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The E! Network along with Nigel Lythgoe, the producer of such mega popular shows as American Idol, So you Think You Can Dance and The Next Great American Band are preparing to bring what may be the most amazing musical competition show ever to television screens everywhere and you could be a part of it all. Opening Act is coming soon and so will auditions and casting calls for what could be your HUGE break in the music industry.

Opening Act is a music talent search show that is truly unlike any other the world has ever seen. The show will find Nigel Lythgoe and his team of Opening Act talent scouts searching the Internet for the most amazing up and coming bands and solo acts in the world. Those chosen will be brought to Los Angeles where they will be mentored by none other than singer-songwriter Mary J. Blige who has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and Antonia Armato, producer for such artists as  Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez,  Jesse McCartney and David Archuleta!  The winner of the competition will land the dream gig as the Opening Act for a huge musical group. There has never been another program where undiscovered performers are given the opportunity to be mentored by and potentially open for talents as amazing as these. If you have been working in a band or as a solo performer and are looking to take the next huge step in your career you have found it right here. Casting submissions and auditions will be happening soon for season one of this amazing new musical talent program so leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the details as they develop.

This is the chance for every aspiring musical performer out there to not only learn from some of the biggest and most successful names in music today but to possibly perform as the Opening Act in front of millions of screaming fans. Start your path to musical super stardom today as a contestant on the newest musical talent show, E!’s  Opening Act.


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  1. Cheyanne Johnson

    Hello! My name is Cheyanne Johnson. I am from Gary,Indiana. I am a 15 year old girl and very talented . I love to dance,act,model,sing,and play basketball. I attend plays at Family’s Christian Center in Munster, Indiana with Pastor Steve Munsey. I danced with Westside Theatre Gille for 9 years. I was a chosen candidate to present Michael Jackson a rose on stage in front of millions of people. I performed his number 1 hit , Bille Jean. I still have the picture till this day . I know I am ready to step up and inspire other young people. I believe that everyone has talents and gifts. It’s what you do with that talent that makes a difference. God has given every person a special gift to show the world. My motto : If you can dream it, you can do it .
    Contact info :


    Thank you

  2. Shannon

    Hi there 🙂 … My name is Shannon and my favorite thing in the world is to connect with people through music; there is no better feeling than moving people with your story or words. This is my FaceBook page … <3

  3. danielle

    Shamia Washington should be chosen! She is humble, unique, outgoing, a bit cray cray lol but all in love and fun. She has the most powerful and amazing voice. Upon first sight you would not imagine the voice coming from her as what it is; simply amazing. She is also a cosmotologist and is able to keep her look on point to suit any occassion/song. She is a force to be reckoned with, plus she writes her own music!!!!! She has been through so many struggles, ups and downs and refuses to lose her zest for life. She never speaks of it again once the moment passes, simply invests her pain, loss, blessings and triumphs in her music. She not only deserves this she has earned it.

  4. Shermone Fields

    Hi there, my name is Shermone. I’m not an artist but I’m here because I’m married to one. He doesn’t know I’m doing this for him but I’m not only just his wife I’m a big fan. My husbands name is Tyrone but his artist name is Roney B. Roney B is a rapper/hip-hop artist as well as a song writer. He was born and raise in New Orleans, Louisiana but now relocated to Lave Vegas about 10 years ago. His music is his passion and his dream. Tyrone loves to perform and take his music seriously. He’s in his studio all day after work and before work mind you he has two jobs but he makes time to be in the studio even if that means he only get 2 – 3 hours of sleep. As a wife who believes in him I’m here to say my husband would be good for ur show. He even has everything about his music Facebook, Twitter, sound cloud, Instagram, etc…

  5. Shanise allen

    My name is Shanise allen aka CocoaBrown im a solo artist singer rapper and song writer I work hard commited to my craft and anxious for my big break I no it will happenn and I have faith confidence and will keep going until I achieve my goals and I look forward to auditioning. This would be such an amazing opportunity and the whole concept of the show is genius and amazing. I look forward to hearing from you

  6. Candice

    Hi I’m Candice let me tell you a little about myself and why I would be perfect for your show I’m a singer Songwriter write lyrics sing as much as possible love love love to sing with all my heart and soul but it’s not just that it makes me happy I love performing seeing crowds reaction it is a rush I will say that but to really touch someone there heart through music what an incredible feeling it is that’s all I want is to be able to reach people through song music touch there hearts souls I have the passion dedication determination hardworking driven focused able to take criticism and work that much harder to reach the top get where i want in music industry eager to learn work with different artists work with different genres of music do karaoke have sung in grandmas church choir school choir in H.s. took voice listens to better my voice and own my craft able to belt out hits such as Adele Rolling in The Deep Alicia Keys No One and more also able to sing different ranges first and second soprano also would like to break into acting industry and really business savy mogul such as Jlo is Fashion Clothing Line book Shoe Line Makeup Line ready to be a triple threat Impress you and take the world by storm and show you what I can do given the opportunity 🙂

  7. Anastasia

    Hello my name is Anastasia. I’m just going to get straight to the point. I love to sing. It’s everything I need honestly. I had a dream once that I couldn’t sing that I was mute I woke up crying fearing that my dream came true. I’m happy it didn’t well because like I already said I love to sing. When I told my uncle about my dream and my tears I asked him what did it mean and he said that its my passion. Now I really understand him. I sing always morning to night. Practice always because well everyone needs practice, also a break. Just I would love love love love to be opening act. Thank you

  8. Emmy Bodner/ Southern Sirens

    Emmy and the Southern Sirens would be great for this show!!!! ps they will bring their instruments this time!!!! Recently they opened for Carlene Carter and also for Bruno Mars!!!!! Here are a few links for you to check out!!!

  9. Arek Wol

    Name : Arek Wol
    Gender: Female
    Height : 5 ” 7′
    Country : USA
    State : Massachusetts
    Age : 13
    Hi my name is Arek and I am qualified to enter Opening Act.I can entertain people. I have danced ever since I was little. I have been singing since as long as I could remember and I took lesson since 2nd grade at age 7. I play the piano and I participated in the choir since the age of 7. I have participated in these following plays: High School Musical, Annie, Beauty and a Beast, Aladdin, Bye, Bye Birdie, Little Mermaid, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    I really love singing and I love to entertain people and see how to crowd reacts. Many people that I have sung to were surprised that I even have a big voice in such a young age. I want to inspire people and influence the world with my talent. My dream is to pursue a singing career and I think this competition can jump start this opportunity. I really hope you like this entry and again thank you for the time of reading this comment.

  10. Nico Clavier

    My name is Nico but my stage name is Nics (Ne-ee-cs). I am a very passionate 16 years old who has been writing/rapping from the age of 7. I am also a producer and pianist and have been doing this since the age 13. I have had the opportunity to perform at a range of venues such as; The SOHO Festival, the Olympic Torch Ceremony, BT Live, Westfields Music Cube (was called back due to my performance) and loads more. Most of the songs I make are in the genre of Electronic Hip-Hop and are quite energetic songs, however i am able to adapt to most genres. I have recently won the Ray Davies Song Writers Award and have also won the RWRMA Role Model Award due to my dedication to music as a whole.

    As mentioned before, I am a very passionate musician who is always looking for ways to get better musically and I feel this is a perfect way to do so. I would be absolutely honoured to have this opportunity. The links to my music.

    Thanks For Reading.
    – Nico Clavier (Nics)


  11. Marzely Darbouze

    Hey my name is Marzely Darbouze. I’m 18 and I’m from Billerica, MA. At a young age I knew that God had a plan for me. My middle name Christella means, “Christ was here” in my second language Creole. My mother gave me that middle name for a reason. Since day one God has been there for me and I know he’ll continue to be here for this journey. I have been singing since I was seven years old and my love for music continues to grow every single day. Singing is my escape from anything stressful in my life. I’m currently going to school to become a corporate lawyer but my family and I know that my true passion is to become an incredible singer that young girls look up to. The journey won’t be easy but I am ready to put in all of the hard work in order to make my dream come true. I would be honored to be apart of this show. I pray I get this chance because I won’t disappoint!

  12. Carolyn Marie

    I, Carolyn Marie, am a pop/rock/dance recording artist and songwriter working on my debut album with multi-platinum and Grammy award winning producers. Three of the songs are on my website to listen too: One song I just finished recording and is still in the mixing process, I wrote with inspirational icon, Eric LeGrand, who tells his story of how he turned tragedy into triumph on my record. I’ve been trying to do my very best investing thousands of dollars into the production, voice lessons, rehearsal space for my band, photo shoots, music videos, etc. and just need help getting my music out to the world! As expressed by Faith Verrill, RAW NYC Manhattan Director, “Carolyn’s RAW NYC Manhattan ALLURE performance at The Cutting Room in NYC was awesome! She had great energy and connected with her audience perfectly. She is a star in the making.” If you would like to know more about me please visit my website: or send an email to Press and sponsor kits are available.

    Social Media Links:

  13. Jasmin

    My name is JaZmin and I’m from Cleveland OH. Currently I sing and entertain at gay bars where I’ve adopted the name “Jayonce”. I perform with many amazing drag queens although I’m a real girl, I just LOVE singing/entertaining and they give me the opportunity to do both!! Aside from that I’ve been signed to an independent label here in Cleveland at the age of 16. I’ve also won the Sparkle Competion that was related to the movie Sparkle. I won locally out of about 78 contestants. I’ve been in bands and opened for amazing artist such as Wynonna Judd. I’m hungry for this opportunity and waiting for my big break. I hope that you accept this video as my audition.
    Thank You,

  14. Edy James

    i sing rap produce and i will love meeting Mary and performing opening acts for you .. check me out on …

  15. Foenander Brothers

    Hi Would love to be considered for Opening act
    Please have a look at below Link
    Thank you
    Mike and Steve

  16. Jordan Sheppard

    My wife and I are an acoustic duet that love harmonizing with each other. Here’s a video to show why we should be considered. Thank you for your time!

  17. PARIS

    Well I could make a long list of things. What it actually gets down to is that Im ready. Im willing to work hard and reach my dreams. If this is the road I have to take Im ready. If not then I know Gods got another plan for me.

  18. Emily Bechand

    Hi, my name is Emily and I live in Cohoes NY. To say that singing is a hobby for me is an understatement. To me it’s crucial to happiness and freedom. All anyone needs is an opportunity to become who they want to be and this could be mine. I’ve tried out for Americas Got Talent but sadly was turned down. Now that I’m more mature and have grown as a vocalist, I feel I could go far in this show. This past year I was honored to be selected after I auditioned to preform for the 54th Annual Center for Disability Services Telethon, that raised money for children and adults with different disabilities. I’m not telling you this to say I’ve been on television, I’m telling you because doing things like that are what make performing worth it. To help others by expressing my self and my voice is a true honor and I thrive to become and inspiring and dedicated singer. I’m ready to change singing in front of my friends and family to thousands. All I need is this one opportunity and for someone to believe I could be more than a good singer in a small town in upstate NY. On and more musical note I like to listen to classic and soft rock, pop, and alternative music. I’m inspired my many artists like Beyoncé Knowles, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and Pink. I sing a lot of their music and love the challenge of runs and dynamics in a song. When I sing a certain genre or song by an artist I try to accumulate to it. If I’m singing Valerie by Amy Winehouse I’ll add rasp to my voice and if I’m singing Ain’t No Other Man by Christina Aguilera I’ll make the runs my own and belt it out. I think to be a good singer you have to feel every emotion and be confident in what you sing and let it out whether it’s your own or you’re doing a cover. So if I got picked for this opportunity it would be amazing and I’d work hard every day to succeed. Thank you!

  19. Whitney Nicole

    Hey, I am Whitney. I enjoy singing, because it makes me happy. My family thinks I don’t have a chance on the stage, because of how great and wonderful all the singers we have today are. Well, maybe I am just as good as them if I were to have a chance. Given this opportunity to show the world who I am would mean the world to me.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

  20. Terence Washington

    Greetings i’m Terence, edgy vocalist with MONSTER stage presence. I’ve been singing for many moons and live for the chance to release the beast upon the crowd. . Holla.

  21. Kimberly moore

    I believe that i should be cosidered because i can sing but in normally shy timit scared of critiscim but now i have a goal to find my children through my god given talent just praying it works because i know those babies are wondering where i am and maybe they can see me on tv

  22. Anna

    I would really like to autdion with my sister. We are working on putting together a band, right now it is just the two of us. We both sing and my sister plays guitar. I am 16 and my sister is 18. We both would love to have an opportunity like this. All we want to do is sing. If we get chosen this could help us launch our singing career. If you don’t chose us, it’s fine. We will find another way to get our music out there.
    Thanks- Anna



  24. Helen Plevras

    I am thrill seeker dare devil
    I love to live life on the edge around positive and vibrant spirits.
    My greatest pass time is to be around people on a high frequency who can share a great laugh.

  25. Oticia Redman

    I am one of the most ambitious, outgoing, determined female singer/songwriter in the the music game. Recording since 16, singing on many of the hottest local rappers in Houston, Tx.. My work speaks for itself.. Go to to check out my live performances and released singles on iTunes and other available sites that sell music.. This is my heart and my love and I won’t ever give it up..

  26. Jewel Timlin

    It’d be a dream come true to be on Opening Act! All my life, all I’ve ever wanted to do was sing and perform on stage for people all around the world. I’ve been writing my own music since I was 10 (albeit those first few we’re a little juvenile) and I’ve got a natural talent that if love to share with the world! I want to inspire an be inspired in the music industry. Opening act could help me do that.

  27. Shawn

    My name is Cedric Ross but everyone calls me Shawn, my stage name is Yung Son and I am a rapper from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have been featured in the April/May 2014 issue of XXL magazine as an independent artist, around that same time last year I received an exclusive interview with Jack Thriller of 50 Cent’s A couple of weeks ago, after passing auditions, I scraped up my money and I flew out to New York to go do Jack Thriller’s 16 Or Better cypher for I have been rapping my whole life and I take music very seriously. I would love to be apart of Opening Act to share my craft, passion, and talent with the world for an opportunity of a lifetime! Thank you.

  28. leuayva sparks

    I just want to be on stage! Perform and set good examples for others who live in small towns and feel like they can not succeeded.

  29. Tricia stilley

    The chance of getting someone to actually see you on internet is unlikely.. but sounds awesome, especially to a mother of two boys who are almost grown, and woman who has lost her will to even try anymore… but know this I can write a song a day, and it’s a guarantee hit .. THAT I DO KNOW .. getting anyone to see, another story, I have managed to become a singer songwriter and my own producers , but without people knowing your name my album just sits but it’s cool, I did that album and the music videos in three years thank u Lokossa Music

  30. Tiana Drake

    First off I would like to say it will be a pleasure and a honor to have the privilege with Mary J. Blige. I have been a huge fan since I was a little girl. My mother and I have never had the best relationship but when I was younger and Mary’a music would come on a bond would form. Our relationship now is even worse so I always go back to her music just to have a little of that feeling that I use to have as a child. To me this is destiny because I had a dream that I sang for Mary and she told me to keep singing and I will make it. This is my time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  31. lisa

    It my turn! !!!

  32. lisa

    Its my turn! !!!!!!!

  33. Dominique Williams

    My name is Dominique, I’m 23 and I’m an inspiring singer. I LOVE music and it’s my passion. If offered this opportunity I will work hard and give 110% to this program is selected. I know this is my calling and if chosen I will not disappoint! I look forward to hearing from you guys!

  34. Darren Batteast

    Hi, I’m Darren’s mom. I was just searching the web for upcoming opportunities. I will also inform my son when he returns from the studio to leave a comment. However, I think I’m probably his biggest fan and harshest critic. He is working hard on his music and doing well. He’s already opened for Faith Evans, Maze, Eric Benet and Joe. He just needs an opportunity to be heard. His music is infectious, original and sounds amazing. Please give him an opportunity! You won’t be disappointed.

  35. Fatmata Karbo

    Hi… my name is Fatmata Kargbo I feel that I would be great the the opening act because I sing its something that I love and passionate about and Mary J Bliege being apart of the shows is just amazing because she is one of the artist that i look up to so much vecause her songs are all real events that happen to us humans in real like especically her song noore drama in my life the songs touched me so much because it reminds me how my family is f,aslo I am in the choir in my church..

  36. Monique Degivenchy

    I think I should be considered because, im a singer who can sing almost all R&B songs from Patti Labelle to Beyoncé. Honestly I have never really pursued my talent because I have seen the affects of success in the industry. I will say I am the niece of song writer Bruce Hawes who wrote songs such as Let no Man Put us under , and Sadie also the daughter of a song writer who wrote for G. Knight and the Pips, Donnie Warwick, and Blue Magic. To sum it up Song is my blood.



  38. Lynnette Daye

    Hello I am a single mother of three beautiful kids. I live in a small city and opportunities doesn’t come around this often. I am asking for a chance to be heard. My 16 year old is my biggest fan. She is the one that has pushed me to finally get out and reach for my dream. I have a great talent and I feel like you will not be disappointed. All I ask is for a chance to be heard.

  39. Harry

    Sounds AWESOME!!! I would bring a voice and presence that would turn heads. Was with Whiskey Revolvers Country in South Jersey for over a year as front man and now sing some leads with a rock’n country band called South 47.. If ever selected for an opening act audition no less than 110% would be dished out and I will make a connection with all who listen…!!!!!

  40. TheDuo

    Hello we are very interested in this ad because we have a lot of talent drums keyboard guitar etc. we write our own songs mix and master them we have been doing this for some time now and we have crafted a sound like no other r&b hiphop rock we do it all just need the rite person to hear this amazing music and after that sky the limit so when you get this please give us a call back email something you won’t be disappointed my phone number is 732-361-3764 cell 1-908-482-0142 thanks in advance!!!!!

  41. Ladycharlene

    I would love the opportunity to just be apart of the show maybe ill win maybe not but im to really learn something. I’m a female lyric composer/rapper/performer check me out on reverbnation

  42. Brittany Campbell

    Because Music
    Because Family
    Because of your team
    Because I feel like that I’m most useful making music for people:

  43. Rhythm of a Metronome

    We are an all girl rock/alternative group from Michigan. We are fairly new to the music industry but we have been working hard on covering songs from various artists and writing a few original songs. We would love to be considered to be on opening act because we can bring something completely new to the music world.

  44. rare

    I’ve been in the music business for about 5 yes investing,learning,and mastering. Its a passion of mines and I just wanna surround myself around people that feel the same way……..
    I’m the one for the job

  45. rare

    I’ve been in the music business for about 5 yes investing,learning,and mastering. Its a passion of mines and I just wamma surround myself around people that feel the same way……..
    I’m the one for the job

  46. Jana Henry

    I see others have written in re:someone else so I am writing in re: my brother, Gary Severns. We are in Las Vegas, Nv. I recently entered Gary in a talent contest at a large casino. He went all the way through to the finals but did not win. He was asked to do a spot at another casino variety show. Everyone loved him and was very impressed. One judge told him h should quit his day job, ( he is a painter).I always tell Gary he sounds better then original artists without a mixer board lol. I’ve put a few videos on youtube. Check him out. Just type in Gary Severns Do I (cover) Luke Bryan, or Gary Severns Tomorrow (cover) Chris Young or even Gary Severns Whiskey Girl (cover) Toby Keith. These are videos made at karaoke. Gary is super passionate about C&W music and sings with much feeling and and with a strong solid big voice. He is know at a few of the karaoke places here, like Gilleys Club, as “Big Sexy’ Please, give him a listen and a chance. Thanks


    I Have Been Performing many places and Critiquing my Performance for years since i was 14 im 25 now. I’ve performed for huge crowds i do HipHop i was Kwame’s Artist when i was a kid learned alot from him, im the hypest dopest deffest stupidest performer in the World! LOL and i would love to show it off for the very beautiful Mary J Blidge ! Her advice would be golden. yes yes you go girl

  48. carla

    Singing is my passion and the Lord is guiding me. ..Please give me a chance. ..

  49. Felanda D

    Hi, my name is Felanda and I would love the opportunity to be a participant for Opening Act. I am 18 years old and I live in the Bahamas but I am originally from Haiti. My voice to me has been a shield but it is also my weapon of life, fulfillment, joy and hope. My friends, they will tell you that my voice is amazing, soulful, inspirational, melodious, entangling, etc. However, I’m a person of action and I have always been the one to enable. I cannot allow myself to sit back and watch people waste their talents. I love to push people to go above and beyond their potential but getting myself to do the same has been a long strife but I have put a lot of effort to not just use my voice as shield, but to break past my walls. I have been singing for a while now and I know the potential I have but I have to go the extra mile. Years from now I do not want to look back at, “shoulda, coulda, or woulda”.

  50. Ruth Sumo

    Hey My Name is Ruth Sumo and I love to sing, I can learn how to dance, and I would love to be picked as a contestant for your show. 🙂

    This is my Original song: Tidal Waves

  51. Gerald Gibsin

    Hello, my name is Gerald Gibson. I’m 24 years old and I’ve been musically inclined since I was a baby. My first words were actually from an old musical called Calimity Jane. But I used to sing and sing all day long. Then I learned to write songs and then that’s all I ever did. I love writing, music, and sound. I want to create a song out of everything I hear. Now I’m more hip hop/new age genre. But I love all genres of music and I’ve been inspired by music from as far back as 1930’s till now. I just love a great song.
    I feel i should be selected because i have always had a passion for music and entertainment. I can write a song for any artist of any genre, and produce and engineer the song, all customized to that persons voice. I really have a passion for this! Its not just a hobby. Its my life. And one way or another I’m going to be heard! But i would love for this to be the opportunity that I’ve been searching for. I have a partner who is just as passionate as i am. Her name is A.M.O ( pronounced like AMMO for ammunition) and my trademark name is H3 (Hip Hop Hanibal). If given this chance, i feel i can change this industry with a sound that’s never been heard. I just need the opportunity. Please guys, help me help you. I swear you wouldn’t regret your decision if i was selected. Thank you. And if not no hard feeling. I’ll make my way up somehow. Talk to you later. ✌
    . Gerald “H3” Gibson

  52. CCG

    For your consideration:

    Never give up! 🙂

  53. Brian'Buck'Ellard

    I am submitting Brian’Buck’Ellard for consideration in your show. He is a very talented musician, singer, songwriter.Guitar, fiddle, and vocals are outstanding. He has been performing on stage since the age of 15, and is a definite star quality performer. I believe all this guy needs is to be seen by the right people and his career would take off in a huge way. He is a must see.. Find him on You tube and on his web page . Thank You for your time and consideration.

  54. Jenn

    I’m wondering if you can audition as a Canadian performer. I’ve been on Canadian Idol… but this concept is much more up my alley as a songwriter!


  55. Danielle Barclay

    Hi my name is Danielle Barclay ive been a singer since the age of 2 singing with my mother across town growing up ive been in choir,show choir,honor choir , teen church choir , adult church choir, and church honor choir. i have sung for many different venues ranging from quiet get togethers to rock concerts. i music range is anywhere from a tenor to a soprano .my genres are pop R&B soul, rock . my musical influences are Mariah Carey ,Whitney Huston , Adel, Janet/Micheal Jackson ,Kristina perri, Katy Perry,Amy Winehouse , Aretha Franklin (old skool) check me out at…
    hope to here back from you soon.

    Danielle M. Barclay

  56. Darlene Fields

    If you are looking for some talent, then take a look at 10 year old Saylor Woodmansee from OK , . Her Dad posted a video of her singing a cover song ‘Tattooed Heart ‘ by Ariana Grande and she nailed it, at the end of Feb when the video was posted and went viral, her video has had over 24,000 hits on Youtube and she already has over 15,000 fans on FB in 2 months. She is a great little singer that can sing just about anything, she has had a few interviews on local OK TV stations, she is the National Anthem singer for the PBR rodeo’s in OK trying to get her foot in the door, it is time she gets noticed and get her singing career off the ground, you won’t be sorry, Saylor would make a great Opening Act competitor.

  57. Miranda

    This girl is amazing!

    Check out Saylor! She is talented and at such a young age, she is sooo grateful for everything!

  58. vicki oxner

    I think you should pick Saylor Woodmansee she is a 10 year old that can sing awesomely not only singing but has a heart of gold ..I personally have never met her but commented on her video one night see I ve been fighting breast cancer and just had a double mastectomy and was ready to fold the towel in and her voice picked me up and made me think if this young girl could go and fight for her dream of singing with her voice of a angel me at 47 needed to put myself back together and fight for life… she takes her time to write and send signed photo’s and mail them to people like me with words of support she is a outstanding young lady and one hell of a singing you would be missing out not to have her …. she has a true gift from god …

  59. Jaci shampine

    Saylor woodmansee she’s 10 years old with a dineomight voice !

  60. Reba

    I would love for you to have Saylor Woodmansee audition.Her dad put a video of her singing on Facebook and from there it went viral, she is 10 years old and has an awesome voice you can see the video at

  61. Robert

    My 10 year old Daughter would be So Thrilled To be picked she has been singing since she was 2 has a Big Heart Loves to Entertain I posted a Video on Facebook of Her singing 6 weeks ago and it went Viral in 2 days she Now has almost 200,000 shares of just that video and over million Views she has done 4 News Interviews on ABC, Fox, The CW and CBS and two Radio Interviews she is the official National Anthem singer for The Tough Bull PBR Rodeo she just loves singing and if you ever met her you would know what im talking about just look up
    and Thank you

  62. AJ Jansen

    I would like to be considered because I am a performed who likes to have fun on stage and people love my songs and I would love the chance to open for a major act and get the crowd ready for them…check out
    Thanks AJ

  63. VANIA

    VANIA independent recording artist.Her a singer, songwriter, this is her debut single “In My Heart” first album is expected to be released Latter on this year.
    check it out on jango and yutube

  64. GNarland

    I will be that dude that everyone will love to hate on the show! I know I’m the best and I plan to continue to prove it with every lyric that I write. My name is Nate “GNarland” Garland and I am a Western Massachusetts based rapper and I am nearly untouchable lyrically. Dont believe then dont take my word, just check for yourself and see that I dont have much competition in my age bracket considering I’m only 19. My soundcloud has grown to be extremely popular in a short period of time solely off fans who discover my music then love it enough to share with friends. I would kill for this opportunity and I would be the best fit for this show

  65. tinea

    Residing from brooklyn growing up from Maryland to New York I have grown the hustle and ambition to be greater. Trying to follow my mother’s footsteps but with better decisions, been singing since I could talk. Singing has always apart of my life from being in the studio with my mom to me casting in my school talent shows. I am a very artistic outgoing person I feel it’s time for the world to find out who Nea really is.

  66. DreamerChrisJ

    I am different from the rest. Please check out @dreamerchrisj IG,twitter and .

  67. Jordan Barnes

    My name is Jordan, I’m very compassionate about music and singing is my favorite hobby. It has always been a dream of mine to sing on a stage in front of an audience. I can sing R&B, hip-hop, classical,rock, and can rap a little. This would be an amazing opportunity for me.

  68. tiyana harden

    my name is Tiyana and im 16 years old ever since i turned 10 all i ever wanted to do was sing at the age o 14 i realized that i didnt have it all and that it wasn’t easy for my mom to raise my 8 year old brother and I, I believe that if i come on this show and do the best i can and project all i have learned i can give back to my mom and my community for pushing me to follow my dream i have videos on youtube and facebook Imani jamara on facebook

  69. Destiny De La Paz

    My name is Destiny De La Paz,and I’m 13 yrs old yes I know I’m young but I’m trying to get a chance in life to show that what I do isn’t just a waste of time,so What I’m trying to say is that this could be a great opportunity if I get chosen to sing and try to make my dream come true :).

  70. Julia Lopez

    I have been singing with a childhood friend of mine for about 10 years! We are both 17 years old from Oklahoma. We have performed at various local concerts and competitions. We are both very passionate about music and hope to pursure music as our career. Most of our songs are acoustic covers of artists such as Usher, OneRepublic, Adele, imagine Dragons etc. Hope you’ll consider us!
    We have posted some videos on YouTube (Julia Lopez & Lydia Ross)

    Here are some links:

  71. Jermaine

    I go by the name of TruMotiv I KNOW i have what it takes to be a huge rap star I just need the right people to see and hear my talent. If given the opportunity I would feel blessed to be able to fullfill my life long dream that I have persued since I was a chilld.

  72. Maurice Gill

    I want to enter because I feel I have something to offer to hip hop and will be labeled as one of the greats if given the chance to let my voice be heard.

  73. MarkAnthony White

    I am submitting this as a surprise for my friend MarkAnthony White. Others may write to you saying how great of a singer they are but in this case MarkAnthony really is. He has been through so much obstacles in his life that he uses music as an outlet to overcome life’s struggle and to put a smile on other peoples faces. MarkAnthony is a singer, songwriter, and musician. some of his original work can be found on Soundcloud under his name. MarkAnthony was a runner up for The City Of New York, CUNY, CSI’s Got Talent and was just amazing. He is never into the fame of things, just wants to gradually entertain people. Most of MarkAnthony’s original songs that he wrote and performed are based on emotional facts he has dealt with in his early life such as being abandoned as a child, and living on the streets as a pre-teen. His story along with his music would be great and I urge you to provide him with a chance.
    A link to his page/songs

  74. john ellis

    i would love to be a part of your show my style of singing varies from pop to opera to country but my favorite type of music to perform is a pop and opera mix along the lines of josh groban i also sing in italian and some spanish.thank you very much for your consideration.

  75. Lynnez Gray

    Hello! I have been singing with various bands for the past 4 years as a lead vocalist and the more I entertain the better I become. Most importantly, the feeling that I get when I’m singing in front crowds of people is unreal. I get this overwhelming butterfly effect in the pit of my stomach that takes me to another place.. I guess that could possibly be my alter ego or the other side of me that slowly creeps out as I perform. With confidence I can definitely say I am very talented but with some extra guidance I could be extraordinary.
    Praying that this opportunity can take me to the next level so the world can enjoy another great artist.