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TV Show Casting Call

Do you have a big dream but not enough cash to make it a reality? MTV and Rob Dyrdek want to know how $50,000 could change your life! If you have big dreams and an even bigger personality there is a new game show casting call for you! MTV and the skateboarder turned reality TV star are teaming up for a new television show. Casting directors are looking for men and women who are ages 18 and older. They are looking for participants who are in Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada and Colorado. The other eligibility requirements that apply can be found on the submission website as well. If you are interested in participating on the new show for a chance to win a ton of cash, sign up for the MTV TV show casting call right away.

About Win Big

As a pro-skater, television star, and serial entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek, is a professional “dream-achiever” who carved his own path to fame and fortune by transforming his passions into reality. Now, Rob is teaming up with MTV for a revolutionary new game show where $100,000 will be given away in every episode to help young people take life to the next level. [Deadline]

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are seeking men and women who are ages 18 and older.

Seeking Men & Women

Must be at least 18 and legally able to work in US.

Local to Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada and Colorado

Other terms and conditions and eligibility requirements will apply.

How to Apply

If you want to apply let us know here or email us at GAMESHOW@TIKICASTING.COM ATTN: PD and you could be on Rob’s new game show where he’s giving away $100K in cash and prizes every episode!

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6 Casting Responses

  1. dream valen

    I am transgender I actually just came out to my parents, worst in my life I think I could win the money because once my mind is on something its never going off the prize. I could win this money for not only my family but to better change my life and transition. please pick me you wont regret it. thanks, dream valen.

  2. Herman Jingco Robles Jr.

    31 male 5’8 bl onde Filipino living in Scottsdale az. Looking to be scared for robs show. Always have been a big fan of his an d as well of game shows so to hear the two have collided this mist mean there’s about to be a huge explosion on the television throughout the world amd I’d like to be apart of it. Please contact me

  3. Michael

    Let’s do this. Go big or go home.

  4. Amanda Garcia

    Ready to do this, let’s go!

  5. Darryl

    Darryl Stonum

    University of Michigan All Big-Ten student/athlete and graduate with BA in communications (2008-2012)

    Baylor University student/athlete masters degree program (2012-2013)

    2013 NFL Draftee to the Kansas City Chiefs

    Very intelligent, hard working, and determined. What I may lack in experience I surely make up with work ethic and the education I’ve worked extremely hard to obtain.

    Thank you for your consideration

  6. Beverly Gaye Scofield

    80 year old widow, still smiling and laughing, still trying to learn everything before the big day comes! I’ve had many careers–secretary, statistician, owner/operator of The Gaye Poodle dog grooming shop, college student at 40, juvenile hall intake office person, supervisor of Probation Department word processing center (helping a blind typist), backpacker in high Sierras, university student, traveler in pickup and 40′ fifth wheel trailer with new husband, writer, bonsai artist owner/operator of The Bonsai Barn in North Carolina, taught beginning bonsai art at Smithsonian Associate program in DC, computer consultant for a dozen accountants in Baltimore MD, back home to California to be a live-in caregiver to my Little Mother and husband on Hospice, one year as supermarket clerk in Tennessee to buy a trailer to travel for rest of my life to market my only published book (The Girl Who Dreamed of Ships). Now, after crashing my trailer in Arizona I am back in my hometown. My neighbors here at Vandenberg Senior Residence call me the Social Queen and the Hall Monitor. I have a small garden patch, but may pain doc laid down the law after I ruined his work on my painful neck by digging and planting. I’m trying now to get motivated to finish and submit all the half-finished projects languishing in the file cabinet. I “know” I have 10 more years, because my first thought when I woke on my 45th birthday was, “My life is half over.”