Serena Starring Jennifer Lawrence

Hot on the heels of her tremendous performance in the worldwide phenomenon Hunger Games, Oscar nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence is hard at work on what could be her next smash hit film. Lawrence will star in Serena with The Hangover star Bradley Cooper this spring. Casting calls are going on now for roles of all sizes. Are you ready to act alongside Katniss Everdeen?

Based on the highly acclaimed novel by Ron Rash, Serena is a reworking of one of  William Shakespeare’s most beloved stories Macbeth. Set in 1929, the film will follow married couple George and Serena Pemberton (Cooper and Lawrence)  as they travel to North Carolina to make their fortune in the timber industry. Serena’s drive and ambition make her a very valuable partner for George and proves to reinforce the passionate relationship between the two. Things soon take a turn for the worse as Serena learns that she cannot have children and she slowly begins a descent into madness that threatens to destroy everything that she and George have worked for. This is  a wonderfully complex project that will allow Jennifer Lawrence to truly spread her acting wings. Casting callas and auditions are being organized now for roles of all sizes in this much anticipated follow up to The  Hunger Games. Leave a comment below if you are interested in this new project and stay tuned for every exciting Serena update.

Jennifer Lawrence is fast becoming the most well known and talented actresses in the world and every project that she takes is now a must see event. Serena will be one of the most anticipated movie of the year and instant awards bait. This is your opportunity to be a part of the excitement and fun of a huge feature film starring some of the most talented people in Hollywood as a cast member of Serena.

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  1. Tabatha kinne

    Hey my name is tabatha kimne and i am very interested in being in this movie i am 27 years old…i am 5’11 i have auburn hair and blue eyes

  2. Kavya Liyanage


    My name is Kavya, I’m currently 17 and turning 18 in February. I would love to be a part of this film, I’ve always loved the Hunger Games series, and it’s the one thing that my media teacher makes me study at school. I’ve always loved how everything in the movies take place, the mis-en-scenes, costumes, lighting, the camera angle and most of all the acting! One of the subjects I study at school is media, we learn everything there is to know about the media industry, we also make our own short films, music videos etc. Every time such an opportunity comes my way, I’m always the one to pop my hand up to perform/act in a video. Acting is a dream career and would mean the world to me if I’m able to take part in a film so renowned. I’m the type that stays home watching movies just so I can learn to impersonate the character and learn everything to know about them.

    I’m a very outgoing person, with an extremely bubbly character. My friends and family would describe me as friendly, funny, loyal and a bit quirky. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, so I will definitely carry the accent. I have light brown to a medium brown skin tone. I wouldn’t say I’m extremely fit, but I do love my body and I’m working towards becoming the best version of what I’m made of. I have medium wavy black hair. I’m 165cm tall or 5 foot 4. With just a little coaching, I know I can be of assistance. 🙂

    Thank you,

    Kind Regards,
    Kavya Liyanage

  3. Eliaylia

    Hi. My name is Eliaylia. I go by Lila for short. I have dark brown hair most of the time.(It changes light brown). I have brown eyes. Last time I was checked I am 5’5. I am 13 years old. I would be happy to play in a movie like this.

  4. Sophie Case

    Hello, I’m Sophie! I absolutely love acting and would extremely grateful of you even considered me

    Age: 11
    Appearance: Light brown hair, slim,fair skinned,very athletic,multi colored eyes
    (Includes paren’t email)

  5. Kajchi

    Hello I’m Kajchi (Kah chee)
    I’m very interested in this movie, Gmail me for more information. I’m not going to put any personal information on the internet.

  6. Ryleigh Whiteside

    I am 16 years old & I am 5’5.
    I’m black/white/Indian and Mexican.
    I’m homeschooled so I can work with any schedule.
    I live in Longview, Texas.
    I’m a small build. 90-100lbs
    My shoe size is 7-8 (depending on type of shoe)
    I would love to have this opportunity.

  7. Micah

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi my name is Micah McDonald and I would love for a part in this new movie. I have some acting experience. I have been in church and school plays for as far back as I can remember. I take acting very seriously and work very hard. Down below has more information about me that u might want to know.

    Age:14(15 in January)
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 94lbs
    Eye color: blue(gets brighter when I wear blue)
    Hair color: brown
    Hair length: medium
    Hair type: straight
    Ethnicity: Irish, Italian, Native American
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Female
    Other: I am a nice girl, a little shy at first but you’ll see the real me when I warm up to u (which doesn’t take that long) I am very kind hearted and I make friends easily.
    Thank you for your support. I hope you consider giving me a good part in your movie.

  8. Micah

    Hi my name is Micah McDonald and I would love for a part in this new movie. I have some acting experience. I have been in church and school plays for as far back as I can remember. I take acting very seriously and work very hard. Down below has more information about me that u might want to know.

    Age:14(15 in January)
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 94lbs
    Eye color: blue(gets brighter when I wear blue)
    Hair color: brown
    Hair length: medium
    Hair type: straight
    Ethnicity: Irish, Italian, Native American
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Female
    Other: I am a nice girl, a little shy at first but you’ll see the real me when I warm up to u (which doesn’t take that long) I am very kind hearted and I make friends easily.
    Thank you for your support. I hope you consider giving me a good part in your movie.

  9. Mariana Franco Garzon

    Nombre: Mariana
    Edad: 11
    Estatura: 1,53
    Pais: Mexico (Aprendizaje de Ingles)
    Ciudad: Guadalajara
    Color de pelo: Castaño y lizo ( igual que el de katniss)
    Color de ojos: Marrones (igual que los de katniss)

    Hola, buenas tarde, mi nombre es Mariana, tengo experiencia como actriz, me gusta cantar, bailar y soy muy buena en el deporte (practico tiro al blanco) e visto todas las peliculas de los juegos del hambre y e leido sus libros, tengo un caracter Tranquilo y me gusta disfrutar de la actuacion, soy muy veloz y e ganado medallas de oro en competencias de velocidad. Me dejo guiar por las personas y aprendo rapido cualquier cosa ya sean guiones (en ingles o en español), canciones, trabalenguas, etc.
    Me gusta aprender de los errores y nunca rendirme, siempre doy lo mejor de mi y me esfuerzo mucho por ser una gran persona.
    Es muy sencillo para mi fingir sentimientos, como trsteza, alegria, rabia, etc todas las emociones que sean nesesarias yo las logro hacer cueste lo que cueste.
    Gracias por su tiempo y apoyo su desicon, gracias por darme estas maravillosa oportunidad laboral.

  10. Archita Shrivastava

    Hi there! My name is Archita and I am almost 12 years old. This movie sounds so incredibly breathtaking and it would be such an honor to be a part of it and to work with such amazing actors. I don’t have an opinion on what type of role I should get but I would be great either as an extra or a speaking role. I am easy to work with and I love to make people smile and laugh while still taking acting very seriously. I am 4’11 and I have long black curly hair, big brown eyes, long eyelashes, and very athletic due to cheerleading competitively. I am very compassionate and so very determined. I hope you’ll consider me, thanks!

  11. hannah

    love to be an extra

  12. Valeria Castellanos

    A opportunity to be a part of a incredible movie , is all i need. You won’t be sorry or regret it. Acting is amazing. To play a role of a hero or villain a emotional person . I’m great showing emotion when i act. All i need is an opportunity. \
    age: 13
    race: Hispanic I speak English , Spanish and learning French.
    height: 5’2

  13. Hannah Louise campbell

    Gender: Girl
    Age: 12 (25.6.02)
    height: 5″10 (tall i know)
    Hair: Brown , thick , mid back
    Eye: hazel – straight
    Race: white – but naturally tan really easily
    I’m from Britain
    Experience: I don’t have any in terms of movies (you probably guessed that). However I do Drama in my school and have taken part in plays in primary school (now in secondary) and I enjoy it.

    I want to do this because I love to entertain in any way. I love making people laugh and helping making there day better.

    Thank you for your time
    Hannah xxx

  14. Ilirijana

    Hi,my name is Ilirijana but you can call me Ana and I’m 12 years old.I live in Montenegro but it doesn’t main that I cant come to America.I like this movie and I would like ti be a part of it.I’m albanian girl the mist beautiful race in Europe and Balcan.I’ve alredy have an experiance and if you guys give me the part it would be soo cool!My ant live in Michigen so it wont be a problem.I’m shure that a lot of kids want this part but not have much I do and I’ll do anything.Pls,give me this part thats all my asking,and I’ve you give me this part you would make my dream come try.
    Eye colour:brown
    Hair colour:brown
    Race: white/albanian

  15. lindsey d

    Sex: Female
    Body structure: thin and short
    Age: 12, I am about to be 13
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: 92 lbs.
    skin Color: Tan/brown
    Race: Mainly african american, also hispanic and caucasian

    My name is Lindsey I love acting but I have not starred in a movie yet. I am really good at gaming and cooking. I do not have acting experience but I can fake cry and I feel that I am a really good actor. I am planning to be an acting celebrity and my female idol is Chloe Moretz because she is a young actor who is really good at her job and is pretty, she seems like a good influence.

  16. William D. Wilday

    I am William D. Wilday, am 67 years old and am looking to audition for a senior actor role in the film Serena.
    As an older man I can play any senior role you may be looking for.
    My portfolio is here: “”.

  17. SandraK

    My name is Sandra Kemper, I am 13 years old, my eyes are brown, so is my hair. I’m 1.60 meters tall and I live in the Netherlands.
    You’re supposed to say what makes you special and why you should get a role but the truth is, I’m just your average teenager. I go to middle school, do homework, play games on my phone and read books. I lived in Shanghai for 2 years where I attended an international school and participated in 3 English plays. I do bilingual education at my current school. I love acting, it’s my passion, the thing that puts a smile on my face and brightens my day. The thing that I have always wanted to do for work. I’ve just never had the courage to submit myself until now. I’ve finally decided to follow my dream and after a long, depressing time in my life I see hope. I’ve chosen to take control over my own future.

  18. Trinity Emley

    Hey there!
    I’m Trinity Emley
    Age : 16
    Acting Age Range: 13-22
    Gender : Female
    Height: 5’1
    Eye color : Very Dark Brown (almost black)
    Hair color : Black (I like to dye my hair so I can dye it light or dark brown or even purple or red!)
    Weight : 110 lbs
    Race: Asian
    Ethnicity: Filipina
    Skin color: Light Mocha

    I would love to be part of this movie. I feel I am fit for this movie because I can be a very sarcastic person with high enthusiasm or a very serious person. You won’t be disappointed. Because of my race I can easily look 13-22 with or without makeup. My ethnicity would give the cast some diversity bringing in a tan Asian look. Also even just during break I would be very fun to work with! If you want more information about me, email me and I’ll tell you more!

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration! Hope to hear from you soon!

  19. Kyla

    Hi , I’m Kyla and i’m not about to write out tons of paragraphs and use all those big words or lie about me being in plays or lead roles because that’s not me . I’m a very honest and outspoken person so I like to let people know ” the real ” about me so they can know what there getting into I mean it’s only fair but I think ya’ll should chose me because not a lot of young females from Detroit MI the most violinist city in the untied states have opportunities like this and I just want to bring light in back into Detroit .

    I have Braces

    14 years old
    122 lbs
    Eye / Dark brown
    Detroit . MI
    African American

  20. Leila Judeh

    My name is Leila Judeh and every since I was a young little girl I dreamt of the spotlight on me with people voting for me on the Oscars because of my best hit movie of the year. I am 15 turning 16 this year and not one person has ever believed that I will ever make it as an actress and actually get my Best Actress Oscar I have been dreaming about. I feel like if I get casted in this movie it will not only give me the experience that I would need for my future as an actress but it will also give me a boost in the media and give the world a chance to see what I can do and my passion for acting. Jennifer Lawrence has been one of my role models for a while now and now I’m trying my hardest not to meet Jennifer but to actually get to work with her. I feel that if I do get casted I will shoot for a big role first. I never like to go small. If the big role doesn’t work out I will take the small role gladly and next time try harder for the main role that I want. I understand that you have a lot of people to choose from but I would like you to consider as one. Thank you.

    Eyes: Light/dark brown
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 5’5
    Passion: Acting and dancing
    Goals: My Oscars.

  21. francecsa pagni

    i really want to work with jennifer lawrence she is my favorite female actor of all time

  22. Hailey

    Name Hailey
    Age 10
    Hair blond
    Skin White
    Weight “68”
    Height 58 inches

    Hello I’m Hailey I would love to audition for this movie. My hobbies are climbing trees,hanging with friends & watching movies. My favorite movies are hunger games and pitch perfect. I hope you like my comment enough to let me audition for your movie. Merry Christmas

  23. Kate

    Hi I’m Kate:) I’m 15 and have green eyes with blonde and brown hair. I would live to be in this film,I haven’t had much experience but I’m doing drama at my school and take part as much as I can , I know that isn’t amazing but I’ve always wanted to be an actor, if you would consider me I’d be so thankful:)

  24. Taylor Boehm

    Hello my name is Taylor Boehm I am a 12 year old blonde Caucasian with blue eyes in Calgary,AB Jennifer is one of my inspirations because of her amazing talents and her hilarious humour. I HAVE had personal experience acting once as a kid at a corn pops commercial at the age if 6 but the cost was to much money. I would love to try new things and would love to meet Jennifer Lawrence. Please I would appreciate it very much if you consider me and let me know your decision. I love to sing just need a little coaching, I dance ballet and Acro and know I probably don’t have a chance but if I do get the chance i would appreciate it very much. Thank you and have a wonderful day

  25. Cindy J. gonzalez S.

    I’m from Montreal QC Canada, but currently living in Regina SK Canada.
    Hair color:brown
    Eye color:green

    I have experience in musical(stage) singing,acting and dancing.
    I’m trying to make my dreams come true, even the smallest part would mean the world to me.
    I hope you get the chance to read this.

  26. Erin Bunts

    Long Blonde Curly hair
    19 Years old
    Size 2-6 Dress/2-4 pants (Depending on type)
    Slender body type
    Considered attractive by opinion of many

    I am currently a Sophomore at a small college in Aiken South Carolina originally from Myrtle Beach, SC. I moved to start a new life and get away from the stressful living. I shortly learned that no matter where I live, life will be stressful. I have been casted for many different kinds of roles in school plays, but acting has never been my “passion”. I’ve come to realize that I’m only a good actress when I’m passionate about what I’m doing. I have lived a very fortunate life and believe that sometimes all you have to do is take some risks to become successful. I have also learned that I am successful with whatever I do, because I only risk it all for things I believe in. With that being said……if you believe in me, I’ll believe in you and I know success is near.

  27. Inga Ahlgrimm

    inga ahlgrimm
    age : 15
    tall : 1,75
    skin color : white
    hair brown
    bys : riding

  28. Erin rose

    hi i am Erin,
    i love drama, dancing and singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the plays i do everybody says i was amazing (even my teacher). I do lot of pays and pantos!
    i am skinny and very sporty.
    I do gymnastics, running, triple/long jump, trampolining, football and netball.
    I love tree climbing, swimming, drama, dancing,singing and cooking.
    it will not be a disappointment if you pick me!

    body structure:athletic built, thin and tall
    hair: blonde/brown, really curly
    weight: 6 stone
    face;no spots,dark eyelashes
    ps: you will be glad you pick me(if you do)
    PPS: l can come to america

  29. Jasmine Boismenu

    Hi,my name is Jasmine I’m 14 year old and I am a hight school student in Montreal,Canada. Since a very young age, enternainment has always been my first interest in life (Singing,dancing,acting,animation) anything that required to be on a stage or to have all attention on me. With the years, I got many experiences in the art middle and I know that i’m in the right place when I can express my ideas, my passion and who I am, all at the same time. My passion began because of the famous television channel : Disney and my hole life, my dream was to be a part of that big family. I’m a very hard working girl and I will always give my 200% on everything. I like challenges , because they allow me to learn and to grow as an artist, and that is best way to gain more experiences! I am bilingual and memorising texts is my one of my many forces. I am very serious about what I do and I would be more than happy to finally archive my dream job and to be apart of the amazing world of actors!

    Here are some a my experiences :

    – Was cast in the play Annie
    -Did a singing contest call mini star
    -Had Hip Hop dance class
    -Did the older version of the mini star singing contest
    -Did animation in the third biggest hight school in Quebec 3 times
    -Participated in my hight school talent shows
    -Got cast in the Shakespeare play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream in my hight school
    -And many to come

    Thank you for you’re time and I hope to have news soon .

    Jasmine Boismenu