Rachael Ray's Kids Cook Off - Food Network

Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off – Food Network

Get ready, young cooking enthusiasts everywhere! An all new reality TV cooking competition is coming and it;s being led by one of the world’s biggest and most beloved celebrity chefs. Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off has been announced by The Food Network and now the search has begun for talented kid cooks to be a part of the fun and showcase their skills for millions of viewers around the globe. Submissions are being accepted today so don’t delay!

Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off is looking for the best and brightest kid chefs in the country to throwdown in the most exciting cooking series ever. Fantastic food fireworks are sure to ensue as Ms. Ray and her team of industry experts conduct their search for bright, charismatic and creative edible experts to make up the cast of this ultimate confectionary competition.

If you are a whiz in the kitchen and are ready to share your cooking creations you could walk away with the grand prize – your very own nationally televised cooking show! Turn your kitchens dreams into reality today. Online applications are available now for what promises to be the most exciting reality TV castings of the year.

Casting calls for boys and girls ages 9-13 with fabulous foodie skills are being set up now and qualified contenders can apply today for this incredible opportunity. Submissions can be sent via email here KidsCookOffCasting@gmail.com or you can fill out the official online apllication for the series at jscasting.com/rachael-vs-guy-kids-cook-off-basic-casting-application/. We will be posting further updates for this outstanding new Food Network project so check back for ongoing details and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the show and why you think you should be chosen to compete in Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off.

Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off is here and so is your chance to host your very own cooking series! Apply today!

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113 Casting Responses

  1. layla

    Hi I have have skills I’m layla I live delaware i cook wi th my gmom best time of my lifewould be when I’m cooking anything so pick me you will see

  2. layla

    Hey I’m layla jan 15 I will be nine i have been cooking since I was 6 I live in delaware me and g Mom would cook stuff from pack to home made stuff so if you pick me you see my skills and my favorite meal I have made was a hambuger with light mayo and bacon coners

  3. Lily

    Hi my name is lily I am a funky little girl I love getting clothes and toys I love spending time with my family

  4. Lily

    Hi my name is Lily I have been cooking for 3 years I am 9 years old and I make breakfast ever morning and make dinner. I live in Deland, FL. I have blond hair and blue eye’s.
    Here are some reasons I should be on the show:1 I can cook really good chicken pot pie, I have made I dessert I came up with it has apples caramel wip cream and banana’s, last but not least I have a passion for cooking I want to be a cook when I am older. Please email me it is cakebaby72@gmail.com. Thank you

  5. Mallory

    Rachel you are my idol and i would like to be on your amazing show.Here us some info about me.
    Name:Mallory Elizabeth Akins
    School:Lingle Ave. Elemetry
    Famous dish: Sausage Gravy
    Famous sauce:home-made bbq sauce

  6. Laila Martin

    Hi my name is Laila I live in Dover Florida I have been watching yourTV show with my grandmother for years and she recently just passed away it would mean a lot if I could meet you in person and actually perform I love cook and love baking and I can cook something but to be on your cooking show it would be fun for me and my friends and family.

    Your friend Laila

  7. Mallory

    Been trying to get on show for awhile
    Hope i can be accepted ☺.

    Name:Mallory Elizabeth Akins
    Famous dish:Home-made chili and secret recipe cake
    Wish: To be on your show

  8. Mallory

    Im 10 and I’ve been cooking since 3 and a half my famous dish is home-chili.

  9. Yasmin Aykut

    Hi I am Yasmin and I love to cook and bake. I have been in the kitchen since I was 6 with my mom but I can cook/bake by myself now. I am 12 years old and I live in New York, Long Island. My mom is also a very good cook. I am from a very cultured country that is called Türkiye. And someday I would love to be a chef.

  10. steve

    when are they going to start teaching these kids some kitchen sanitation!?? all that long girls hair flying around near the food just makes me want to barf! the dark haired girl with the flowers neds to be told to get over the fashion statement and tie back her hair. even rachel ray needs to tie up her hair, this is a kitchen, not a bedroom!

  11. Stevie Seboldt

    Hi,my name is Stevie I love cooking.I am 10 years old.I have been cooking since I was 3 years old. The biggest group I have ever cooked for is about 100 people. I am part of a family church congregation and we have a resort with a kitchen double the size of a restaurant kitchen.I have learned to cook here and i have learned from many wonderful chefs. My favorite chef I learn from is my dad. He’s the best! My favorite restaurant is Campo de fiori in Vail,CO. My favorite restauraunt in Los Angeles is Locanda Veneta in Beverly Hills. THANKS,Stevie

  12. kaylee davis

    hi my name is Kaylee I am 11 years old and I live in Stoughton mass (boston)

    I love to cook . since I started to walk I was cooking and my nana is the one who taught me to cook. I alsways wanted to be on food network it seems so fun but it has hard work that comes with the fun but if u pick me I will have a lot more to tell u so thanks for reading this

  13. Taliya

    Hi my name is Taliya and I love to cook. I am 12 years old and have awesome food. Sometimes my dad will ask me what I’m making for dinner.my food is that good. I feel like if I was on this show I would try my hardest to be the best I can be for me and and my family. I am passionate about my food, and would love to join you on s great adventure in the kitchen

  14. lesley dix

    My son is Ronald and hr is 12 he has been planting his own garden for 5 years now he loves to cook his favorite food and he loves to make is fried green tomatoes and pork chops marinated and zesty Italian dressing he take the cooking in school and he plans on after graduating from school to go to college to become Chef. He has came a long way in his 12 years of life even though can’t tell he has always had health problems he is unable to do lot stuff that other kids can do he wants to go to a Disney cruise but can’t afford that but hoping I can get him on your show before he turns 13 thank you Lesley Dix

  15. Itzel Villagran

    Hello my name is Itzel Villagran. I am 10 years old and baking and cooking are my life.I love cooking and baking with my family but, also by myself. I am very creative and artistic with my flavors in cooking and baking. I am self taught and love to watch food network. I hope you take the opportunity to read this and take consideration to put me on the show. Thank you!!!

  16. Anya Elias

    Hi Im Anya and I love to cook! I cook as much as a can and baking is another one of my specailties! I love to make eggs, steak, cupcakes and salad! This would be a dream come true! Thank you for this opportunitie!

  17. Garrison Anderson

    Hi my name is Garrison Anderson. I am 12 and I love cooking and baking! This would be a great opportunity for me because this is my passion! I would love to compete and you are my two favorite chefs I love flambé steak and creme brûlée and I pray that you choose me and I hope to see if I have talent and to see if it shines.

    Thank You!!

  18. Amanda Mosher

    Dear Rachel and friends,
    My name is Amanda Mosher, I’m 10 years old.
    I have been cooking along side of my mother since I
    could reach the stove top. Cooking is my passion,
    Some of my favorite meals to cook is spaghetti and
    meat balls, quesadillas, french toast, and many many,
    more. No matter how good of a cook my family and I
    know l am, I could never be as good as my hero
    Rachael Ray.
    -Amanda : )

  19. Sophia Shifflett

    HI, my name is Sophia and i love cook. I have a huge family that i love cooking for and they would love to see me on here. I really hope that you get to take this into consideration thank you so much. Btw i am 13.

  20. Sophia Shifflett

    HI my name is Sophie and i am 13. I have been cooking since i was little and i love it so much. My family and I love to cook together, i have a huge family that loves meat. We love having huge cook outs and eat amazing food. Everyone in my family loves to cook and they when i cook for them. Unfortunately my family doesnt have a lot of money so i cant always cook with fresh ingredients but i can always turn frozen or canned food into an amazing and fancy dish. I really hope that you take this into consideration because it would mean everything to be on your show . My family would love to see me on here and i really hope i could be on the show. Thank you, kisses, Sophia

  21. Tinuola Osikoya

    Hi I am Tinuola you can call me Tinu. I am 10 years old . I love to cook. I cook for my family everyday. I am from Saint Louis when I want to grow up I want to have my own cooking show. It would be my Passion to be on this show. Even if I lost I still know that I am a good cook.

    I WOULD lOVE TO BE ON THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Cheryl Valiente

    Hi! I’m Cheryl. I am 9 and I would love to be on this show because I’m a great cook. Just last night I made tacos with steak, peppers, and onions. Also with pico de dio. It is like salsa just with tomato chunks. Today I’m making desert pizza with my sister. I hope you choose me I would be great. Thank you!

  23. tijanae love

    hi, my name is tijanae love and I really love to cook im 11 and I think cooking is not just something you do it is a passion if you ask me I just love to cook I cook for my family when my mom lets me.

  24. Tanner Grimes

    Hi my name is Tanner and I love cooking I want to when I grow up be a top chef and I would love it if I was in this tv show

  25. Nayveah Moss

    Hi my name is Nayveah and I am ten and I love to cook all i have to say is bring it on! I’m ready

  26. Karen willis

    I love to cook it has been a dream of mine to meet you and I will be the best
    Name: Karen Willis
    Hobbies: cooking

  27. destiney

    Hi im destiney and I would be glad tobe on rachel rays cookoffs just give me a chance and ill show you what I got

  28. destiney

    Hi im destiney and I would be glad tobe on rachel rays cookoffs just give me and ill show you what I got

  29. diamond

    Hi my name is diamond im 13 years old and i love to cook i cook everyday for my family and each time they say they love my food ive been cooking since i was 7 and i would like to have my own show one day so i can teach young ones that they can eat great food and still be healthy

  30. Sharlae

    I would love this opportunity all I do is cook. I bake cakes I make cupcakes. I can cook a great meal but this opportunity wasn’t meant to be because I’m 14, you asked for 9-13.

  31. tijanae

    Hello my name is tijanae love I love to cook it’s my life I started ofaking homemade dinner every weekend for my family and always had a passion for cooking Rachel ray is my role model I love her so much if I had this chance I would cry she is amazing im 12 and I am mixed I’m African American, Caucasian, native American.

  32. Lynzi

    My name is Lynzi I am 12 years old I have blonde hair blue eyes I am Caucasian. I LOVE cooking and baking. It is my dream be either a chef or baker and if that doesn’t work out I want to be a writer I hope you consider me for the kids cook off show

  33. Dawn

    Hi I’m dawn. I’m 12 years old and I’m 5’9. I love to cook any time my mom says I don’t feel like cooking I say I’ll do it. I have had a passion for cooking since I was very young and since has not changed I want to be a chef . If I am choose then I you can contact me at my email above.

  34. Sasha

    My names Sasha (female), I cook everyday breakfast lunch and dinner for me and my mum. I enjoy cooking. I previously ran a charity coffee morning. This would be a great opportunity.
    age: 15, 16 in July

  35. Mikayla Glancy

    Hello, My name is Mikayla Glancy. I am 13 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’6, I live in Phoenix, AZ and Caucasian. I have loved to act since I was about 5. I am so sillexcited and outgoing it’s crazy! I have done multiple shows and I love photography and I Paul’s love to have a part in this show!

  36. Destiny

    I cooked since I was 4 I cook for my family and I cook yummy food I would be very happy for this opportunity to be able to be in the snow

  37. Destiny

    I’m dez my real name is destiny and I am 11 years old and I would love to be on the show I love to cook and I cook my perents there food sometimes. And on 4th of July I cook lunch and dinner.

  38. Kealijah Green

    Hi , my name is Kealijah Green i grew up in a small Louisiana town. Growing up watching my grandmother and mother cook i obtained a passion for it. It is one of my favorite pass times hobbies. This would be a great opportunity and experience for me.

  39. Johnny yaqub

    I am 14, 1 year over the limit. My food experience is worthy of a place on the show. I have travelled all over europe going to micheline star restraunts. Such as hakkasan, yautcha the ritz and my favourite was the the 3rd best restraint in the world osteria Francesca Italy. Finally, this show would fulfil a dream and I could show my food skills the world.

  40. Michael

    My name is Michael im 15, and I love to cook. I grew up sitting on the counter next to my grandma mixing something up. I make food that leaves a mark. My food itself is creative and has twists and little spins. It has character just like me.

  41. Levoghn hill

    Hi my name is levoghn I like to bake and cook I catered a weeding in 2012 on the menu was poached egg salmon burgers with mango fries and mango chutney run salad the second option was a wasabi Apple grilled sirloin steak and a side of sweet sticky rice I have been cooking since I was 5 I’m now 12 and I’ve been cooking ever since and I bake professional cakes my insperasion is buddy valastro and cooking wise is YOU and I would love to work with you your such a genuine person and I feel like you a great inspiration.thanks

  42. Isabel Litvak

    Hi my name is Isabel Litvak! (otherwise known as Izzy!) I am 11 years old and I love to cook. I have a small business called artist’s corner, which sells art and also baked goods. We sell cupcakes and cookies all of my recipes. I usually make my recipes from scratch , but I also take recipes and turn them into something fun and new! I would love to be on this show! Cooking is really fun for me, and I think I could use my talents for this show! I have taken cake decorating classes, and cooking lessons.

  43. Makayla Walker

    Hi, I’m Makayla, and I like to cook. My mom says I’m really great at cooking, so I’d like to give this show a try! Here is a short list about me:

    Age: 10
    Eyes: Medium brown
    Gender: Female
    I hope I get accepted.

  44. Hollis Johnson

    HI my name is Hollis Johnson and i would love to be on your show i been cooking since i 4 years old. I can cook my own thing from scratch and i love your show you should give me a try.

  45. Jake Humphrey

    Hi my names Jake Humphrey, I have been cooking since I was three years old, ive always had a passion for cooking and baking, my baked goods have even been sold at my fathers gym, I made healthy snakes and desserts, please consider me for this, im 13 and all Ive ever wanted to was be an actor and this has both of my passions baking and acting. Thank you

  46. Cole

    Hi I am cole and my passion is cooking all my life I have had a weird obsession about cooking great meals for my family especially my mom after she has had a hard day of work I make her full nourishing and healthy meals. She approves this .

  47. Christian Hauer

    My name is Christian Hauer. I have just turned 14. I have fallen in love with the art of cooking. I have become a very skilled cook, including baking and BBQ. I have been inspired by being surrounded by talented southern style cooks. I always like to try new things and I’m always striving to make things better. I am so happy to audition for your show an I hope you will pick me.
    PICK ME!!!!!!!

  48. Elliana Roberts

    Hello, I am a 12 year old girl from Holland Michigan who is completely obsessed with baking and cooking. Everyday when I get off that school bus I get home as fast as I can to see what is in store for me in the kitchen, and with the things that I find, I make a wonderful meal for my family of 6. But one of my families favorite treats is when I make cupcakes, I actually have my very own cupcake business. I have made over 1,000 dollars in the past couple years, and I have received nothing but good feed back. I would love to be on this amazing cooking show, it sounds like it could be a blast. I have watched Rachel vs. Guy kids cook off many times, so I would be really excited to be a contestant.

  49. Juan

    hi my name is Juan. I’m 12 years old i like to cook,and have been in one commercial in a tomorrow they are filming my second commercial.So i recommend you picking me .And my second grade teacher worked with Rachel ray.

  50. hazel blue

    hi im hazel
    eye color:hazel
    height:5 ft 0 in
    hair color:red
    birthday:may 22
    ive been cooking and baking forever i cooked food and made ideas at my family resturaunt in georgia ive been cooking since i was 4 and watching food networks helps me so im really good at cooking.PLS PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. China Jackson

    Hello my name is Destiny but everyone calls me China Doll I love to cook. I am the only girl my mom have 3 boys so I pretty much had to learn how to cook. I’ve been cooking since I was 3 just putting things together with my mom and everything! I love you Rachael Ray Your so Pretty!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  52. Haven Gordon

    Hiiiiiii !!! My name is Haven Gordon , I am 13 years old , and I would be absolutely honored to be on your show! I cook all the time , I’ve been cooking since I was 5 , I catered a wedding just last year , I made a bunchhh of chicken , and everyone thought it was from. KFC!! The bride and groom didn’t even get any!! Lol but I can cook a just about anything! Except crap . lol I love food , I love cooking I cook everynightttt for my parents and my brothers , because I know that my parents get tired .. Lol & I’m not just talking about ramen noodles ! No ! I’m talking about I can cook steak , shrimp , hamburgers , ribs , you name it !! I enjoy cooking a lot ! & if you gave me a chance to be on your show I swear you wouldn’t regret having me !!!! Contact me at 740-542-9642 , thank you lovelys . xoxo until then ~ Haven.

  53. angel garcia

    I am 15 years old and love cooking all kinds of foods i like to be creative i dont use cookbooks i just come up with an idea and just cook
    Height: 5’11 1/2
    Weight: 160lb
    Build: Slim Athletic
    Hair: dark brow
    eye color: hazel
    Location: Miami,Florida
    Availability: Full time

    For more information please contact me via email 😉

  54. Rashon

    I would be honered to be apart or your cooking show. My name is rashon I’m in 6th grade from cameron nc I’m also in a culinary arts cooking class at my school for 8months now.I cook for my family and I have a lot more room to learn more and gain a lot more skills..presentation is also important to me..Again I would love the chance to cook on your show thank you for taking the time to read this.

  55. Hannah M.

    Hi, I’m Hannah and I absolutely love to cook. I always cook for my family and friends. I’m 10 years old and very creative. I always love to make new foods, and it’s my dream to be on a TV show. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  56. Isobella Gillis

    Dear Rachel and friends,
    My name is Bella. I am 10 years old. I am a learning chef and am interested in competing on your show. I have been cooking with my mom and dad since I was 5 years old. My dad has a restaurant and has shown me lots of his techniques. I even got a real knife for Christmas. This spring we were in a magazine called Edible Boston. It was about chefs and their kids cooking a meal together. We cooked fish tacos. It was awesome. Thanks for considering me. YUMMO!!!!!
    Bella Gillis

  57. Keyshawn Allen

    Hello, my name is Keyshawn Allen and im from Saint Petersburg, Florida. Both of my parents are chief and cook amazing food. I.would like to follow in there foot steps.
    You can Contact me at 727-768-5337
    Height: 5.7
    I would be overly joyed to be on the show. Thanks for your considerationHsincerely Keshawnisland

  58. Maggie

    Hello! My name is Maggie and I am 13 years old. I absolutely adore cooking right now. It has been a little struggle because last December I was diagnosed with MDS (pre-leukemia/blood cancer) and have been in and out of the hospital. I had my long stay (6.5 weeks) where I got chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. I am now out of the hospital and cook dinner about every night! I have made: coca-cola pork chops, potatoe wedges, pizza chicken bake, shrimp pasta, meatball sub bake, two different French-toast bakes, and am planning to make some sausage egg burritos soon

  59. amanda

    Hi my names Amanda and I Im 13 I love to cook and act

  60. Kassie mynes

    Hi! My name is Kassie I am 11 (12 in june) and I am a very good cook, lets just say
    I know my Way around the kitchen, I cook often for my family, I am homeschooled, when im
    Not cooking, Doing school work or spending many hours on minecraft I am making little videos on Youtube!
    Now that I told you about myself im going to say why I think I should be on the show:
    1. I am a good cook 2. I am very funny if I do say so myself 3. I have a positive glow that I think would go great on tue show 4. I love rachael ray 5. I can really cook.
    Heres my and my Dads email mine- Kassiemynes@gmail.com My dads- williamgilkerson@gmail.com

  61. Amber Joins

    Hello my name is amber. Im a 14 year old girl who loves to cook! I always have. I don’t get to do it often bit I always watch my mom and ask questions. I learn alot from her since she went to school for it. I love Rachael ray and all cooking shows. There entertaining and a great learning tool. This would be a great learning experience and a great opportunity. Thank you!

  62. carli dziordziewicz

    Hi it’s me carli again I’m sorry before I put the wrong email I now put the right one but if you can see the other ones I asked to please email me and tell me so I’m still interested to do tell me if you see the other ones please

  63. Megan

    Hi my name is Megan. Iam 12 years old.i love cooking it is so much fun. It would be an amazing Opportunity and it would be great chance for me to do what I love to do. So please think of me when you are making the decision of who get to cook.i would be really grateful if I got the opportunity to cook for you.thank you for listening to me ramble on and on about cooking and how much I would love to be on the show.

  64. Lauren urra

    Hi! Here’s some information on me so I could possibly be on this awesome-sounding show!

    Name:Lauren Urra

    Age:I was 10 in January


    Physicall description:Thick,brown hair that touched my shoulders-brown eyes-tan skin-almost 5ft-not extremely skinny,but not Evan close to fat

    Talents:I can cook pretty well,I know the basics,plus some very advanced stuff like pasta from scratch and soups are my specialty- I am in advanced dance classes-i can sing better then average,I do chorus at school-my biggest struggle is mathematics,I i can measure things-strength=reading

    Personally:I would say I’m very kind in here real,but I’m not afraid to speak up of something’s not right.I can take charge in sticky situations,and always try my hardest at life’s challenges.otherwise,I’m fun and bubbly all over.All I have to say to the kitchen is BRING IT ON!

    Why you should chose me:Because I can bring humer and entertainment to this show,while working to a goal that has Ben my dream.

    Thank you for carful consideration and thoughts for the possibility of being on this show!

  65. Aniyah Butler

    My name is Aniyah I’m 7 years old I would be good for the show ,the real talent starts here.you will be surprise give me a chance will not let you down.Cook in the kitchen with my mom all the time. I have the skills and what it takes to do this .Rachel had someone to believe in her and they gave her a chance.Give me a chance !

  66. Lucia

    Hi Racheal, my name is Lucia. I am 10 years old. I love to cook. I would live to show you my enthusiasm in the kitchen. Please contact me. Thank you, love Lucia.

  67. Yaquelin Ramirez

    HI my name is Yaquelin Ramirez and i love to cook i started watching this show with my mom and i told her “Mom i want to be on that show because I love to cook”. I am 12 years old going on 13 on october 27th. I really hope you pick me to be on this show. I really love cooking. I made cupcakes and pizza in the oven without my mom’s help and she said they were delicious.

  68. Amelia Sigaev

    Hi my name is Amelia Sigaev, I’m 12 years old, and I think I would be perfect for this job! I cook meals for my family each and every day, a different meal every day and I change my choices and options all the time. I learned to cook when I was young because my parents work. I am independent, I work well with any ingredient and I will be the best I can be on this show. Please select me to take part in the series because it would be a wonderful experience for me and my cooking!

  69. Kaleia

    Hi my name is kaleia I am 12 years old I’ve been cooking since I was 9 years old I love to cook I cook cake chiken patatoes pancakes kale chips pizza and mor please consider me you will not regret it please thanks

  70. Alexander Hazard

    I am a cooking show enthusiast. I am an actor currently in Middle School in VA. I just finished performing in Grease the Musical. I have taken private cooking classes and my grandmother owns the Middleburg Country Inn, where I help out some weekends in the kitcken and in the dining room. I would love to be on Rachel Rays Kids Cook Off on The food Network!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Chantel caza

    Hello my name is Chantel I’m 12 going on 13 I love to cook it would be amazing to be on the show please contact me

  72. Racheal Cash

    Hi I’m Racheal Cash I’m 13 but turning 14 in a matter of weeks… I’m not sure my application will still be accepted due my age but I figure it’s worth a shot. I’m very good at cooking and I have all ready started investing for college at the Culinary School of America because cooking is my true utter pation. If I am unable to receive the place on this show, it would be greatly appreciated if I could receive another application to a similar show for teens in my age group. Thank you and I hope for feed back!

  73. Derenz Thomas

    I would love to be on your show in 10 and I love to cook

  74. Rohenna Thiara

    Hi my name is Rohenna Thiara, I am 15 years old, I love to cook and bake in the kitchen ever since i was 8 years old I have been in love with cooking. This would be an amazing opportunity and I would be very grateful. Thank You!

  75. Car'lyn Heath

    Hi my daughter is 10. She loves to cook and better than me. We love you in Rochester, New York. She has been cooking since she was 6. And has dreamed of having a show. These are the reasons I think my daughter would be on your show. So if you want to know anything please contact me on the email above.