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Do you have an incredibly close relationship with your daughter?  Is your mom your best friend?  Would you love to show your bond on a reality TV show?  An acclaimed TV production company in conjunction with a major television network as well as a major news outlet is casting an all-new, groundbreaking documentary series that profiles fun, over-the-top and EXTREMELY close moms and daughters.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put you and your mom/daughter’s incredible bond center stage on television, get paid and have the time of your life!  This will be a heartwarming series that showcases the unique relationships between some mothers and daughters.  View the 2018 reality TV show casting call below!

About the Show

We’ll showcase their one-of-a-kind relationship in a fun and feel-good series that celebrates and examines unique and special mother daughter relationships.

What They Are Looking For

Inseparable, Extremely Close & Over The Top Moms & Daughters!
Do you and your mom/daughter have an unbreakable and extremely close bond that outsiders have considered odd, unusual or extreme?
…Is your mom or daughter your best friend and one another’s entire world?
…Do you take the traditional mom and daughter relationship to new heights?
…Do you and your mom/daughter live, work or travel together?
…Do you two literally do EVERYTHING together?
…Are you closer with your mom/daughter than friends or family members and sometimes even spouses and significant others?
…Do you tell each other everything and hate it when you have to spend time a part?

How to Apply

If you answered, “YES!” to ANY of these questions, we want to hear from you!
To submit and to learn more, please email:

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41 Casting Responses

  1. Lindsey Thompson

    Hello, my name is Lindsey Thompson and the dynamics of our family will totally set us apart. We represent 3 generations. Mom is about to turn 60, my older sister is 42 and I am 18. There is 22 years between me and my sister, my mother and sister were pregnant at the same time in 2000 and I am an invitro baby,( which means I was frozen for 3 months before implanted). We are all currently living together sister has come home after struggling with a 25 yr drug addiction and is 1 yr clean with lots of promising opportunities. I am senior in high school about to fly away ( but not to far) I come from a long line of beautiful strong women . So there are lots of fun and crazy things that we do together. Life here is never boring just ask our poor dad!!

  2. Simone Williams


  3. Martina Williams

    Me an my mom are close we have a story to tell..i was in foster care always had my mom she did alot of drugs an did alot of jail i had my ways in an out of trouble my mom found out a couple months ago she had ovarian cancer we live togather now an make each day the best we can with all of the stress an struggel we are going through…we have a great story

  4. Grace Emma

    My beautiful daughter, Tabby is 16 and yes, I smother her!! I am also a helicopter mom! I can’t help it. We are tight. I am all in her business and know all the gossip with her friends. She is also all in my business and reads my texts and knows all my relationship gossip. I realize that we are too mixed up in each other’s lives and the boundaries aren’t there, on the other hand, I love knowing that she is open with me about her life and I am grateful I don’t have a closed off teen. We are each other’s best friends and besides we have to balance out her younger twin brothers!

  5. Daisy Byungura

    My mom and I are extremely close. My mom is African and has a hilarious accent and we make jokes all the time. We have our disagreements, but we’re still BFFs. I started freshman year of high school a few weeks ago and she’s been incredibly supportive! We’ve been to Africa twice and my mom and dad traveled Europe this summer. I have an older sister and brother (both in college) and a younger brother. I think we could make a really attractive, funny, and enlightening reality tv show.

  6. Tattyanna Ho

    Me and my mom are the most craziest funniest people in the world, we can fight really bad but at the end we always laugh about the dumbest things

  7. Martina Sanchez-Filfred

    Hello me and my mom are very close. After my Dad past away she was not herself. But she came to reality that I needed her in time for my first baby to be born. My baby was born 3 months after my dad passed away . He was her soulmate after 30 years of marriage. Never giving her the time to grieve and still hasn’t. She continues to help me with everything I need . I care for her including her medical. Even when she could not get up and walk, dizziness, pain, being in the ER she never let me miss work and took care of my kids. I would admit with out her I be lost if I ever lost her, I couldn’t probably even do half the stuff she has done in her life and struggles.. She continues to help me raise both my babies. And is always been at my rescue. My mom is the best mom and grandma. My babies won’t do anything without her as well. My mom is so strong she worries about what would happen if she was to leave this world. I also do admit we have our ups and downs but get thru it. I guess my stubbornness come from her but I do catch myself doing things she did in her younger days. I love my mom and she is my I work on trying to take her places to see that she never had the opportunity to do so. She so wants to see Christmas in either Disneyland or Disney world.but for her going to Disneyland was the best now she would love to experience the other but worries because she has trouble walking. But I tell her that I would not let that happen. Like I said my mom is my world and best friend.

  8. Kate Collett

    My daughter Hailey-Mae and I have a very close relationship. I became pregnant with her at a young age and always felt like she was friend rather than my daughter. She has been my rock through it all. At times when I struggled as a single parents, broke, alone, and depressed, she was my rising star that helped my motivation. No child should ever see their parents struggle but unfortunately she did at a young age because I was left with no choice at the time. I had to focus on what was best for myself and her during those times. We have grown even closer in the recent years and we can relate on a completely different level versa her and her father. Now that our family as grown and a second daughter has come along my bond with Hailey is completely different. Our lives are filled with lots of fun, butting heads (of course) and most of all complete chaos, but I love every minute of it! She will always be my BFF #heygirlhey #hmandmommy

  9. Sharon Robinson

    Hello to all of you guys, my name is Sharon and I have a seventeen year girl were very close like to the rib almost I’d say. Were always together and tight like a knot type of bond she’s my little ting ting I call her, she was birthed to me as a blessing from God and she’s a great young lady so I had to give this a shot we need some excitement in our lives. Thanks!!

  10. Mary Ward

    I am the mom of 2 beautiful girls 23 and 25. They are my heart and soul. My oldest is getting married in Oct and the planning has had us so busy. She thinks of me before she decides anything and has been sunshine in my life. She moved back home after college to help us on our small farm and dealing with our medical issues. My youngest daughter keeps me on my toes she is a Residential life trainer at the school for the deaf and she has always wanted to be on TV. The reason you should pick us is our southern charm and humor ( we even crack ourselves up) and the situations we get ourselves in.

  11. Yvette D Brinker

    Yvette (47yrs) and Hailey Grace (7) Brinker
    Pontiac, MI 48342

    Hailey and I have an interesting back story, to begin: there is a 40 year age difference between Hailey and I! After being told that I had only a 3% chance to give birth to a child and having emergency surgery on a fibroid that burst in my belly when Hailey was only 2 1/2 months in my womb, we defied ALL the odds and on March 12 exactly 2 months after my 40th birthday. I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl.

    I was a flight attendant for a major airlines and to be frank; I was living the life. In 2010, I went in for a yearly exam and my doctor gives me a paper about alternative treatment to promote pregnancy, she said, “I want you to try to get pregnant, I believe if you don’t you will regret it”. This was my family physician, so of course she had no clue that my OB had just told me there was only a 3% chance this would ever happen. I was pregnant within 6 months of speaking with both of them. Hailey is athletic, charismatic, smart and wise beyond her years. She has a smile to die for and speaks in ways that constantly amaze people. Every time we visit a resort or event; people are automatically drawn to her, not just kids but mostly adults. She’s like Annie wrapped up in Punky Brewster and Gabby Douglas. She is a flyer on an all star cheer team and I am a Cheer Mom! So don’t be surprised if she breaks out into a flip mid sentence. Together we make a great team, we were meant to be; which is why I believe we look so much alike. She is my mini me, my twin and honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her. We are involved in our community: we participate in the AIDS Walk Royal Oak together, we help feed the community, we donate cloths and toys, we share in all sorts of fun activities and to date we have traveled to over 30 cities: Las Vegas, Houston, Bahamas and Chicago only name a few of the cities we have seen. We try to collect magnets from each one, although some Hailey has traveled to without me. We come from a large family so we do “Sunday Dinners”, which for Hailey is like a stage with her an faithful audience that shows up every week. She sings, dance and says crikey things. I believe we will make a great asset to your show and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yvette and Hailey Grace

  12. Diane

    My daughter is my shadow. I became a single mom when she was 4 yrs old. At age 5 , we moved to the US and it as been pretty much secluded from most of our family. This as lead to us really forming an inseparable bond. I’m a teacher, my daughter is very smart and truly talented. This inseparable bond as made it difficult for me to date again, and she wants a sibling. I think she will have someb issues seeing me create extending our family though.

  13. Tracey

    My daughter and I are very close. We have been through so much that we lean on each other when times are tough. I’m hearing impaired so she’s always helping me if I don’t understand someone (I lipread very well but can’t understand some people if they mumble) and I really appreciate her help. Her father is not in the picture and hasn’t been in her life since she was 1 year old so everything falls on me to be there for her all the times. I am proud of how she’s turning out and she’s in the gifted and talented program at her school. Our relationship is not something you see everyday between a hearing daughter and her hearing mom.

  14. Becky House

    My daughter Amanda and I are always told we look like sisters, which Amanda doesn’t like. We have so many mannerism and body language and even our voices sound the same. People are always confusing us. I am almost 51 and she is 29. I would like to say we are best friends, I guess in some ways we are, but in other ways we are so not. I could not survive without her and she couldn’t without me. And yet to be perfectly honest, there are days she hates me, and will make sure I know it. But when it comes right down to it, she is one of the only people in this world that “gets” me. And I totally understand her, and love her unconditionally always. Some days we are inseparable and others she can’t wait to go far away. One day she was having a horrible day, I suggested we go on an adventure, a bike ride. We did, then my bike broke, she and I tried to fix it, decided 1 of us would pull the other home by a large stick connecting us. Unfortunately I allowed her to pull me, I crashed on the pavement so hard and tore my elbow all up. We both decided it was a great adventure. Because we laughed, we cried, we held the other up, and we were just together.

  15. Sexieyes

    My daughter and I are ride or die divas.
    We live 100 miles apart but see each other weekly. We FaceTime a few ties a day….
    I’m a firecracker… and she’s my mini me!
    We seldom argue, but agree to disagree.
    She’s a little sassy and I’m a lotta saucy.
    That’s all!


    I’m a single mother in Phoenix AZ. I am getting my Masters Degree at ASU and MY mother lives down the street from me. She’s overbearing and nosy, but has been helpful watching my daughter while I purses my dream to get a Higher Education to be a teacher.

  17. Angel Taylor

    Hi, my name is Angel Taylor and my mom and I are best friends. We go to pageants together and travel a lot. We spend most of our time together and when it comes to being best friends nobody is closer than my mom and me. She recently got divorced and since then we have never been closer. I love her so much and we have so much fun together.

    Thx so much,

    Angel Taylor (age 15)

  18. Kimberly Murray

    My 7 daughters and I are over the top with closeness. We watch movies till 1:30am, we cook almost every meal together, I even went to college with one of my daughters and studied together! We go to art museums, Myrtle Beach, jogging together, and they help raise the children. We love each other and love to spend time together. My older daughter Marianna and I want to become Doctors together. I feel there is nothing we can’t do. My daughters are incredibly talented and smart and so funny. I have even been pregnant at the same time as 2 of my older daughters! I know we are not the norm, but we really love each!

  19. Shaconda

    My daughter and I are extremely close. We are on this journey to fight a cause in Guadalajara Mexico🇲🇽 late June. We have this dream of traveling the world fighting causes as a family with our friends and loved ones as well as for bonding time and vacationing. She is 8 years old and is dedicated and hard-working towards any Vision or goal that she puts her mind to especially this one to Mexico. We must raise the funds for her or Mommy must pay the funds to allow her on this journey but she enjoys the fundraising aspect of it so I’m letting her dedicate herself to that. She must also obtain a passport. 📸 She is a unicorn🦄 lover and her friends are too. Which part of our dream 💭is to have her friends travel with her doing different missions across the world🌎.Once we arrive in Mexico 🇲🇽 we will be doing community projects, flashmob, VBS, building a library and pouring into the lives of poverty stricken families and children over there. We have soooo much planned that we can’t tell it all! This journey is going to be huge! We have a team of dedicated travelors and participants. We invite you to journey with us and watch our amazing plans! You are invited! Come go with us!🇲🇽📽️🛫🌎🎬👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧

  20. Shae

    My daughter and I are extremely close. Currently we are working on a trip to Guadalajara Mexico. She is 8 years old with the drive inspiration like none other. We are taking this journey to help children, families, and communities and to pour into the community of Guadalajara Mexico🌎. We are inseparable we love being around each other, we love sharing our dreams and goals with one another and being a part of each other’s Journeys. Not only that she and her friends are unicorn lovers. 🦄 We had this dream of traveling the world together fighting causes and vacationing as a family with friends of hers and mine so why not do that on television and as a reality to inspire other’s. I myself have committed to this Guadalajara Mexico journey and I’ve gotten it done through hard work and dedication. I will be traveling on this journey and now we have to make sure that she and her friends are a part of it because it would be a reality of hard work and dedication. We will be doing flash mobs, VBS, building a library, community projects, and SO much more ! You are invited to follow us on this mission! 🛫🌄🌎📽️🎬

  21. Prynciss Taylor

    Hi! My name is Prynciss Taylor. To start off the relationship my mom and I share isn’t your normal mother-daughter relationship, we are like sisters! I probably tell her more things than I tell my sister, we’are just that close. She’s done everything she could to make sure I have a beautiful life and I do all thanks to her. She’s always been there for me through my hardest times, she truly is my best friend. If we were to be chosen for this show I know a lot of the viewers would say that mother-duo is my favorite! I hope you take interest in us for this show, I know we would be a great asset!

    Best Regards,
    Prynciss Taylor

  22. Jacqueline Parker

    My daughter and I are extremely close. We get on each others nerves so bad but we can’t stand to be separated. We do everything together except work. We can’t stand to be upset with each other. If we get upset with each other it will not take but just a few minutes before we are calling each other. I have never seen anything like it. It is crazy but we really love each other. I was raised in a very close knit family and I brought her up the same way. She says I am her rock and I say that she is one of the reasons for me living. We would love to do this.

  23. Britnay

    My name is Britnay and I am a mom of two beautiful kids. I have a three year old little girl and a 7 month old little boy. Me and my daughter our absolutely best friends she tells me everyday how much she loves me and that she is my best friend. I am with her all the time and she is always telling me all about her toys she plays with. She is the most amazing little girl ever when he been close ever since she was born her dad always says that she is going become a daddy’s girl but that doesn’t matter to me as long as i am her best friend. To have my daughter think that I am her best friend is the best thing in the world and she knows that I will not let anything happen to her and even when I am upset with her she always finds a way to make me smile. She is one special little girl.

  24. Tajia Rodriguez

    My name is Tajia Rodriguez and I’m a 19 year old with cerebral palsy and I can’t walk. My mom and me are literally best friends and I’m with my mom 24/7 and I truly do enjoy being with my mom. Although I’m a teenager, I still rely on my mom for many things due to my disability. Like she still has to dress me, feed me, carry me around etc but that has never limit us from having a normal mother and daughter relationship. Although our road has been bumpier than others, I truly think we have a stronger relationship than most mothers and their daughter. We have such an unbreakable bond and we literally tell each other everything. We would love to share our journey and set an example for all those parents and children and show them that it’s ok to be different. Thank you!

  25. JoAnne Boykin Thurston

    My Mom is truly my best friend. I don’t know where I would be if it was not for her & God. My Mom has sacrificed everything to make sure that her kids were ok. My Mom has always been a caregiver and has never been able to enjoy the fullness of life as far as travel and fixing up her home. My finances only gives me room to help her with bills and making her home livable. This opportunity would allow me to show her how much she is and always will be loved and appreciated. I have always wanted to throw her a big party; but again my finances never allowed room for that. My Mom has been my biggest fan and supporter thru the rough times and she never asks for anything for herself. She has stepped in to be there for my kids as well. They love their Grandma and would do anything to please her. She has shaken her piggybank just to give them lunch money when I could not. Please allow me this opportunity to show my Mom who has been a Mother & a Father ever since my Dad passed away at 51years old from a Brain Aneurysm in her arms. My oldest Sister passed away at 24years old from Cerebral Palsy. My Mom has been the driving force in our lives. She has had to pick up and take care of us with minimal help. She also has Epilepsy. She has gotten sick from having seizures & when it was over she got back up to cook us dinner! What a woman and My Queen. I can truly say that I have been blessed. I pray that this prayer will be answered.

  26. Kamay hasfal

    Me and my mom have been close for as long as I can remember we do everything togheter It would be great if we could be on this tv show to get even closer.

  27. Shy

    I always was under my mother since my father was in prison most of my life. I’m the second oldest, but actually the oldest since my friend/ older sister passed away from an illness. I did good majority of my life, but these past 3 years I completely embarrassed myself and family. My mother is a true Queen raised six kids on her own in Los Angeles, CA south central. I want to let the world know how dysfunctional and lovely my family is. We all we got and it’s a good empire.

  28. Brianna Allen

    I’ve always wanted to be an Actress as well as start my own T.V. Reality Show and if chosen me and my mother would be thrilled we are almost exactly the same person i can see myself beconing more like my mother everyday she raised me alone after my father passing away in a motor vehicle accident in 96 i was 6 months old, she was pregnant with triplets and lost the other 2 but somehow i made it she along with my grandmother where all i had to lean my head on when i needed anything my mom is a queen to me i would love to show the world that, and just the fact that our mothers do deserve the world.

  29. Michelle Ramnarine

    Michelle R
    This would be a great opportunity and lovely journey to share with my daughter . She is someone I know that would make changes in the environment around her , she is someone I admire and proud to say she is my little me, we do a lot together and share memories. I think we Would make a perfect match for this show.

  30. Jocelyn

    My mom and I are really close. Even when I was in high school, I’d love just to hang out with my mom. My friends enjoyed when my mom hung out too. Lol now that I’ve become a wife and new mom in the past year, we’ve become closer but my family relocated about 2 and a half hours away from my hometown for my husband new job. We’ve been in the new town for almost nine months. My mom and I literally talk and FaceTime everyday. We’ve always been that way.

  31. Sade Benitez

    I’m not sure if age has any relevance here but although my daughter is only 11 years old, we are like bread and butter. No relationship is perfect thats for sure and raising a young Queen is never as easy as people may make it seem. My daughter is my pride and joy. My magnum opus and something out of the ordinary if you ask me. I never really noticed at first how close we are until the people that we know and encounter point it out on a daily. To me its an unconditional bond between a single mom and an only child. It’s just her and I so every day consist of the two of us. People regularly comment on how blessed we are and how lucky we are to have each other. I’v started noticing about 4 years ago that this is no ordinary mother and daughter relationship when she started reading my mind. You may think it to be strange or far fetched but to the two of us, it’s just normal now. I can literally be in the middle of thoughts and as I am thinking, she can hear them. It’s not just about finishing each others sentences here, It’s finishing each others thoughts. I’d like to think that this is a rather unique relationship we share and that our purpose together is much bigger then we. The universe has conspired to put two great souls together to be a part in changing the world and I’m just so blessed that it’s with my daughter. There are plenty of stories to tell but i won’t go on and on. You really just have to meet people to understand and feel their vibes in order to know if they are what you want for your show. I hope that you can give us a chance to kick start our lives. either way, I think your doing something great here and I wish you the best. BLESSINGS!!

  32. Aisha

    This sounds like a really cool idea for a show! I think my mom would love being on this with me. We are super close and she is my absolute best friend in the entire world, we are super close. My dad doesn’t really pay any attention to me so when I was younger I kinda just hung around with my mom which started out entire friendship. I love my mom so much, and I know she will be super happy to do this show with me. I would really want to show everyone else how close we are, I would be super happy to be on this. She makes me so happy and I love being around her. I love doing things with her and talking to her. She always make me feel safe

  33. Nicole

    My daughters are my everything. Everything I do, every single day revolves around them. I left a terrible marriage in 2007 and I have had full custody since the beginning- biological father is not in picture at all. I have raised them all by myself without any help from anyone. We move as a unit and are very close. I practiced Attachment Style parenting as a young mom and the bond between us just kept on through adolescent and now teenage years. I do have a mother and we are close but she lives in England. She has helped me financially with my daughters as they’ve grown up, filling in the gaps and helping to purchase them things. I went back to school and graduated from Fresno State in 2011 while having two young kids. I work full time. We live in a small CA valley town that is undesirable and we all would like to relocate. My daughters are gorgeous and smart and healthy and happy. They are both graduating in two weeks from 12th grade and 8th grade. My oldest daughter was accepted and will attend San Diego State in the Fall. My youngest will start High School in the Fall. I cant believe how they have grown up so beautifully and quickly right before my eyes. It is surreal. I have dedicated my entire life to them and we would love to show and share the whole story of ‘us.’
    -Thank you

  34. AshliDawn

    My 18 year old daughter is so close to me that she knows me like the back of her hand. She made herself my personal assistant just to help me get out the door. She came home from college to start working in a corporate job and can’t wait to spoil me. She calls me her best friend and I would not deny that for a moment. Been through a lot of storms together and still standing strong.

  35. Jacqueline Watley

    My daughter and I have bonded thru her adorable son that I took care of for 15 months, I live in Arizona, yet when she called and said mom, I don’t want a nanny caring for him.
    His dad is head of security for Washington Wizard and she is part Pharma rep.
    We had some many family members that came to DC to support us Thur his first Year going into his second. This has brought my daughter and my relationship closer as well as our extended family !!!
    Our joy is unspeakable!!!

  36. Kimberly Smith

    I’ve always wanted to be an Actress as well as start my own T.V. Reality Show and if chosen I would be the happiest women alive..

  37. Tusia Komarnycky

    My daughter and I are so close even though she moved to Victoria BC in 2008 from Toronto and I still live here. She is 28 years old 2 time Summer Olympian (swimming) , retired in 2013, bought a house in 2014, broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years in November 2017, is living through a good friends suicide just less than 2 weeks ago. She is in Toronto right now for some TLC and to spend the May long weekend with me and the fam in Bobcaygeon. We talk almost every day, I secretly wish she would move back to me in Toronto, but don’t tell her . I don’t want to be her stress. I would have moved with my job to BC by now, but myself have just found a boyfriend I love 16 years after splitting up with her father. I travel to Victoria as often as I can, was 3-4 times a year before meeting my boyfriend, and last year in April we went to Thailand . We both have the travel bug, and our next trip will be Las Vegas. She is the fitness manager at the Vic West Goodlife so she has less time to just up and go away with me now, so we need to be strategic. We have been to Vegas before and love just hanging out, tanning, shopping, going for meals doing a little gambling and enjoying each other. We are so alike , I love it that she is a better version of me and I love that!

  38. Monica

    Me and my mom got closer due to some issues with my dad … It would be awesome to be in a show where moms and daughters come out

  39. Arianna Barajas

    My mother and i have such a strong bond with a few fight along the way but we’ll get through it. We get into arguments and find a way through it .

  40. Silver Miller

    Yes me and my mom are very close she’s like my best friend we have the same attitude & both entrepreneurs, we sound alike and everyone says we look just a like.

  41. Katie

    I would love to do this