Baby Photo Contest

Baby Photo Contest Casting Calls

Do you have the cutest little baby in the whole wide world? Does he or she just have that “it” star quality? Are you ready to share him or her with the world? Your bundle of joy could be the next face of all new baby ads and commercials! Submissions for auditions for this fabulous baby contest are being accepted now.

Your baby could be the face of the some of the most popular and trusted baby products and brands around the globe. These contests are ready to make a national superstar out of some very lucky children, why not yours?

Companies are looking for special little people who personify a healthy and happy look to promote their most popular products. The companies are accepting photos from children across the country with online voting by baby modeling enthusiasts determining the winners. There will be several winners chosen who will each receive a cash prize that can be used for your child’s future education.

This could truly be the opportunity of your child’s young lifetime and a perfect chance to secure a sizable portion of his or her college tuition costs. If you have a beautiful young one at home you must enter this exciting contest not only for the potential education windfall for an experience that you and your offspring will never forget.

If you are interested in submitting your child for the casting calls for this amazing photo contest you can stay tuned right here for every casting call detail. We will keep you updated on this contest every step of the way so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why your child should be chosen for The Baby Photo Contest.

Your child is your most precious gift and now is your opportunity to help secure his or her bright future. Apply today for The Baby Photo Contest for a chance to win cash.

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1 Casting Responses

  1. Samruddhi Narkar

    My son vedant is 5 months old his look very cute & smile is very sweet & active u have any required of baby plzz contact us

  2. Lerato Nketu

    My Lehakwe Nketu.Shes the most precious human being on earth.she’s 3 months old.She’s intelligent and turning heads at her little age.most adorable,a happy flexible child with a million dollar smile

  3. Lerato Nketu

    I have the most precious human being on earth.She’s intelligent and turn in heads at her little age.most adorable and a happy flexible child ever.

  4. Maru

    Hello! My baby boy is 8 months. He’s half latino and half afroamerican. He’s taller than his age. He looks healthy and happy. I receive a lot of compliments about how handsome and cute he is.

  5. Maru

    My baby boy is 8.5 months old. He’s half latin, half afroamerican, he looks healthy and happy. I constantly receive a lot of compliments about how handsome and cute he is. He’s taller than the average.

  6. Hdil fares

    Hi. My baby boy is 10 months old and he is so cute and he brings joy amd happiness to all the people around him

  7. stephanie gannon

    bronson is 4 months old. he is a very happy playful baby. loves standing and looking around. also has the cutest little laugh

  8. Tekla Bara

    Hello!My baby girl is 10 months old!she has the cutest smile and face in the whole world!

  9. Matteo

    Hello, we have a very cute baby girl born on the 08/27/2018 (1.5 months today). We are Caucasian from Italy, Rome. People keep telling us she is the cutest baby they have seen and we should bring here to castings. So here we go. I can send pictures.

  10. Inchara

    My baby inchara is his very cute

  11. Shipra Ojha

    Hi I have a baby boy 10 months he S cute active and a smiling baby loves to dance and play I think u guys would like him please let me know I am based in Mumbai

  12. Toshal Patel

    Hiii Viren mayur patel
    6 month old

  13. pragya sharma

    My baby is eight months old.He is very friendly and a joyful baby.kindly give him a chance he is very camera friendly.

  14. Carol Escasinas

    My son hyuan hiraw is only 4 months he’s so cute dark and handsome not only in pictures, he love playing when you talk to him and also he want selphie take a pic😁

  15. Adya

    Baby is healthy

  16. ram prasad

    Hi! My 10 months old daughter is very beautiful and charming.she has a cutest smile and photogenic face and she is very cute

  17. Shirley

    Hello! My baby is 11 months old, she is a lovely cute angel, she is definitely fit into the baby modeling industry

  18. Jitender

    Hi I want my baby photoshoot for participating in advertisement.

  19. Sudha

    Hi, I have a baby girl, her name is dhaani, she is adorable,very pretty,and has a very unique feature. Being a parent I would like to provide her a platform where she inter into a compitative environment. So please looking for a guidance to apply for it

  20. Amoo temidayo

    Hi my baby girl fareedah ifeoluwa amoo. she is 9months old,she is pretty and smart girl,she as long eye lashes with full grown hair. she is lovable and photogenic. everybody loves to take pictures with her because of exceptional beauty.

  21. Lakshmi Bhatnagar

    I have a 4 month old baby girl. She has a sweet and ever smiling face and is very responsive to people. Let me know if there are any suitable requirements

  22. Jaya

    My baby is very cute, naughty girl.

  23. Jaya

    Hi My baby is very cute, naughty girl

  24. Nancy Fasawe

    my baby girl Adesewa Olajumoke Emily Fasawe 1 year 3 months is a very sweet girl who is always smiling…photogenic and intelligent smart and very beautiful.. . She will make your bad day turn to joy… I am 100%sure when you see her you will love to work with her

  25. Gurpash

    I have a 6 month old cute baby boy who can bring joy on anyone’s face with his smile.
    Please let me know if there is any opportunity for him.

  26. Yogesh joshi

    Hi my baby Ira is so cute and charming. her smile is awesome .every body wants to play with her.

    Thank you
    Yogesh joshi

  27. Mackenzie

    Hi there, my daughter recently did a commercial shoot for Melissa and Doug and we are trying to get her involved in more. She is 1 year old and has no problem sitting, posing and smiling. She is always happy and follows direction well.

  28. Bhawna Verma

    Hi my baby yuvansh is 7 months old. He is smart & innocent look.

  29. Aarti juamni

    I want add my baby in advertisement.

  30. Rima singh

    Hi my baby arnav Singh looks so cute and he is very naughty u ‘ll enjoy to play with him

  31. heidi fontanilla

    hi, my baby boy turning 4months , smart, sweet and has a heart melting smile, you might want to see his photo, hes half indian half filipino

  32. Vedu

    Hello my little boy Dev is little handsome man. Puts smile on everyone’s face.Many people suggested me to put his picture for advertisement, so here I am. It’s not only me who thinks my baby is cutest baby.

  33. Grant

    Hi my baby boy Grayson Riley Vermeulen is just the smartest little 1 year and 6month little kid around he bring joy to a bad day with his cute face and smile that makes you want to eat him up

  34. Mirela Manole

    My baby, Aiden, is 7 months. He is cut and he would like to play and take photos.

  35. Nisha

    hiii…my baby vaani is so cute and naughty girl…her smile is awesome…everyone wants to play with him…..i think u would enjoy to work with him

  36. Monika

    Hi! My 14 months old daughter is very beautiful and charming.she has a cutest smile and photogenic face

  37. Debbie Baguio

    Hi! My baby is half Filipino African , she is 4 month old now and so cute… she’s like a child actress when we go somewhere because of her different beauty…

  38. kamna Nagpal

    Hi my baby Jasmine Nagpal is the cutest in the world. She is active smart and witty . She is camera friendly and photogenic

  39. Manish Kumar Sanger

    Hi… My son Vivaan is 3 years old. Fair ,Brown eyed ,cute and very naught Boy. When ever we are out, people love clicking pics with him.



  41. April

    My 8 months old baby was born to be jolly, photogenic and smart little one. She’s always have eyebrow on fleek “kilay is life” for my baby girl.

  42. Peggy Loveless

    My 4 month old is the most adorable baby. She is always smiling and giggling. She is very intelligent and has an amazing personality. Choose her and you won’t be let down…

  43. Pratik

    Hi,My baby boy is of 14 months old,he is copy cat n cutest too.his name is molik jain.

  44. Suryansh

    1 month old healthy new born baby.

  45. Ray walton

    Hi my baby boy is called vinnie he is beautiful but ever mam and dad think that but he really is😍

  46. Aaryansh Shukla

    Hello …my baby Aaryansh is 6 month old. He is so cute and naughty boy…his smile is awesome…everyone wants to play with him…..i think u would enjoy to work with him….

  47. Susan Marango

    I think I have one of the most cutest boy around the globe and we would be glad to be part of the contest.

    Greetings from Mummy & little man

  48. Sonali

    Hi , my baby is just over 2 month old and has the cutest smile.. he looks at the camera every time we take picture

  49. Ankush

    My baby name is Advik …. he is chubby n he attracts everyone wid his cute notyness … he has cute dimples n he is vry photo genic …

  50. Monika

    Hii my baby girl is 7months old n she is adoreble too cute n active . She is playful n naughty too.Her Name nivati

  51. Monika

    Hii my baby girl is 7months old n she is adoreble too cute n active . She is playful n naughty too.

  52. Dimple

    Hi My son is 9month old …and He is very active….he has a cutest nd smiley naughty face ..his nature is very indulging …..with eyryone

  53. Jolly Acharya

    Hi my son ZIAN is 6 month old .He is very cute naughty and nautankibazz ..haha..He always greet you with his cutest smile.

  54. sucharitha Gidla

    hiii…my baby Susan is so cute and naughty girl…her smile is awesome…everyone wants to play with her…..i think u would enjoy to work with her

  55. Bohar Singh

    Hello , my baby girl is 8 months old. She is very cute and attractive. Everybody went to play with her and advised to me send to your baby in commedical add.

  56. Aman Barsaiyan

    Hi My niece is 9 month old and she is god gift for my whole family and looks very charming and pompous and amazing.

  57. Nazneen

    Hey, I have baby boy he is just 3months old.He is very cute and full of attitute.His name is Mohd Hashir.

  58. Mohit Kumar

    Hi there,

    I am father to a super little cute daughter who is an year old who I think can be part kids related promotions 🙂

  59. Akriti

    Please do let me know if there are any casting auditions for infants (6 months’ old).


  60. Sakeena

    Hii my 1 yr old son soo naughty nd very cute.his smile is awesome…his name is khizr…

  61. akhilesh tripathi

    hello sir,
    my name is akhilesh tripathi and i lived in utter pradesh . I thing my 1 year old nephew is perfect for the short baby adverstisement. sir please i request you to please connect my nephew to child adverstisement .

  62. Dr. Priyanka Kachare Doshi

    my little one master Aaryan doshi has a to die for smile, the more you look at him the cuter he gets and then thecamera loves him too is reason enough.

    thank you
    priyanka kachare

  63. Maria Teresa

    Hi my Sophia Therese is 3 months baby girl…
    Her face is like a Miss Universe

    She’s an angel sent from heaven..

  64. Maria Teresa

    Hi my Sophia Therese is 3 months baby girl…
    She is gorgeous and charming baby…

    She’s an angel sent from heaven..

  65. Vishal Surwase

    My baby boy is 8 month old. his name is viaan.

  66. Liway lara

    Hi! My son John caleb is handsome and has a cute smile.. he is 11 months old now.

  67. Chandrashekhar

    My Baby girl Siya Chaudhari 3 Yrs she is cute smile.

  68. Taranjeet

    Yes I am interested. Tell me how to send my baby pictures and where. My baby is 10+months old. Her name is Harshnoor kaur

  69. Tushaara CD

    My 2 month old daughter Aaradhya is a cute bubbly baby. She is turning out to be very active and responds to our speaking. She is comfortable with new people. She has a photogenic face with an adorable smile. Please let me know if there are any auditions.

  70. Ruchita Mehra

    Hello, My baby is 7 months old… Would request you to let me know for any ads available for babies…

  71. Kristen

    My sons name is Ranten Lee he’s full of spunk, a natural comedian and is easily the most handsome bright eyed 16month old in the room. He is most definitely meant for greater things. Exploring the options and wondering if this maybe his destiny.

  72. Jose Rey San Juan

    Hi, for us Isabella Rae (Bellá) is our Angel. I decided to enter this competition because I want to secure her future. She’s 7MONTHS OLD (JANUARY 22, 2018).
    Hoping that she pass your criteria.

  73. Lucinda

    Looking to get in to something for my baby Elijah his 5 months now and trying to get information

  74. priyanka patil

    Hii, My baby Boy is 1 year 10 months old. He is very active and very smart.

  75. priyanka

    my baby is 2 years old. any advertising please mail it