Rachael Ray's Kids Cook Off - Food Network

Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off – Food Network

Get ready, young cooking enthusiasts everywhere! An all new reality TV cooking competition is coming and it;s being led by one of the world’s biggest and most beloved celebrity chefs. Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off has been announced by The Food Network and now the search has begun for talented kid cooks to be a part of the fun and showcase their skills for millions of viewers around the globe. Submissions are being accepted today so don’t delay!

Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off is looking for the best and brightest kid chefs in the country to throwdown in the most exciting cooking series ever. Fantastic food fireworks are sure to ensue as Ms. Ray and her team of industry experts conduct their search for bright, charismatic and creative edible experts to make up the cast of this ultimate confectionary competition.

If you are a whiz in the kitchen and are ready to share your cooking creations you could walk away with the grand prize – your very own nationally televised cooking show! Turn your kitchens dreams into reality today. Online applications are available now for what promises to be the most exciting reality TV castings of the year.

Casting calls for boys and girls ages 9-13 with fabulous foodie skills are being set up now and qualified contenders can apply today for this incredible opportunity. Submissions can be sent via email here KidsCookOffCasting@gmail.com or you can fill out the official online apllication for the series at jscasting.com/rachael-vs-guy-kids-cook-off-basic-casting-application/. We will be posting further updates for this outstanding new Food Network project so check back for ongoing details and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the show and why you think you should be chosen to compete in Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off.

Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook Off is here and so is your chance to host your very own cooking series! Apply today!

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113 Casting Responses

  1. Brie Beard

    I love to cook and have won a couple local competitions, it is my dream to make my passion into something bigger. I am 12 years old and really hope to get this! Thank you so much!

  2. Amberly

    Hi my name is Amberly im 11 and I live to cook I always cool for my parents and I would really love to be in your show I always watch it it’s just so amazing I also cook good pasta and Mexican food and fillipino I also am able to make desert like churro and cup vsjes and brownies so please let me be in your show I would do anything

  3. Yazmeen

    Hi my name is Yazmeen Geisinger and I’m 12 years of age. I would love to be on your show because I love to cook and bake, I create my own unique recipes, have a little sense of humor. I have been cooking for 5 years and still would like your inspiration and motivation for cooking. Also I would want to be apart of your crew to learn new cooking techniques, and experience how to make different foods and push myself to the limits.Thank you for taking the time to read my comment, and hope that you believe in me to make it big.

  4. Sloane Sutherland

    Hi my name is Sloane Sutherland I am 9 years old.I live in San Antonio Texas.i am a barrel racer I have a younger brother named Liam and a older sister named Sophie.I think I should be on this show because I love cooking.I cook anything so if I got on the show I would be ready for anything you throw at me.

  5. Sloane Sutherland

    Hi my name is Sloane Sutherland I am a barrel racer and my horses name is Trooper and I love cooking.First I wanted to be on kids baking championship.But I love cooking.I like the show because I like seeing what kind of food people make.And sometimes other people not from the United States make.But one thing I like is acting I do it at camp and I used to do acting classes so I am not scared of the camera.I am nine years old and I cook all kinds of food and one of the things I like to do is say one of the ingredients that a person chooses and I say what I would make.
    Thanks Sloane Sutherland.

  6. Amayriel Bradford

    Hi,I’m Amayriel Bradford I’m 11 years old and I love cooking my experience is my great grand and my normal grandma I think cooking is perfect for me because I have a lot of talent and inspiration please pick me because I am very very humorous I love be funny and I think you would enjoy me very much l Love everyone plays of the show I have my own cookbook that I am working on that has recipes from all different shows I really hope you guys pick me and I am very very very proud of myself thank you for your time and reading this and I really love your inspiration thanks.-amayriel Bradford 11yrs old

  7. trinity garland

    Hi im trinity and i love cooking so much i help my mom and dad cook every time its great i cook for lots of people and they love my food alot i cook southern foods im an good cooker and im 11 years old.

  8. Ria

    Hello im 13 and i always loved to cook and bake. I am vewry good with my knife skills and always love to cook with a lot of spices. There are a lot of great chefs out applying and i think i can be one of those kids.Thank you and i hope to get in!!XD

  9. Asia Stephens

    Hi my name is Asia I am 10 years old almost eleven. I love cooking it is sooooo much fun. I help my mom in the kitchen she believes I can do this so i have to believe too. I am from sacramento Ca . And I know I have what it takes to become a cook I want to prove that it doesn’t matter how old you are at least you know what you are capable of doing. I am ready to work the hardest I can to become the best. I think I could win because my food is yummy and that will make you stand tall like a mummy

  10. Bailey

    HI I’m Bailey flowers I’m 12 years old girl and ever since I was 3 I was flipping pancakes in the kitchen. Ever since then I was hooked on cooking and last few years of my life you would have to drag me out of the kitchen. I truly believe that I want to become a chef and own my own restaurant or be on a cooking show. I make dinner for my parents almost every night and there are never any leftovers. I love making people excited to eat my food and I would love to show the rest of America my talent.

  11. Davis

    Davis has been cooking with his grandma since he could walk he is very creative with his cooking. He has been working at the family restaurant for years his favorite thing to cook is surf and turf because he loves hunting and fishing. He loves working with what he’s got and doesn’t give up. His favorite thing to do is cook . He loves using lots of big flavor lots of flavors like butter garlic wine and lots of spices to zest things up.

  12. The twins

    Hello we are 8 years old apart and 16 together lol we love cooking we have always helped my mom in the kitchen we were sooooo good with helping our mom let us cook dinner at 6 we think we could win cause our food is yummy its twice as good as anyone’s else lol cause we’re twins please give us a try

  13. cristofer solis

    I meant contact me

  14. cristofer solis

    Hello im cristofer solis and I will love to partisipate I have cook sense I was 5 im 12 im hispanic i love spacy food i have freckles
    I will love to be in your show if you like plz cáncer me tnks

  15. Edward Teague

    Hello my name is Edward Teague and i really enjoy watching the show i would really enjoy being on the show and for now
    Happy Cooking

  16. abbygail

    hey i have dreamed of this opportunity for so long and i could go on to this show i would be happy for the rest of my life thanks

  17. Allie Guerrini

    Hi!!!! My name is Allie and I would LOVE to be on the show! I have been cooking since I was two years old and am obsessed with Food Network! I am Italian and love cooking any type of cuisine. My p.o.v. is really any type of food because I appreciate all cuisines!
    Height: 4″7′
    Age: 13 years old
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Medium Length brown curly
    hobbies: cooking, running, cooking, playing soccer, and more cooking
    I would really love to be considered and thank you so much for taking your time to read this! If you could please contact me I would love that! Thank you for your consideration!!!!

  18. Latanya

    My kid love to cook

  19. Daisy Torres

    Plz we really want to go.

  20. Daisy Torres

    We would like to enter the contest for my granddaughter and myself for the cooking of the cook off to meet Rachael Ray and Michelle Obama

  21. natacia

    hi my neice really love cooking and please if you could choose her i’d be happy

  22. Brian Sodre

    My Fiancé & I are far from being pro’s in the kitchen, but we have a lot of fun entertaining and cooking and hope to inspire other couples.

    Let’s have fun!
    150 Pounds
    White/Hispanic Origin
    26 Years Old

    Zero experience.

  23. Julia

    Hello, I am Julia Fenner , ten years old and i love to cook. Rachael Rae is my idol. I hove lots of experience and would love to be on the show , I will give it my all and get to where i want to be. I am very photogenic, great style , and will make the best food you have ever ate. I am your next kids cook off winner.
    Hair Long wavy
    gender girl
    Height:51 in
    Lover of food

  24. Tolani

    Hello my name is Omotolani Agbetoyin. Tolani for short. I am twelve years old. I LOVE food network. Ever since I started watching chopped I had been hooked to food network. I have been cooking for as long as I can remember. I Can make so many things. Also when I look at some recipes I already have my own recipe similar to that in mind. I would love to be a part of “Rachael Ray’s kid cook off.” I get to cook a lot and I can handle almost anything that has to do with cooking.

  25. Aliyah Counts

    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5ft
    Hair: brown, short, blonde ends
    Grade: 7th
    School: Southwest middle
    Age: 12
    I would absolutely love, if I could be on your show and compete. I have been cooking ever since I was 7. My hobbies are cooking, gymnastics, reading, softball, soccer, and art. You can reach me at my email OR my house phone at 910-219-0299. Thank you sooooo much for reading this and hopefully considering me to be on your show.
    Sincerely always,
    ?Aliyah Counts?

  26. Aliyah Counts

    You can reach me at my email or this number
    910-219-0299 also I am 12 years old

  27. Aliyah Counts

    Name: Aliyah Counts
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Short, brown, with blonde ends
    Height: 5ft
    Hobbies: I really enjoy cooking, gymnastics, softball, reading, soccer, art, football, and playing the viola

    I really hope that I can be on your show really soon! I’ve been cooking ever since I was 7 so I’m pretty good at what I do for my age. I really hope that you consider me on the show at one point in time. Thank you soooooo much!

    Sincerely always,

  28. jamal

    I will to be on the show. And i like to cook you can call me at 3059104209

  29. Derrick Rao

    Hello, my name is Derrick and I’m from RI. I’m already 14, but I want to give a try anyway. I’ve been only cooking for less than a year, all my friends and family are impressed with my dishes. I just love to cook and plate it. I’d love to show off my skills on TV.

  30. Jamee Desserre

    Hi, my names Jamee I’m 12 years old and I will be turning 13 in June of 2016. I enjoy cooking and baking at home for my family and I believe I have what it takes to win the Rachel v.s. Guy kids cook off. If you have any questions you can email me. Thank you for taking the time to read my reply.

  31. Zoie Aytes

    Hi I am Zoie and I live in Chicago Illinois. I love to cook and me and my family play cooking competition at my house my mom and grandma taught me how to cook I have been cooking sense I was 5 years old. I’m 12 and turn 13 in April. I Cook pastry and dinners or breakfast I can cook anything I love to fry veggies and meats and anything like that. I am a all star cheerleader and play softball at my school. I love acting singing and jumping on my trampoline. I have 3 dogs and 2 brothers and then there’s my mom and dad.I love cooking so much. My signature dish is egg and fried bread with a salad or bacon on the side.

  32. James perry

    I can also make homemade spaghetti and taomato sauce, relish, major hot wings and a lot more

  33. James perry

    Signature dish: Asian style steak .if it is possible please contact me.

  34. James perry

    Hi I am James and I am 10 and live in Raleigh, north Carolina. I love to cook. Me and my family have cooking competition’s and I win almost every time. And by doing this it helps me get better at cooking it would be amazing if you could accept my application.

  35. James perry

    Hi i am james and i live in Raleigh North Carolina I am 10. I love to cook. and I have been cooking for years and I am very good at it. I want to show my skills to the world. Me and my family sometimes have cooking competition’s and sometimes I win. And by doing this it lets me know what I did wrong and what I did right and what I should do next time. It would be amazing if you could accept my application.

  36. Ashlyn fox

    hi iam ashlyn and i LOVE to cook. also, i make a killer spagetti and a killer omelet. seriosly,you can ask my oma, papa, deannie, mom, and sister and they will all say yes.so if you could, please let me(Ashlyn Fox) be on your show. i am 10 1/2 and i am a full texan. Thank You!!

  37. Ella

    Hello, my name is Ella G. I am 13 years old. I live in columbus Ohio. I have been cooking for as long as i can remember. I hope to be a chef when I am older. I love to watch all of the shows on the food network and cook all the time. I hope to hear back from you soon.

  38. nagham salha

    hair: long curly brown hair
    eyes: grey sometimes change depending on what im wearing blue or green or in between
    gender: female
    age:11 turning 12 on january 2nd 2016
    height 5’1”
    very photogenic,always happy had a photo soot to be on a lebanese magizine called mom and child
    hobbies :cooking, dancing,modeling,reading,writing,acting,art,fashion
    sports: i play volley ball and i do dance and kick boxing.