Oxygen's Bad Girls Club Season 16

Bad Girls Club Auditions for Women Ages 21+ Nationwide

Calling all Bad Girls! Are you ready for your chance to be on the Oxygen television show “Bad Girls Club”? Casting directors for the hit show are now holding in-person auditions for the hit series. The casting team is scouring the country to find the next set of Bad Girls for the show’s 16th season that will pin East Coast vs West Coast. Auditions are being held in the next month in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle and Phoenix.

About “Bad Girls Club”

East Coast vs West Coast will be take over the 16th season of the show. These regional divas will be proudly repping the area they are from. If you are independent, opinionated, outspoken or endlessly entertaining, then you might have what it takes to be a member of a special East Coast vs. West Coast season of Bad Girls Club.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors for Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” are now holding auditions for females who are over the age of 21 years old to be on the show.


All candidates must ages 21+

Outgoing, Opinionated, Outspoken or Endlessly Entertaining

From the East Coast or the West Coast

How to Apply

Bad Girls Club open call auditions are being held in several cities between June 24th and June 25th. Women interested in applying for the show are welcome to attend the auditions. You must be at least 21 years old to be considered and to audition. Anyone who attends must bring their photo id as well as a recent photo.

If you are interested in being considered for the show, you should attend one of the below casting calls. If you attend an audition, you must bring a recent photo and your photo id. Be sure to bring them because you may not be able to audition without them.

San Francisco / Bay Area
Saturday, June 4th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
685 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Las Vegas
Saturday, June 4th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Brando’s Sport Bar
3725 Blue Diamond Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89139

Portland Oregon
Saturday, June 11th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Grand Central Bowl
808 SE Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97214

Washington DC area
Saturday, June 11th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Town Tavern
2323 18th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Saturday, June 18th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Fox and Hound Sports Tavern
1501 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Los Angeles
Saturday, June 18th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Hooters of Hollywood
6922 Hollywood Blvd. #109
Hollywood, CA 90028

Saturday, June 25th, 2016
10am – 5pm
Gordon Biersch Brewery
600 Pine Street
Pacific Place Mall Level 4
Seattle, WA 98101

Saturday, June 25th, 2016
10 AM – 5 PM
Tilted Kilt Scottsdale
7077 E. Bell Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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125 Casting Responses

  1. Yaminah Hester

    Hey I’m yaminah aka nala. I’m 22 will be 23 in March of course spring break time and I’m very outgoing smart shy crazy and goofy all in one. I applied before but due to my situation I couldn’t even make it in time but I’m from LA the best side is the west side but I can get dirty like the east side. Just like apple watts if she can do it why can I, also the money I get will go to my daughter she deserves everything I never had and everything she never knew existed. My princessa brings out the best and the BEAST in me. Bloodline from the Bronx and LA. I’m the best candidate to come

  2. Tabitha Spann

    Hello BGC. My name is Tabitha Spann I’m 22 years old I’m 5ft tall and I’m from Staten Island New York. People call me tabby in my neighborhood or golddskinn. On my free time I like to twerk, rap, drink, party and live life! I don’t tolerate bullshit and Im a cool individual until people cross me which they really shouldn’t want to do. I’m very funny, outspoken, adventurous, In love with money, loyal to others, and I only hang with pretty girls.

  3. Zhani

    I received a call back from twisted sister’s but want to cast on my own

  4. Demitria A Thompson

    Hey my name is barbee and I’m from Miami Florida and I would love to be apart of bgc!!! I’m funny, spontaneous, love turning up, checking the fake on site lol!!!

  5. Shanell butler

    Im real an open minded. Say what i want when i want an o feel like nobody can tell me nothing because im am a queen an will always be one.. 💯💯.
    Wilmington delaware in da building

  6. Marleana Porter

    My Name Is Marleana I’m 24 From chicago IL I Was Recently Released From the Federal Penitentiary In 2017 I Would Really Like To Join The Cast Because I’d Really Like To Have The Experience. I Think It’s Well Needed For Me

  7. Lorretta Tillman

    My name is Lorretta I go by “LOLA” for short im from PHOENIX ARIZONA Im 22 years old im a upcoming artist I stay turnt up cant no bitch turn me down

  8. RykeleanaB


  9. Lyncey Lambert

    Hello this is lyncey lambert. Im 19 year old from haiti , raise in Alabama right now im leaving in North Miami Beach also i called myslef baddi boo im just ready turn up im very funny out going i hope i be in the show im ready !!

  10. Lyncey Lambert

    Hi my name is Lyncey lambert ! I called myself baddie boo. I would love to attend to the bad girl club, I’m from Haiti but raise from Alabam right now im leaving in north miami beach. Im ready to have fun games anything that come up 😏

  11. Teona Franklin

    When is the next audition? Does anyone know ?

  12. Jai

    Hooow in the hell yall doin EAST coast vs West coast but not comin to atlanta for auditions???? What east coast yall talkin about?

  13. Zara

    I’m from Boston & im Bhaddddd
    I would love to be on the show.

  14. Rickeya Shanta Williams

    Come to Cleveland so I can audition

  15. Kaylee

    Hi! I’m kaylee and i wanna b bad girlo

  16. Keaira Sanders

    Hey It’s Keaira! I wouldn’t call myself a “bad girl” I’m just a real ass bitch that don’t put up with shit .. if that makes sense. Lol just real and ready to vibe with some baddies. All fun ! & games til I get pissed off … Gemini gang.. mwaaaah

  17. Jocelyn ward

    Hi my name is Jocelyn Ward and I would love to be on your show I live in Ormond Beach Florida and I’m THE DEFINITION OF A FUCKING BAD GIRLLLL and I’m willing to show you what I am all about!!!!! Phone:3214447198

  18. Detryauna hemphill

    I’m Detryauna hemphill I’m 21 yrs old Iam from North Augusta South Carolina Iam a bad girl I’m funny, beautiful, and smart but one thing I hate is when people lying to me


    I would love to attend the badgirls club

  20. Jaylinee

    I’m from Puerto Rico in I love I I’m a bad gril so I help I can’t make it so I can’t show ya what I’m bout 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  21. Sharlene Whitaker

    Hey my name is Sharlene Whitaker I am from Montgomery AL .. I would love to be on your show . I am 34 yrs old .. but I don’t look it I am very outspoken love to enjoy life…

  22. Jasmine lopez

    I’m from Camden nj I m 21 I will be danm if anybody come my way its ether my way or Noway so get it correct so wen is there going to be casting near Camden

  23. Jasmine lopez

    I’m from Camden nj I m 21 I will be danm if anybody come my way its ether my way or Noway so get it correct so I want to know wen is there going to be casting near Camden

  24. Ariana schleicher

    Was so it’s ya girl Yanee I know it’s 21 and older but I’m something you can’t miss I’m from St. Louis Missouri.. The actual st. Louis not that deep far county St. Louis I got something new to bring to the bad girls something ya need and been looking for.. It’s not always about how hood you is but how you come across as a woman.. I’m a baddie and got a strong mind and would love to be on the show. A haven’t had nobody from st. Louis yet not actual st.mluis and I think you’d be surprised at how we really are

  25. Jasmine l Johnson

    I hope I be in the bad girl club


    When is the next audtion

  27. Quaylnn Georgia

    Hello im so glad yall are bringing back the bad girl club an im so interested i was supposed to be on last last season with redd an jada an tge rest but i couldn’t make it but im all in now an im ready to good

  28. Tyiauanna

    Hey my name is tyiauanna & im cute & cool im not with all that crap like evrybody else im just gonna say im cool asf i jusf like to have fun and trun up but i will not be rude to nobody if they dont be rude at me & if not will should have a good day and we should get alone ! Im 19 😍😘 im from opelika AL

  29. Nya

    I’m from Canada, I’m 21 about to turn 22 on BGC, I’m outspoken, outgoing totally optimistic I love to have fun, I have a naughty side and a good side. I don’t back down easily and if you want these hands I’d be glad to make sure you receive them 😊 I’m always real but I can spot fakes quickly. I’m a fun, love to live kind of girl. Plus who doesn’t want a Canadian bad girl on the show?

  30. Iesha Gray

    Hey my name is Iesha and I’m 27. I live in Atlanta Georgia. I’m a cool chick and I very outspoken. I tend to get alone with everybody but it’s always someone that just don’t miss with me and I cool with that.

  31. fayefaye

    I’m just not about to tell you any lies I have a unique personality and I’m not saying I’m the shit but when you meet me you either love me or hate me but I’ll remain the topic and I’ll remain that for a long time.. I’m the only girl rasid in killeen Tx nobody from my city has put on at all ..I have a gold heart with a smart ass mouth and a quick temper. Sometimes IDK whats wrong 😂I’m 22 no kids and I’m ready to do me while I can…. I used to be 200 pounds 9th grade I’m 165 now sexy huh lol I’m not going to keep this going but crazy I’m not insane bitch I am so me me me you’ll love me I promise and I’ll be the last one close-in them doors baby fuck you mean I’m the pride and the prize your thoughts wouldn’t matter hoe

  32. Charisse

    I would definitely like to be apart of the new cast Iam bringing spice and personality what the show have yet seen in a very long time views are guaranteed to sky rocket once I join the cast Iam bringing the true definition of bad back

  33. Denisha Rucker

    My name is Denisha Rucker i am 23 i am from Atlanta Georgia. I have a past of fighting and drinking. I feel that the bad girls club can help me grow from my past.

  34. Kia

    Houston Bad Girl , Everything Is Bigger In Texas . Meaning My Personality & Attitude I’m 5’3 130 pounds Of Petty Living , Fwm My IG & S Snap @thebitxhisbaxk . Responding Bc I Can Respond 💯🗣️

  35. Angela Thomas

    Will you have auditions for 2019

  36. Ameera

    My name is Ameera and no bad bitches mess with me. THATS FOR SURE. Im a 22 year old bad bitch ! i am an outgoing, strong, and a beautiful ass girl ready to come on The BGC & show them how a bad B shows up and shows out ! I would love to attend the next casting please let us know when and where #2018bitches !!!

  37. Claudia

    Ayeee, my name is Claudia and I’m from Atlanta Georgia. I am a cool, quiet but crazy, down to earth, expressive bad bitch that will say what I want and not feel bad about it in the end. I will fight back once I get to my boiling point. I like to have fun and go out and meet new people but I don’t like unclassy nasty females. I also want to know when is the castings for Atlanta.

  38. Aunyae

    Damn when will y’all come to the Midwest ? I’m in st.louis Missouri

  39. Kaitlin

    Me and my twin sister will be 21 tomorrow and we have literally waited for this day till we can be on the show. We’re not like any other twins you’ve seen on the show.

  40. Laura

    I always loved watching the show. First time applying. I live in chicago and love to audition. Im 29 years young. Don’t let my age fool you i still look n act 23. I’m very nice n sweet but once that line is crossed the slightest bit its over for that person. Love to hear back from you.

  41. Melanie Roberson


  42. London Cotman

    …coming soon!

  43. Tierra Williams

    Hi my name is Tierra Williams I’m 29 I feel I will be be best candidate because I have what it takes to be the next bad Girl I’m the bad out of 7 siblings I have always been spoiled and I get what I want

  44. Tierra

    Hi my name is Tierra Williams I’m 29 I feel I will be be best candidate because I have what it takes to be the next bad Girl I’m the bad out of 7 siblings I have always been spoiled and I get what I want

  45. Imaniyeh Stevens

    My name is Imaniyeh that right there should tell you that I’m one of a kind. I’m a Gemini so I can be a sweet heart but don’t get it twisted my other face does and will come out if it has to be. I’m definitely a bad bitch. I worked my ass off to own my own business and been poppin since high school. Im from New York but recently relocated to Raleigh NC and I need some excitement in my life. I’m now a mother so my focus is to support my baby girl and do everything I can to secure our futures. I’ve always loved BGC and wanted to be on the show. I’m such a great spirit to be around fun outgoing and ratchet when need be. I love bad gurls that are bosses, fun crazy with big personalities. You won’t ever find another like me. Take the chance get to know me and have me on your show you’ll forever remember the baddest bitch.

  46. Solida Wright

    I’m from Charleston sc 29 and looking fine. I’m not about to do all that extra crap like everyone else. I’m just gone say I’m a very cool down to earth gal. I’m not in for hurthing anyone yet if a idiot get outta line then imma have to flex on them. Other than that..I’m a ole witty pretty young thing chick😘 really just wanted to know when will you all be casting again also when will it be in cast calling for charleston sc or. Atlanta,Ga.

  47. Solida Wright

    When wil casting be taking place in Charleston, sc, Atlanta, Ga or Florida.

  48. Cambreal Carter

    Ignore these other comments.
    I’m a 21-year-old bad beautiful crazy MOTHER. That’s right I said, Mother. I’m from Seattle Wa. Describing me I would say!
    Life of the party and could be a Big Bitch if one takes me there. I have haters everywhere. I simply call them my fans. I wanna be on BGC to really enjoy the experience and Act all the way out!

    If I for some reason do not get picked. If any of the girls get kicked out I would happily be a replacement.