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TV Show Casting Call

Do you have a big dream but not enough cash to make it a reality? MTV and Rob Dyrdek want to know how $50,000 could change your life! If you have big dreams and an even bigger personality there is a new game show casting call for you! MTV and the skateboarder turned reality TV star are teaming up for a new television show. Casting directors are looking for men and women who are ages 18 and older. They are looking for participants who are in Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada and Colorado. The other eligibility requirements that apply can be found on the submission website as well. If you are interested in participating on the new show for a chance to win a ton of cash, sign up for the MTV TV show casting call right away.

About Win Big

As a pro-skater, television star, and serial entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek, is a professional “dream-achiever” who carved his own path to fame and fortune by transforming his passions into reality. Now, Rob is teaming up with MTV for a revolutionary new game show where $100,000 will be given away in every episode to help young people take life to the next level. [Deadline]

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are seeking men and women who are ages 18 and older.

Seeking Men & Women

Must be at least 18 and legally able to work in US.

Local to Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada and Colorado

Other terms and conditions and eligibility requirements will apply.

How to Apply

If you want to apply let us know here or email us at GAMESHOW@TIKICASTING.COM ATTN: PD and you could be on Rob’s new game show where he’s giving away $100K in cash and prizes every episode!

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44 Casting Responses

  1. Lyssa Samuel

    I’m a Recovery Coach which means I’m a young recovering heroin addict who works with other struggling addicts and helps them down their own path. Sometimes it is fucking hell warmed over but there is no one else better for the job then someone who’s been there. My dream is to open a rehab that would be VERY different from what they currently have available, however that works cost ALOT more than 100,000. That amount of cash though would allow me to open recovery community housing. I hope to hear you’d like to help!

  2. Jay Combs

    Most people think I’m either in a band or a tattoo artist while that would be awesome to be either one, I’m actually a computer nerd (or as I see it an IT custodial engineer). I’ve worked and lived in Los Angeles California for the past 5 years and it’s been a wild ride! Thanks to my cat Zeus I was given the opportunity to appear on My Cat From Hell “crazy cat opens doors” (3-ball) was behind the scenes with my casting and what an experience. In my free time I avoid computers, use my drums as a means of releasing my uncanny hyper activity. Summary: great on paper. out of step. one step ahead. running for distance and adulthood. looking to win so I can pay for my wedding and buy a horse.

  3. Ryan Butler

    Hi Ellen. My name is Ryan Butler, and I am a semi-professional soccer player for the Philadelphia Fury (a lower level professional team in the American Soccer League {ASL}). I am writing to you because #1. I am a big supporter and fan of your show & #2. I am searching for an opportunity to be featured on your show to try to get myself out of a troublesome situation that I put myself in. I currently spend my mornings training for the Fury, my afternoons trying to grow my soccer training platform (Train13) that I created myself, and my nights training local youth teams in my small town. I currently have a girlfriend of 5 years, who I met in college, who is going to graduate school in Florida. Our situation is tough being so far away from each other, and we constantly miss each other. I was hoping to get engaged soon, but by trying to pursue soccer, I don’t have enough money for an engagement ring. I have tried to work several jobs that correlate with my schedule for my team, but it is nearly impossible to save money. In no means do I mean this to sound like a sob story, but I was hoping for the opportunity to be featured on your show or at least talk to you about what I can do going forward because I really value your advice, lessons, and opinions. Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  4. Cody gillett

    The company im trying to make can help everyone please if you can give 7 Legacies a thought to help better your life and city

  5. Henry

    Would love to make make own tv show

  6. Fatima Montalvo

    Hello, My name is Fatima Montalvo I’m 26 and live in California. I am currently trying to raise a about to be 1 year old also work a full time job as a cocktail waitress. My dream is to have enough cash saved up to leave my job and open up either a nail salon or a family oriented restaurant with my fiancé. I am supper passionate with the things I set myself to accomplish. But without the money it can get a little discouraging or the feeling of not being able to accomplish my life long goals. My biggest dream is to be able to TEACH my son that if he is determined and takes risk with anything that he sets his mind to, then he can accomplish it.

  7. Tamiko

    My name is Tamiko (Tah-me-ko) Epting, and I want Atlantic Records to contact me about a record deal because i’ve been singing since I was Ten years old, and it was a big dream of mine to work at a big company. I also want to be signed there because i’m trying to diversify music, I’m creating a culture that can combine with Black culture and White culture. If you help me out on this one, I promise I will give you full credit and tell more people about you. I was a big fan of yours since I was 13. Thanks and I hope I hear from you soon.

  8. jesse doering

    My name is Jesse Doering. I am a BIG guy with a matching personality, old enough not to tell you how old I am, waiting for the right chance to get a push forward in life. I have an amazing wife and two children that keep me enjoying life to the fullest. I am a tattoo artist that went to school to be a jewelry maker, glass blower, and print-makerm and after no one wanted to pay me for being as awesome as I was I became an accountant for XPO Logistics to make a living for my family. I have never been on a game show, never been on a vacation, love Rob and MTV so would like an opportunity to show you I am worth the chance. Let me know if I can provide anything else to show you how I might be perfect for the show. Give me a chance to get out of Ohio for even just a second and test my luck for the future!

    Thank you,

  9. Victoria a Parker

    Hello I’m 28 yrs old guardian of 2 beautiful boys I would love to be on the show however I live in Tennessee. I would love to meet Rob as he is an amazing person to me. I’m wanting to be on a gameshow as I desperately could use the money for my kids who really deserve it. It would be an awesome way to give them their (and my) first vacation and have fun in the process. If theirs anyway people from Tennessee can join please let me know

  10. Hiedi Hazelbaker

    Hello!!! Id love to tell you about my amazing dream of a special cave id grow into one of the hottest clubs in the world. I know exactly what a crowd wants and what a dancer wants and what anyone could want when it comes to entertainment. I know if that door was opened life would become magicle for atleast moments of time if they eneter the cave.

    My mind has plenty more ideas , with the right questions and the right people i can make people curious , very curious. Very quick. 🙂

  11. Kylie Hamilton

    Hi my name is kylie Hamilton, I’m 19 and from Arizona. I would love to be on this show. I had a rough childhood growing up without my parents. I got mixed up in the wrong crowd and I am trying to get my life back on track and go to college to get my bachelor’s degree in justice studies. Thank you for the consideration.

  12. Jordan

    Hey my names Jordan. I’m a skateboarder/adrenaline junkie/cliff jumper. I’m a father of two. And have a beautiful family. Me and my girlfriend wanted money to buy our house. I would love to be on your show. Your an inspiration to the skateboarding community.

  13. Antoine Johnson

    Hi im Antoine Johnson im 22 years old coming from baltimore maryland and it would mean alot if I got on this show. Im not only coming from a small city with alot of hate but I actually see a vision for myself to make it. Rob I watch you since rob and big and fantasy factor I admire your ambition and your craft you are a great person and for this opportunity it would be beyond me. I would be ecstatic.

  14. Curtis bean

    hey my name is Curtis be my YouTube name is balla Bean.. I have so much talent but it seems like it’s so hard to get out of Florida I can guarantee you if you give me one chance I’ll make you happy and my 8 year old son is a positive educational rapper his name is Kid Balla on YouTube you will love him

  15. Keiko Estep

    Hey my name is Keiko, I live in Arizona. I am a big fan of Rob’s show, I love acting and have been since High school. All 4 years I was in theatre and was part of the Plays that we put on, I was a main character or part of the cast! My step dad was an extra in the movie eight legged freaks, I really just enjoy being on stage or on screen in general. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me and could help me and my family out a lot!

  16. Jared Duda

    Hmm I guess I would consider doing your “show”. I don’t see any details on here though, so you may have to try a little harder to sell me on it. Please don’t send a bunch of bikini babes to my house to convince me though, my wife hates that. I’m not sure 50k could “change my life”, but I’ve always wanted to fill my pool up with Coors Light, and this would give me that opportunity 😉

    Save time and see things my way,


  17. Patrick Willard

    Hi my name is Patrick Willard and I’ll be turning 30 next month. I would love to be on this show. I’ve always watched Rob Dyrdek shows and see how inspirational and funny they are. It’s been my dream to own my own gym one day and change people’s lives. I want to help them reach there goals and see the smiles on there face doing so. I want to be successful not only for me but for my two daughters as well. Honestly it would be really cool to just meet Rob Dyrdek to. Hope yall have a blessed one.

  18. Jacinta

    Que pasa??!
    My name is Jacinta, I am 32 years old. I currently live in South Carolina, a native from Tuskegee, Alabama.
    I would like a chance to be on Rob show……
    I always wanted to be a pro basketball player. I’ve grown over the years after college, now I am driven to be my own boss. Entrepreneurs are sufficient people and very skilled at what they enjoy doing. I have the vision of owning my own restaurant, but gradually from establishing a food truck business. I have the desire to be a Chef without a culinary education. However, I’ve build my experience by working with Chef’s and food establishments.
    My spouse said that I would be unsuccessful, because I dont have good credit or the resources to be successful.
    I believe that I can. In the meantime, I am preparing myself for success by planning and gaining mental toughness for this journey of being an Entrepreneur.
    About me:
    I love to jog when the sun is out, taking care of my mother, and loving thise who love me. I am a simple country girl who likes to donut in Mustangs.
    Once I win this money I am going to raise more money for the awareness of diabetes!
    Thanks for your consideration.

  19. Samantha

    Hi my name is Samantha McTighe I am 21 years old I am just getting out of the military I served in the US army. My dream is to go out in the world and help out high school kids and younger with disorders rather it be depression, anxiety, eating disorders there’s no limit! I went through something last year where I had no one and I went in a pretty dark place and it sucked I had no one, my husband was deployed I had just had a knee surgery I was stuck, I couldn’t imagine a child feeling what I was feeling. So my little dream is to go to schools around my area and just help out start a group where kids can come and just feel like everything is okay for a little bit, and hopefully one day I can have my own business where the doors are always open!
    Thank you for the opportunity it’s awesome!!

  20. Rebekah swaluk

    Hello my name is rebekah swaluk and I have a big dreams that have unfortunately have been on hold due to chronic illness. I went to school for hairdressing but unfortunately had to quit working soon after that. Since then I have developed a tremor disorder which makes it impossible to hairdresser now. I feel so behind and unsure how to move forward. This would be a great opportunity for me

  21. Bree Casas

    Hello! My name is Bree and I am 22 years old. As a recent college graduate, I’d say it’s pretty obvious as to why I would love to have a little extra cash in my pocket. I have student debt to pay off! Plus, I wouldn’t mind a nice and relaxing vacation along with it too. I absolutely love watching game shows and would love to be a part of this one because I have tons of energy and a great personality to go along with it. Thanks for considering me and hope to hear back from you soon!

  22. Ageta White

    My name is Ageta White and I would love the opportunity to be on your show and would like the chance to be able to compete. I work everyday to provide for me and my family and I’m 20 years old. I just would like the option to prove myself that it’s more out there in life then minimum wage jobs

  23. nora

    heres an idea: a new restaurant with a mic for every guest connected to a souround sound system that guests are instructed to eat into the mic and it amplifies the whole establishment and chewing sounds are to be enjoyed by everyone collectively.

  24. Jeremy Kine

    Hey! My name’s Jeremy, I’m 20 years old and I’d love to be on this show. Rob Dyrdek has been a huge source of joy and inspiration to me since i was a kid. I skate hard every day (at least when I’m not too thrashed from the last sesh) and have aspirations to become a successful entrepreneur in the future. It would mean the world to me to be on the show, and if I make it, I promise… I’m IN IT TO WIN IT. Thanks a bunch for considering me!

  25. Jeremy Kine

    Hey! My name is Jeremy and I’d love to be on this show. I’m 20, about to turn 21 and Rob Dyrdek has always been an idol to me. I skate hard every day (as long as I’m not too trashed from the last sesh) and have dreams of doing something big one day. Don’t even know what the show is about yet but I’m in it to win it! Thanks a bunch for considering me ;D

  26. Enicia

    Hello my name is Enicia Flores I am 21 years young and live in Arizona. I feel like everyone deserves a chance to reach their dreams and having a little more cash in their pockets that they dream of. As exciting as it seems to get a shot at winning some money why not go the extra mile and risk it. Life’s about taking chances and you win some and lose some.

  27. Orlando Jefferson

    I’m Orlando Jacob Jefferson, I’m 17 years old and looking for a chance to be some body, I know I’m not 18 but hey I see an opportunity so I’m gonna take a shot.

  28. Alex Rudegeair

    I’m 26 year old up and coming artist, designer & craftsman that started a custom design and build furniture and interior design company in Lancaster, PA. The Lancaster market is not large enough to support my vision and aspirations to design for high profile clientele and brands tho I have had the opportunity to build for clients such as Nike and Yamaha Guitars due to my close location to the “Rock Lititz Campus”. My dream is to move and make a name for myself in LA but wood shop/studio rent is much higher in LA and the cost to move my equipment is not cheap either. My company Rude Design + Build Studio has recently gone through a rough time due to my area being behind the design curve and the market not being able to afford what I have to offer. I would love the opportunity to show the world my skills and vision!

  29. William Sroufe

    Im not 18 But i am able to work in the us i want to try and get the part

  30. Ben Boyer

    I’m a five year Air Force veteran who recently got out and am a student who could definitely use the help financially. For five years I was a physical training leader who helped individuals in my unit and also helped monitor the PT tests at the fitness assessment center. I’ve been watching your shows since day 1 and was a huge fan of Rob and Big.

  31. Dre Rouse

    My name is Dre I’m 20 going on 21 this month and I don’t see myself winning but I’ll give it a try. Here is this to rob I’m a huge fan your one of my role model you showed me to not give up on your dream but also have fun making it come true. I’m in the process of making a vape clothing company and it call vape like a villain or VLAV for short and I think is show will help me succeed in my dream, and I’m not go be like those businesses that makes millions and only give a dollar. I want to help people in my community and around the world know that hard work pays off and dream your dream cuz at the end of the day it’s your dream that you want to come true. Thank you if I’m picked and thank you for the consideration

  32. Den'ee


  33. Den'ee Downing

    52 female moved from New England (alone) to restart after son passing.moved to Ohio so far layed off twice. (not enough work flow) my dream is small. open my own Dental Lab for future stability. at 52 fat change of even getting a reply here,???

  34. Brittany

    I am a 22 year old with the dreams of starting a rescue shelter. Blonde, adventurous , and outgoing 🙂

  35. Tiffany Thompson

    I’ll actually be turning 20 this month and I’m really trying to manifest positivity into my life. I’m entering a new decade in my journey and have learned many things the hard way in the past. I have overcome one of the BIGGEST challenges I’ll ever face in life and I’m healing. I’m starting school in May and I’m hoping to one day become a dentist, I’d definitely use the money to go to school so that I can rack in that 6 figure salary to help out my dad who has had an even rougher past couple of years than me. Please don’t get me wrong and think that I’m throwing a pity party because I’m not. I am an incredibly strong individual, I’m just feeling like I deserve a chance at this I t’s time for a win in my life, although if I’m not chosen thank you for even considering me.

  36. Jennifer Porrett

    I am not your typical girl. I am energetic, artsy, passionate, down to earth, yet professional and classy with a calming voice. I am that girl that wears high heels yet drives a stick shift car. It doesn’t get more well rounded than this. I study wines. I study weddings. I study Arabic culture and language. I paint artwork in my garage. I sew anything and everything. I am a wedding adviser. I am a foodie. I am a lover. I am one of the guys. I am the girl that turns heads when I walk by. Why am I applying for this show? Because I have a dream that I want so bad it might make me implode. I want to open my own Bridal store with a whole new spin on Bridal. I want to step away from traditions and status quo and really revolutionize the Bridal industry. I currently work 7 days a week to accomplish this goal. I work Monday-Friday in a business job that pays the bills. Then I work on the weekends selling wedding dresses and that is where I really shine. Please pick me and you wont regret it.

  37. Jess Wirbel

    My name is Jess a 29 year old female that lives in AZ. The dream I have had since I was 12 is to open a store. I would go back to school to get the classes I would need to be able to run my business properly. I have plans for other businesses as well to expand to.

  38. Cody Hedstrom

    My name is Cody. I am 22 what my real dream is to make the world a happier place. I am a very goofy and outgoing guy. I want to get out of debt and pay off my medical bills. Once that is done I want to get a house with my GF that I plan on marrying and start a streaming channel that would make people happy. I want to make the world a happier place and I want to be able to reach more people and make them feel better.

  39. dream valen

    I am transgender I actually just came out to my parents, worst in my life I think I could win the money because once my mind is on something its never going off the prize. I could win this money for not only my family but to better change my life and transition. please pick me you wont regret it. thanks, dream valen.

  40. Herman Jingco Robles Jr.

    31 male 5’8 bl onde Filipino living in Scottsdale az. Looking to be scared for robs show. Always have been a big fan of his an d as well of game shows so to hear the two have collided this mist mean there’s about to be a huge explosion on the television throughout the world amd I’d like to be apart of it. Please contact me

  41. Michael

    Let’s do this. Go big or go home.

  42. Amanda Garcia

    Ready to do this, let’s go!

  43. Darryl

    Darryl Stonum

    University of Michigan All Big-Ten student/athlete and graduate with BA in communications (2008-2012)

    Baylor University student/athlete masters degree program (2012-2013)

    2013 NFL Draftee to the Kansas City Chiefs

    Very intelligent, hard working, and determined. What I may lack in experience I surely make up with work ethic and the education I’ve worked extremely hard to obtain.

    Thank you for your consideration

  44. Beverly Gaye Scofield

    80 year old widow, still smiling and laughing, still trying to learn everything before the big day comes! I’ve had many careers–secretary, statistician, owner/operator of The Gaye Poodle dog grooming shop, college student at 40, juvenile hall intake office person, supervisor of Probation Department word processing center (helping a blind typist), backpacker in high Sierras, university student, traveler in pickup and 40′ fifth wheel trailer with new husband, writer, bonsai artist owner/operator of The Bonsai Barn in North Carolina, taught beginning bonsai art at Smithsonian Associate program in DC, computer consultant for a dozen accountants in Baltimore MD, back home to California to be a live-in caregiver to my Little Mother and husband on Hospice, one year as supermarket clerk in Tennessee to buy a trailer to travel for rest of my life to market my only published book (The Girl Who Dreamed of Ships). Now, after crashing my trailer in Arizona I am back in my hometown. My neighbors here at Vandenberg Senior Residence call me the Social Queen and the Hall Monitor. I have a small garden patch, but may pain doc laid down the law after I ruined his work on my painful neck by digging and planting. I’m trying now to get motivated to finish and submit all the half-finished projects languishing in the file cabinet. I “know” I have 10 more years, because my first thought when I woke on my 45th birthday was, “My life is half over.”