryor Jr.

  48. Emily & Holly

    we are identical twin sisters, singer/songwriters 🙂 we would love to be on a show like this, as we have found it hard at times to make it into the music industry being twins, as producers have often told us we are hard to market. Here is a link to one of our cover songs ’empire state of mind’ 🙂 also here is a link to our band page with our own music

    xx 🙂

  49. Sarah & Caleb Collins

    A typical day in the Collins household circa May 2013:

    Sarah (yelling at her bro, who is beatboxing incessantly): “Caleb stop! I’m trying to do homework!”
    Caleb, five minutes later: “Sarah, stop singing! I need to get this done!”

    They both laugh at the irony, proceeding to harmonize a choir song they learned that day.

    Sarah is a freshman at the University of Southern California and is in the school’s all-female a cappella group, The Sirens. Caleb is a sophomore at the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts for vocal performance. Everyone mistakes them for twins, because they look identical. They’re both super goofy. Oh yeah, and they love music more than food.

    Ok, now to speak in first person: please give us a shot. I have attached a plethora of solos and duets with some quality photos. I’d say we’re a pretty adorable pair, and we both have versatile voices in genre and range. We love performing. We love singing. We love each other (even in the midst of quarrels). I, Sarah, have been studying voice since the fourth grade and am a choir and a cappella geek, and Caleb is a musical genius: he sings, plays guitar and piano, and creates beats on the computer. We’re both really good alone, and we sound even better together.

    So give us a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

  50. Anastasia Smith

    Hi ! I am 15 and my sister is 13 and we are two very talented singers. You will be surprised ! It’s always been our dreams to sing and be a singer. We auditioned for the x factor and put all of our effort into it, but we sadly lost. We should be chosen because we are hard workers and we can entertain you with our amazing voices. Thank you !

  51. Christion Lopez

    Me & my sisters have a group called Dangerous Divas & we LOVE to sing are hearts out. We like to be different & to perform in front of thousands of people! We would love if you had us come out & show off are talent. We have nicknames/stage names for are group & they are Hazel, Faith, & Preé are real names are Mikaela, Paige, & Christion . We all live in Kansas City & we would love to show you what we have to spill on the table. Are ages are 14 & 15 , hope to hear back from you all & we hope you give us a shot! Thank you.

  52. Ryan Jordan Reed

    Current Number: 770-351-2899

    Age: 19

    Current Residence: Buchead (Atlanta)

    Name: Ryan Jordan Reed

    Ethnicity: Barbados/ Costa Rican

    Race: Islander

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 189 lbs

    Hair Type: curley

    Hair color: Dark Black

    Eye Color: brownish/Grey

    Skin Tone: Redish Tan

    Body Type: Athletic

    Current Occupation: Model/Actor

    Backround: I both model & act and currently just finished a role in a short fim called “Behind the Chair” which has me starring as a man by the name of Troy Davis who is a cocky and smooth street drug dealer/ pimp who is known for being very calm but underline crazy.

    I also have an older brother who is

    6ft 3in

    Extremely Athlectic Build

    Current Model/Actor

    And Puts everything into becoming a future profesional Dj


    Hi ! We’re REBELMANN – the rock band! I’m Clayton Mann, 14, and I play rhythm guitar and lead sing. My twin brothers are Johnathon and Bryce Mann, 16. They play a killer lefty guitar and drums. This show is awesome for us, because, well, we are 3 brothers from Chicago and we really play music together – like really play – guitar solos and all. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the opportunity!

    Clayton, John, and Bryce Mann

  54. Frankie Pierce

    Hi my name is Frankie, and my brothers name is Glenn. I am 32 and he is 33. Music is in our blood. He raps and I sing. We are very talented, and if given the chance, could make some really awesome music. We already have some really good songs made. We would be great contestants on this show. He is in a wheelchair, and if I or we ever made it in the music business, he could have a better life, as far as being able to have things, not having to worry about if we are going to have enough money for rent, stuff like that. Thanks for reading this, look forward to the show..

  55. sarai

    hi my name is Sarai i have 3 brothers i sing at church my dream was to be a singer i

  56. Barbara Davis

    I have 4 daughters and they sign so well together, however my 2 oldest are still very much wanting to get into the music and tv business. And as a mother, it is my job to help them in any way I can. They sing at a church that is just getting started because they do not have a choir yet. When they sing everyone is in tears and one senior says she only come to hear them sing. They also sing at other events and perform great! Ithink they are ready to move forward. I do hope to hear back from you soon. I can seen pictures and video if and when needed.

  57. Lisa DeBose Barker

    Hi! I would like for my family to be considered for this show! I am from a family of 12 children and we all sing! My sisters and I have a group called “Harmony” and my brothers have a group called “NuFocus” but we sing together under the name “The DeBose Family.” We are from a small town in Texas and we are sort of ‘big fish in a small pond’ and would love to be given a national platform to showcase our talent. We are a biracial family who truly loves eachother and have a passion for music. Our mother is super talented as well!

  58. destiny

    Me and my older sister sing.

  59. Delainey Armentrout

    Greetings, my name is Delainey Armentrout. I am a Caucasian sixteen year old female from Ohio. I am 5’5 and 140 pounds (but am exercising quite a lot to get to a lighter weight). I have thick and very long brunette hair. I have brown eyes and a dimple on my left cheek.

    My younger brother, Hunter, and I preform together, a lot. Hunter is blonde haired, blue eyed, and fifteen years old. He plays the guitar extremely well and I sing, and he sometimes sings with me.

    Let me tell you about my passion and love and inspiration for singing, acting, and dancing. I have been singing ever since I can remember. My family members will often tell me stories of how I’d sing all the time when I was little, I do recall doing so after a certain age. I always loved and still do love Disney movies with a great passion. I have been in choir in fifth grade, eighth grade, my Freshman year of high school, my and Sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately, I could not attend choir classes this year because of my needs to focus on my grades and focus on my singing, acting, and dancing. I took up private singing lessons for a year during my Freshman year of high school at a local music store. I have been in many plays including, “Stranded”, “Inherit the Wind”, “The Jungle Book”, “Rumpelstiltskin”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”, “The Princess and the Pea”, and “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. I have, unfortunately, only been in one musical, that musical being “The Sound of Music”, but my school is having a Winter musical and I most definitely plan on auditioning for it, though I have no idea what the musical is, yet. There are many musicals and play auditions being held in my local area and I plan to take advantage of as many as I physically can. I also plan to take up private singing lessons, again. I had been told by both my choir teacher and my private singing instructor that I have a large range. In choir class, my Freshman year, I was a Soprano two the first semester, and then upgraded to Soprano one the second semester. My freshman year, I was a Soprano one the first semester, and then moved to Alto one my second semester. I am told I sort of have a jazzier voice when I sing in my alto range, but it can be easily controlled. I have no problem with changing ranges within a snap. I am told my talent shows in Show-tunes and jazz type songs the best. I had taken ballet, tap, and other dancing classes for many years. I have many inspirations celebrities wise, my top being Jennifer Lawrence, Samantha Barks, Eddie Redmayne, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer (whom I met on July 29th, 2012), Lea Michele, Thomas Grant Gustin, Idina Menzel, Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron, Joey Richter, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Judy Garland, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Steve Buscemi, Aaron Tveit, Dylan O’brien, Ryan Gosling, and many more. I know I have not had much experience and this all may not sound very impressive and that their are many people who are wanting be on this show, I really wish you would consider me. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.

  60. ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley, my two older brothers and I preform together in churches, clubs, and at partys. We are determined and hard working willing to do whatever the job requires..we are different but when we come together our differences are definitely thrown aside.