Shadowhunters ( The Mortal Instruments TV Series)

Shadowhunters ( The Mortal Instruments TV Series)

It is a book series that is loved by tens of millions. It was a movie that was loved by too few to continue. Now ABC Family is ready to right all wrongs from 2013’s well meaning but ultimately unsuccessful feature film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with the exciting series Shadowhunters. The Mortal Instrument novels are finally getting their well deserved due and so too could several up and coming performers looking to make their break in the world of television acting.

Based on the bestselling novels by Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters will reboot the gripping story of 18 year old Clary Fray, a seemingly normal teenage girl living a normal life. When she discovers that she is

in fact a Shadowhunter, a human/angel hybrid whose purpose is to hunt down demons unable to be seen by mortal beings, her world and the world of those close to her changes forever. The hour long series begins with the events of the original novel, City of Bones and will move on to include all of the amazing action, heartbreak and romance from the follow-up entries City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire while expanding on Clare’s legendary text as well.

ABC Family has compiled an outstanding cast for this incarnation of the beloved stories that will be led by Katherine McNamara (Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, The Thundermans, Jessie), Dominic Sherwood (Vampire Academy, The Cut, Not Fade Away), Alberto Rosende (Blue Bloods, The Swing of Things), Harry Shum Jr. (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend, Glee), Maxim Roy (Heartland, The Dead Zone), Emeraude Toubia (Voltea Pa’Que Te Enamores, Cosita Linda), Alan Van Sprang (Reign, Beauty and the Beast), Isaiah Mustafa (Nikita, Horrible Bosses, Madea’s Big Happy Family) and Matthew Daddario (When the Game Stands Tall, Delivery Man, Cabin Fever). The series is being produced by accomplished filmmaker McG (Supernatural, Nikita, Chuck), Michael Lynne (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The Golden Compass, A Nightmare on Elm Street), Robert Shaye (Frequency, Hairspray, Alone in the Dark) and Ed Decter (Unforgettable, In Plain Sight, The Client List) who is leading the charge to adapt the stories for television.

Casting calls for a number of outstanding roles in this highly anticipated TV adaptation of the Mortal Instruments novel series, Shadowhunters, will be taking place very soon and be open for various roles throughout the season and all news, updates and information for them will be posted right here. Check back for every audition notice as they are released and leave a message in the area provided below and tell us what you think of this series and why you would like to be a part of upcoming casting calls for ABC Family’s Shadowhunters.

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  1. Macy Halverson

    Hello. My name is Macy. I am 14 years old with blonde hair, blue eyes and lots of acting experience. Shadowhunters changed my life and I love the community. I would love the chance to join their cast.

  2. Cameron

    Hi, I’m Cameron, I am 31 years old, 5,5 and from Melbourne, Australia. I really enjoy the Shadowhunters series, and would love to be apart of the team because the crew are a fantastic bunch. If I was in it, i would enjoy the role of a shadowhunter or a werewolf. When I am not watching the series, I train people to move better and work on athletes and/or general populations with an array of injuries from dysfunction to pain free-status. This involves a blend of exercise science and manual therapy. I also used to train in martial arts. I am a kinsaethetic learner and can pick up things at a quick rate. In addition, I can also remember lines well. My hobbies are playing guitar, and lifting heavy weights.

    Thank you and all the best,

  3. Linda

    Hi, my name is Linda I’m 25 years old. Im 5’2 very pale and have freckles i also have brown hair and pale blue eyes. I enjoy the community the Shadowhunters team have created based around love and acceptance. I would love a chance to become a part of such a team.
    Thank you for your time

  4. LadyJai Santiago

    Hello. I’d love the opportunity to be a cast of Shadowhunters & whatever else is open. Thank u.

  5. Lily Giffard

    Hi hope your well, I’m Lily and I’m 13. I have been acting for 5 years and I am an aspiring actress. I may be young and I know there may not be many roles for my age group but I’m willing to go for any role available. I am extremely dedicated and committed. I am also easy to work with and I will do anything you throw at me. I get along and work well with literally EVERYONE !!! I have respect on and of set and understand that its a lot of hard work and that there’s training of set but I’m always up for a challenge.(I’m also dancer so I pick up quickly).I have natural ginger hair and brown eyes. I’m also very pale and I weigh 7.5 stone and I’m 5ft 3. I would love to be apart of the show because I think it’s such an incredible, inspirational story.

    Bye x

  6. Ella Lamkin

    Hi my name Ella and I will be 15 in May. I have light brown hair and blue eyes and I am 5’8″. I think Shadowhunters is a great series and I really like the storyline to it. I read a lot of books and out of them the Shadowhunters series is one of my top favorites along with the show. I would love to be apart of the upcoming casting call for Shadowhunters because it’s one of my favorite shows and I love how close the cast is. I have wanted to act since I was little and would pretend to be characters from my favorite shows and movies and act out scenes from them with my friend and come up with my own. I have also been in two school plays. Getting an audition would be a dream come true and an amazing experience.

  7. Fernanda Rojas

    I’m Fernanda,
    16 years old, perivian, 162 centimeters, 48 kilograms. Dark brown short hair and brown eyes. I can speak english very fluently. And my dream is to be part of the cast

  8. Emma Catterall

    Hi, my name is Emma and I like in the UK and I would love to have a part in this series as I have always loved the books. I have blonde hair and blue/ green eyes and I’m 1.7m tall.

  9. Dinah Calicher

    Hi, my name is Dinah Calicher, and I am an 18 year old female with brown hair and hazel eyes. I am 5’4 and weigh about 125 pounds. The Mortal Instruments is my all time favorite book series and I would love to be a part of the show in any way that I can. These books and their characters inspire me everyday to be courageous and push myself to reach my full potential. My favorite character is Tessa Gray and I strive to be brave like her, which is why I’m putting myself out there. I have been acting in theatre since I was ten years old, and I like to make short films in my free time. Acting is my passion and I hope to get my start on Shadowhunters!

  10. Makenna Carrier

    I’m Makenna Carrier, I’m 14 years old, I have short black hair and semi-pale skin, and blue, green, grey, and golden eyes (yes, they change color) I read the books and I’ve seen the movie and T.V. show, I absolutely love ‘the mortal instruments’ because of the support for lgbtq+ community. Also the much needed female empowerment, which this show has represented many times; such as – Isabelle is “confident with her body” not ” looking for attention” which was one of my favourite things about Izzy. I love how the cast seems to really get along with each other and I’ve always wanted to be a part of a team like that, especially with people who seem to share my love for music/singing. It is an amazing fantasy TV show which is the exact genre I love. I’ve always felt like I belonged more in books and tv shows, unfortunately places that don’t exist, acting in this show would be a dream come true. I love acting and I think I would love it even more if I worked with such an amazing cast/crew.

  11. Enis Krasniqi

    Enis Krasniqi
    Hello! I’m Enis, I’m 17 years old. I have blonde curly hair and hazel eyes, i have pale skin and I’m about 1.8m tall. I’m totally obsessed with Shadowhunters and i would love to get an audition. I love how Shadowhunters represents female empowerment, healthy LGBT relationships, relationships that aren’t definedby sexual intercourse, black people’s rights and jewish characters. I would love to be able to work with such an open minded team, crew and cast, it would be such an honor. Im very inspired by the show and all the light it sheds into the TV world and being a part of it has been my dream for a long time.

  12. Manuela Buta

    My name is Manuela Buta, and I’m a 13 years old fan from Romania of the The Mortal Instruments books and the Shadowhunters show.
    Height: 164 centimeters
    Weight: 45 kilograms
    Eyes color: dark brown
    Hair color: blonde
    I speak English fluently and I do acting practice daily and I can say that I’m really good at it. I would like to audition for the Shadowhunters show because acting has been my passion always and I always was facinated by Cassandra Clare’s books.

  13. Khush

    I am a model/actress interested in playing a character in Shadow hunters.

    Thank You

  14. Gabriel Reyes

    Hello, my name is Gabriel Reyes. I am 14 years old, 5″8… (I think? I haven’t checked in a while, lol.), I live in Canada, and I speak 3 languages (English, Tagalog and I am currently studying French). I have black hair, dark brown eyes, and tan/brown skin. I have taken quite an interest in Shadowhunters a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest, I adore the acting, the story, and basically almost everything. I finished 2 seasons in 2 days. My parents have become worried about me. My usual fantasy consists of demons, vampires, warlocks, anything myth related, etc. And the actors/actresses, I look up to them as role models. I love their personalities and characters. Outside or inside of the television. My theatre/acting experience is limited, but worth noticing (I hope). In grade 7, I played a villain in a Christmas play that my school did back in 2016. My teacher, told me I was great, and I got a lot of compliments from my rather “amazing” evil laugh (hey, their words, not mine. lol) in my current grade, I took drama 8, it was amazing because I felt that drama was the thing that would make me feel… important. My teacher (different one), made a remark on a scene I did with a friend, and he said it was one of the best (let’s just hope he’s not lying). After the end of the term, he gave me a recommendation to join theatre company, an x block where I can pursue a further education in acting. I was interested. But sadly, I couldn’t hand in my form in time. I can only hope to join next year. I was a part of my school’s drama club, which sadly got disbanded for the coach’s lack of time. Anyways, that’s all. Even if I just simply get a reply, or even amazingly, an audition, it would be enough for me to flip out.

    Thank you,

  15. Victoria Hale

    Hi! I’m Victoria, I’m 16 turning 17 on April 4th. I’ve been an aspiring actress for years and because of my sexuality I find this show really inspiring (especially with Malec) my girlfriend actually got me into it. I’m a natural ginger like my mom and I’m 5’4 and I live in St. Louis Illinois. I’d probably die if I ever got a response to this let alone an audition. I’ve almost been in a show before but the production fell apart from lack of funding but I’ve always participated in live theater, 2 musicals and 4 plays, I’ve always been a drama nerd.

    • Kiki

      I am 23 years old and live in Germany and study at the moment.
      But acting is a life-long dream of mine and with Shadowhunters I found something to show my passion. As for example in the role of Emma Carstairs (if you are planning another season) or any other role that fits.

      Hair: brown
      Eyes: brown-green

      I‘m looking forward for your response.

  16. Katelyn

    When I was younger and went into junior high and most of my high school like I was bullied or treated weird. I picked up Cassandra Clare’s books and became hooked immediately. For once I felt like I belonged. I was super excited to hear that it was becoming a tv show and I’m even more excited what the next seasons will bring and hope I can be apart of it. I would like to be apart of the cast because dreams do come true even for fan girls. I think it would be an amazing once in a life time opportunity. I’m 18, I have green/brown eyes and have long dark brown hair.

  17. Brandon Marchant

    Hello, my name is Brandon Marchant and I am 14 years old going on 15. I have been acting and performing since I was 4 years old and I have always had a fascination with the supernatural world and I would absolutely love to be in the next series. If I were to be cast I would love to be either a warlock or shadow hunter. I am tall -(I’m not sure though, I was 5,7”, 2 years ago) I have light blue eyes and dark brown hair. I have long limbs and fairly skinny, pale skin and wear glasses. I would love for you to pick me to be in the next series of shadowhunters: the mortal instruments. Or more… thank you for your time.

  18. Valeria

    Hello!, I’m Valeria!, I’m thirteen years old (turning fourteen in June 2018) I have long blonde hair and my eyes are bluish-green, I’m 5″6 and I love to act!~, I live in British Colombia, Canada and I love shadowhunters and how insparational it is to me…It would be a dream come true if I would be able to audition!~

  19. Shayne U

    My name is Shayne I live in Ohio. I’m 24 and I’m 5 foot 1. I am a green belt in martial arts and I love this show and I have read some of the books and I love how strong the characters are. I have always wanted to act and admire the art. I want to prove that people with health issues and disabilities are strong and beautiful and confident. I am fine with what ever kind of roll I would get. It would be great just to be on the show!

  20. Julie Kohlstaedt

    Hi, my name is Julie Kohlstaedt and i have always loved the thought of being an actor or even just in an episode bit im 12 turning 13, i have short brown hair with dyed blue top and have hazel eyes white/caucasion and im from Tacoma, Washington. If you do not pick this then i understand and wont be disapointed

    • Julie Kohlstaedt

      I have also forgot to add that i would be willing to dye my hair back to its original color and im not yhe skinniest kid out there but i would be very pleased to hear back.

  21. Vinay Sandhu

    Hi, My name is Vinay Sandhu. I am 24 years old, I have black hair, light brown skin and I am 5’9 tall. I would be a perfect candidate for Shadowhunters because I am flexible when it comes to getting things done and I enjoy a challenge. Although I have not persuade acting as a career in the past, this would be an excellent opportunity because I have a lot of skills to offer and I am always open to learning. Furthermore, I love to have fun and make people feel comfortable when they are around me.

  22. Lauren wilson

    Hi I’m Lauren I’m 13 turning 14 in December 2018 I have medium dark brown hair blue eyes and pale skin I’m around 5,4 and I love to act I participate in drama club at school I live in Northern Ireland I love the plot for shadow hunters and how strong and influential the women characters are it would be amazing even to just get an audition

  23. Anastasia Senfuma

    Hi i love Shadowhunters i read all the first book really good when i fund out Clary and Jace were not brother and sister i was happy team Clarce Clary and Jace name together i will stop talking about the show now about me I’m 11 years old my name is Anastasia i stutter which means it take me a little time to talk but I’m working on it but if you do not pick me because of it i understand and i don’t really have that much hair if that is a good or bad thing i hope you pick me thanks you and bye i live I’m Masshuttes I’m turning 12 in April.

  24. Maddison

    Naturally strawberry blonde
    Muskoka, Ontario
    This opportunity would be absolutely amazing. I love the environment of working with big teams, the imagination and ability to step into a characters mindset is a high intensity feeling and I love every minute of it. I am very flexible with my emotions and can be a very sweet gal, to a woman on a mission that will let nothing get in my way. I’d be a wonderful asset to this production. I hope to hear from you soon!
    Thank you, Maddison

  25. Amber Delgado

    Name and Gender: Amber Elise Delgado, Female

    Age: 18 years old

    Height: 5’5

    Weight: 120

    Skin Color: Fare

    Eyes: Hazel

    Hair: Brown

    I have been acting for as long as I can remember. My first play was Wizard of Oz as Dorothy which is where my love for acting sparked. From there it was Willy Wonka as Veruca Salt, Grease as Sandy Olssen (Which I played twice and is my favorite movie), Guys and Dolls as a back up dancer, and Little Shop of Horrors as an extra. As you can see I have done dancing and been an extra but I also have worked the lights, curtain and sound. I not only act but I can dance and sing. I went to The Lower Manhattan Arts Academy in which I was a Drama major for all four years of high school. I then went on to focusing on Acting in college at The College of Staten Island. I have been trying to getting acting roles for quite a while now. I plan are making my dream as an Actress at some point in my life, but everything comes at the time it is supposed to. I am a very positive person and am willing to take any part. No role is too big nor too small. I am willing to wear contacts and dye my hair if needed for any role I get.

    Thank you for this opportunity to leave a comment and email. I hope you find this information to your liking. Hope to hear from you soon.

  26. cora fernandez-hamilton

    Hello, My name is Cora, I am a female. I am currently a 15 year old sophomore in high school, and I turn 16 in December 2018. I am 5’7″, and have long natural auburn hair, and brown eyes. I am Hispanic, and have semi olive skin. I am also very athletic, and fit. I play Varsity boys soccer, varsity girls softball, and varsity girls basketball. I also attend a performing arts summer camp, in which I have been attending, for the past 7 years all summer. I have also performed in exactly 38 talent shows. I am an avid dancer and have experience in ballet, tap, Afro-Cuban, hip hop, break dance, Bollywood, salsa ( and other Spanish dances), West African, vogue dance, stilt dance, and step dance. I also am a singer, stilt walker, uni cyclist, pianist, and i am very flexible. I have experience with doing aerials, (silks, trapeze, and rope), Tae kwon do, improv games, and drama. I was in my high schools begging and advanced Rock Band as a singer, and pianist. I also was in my high schools drama club, and when I was 8, I played the role of mistletoe in our school’s production of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Although, I have no experience with being in a movie or show, I am a very positive person, and greatly aspire to be in one. I am also a very fast learner, and a peoples person, and I know that if given a role, I will commit with 110%. Over the years, I have fallen in love with all of the Cassandra Clare series, and it would be an honor and a dream to participate in the making of this show.
    Thank you

  27. cora fernandez-hamilton

    Hello, my name is Cora Fernandez-Hamilton, I am 15 and turn 16 in December 2018. I live in laytonville, California. I have long auburn hair, and am 5 ‘7″. I have brown eyes, and am Hispanic, with olive skin. I have attended a performing arts summer camp for the past 7 years all summer, called camp winnarainbow. I have experience in ballet, tap, jazz, break dance, hip hop, vogue dance, step dance, Afro-Cuban, Bollywood, stilt dance, salsa, and other Spanish dances. I also can sing, and am very flexible. I have experience doing aerials,(silks, trapeze,and rope), stilts, uni cycling, improv, and drama. I was in my high schools drama club, and played the role of mistletoe in ‘A Christmas Carol’ when I was 8 years old. Although I have no experience with being in a show or movie before, I greatly aspire to be in one. I am a very ambitious person, who when sets a goal goes for it 110%. I have grown in love with all of the Cassandra Clare books, and it would be a dream to be in this show.

  28. Ellen Wall

    Hey, my name is Ellen, I’ve just turned 17 in January and I live in South Australia.
    Height: Roughly 5’2″
    Hair: Blonde loose curls, just below shoulder length (Completely open to cut/dye/alter my hair)
    Eye Colour: Blue/Grey
    Skin Colour: Fair

    It would be a dream come true to be a part of the show in absolutely any way possible. I have such a love for the story, characters, and the books, and I look up to each and every one of the actors in the show. Acting is my absolute dream, I just want to be a part of such amazing stories such as this one, and enter into worlds that are not my own, but most of all, I want to be able to make other people feel the way I feel when I watch shows like this one or movies. I want to move and inspire people, just like all the actors and actresses in Shadowhunters do for me. I have done performing arts throughout Primary and High school, and I am currently undergoing Year 12 Drama and am acting in our class play. I would honestly be so grateful to be a part of this absolutely amazing show.

  29. Kassidy Phanouvong

    Hi, my name is Kassidy I’m currently 17 years old and turning 18 in September of 2018. I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I have long brown-black hair and a bilateral cleft palate. I’m about 5’2″ and 111Ibs. I don’t have much experience I have participated in drama classes in school.

  30. Victoria Saleh

    Name and gender: Victoria Saleh, Female
    age: 19 years old
    height: 5’5
    Eyes: Hazel eyes
    Skin color: fare
    hair color: brown hair

    I always have a postive attitude, always smiling, and very patience.
    I’ve been an extra in two episodes of a show called Victorious on Nickelodeon. Also been an extra for a disney show dont remember what it was called. I’ve taken drama for 4 years in highschool. I’ve been taking acting classes at my college. I did a musical for my college called cabaret. I also do make-up and speical effects makeup, self taught. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an actress for the movies or tv shows. I’m hard of hearing but I can speak clearly.

  31. Lina Gobbelè

    I’m Lina from Germany (I have no problems with english)
    16 years old
    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    I love the story of Shadowhunters and my biggest dream is to act for the series. I’m part in a musical in my hometown Aachen so I have a bit acting experience. I woul have no problem to come to any place on earth to act for Shadowhunters, so for me there’s no problem to travel from Germaby to America or everywhere else. My english speaking is better than my writing and I could do englishlessons. I would be very excited if I could get a chance on your set.

  32. Marija Hrebak

    Hi my name is Maria, I currently live in Ireland, I’m 35, hight 165cm, weight 55kg, very long brown hair, brown eyes.
    I’ve read every mortal instruments book and watched every episode shadowhunters lot of times.
    I would love to be a part of new season or next move.
    I’m sure I’ll be excellent at it.
    I have basics of kickboxing, and acting for me is something great.

  33. Vanessa

    Hello there,
    My name is Vanessa. I am 15 years old. I am hispanic and I am a girl who hopes that one day I will be able to be an actress which is all I hoped for since I was small. I am a strong and independent girl who has a very loving and caring personality and I have a nice sense of humor. I would love it so much to be a part of this show because I have watched the movie and all of the seasons so far, I plan on continuing to watch it as long as it is on screen. I have a deep love for this show and the characters they are all amazing and the actors/actresses are beyond talented and have put so much effort into this show. I do not plan on letting you down, I will put all of my effort into this show and if chosen I will be so grateful and delighted, I hope I could hear from you soon.
    Thank You,

  34. Lily Smith

    I am Lily Smith
    I am 13 years old
    I have dirty blond hair and am about 5,4
    I have read all the books in the shadowhunter chronicles
    I live in the small town of Kelso Washington
    I go to Coweeman Middle School
    I have blue eyes

  35. Danielle McBride

    I’m Danielle, I’m 21 years of age and I’ll be 22 in September. I’m 5’2 and I weigh about 120lbs. I took a year of drama/theater arts in high school. I live in a really small town about an hour away from Nashville. I always wanted to act. I have Brown hair, brown eyes. I’ve read the mortal instruments, along with the clockwork angel series. I don’t have a problem remembering, I have somewhat of a photographic memory. Thank you again

  36. Bailey

    Bailey (female)

    Age: 18 (19 in October 2018)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5’5
    Hair: light brown

    I live in Canada and I don’t have a ton of acting experience (mostly just high school drama class, and a background role and a movie), but even though I don’t have as much experience as most of the people you may find I have been invested in so many tv shows and movies that I may be able to surprise you and I would love to be given a shot to even try and accomplish something like this.

  37. Harriet

    Hey, I’m Harriet Campbell I’m 12 years and will be 23 in May 2018. I live in Australia.
    As soon as I started watching shadow hunters the mortal instruments I knew that it would be an amazing dream to Star in the amazing TV series.
    I’m quite shy and don’t really like putting myself out there but I think if I got a role in this show, I would really help me grow as a person. I would be an amazing opportunity for me, I would be to meet new people and do things I thought I would never be able to do in my entire life. I don’t really have any acting experiences, I don’t take drama classes until later in the year. This has really inspired me to do things I would never normally do, and to step out of my comfort zone. I hope that I have the opportunity to audition for this phenomenal show!
    Thanks heaps!!

    • Harriet

      I meant in May 2018 I will be turning 13 not 23

  38. Harriet

    Hi guys, my name is Harriet Campbell.
    I’m 12, 13 in May 2018 and I live in Australia. Ever since I started watching shadowhunters the mortal instruments, I knew that it would be my ultimate dream to star in this amazing television progam. I am quite shy and don’t always like putting myself out there, but I think that this would be an amazing opportunity to help me grow as a person. I don’t really have any experience in acting or drama. I don’t take drama classes, but I am (according to everyone in the family) really good at acting and all things like that. This has really inspired me to do things that I would never normally do and step out of my comfort zone, and be true to myself. I hope I have the amazing opportunity to audition for this show.
    Thanks heaps!!

  39. Caïna

    Hi I’m Caïna, I’m 23. I would love to be a part of upcoming casting calls for ABC Family’s Shadowhunters.
    I love the story of this young Clary who had to decide in half a day if she accepts her new surnatural crazy life or no. I like how brave she is and how she acts with all those feelings : sadness, anger, love, guilt.
    Shadowhunters are always fighting for their family and all the people they love; but they fight also for Justice equality sharing. They fight for all the creatures – for humanity.
    I want to prove i am a faithful shadowhunter too. I want now to challenge myself, work hard like all the cast by doing what I love with this inspiring series. I want to join the family.

  40. Caïna

    Hello. I’m Caïna. I’m french and I’m 23.
    I love the story I think it can reflet anybody’s life with a touch of surnaturel. And behind the story it makes me think about who I am and who I want to be, what I like to do or not. It created A lot of reflections.

    Clary is inspiring. I remember the 1st episode I watched I felt like I was her – I was curious when Jace appeared. I was wondering «  Woaaw Caïna If this happen to you what would be your reaction ?! » So i decided to follow Clary’s adventure to know who is she truly.
    During the 2 seasons she was brave, emotional but always challenging herself. Love always guide her and even help her. Love this fact.

    Another argument is that the Shadowhunters are always fighting for their family and all the people they love; Respect and duty mean a lot for them. And the more I was watching the episode the more I was understanding it and loving this character in all of them because I am like that too actually.

    I can visualize myself fighting for the existences of all the creatures in New York City Always in action for the life of all the humanity.
    It make me think about the protection of the environment and animals or the fact that I always wanted to share love and make people accept the diversity.

    So that’s why I decide to take a chance here to discover how brave I can be and challenge myself. I know the cast work hard every time for the series. I just want to be part of this family that inspire me to see how strong I am and share this amazing experience. I love every single part of this serie.
    I love the fact that this is surrealistic, funny, romantic, sad, exciting. Yes this is like the perfect recipe.

    I would love to be a part of upcoming casting calls of ABC’s Family’s Shadowhunters.

    Hoping a favorable return

  41. Avery Dixon

    Hi! I’m Avery, I’m nearly 15 years old and I have been a fan of the Shadow world for years. I have read all the published books and followed the television series, and truly adore the characters these actors and actresses have brought to life. I have long dirty blonde hair and warm brown eyes, am about 5’2″ and weigh 110lbs. I live in Ontario, Canada. I have some acting experience, limited to leads in school plays as well as a local dramatics club, but I am looking to broaden my horizons. I feel that acting in Shadowhunters would be an excellent way to do that, since it is something so near and dear to my heart. I look forward to hearing about upcoming casting calls.

  42. Jimall Boyd

    Jimall Boyd
    Age: 22 (type 18-25)
    Height: 5″9
    Weight: 160lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: African-American

    Hello my name Is Jimall Boyd. I have experience in theater and Training . I started watching the series a year ago and got attached immediately. I want to be apart of the series because it is a popular drama/SyFy that tells a interesting story of Clary. The actors/actresses are amazing and get to have fun while filming and I would love to be apart of something great such as this show.

  43. Shaylene

    Hi! Ever since I finished the books I’ve wanted to have more of the mortal instruments in my life. I absolutely fell in love with Cassandra Clare and have wanted to get more involved somehow and I feel like this would be an amazing opportunity!
    While reading the books I felt I had the strongest connection to Izzy, then more-so Emma Carstairs (although like many I wished I was like Tessa). I feel like my personality is more similar to Emma but my experiences and family ties may be closer to Tessa.
    Physically I might be closer to Tessa but honestly any opportunity would be a privileged.

    I am 20, Canadian, about 5’8, hazel eyes, brown hair, in decent shape, hour glass figure. (I absolutely hate to sound arrogant but) I have been told I am very attractive.

    I am willing to travel, send photos or videos, and whatever else might be needed (I’m not really a professional actor so I don’t know everything you might need 🙂

  44. Madison

    Hi guys, I’m Madison Powell. I’m 16 years old (about to be 17 in April 2018)and I live in Virginia. Ever since I read the mortal instruments, watched the movie,and the TV show I have always dreamed about being part of it. I am kind of shy but I think this opportunity would help me grow as a person. I do not have any acting experience besides taking drama classes in middle school. This show really inspired be to stay true to who I am and to go for something I wouldn’t normally do and to not have fear. I hope I can audition for this amazing show! Thanks

  45. Matthew Paris

    My name is Matthew Paris

    I am 15 yrs old and live in Toronto Ontario Canada.
    My only bit of acting experience is an upcoming school play. I feel that I am cabable acting for this series because I have seen what the cast has done in the series and I feel that I can match the level of dramatics as the cast.

    If there is any updates on casting calls for this series please let me know

  46. Cindy Mancia

    My name is Cindy Mancia, I am 21 years old and I am hispanic. My weight is 125 and my height is 5’4. The truth is I don’t have experience in acting . The reason why I would like to be part of the casting is because i am in a place where I don’t feel satisfied about myself and what I am doing with it. I just finish my two years of college and to be honest I am not totally enjoy it. I feel like all this time I have been listening to what people want and not what I want. I always remember myself as someone who really wanted to be in TV, but it always looked so surreal so I did nothing about it. However inside of me thats were I feel I belong. At the end, I don’t have many of the qualities that people here have, but I know I want a change in my life and persue what makes me happy.

  47. Sandy Kaye

    Hi I am an actress with lots of experience in t.v., films and commercials and would be sutiable for ar role
    on this series, I look forward to getting more casting informations. Thanks…Sandy Kaye, actress

  48. Cassandra

    African American
    Hi my name is Cassandra and I am 15 years old and come from Boston, MA. I have been in plays the Huntington Theater puts on. I have dark brown eyes and short dark brown hair. Also I play basketball and am interested in the medical field. I am always trying to find new ways to expand my performances.

  49. Cassandra

    Cassandra Demas
    African American
    Hi my name is Cassandra and I am 15 years old and come from Boston, MA. I have been in plays the Huntington Theater puts on. I have dark brown eyes and short dark brown hair. Also I play basketball and am interested in the medical field. I am always trying to find new ways to expand my performances.

  50. Amanda Fudala

    INFORMATION ( of my twin sister & i):
    HEIGHTS: i am 5’3 1/2, she is 5’4
    WEIGHTS: i weigh 124lbs, she weighs 125lbs
    AGES: both 16 ( will both be 17 in jan of 2018)
    HAIR: mine is dark brown, her’s is lighter brown
    EYES: mine are green, her’s are blue-green
    ETHNICITIES: middle-easterns ( causcassian appearances)
    NATIONALITIES: americans
    LOCATION: los angeles area

  51. Amanda Fudala

    my sister and i are identical twins who have loved this series since the first book. we think that it would be super cool to have twins shadowhunters in the series, hope we can make it in! 😉

  52. Emily Kogan

    Height- 5’6″
    Weight- 120 lbs.
    Age- 18
    Hair- Brown
    Eyes- Dark Brown
    Ethnicity- Russian
    Nationality- American
    Hello, my name is Emily Kogan. I am extremely athletic, with a lot of stage performing experience through professional dance and rhythmic gymnastics. I love this series, both novels and television, though they are starkly different. I think I could be a valuable asset because I am very quick to learn and adapt to new situations. I am experienced in stunts, etc. I would love to have a chance to help tell this beautiful, well-developed story!

  53. Djenifer Belizaire

    Name: Djenifer Belizaire
    weight: 120Ibs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Nationality: Haitian
    age: 18

    Hello, I am a Haitian girl who is just trying to my her dream come trust by becoming a tv actress. I am a high school student soon going to graduated then of to college. I was raised NYC at the age of 7 I always wanted to be an actress but I never have the opportunity to really do it cause my parents didn’t really know where to start so I decided to give up. But at the age of 10, my father passed away and before he dies told me to still keep on trying and promise him that I will get but out there and keep on try until you make and one day the door will be opened for you. I have always wanted to be part of this project I am a very big fan of everyone in this show. I will really love to be a part of this family and also my father who is in heaven and my single mother very happy of me and also help my family and also bring something to the table. it really be a pleasure to audition for you guys and a dream come true

  54. Darci York

    Name: Darci York
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 105lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    From: United States

    Hi! My name is Darci York. I am a very outgoing and dedicated person. I’ve done various martial arts for several years (eight, to be exact) and I compete at national and world levels. I am currently pursuing the US Olympic karate team. I have always loved the Shadowhunters books because I wanted to imagine that I was a Shadowhunter. When the TV series aired, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe it! The Series has not disappointed me yet, even though it isn’t exactly like the books. It would be a true pleasure to be apart of something so fantastic.

  55. Meghan

    Name Meghan
    Height 5’1
    Weight 130
    Hair Dirty blond
    Eye Hazel
    Nationality American

    Hello my name is Meghan and I’ve been a fan of the show for quite a while now I’ve read ever single book and still have every single book and now I’m watching the show I would love to have a part in this tv show because it’s my favorite tv show and since I was 5 I’ve always wanted to be an actor I’m now 14 and trying to get a role in something and it would mean so much to me if I ever got a part even tho I problem won’t but it’s worth a try also I have had about 2-3 years in drama club and 1-2 years in private Acting classes thanks

  56. Ariana Nikas

    Name: Ariana Nikas
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Nationality: American

    Hi, I’m Ariana Nikas. I’m a white girl, and I’m 15 years old. I’ve done musical theatre since the 2nd grade. I have also done tae kwon do for 4 years, so I have been trained in hand-to-hand combat, and some sword fighting and bo staff fighting.

  57. Keely Crouch

    Hey, my name is Keely Crouch from Philadelphia and am a 23 year old currently getting my law degree.
    Height: 5’0 (petite)
    Eye color: Green
    Hair color: Long Light brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian (American)
    Languages: English

    I have loved the series ever since it aired and I’ve been a huge fans of the books as well. I watched it repeatedly and hope to be part of the Shadowhunters cast someday. I love the adaptation and approach the series has taken. The writers and cast/crew do an amazing job of making this world come to life and I want so much to be apart of it.

    I’ve dreamt of being an actress ever since I was young. I’ve been performing since I was 10 in dance recitals, choir/orchestra concerts, and school plays. I don’t have many chances to audition because I’ve been in school getting my BA in Criminal Justice and now pursuing a legal degree but my dream is to be apart of the Shadowhunter cast.

    I really hope that I can audition for Shadowhunters and get casted. I am willing to learn and have the desire and drive to stay dedicated to improving my acting skills. I believe I will gain a lot of experience and learn so much from the cast and crew on set!

  58. John rius

    I want to participate in castings of shadowhunters

  59. Ashley Zuleta

    Hi my name is Ashley Zuleta im 16 years old 4″11 and hispanic I would love to be apart of this show ive read all the books and re -read them, I love the show and hope you choose me to be apart of it or at least have an audition:)

  60. Joan Riusech

    Name: Joan Riusech
    Height: 175cm
    Weight: 64kg
    Hair: chesnut
    Eyes: green
    Nationality: spanish

    Hi, my name is Joan Riusech, I am white boy and I have 15 years. I have experience in live theatres. I would love to participe on Shadow Hunter Tv show.
    I have a lot of information reeding all books.

  61. Mateen Subhani

    My name is Mateen Subhani. I am 19, I have brown eyes and black hair. I am British Pakistani, I have a slim and defined appearance. I have a youthful face and can do many different accents and impersonations. I have some brief acting experience. My weight is 61kg, I am quite light. I enjoy gymnastics and athletics. I love to act and tell stories and would be willing to relocate to take part in Shadowhunters. Thank you.

  62. Ethan Moretta

    Name: Ethan Moretta
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 165lbs
    Hair: Dirty Blond
    Eyes: Sea Green
    Nationality: British

    Hello, my name is Ethan Moretta. I am a white male with experience in live performances and short films. I play Canadian football during the summer/fall and ski in the winter. I have done some research on the Shadow Hunter Novels and I would love to be apart of it.

  63. Rachel Cox

    Height- 5’5″
    Weight- 130ish Ibs.
    Hair- Brown
    Eyes- Brown
    I am a mixed female from Iowa with limited acting experience but I’ve heard multiple time that I could be good at it. I love The Mortal instruments book series. It’s my favorite! I just turned 18 on May 25th and would like a chance to see if I am any good! Thanks!

  64. Paige Friehauf

    My name is Paige Friehauf and i’ve been recently exposed to this amazing fandom. I’m almost 14 but i look about 16 with my crazy height (5’9″, it’s a blessing and a curse) i have acting experience as well as being pretty athletic. I’ve got light brown hair, green eyes, and i’ve got light skin. I’d love to audition for an action role like this it would be a dream come true.

  65. Nicola Choi

    Name: Nicola Choi
    Age: 24
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Nationality: British
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 9.5stone

    I am a Chinese individual with limited acting experience. However I believe I can impress you with my ability and more importantly I would be privileged to work with the acclaimed Ms. Rhimes who has forever been a champion of minority representation. As a queer woman of colour, it would only be an honour. I’m a big fan of her work and would love the opportunity to audition.

  66. Nicole Foeller

    Hi, my name is Nicole Foeller and I loved to be apart of the shawdowhunters family, because I have read all the books and love them. I have a little experience in acting i have starred the lead in my school’s plays for 3 years now I am a sophomore in high school I am turning 16, 5’4, and live in Missouri.

  67. Tessa

    Hello. My name is Tessa. I love how the series hasn’t been going by the books. It has combined them all and made the actions in the show flow very smoothly. All the actors are great as well. They really portray how much of a family they truly are. They have their ups and downs, fights, and affection with each other. I would love to be a part of this show because of this. To be a part of a family that is so different from one another, but supports and protects each other despite their differences. A family that fights for one another.

  68. Claire Chang

    Hey! My name is Claire and I’m turning 14 soon but I look 16. I am 5′ (cursed with being short) and I love this series. I am an asian born american and have straight black hair and light brown eyes. This series means so much to me and my friends and I watch it all the time. The cast also seems like a family. I have some acting experience, but none professional, just community theater and things like that.
    I am around 80 lbs and I am pretty strong because I am a dancer. I love doing acrobatics and stunts and I love to sing. I think that playing Emma would be awesome, although I really don’t fit anyone of the characters ethnicity wise. Emma, Tessa, Christina, and Livvy are my favorite girls.
    I know that a lot of people want those roles, so congrats if anyone cast is reading this!

  69. Alyssa Hayward

    Hello, I would love to be apart of the cast and crew for Shadowhunters because I believe the storyline in magnificent and the way the characters develop overtime makes the characters seem mundane; which in return allows the audience to connect with the characters. I am 15 years old. Some of my physical features are, I am 5′ 3″, have medium length wavy dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. I believe I would make a great addition to the team because I am dedicated to acting, would push myself to be the best I can be, and go outside of my comfort zone if nessicarily to meet the criteria needed. I also understand that it is not all sunshine and rainbows, that it has its ups and downs but in the end to see it all come together would be worth it. I am willing to send in videos and tapes if you need. I have been in choir for 7 year, and am learning Italian. If you would consider me for a part no matter how big or how small, It’d be appreciated and I wouldn’t disappoint.

  70. Carmen Ng

    Hi, my name is Carmen Ng from Malaysia and am a 20 year old studying bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

    Height: 5’0
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Light brown
    Ethnicity: Malaysian (Asian)
    Skills: Writing, adapting to new surroundings, willing to learn, a good team player, could play any role except nudity
    Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay

    I have always love the series since it aired and find it extremely enchanting and absolutely fascinating! I watched it repeatedly and hope to be part of the Shadowhunters cast. The elements and features of the fantasy series are complex yet clear, in a sense that audience don’t get confused yet find the series captivating.

    Speaking of that, I know how hard filming can be, as I have had some experience with it, and I really appreciate all the hard work by the cast and crew. Thank you so much for making this series enchanting and fascinating! 

    I used to dreamt of being an actor, unfortunately the acting industry in my country is not as advance, and I don’t have much chances of auditioning. Because of that I pursue my studies in Mass Communication, hoping that the skills I learnt from college will be able to aid me in acting.

    I really hope that I can audition for Shadowhunters and get casted. To be honest, I may be lacking in some aspects, but I am willing to learn and have a heart to do so.

    I believe I will gain a lot of experience and learn so much from the cast and crew on set! 

  71. Carmen Ng

    Oh and I forget to add some other details.

    I am 5’0 with light brown natural hair color, love to be around people, and can work with people.

    -Carmen Ng-

  72. Carmen Ng

    Hi, my name is Carmen and I’m from Malaysia, 20 years old. I am a fan of fantasy novels and films, and the Shadowhunters TV series is gripping to watch, and also incredibly fascinating to follow up.

    I watched it several times repeatedly because I don’t want it to end, to be honest. As the audience, I have to thank the cast and the crew for all of their hard work and efforts, as I know how hard it is based on some experience I have on working on films in college.

    As a Mass Communication student in Bachelor’s degree, I would love to have any opportunity to work with various films. And with the recent release of the season finale of Shadowhunters Season 2, it sparks my ambition of acting from when I was younger. With that, I hope to be a part of the cast and learn from the set.

    I am fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. I am good at writing and speaking, and I could play any character which are not against my own ethics. I am willing to learn any other skill set necessary and am adaptable to any surroundings.

    I do hope that it is not too late for the casting call, thank you! 🙂

  73. Cindy

    Hello, my name is Cindy Chen. I am 20 years old and would love to be a part of the shadowhunters world. I am a big fan of all of the books/series written by the wonderful Cassandra Clare.

    Being part of the shadowhunters community would mean so much to me. I love a good challenge and new experiences. I have always wanted to work on a set and to be in films. I am quite determined and hardworking, but also kind and easygoing.
    I am a slender female of Asian descent, who wants to be able to help create a wonderful show. I live near downtown Toronto, where most of the filming take place, and I would love to have a chance to be on shadowhunters, and to work with some amazing people.

    Best regards,

    Cindy Chen

  74. juliana rodriguez

    Hey my name is Juliana Rodriguez and i am 20 years old. i read the book series back in high school and fell in love. the movie came out i fell even more i love. when the show came out i was nervous to watch, new actors and restarting all over again. i gave in and watched and was impressed. as a frequent reader its nice to see everything that you have read and seen in your head come to life and that’s what the show did for me. i would love to be apart of the show period, i wouldn’t care what you had me do as long as i am apart of my favorite series being made.

  75. Ashley Wiseniske

    Hi, my name is Ashley Wiseniske and I am a 27 year old native from Texas. I am between 5’7″- 5’8″ and have an athletic body type. I have blue eyes and reddish-brown hair. I read all of the books, watched the movie and currently enjoy watching the TV series. With my father being an Army veteran, I have learned some combat skills over the years from him and I attend kickboxing classes in my town. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I love the series because of the whole mythology, the background on every character, and just how complex the series is. I would see this opportunity as an amazing experience and a challenge.