Oxygen's Bad Girls Club Season 16

Bad Girls Club Auditions for Women Ages 21+ Nationwide

Calling all Bad Girls! Are you ready for your chance to be on the Oxygen television show “Bad Girls Club”? Casting directors for the hit show are now holding in-person auditions for the hit series. The casting team is scouring the country to find the next set of Bad Girls for the show’s 16th season that will pin East Coast vs West Coast. Auditions are being held in the next month in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle and Phoenix.

About “Bad Girls Club”

East Coast vs West Coast will be take over the 16th season of the show. These regional divas will be proudly repping the area they are from. If you are independent, opinionated, outspoken or endlessly entertaining, then you might have what it takes to be a member of a special East Coast vs. West Coast season of Bad Girls Club.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors for Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” are now holding auditions for females who are over the age of 21 years old to be on the show.


All candidates must ages 21+

Outgoing, Opinionated, Outspoken or Endlessly Entertaining

From the East Coast or the West Coast

How to Apply

Bad Girls Club open call auditions are being held in several cities between June 24th and June 25th. Women interested in applying for the show are welcome to attend the auditions. You must be at least 21 years old to be considered and to audition. Anyone who attends must bring their photo id as well as a recent photo.

If you are interested in being considered for the show, you should attend one of the below casting calls. If you attend an audition, you must bring a recent photo and your photo id. Be sure to bring them because you may not be able to audition without them.

San Francisco / Bay Area
Saturday, June 4th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
685 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Las Vegas
Saturday, June 4th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Brando’s Sport Bar
3725 Blue Diamond Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89139

Portland Oregon
Saturday, June 11th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Grand Central Bowl
808 SE Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97214

Washington DC area
Saturday, June 11th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Town Tavern
2323 18th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Saturday, June 18th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Fox and Hound Sports Tavern
1501 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Los Angeles
Saturday, June 18th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Hooters of Hollywood
6922 Hollywood Blvd. #109
Hollywood, CA 90028

Saturday, June 25th, 2016
10am – 5pm
Gordon Biersch Brewery
600 Pine Street
Pacific Place Mall Level 4
Seattle, WA 98101

Saturday, June 25th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Tilted Kilt Scottsdale
7077 E. Bell Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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125 Casting Responses

  1. Dana Shehee

    My 26 yr old daughter is very articulate, What she lacks in size she makes up in mouth. She argues well and I desired for her to be a lawyer but she lacks the patience required for that endeavor. She’s funny even when she’s serious. She thinks she’s the smartest person in the room and has a disdain for my opinion (her father). Discovering her will be to your benefit and I think she should be interviewed because she meets the stipulations I had read. She has the same exact name as mine (her deceased mother’s idea) which makes her a juniorette and I am reluctantly making this application for fear of embarrassment. However the bad girl club was definitely created for her personality type and I trully feel she will be a success for just being herself.

  2. Dana Shehee

    I have a 26 yr old daughter who has much personality. She’s funny even when she’s trying to be serious. She is always the smartest person in the room (according to her) and has a disdain for my opinion (her father). Her name is the same as mine which was her deceased mother’s idea. I think she should be interviewed because she qualifies according to the stipulations I had read.

  3. Tiffani Jones

    Will you be coming to the Chicago area for auditions? I’m a 32 y.o. medical asst. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with what I’ll bring to the table! Hit me up…I’ll hit you back! That’s what I do….LOL…Come on. Try me!!!

  4. ShaQuala Benn

    New Orleans here 😘😏😛😛😛it would be great if y’all had me on your show . Assertive,Classy,A lil sassy 23 Ready for this journey .

  5. ShaQuala Benn

    Hello I’m Sha’Quala, I’m from New Orleans it would be great if y’all had me on your show . Assertive,Classy,A lil sassy 23 Ready for this journey .

  6. Frances Young

    There is nothing in this world that was ever handed to me nor given to me i either had to work hard for it or take it but either way it was gunna be mine.
    Im not the baddest of the baddest but im pretty damn sure ill put up a challenge for anyone that tries they best to bring me down!!! You wanna talk about out spoken try and get ne to shut up , you want overly opinionated I really dont care for what nor how people feel i call it how i see it but i am jot disrespectful just a bit childish. I dont have money or means to make it to a casting call but with this response i hope someone of someone see this and feel my passion I JUST WANNA BE SEEN, i just wanna be heard , and i wanna do what I had to do at a young age I WANNA GROW TO A BIGGER , BETTER, BADDER ME!!!!


  7. Rebel4Life

    I have been watching as well & totally agree come to the Tx area! I won’t give my age…🤣. I love the show I have my favorites although some of them were very comical 😂! Like seriously! But Tanisha went hard and there were several others that I was like go girl!
    So anywhere near East, South, West Tx hit me up! Let me just say keep the show on! But get the house Lit! They need a Big Sister to show them how things are done.

  8. Jessika

    are y’all bringing Bad Girls Club back for auditions for 2018? cause I’m it when it comes to what a bad Girl means.

  9. Mikalla Davis

    Hi my name is lashae I’m 21 from new haven , Connecticut I’m interested in casting for bgc somewhere in the Washington area , Ive been watching the show forever I am what every bad girl wants to be I have the attitude and i represent all bad girls I don’t follow anyone I lead my own path and make my own decisions that’s what real bad girls are made of

  10. Mahogany Morgan

    My name is Mahogany, i’m from Greensboro NC TRYING to put my mfn BITY on the map

  11. Lupita Reyes

    My name Lupita Reyes, I am 21 years old and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I’m very outgoing, I love working out, spending time at the pool & partying ! I literally spend the whole summer parting non stop, I love the night life, dancing, and meeting new people. I am Mexican, I tend to have an “attitude” & speak my mind, but I’m the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. On top of that, I’m the cutest & funny ! I’ve been a fan of the show since I was in high school & I have been waiting for my 21st birthday to finally get the opportunity to bring the show a Latina girl with a fiery sassy attitude that it needs.

  12. Raven K Alston

    I missed casting this year but I won’t next year

  13. Kimm davis

    My name kimm yess two mms I’m 22 living a GREAT life I’m from the land baby I will they were doing them close to Cleveland for fuck it I gotta come to y’all I’m a ton of fun life of the party the best drunk to be with and the prettiest fat girl in the city don’t let the stomach fool the mouth piece will sweep yo man off his feet… but I don’t wanna be a bad girl I am the bad girl or what I like to say good girl bad intentions 😘

  14. Lovetta Butler

    Im willing to join bad girls club how do i go about auditioning with yall i am 29 and im ready to join

  15. Mia


  16. Alexus

    Hey my name is Alexus

  17. Ciara king

    Hey my name is ciara king I’m 26 years old and I’m from Memphis Tennessee. I think in the girl y’all been looking for. I have the personality and the looks. I miss the casting call.. But I’m a great girl and I can bring some spark to the bad girls club.

  18. Ciara king

    Hey my name is ciara king I’m 26 years old and I’m from Memphis Tennessee. I think in the girl y’all been looking for. I have the personality and the looks. I miss the casting call.. But I’m a great girl and I can bring some spark to the bad girls club.

  19. Dezmone Sterling

    Can I please get an audition!!!! I just looked this up! I’ve been wanting to be on bag girls club since I was 17! Ugh!!!

  20. Onicia Strachan

    I miss the audition tf…. Im perfect fa this 🇯🇲 gal with mouth for days, calibrate but like girls but looking to loose it …..

  21. La’Treasure

    Hello my name is Latreasure and I would like to audition for bad girls club. I’m 28 years old and I’m from Detroit, Mi. I recently graduated from college and I have been looking for something to get into! I guess you could define being a bad girl many different ways. However you define it, that bi***

  22. Tasheanna Hammond

    Y’all keep going to these cities that’s known and played out been there done that now if you come to Cleveland you will find some real raw talent like myself we know how to have fun and bring a crowd you keep missing out think about it

  23. Tasheanna Hammond

    Y’all keep going to these boring cities that’s why the show is ok but if you come to Cleveland and cast me of course and audition here we would make the show infamous we put on we always have a good time think about it

  24. Jasmine Rice

    Hi I’m Jasmine and I wanna be apart of the bad girl casting I am be very outspoken outgoing love to have fun in 25 years old kind heart give good advice and good listener

  25. Caitlin Lester

    Hey y’all. I’m Caitlin Lester I’m 22 and I’m from Daytona beach Florida. My nickname idc mouth of the south for a reason. I talk a lot of shit but let it be known i can back it up. I was raised in the woods and in the hood so i have multiple sides. So play wit it if you want. I’m feisty and aggressive when i need to be. My family is my everything. Don’t speak on them if you don’t want to be touched. But I’d love to be on the Bgc it’s a dream of mine since the first season came out. So let me know. Whatever whenever I’m down. 😘

  26. Calandra Cayou

    My name is Callie, short for Calandra, 21years old. From Iowa!!! I’ve graduated from boarding school in Oklahoma, so I know how to deal with people from all over the country! I just wanna have a good time!!! I would like to audition but not close to any of these cities!

  27. Jessica

    Heeyyy I’m Punkin (Jessica) would love to join the show so please try and come close to Chattanooga Tennessee

  28. Sasha

    I want to know how I can be apart of bad girls club

  29. Shere Stern

    I want to nominate my oldest daughter, Khrystal Dawn Campbell (24) Dallas, TX, for the show. Not because she is bad but she is a bad bitch. Young girl doing her own thing. Fashionable BBW. I’m a lesbian so she’s had to grow up accepting the choices I’ve made. She’s a cool young kid and lives in a roommate situation now.

    • Maryiah

      Yeah right how old is you tho

  30. Glady Ramos

    Hi my name is Glady Ramos I am 27. I been watching the show since it started and always said Im the one that should be there.born and raised in Puerto Rico I know I’m the baddest bitch around and well known for it I’m all the way in Boston wish there was auditions over here. I’ll leave it here singing off the baddest bitch verlis..

  31. La'Nae...The Rising Star


  32. Taylor Harris

    Hi My Name is Taylor Harris I’m From Longview Texas Im Interested In Be On The BGC Please Hold Auditions Somewhere Close To Longview

  33. Ashle

    24 years young on the 19th of October . Interested in joining the show . Regardless I know I’m the baddest bitch . Independent leader ready to show all these bitches how to run a house like a boss bad bitch does .. Born n raised in SC so would like to know if these are the only auditioning places? -tbbalways

  34. Jere

    My Name is Jeré , but everybody call me “ badgaldooda” literally it’s my IG & snapchat Name .. been called it for years . Ima bad b**ch , my mouth reckless I say wtf on my mind because if it wasn’t meant to be said it wouldn’t have been thought of . yafeelme? Everybody love me & if they don’t they a mad a** hating bi**h . Im 21 from New Orleans , LA .im 5’4 about 125 & im ready to show y’all how tf New Orleans get down . I came to turn this motherfreaker UP 🤪#yeahwiththeyeah #stopplaying let’s link & show tf out badgirlsclub 😛

  35. Dee Jae

    The baddest bitches come out the North East ,😙 Bad Girls Club. 5’2 115lbs- Educated & Paid. You can’t be a bad bitch unless you get money– ✌25 years young, beautiful, & tatt’d -Sit down ladies, tha Boss has arrived 💋

  36. Nora

    I’m Nora I just was hoping if I can get any information for the next casting call

  37. Billie jean Perez

    Hey I’m Billie jean 28 natural red headed freckles face spit ball of fire here I have my days where I’m chill then hyper then moody quite n loud out of no where, I drink smoke dance love females and I want to have sum wild fun from Chicago but moved to Denver Colorado

  38. Krystle Magee

    I’m 32 yrs old and I’m so here for BGC I will be in Frisco at the audition. I come from a long line of bad girls it didn’t start with me my momma and granny was bad girls lol

  39. cynthia

    my name is cynthia and i would love to be on bad girls club just so i can prove that i am the baddest bitch of them all and I’ve technically been watching is show for the last 5 years so I know all the strategies that each girl use to eliminate each girl out of the Bad Girl’s Club house.

  40. Candice

    Want to know when is the next open casting for BGC 2018!! South Florida

  41. Cerairr Davis

    My name is Cerairr Davis And a beautiful bad bitch. I am a model also a rapper & singer my stage name is @prettyaszcece . I am from Memphis Tennessee but Lives In Houston Texas Love to Travel all over the states maybe the whole world soon. I am very known in my hometown from high school on up. I need to work on my attitude I really do . I always used to fight someone when they talked stuff. I will love to be on this show. I got what it’s takes…

  42. Shondameerah Sims

    i have not seen anymore bad girl club seasons on t,v anymore .. are you guys coming back on ? if so when can i apply ?

  43. Kate Hardgrove

    My name is Kate Hardgrove, and i am the baddest bitch. Everywhere i go people want to know who i am, hangout with me, and live the life style i have. Everyone in jersey knows me and my sisters since we have partied and made a well known name for ourselves. Everyone who meets me loves me being that i have an infectious laugh and a personality larger than life. I will do my job to represent New Jersey in a way it should have been represented all along, not like it has been with these sloppy girls we have seen on t.v over the years. I am out here living my best life and would love the world to know me just like Jersey does.

  44. Joslia

    Hi guys I’ve pretty much been watching bgc since I was 6 I hope you guys keep this show on about 5 more years from now 😂💯 I will be waiting for this to come😉I know it

  45. Michelle Daniel

    I want to audition I’m from Ga is there anyway I can still audition?


  46. Chelsea J Andrews

    Hi my name is Chelsea I’m 25 and I’m interested In being on the bad girls club

  47. Laraia

    Hi my name is Laraia & I’m interested in being on Bad Girls Club! 22 funny outgoing & a huge personality.

  48. Tekeyshia

    Hi I’m tekeyshia Ballard in I’m interested in being on bgc but I’m way in Houston Texas u can catch me on hope to hear from you guys soon please hold auditions here ASAP

  49. Idellar Dixon

    Bol hey my is idellar dixon everybody call me della im 29yrs old im 5’6 ft 138 lbs im the 6th child out of 11 sisters and brothers i was born in Newark New Jersey got sent to St.pete florida for my grandmother which was my father mother to raise me for a better life style but when i was about 8yrs and after a yr or 2 i got sent to Dundee florida with my christian aunt which was my grandmother sister because of my behavior problems,attitude,and my very out spoken mouth so after living with her for like lol 3yrs i was sent to Lakeland florida where i was raised by my parents see im the clown/party child im the type of person who has the most welcoming smile that brightens up the whole room i try to keep everyone spirit’s up when im around i drink a only brown i love throwing parties im a very protective person when it comes down to my family and close friends and at the same time i dont take no mess from no one i speak my mind alot some times my mouth of mines be getting me in trouble but i can control it some times but i have a goal i want to try to work on and thats being around females i cant stand some of them some try to hard to be something or someone they know they cant be and some of them be so scary it just pisses me off I apologize for my launage yes im the type of chick who can walk the walk and talk the talk 5’6 who dont take no S**T and i look for my age i like going to the nail salon which is my #1 thing to do an i have one friend/hair dresser who is the only person ill let touch my hair so i dont do salons….and thats a little something about I…..

  50. Jasmine

    Hi my name is jasmine Katrina and I’m interested in joining the bad girls club! I’m fun , I’m cute , I love to turn tf up & I’m ready for everything bad girls club has to offer .

  51. Perece Rankin

    Ayyyeeee I’m Perece, everyone calls me Reece. I’m interested in simply being apart of the Bad Girls Club because I’m opinionated, out spoken, and a positive personal w/ a bomb ass vibe. I love meeting new people & experiencing new things. Don’t let the sweet innocent smile and the thumb sucking fool you, I can get real geechi real quickly.

  52. Chanel Fraser

    Haaa SOOO.. I’m 21 and I’m from the uk and I would LOVEEEE to be on bad girls club because I’ve never in my life had to deal with bitches like that in my life bitches that know me know what the f**k time it is I’m not gonna say I’m a bad girl because that shit stupid but im a problem I’m real as f**k& I’m humble but I don’t take f*ks from no one. I think it would be real interesting.

  53. Kanika Tillery

    Hi My name is Kanika I’m 23 and interested in being in the bad girls clup

  54. Lexy Leavelle

    I always get approved and y’all never hit me back y’all know I’m da Baddest will I have to come to that city

    • Perece Rankin

      Girl you and I both. We really need to show these hoes Wazzzzzup😋😋😘🤞🏽

  55. Amy Zeigler

    Hello my name is Amy,and I’m interested in being a part of the bad girls club simply because,ive been through alot in my life i wouldn’t say I’m an angry person,but I don’t take anything from anyone!!! Ready to fight at any minute,but someone has to be picking with me. I absolutely am not a bully.. my email doesn’t work for a reason but I can receive txt… thank you and wish the best next season,but guarantee I can n will make the viewers go up because of my looks and my personality😊🗣️🗣️🤷🤦

  56. Sammie

    I absolutely love this show and hope you guys bring it back I got accepted when I sent my pictures and and got a call back but ended up not having a job at the time so it was not accepted but I really wish that you guys would bring the show back so I could be on it it would mean the world to me I’ve watched every single season and believe me I think I have what it takes to be on the show

  57. Gabriella

    I hope y’all still casting cuz ya girl tryna slide through and show these hoes wassup

  58. Rochelle sharry

    You should bring this to England or let them be involved in the applications nuff chicks think they are the baddest bitch… And this show has alot of ratings in England… I’d you consider getting involved.

    Hit me up…I love this programme

    I.G: jus2serious

  59. Nadelie

    Nm i didnt know this was an application I am only 11 I will do it when I am 21 are yall still going to do it when I am old enough

  60. Nadelie

    I love this show its the best I really want to do

  61. Nataly Lazaro

    you guys aren’t even coming to Orlando, Florida. I always get your emails my photos were approved. How can I get casted from out of state.

  62. Monifah Rickenbacker

    Im 21 Will Be Turning 22 This Summer. I’m Highly Interested In This And I Have Been For A Few Years Now. I Feel Like I Have What It Takes😎. I Would Need More Information On This.

  63. Bridgette Stanley

    Bring bad girls club back and cast me I’m from Cleveland Ohio that should already tell u I’ll bring huge ratings and money on a hustla I’m bad girl because I can show u better then I can tell u plus I’m cute 4’10 and a lover and a fighter I have seven other siblings so I don’t get scared lol BRING IT BACK

  64. Maria Thompson

    Hey yall what about me and when ARE yall coming to the dirty south LIKE Memphis TN were its at HOOD all day everyday👅 im talented too…

  65. Lakenya Canady

    See you June 4th 😉

  66. Johnnie Mae Carreker

    Im very interested in this. I always been a bad gurl.. Dont mind makeing bitches hate me 😂😂💯 NEED MORE INFORMATION….

  67. Samantha Fernandez

    I’m 20 but turning 21 in October I want to try this out I believe I got what it takes , if not y’all let me know the next time I can. Thank you !!(:

  68. Jeneen A Jefferson

    When is the next casting for bgc? I want to audition.

  69. Tammy

    I’m Interested in getting information regarding current casting calls.

    Follow Me:
    IG: tammyrainjuicedup
    Facebook: TammyRain All JuicedUp

    Thanks in advance 😃
    “Everybody thinks I want their man.” Lol 😜

  70. Tammy

    I’m Interested in getting information regarding current casting calls.

    Follow Me:
    IG: tammyrainjuicedup
    Facebook: TammyRain All JuicedUp

    Thanks in advance 😃
    “Everybody thinks I want their man.” Lol 😜

  71. Lulu chanel

    When is the next casting for bad girl club?

  72. Shamekia murry

    First time but so excited to do this.

  73. Tiffany

    Call me if you can do anything about a crazy white girl being on bad girls club If Its possible maybe tonight because I’ll be ready don’t bring anything But Me Myself and I

  74. Erin calais

    21 and wanna be on BGC. I’m real bad and no one gets along with me.

  75. brittney

    23, open for any position